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 My Tribe

My Tribe

Walkthrough Guide:

General Tips and Hints
Trees have to be marked for harvest. If they are not marked for harvest, your
tribe will run out of wood while you have the game closed. If they run out of
wood, the fire dies. And if the fire dies, the tribe starves to death because
they canít cook any food. Always be sure to have lots of trees marked for 
harvest when you leave the game!
You have to mark rocks for harvest, too, but itís not as crucial as wood. 
Youíll just run out of rock and be unable to finish a building project.You 
can only use rain water for potions while itís raining. To make it rain, 
make a potion and use it on the ground (fish+sea water+star dust).
Making successful potions doesnít take away from the quantity of star dust, 
moon dust, and golden relics. However, if a potion blows up, youíll lose 
that catalyst.
If you donít make enough huts for your tribe, the people will sleep standing
on their feet.The maximum population is 50. Nothing will increase that number.
High levels of physical strength make your people move faster.
Only use the youth potion on the elderly with gray hair. Otherwise, it wonít 
work and youíve used up a potion. Plus, it will be awhile before that person
can have another potion. Look for golden relics on the beach when a storm comes.

Mysteries and Their Solutions
There are a total of eight mysteries.

Unhealthy Bush
-The soil is bad.
-Use the fertilizer potion on the bush (Guano+Sea Water+Stardust).
-Have a Legendary Farmer examine it.
-It becomes the Cornucopia Bush and produces the berries that can be 
 used in potions.

Big Red Rock
-Drop an adult who has Legendary status in both Science and Construction on 
 it to realize itís iron ore.
-Tools are now made of iron, allowing people to work faster on any task 
 using tools.

Old Glowing Stump
-Itís heavy and something is growing under it.
-You need a person who is at 100/100 on physical strength to pull the dead stump 
 off. (Stardust will eventually produce physical strength, along with every other 
 increase in skill or you can use the physical strength potion of Rocks+Rain 
 Water+Golden Relics.)
-Now it needs special magical rain (use potion Fish + Sea Water + Stardust). 
-Be sure to have your strong person tend the plant while itís raining.
-It grows into the Ever Tree and produces ironwood, which is much stronger
 than regular wood.

Rock With a Fossil In It
-Put a Legendary Rock Gatherer on it to crack it open further.
-Have a Legendary Scientist examine it.
-Your tribe gains 50,000 science points.
-Stone with Star Carved Into It
-Drop a person (on which you have used Star Dust) on it.
-Put three Star Dusts on it quickly to solve the mystery.
-Star Dusts will now drop more frequently on the island.

Stone with Moon Carved Into It
-Drop a person (on which you have used Moon Dust) on it.
-Put three Moon Dusts on it quickly to solve the mystery.
-Moon Dusts will now drop more frequently on the island.

Flower Tree
-Complete the flower pattern by planting flowers.
-Youíll get a new color of flower to plant. 

-Drop a Legendary Scientist on the fountain to collect some water for the Science
 Lab, unlocking the fountain water potion ingredient.
-Use the ďrestore youthĒ potion (mushrooms, fountain, golden relic) on an elderly
 person to solve the wonder. Elderly is when their hair goes gray, around age 65.

Effects of Moon Dust
Moon Dust does nothing to the ground, ocean, trees, wood storage, rock storage,
food storage, rocks, huts, fire pit, or barrels.

Tips for When You Move to Another Island:
-You keep your scientific progress, but must build another Science Lab 
 to use potions again.
-You keep all of your potion ingredients except food, wood, and stone.
-Potion ingredients from Mysterious Objects are still available.
-All living islanders come on the ark, but tombstones are left behind.
-You again start with no food, wood, or stone. Itís a good idea to have 
 a few Stardust to seed the piles with.
-If you bring a lot of people, youíll likely have them falling asleep on 
 their feet before they get enough huts built.

My Tribe Ė FAQ:
If you have a question about My Tribe, please check here first as many of the 
same questions are asked over and over again. If you donít find your answer 
here in the FAQ, please post the question for us in the forum and weíll try 
to answer.
Question #1 - Where do I find Golden Relics?:
Golden Relics are washed ashore by storms and can be found along the beach at
the start of a storm. Either wait until a storm comes, or summon one using 
these potions:

To summon rain         Ė Fish+Sea+Stardust
To summon thunderstorm Ė Fish+Rain+Moondust

Question #2 - How do I get Ironwood?:
Ironwood comes from the Ever Tree, which is a result of solving the Old Glowing
Stump Mysterious Object. Once you solve it, youíll have ironwood for the rest 
of the game, even when you move to other islands. The ironwood stays with you.

Question #3 - How do I make potions with rain?:
You first need level 2 Technology. Then it must be raining in order to use 
rain water in potions. Rain comes on its own randomly or you can summon it 
with the potion Fish+Sea+Stardust.

Question #4 - What does it mean when I open a crate or barrel and 
get showered with colored dust?
When this happens, the person who opened the crate/barrel gains Legendary 
status in a skill. The different colors of dust indicate different skills.

Question #5 - How does the observatory work?:
You need to have sound turned on for this one. Any time Stardust or Moondust 
falls anywhere on the island, it will sound like a fog horn.

Question #6 - How do I find guano?:
Guano is sea gull droppings. You find it randomly around the island, like 
mushrooms. It looks like a cluster of small white dots. Hereís a screenshot:

Question #7 - How do I get Lodestone?:
Lodestone comes randomly in crates and barrels.

Question #8 - Why does my game crash every time I try to sail to a new island?:
This is a known bug in the game. Restart the game and make sure that all tree 
saplings have grown to full size before sailing. You can use Stardust on a 
sapling to make it full size instantly. We will post when the new version that
fixes this bug is released.

Question #9 - How do I get berries?:
Berries come after solving the Unhealthy Bush mysterious object.

Question #10 - How do I sail to another island?:
You must first achieve level 3 Technology. Then you build a shipyard and then
build an ark. Drop one person on the ark for all living tribespeople to sail
to a new island.

Question #11 - Do I lose everything when I sail to a new island?:
No. You retain all of your technology and all of the benefits from solving the
mysterious objects. You only have to solve a mysterious object once.

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