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 Mystery Case Files - Madame Fate Guide

Mystery Case Files - Madame Fate Guide

Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate Guide TM Josh Wilson (OmegaHades)

MF1		  Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate

     This is my first game guide I have written for the GameFaqs site, so I
will do my best to make it presentable. This guide is my property, so it is my
legal right to refuse any website(s) permission to post my guide for any 
reason if I have doubts about their credibility. That is only fair: I have 
painstakingly written out this entire guide. 
So you might be wondering my demands then; All I have to ask is if any one 
person or site wishes to use my guide for their own purposes, 
be very certain that you qoute me as the rightful and proper owner.
As long as you are willing to give credit where credit is due, 
you may post/print/scan/save my guide for whatever purpose you need it for.
Every segment within this guide is tagged with the prefix MF# so it may be 
quick searched individually for you're convenience.
     Alright, now that we have established that I guess we should get to the
point of why you're reading this.
This faqs is written for the purpose of assisting everyone with the fustration
that is Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate.
If you (or anyone that you know) are in the margin of intelligent people who
are angry and fustrated because the puzzles in this game are beyond irritating
and illogical, do not fret. I can relate and No, you are not any less
intelligent for encountering issues with these puzzles.
Also, as a special bonus for everyone, I will assist you in finding every
"Mysterious Item" found in the entire game. I will refer to these objects as
"Changling Items" because of their behavior and I like the name.
Just so that we are clear;
I [will not] be helping you in completing the Hidden Object scenes.
You should be able to do that yourself.


October 30th}Version 1.1.3: Finished reediting my guide.
October 21st}Version 1.1.2: Had to change the font and reedit my guide.
October 13th}Version 1.1.1: I had to edit my original guide because it did 
			not fit to begin with. Just to say; I am pissed.
October 4th}Version 1.0: Wrapped up the last puzzle where I left off and 
			checked my work once more before ending this thing.
			It took awhile to get this all written down, but it
			helped that I had written down the key 
			points to the puzzles and mysterious items on a
			serepate page. Also had to reinstall the game again. 
October 3th}Version 0.95: Made fine edits and completed work on the puzzles.
			Nearly done work on the main body of the guide 
			and have done a little cleaning up. Only need to add
			last puzzle now, and the credits. 
October 1st}Version 0.75: Doublechecked my work and fixing some mistakes.
			Finished work on the CI list and began adding
			Puzzles all the way up to Dr. Goodwell.
September 30th}Version 0.15: Wrote the guide intro and included the table of
			contents. Began work on the CI's list now.


		Omega's Masterlist of the contents in this guide

MF1 ~ The opening segment

MF2 ~ Changling Items, Fugatives from an illusionist?

