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Written By: Brandon Bush
7:59 PM 8/31/2006 CST

Myst Island

Welcome to Myst Island. After touching a picture in a mysterious book, you
have found yourself in the docks on a mysterious island. All around you
lies strange devices, a huge gear, a clock tower in the sea, and an amazingly
large tree.

Enough of the novelties, lets get on with it. Take some time to explore the
island and find all the key structures. The ones that you have to know are:

The Library
The Spaceship
The Observatory
The Large Gear
The Imaging Chamber
Both of the Breakers
The Generator Bunker
The Clock Tower
The Woodland Cabin
The Great Tree

Most are fairly obvious. The Library, which is filled with, SHOCK, books,
lies next to the observatory, which has a "dentist" chair in it. The
spaceship is on a long walkway leading out from the library. The large gear
is easily visible from the docks. The Imaging chamber is a bit harder to
find. Remember where you started at the end of the docks? Face the large
gear and turn left. You'll see an indenture. Click it to reveal the chamber.
The breakers might be hard to find. 1 lies right next to the bunker, and
the other off to the side near the start of the spaceship walkway. The
generator bunker is just off the path. The clock tower is easily seen from
the main path. The cabin is in the woods, next to the great tree, which is
the biggest tree on the island.

Now, what to do? First of all, let's find out why there's nobody here.
Look around the docks to find a note. It seems this Atrus fellow had to leave
quite urgently. He tells this Catherine to enter the number of switched on
the island in the image viewer. If you go around and count them, there's about
8 of them. Head on over to the imaging chamber. Once at the "cauldron", turn
around and click the panel next to the stairs. Enter the number 08 and hit
the red button. Now, turn back around and hit the button on the imager.

Well, it seems as though someone has burned all of the books in Atrus'
library. OH NOES! Books can always be replaced right? Wrong. His books are
quite special, and you'll soon see why. Atrus suspects his son, Achenar.
He mentions something about tower rotation, which I'll explain in a bit.

Now that we have that done, what to do next. In order to do the tower
rotation, we have to let the tower know what's what. If you don't know what
a marker is, it's one of those funny little boxes located around the island
with switches on it. Turn all the ones around island ON. They're located at
the docks, the big gears, the observatory, the spaceship, the pool, the
cabin, the bunker, and the clock tower. Don't worry about the one at the
clock tower for now, we'll take care of it later.

Now, what to do next? Well, a library sounds like a good place to start out.
Head on over and inspect it a bit. There is a map, a red book with a red
page, a blue book with a blue page, two pictures of the bookcase, the
bookcase, and the fireplace. The bookcase consists of mainly burnt books,
with five surviving books. Four describe different "ages", and 1 contains
100+ patterns. Don't worry about this one, it's used later in the game.

Now, we have to rotate the tower. Don't worry if you're confused, it took me
a while to figure this one out. Check out the map. You'll see a bunch of
symbols. There will be one flashing, a series of circle. That's the tower.
Clicking and holding it will turn a line in a circle. That's what the tower
rotation is. When it hits a key location, the line will turn red and freeze
for a moment. Now you're locked on to a spot. What do we do now? Looking
around you should see the two pictures of the bookcase, one where it's up,
and one where it's down revealing a hallway. Click on the picture of the
staircase that's down.

Travel to the end of the corridor and up the elevator. Welcome to the tower.
Around you are two ladders, each with a plaque behind them. The book shows
where the linking book is located, and the key shows how to get to it. Based
on where you are locked on, you'll see a majority of things. Let's unlock
some of the books for use.

If you are locked on to the gears, the key will read "2:40" and "2,2,1".
Now, let's think about these clues for a moment. What else on the island
might use the format of X:XX. I'll give you a moment.

Give up? Don't worry, I had to have it slammed in my face before I saw it.
Head out of the library (you have to push the picture of the closed bookcase
to exit the library) and look down the main path. That's right, the clock
tower. The 2:40 indicates what time the clock should be on. Head on down
to the clock and look for a panel near the water.

The panel has a large wheel, a small wheel, and a red button. The small wheel
handles the hour, and the large wheel handles the minutes. Turn the small
wheel 2 times and the large wheel 8 times, then hit the red button. That will
raise a bridge. Cross the bridge and turn the marker on. Open the door and
enter the clock tower. Inside are 3 levers, a counterweight, and a device.
The objective is to get the dial to read 2,2,1 from top to bottom. To do this
you have to pull the right lever, then the left lever. Now, here's the
tricky part. Pull the right lever, and HOLD it. Hold it for about 3 spins.
If you screw up at any time, pull the lever on the wall to reset the puzzle.

