Mr. Jones Graveyard Shift Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Mr. Jones Graveyard Shift

Mr. Jones Graveyard Shift

-=General tips=-

* Whenever you are offered a special present, like when you buy a new lot,
  take an upgrade to your tractor, you will get better items than the special
  ones you can get soon enough.

* You can keep working late at night as long as you avoid the ghosts but dont
  bank on this because if you touch one you fall asleep. Not good in a time 

* As long as you don't move stuff around from finished graves you will never
  encounter a zombie, so you don't need to buy the zombigone button.

* Don't accept an offer you wont be able to finish, especially one of the 
  monumental graves. Customers really don't like it.

* There is no penalty for ignoring a customer, or for declining an offer.

* Try to fit as much stuff onto each grave as possible, without going into the 
  yellow to get maximum profit off each service.

* Two graves for the price of one.

To make two sales for the price of one just follow these steps:
* When digging graves place them one tile back from the path, and connect 
  the bottom of each grave to the path.
* Build graves with two tiles in between each one.
* Put as many items and you can between the two graves to get the max profit.
* You can sell both graves at the same time, and they will share the value of
  every item placed between them.
* The two spaces between the next grave leave empty, and repeat.
* You should have a grave, two spaces worth of items, another grave, two blank
  spaces, a grave, two spaces worth of items, a grave, two blank spaces. etc.
* Follow this pattern and each of the graves shares the same value for only 
  the price of one set of items. You'll have Mimi's gifts in no time!.

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