Mr Coo - El Laberinto Esferico Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Mr Coo - El Laberinto Esferico

Mr Coo - El Laberinto Esferico


Empty Panel:
You run off, and the three items get mad that you don't want to use them, 
so they kill you. DEADEverything else: 
When the scene next stops, you have three choices. 
The stone face, the door, or the manhole thing.

Stone Face: 
There's a small stone panel on the edge outside the door that you can click. 
Click it, it spins around, the face turns, opens, and you run inside. 
You are now on top of the place, and you don't have many options. 
Click the red guy once, and he just turns and looks mad at you. 
Same if you click the floating rocks. Click him again, though, and he throws 
a rock at your face. Jerk. Now you have 3 options, which don't end with you 
dying. Click the rock first, so you pick it up. 

Now, if you click the red guy, he'll catch the rock and launch it back. 
Click the floating bits of ground and you throw it off and lose it and be 
sad. Click the cloud above the red guy, and it becomes a rain cloud and 
makes the guy run off behind the rock with an umbrella. Now you can click 
the floating bits of ground and continue.Now whichever item you clicked 
will make a difference. 
You find a genie in a lamp who pops out. Now, if you picked the...

Jar of green stuff: 
He picks you up and tosses you into a pot. Go back to the bit on the Manhole,
for instructions.Box: 

The genie reaches down, twists the thing, and JACK IN THE BOX ATTACK! 
The genie gets understandably mad, and slices you. DEADClock: 

The alarm clock goes off and wakes up the guy. You end up falling out of a 
big circle thing and can play again. WIN. Click to play again, and choose a 
different path.Door: 

Click on the small metal tube thing down at the bottom of the screen next to you.
It goes in the hole and opens the door. 
Now you have to beat the fishy game. Just eat all fishes smaller than you. 
This took me like 5 tries, so just keep going at it. Now when the red fish 
shows up, click, and it eats you.Now whichever item you picked makes a difference.

The clock goes off, and the whole fish starts shaking. It goes crazy and spits 
you out onto the mountain. See the section on the Stone Face for instructions.

You open the jar, and a shark notices the smell, and eats the fish, and you inside it. 

The box opens and makes the fish into a submarine. You make your way to a bright hole,
and the guy hops out of the hole, out of the circle thing, and you can play again. WIN.
Click play again and choose a different path.

Click the tree nearest the face to make it sneeze the manhole up and away. You hop in.
You now are in a pot in some dungeon, and some weird cook guy is tossing ingredients 
into your pot. 

Click the tongs on the guy's side when he's bending over at your right. You'll grab 
them and hide them. When the cook isn't to your right, click the bottle of acid above
you. You grab it with the tongs and bring it down. 

Now if you click the cook, you pour the acid on him and he gets mad, putting the lid 
on the pot and killing you. DEAD. Click the lid instead, so it gets all swiss cheesy.
The cook puts the lid on, and you escape as steam, or a ghost. 
You decide.Now it's differences time. 
You end up in a graveyard, and use whichever item you picked.

You reach into your ghostly pocket, and pull out an hourglass. The Grim Reaper takes the 
hourglass once it's empty, and swipes you with his scythe. 

It opens up and shows some messed up roulette. It almost lands on the picture of the guy,
but moves to the fish. You end up in the fishy game. Go to the Door section for instructions.

You open the jar and drink its contents. You turn back into a person and walk off, only 
to fall into a grave. DEAD? Nope. WIN! You fall out of the ball and you can play again. 
Click to play again.
Now, if you've beaten these three paths, the end scene happens when you finish the last 

Your other two selves that made it out show up. One gets huge feet, one a huge head, 
and one a huge torso. They look up, and the ball thing starts cracking. It turns out 
it was an egg! A chicken egg! Of monstrous proportions, as the screen-rattling "tweet"
of the chick proves. The three guys hop on each other and combine to make a giant guy.
Bonus points to the developer for Power Rangers reference. Then your giant Morphazoid 
runs off, and fights the chicken! 
Not. I was disappointed. It jumps onto the chicken and rides off. 

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