Once you get it right, the tiny gear will open. Now, head to the large gears
near the docks. The gear has moved, and now a book is visible. This book will
teleport, or "link" you to another age, in this case, the Mechanical Age.
Don't link just yet. Let's unlock the other ages first to save us some hassle
later on.

Let's open up the Stoneship Age. The key shows us several dates and times.
However would we use these? There is one place on the island that uses these
dates, the Observatory. Walk in and turn around so you are facing the door.
Press the blue button near the door to turn off the lights.

Sit down in the chair and click the device near the top of the screen. This
will lower the imager. Each of the sliders controls a different part of the date.
Manipulate the sliders so that each of the dates is shown on the imager. Each
will show you a different constellation of stars. They are a snake, a leaf, and
a spider.

Now, head to the well on the main path. On either side of the well are 3 panels.
Each has a different shape on it. Click the panels for the spider, snake, and
leaf to activate them. That will raise the ship near the docks. Head down and
open the cabin door to find the linking book. Once again, don't link yet. We
still have 1 more age to unlock.

Let's open up the most difficult age, the Selentic age. The key shows 59 volts.
Head to the bunker on the main path down to the generator room. The key is to
get the generators running with 59 volts, no more and no less. If you do go
over 59 volts, you have to reset the breakers. They are just off the path
outside the bunker and before the bridge leading to the spaceship. There are
several combinations, but the one I used went like this:


Where X is pressed and lit and O is raised and unlit. Now that the power
is running, you can open up the spaceship. Head on over and click on the door
to gain access.

Now, there's yet another part to this puzzle. This is without a doubt the most
difficult puzzle in Myst. On the right is a piano, and the left are several
sliders. The key is to find the right notes and put them on the sliders so that
the book imager works. Now, how do you know what notes to enter? Go and read
the book in the library for the Selentic age. At the end is a diagram of the
organ and several highlighted keys with numbers. Those are the ones to hit. The
numbers are what order they should be hit in.

I've tried to accurately reproduce the diagram in ASCII, but it doesn't get the
point across. Here's the second best I can do:

1st Key: 8 over
2nd Key: 20 over
3rd Key: 23 over
4th Key: 13 over
5th Key: 6 over

8 over means 8 keys from the left, including the first key and half steps. For
those of you who don't know what half steps are, they are the black keys placed
periodically on the organ. Now, head back to the spaceship. Push the note that
corresponds to each number and try to memorize the tone. Now, head over to the
sliders and move it until it matches that note. Repeat this for the other 4
sliders (The sliders from left to right go from 1 to 5) and pull the lever. If
you got the notes right, a linking book will appear on the screen.

An alternate method is to completely bypass the organ and go straight to the
sliders. With them all at the bottom, click and hold one of them. This will
play the lowest note possible. Listen carefully and slowly increase the slider,
counting the number of times that the sound changes notes. When it reaches how
many keys over it is, that will be the correct note. I.E move the leftmost
slider 8 notes up, including the first, to correctly set it.

When you get it just right, the screen will have a picture of a linking book.
Don't link just yet, as you can't solve this age without having some notes from
another age. There isn't anything you can do with the Channelwood age, as the
puzzle doesn't stay set, so for now, let's head back to the library.

If you haven't read the books on the bookshelf, do so now. They provide key
information for each age, plus a little background information on it. When
you're done, head over the red and blue books. If you pick them up, all you
will see on the linking screen is static. Instead, pick up the page next to
the books and place them in the books. The static partially clears up, and a
person appears in each book; Achenar in the blue, and Sirius in the red. They
each begs for you to bring them more pages.

There are 2 pages hidden in each age, 1 for each of the books. Let's go get
some of them right now. The first and most logical choice is the Mechanical
Age. Head on to the gears and use the linking book to link to the Mechanical

Mechanical Age

Hints: There is a panel with several shapes at the start. Is there anything
       else on the island that has similar symbols?

       The red button near the elevator lowers the bridge. Is there any way to
       use the panel below to manipulate the elevator?

       There are 3 buttons on the elevator. When pressed, the middle button
       seems to cause some delay before moving. Why might this be?

