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 Murloc rpg

Murloc rpg

codes Tips, secrets and all

This is the Official Murloc RPG 1.2 Walkthrough Guide, information compiled from 
various other Murloc RPG Guides and Gamer Disclaimer Forums and of course, 
information from me! 
Press Ctrl + F and search something if you need to find something in this guide. 

Other than that, have fun reading through and playing Murloc RPG 1.2 

Table of Contents:
  The Interface/Getting Started

    Loading Screen 


    Class Selection 









    The Chief needs you! 

    Tender Wolf Meat 

    Mild Spices 

    Kill 10 Crabs 

    Soft Bushy Tails 


    Mother Crocolisk 

    Teleportation Rune 

    Darkmoon Faire 

    Stranglethorn Vale


  The Interface/Getting Started

  Loading Screen: 

  Note: Make sure you have the latest version of the game downloaded. If the 
  date or version is outdated, clear your cache and reload the game. 

  After Murloc RPG 1.2 loads, you will see 3 options: 

    New Game 


    High score

  Click on New Game to start your game. 

  Left: A or Left Arrow Key. 
  Right: D or Right Arrow Key 
  Walk: Hold down Ctrl 
  Interact: Spacebar 

  Class Selection:

  After starting a new game you will get to choose 1 of four classes, each 
  having different stats and starting talent listed below: 

  Warrior: 12 Strength, 12 Stamina, 9 Intellect, 9 Agility. Starting talent: 
  Heroic Strike
  Rogue: 10 Strength, 9 Stamina, 9 Intellect, 12 Agility. Starting talent: 
  Priest: 9 Strength, 12 Stamina, 10 Intellect, 9 Agility. Starting talent: Mark 
  of the Wild
  Mage: 9 Strength, 9 Stamina, 12 Intellect, 10 Agility. Starting talent: Lash 
  of Pain
  (Be sure to view the talents section before choosing) 

  What the stats do:
  Strength: Increases Physical Damage 
  Stamina: Increases Health 
  Agility: Increases energy and crit chance 
  Intellect: Increases magical damage 


    Health bar 

    Energy bar 



    Toggle Sound 





  The backpack is where you store items. Clicking on an item in the backpack 
  will equip it. Your total amount of money is displayed at the bottom right 
  corner of the backpack in Gold, Silver and Copper Coins. 100 Copper Coins = 1 
  Silver Coin. 100 Silver Coins = 1 Gold Coin. 


  These are the items you have equipped on your Murloc. Clicking on an item will 
  de-equip it. This screen also shows your melee damage, armor, stats and level. 

  Toggle Sound:
  Toggles the sound 


  This is where to go to save the game, load a game, submit high scores, quit, 
  or look at the controls. 


  This is where you go to sell your items. Clicking on an item will sell it. 
  Think carefully what to sell, because there is no buyback function! 



    Heroic Strike:(25 Energy) A strong attack that increases melee damage by X. 

    Bloodrage: Generates 20 Energy at the cost of 20% of your base Health. 

    Pummel: (30 Energy) X damage and enemy can’t cast spells for 2 turns. 

    Charge: (20 Energy) Charge enemy for X damage and stuns it for 1 turn. Can 
    only be used at the beginning of a fight. 

    Execute: (100% of Energy) Executes enemy for X damage + X damage for every 
    point of energy. Enemy must be at 30% health or less 

    Cruelty: (Passive) Increases your chance to get a critical strike with all 
    attacks by 5% 

    Retaliation: (Passive) 10% chance to instantly counterattack any enemy that 
    strikes you 

    Cold Blood: (25 Energy) When activated, increases the critical strike chance 
    of your next attack by 100% 

    Vigor: (Passive) Increases your maximum Energy by 20 

    Adrenaline Rush: (0 Energy) regenerates 20% of your Energy every round for 5 
    rounds. Can only be used once per battle


    Mark of the Wild: (Passive) Increases your armor by X 

    Renew: (30 Energy) Heals you of X damage over 5 rounds 

    Heal: (45 Energy) Instantly heals you of X damage 
    Power Word Shield: (55 Energy) Shields you, absorbing X damage. Lasts 5 
    turns. Once shielded, you cannot be shielded again for 5 turns 