	MF2.1~ Location? The Entrance

		MF2.2~ Location? The Ticket Booth*

		MF2.3~ Location? The Bus*

	MF2.4~ Location? The Bumper Cars

	MF2.5~ Location? The Amazing Larry

	MF2.6~ Location? Larry

	MF2.7~ Location? The Insanerator

		MF2.8~ Location? The Ride Console*

	MF2.9~ Location? The Carousel

	MF2.10~ Location? Lucy Longbeard

	MF2.11~ Location? The Puppet Show

	MF2.12~ Location? The Mermaid Dunk

	MF2.13~ Location? The Clown's Trailer

		MF2.14~ Location? The Travel Trunk*

		MF2.15~ Location? The Trailor Door*

	MF2.16~ Location? Marlena

	MF2.17~ Location? The Three Headed Beast

	MF2.18~ Location? The Art

	MF2.19~ Location? The Shooting Gallery

	MF2.20~ Location? The Tattoo Parlor

		MF2.21~ Location? The Tattoo Book*

	MF2.22~ Location? Bianca

	MF2.23~ Location? The Concession Stand

	MF2.24~ Location? The Pig Pen

	MF2.25~ Location? Fabiano

	MF2.26~ Location? The Strongman

		MF2.27~ Location? The Trailer*

	MF2.28~ Location? The Ringmaster's Tent

		MF2.29~ Location? The Fishtank*

		MF2.30~ Location? The Toolbox*

	MF2.31~ Location? The Rocket Ride

	MF2.32~ Location? The Gypsey Wagon

	MF2.33~ Location? Lance

	MF2.34~ Location? Tabitha

	MF2.35~ Location? Franco

	MF2.36~ Location? The Pie Eating Contest

		MF2.37~ Location? The Stove*

	MF2.38~ Location? Dr. Goodwell

	MF2.39~ Location? Puddles

	MF2.40~ Location? The Photo Shack

	MF2.41~ Location? Dante

	MF2.42~ Location? Kitty Carnival**
	-Locations that have an * after them are special areas found
		within the area before them. 
		Some locations can have more than one Secret Area attached to it.
	-The location, Kitty Carnival, is a confirmed bonus area 
		that I have located a CI within.

MF3~ Darn purplexing puzzels

	MF3.1~ Solution? The Amazing Larry

	MF3.2~ Solution? Lucy the Bearded Beauty

	MF3.3~ Solution? Marlena the Mermaid

	MF3.4~ Solution? Art the Carny

	MF3.5~ Solution? Twyla Tangle the Contortionist

	MF3.6~ Solution? Bianca the Davedevil Diva

	MF3.7~ Solution? Fabiano the Worlds Strongest Man

	MF3.8~ Solution? Lance the Sword Swallower

	MF3.9~ Solution? Armando the Ringmaster

	MF3.10~ Solution? Tabitha the Lion Tamer

	MF3.11~ Solution? Franco the Excessive

	MF3.12~ Solution? Dr. Goodwell the Medicine Man

	MF3.13~ Solution? Puddles the Clown

	MF3.14~ Solution? Dante the Tattooed Man

	MF3.15~ Solution? Mao & Amber Tan the Acrobats

	MF3.16~ Solution? The Detective! 

MF4~ End credits and Special tips & secrets for those not-in-the-know

		Changling Items, Fugatives from an illusionist?

   Alright, we are cooking now!
Now you might be asking "Yo Omega! What the heck is a Changling Item?!"
That is a fair and acceptible question, so I'll explain this for you.

   A "Changling Item" is what I refer to as any item in a Hidden Object scene
that has two forms- this item will appear as one thing, but as time passes,
will morph into something else for a short while before changing back.
What the game calls them are "Mysterious Items" but I prefer using
"Changling Items" as that is easier to remember what they are/what they do.

   Now that we have cleared that up, you may be wondering "Ok, so why do I
need these... thingys?" 
The purpose of the "Changling Items" (I think I will shorten them to CI's
if that is okay) is that if you collect all of them,
you can unlock bonus levels which you may visit during Hidden Object portions.
Ironically, even the first bonus stage has a Changling Item hidden within it.

   Awesome, so we covered the CI's and why you need them. But there is one
last lil thing you should keep in mind here; 
Every single Hidden Object scene will have one hidden CI, with the exeption of
the last two bonus stages.  Which means that if you want to unlock every bonus
level and utterly have own'd MCF:MF, you will need to be sure you've collected
each CI from each scene as you progress through the game. Not every level will
be open to begin with, and not every level will be available later on.
I'll add boxes for the convenience of those who print out this guide, so that
they may check off each CI as they grab them.
Also, I will label each area by it's attraction, just like in the game. And if
you're a bit confused by my directions, like I will say something to the
effect of "top right, near the firefighter", what that means is the CI is in
the top right of the screen, around the area where a firefighter can be seen.
So if I say "top left" or "top center" or "bottem right", It's a position
on you're screen if it was divided into 6 portions.


	The Entrance

[ ] Item in question?  A baby bottle / Flashlight.
Found at? It is on the far left, sitting on the side of the ticket booth.


	The Ticket Booth

[ ] Item in question? A pad lock / an old key.
Found at? It is sitting in the center of the screen,
		right above the empty puzzle board.


	The Bus

[ ] Item in question? Different flower stickers.
Found at? It is stuck to the back of the bus driver's seat on the lower right.


	The Bumper Cars

[ ] Item in question? A single banana / A banana bunch.
Found at? They are on the bottem of the screen, set next to the garden gnome.


	The Amazing Larry

[ ] Item in question? Different pad locks.
Found at? It is locked onto the tank of water on the left of the screen.



[ ] Item in question? Different joker playing cards.
Found at? Larry is holding the card(s) in his hand, centered in the screen.


