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 Mystery Funhouse

Mystery Funhouse

Submitted by: DJ Simo

Part One

Time for a little spy stuff! A Fun House may seem a strange
place for espionage shenanigans, but secret agents have a habit
of popping up in the darndest places! if you just had some
money, you could get inside. The first thing to do is drop the
watch, because you won't be needing it. Now go East to the
parking lot. Ignore the five dollar bill (it's a bill for $5!),
and look at the tree.

Get the branch, then look in the grate. Aha, that's where the
real money is! Chew the gum (tastes HORRIBLE!) then stick it on
the branch. Use the branch to get the coin, then drop both the
branch and the gum. Return to the Fun House entrance.

Wear the shoes, then give the dollar for a ticket. Go Fun. You
are standing in the Magical Mirror Room, and just up ahead is
(gasp!) a maze. Fortunately, it's not a bad one, if you're
careful (if you aren't careful, well....).

Go North three times, then West twice. This brings you to a
small room. Go West from here to the room with the knobs. Pull
the green knob, and you will find yourself in another room. Get
the trampoline that's here, then go South to the shooting
gallery and pick up the strange spectacles. You have a few
minutes, so, if you want to, you can amuse yourself by shooting
a few clay pigeons. When you're finished, go back North, then
Up, to the knob room.

Now, as you proceed through the adventure, you will from time
to time get messages about your shoe heel being loose. Ignore
them, and don't touch the heel for now. There will be time for
that later. At the moment, you have other things to do. So, head
along West to the tank room, and from there, Up to the ledge
over the pit. Drop the trampoline here, then go East to the
barrel room.

MYSTERY FUNHOUSE             Part Two

Once in the barrel room, get the match and the comb, then crawl
(that's how you get out of the barrel). Drop the match by the
trampoline, then head South to the rickety stairs and down to
the landing. Go down the slide into the tank. Get the rusty key,
then give the comb to the mermaid. Go up the secret stairs she
reveals, and you will be back on the landing.

Go East into the Windy Hall, and East again into (sigh) the
maze. Now, carefully make your way South, East, South, East, and
you will be in the Mirror Room again. Wear the spectacles, and
look in the mirror. Sonuvagun! There's a hidden door! Open the
door and go inside. Here you find a valve handle. Drop the
spectacles and get the handle, then go East back to the mirror

Once again, go through the maze to the room with the knobs. Drop
the key, then continue on West and then up until you come to the
ledge. Get the trampoline, then go down the ladder to the pit.
Drop the trampoline, then put handle and turn handle. You have
now turned off the calliope in the merry-go-round room (which is
where you're going next). Now go trampoline, and jump. Wheeee!
You're back up on the ledge.

Get the match, and return to the knob room. Drop the match, get
the key, and pull the blue knob. Now you're in the room with the
Fortune-telling machine. However, it won't be telling your
fortune today, because it's broken. However, in an odd sort of
way, it's going to be very helpful to you. But right now, go on
along East to the merry-go-round room.

MYSTERY FUNHOUSE            Part Three

Once in the merry-go-round room, push the blue button to stop
the ride. Go merry, then go horse. Climb the pole in the horse's
back, which brings you to the top of the ride. Look up, and you
will see a rope. Jump! Now look, and you will see you are on a
catwalk. Go East, and unlock the door. Drop the key, and look at
the shelves. Grab the flashlight and the wrench, then head back
West, and climb all the way back down again, then return to the
knob room. As you pass the fortune-telling machine, pick up the
"out of order" sign.

Pull the green knob, then go South to the shooting gallery. Drop
the sign there, then return to the knob room. Get the match,
then pull the yellow knob. This takes you to a small room with
strange music. Go North into the maze (again!), then go East,
South, East, South, East, and you're in the Mirror Room. From
there, go South out of the Fun House.

Now it's back to the parking lot. Open the grate. You will only
be able to open one bolt, but you can slide the grate to make
room for yourself to go down. Drop the wrench and get the gum.
Turn on the flashlight, then go down the manhole, and East to
the room with the second grate.

Close the door, and drop the ticket. Now, the big moment has
arrived! Remove the heel from your shoe. A couple of things will
fall out. One is a note expaining what this is all about, the
other is a fuse. Drop the heel and the note, and get the fuse.

Chew the (yuck!) gum again, then stick it to the fuse, then
stick it to the grate. Light the fuse, and POP! the grate blows
open. Get the ticket, then go through the hole. Now up through
the shooting gallery (good thing you put that sign there!) and
South to the hidden lab. There they are...the secret plans! Grab
them and...congrats! You have successfully completed your
assignment! After all this, you could use some peace and quiet.
How about a trip to some faraway place, like Egypt? In fact, you
might even want to visit the pyramids.....



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