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After getting frustrated with the incompleteness of another walkthrough I found
I decided to create my own.  This is a complete walkthrough from the very
beginning of the game to the end.  It was written from scratch and no part of
it was taken from the other existing walkthrough other than room designations
that are how the game itself calls the rooms.  It has as much detail as I can
give.  Everyone thinks differently so you may have found another way to do a
specific portion.  The room designations are those given on the map.  If you
bring up your PDA and click on show map it will have a sequence of letters and
numbers underneath the room you are in.  I'm using these same identifiers for
ease of use. This took me a lot of time and effort so please do not copy except
for personal use.

First some general hints and tips:
- Energons collected at the beginning of the game are just for practice.  You
donít get to keep them until after you meet Eve for the first time.

- When doing a hack, you can go back through the nodes and eventually find
something in them even if there was nothing there before as long as it is lit
up.  You can also go back in and re-hack a console for extra experience and
extra items.
- When putting together your fighting team (later in the game you will have
more than 4 ghosts available) think about your fighting style if you play other
RPG games.
- Zelda class ghosts have such a useful extreme that I recommend having at
least one on the team.
- Brutus class ghosts are simply strength.  They have a lot of energy but no
- Orgus class ghosts have a great offensive extreme and are good for fighting
with programs.
- Rastilin class ghosts are probably the weakest.  I donít remember what their
extreme is but the energy level was so low I didnít keep Rastilin on the team
once I had more to choose from.
- Asimov class ghosts really are all purpose.  Properly equipped they can do
some pretty decent damage and their programs are pretty rounded out.
- You donít have to buy something from every Eve terminal.  Unless you are in
desperate need of something she has, save your energons for later in the game.
- You can choose to equip all of your ghosts or only the ones you fight with
(you will find enough to at least basically equip everyone.

Now the walkthrough:
H1R1 - jump off platform and go through door

walk through corridor (h1c1)

h1r2 - push crates into yellow-bordered area

walk through corridor h1c2

h1r3 - jump over liquid.  go through door on your left

h1r4 - move half crate over to full crates and jump in to get the energons go
to next room

h1r5 - open lockers (from left to right they contain: energon, nothing, red key)

walk back to h1r3 and go through door on the right (straight across from the
door you just came from)

h1r6 - use lift to access door to the next room

h1r7 - push crates into area in the floor (lockers contain from l-r: energon,
energon), wait for Zelda to fix the bot and give you the blue key. (the energon
in the corner can be gotten by jumping on the crates you moved then on top of
the yellow shelves and then across over to it.  I wouldn't get too excited
about energons at this point though because later on your entire stash gets
taken away. head back to h1r3 and go through door marked sector 3

go through corridor h1c3

h1r8 - (first locker contains nothing, second contains an energon) go through
door to your left

h1r9 - bottom locker is empty top lockers l-r: replacement module for Zelda,
energon, energon.

walk back to h1r7 to give part to Zelda

go back to h1r8 - go through door on your right

h1r11 - push a crate onto the button to open the enclosed area.  push crates
into enclosed area making sure that one goes on the button so the area stays
open for you to get the final crate through.  then push the crate off the
button to close the area off again.  go through door opposite the one you
entered by.

h1r12 - jump to the other side.  (lockers l-r: energy restore, energon, energy
restore).  use lift to access door and just follow the doors through to h1r10

h1r10 - push crate on top of robot to kill it (this isn't necessary but wins
you some grudging praise from HEL).  locker contains a grenade.  jump down to
the lower level.  pick up the virus and the shield.  head back to h1r12.

h1r12 second time - learn how to equip your ghosts.  jump over to waypoint and
save.  jump back to hack the bot. (hint:  just because you pass through a lit
up node without a fight doesn't mean you can't find one if you go back through
again.  in this one the main baddies are in the big green one.  if you avoid
that one until all others are completely cleared you will gain much more
experience and more items.)  save at waypoint. head back to h1r8 and go through
door at the back of the room (marked sector 4)

go through corridor h1c8

h1r17 - push crates into the liquid to form a half bridge (not next to each
other but one in front of the other.  jump to the other side and follow
rastilin through the door (you can push the other half crates into the water to
complete a bridge if you like but its not necessary)

h1r18 - get shield augment from rastilin, save at the waypoint and then hack
the cryo pod.  save again (its a good idea to save at every waypoint you come
to as this is the only way to save the game and when you exit you go back to
the last waypoint you saved at)

head back to h1r17 and go through door marked sector 5

go through corridor h1c4

h1r13 - (lockers l-r: shield, nothing)  jump across and go to the console to
activate the crane. move crates to make a staircase (all will be used and will
be on the side where Samson is.  keep in mind that a half crate is as high as
you can jump so you will need a space on top of a couple full crates where you
can place one as in the middle of those as possible). once the stairs are made
jump over and jump up them.  at this point you lose every energon you stored
up. (this is the only time that will happen).  go through door.