	The Insanerator

[ ] Item in question? Different hats.
Found at? Worn on the head of the pigeon to the right of the screen.


	The Ride Console

[ ] Item in question? Different dominos.
Found at? On the far bottom right corner of the screen,
		just below where the bottle of jam is at.


	The Carousel

[ ] Item in question? A spoon / bone.
Found at? Above where the cupcake is, set against the post on the lower right.


	Lucy Longbeard

[ ] Item in question? An owl figurine / real owl.
Found at? On top of Lucy's vanity, on the top left of the screen.


	The Puppet Show

[ ] Item in question? A bowling pin / pine tree.
Found at? It is taking center stage, as a painted decoration in a 
		window building, right next to the frog. 


	The Mermaid Dunk

[ ] Item in question? A red / green apple.
Found at? It is presented in the bottom right corner, right on a table.


	The Clown's Trailer

[ ] Item in question? A beer can / trophy.
Found at? It is sitting on the suitcase near to the door of the trailer.


	The Travel Trunk

[ ] Item in question? A hotdog / pipe.
Found at? Hiding behind the cat on the upper left of the screen. 


	Inside the Trailer

[ ] Item in question? A burger / onion rings.
Found at? It's sitting in the middle of the floor,
		 next to the Ronald McDonald shoes.



[ ] Item in question? Letters E / A.
Found at? On the poster on the bottom right. Part of the bold letters in red.


	The Three Headed Beast

[ ] Item in question? A bull's eye / star.
Found at? It is painted onto the tipped-over stool behind the sign,
		 low in the center.



[ ] Item in question? Words "You Gotta"
Found at? They are printed on Art's sign, on the bottem right of screen.


	The Shooting Gallery

[ ] Item in question? A horse / cow figurine.
Found at? On top of the shelf to the right.


	The Tattoo Parlor

[ ] Item in question? A basketball / soccer ball.
Found at? Hidden behind the parlor chair on the lower right. 


	The Tattoo Book

[ ] Item in question? Different bottle caps.
Found at? On the far left, laying on top of the pocketwatch.


[ ] Item in question? Different clowns.
Found at? Standing far on the left next to the rocket.


	The Concession Stand

[ ] Item in question? A turkey / milkshake.
Found at? It is part of the Concession Stand sign up on top of the scene.


	The Pig Pen

[ ] Item in question? Different billiard balls.
Found at? Sneakily shoved into the bottom right corner, behind the pumpkin.



[ ] Item in question? Different lightning strikes.
Found at? Behind Fabiano's shoulder, on the top right.


	The Strongman

[ ] Item in question? A cornucopia / fruit basket.
Found at? At the top of the stairs on the stage, on the right.
		The cornucopia is full of tomatoes, so try to pick up on that.


	The Trailer

[ ] Item in question? Different christmas orniments.
Found at? Hanging down at the top left of screen.
		One orniment is an angel, the other is a standard ball.


	The Ringmaster's Tent

[ ] Item in question? Different vases.
Found at? Cleverly hidden underneith the Ringmaster's desk,
		on the bottom right corner. 


	The Fishtank

[ ] Item in question? A butterfly / maple leaf.
Found at? It is stuck on a large yellow fishes tail fin.


	The Toolbox

[ ] Item in question? A frog / dog.
Found at? On the third teer of the top shelves in the toolbox.


	The Rocket Ride

[ ] Item in question? A baseball / tennis ball.
Found at? Presented on a silver bowl on a table in the lower right corner.


	The Gypsey Wagon

[ ] Item in question? A skull / gnome.
Found at? In the first barrel in the scene, closest to the center of screen.



[ ] Item in question? Patch that says Cool / Real
Found at? It's behind Lance's head, on the upper left.



[ ] Item in question? Different posters.
Found at? Tacked up on the tent to the left behind Tabitha.



[ ] Item in question? A blue jay / sparrow.
Found at? Perched on the upper right, upon the stack of suitcases.


	The Pie Eating Contest

[ ] Item in question? A beagle / scottie.
Found at? Waiting paciently on the porch,
		above where the crow is near the bottem of the screen. 


	The Stove

[ ] Item in question? Letters N / D.
Found at? It's the building block on the bottom, sitting next to the pacifier. 