Solutions: The panel leads to the linking book back to Myst. On each of the
           surrounding islands are symbols that correspond to the code. The
           code is: Horseshoe, Upside Down Triangles with Rectangle in Middle,
           3 Triangles with Circle, and Left Semi-Circle.

           Using the button, hold it until the openings in the circles line up
           and the diagram turns red. Head back up and press the red button to
           raise the bridge. Now the elevator can be used.

           The middle button allows you time to exit the elevator before it
           moves. Go to the top level, hit the middle button, and exit the
           elevator. The elevator will descend and reveal another panel. This
           is used to move around the island. By using the panel in the war
           room, you can discern the facing of the island based on the sounds.
           Pull the left lever to unlock the rotation, and hold the right lever
           while it rotates. When you think it's facing a certain direction,
           pull the left lever back down to lock the station and hear the
           direction sound. They go something like this:

           South - Cow Bell
           North - Beep
           East  - Mechanical Tink
           West  - Chirping

Page Locations: Red - In the sophisticated room, look for a hidden panel under
                      the tapestry to the right of the throne. It's located in
                      that hidden room.
               Blue - In the war room, open the clearly visible panel to the
                      left of the throne. The page is located on a shelf with
                      several bottles.

Myst Island

With one of the pages in tow, head back to the library and place the page in
the book. The images will become even more clear, and the prisoners easier to
understand. They once again beg for even more pages, and begin to reveal there
plight; why they are imprisoned in the books. Head back to the Mechanical Age
and the other page. Now that you have the other books, let's head to the
Selentic Age and get it completed. Run to the spaceship and click the screen to
link to the hardest age in the game.

Selentic Age

Hints: There is a panel next to the locked door. Each slider plays a sound.
       How can we figure out what sounds there are and in what order?

       At each of the stations, pressing the button lights the symbol. Although
       we don't know what happened, it's just possible that it could affect
       something else on the island.

       At the center of the age is a device. It views an area in 360 degrees.
       The symbols for each of the stations is on there, as well as a Sigma
       (Kind of blocky E) button. What happens when each of these buttons are
       pushed. How can you clear up the static from each of the buttons?

       The submarine plays a strange sound whenever you arrive at a location.
       Where have we heard these sounds before?

Solutions: The panel next to the door is what locks access from the submarine.
           Each panel plays a sound based on its position. We have to find
           what order what sounds play in. Go around the island to each of the
           stations and press the red button there to activate it. Now, head
           to the central portion of the age to get to a "tuner". This tuner
           has a button for each of the stations symbols, as well as a Sigma
           button to play the code for the locked door. To find the code, click
           on the symbol to activate that noise, and press the buttons to go
           around the island to find that noise. For ease, the frequencies are:

           Water: 153.4
           Clock:  55.6
            Bolt: 130.3
         Crystal:  15.0
            Wind: 212.2

           Now, press the sigma button, and the noises will play in the order
           that will unlock the door. Head back to the building and enter the
           noises into the slider from left to right like so:

           Crystal, Water, Wind, Bolt, Clock.

           Hit the button and the door will open. Go forward to the submarine.
           Press the blue button to open the door, and go to the panel. Now,
           press forward to descend. You have to navigate your way to the Myst
           linking book based on the sounds. Those sounds tell you which way to
           go. They are the same sounds that played in the Mechanical Age. The
           correct path is:

           Go forward, face west, forward, face north, forward, face east, forward,
           forward, face south, forward, forward, face west, forward, face
           southwest, forward, face west ,forward, face northwest, forward, face
           northeast forward, face north, forward, face southeast, and forward.

           Exit the sub and proceed to the linking book.

Page Locations: Red - At the crystal pedestal
               Blue - At the water pedestal.

Intermittent Copyright Notice

In the event that the website you obtained this from is not included in the
following list:

Please immediately inform me at This is placed
here in an attempt to stop Internet plagiarism caused by the modification or
stripping of the copyright notice at the end of the document. Thank you for
any information that may lead to the end potential plagiarism.

Myst Island

What a fun age huh? Now, place the page in the book to clear the image even
more. Once again, both brothers beg for more pages. They also begin to accuse
each other, saying the other was at fault for what happened. Head back to the
Selentic Age and grab the other page. Now that we have 2 pages in each book,
let's tackle the Channelwood Age.

Now, as you may recall, we haven't yet unlocked the Channelwood age. That is
because the puzzle does not stay set. The key shows us 7,2,4. Head to the
cabin in the woods. But the combination, 7,2,4 into the safe to open it up.