go through corridor h1c5

h1r14 - save at waypoint then go through the door that just opened up on the
lower level

go through corridor h1r19

h1r20 - (lockers l-r:  attack virus, energon) go through door marked energon.

go through corridor h1r21

h1r22 - get as many of the energons as you can.  those higher up can be gotten
by jumping down from the platform walkway above.  be careful of the bots.
avoid them completely and you will come away with every energon you pick up,
get zapped and the energons you pick up will be used to restore you until you
are at full again.  at any time once you have the amount of energons eve
requested you can go back to her and give them to her and then return to the
energon room (this is worth it because those 4 energons on the walkway just as
you enter the room reappear the second time you enter (it doesn't work a third
time).  go back to h1r20

h1r20 second time - I know of no way to get those energons that are way up but
if I had to guess I'd say you jump from where the eve platform is or one of the
steps leading to it.  but with the guard bots it'd be tough.  head back to
h1r14 and save at the waypoint.  go through door next to brutus

go through corridor h1c7

h1r15 - push the half crate over so you can jump up and get to the platforms
and make your way to the energon on top of the red storage thing.  then get in
line for the recycler (Zelda will come in and save you).  follow Zelda

h1r16 - avoid the big guy at all costs. (lockers l-r:  ghost probe, nothing).
once you get to it equip Zelda and then save

at the waypoint before hacking the console.  To get the energons you need to
push all the crates over to the red box to form a staircase.  its up to you if
its worth it.  go through door

hub 1 - again save at the way point.  go through door with 2 squares in front
of it.

hub 2 - step on transporter platform

z1r1 - go through door

go through corridor z1c2

z1r5 - hop up the steps and go across the upper walkway to jump over to the
door.  you can get all the energons if you move the crates just right but again
you need to decide if its worth it.

z1c3 - just get across to the other side.  the lower energon may be more
trouble than its worth to try and get it.  if you fall down there then go ahead
and pick it up but it might not be worth it to try for it purposely.

go through corridor z1c10

z1r33 - get the crates one at a time onto the lift and push them onto the
conveyor belt and let them stack on on the other then go over and push the
stack halfway between the conveyor and the door.  then go and get on the
conveyor yourself and jump from it to the stack and from the stack to the door.

z1c8 - go save at the waypoint (locker holds a ghost core) and then go through
the door on the left side of the screen. I know its tempting to go ahead and
hack the terminal right off but this one is pretty tough.

z1r34 - move the 3 crates onto the 3 buttons.  first get the first crate out of
the way by pushing it against the yellow shelves (towards the door) and then
over towards where you enter the area.  then push the second block against the
yellow shelves.  then move the 3rd block onto the 3rd button.  then move the
first block in and on to the second button.  then push the final block towards
where you entered the area so you can get it pushed onto the final button.  go
into the newly opened area with the bot.  grab the energons.  then move the
crate one square towards the left of the screen.  this will set it up so that
the bot will go over the buttons allowing you to quickly cross the pillars when
they go down until you get to the final button which opens access to eve.
locker holds a ghost mind augment (before you sell all these extra ghost
things, you will
be getting another ghost before going to hack that terminal.)  buy some extra
power and energy restores from eve.  go back to z1c8.

z1c8 - save at terminal and then go through door at the back of the room (top
of screen)

z1c9 - jump from conveyor to conveyor to get to the door.

z1r32 - push the crates into the water to form a short bridge then jump over to
the button.  go through door.

z1c15 - move crates so the upper right one is moved off a button and it opens a
secret passage.  go through the door just opened in the wall.

z1c56 move crate so you can go through.

z1r51 - lots of energons lockers l-r:  grenade, exit, virus ex, medium shield.
go back to z1c15 and continue through to the other door. (give the medium
shield to Zelda as asimov is better off with his chip shield since it has the
same defense but adds steal energy).