	Dr. Goodwell

[ ] Item in question? Differant double letter O's.
Found at? In the billboard behind Dr. Goodwell, as part of his name.



[ ] Item in question? Different groups of mushrooms.
Found at? At the bottom right of the screen, growing right behind Puddles.


	The Photo Shack

[ ] Item in question? A rubber duck / boy figurine.
Found at? Floating in a barrel on the left side of the screen.



[ ] Item in question? Devil horns / head studs.
Found at? Right on top of Dante's head. They are in plain sight.


	The Kitty Carnival

[ ] Item in question? A hammer / pipe wrench.
Found at? Laying on the edge of the center ring, on the bottom right corner.


			Darn Purplexing Puzzles 

   Whew, hopefully grabbing all 42 CI's filled out your list and all the
bonus stages have been unlocked.  Oh, but wait... we are not done yet!
Our main purpose in this game is to investigate these suspects and
you better believe Madame Fate won't to let us forget that!
Okay, fine- So we'll give these goons the once over. Once you have found
enough Hidden Objects for a preticular suspect, you will be ushered back to
her and you'll get pulled into her crystal ball where the trippy, confusing
puzzles play out. 
It is nessicary for progression in the game,
so moan and complain and take your lumps already.


		The Amazing Larry

   Investigating Larry may prove to be a nightmare, but lets do it anyways.
You will notice that Larry's scenario plays out like
any good magician's would; He includes playing cards along the sides,
masks are situated around the corners, and there is a magical mannequin
operating a hat trick in the middle of the screen. 
What are we doing here?  We're collecting card suits to place down below,
and to begin why don't you start with the dummy.
It should be simple to figure this out, it is the usual street game with the
ball and cup. Just follow the bunny for a few rounds to reveil some suits,
which obviously are hidden by the masks. 
Of course, as you progress the shell game gets more difficult and after
completing three rounds the doll takes a coffee break, so we need one last
card suit to finish this abominable dream.
Hence where the playing cards play in; set the cards in order from top to
bottem and then that last suit is finished, just like this puzzle.


		Lucy the Bearded Beauty

   Well, this'll be fun; Lucy must have a facination with watching television,
because her scenario deals with (as the old timers would call them)
"moving pictures".  Or, in regular terms, old fashioned black-and-white films.
Unfortunately (as like her personality, no doubt) things are all mixed up and
it gets to be our job as the detective to sort things out.
Are you ready? This scene is layed out as such; 
There is a moniter in the middle of the screen that will play the
reel of film you chose. Around the moniter, at each corner,
is where you set each film reel to be played. On the bottom of the board are
you're four reels of film to be fixed. 
And finally there are a set of tiles with icons on them on the
left with a lever. Do yourself a favor and play with that first;
All the icons on the tiles relates to an icon on the board and each time you
click on a tile, it will rotate that tile around clockwise.
Once you have matched up all the tiles to relate to their counterparts
on the board, pull the lever. It will unlock two of the film players so you
can set each film in their spot.
There are little red buttons for each of the players, so that we know which we
are working with... choose one. 
Once you've decided on a movie to play, press the green button on the moniter
to watch it then the red button to stop the movie. You will notice that once
you choose a reel, several scenes from that movie will show up around
the moniter. Set each scene in proper order going around clockwise,
then play the movie and if you were successful in fixing that film it
will shine a green light and that movie will continuous play in it's corner.


		Marlena the Mermaid
   Once you get here, you might be overwhelmed by all the colors that involves
this puzzle. It shouldn't take much to realise that you need all the colors
to line up correctly around the board, which is a bit harder than it sounds.
There are no other confusing elements to this puzzle though.
There are two sets of colored buttons on the wheel; 
larger buttons which make up the outer wheel, and a set of smaller buttons
that are the inner wheel. Now bear with me while I explain this:
the larger buttons will only swap colors with the inner button that they are
next to, yet the inner button swaps colors with the larger button in the next
set clockwise. So how it works is if there was green on a button and you
wanted to move it around the board, you'd swap it to the inner button in each
set and swap it from there. You can even grab colors from the other way by
changing the color to the outer ring and choosing the previous inner button.
I certainly hope you got all that, cause you'll be swapping colors all over
till the board is all straightened out,
which you will likely be needing after all this too.


