Museum Madness Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Museum Madness

Museum Madness

General Hints
Move your mouse around the screen. If the cursor changes, click on that 
object. You may see a close-up view or you may pick up the object for later 

Ask MICK, your robot guide, when you aren't sure what to do next.

If you need something, don't forget to look in your backpack. Save your game 
frequently. If you want to pass the introductory sequence, press the Esc 
key. The Esc key can get you out of many tight spots.

In the Lobby
One of the tools in your backpack will help you get the batteries which can 
be found on a table in the lobby. Press the Esc key if you want the program 
to complete the museum map for you.

Hall of Technology

Robots Exhibit - First, click on the disassembled machines in each of the 

To complete the robots, you must get replacement parts that are available 
from the Rogue robot. The part must be in the room with you when you return 
it to the display.

Computer Technology - Click on the circuit panel and solve the puzzles.

Discovery of Radio - Talk to each inventor and assemble the puzzles in each 
of the first three rooms.

In room 4, talk with Fessenden. He likes to tinker with devices -- give him 
one from EJ's backpack. The book EJ is looking for is in this room. When 
you've found the book, return to Room 1 and give items from EJ's backpack to 
each inventor who will then give EJ something in return. Again, make sure 
you solve all the puzzles in the exhibit.

Marconi will receive a coded message. You must help him decipher this 
message by using a helpful document in this room.

When you return to room 4, Fessenden will require several objects from EJ's 

Energy Technology - You must shut down the nuclear power plant before you 
can replace the turbine.

All fuel rods must be safely stored. This cannot be done until you've 
restored the power plant to full operation.

Look in one of the pictures in room 4 for the missing safety devices.

Simple Machines - Click on the disassembled machines in the displays and 
reassemble them.

Hall of Air and Space

How Big is the Universe? Exhibit - Click on ACTIVATE to scramble the 

The Solar System Exhibit - Click on the Star Atlas and make notes, then find 
the four telescopes and check out their view of the star. Project the star 
onto the planetarium's sky. EJ will let you know if you've identified the 
correct star.

Rockets and Computers Exhibit - To move the rocket through the asteroids, it 
is not necessary to use every step in a sequence. You can choose not to fire 
a rocket for the duration of step 2, for example. The rocket will drift 
during this time -- sometimes you need that to happen to make it through the 
asteroids. There are several different combinations of rocket firings which 
will get your rocket through successfully. For one of them, refer to the 
last page of this hint sheet.

Air-Powered Flight Exhibit - These air-powered devices require a breeze to 
stay aloft. The fans must be stopped momentarily, but when you leave the 
exhibit, the fans must be turned on. The airship is secured by the nose.

Wright Brothers Exhibit - As in the other exhibits, you'll want to talk with 
the CyReps and pick up anything you can. You'll use several tools in this 
exhibit. One long piece of wire will not solve the final puzzle -- you'll 
need several shorter pieces.

Hall of American History

Transcontinental Railroad Exhibit - To make an informed decision, look at 
all the information in the room and visit room 2 before you decide to work 
with Central Pacific or Union Pacific.

Salem Witch Trials Exhibit - Modern-day tools come in handy. Be sure to talk 
to all the people and get hints from MICK the robot.

Revolutionary War Exhibit - Again, be sure to talk with everyone and pick up 
everything you can. Some objects that you collect will help you to get other 
objects that you need.

Ellis Island Exhibit - Talk to everyone you can and follow their advice.

Louisiana Purchase Exhibit - Talk to everyone and look at/pick up everything 
you can. If you offer a gift, people may give you something in return.

Hall of Natural History

Hall of Dinosaurs Exhibit - You may visit the exhibit rooms to read about 
the creatures before or after assembling them. EJ wants to see your 
handiwork after all the dinos are back together.

Ocean Life Exhibit - Click on everything you can -- be sure to get help, 
from MICK and from living creatures.

Hall of Animal Habitats Exhibit - Remember, you only have 8 trips to restore 
all 16 animals to their habitats. Fill the cart as much as you can. Be 
careful where on the cart you click -- you may waste a trip and end up in 
the basement.

Hall of Ecology Exhibit - Good luck on the rearranging puzzle. In the 
computer, try different levels for each animal. For the answer to this 
puzzle, refer to the end of this document.

The Earth's Geology Exhibit - For clues on how to assemble the puzzles, see 
the small diagram in the upper right hand corner of the display. To make 
things happen, move forward in time...

Hall of World History

Prehistoric People Exhibit - Talk to everyone and pick up all that is 
offered. Watch the CyReps carefully; there may be something you can offer 
them from your backpack.

The Development of Writing Exhibit - The gift you receive from the Chinese 
scribe is useful in two other rooms. Remember, to make a note one needs a 
pen with ink and something to write on.

Knights, Heraldry and Jousting Exhibit - Make a note of the shield's 
appearance at the jousting field in room 1. Note your design and the wizard 
will tell you after the joust how the two shields compare.

Galileo's Telescope Exhibit - Talk to everyone and pick up whatever you can. 
If you offer a gift, a gift may be offered to you in return.

Industrial Revolution Exhibit- Look at everything in the room and pick up 
whatever you can.

- - -


SaULo BeNiGNO «» MaLiGNO «

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