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First Level:
Double jump over the gap. 

Second Level:
Double jump to the longer land in front of you. Latch on, and jump 
up the wall. Once you get over the top, simply jump over the small 

Third Level: 
Get on the spring (white rectangle) to get on the ledge. There are 
a couple ways of doing this one. You can try to fall on the bottom 
half of the next wall and jump your way to the passage. Or you can 
jump straight from the ledge youíre on to the passage way. I find 
the first way works best. If you keep falling, just keep trying. 
Make sure to grab on to the ledge. Nest, jump to the next wall and
try to jump back and forth or straight up the narrow passage way. 
Remember to latch on every time you jump up a wall. 

Forth Level:
Fall off the ledge but latch on to the wall before you fall into the 
open. Jump your way up the wall to the button. Press it, then double 
jump the platforms. 

Fifth Level:
Either jump on the see-saw straight off the ledge, or get on the spring, 
but land on top of it. Once you see the pebble moving you have two options.
Get on end of the bigger see-saw before the bolder falls, or, if you miss 
it, just wait, because a block will start to rise and you can just jump 
on that to get up. 

Sixth Level:
Fall off the ledge, then just jump across the platforms. It doesnít matter 
of the light touches you. You can see the ledges with out it either way. 

Seventh Level: 
Get on spring to get to ledge. Jump to platform below. Jump or double jump 
to the wall next to you. Jump up the wall and move on.

Eighth Level: 
Just fall into the first green transporter. Itís the one closest to you, but 
it also has a number on the white base. The rest will just happen on itís own. 

Ninth Level: 
Kinda tricky, canít double jump AT ALL. First spring is a single jump, really 
easy. Next one, make sure you are as close as possible to the spring before 
you jump over both or you can try to jump in between the two and then jump over
the last one. Last set, jump in between the first and second spring, then jump 
over the second one. It may take a few tries. 

Tenth Level:
Two ways to do this one. First is just complete the maze by jumping up walls 
and falling down. But if you are trying to beat the clock, the second gap, 
the very last ledge, if you stand on it, it will open up a secret passage 
that allows you to just go right through without having to do that last up
and down.

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