		Art the Carny

  Another fairly straight-forward puzzle.
This time being a jewel-match puzzle, one of those you need to move the wheels
around and match up all the colored jewels to either one side or another.
You're controls are on the lower left, which operates as such;
Furthest left button turns the wheels counterclockwise,
middle button turns the wheels clockwise, and the button marked "Caution"
changes which wheel you are operating. You should have it from here, right?
As a tip; if you're board is looking messed up stop trying to 
work both sides at the same time and try getting all one color swapped over
to one side then finish up the two colors you're left with.


		Twyla Tangle the Contortionist

   This can be either extreamely fun & entertaining or
difficult & fustrating depending on a single, small detail. 
For some of you, you haven't any idea what you're doing here and for others
you immeadiately know what is going on. Basically it all boils down to
hand-eye coodination. Because we're playing a cheap reproduction of Pachino,
which is a game sorta like pinball with tiny ball-bearings and many bumpers.
The idea here is everytime you peg a bumper, it will change colors.
As you may have noticed, there are little sayings that refer to a particular
color in each corner of the board, so you need to make each bumper that color.
Simple enough when you begin with, but with the addition of 
many more bumpers it easily becomes very difficult.
Having completed that much, take you're gold teeth
and fill in the mouth to finish out this puzzle.


		Bianca the Daredevil Diva

   Oh yay... we came back to the weird puzzles.
I guess this scenario plays out sort of like logic games and word puns;
you will have a board filled up with all kinds of nonsense tiles and knobs
around the perimeter of the area which "tune" into other images.
Give yourself a break and tap some of tiles on the board.
Most of them will disappear in a puff of smoke, but a few will light up.
Those are the troublesome tiles we have to play with- hence the logic part
of the puzzle, and this is going to be torture...
Oh wait, I have done all the hard work for you! You're welcome, by the way...
The knobs around the board are technically split into two groups,
this is important! There's a grouping of knobs on the left side, 
and a grouping of knobs on the right side. They all work the same,
but each group affects their own part of the board: located at bottom center.
Alright, lets get into this then...

*Pirate tile is; Skull + Crossbones
*Faucet tile is; H2 + O
*Chick tile is; Rooster + Hen
*Pegasus tile is; Horse + Wings
*Baby tile is; Man + Woman
*Explosion tile is; Gascan + Match
*Pancake tile is; Pan + Cake
*Monkey tile is; Monk + Key
*Football tile is; Foot + Beachball
*Starfish tile is; Star + Fish
*Burning Tree tile is; Tree + Lightning

Once you line up the correct pictures to match the tile,
press the button on the bottem to clear that tile for good.
Clear the board, then do yourself a favor and clear you're head.


		Fabiano the Worlds Strongest Man

   Hmm; for being such a buff, muscle-bound weight lifter Fabiano has a
tricky logic-based scenario. Who'd have thought that?
Of course, it still has that 'flex your muscles' feel to it;
There is a strength test game proudly on display in the middle and
there are words that are on either side of it.
Begin with the words and fix them to reveal a pair of real hearts (ewww).
Click the hearts quickly to fill the cups underneith and raise the flags,
then try you're luck with the hammer game.
You won't win a free goldfish,
but at least you will win you're freedom from this crazy scene.


		Lance the Sword Swallower

   Whew, something not as tricky now. Lance's scenario is fairly basic;
you're given a board with patterned tiles on it and 
you need to fix the pattern to clear the puzzle.
However it isn't going to be a walk in the park though...
the patterns on the tiles will no doubt through you off. That is natural,
but I am suppose to help you so I'll give it my best try;
There is no right or wrong way to attempt this puzzle,
and as far as I know of there isn't any definative steps to clearing it.
This will be a pain, but you'll have to begin arranging the tiles so that
their sides all match, and if it comes to a point where you can't match all
the sides on a tile then go back and try a change in the design.
Take one corner first, then work you're way out from there.
Take all the time in the world if need be, just work on each tile so that all
it's sides can/do match all the sides of tiles around it.
I can not find out any more advise for this puzzle or tricks for any easier
way to complete it on the forums.