    Polymorph: (50 Energy) Transforms the enemy into a sheep for up to 10 rounds 
    or until damage is caused. As a sheep, the enemy cannot attack 

    Lash of Pain: (20 Energy) An instant attack that lashes the target, causing 
    X Shadow damage 

    Drain Life: (25 Energy) Transfers X Health from the target to you 

    Frost Nova: (45 Energy) Blasts the enemy for X to X Frost damage and freezes 
    them in place for 2 rounds. Enemy cannot attack when frozen 

    Blood Pact: (Passive) Increases your Health by 15% 

    Pyroblast: (55 Energy) Hurls an immense fiery boulder that causes X to X 
    Fire damage. Takes three rounds to cast

  Walkthrough based on Aayrl’s Walkthrough edited to more detail by Loba

  General Tips:
  Be sure to save your game before at all times necessary. 
  Be sure to save your game on all three slots. 
  Other than that get started on the game! 

  The Chief Needs You:
  Move 1 screen to the right. You will notice a Murloc with a yellow ! Above his 
  head, this means he has a quest for you. If a Murloc has a gold ? above its 
  head, that means you have completed a quest and you should talk to that Murloc 
  to hand it in. 
  Talk to the Murloc with a yellow ! above his head with spacebar, continue the 
  talking by either pressing spacebar on clicking on the chat. Sometimes you are 
  given a choice and need to click on an option with your mouse. After talking 
  to Ketchin (the Murloc you just talked to) you are needed at Chief Brakil’s 
  tent. Head over until you see a tent with 2 guards, talk to one of the guards 
  and he lets you into the Chiefs tent. Now talk to the Chief 

  Important Note:
  There is a Murloc on the right of Ketchin (the one with all the boxes near 
  him), he is the postmaster. Put in your item code when talking to him to 
  receive your forum items in-game. See Item & Code FAQ for more information. 

  Tender Wolf Meat: Slay 10 wolves and collect the meat the tender wolf meat. 
  After talking to the chief, you are informed that there is going to be a 
  banquet tonight and he needs 10 tender wolf meats. Go out of the chief’s tent 
  and go 1 screen to the right, head through the gate there. Kill 10 wolves 
  using either a spell/ability you learnt or just attacking, they’re easy, but 
  the further you go from Camp Brakil, the harder the wolves get. Once you’re 
  done hand it into Chief Brakil. He tells you to take a sack of meat to 
  Ketchin. So go to Ketchin. On the way you’ll see Blacksmith Frazzak, you can 
  sell your un-needed items to him. 

  Mild Spices: Get Mild Spices for Ketchin 
  After talking to Ketchin he tells you he needs Mild Spices. So head back to 
  Eleywn Forest (go right). Keep going right till you see a wolf attacking a 

  Warning: This wolf is a boss, if you can’t kill the wolves in the screen 
  before him, don’t attempt him yet and keep killing wolves till you level a 
  bit. I suggest level 5 to fight him, and make sure you save it before fighting 

  Boss Fight: Feronious the Ferocious 
  Attacks: Roar, Makes you flee. Bite: Damage dealing attack. Claw: Another 
  Damage dealing attack. One of them deals more damage, I can’t remember which. 
  Magic Spec: Use Lash of pain / frost nova and just keep hitting him until you 
  run out of energy. When you do, just attack him. Do not use pyroblast as when 
  he roars, it starts a bug where the battle sequence freezes 
  Fury Spec: Use Cold Blood + Heroic Strike. Cold Blood + Attack. Heroic Strike, 
  attack when you run out of energy 
  After you have killed Feronious, buy 1 Mild Spices from the goblin and as much 
  magic dust as possible. The goblin next to the merchant has a transporter 
  which takes you to another area for high levels, don’t go in just yet! Now go 
  back to Ketchin and hand in the quest. He now allows you to buy wolf meat from 
  him, stock up on it. He tells you to go to the fisherman on the left side of 
  town, keep moving left until you see him. Talk to him. 