On a side note, who in their right mind would keep a box of matches locked up
in a safe? Maybe if they were Gold and Platinum matches, but these are your
ordinary every day wooden matches. Weird huh?

Okay, open the box, grab a match, and use the match on the rough side of the
box. With it lit, turn around and light the pilot light on the boiler. Turn the
wheel to the right (pointer turns green) until your PSI is maxed (I.E. The
panel shows the pointer all the way at the right), head outside to the great
tree. It should be slowly rising, getting taller and taller. Let the tree rise
as high as it will go, then head back to the cabin. Lower the PSI by turning
the wheel left (pointer turns red) until the PSI exponentially drops. Run back
outside to see the tree slowly descending. When the chamber in the tree reaches
where you can get it, quickly enter. Let the tree completely lower to find the
linking book.

Channelwood Age

Hints: All the pipes seem to coming from someplace on the island. Where might 
       that be? Are the pipes open or not? How can you open/close the valve?

       There seems to be valves at each of the junction. How do you turn them
       on? How about off?

       We need to raise a bridge. There seems to be a pipe running there. How
       might we get enough power to raise the bridge?

       There seems to be 3 levels in Channelwood. How can we access the upper

       The staircase is locked from the bottom side. Perhaps there's some other
       place to enter it.

Solutions: There are 3 levels to Channelwood. The first is where you manipulate
           the water flow, the 2nd is basically useless except to open the
           staircase, and the 3rd holds Sirius and Achenar's rooms. First,
           we have to get the water running through the pipes. Look around and
           find the watermill. Head up there and inspect the valve near the
           big pump. Now, to get to the top, we have to activate the elevator.

           From the watermill, go to the first junction. Turn the valve right
           and head left to the next junction. Here, turn the valve left and
           go right. At the next junction, turn the valve left and go right.
           At the next intersection, turn the valve left once again, and head
           right. Enter the elevator and pull the red lever.

           Now we have to open up the stairwell. From the elevator, head forward
           and take a right at the hut to the next building. Take another right
           and yet another right at the hut. Follow the path and pull the lever
           to open the stairwell. Head on over to it and go down, opening the
           door at the bottom.

           Now we need access to the pages. Head back to the first junction,
           just off the watermill. Turn the valve here left, then go back up
           the staircase. Here, enter the elevator to ascend to the third
           level. There are two huts here, one for Sirius and one for Achenar.

           Now we have to get out of here. First, we have to extend a bridge
           and a pipe to connect the water flow. From the watermill, go to the
           first junction. Turn the lever right and go left. Turn the lever
           left and go right. Turn next lever right and go left. Turn next
           lever right and go left, then right at the next junction to the end
           of the walkway. Pull the lever to raise the bridge.

           Cross that bridge and go to the elevator, and turn around. Head to
           the end and turn the crank. This will extend the pipe allowing
           water to flow to the elevator. Now, to power the elevator, head
           back to the first junction, just off the watermill. Now, turn the
           lever right and go left. Turn the next lever left and go right.
           Turn the next lever left go right. Turn the next lever right and
           go left. Head towards the elevator and enter. Inside, pull the lever
           to be raised to a chamber containing the Myst book.

Pages: Red - The first hut on the third level.
       Blue - The second and farthest hut on the third level.

Myst Island

Three down, one to go. Head back to the library and put the page in the right
book. Once again, the image becomes clearer, and more of the plot is revealed.
Once again, they brothers beg for pages, and accuse each other of vile
trickery. Head back to Channelwood and get the other page to hear the other
side of the story.

Now, head to the ship that you raised earlier, the one by the docks. Head onto
the ship and into the cabin. Pick up the linking book and link to the Stoneship

Stoneship Age

Hints: The buttons seem to be pumping something. What might that be? Where do
       they do this?

       The telescope seems to be of some importance. What might that be?

       The chest seems to be resting at the bottom. Why? Could it have
       something to do with the valve on it?

       The lights are out all around the age. Is there any way to get lights
       running through the age.

       The Power Grid is a circle with a lot of buttons. This sort of looks
       like a compass. What else on the island measures in degrees?

Solutions: This age is by far my favorite. Okay, we can easily get the pages,
           but getting to the Myst Linking Book is a bit harder. It's hidden in
           the ship, however it's too dark to find at the moment. First, we have
           to get to the generator. It's locked in the top of the lighthouse.