		Armando the Ringmaster

    Alas, we're not done with the Pachino games just yet.
The ringmaster's scenario has us revisiting the ball-bearing game of bumpers
yet again. This time around we're given a blank board with millions of dots
where a peg [can] be placed and four top hats to dump our balls in.
I imagine you already guessed it, we are not launching the silver spheres
of doom this time around...
We get to set pegs into the board for the purpose of directing the bearings
where we need them.
There is no limit to the amount of pegs you can have on the board,
however the more pegs you leave on the board the more likely it is you're
bearings won't bounce quite right. Tapping an empty dot places a peg and
tapping a peg gets rid of it. The best thing about this scenario is chasing
the ball dispenser and figuring out how the bearings will fly off the peg.
And, of course, when I say that is the best thing about this board I mean it
is the most fustrating thing. 
Yet, while it can take some time to complete, this puzzle isn't all that bad.


		Tabitha the Lion Tamer

   I'm gonna ask if anyone remembers playing a game called "Light's Out"?
I used to have a hand-held version of that game a couple of years ago,
but it must have gotten lost amongst the moving boxes.
Anyways, in Light's Out, you're given rows of squares that a few of them will
light up and when you press that sqaure it will turn off but the squares
around it will light up / shut off. It might sound confusing,
but the idea was you had to turn off all the lights when for 
every lit box you turn off four others would light up.
Are you kinda following me now? This scenario copies that same format.
You're given a scrambled picture of a cat to work on and small portraits
surrounding the board. The portrait that is lit up is what you're aiming for,
so click on the wrong tiles to change them to what you need.
As a hot tip: Work you're way from the center outwards.
That way when have the tiles that are tough, "lead" them into the 
corners and fix them there. Main point to remember about the game,
every click on each box effects every box around it.


		Franco the Excessive

    Oh god, we were okay with the weird stuff, even the stuff
that didn't make sense. But this scenario is just sick; 
You're thrown into a room with an obease couple who have crazy things
on their minds. Funniest part? 
They are both holding rapidly changing items that they will want occationally
and they both change their minds very quickly.
So it is up to you to help the couple toss the items for each other and time
the return of the times so the couple can (ugh) eat it.
It may take awhile of testing to time it right, so best of luck with this...
You'll likely need it.


		Dr. Goodwell the Medicine Man

   Now this scenario is an interesting one; The game to this puzzle is
directing a marble into it's coorsponding colored bottle by laying down arrow
tiles for it to roll over. At times there are Rx warps on the board which
helps cover more ground when you're stuck. The blocks on the board with a
arrow on them will allow you're marble to pass through them, 
but will alter it's direction (if the marble is traveling in a different
direction than the arrow decree's). Pressing the curved arrow changes the
marble color, and pressing the short down arrow sends the marble on it's way.
From what I have found, the best way to fly through this puzzle is not to
overcomplicate things. 
Nearly each of the boards you need to play has a fool-proof solution that
doesn't have you warping across the feild wildly, 
nor involves bouncing your marble in loops and spins. That is all I am
giving you, try to work this one out yourself.


		Puddles the Clown

   Welcome to Puddles the Clown's nightmare inducing,
logic defying terror-scape. His main feature is a four-armed clown holding
four different canisters while a beehive floats above him.
Think that is scary, you should see his outfit: he is wearing an ugly tie
that changes patterns four times as well as a hidious vest with four pockets
holding food. And I should mention the four colored mouths flanking the
mystical beehive.
Hmm... sure is alot of the number four going on here...
Well, everything I just listed off has it's place in this madhouse 
and every place had a beginning, so let's get going already! 
We should turn our attention to the lipsticked lips and the colored food in
Slappy's vest.
Each mouth you feed the correct food to drops into view a picture that has
a clue for you. 
Now that you've done that we should pump the canisters, but before you start
you absolutely need to honk the clowns nose!
It's stupid, but that rolls up the clowns awful tie (which is important).
You can question why you need to do that,
but you should be more relieved that it's gone!
With that done, you may commence pumping the fool up. On the canisters
you'll notice a window that shows different patterns,
so work all the canisters to show one image and bring his tie back.
It seems he has an allergic reaction to a certain design,
because when you choose the correct pattern Slappy will burp up four bee's.
That's great Slappy, do you do kid's partys also?
Each of the bee's will rest on a mushroom at the bottem of the screen,
so line up which bee is number one as per your hanging pictures and begin
shoving their pointy rears into the antigravity beehive to awaken from
this disturbed illusion.