z1r7 - move crates into water to form a bridge.  save point! locker holds a
ghost core

go through corridor z1c16.  decide for yourself if the energons are worth it as
you cannot jump to them without landing in the water.

z1r23 - push 2 full crates into the water on top of each other then push a half
crate over to jump onto them to jump over to the walkway.

go through corridor z1c41

z1r36 - push crate onto button.  grab energon behind the yellow shelves.  save

go through corridor z1c42

z1r37 - there are a couple of possibilities here.  one is to move all the
crates onto the buttons and then try and jump over on top of the pillars.  what
has worked for me to take the 2 crates that are closest to the exit door and
push one on top of the other into the water and the push the top one slightly
over.  enough to extend the reach without pushing it into the water.  then jump
on top of those and over to where the exit door is.  locker holds a ghost mind.

z1c43 - lockers l-r:  energon, energon.  save!

z1r38 - first use the moving platforms to reach the button in the far corner.
this will raise the water.  jump down and push the 2 half crates into the water
as a half bridge then push the 3rd half crate on top of those for extra height.
jump up onto the platform.  push the crates onto the buttons.  quickly jump on
top of the final one as the water level rises with each button.  jump from that
to the next platform.  do the same thing there.  since you can only jump a half
crate put the full crates on the buttons first.  jump on the half crate as soon
as its on the button.  once the water has risen jump from there to the walkway.

z1c45 - locker holds a ghost mind.  save!  head through to next room

z1c44 - push half crate against platform to jump up and over to get the one
energon.  then jump back and jump across to get the next energon jumping from
there to the 3rd energon and back again. to get the other 2 energons push 2 of
the 3 crates onto the buttons then push the third so that it is close to the
first platform that holds an energon.  jump from the half crate onto the full
crates and from there to the 3rd crate and from there to the energon and from
there to the other energon.  push the final crate onto the button.  go to next

go through corridor z1c46

z1r39 - push crate closest to orgus enough to get past.  push the other crate
onto the buttons and then over.  then push the crate closest to the door onto a
button and then the final crate.  jump across to where eve and the locker are.
locker holds a shield.  by this point you may have some extra ghost stuff.  go
ahead and sell it to eve if you want but remember orgus will be joining you as
a ghost eventually so you will want items to equip him with.  jump over to the
next section.  go carefully this part of the room is a tad tricky.  move the 2
crates on the left onto buttons first.  move the crate you come to next onto
the corner button on the bottom right and then move the final crate onto the
final button.  save and then continue to next room.

go through corridor z1c47

z1r40 - get ability modifier from orgus and he'll show you how to use it.  you
can try to get to the platform from the pillars but I wasn't able to.  I ended
up jumping on top a robot as it was coming out of the replicator and then from
there on top of the replicator and then to the pillar close to the platform and
then jump from the pillar to the platform.  Save and then hack the console

go through corridor z1c48

z1r41 - step on the buttons just long enough for orgus to move.  it won't take
but a quick on and off.  you could push the crates on to the buttons but its
not necessary and only lengthens the time you are in the area with those bots.
once orgus is past the first 2 hightail it over to the steps in the bottom left
and get out of harms way.  then time it right so you can jump in and hit the
other 2 buttons while the water level is low.  wait for things to happen with
orgus then go over to him and roll him out the door.

roll orgus through corridor z1c49

z1r42 - push the half crate farthest from the door into the water then push the
other one to where it is directly across from orgus but at the edge of the
platform.  leave orgus where he is for now and get things on the other side set
up to get him over to the locker.  push the full crate into the corner.  the
half crates go in the following locations:  one goes into the water to complete
the bridge where orgus is, one goes into the water as a bridge to the locker
and one on each of the narrow paths on the other wall (except the middle one).
just avoid the bots and you are good to go.  roll orgus to the locker and get
the upgrade and then save.  at this point you will have orgus as a ghost with
you.  head back to z1c8.  I recommend saving along the way when you can.  make
sure to equip orgus at some point.

z1c8 - hack the console.  when you are done save.  you can go back to eve and
sell your extra stuff if you want.  then go through the newly opened door.