           First, get to the pump stand. It looks like a bedside table with an
           umbrella on it. Press the rightmost button to pump out the water
           from the lighthouse. Head on over and go to the bottom. Open the
           valve to allow the water to flow out, then close it again. Go back
           to the stand and allow the water to flow back in.

           The chest is now floating near it's key. Use the key to open the
           chest, and use the key in the chest to open the hatch on the roof.
           Up there, you will find a battery and a hand-crank generator. Crank
           the generator until the battery is about halfway filled. Head to the
           pump stand and press the middle button. Head down the nearby cave to
           the third landing and turn around. Look for a pushed in looking
           panel. Click it to gain access to the power room. Head to the
           compass looking device. I figured this one out by pure luck. Press
           the button directly on the southeast mark (135 degrees) to power the

           Now to get out. Head to the pump stand and press the leftmost pump
           to empty out the ship. Head down and click the table to reveal the

Page Locations: Blue - Cave furthest from the lighthouse. Go down to the room
                       and look on the bed for the page.

                Red - Cave nearest to the lighthouse. Go to the room and open
                      the bottom drawer.

Myst Island

Alright, the final page. Took long enough eh? Place the page in the proper
book, and finally the story is revealed. Both brothers beg you to get the
page for them and not their brother. Getting the other page only provides proof
of their hatred towards each other. They can, however, agree on 1 thing. In the
codebook I mentioned earlier, they tell you to find pattern #115 and put it in
the fireplace. They also both beg you to not touch the Green Book.

Head over to the bookshelf and find the codebook. Flip to page 115 and copy
down the grid. It looks something like this:


Where X is pressed and O is not. Head to the fireplace and press the red
switch. Enter that pattern and hit the red button again. The fireplace should
spin around, revealing a red page, a blue page, and the green book.

The brother's both agree that you shouldn't touch the book. Seems kind of
fishy doesn't it? There are 4 paths you can take now, and I'll outline both.

Good Ending

Open up the green book. You see a man, vigorously writing. He finally notices
you, and begs you NOT to link to D'ni. Instead, you must first get the white
page. In order to do this, go around the island and make sure all the markers
are turned on. Then, go to the docks, and turn that marker off. Grab the white
page and make it back to the Green Book. Link to D'ni.


Now, you meet Atrus, the most famous character of the Myst series. He takes the
white page, and after a while, returns. He regrets that he can't help you, but
he sincerely thanks you for your help. You are free to roam the island, go back
and revisit any age you want. Don't worry though, you get off this island in
Riven, the sequel to Myst. Simply click on the Myst book and link.

Now that you're back, notice that the red and blue books have been burned to
a crisp. This isn't the end of Sirius and Achenar however. They make their
return in Myst IV

Bad Ending 1

Follow the exact same steps as the good ending, except don't retrieve the white
page. Atrus is furious with you, as you have condemned him to D'ni forever. You
are stuck there, unable to return to Myst, or your world.

Bad Endings 2 and 3

Take the Red or Blue page to the books. As soon as you add the page, you take
the place in the book. Both brothers laugh insanely and rip pages out of the
book, causing the image to become more and more staticy. Then they close the
book, leaving you to think about your mistake for eternity.

Copyright Notice

This document is Copyright (C) 2006 Brandon Bush. This guide may be
reproduced and distributed freely under such circumstances that no profit,
monetary or not, is obtained, whether through direct donations nor pricing of
said document. This document may ONLY be viewed on the following sites:

Should this document be found on any other site, please e-mail me the URL of
the website at The author (Brandon Bush) retains
the right to change this guide at any time at the author's discretion. If you
wish to post this as part of your website, please notify me first at the above
e-mail. Chances are I won't turn you down, however I do like to know where it

The author does retain the right to immediatly retract this document from ANY
publication, electronically or physically, for any discretion as determined by
the author.


Cyan Worlds and Red Orb Entertainment for creating one of the best adventure
game franchises ever conceived.

My family, for always supporting me, even when the going got tough.

God, for creating me and everyone I love and cherish.

CJayC, for creating the ONLY gaming site on the web, and for not selling GF's
soul to GS.

You, for choosing my walkthrough over the others. I hope it helped you out.
That is, after all, my purpose.

And always remember that famous quote from our well known redneck friend, Joe
Dirt. "Life's a garden, dig it!"

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