		Dante the Tattooed Man

   Do you have a migraine from that last puzzle yet? No?
Prepare you're Advil,
here comes Dante's scenario and things don't get any better from here.
You'll take note of the curtain in the center and the six doors on
either side of it. Also to note is the unusual clock above that has
four eyes around it, one of which is open to reveil a button. 
Sheesh, so many options and no idea where to begin...
Well, let's take a peek behind the curtain and see's whats going on.
As you flick the switch and the curtains slide open, 
you'll be bombarded with flashes of images. We need to press the butten below
to freeze the picture so we can work on it. 
This portion is timed, as represented by the clock above,
and the mere presence of your curser changes what the tile it touches shows.
Match up the image and another eye around the clock will open up,
showing another button of a different color.
Continue that way until all four eyes are opened, reveiling their buttens.
If you click the dragon on the left, he will torch the hula girls skirt
and you will get a letter. Once torched, you can open her door to show an
angry guy with a broom, who will bang on the roof and settle down the rocker
who lives upstairs, neting you another letter. 
The door in the middle on the right has a "diamond" ring, which is what you
need to complete the snake on the left so you can open that door.
Click the red button, then open the first and last doors on the left so you
can feed the cats. 
Click the purple button and open the first door on the left, then place the
moon on the outhouse door. Open the outhouse door and the door under it,
then start plunging the commode. Once you fry the duck, 
open the last door on the left and tap the dragon to light the torch,
then move the torch to the top right door after you have opened it.
The shaver found in this door is needed for the man in the middle left door.
Take note of the symbals inked on his face.
You need to know this combination to solve the middle left door of the
red button. Give the pirate the eye he needs to open that door.
Now take note of the ripped page that has alot of symbals on the blue button.
Head to the green button with these codes and solve the top left door.
Place the heart on the guys forehead of the door below.
Open that door and the door on the top right, then transfer the batterys over.
After plugging the batterys in, you can plug out of this scenario.


		Mao & Amber Tan the Acrobats

   This is very strange... there is a guy riding a unicycle on a tightrope
holding what you'd concider to be a normal balancing bar,
however this one has hooks on either end of it. Also noticable is a saying
that goes "Harmony is -------".
If we are to get this freakshow over with, we will need to fill in the blank.
Let's get around to fixing up the drawn light switch and while we are at it
tap out a long message on the telegraph. 
You will notice that the drawing will transform into an actual switch and as
you tap the telegraph it sends signals to the blank piece of paper that
interpets it as we need letters on the blank paper.  
Anyways, having got your paper filled out, go ahead and buzz for room service.
The maid will send down children's building blocks
(the ones that have letters on them) and sports balls that also have letters
carved into them. This has something to do with the strange unicycling man,
as you will see. Place a ball (which relates to Harmony) on his bar,
and a block (which pretains to the mystery word) on the other side.
Either they won't add up, or they will.
And if they do, you're onto something here! Find that letter on the paper and
when you click it, the letter will transfer to the word below where you may
move it around using the buttons between each space.
Just take it slow and weigh the letters carefully and you should notice a
word start to form on the bottem. 
I'll save those who do not wish to cheat from peeking at the word,
but I'll include it on the bottem of my faqs with all the other secrets and
tips so that no one should stress it if time is winding down. 
Or for those of you who don't care for these puzzles and just wants the
solution handed to them on a silver platter.


		The Detective!

   Well, my friends, this is it. The grand finale.
This last puzzle is tricky, but I have everything you need to know right here
on this page. In the meat of things, there are four stages of this puzzle.
They are all pretty straight-forward and 
don't rely on any gimmicks unlike any previous scenario.
The trick of it all is knowing what you're doing. 
You are matching tiles against their neighbors, in the same sense as was with
Lance, except that you may pick up and rearrange the tiles this go around.
So you're given a bit more freedom about how you think a tile should sit
on the board. While you may catch onto the pattern and give it a go yourself,
it is a big sucker in the end and you'll be smashing you're moniter unless you
have the extra help. This first board isn't overwhelming, yet could be just
as tricky. You only have four squares to place, but don't let that fool you.
For my strategy on how to beat this puzzle, I've labeled the
tiles one-through-ten (or however many) going left-to-right, up-to-down.
Keeps it simple for me. So you're initial tile set on the right are going;
one, two, three, four... across and down.
Take that as a given for all four boards. 
Now for the space you need to move your tiles to;
I'll take into account that it is a given that I am starting at 
the top left space and working across, just like with the tiles.
So I will indicate a certain tile belongs at space one, then two, and so on.
So to quickly recap; tiles and spaces are one, two, three - across and down
and I will say which tile fits at the first space and so-on.