  Killing 10 Crabs: Kill 10 Crabs 
  Attack as you would normally kill a wolf except you cannot flee. Each time you 
  kill a crab, wait for your health and energy to replenish before you talk to 
  the fisherman again. In the end you will get a lucky fishing hat (Keep this, 
  read about why in secrets). While killing crabs, you might receive "The 1 
  Ring". Bring this back to the Gottum, the Murloc beside Lekon the Mage. When 
  you talk to Gottum you have two options for rewards. Your Thanks is Enough, I 
  need a reward (something like that). If you choose Your Thanks is Enough, he 
  will give you a weapon called “Stingy”. If you choose the other option, you 
  will receive 5 silver. Now talk to Lekon the Mage. He will give you another 

  Soft Busy Tails: Get 8 Soft Bushy Tails 
  Kill 8 wolves and get their soft bushy tails. Basically repeat Tender Wolf 
  Meat instructions. After handing it in, Lekon tells you he needs leather, and 
  the only leather thick enough is Princess’s hide, he tells you to go across 
  the river and kill Princess. Talk to the fisherman on the left side of town to 
  go across the river. 

  Princess: Kill Princess and bring her hide to Lekon 

  Mother Crocodile (Princess Sub-Quest)This is a hard quest. Before you accept 
  it, run back to the goblin salesman and stock up on Magic dust, and also talk 
  to Ketchin to stock up on Wolf Meat. Now, talk to the fisherman to go on the 
  boat. On the way across you will be attacked by 3 crocolisk and a mother one. 
  You have NO chance to rest, so use items in battle when needed. Save your 
  energy, and be sure to use it wisely. 
  Magic Spec Strategy: Use Pyroblast and attacks to kill the first one, after 
  the Pyroblast you should have at least 45 energy left. Attack the second one 
  until you need to heal, use your last energy to heal, then use a magic dust 
  and hopefully a few more attacks will kill the second crocolisk. Now kill the 
  third one with Pyroblast leaving again 45 energy. Now attack the mother until 
  you have to heal, heal up, use a magic dust, and then kill her with a 
  Fury Spec Strategy: Just Cold Blood + Heroic Strike to death the first one. At 
  the start of the second battle activate adrenaline rush to recover energy, and 
  use the meat to recover your hp. Cold Blood + Heroic Strike this croc to 
  death. Same thing goes for the third one. For the mother croc, be sure to heal 
  up if you are around 200hp entering the fight, or use adrenaline rush. If you 
  used wolf meat, use adrenaline rush next turn, if you used adrenaline rush, 
  use wolf meat next turn. Then just Cold Blood + Heroic Strike the mother 
  crocolisk to death 
  When you land on the other side of Eleywn Forest, run over to princess and 
  defeat her. Make sure you restore your energy and health before fighting her. 
  She will have 2X your hitpoints and hits hard! 
  Magic Spec: Polymorph, Pyroblast, keep doing that, heal and use magic dust 
  where needed 
  Fury Spec: Cold Blood + Heroic Strike, use adrenaline rush when needed, and 
  use wolf meat when needed 
  When you kill her, she drops a nice shield, equip it. Now go back to the 
  fisherman, and go back to Camp Brakil. When you come back to Camp Brakil, 
  everyone will be a slain, except Lekon the Mage, go talk to him. 

  Teleportation Rune
  You need to get a teleportation rune so Lekon the Mage can open a portal. Go 
  to the goblin salesman and buy 2 goblin dynamites (optional) (1 to open the 
  mine, 1 to get a weapon at the end.). Use the first one by the rock blocking 
  the mine and enter. Kill the kobolds in the way and when you get to Fagnus 
  (the kobold that doesn’t patrol), kill him! 
  Magic Spec: Polymorph, Pyroblast = dead. 
  Fury Spec: Pummel when needed, Cold Blood + Heroic Strike or attack while he’s 
  Now use the second goblin dynamite and open the chest behind him using 
  spacebar. You get an epic mace out of it. Now head back and Lekon will make a 
  portal. You have 2 options what to do. Read below 