go through corridor z1c14

z1r9 - first go down and get everything on the lower level.  a couple of
energons are a bit hidden.  then get back up and cross over to the other door.
timing is tricky on this one with avoiding the bots.  easiest way I've found to
get back up is to just reset the room.  you keep everything you've picked up.
in this room the more you hesitate the harder it is.  when you see an opening

z1r18 - push the one half crate over to the full crates to jump up with and
push the other one near the full crates but not up next to them between the
full crates and the platform. (close enough for the last half crate to be
stacked on top of it but far enough away that you can still move it).  push the
last half crate on top of the second one then move the stack about halfway
between the full crates and the platform.  jump up and over to the door.

z1c6 - if you can safely get over to the save point then do so first.  if you
are able to get over there then you may as well hack the console.  its hard but
doable especially if you have gone back into the previous console enough to
level orgus up a couple of times before continuing on.  while you can follow
any route from here (since once the console is hacked you have 4 doors) this
walkthrough will be easier to follow if you follow my steps.  if you wish to go
a different route you can still refer to the room numbers to help you out.  I
first went down to the lower level and grabbed all the energons and then went
to the locker.  the locker contains an advanced core.

z1c7 - remember the big bots follow you so you might be better off just trying
to avoid the bots on the upper levels and getting to the door rather than
trying for the energons.

z1r21 - push the full crate on top of a half crate and then push the stack over
by the landing.

go through corridor z1c17

z1r31 - jump over to the button to let down the barriers then jump back over
and jump over to the eve terminal (its too far to try from the button).  head
back to z1c8

z1c6 take 2 - get up and save (use the moving platform in the lower left corner
to get back up). next I went through the door on the right

go through corridor z1c50

z1r44 - push half crate into water as a bridge.  move full crate to where it
will stop the ball in front of the bridge.  roll the ball.  the ball will knock
the other ball out of place and start it rolling so that it breaks the
containers and clears the path to the door for you.

z1r43 - get up to the console and hack it (be sure to save when you get up
there).  open the airlock with the button in the corner.  step off of it so you
are ready to step back on it to close the doors after all the bad bots are
gone.  there are 3 ability modifiers inside the ship.  follow rastilin

go through corridor z1c51

z1r45 - quick as you can get to the crane.  use it to pick up a container and
once you have it over a bots head disconnect from the crane console (meaning
hit shift rather than lowering the container) so that it drops.  do that for
each of them as quick as you are able.  use the crane to move the half crates
and remaining containers to get access to the energons (I moved the top
container down and put a half crate on top of a container and then moved the
other half crate over to the containers.  jump from the half crate to the top
of the container to the top of the other half crate to the top of the red box)

z1r47 - (both doors in z1r45 go to the same place) roll the ball to the other
end of the room then start it off towards the other end again.  quickly get in
place where it had been to stop it so you can push it towards the back wall.
once you do that go give it one more push and it will break the 2 containers in
your way.  head over to the locker and it has a trojan.  you will also pick up
a few energons.  jump up from where the locker is onto the yellow shelves.
walk to the half crate and push it to the edge (but not over)  you can jump
from there to the other energons to get them.  head back to z1c6

z1c6 3rd time - get up and save and then go through the door on the back wall
on the lower level

go through corridor z1c19

z1r6 - move the upper right crate until it is at the far end of the row of
buttons (wall that has the door you came in).  move the upper left crate as far
as it can go past the other end of the row of buttons.  wait for the bot to go
into that section then move the crate halfway between squares so the bot can't
get out of that section then as it passes over each button move forward towards
the door

go through corridor z1c20

z1r22 - avoid the bots as best you can while getting the half crates onto the 3
switches.  then high tail it out the door.  its not easy but its doable.  speed
helps with this one.  you can also use a half crate to trap the bots in the
corner by the door.  to do this push the half crate against the platform on the
right side of the screen then jump onto the platform.  wait for the big bots to
both be on the side of the crate towards the button then jump down and push the
half crate to trap them.  then you can take your ease in getting the other 2
half crates on the other 2 buttons.  get over by the door and wait for one of
the bots to walk over the button.

go through corridor z1c21

z1r8 - dodge the shots and get to the other door.  it helps to use the yellow
shelves as cover.

z1r30 - kind of a pointless room.  run to get the energons and grab the stuff
from the lockers (they contain a grenade (level 2) and I think a couple of
energy restores (may have been power, I was going too fast to pay attention)
and then get back out of there and back to z1c6.  you can jump from the top of
the save waypoint to the tops of the shelves to gain access to the energons
blocked in by shelves.

z1c6 4th time - save then hack the console if you haven't already then go
through that upper door.