First board; Tile 3, Tile 1,
	     Tile 2, Tile 4.

Second board; Tile 7, Tile 8, Tile 6,
	      Tile 3, Tile 1, Tile 4,
	      Tile 2, Tile 5, Tile 9.

Third board; Tile 9, Tile 16, Tile 3, Tile 10,
	     Tile 14, Tile 11, Tile 6, Tile 5,
	     Tile 7, Tile 1, Tile 8, Tile 15,
	     Tile 13, Tile 12, Tile 4, Tile 2.

Fouth board; Tile 9, Tile 1, Tile 10, Tile 2,
	     Tile 11, Tile 3, Tile 12, Tile 4,
	     Tile 13, Tile 5, Tile 14, Tile 6,
	     Tile 15, Tile 7, Tile 16, Tile 8.

As long as you follow along and it doesn't confuse you too much,
this puzzle will be over before it has even begun. 
And with that out of the way, we have conquered Madame fate!
Give yourself a pat on the back, grab a cold one, and let the credits roll.


	End credits and Special tips & secrets for those not-in-the-know

   Thank you very much for taking the time to read my faqs!
I claim you all have graduated Mystery Case Files school. With that said,
I'll offer some juicy information, though being so smart you may already know
all this; Here's a hot tip- although the word puzzles are a pain
to figure out, always strive to visit a suspect's location. 
You might wonder why, which is okay.
It actually relates to the next tip I have for you!
Main point? When you can, go back to check out a suspect again. 
In this game, when you collect three Hidden Object items in a row,
you are awarded an extra hours worth of Bonus Time! 
Hence why you want to be back checking the suspect's;
Any suspect's Hidden Object scene is littered with items, 
however all you need to find are two large groupings of hidden objects.
It makes it simpler on you that way-
instead of a whole list of different items, you can track down two groups
of simalar items. 
Also, hot tip, unlocking the bonus areas not only gives you the feeling of
completion and utter ownage of the game, secret areas also have... a secret.
Any item you find there will automatically add time w/o being chained.
And something to help those who get stuck with those weird,
illogical items to locate;
If the game throws an unusual item for you to find, say "buttered toast",
when you clearly do not see any "buttered toast" around,
you should try casually scrolling you're mouse around and watch to see if it
changes on you, from being a pointed triangle to a pointing hand,
then that is an object that you have to interact with somehow. 
Lastly, the Acrobats secret word of the day is {Sublime} 
It's a pleasure to finally add a piece of work I've written to GameFaqs,
as well as be the first person to provide support and assistance for this
great game. I have played, and loved, nearly every Mystery Case Files game
that has come out of production: It is such an inspired franchise with lots
of appeal. 
Though, I personally, have concerns about their recent decision to include
live voice acting within the game. 
It still is too clunky and awkward to move forward with,
however two of the recent MCF games had it in there; Dire Grove & 13th Skull.
Anything more recent than 13th Skull I have not had the privilege to play,
so I do not know how they fair. Yet I have played, beaten, and/or own a
vast group of MCF games with much satisfaction.
I would like to hear some feedback about how you liked my guide,
parts about it you felt were better left out, 
and if you (my loyal, intelligent readers) want to see me write more guides.
I can't offer much insight on games I have not played myself
(I can give you better information, and devote myself more to my work 
if I can get to know a game personally), yet I am an avid gamer with an
interesting stash of games I own, so if I know something about the game or
own the game I can write up another faq dedicated to it and bring you every
little minuscule detail I can squeeze out of it.
I can't wait to hear everyone opinions, be it positive or negative.
I am OmegaHades, and I approve this message.

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