  The Darkmoon Faire
  Warning: Entering the Portal will end your game 
  Before you enter the portal, save the game on at least 2 slots. When the 
  credits end, load the top save and you will be at the Darkmoon Faire! There is 
  a goblin salesman who sells wolf meat and magic dust. Go to the left of the 
  faire and play "The Darkmoon Challenge". You kill every boss in the game and a 
  new boss…Sirath!!! A Level 60 Night Elf. 
  Magic Spec: Polymorph, Power Word Shield, Pyroblast. Hope he doesn’t hit you 
  (he either punches or flexes), or if he hits you, you shouldn’t be dead. Use a 
  magic dust, hope he doesn’t hit you here. Then Polymorph and repeat what I 
  said at the start of the magic spec strategy. 
  Fury Spec: No idea if you can beat him with Fury Spec. Just save the game, 
  quit, load (resets The Darkmoon Faire) and keep doing that till you can do the 
  magic spec strategy. 

  Stranglethorn Vale
  Remember before that I told you about that high level area which the 
  transporter took you to? Well talk to the goblin and go into the transporter. 
  Go through that now!!! There are many things you can do at Stranglethorn Vale: 

  Fight through some mobs that drop great epics. Also fight the person who is 
  top on the high score list. 


  All mobs before Grand Marshal: 

  Power Word Shield 
  Repeat if not dead 

  Grand Marshal: 

  Get Deathslayer, Emerald Blade and use Cold Blood + Ambush against the Grand 

  Get around 1600 hp so you can survive a heroic strike from the Grand Marshal. 
  First turn, cold blood + charge, then cold blood + heroic strike and then hope 
  for a heroic strike, then cold blood + heroic strike him. Or Cold Blood + 
  Ambush, hope for heroic strike, Cold Blood + Heroic Strike. 

  Strategy by Saint_Sileightly

  First, you need to be level 20 rogue and have all talents except ambush, it 
  would help but, is not required. 

  Then you need the follow equipment equiped: 
  (from left to right going down) 
  [Left Side] 
  Lighforge Helm 
  (any trinket, sta or str would be best) 
  Lighforge Spaulders 
  Zandalar Vindicator's Plate 
  Lighforge Bracers 
  Rune of Duty 
  [Right Side] 
  Lighforge Gauntlets 
  Lighforge Belt 
  Lighforge Leggings 
  Lighforge Boots 
  Seal of Jin 
  (any other ring, preferably another of above) 
  Grand Marshal's Aegis (or another shield) 

  [Moves] (then do this at battle time) 
  Cold Blood + Charge (stuns for a turn) 
  Cold Blood + Pummel (prevents healing) 
  [He will either Herioc Stike (want) or, Execute (do not want)] 
  Cold Blood + Herioc Strike (=dead) 

  Strategy by Murktoo

  Get full Magisters + 2 Eterium Bands from forum shop, and +300 intellect item 
  from Onyxia and Ashkandi, the Greatsword from Helm. 

  Turn 1: Cold Blood + Charge 
  Turn 2: Cold Blood + Lash of Pain 

  Pretty easy, just Polymorph, Power Word Shield, Pyroblast, repeat. Kills 
  everything in there. Try to have a lot of +intellect gear to make it easier 

  And what you’ve been waiting for… 


  *Warning: Spoiler Alert * 

  Harpy – Rare Spawn 

  While attacking a tiger or gorilla in STV, you might instead fight a harpy. Be 
  sure to kill it without it taking a turn or else it might run away. It drops 
  Benediction, a + to intellect staff that sells for around 4 gold. 

  Freeing Falthir 

  Simply buy a goblin dynamite from the goblin vendor near the Eleywn Forest 
  transporter and use it(press spacebar) at the cage to blow the cage up and 
  free Falthir, you'll find Falthir and he's Brother at the middle of STV after 
  you free him. 

  Gahz'ranka - the fish beast. 

  You find out about this from freeing Falthir the Troll in Zul Gurub. His 
  friend, when spoken to, only ever talks about a fish beast in Zul Gurub. You 
  don't need to free Falthir to encounter Gahz'Ranka. Falthir sells some items. 