go through corridor z1c18

z1r20 - push the full crates in to the water to form a bridge and push the half
crate over.  push the full crate against the wall out of the way to reveal a

go through corridor z1c53

z1r49 - lockers each contain another ghost you can use in hacking!  you can
only use 4 at a time though. go back to z1r20

z1r20 - push the full crate on top of one of the half crates and move the stack
near the platform.  get up on top of it and jump from there to the door.

go through corridor z1c22

z1r10 - move the first crate next to the square of round things on the other
side of the yellow shelf.  wait for the bot to break the container for you.
push the other crate on to the button and go out the door.

corridor z1c23 - save point!

z1r3 - go down and move the crates to where they can act as stepping stones
between the button and the door.  go back up and jump on the button.  wait for
the water level to rise and then jump to the crates and over to the door

z1c36 - go down the steps and find a hidden door

go through corridor z1c54

z1r50 - again each locker contains a ghost.  this is where you need to decide
which 4 you want to have in battle with you.  get the ghosts and energons then
go back to z1c36

continue through to the other side of z1c36

z1r11 - move crate on to button.  use crane to get a half crate up to where you
can reach Samson.  he'll give you a blue key.  take that and go ALL the way
back to the teleport room where the crane was broken (z1r1 long trip I know).

z1r1 - use the crane to get the crates into the water to form a bridge.  go
across to the door and go through

go through z1c1

z1r4 - save point.  avoid the bots (easy to do since they just go back and
forth).  lockers l-r:  security class ghost shield, attack worm, shield.  avoid
the rest of the bots and head through the door on the left

z1c5 - jump over to save point then go through the door

go through corridor z1c11

z1r12 - use the buttons to stop the bots in positions where you can use them as
stepping stones and then hop across.  move the only full crate you can to right
near the platform then move the half crate across from it.  jump on up.  locker
holds an exit.  save.  hack brutus.  head back to z1r4 and go through the other

z1c4 - avoid the bot and use the moving platforms to reach eve (I found it
easiest use the up and down one right next to where she was)

z1r2 - jump from conveyor to conveyor to reach the other side.  save then hack.

go through corridor z1c12

z1r19 - make stairs to reach the door.  first the stack of full crates, then
the stack of a half and a full, then a single full then the last half crates .
I imagine its possible to first use the stacks to get the energons but I didn't

go through corridor z1c13

z1r13 - use the platforms and conveyors to get to the leg chassis then head
back to Samson (z1r11)

z1r11 - its a good idea to use the crane to move full crates to make a walk
across bridge for Samson before you go up to him.  go to him and give him the
servos.  go with him through the door.

corridor z1c35 Ė move the red box to reveal a hidden door

z1r35 - jump down from Samson and go hit the switch to lower the lift.  get
back to Samson and get on the lift.  hit shift to raise it.  walk over to the
crate and push it down and let Samson fall then jump down and go hit the second
switch.  again go back to Samson and get back on him. push the block into the
water for a bridge.

corridor z1c37 - save then go through (jump down from Samson to save then back
up to continue)

z1r14 - use Samson as a boost to get on top the yellow shelves to get to the
buttons.  position him in front of the barriers first and once you get the
button hurry back to him and jump back up to go through because the barriers
don't stay down long. (lockers l-r:  program shield, stat boost).

corridor z1c38 - save then go through

z1r15 - again use Samson to reach the buttons.  the first set of barriers stays
down, the others don't (hint: don't move Samson to each button just jump from
him to the first then jump to the second and hurry back to him. (locker
contains an ice shield).

corridor z1c39 - save then go through

z1r16 - jump over into the bot free area.  push one half crate onto the button
and then get the other onto the conveyor.  jump over it to get to the energon
but leave the half block there (it will help trap the big bots later). go back
to Samson. (locker contains an exit). get a half crate on the other button then
try and trap the big bots in with the other 2 buttons by luring them in there
and then going and pushing the half crate off the button in the area with the
locker.  I trapped all 4 by jumping down from Samson and going where I wanted
to trap them then jumping up on the little half step.  I waited for them all to
enter the area then I jumped from the half step to the yellow shelves then down
to push the half crate off the button.  then wait for them to hit the button
for the barriers for you.

