Mystifying Mask Room Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Mystifying Mask Room

Mystifying Mask Room

-Click the table. Take the eyes and ears from the four corners. 
-Go back and turn left. Take the feather. 
-Click by the star and bucket. Take the feather and click on the 
 pipe coming from the mask’s mouth. When it’s done filling up, 
 take the bucket. 
-Go back twice so you’re facing the table again. Turn right. 
-Take the feather. 
-Click by the star and broom. Take the feather. 
-Click the star. Take the feather and the broom. 
-Go back twice. 
-Click the couch(sofa) and take the feather. 
-Click the red hole(?) next to it. 
-Use the bucket of water on the hole with eyes in it. 
-Take the eyes. 
-Go back twice. 
-Click the mask in the middle of the wall right above the sofa. 
-Use the eyes and ears (from the table, not the hole) on it. 
-Click its mouth. You receive a mask. Go back twice. 
-Go left. Click the desk in the empty space(just below the light pink mask). 
-Take mask from inventory and put it in the empty space. 
-Click the mask and take the antlers. 
-Go back. 
-Click the deer mask. Put the antlers on it. 
-Click between the antlers and take the two feathers. 
-Go back three times. 
-Take the feather. By now you should have nine feathers, a broom, 
 and two eyeballs. 
-Click the silver and gray fairy mask. Use all nine feathers on it. 
-Take silver piece. Go back twice. 
-Click the big mask in the middle of the wall. Feed it the silver piece. 
 IMPORTANT! Do NOT click anything until you are facing the opposite wall
 (the on with the skeleton and “door” and fairy mask)! If you do, the 
 little cutscene will not finish and you will not get the door! You’ll 
 have to restart if this happens. 
-Use the broom on the dirty spot just under the “door”.
 Note: it may be hard to see, but it’s there, and it’s big. So if you can’t 
 see it, just use the broom under the door. Click the gold thing. 
-Take the two triangle pieces from the Star of David/Pentagram thing. 
-Go back twice(so you’re facing the door and pentagram again). 
-Click the star. Feed it the two triangle pieces. You will get two more for 
 both of them, giving you a total of four. 
 (these four cannot be used on this star again) 
-Go back twice. Go right. 
-Click the star twice. Feed it two of the triangle pieces. 
 You will get four back. Go back four times and click the pentagram. 
-Put the triangle pieces on it. Starting from the far left one in the 
 inventory and going right:
 bottom right point, bottom, top, bottom left, top left, top right.
-The pentagram will glow. Click the center pentagram and take the gold piece.
-Go back twice. 
-Click the skull twice. Put the eyeballs in the sockets. Feed it the gold piece. 
 IMPORTANT! Do NOT click anything AT ALL! THIS IS THE LAST STEP! You’ll have 
 to restart if you do, ’cause the scene won’t finish and you won’t get the end

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