  To find Gahz'ranka, enter the final bring screen in Zul Gurub from either 
  side. You have around a 1% chance of finding him without a lucky fishing hat 
  equipped. If you have the lucky fishing hat equipped it's about a 15% chance 
  to find him. If you have the sound on, you'll hear a roar. Walk Murk on to the 
  bridge and he'll say 'what was that...?' and then the fight starts. This is a 
  randomly triggered event, meaning you might have to leave then center the 
  screen many times before you meet the fish monster. 
  Gahz'Ranka isn't a hard fight. Use your normal strategy and it should work. 
  Once he dies he drops Furor's Eyepatch. It's a head piece with 30 Agi. 

  A Great Dragon in Azeroth - Onyxia 

  You have to have freed Falthir to find Onyxia. Further, you have to be level 
  20 or above. This is because Falthir sells various objects once freed. One of 
  these is a 'Blood Talisman'. It's not great, but many people don't have 
  anything else in the trinket slot so 4 Sta is better than nothing. It has a 
  minimum level of twenty and cost 55gold. Buy this trinket and equip it. For 
  those interested, in WoW getting hold of your Blood talisman to enter Onyxia's 
  lair is a damn site harder than freeing a Troll! 

  Once you have the trinket,go back to the goblin transporter, return to the 
  Jasperdine mine. Go all the way to the last screen, the part where you fought 
  fangus with the chest at the back with the epic mace (candlestick) in it, 
  (opened by dynamite). If you have the talisman equipped, a fairly common 
  random ocurance is a portal appearing at the end to Onyxia's lair. You might 
  have to leave and re-enter the screen a few times to trigger it. Go to the 
  portal and press spacebar to enter Onyxia's Lair 
  Onyxia is a big dragon which does lots of damage. But not immune to stuns. So 
  simply use Frost Nova every 2 turns. When dead, she gives Ancient Cornerstone 
  Grimoire. An off hand, that instead of summoning a skeleton like it should, 
  gives you 300 Intellect. All of a sudden making the mage route viable again. 

  Felva the Rogue and Ambush 

  The first time you meet the rogue, she is one screen right of the freed troll. 
  The next she is the first screen in Zul Gurub. You must enter from the right 
  side to see her. The next time you see her she's two screens right of Falthir. 
  Note: You can still see her if you've killed the rogue in the arena. 

  On the third time that she spots you she talks to you, She says: She's seen 
  you in the arena and you're really good. She wants you to kill a goblin - the 
  one that goes on and on about a really big dragon in Azeroth. At this point 
  she teaches you the ambush skill - you don't actually have to bother with the 
  rest of it. 

  Go back to where the postman is in STV. Equip a dagger, and talk to him, 
  you'll enter a battle with him, simply Cold Blood + Ambush him and he drops a 
  necklace that's got some Agility on it. If you walk to the second screen right 
  of the Troll, she reappears again and takes the neckpiece of you and gives you 
  gold. If you'd rather keep the necklace, you have to avoid that part of the 
  Jungle from now on as there's no 'screw you, I want the necklace' option. 

  Anyway, you now have access to the Ambush skill - it appears as the last icon 
  in the skills menu that was blank until now. You have to wield a dagger to use 
  it, can only use it on your first attack. 

Images provided by un-mediocre. Warrior's guide 

Warrior's Guide to Power 

1.0 Intro 
1.1 Battle guide 
1.2 strategies 

2.0 Quests 
2.1 Talent order 
2.2 Level statistics 

3.0 Welcome to Murloc 
3.1 Camp-Forest 
3.2 Stranglethorn 
3.3 Zul'Gurub 
3.4 Grand Marshal 
3.5 End game 
3.6 Darkmoon Faire 

4.0 Thanks for reading 
4.1 Links(other guides) 
4.2 Special thanks 

A warrior is an exciting path that can lead to victory and greatness, or 
destruction of dignity. I will lead you to the path to a master of the warrior 
class, so the latter will not occur. 