corridor z1c40 - save and go through

z1r17 - again there is a time limit with the switches.  get a lift from Samson
to get to where you need to for the switches.  I reccommend running back to him
rather than jumping back the way you came. You can also make a sort of bridge
with the full crates to safely get to the second button and avoid the bots
its up to you if you want to stop at the even terminal.  there's no real need
to if you've used all your items wisely.  it gets you back to Samson faster and
increases your chances of making it through the barriers before they go up
again.  push the block into the water for a bridge.  have Samson give you a
boost to get up to the cryopod.  save and then hack the console for Samson.
save again.  go up and use the teleport pad.

go through hub3 to the next room.

hub 1 - save then use the key on the orange locked doors and go through.

hub 4 - go to the teleport pad

z2r1 - avoid the bots and get to the other side

go through corridor z2c1

z2r2 - avoid the bots and get to the other door.  you have to take a sort of
roundabout route.

go through corridor z2c2

z2r3 - (lockers l-r:  grenade, nothing).  use the platforms to get the energons
on top of the lockers. save. go through door on the right.

go through corridor z2c3

z1r6 - roll the ball to where it can break the containers for you (use yourself
to stop it after the second push or time it so the bot stops it).  go through
door by the ball.  if you go back to get the blue pass key in z2r7 this is the
room that has the door to use it on.  its against the wall opposite the exit
door. this is z2r14.  all there is in there is a console to hack that shuts
down the cruncher thing in z2r7.  you get to it by move the blocks on the left
side of the room over to the right side to form a staircase to access the
platforms.  timing for the platforms is tough.  this is not a necessary room to
visit but you are free to do so.

corridor z2c4 - save and go through

z2r7 - first locker has a blue pass key but there really isn't a way to get it
AND get out the other door.  you can come back for it later though.  other
lockers hold a reboot, energy restore, nothing.

go through corridor z2c5

z2r8 - save.  ignore everything else for the moment and go through the open

go through corridor z2c8

z2r12 - push the crate into the water across from the portal for the small bots
then hit the button.  locker holds a shield.

head back to z2r8

z2r8 second time - notice a new door opened up next to the one you just came
from.  save and go through it.

corridor z2c6 - move crate to reveal a door.

corridor z2c9 (from the revealed door) - move the crate next to the wall so you
can go through.

z2r13 - jump on the low pipes to jump up onto the higher ones then jump over to
get a number of ability modifiers.  there is another low pipe back there that
you can't see to use to get back out.  go back to corridor z2c6

corridor z2c6 second time - I went through the door on the right first.

z2r9 - push 2 of the half crates into the water to form a bridge directly in
front of the little bots.  for the other 2 push one against the far wall on the
side with the portal and right next to the water.  push the other one so that
the bots will hit it and then turn and walk into the portal.  push the button.
once they are all through go back to corridor z2c6

corridor z2c6 third time - go through the final door.

z2r10 - force the bots under the bridge.  they will end up activating a button
that will bring up pillars for you to jump over on.  one locker contains a
virus, one a status boost and the other nothing.  move one half crate almost
next to the lockers you were near when you jumped over and then move the other
half crate quickly out of the bots way.  once they are through the portal you
can push a half crate over to the full crate to jump up and over to get out.
head back to z2r8.

z2r8 third time - save then go through the final door

go through corridor z2c7

z2r11 - both lockers contain energons.  push the half crate to directly across
from where the bots will come out.  when the bots hit the button jump over and
use the crates to form a bridge directly across from the portal.  Cross the
bridge.  use the full crate over there as a bridge portion that leads back to
where the bots will come from.  put the half crate against the back wall and as
far towards the other side as you can.  go over to the other side and move the
full crate into place to complete that bridge then get over so you can hit the
button in time for the bots to cross over.  once they are all through the
portal head back to z2r8.

z2r8 final time - save then hop over to the teleport.  lockers l-r:  energon,
empty rubbish container.  use the teleport.

find yourself back in z2r3 - save.  you can go get the blue key if you want or
just go through the other door right away.

z2r4 - get a red key.  you can jump on the crates to get the energons.  go back
to z2r3.

z2r3 - go through final door

z2r5 - locker contains a power restore and an energy core.  head over to the
cryopod.  hack the cryopod then head back to the hub saving along the way.

hub 1 - go through yellow door

hub 5 - use the teleport

mindr2 - go through the door

mindr1 - save.  lockers holds program shield and grenade.  go through only open

go through corridor mindc1

mindr3 - go past each button but don't step on it.  let the big guy do that for
you and then run to the other door.

