Monster Bash Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Monster Bash

Monster Bash

* Don´t forget to look up and down. With the keyboard, use the [PgUp]
  and [PgDn] keys to look up and down. This feature allows you to see
  areas that are otherwise off the screen.
* Bounce rocks off walls when you are not able to hit targets directly.
* Shooting ´Skull Watchers´ while they are falling will give you extra
* Shooting all Skull Watchers on a level will give you a 50,000 point
* Collect all the candy and goodies on a level to earn a 50,000 point
  loot bonus.
* The knives that the hands throw will kill other monsters.
* You can walk on clouds.
* Falling or sliding blocks will hurt you or kill other creatures.
* You can fill small holes in the floor with sliding blocks. In some
  situations this will allow a Rock Monster to walk to another area.
* Shake teeth off by making Johnny turn left and right very quickly
  until the teeth fly off.
* You can swim up the waterfalls.
* The shoes can kick you to places you might want to be.
* Chains can be climbed.
* You can crush many dangerous objects with sliding things. Crush
  glass with chairs or boxes. Crush stalagmites with stone blocks.
* Monster seeking missiles will only go after monsters on the screen.
* You can stand on lamps and clocks.
* Small chairs can be moved with a shot.
* The Gorgon can turn you to stone. Shoot as fast as you can to break
  the stone from the inside out.

* When shot several times, the Rock Monster will form himself into a
  wall. He can then be stood upon to get to higher places. You could
  also bounce rocks off of him to hit targets.
* Snake eyes are lighter in color and they blink at you.
* Some ceiling fans can be broken by shooting the motor.
* Level 2--Don´t forget to run around on top of the gallows.
* Level 3--There is booty below the spears.
* Level 4--Crawl past the dragon. Don´t do anything that might wake
  him up.
* Level 5--To make the vines grow, find the bottle and take it to the
  waterfall. Running over a sprig with a full water bottle will make
  it grow.
* Level 7--The haunted stove can be turned off by shooting the knobs.
  You may then climb the stove pipes.
* Level 7--You can go into the fireplace.
* Level 9--Glue can help you get up collapsing stairs.
* Level 9--Look for the big red book to shoot.
* Level 10--The cyclops receives more damage when hit in the eye.

* Trolls can bounce you to extra prizes.
* Light fixtures hanging by broken chains can be shot and made to fall
  on monsters. But be careful to get out of the way first!
* Lit candles will burn you, but you can snuff them out with a precise
* Level 1--Hand holds on wall are climbable.
* Level 7--Beware the princess, she is not what she seems.
* Level 8--You can run atop cages in the lab.

* The hands that throw you up can be helpful or dangerous!
* Jack-O-Lanterns can be shot.
* Smaller pumpkins will slide.
* On swamp levels, run around in the trees and bushes.
* Level 1--To get across the "Sea of Worms", slide a pumpkin over the
  top of them and use it to stand on.
* Level 7--A Tiger Plane´s bombs can be shot.
* Level 7--Tiger Planes can be knocked out of the sky. But be careful,
  they are dangerous on the ground also.
* Level 8--The only way to get into the fortress in the clouds is to
  ride a cloud through one of the small openings while kneeling.

Pressing the [Z] key and the [F10] at the same time will give you 5
extra lives. (This cheat only works on the commercial episodes, not
the shareware episode. You can use this as many times as you wish.)

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