This Battle Guide will consist of: 
1)What does what 
So, first thing first, the talents are: 
Heroic Strike, weak-med talent that does damage/good for start of game 
Bloodrage, a talent that gives 20 energy for 20% base health/bad 
Pummel, a weak attack that prevents enemy magic/good against Fagnus 
Charge, a weak attack that stuns enemy, only used at start/good till **** 
Execute, a med attack that gains damage of energy, has conditions/good 
Cruelty, a passive talent increasing critical strice % go up/good for warrior 
Retaliation, allows counter-attacks/good for warroir & rogue 
Cold Blood, talent of havoc, stuns opponent and doubles next attack/good 
Vigor,increases maximum energy by 20/bad for enemies life  
Adrenaline Rush, gives 20% enegy each turn for 5 turns/good for execute 
****, see Stranglethorn section for details/best starting move 
Mark of the Wild,Raise armor/armor is useless(mostly) 
Renew, weak heal magic, works over 5 turns/good for starters 
Heal, strong heal for a bunch of energy(45)/good against bosses 
Power Word:Sheild, a sheild that is mostly worthless/use if meat needed 
Polymorph, renders other powerless for 10 turns or damage/use with pyro 
Lash of Pain, a med attack for mage, weak for warrior/#is unaccurate 
Life Drain, weak atack for mage, nothing for warrior, yeilds low hp/sucks 
Frost Nova, weak-low med attack that freezes enemy for 2 rounds/rocks 
Blood Pact, gives you more life/#is unaccurate, sucks 
Pyroblast, storng talent that takes forever to cast/good with ColdB+Pmorph 

Later Strategies(lvl9+) are: 
****,FrostNova,AdrenalineRush,Polymorph,ColdBlood,Pyroblast,attack till 

quest 1:There will be a guy with a  above his head. talk to him. go to a tent. 
talk to the gaurds. go inside and say hi.DONE 
quest 2:You will be sent to kill 10 wolves for a feast. You have been given a 
dagger, so equip it.DONE 
quest 3:After talking to the cheif again, he sends you to Ketchin.DONE 
quest 4:Ketchin will send you to Krakho, who is being attacked by a wolf, 
Feronius the Ferocious.DONE 
quest 5:After you get the stuff, you will be sent to fight crabs, so be 
prepared. If you find a ring, take it to Gottom, the guy beside the mage, and 
ask for nothing. You will get a powerful dagger.DONE 
quest 6:Now after you get a fishing hat(don't sell it),go talk to Lekon the 
quest 7:You have been sent to fight more wolves. remember to take all loot. 
quest 8:Once you talk with Lekon again, he will tell you to find the "princess", 
a boar of high health. To get there, you must fight 4 Crocolisks in a row, no 
heal or energy gain between battles. Good luck. 
quest 9:!@!spoiler alert!@! When Cheif Brakil dies, he asks you to 
save his daughter, as his death-wish.DONE 
quest 10:You must now kill one of those wretchid Kobolds, Fagnus, for a rune, so 
as to go to a new place to avenge Cheif Brakil. For The Cheif!!!DONE 

In order for a perfect battle, you must gain talents in This order: 
Blood Rage 
Lash of Pain 
Cold Blood 
Drain Life 
Mark of the Wild 
Power Word:Sheild 
Blood Pact 
Adrenaline Rush 

Lastly, you must always be aware of your lvl/lvl progress. 
For example: 
lvl 1-2;200 
lvl 2-3;290 
lvl 3-4;421 
lvl 4-5;610 
so if you are lvl 3 with 234 xp, relize you will soon lvl and see what talent 
you should pick, so as to be prepared. 

WELCOME to Murloc! 
Welcome to Murloc RPG version 1.2, the best game made with flash!  To those who 
are new, hurray, for those who are returning, congrats! For many a month, the 
mages and rogues have have said they are they best, but have agreed that 
warriors aer no good. I Know that Warriors are the best because this game is not 
a "well, the best player is a mage so mages are the best" kind of game, it is a 
game where the difference is small, but the truth is Warriors have more damage 
dealt out than the others and have good health, more than most others, and that 
is what matters in the beggining, which is the most importaint part, it allows 
expansion. The better the start, the faster the game is played, and the more 
options available. But this requires time and skill, both up to you, so get 
ready for MURLOC RPG 1.2!!!  