go through corridor mindc2

mindr4 - one ship is open and contains a shield.  go through the door you have
access to.  the eve terminal in this room is well worth a visit.  she has
defensive equipment for ghosts enough to get all four of your main fighters
equiped as highly as possible no matter what class they are.

go through corridor mindc3

mindr5 - move the half crates so that the bots paths are changed to roll over
the buttons for you (the half crate towards the back energy/fire wall doesn't
get moved).  when the pillars are raised use them to get over to the lockers.
each locker holds a shuttle control circuit.  return to mindr4

mindr4 second time - take the control circuits to the shuttle and watch the
bots get blasted.  continue through the now unblocked door.

go through corridor mindc4

mindr6 - jump on all the buttons that are red.  then hit the one on the right
front that was green (the left button of the 2).  wait for the bots to be out
of your way then jump over to where the save point and locker are.  the locker
holds a grenade.  hack the console.  save.  return to mindr1

mindr1 second time - go through newly opened door near the save point.

go through corridor mindc14

mindr16 - locker holds an ice shield.  save and hack the console (to get the
energons first move the half crate to the stack in the lower left corner making
sure you don't put it against the wall.  then jump up and get those ones.  then
move the full crate and the half crate to the other corner to get those ones.
go back to mindr1

mindr1 third time - go through the other door recenlty opened

go through corridor mindc8

mindr10 - hurry to the buttons and then over to the step that gets you where
you can jump across the pillars to the door.  ignore the button on the right.
this big guy is fast but you are still faster.  jumping gives you a slight
distance advantage.

corridor mindc9 - save.  locker has an ability modifier.  go through door.

mindr11 - move the half crate so that is is parellel with the lower left corner
of the platform the big bots are circling (with a space between them).  wait
for all 4 to be crushed and our of your way.  then move it over against the
fire wall.  jump up and over.  avoid the bots and get over to the half crate
near the crusher.  push it into the water so you can push the ball.  once the
containers are gone just head for the door.

go through corridor mindc10

mindr12 - these crushers are automated so time going under them carefully.  as
soon as it hits the ground start running through to wait between them for the
next to do the same until you are through.  get across to the save point.  save
then hack the console.  head back to mindr1

mindr1 fourth time - save then go through the newly opened door.

go through corridor mindc6

mindr7 - first get the energons (lockers l-r:  grenade, exit, power restore,
status boost).  you can use the conveyors as a safe spot to help you get to
each button.  be quick though because there is a time limit for how long the
pillars stay down.

go through corridor mindc5

mindr8 - use the crane to move 2 full crates to the crusher to make 2 half
blocks then use those and the remaining full crates to make stairs to the door.

go through corridor mindc7

mindr9 - jump over the fireballs rolling on the floor to avoid those ones the
rest you can walk to avoid.  head over and hack the console.  I made getting
back out easier by jumping from the eve console on top of the console you hack
and from there to the top of the bots heads.  if you can go from bot to bot you
can get out without any danger.  head back to mindr1.

mindr1 fifth time - go through final door.

go through corridor mindc11

mindr13 - hit all the buttons then use the newly formed staircase to reach the
door.  when going back through this room I ended up jumping down 2 steps them
jumping on the head of the big guy then from there to that center platform then
across to the door.

go through corridor mindc12

mindr14 - lure all the bots to the rockets to destroy them.  grab power
restores from the shuttle.  hit all the buttons then lure the last 3 bots to
the rockets.  locker holds a shield.  go through the door next to the one you
came in from.

mindr7 - lockers counter clockwise:  blue key, nothing, grenade.  use the
center portion to reach the other corners.  its easier than trying to jump over
the spike squares without going too far.  you can still try and get the
energons from spots on the center section.  save at the waypoint.  decide if
you want to hack the console or not then head back to mindr14

mindr14 second time - save then use the key on the door

go through corridor mindc13

mindr15 - you can use the crate as partial cover or just run for it.  hit the 2
red buttons then quickly jump over to where the waypoint and console are.  the
buttons are timed so hurry.  To get to everything in time I ended up jumping
continuously (carefully of course).  Hit the button (which turns off the timers
and the turrets), save and hack.  Return to mindr1.

mindr1 final time - save and hack the hel console.  Jump on the teleport.

end 1 - go through door

go through corridor endc1

end2 - jump on the waypoint and thatís a wrap!

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