At the beginning, you are at an area in the west of camp. Head to your 
right(-->) and you will see a murloc with a  above his head. Talk to him. He 
will say everyone is looking for you. Cheif Brakil wants to speak with you. Go 
farther to the right until you see a tent. Talk to the gaurds. then enter the 
tent. Go talk to the murloc there. He will say that a feast is to be held for 
the warriors and needs you to get meat. Go out the tent and continue to your 
right. You will see a gate. press the icon that looks like a backpack. click on 
the dagger to equip it. Now click on the picture of Murc next to the pack. If 
you see the dagger, go out the gate, if not, equip it again until you can, then 
continue. You will now see a wolf cub. Walk up to it to attack it. This will be 
an easy fight. just click attack a couple times. Now take the items on the 
corpse. click on the continue button. CONGRATS! You just killed you first wolf. 
Now continue to your right and fight a wolf if it is there, other wise just go 
back and forth between screens to find one on that screen, and that screen only. 
On this wolf, use skills-Heroic Strike. Do this till it is dead. CONGRATS! You 
just leveled-up! 
Now click on the icon next to the picture-icon(not the pack). Get Cruelty. Now 
go back to the first wolf page. Fight a wolf there. Keep fight till you are 
level 10 with at least 3600 xp. Now you choose your talents. Do so in the order 
mentioned earlier. Now talk to the chief. He will tell you to take the meat to 
Ketchin, the guy who sent you to the cheif. On your way there, see all the stuff 
that isn't weapons to a guy next to a helmet sign and buy a short sword if you 
don't have one yet. Close the boxes, and then equip the sword. sell the dagger. 
Now go talk to Ketchin. He will ask you to get spices. First get to lvl 11 
without going to the frame on the other side of the cave frame. when you get to 
lvl 11, go there. You will fight a stronger wolf than normal. Use Skills-Cold 
Blood, Charge, Cold Blood, Heroic Strike, and then just keep attacking till it 
is dead. Loot the corpse, equip the tooth, then continue. Talk to Krakho and get 
the spices, use the talent point as directed, and then get to lvl 12. Use your 
next talent point. You should have Heal, Charge, Drain Life, and Cold Blood now. 
Talk to Ketchin again. He will give you meat. Heals 300 hp. Go talk to the 
fisherman by the dock. 
It is west(left) of where you are. You will fight crabs. TAKE EVERYTHING! WHEN 
YOU FIND A RING, TAKE IT TO GOTTOM! He is next to a purple murloc. Give it to 
him and ask for nothing. You will get a really good dagger. Remember to equip 
it. Go fight more crabs. After you kill that last crab, talk to the guy one more 
time, eauip the hat, and use the talent point on Vigor. Go fight some wolves 
till you are halve way to lvl 14. Then go back to where Krakho is. there is a 
guy next to him. Talk to him, enter the Machine. 

Go to the right till you fight a gorilla or tiger. gorillas are weak but have a 
lot of hp, tigers, the opposite, strong w/low hp. Fight tigers till lvl 14.Use 
the talent point on Power Word: Sheild. Go back to the left till you see an 
arrow above your head. Talk to the small guy. Say you want to fight. If you die, 
sell junk and buy 1 meat and 2 magic dust. Then fight him again. Remember to use 
Power Word: Sheild. When you do kill him, grab the sword. DO NOT SELL STINGY 
YET! just equip the sword. Sell junk if not done so already. Go to the jungle 
area and go to the farthest frame. 

Enter Zul'Gurub and fight the first enemy you see. Make sure you have dust 
first. Then lvl up to lvl 15, have 10 magic dust and1 meat, and then beat 
Zul'Gurub. Grab everything. sell junk. 
Again at Stranglethorn, get to lvl 16, beat the rest of the arena, and get to 
lvl 20, or after if you dont have 1600 hp yet. Make sure you have all talents. 

Fight the Grand Marshal. General strategy is Cold Blood-Ambush, Cold 
Blood-Heroic Strike, Cold Blood-Execute. Loot his corpse. Get to lvl 29, submit 
your score. Go back to the camp area. Finish the quests. Get to the mage Kobold. 
Kill him, grab the rune, get back to Lekon, and save. Load your game and enter 
the portal. Load again. If you can't enter the portal, you are in Darkmoon 

Darkmoon Faire is a battle challenge that is easy. 2 wolves, Feronious, a king 
crab, mother croc, princess, fagnus the kobold mage, and 2 night elves. one of 
them gives you the ultimate weapon, Hand of Ragnos.

Guide by supsdg
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