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Obscure walkthrough by ADK
Final Version :

A Resident Evil like on PC ? I must try it, since Alone In The Dark 4 i
haven't seen another one. This walkthrough is dedicated to the PC version
but can be used for the console one.

Visit my homepage : http:\\
E mail :

Final Version : Overall Faq quality improved (credit section).

1 Review
2 The About Section
3 Characters
4 Weapons
5 Items
6 Monsters and Boss
7 Walkthrough (level normal)
8 Secrets
9 Bugs of the PC version
10 Credits

1 Review :

I was surprised to find this game on PC. The console version was announced
but i didn't know this game would come at the same time on PC. What's
really good with that kind of game is that you know you will need about
5 to 10 hours to complete it. I decided to buy this game because you can
play cooperatively with a friend. It is a rare fact which i have seen only
in one game : Nanatsu No Hikan (aka Seven Mansions) on Dreamcast. There is
no special two player mode, and as a matter of fact, you can just abandon
your other character. The second player is not recommended for the final
stage of the game. Though I was disappointed to discover that, I was
quite happy to share the adventure with a friend. Even when playing
alone, the CPU can play a partner for you.  Cool, huh?

The presentation is full of FMV overscan. Surprisingly the models in
the video looks really good for a French game (and more generally for
another game than a japanese one). The videos are numerous, not that
long but pleasant.

The graphics are cool. The college is huge and the rooms are full of
surprises. They are better than in "The Sufferer" for example but they
are not at the top.

The animation runs smoothly at 60 fps (and more on PC). You can interact
with the decor, like pushing a chair, a bootle or a door. The engine is
excellent because you can walk on stairs and open the doors in real time,
no stupid cutscene or useless loading. The engine is new and runs without
any slowdown. The framerate is high as i mentioned before and the camera
angles are perfect. I simply regret that there are only 2 bosses and that
only the final boss is impressive.

The sound is composed by a French school. I must admit they do really
good work. The symphonic style gives a particular atmosphere to this game.
The french voices are excellent and perfectly chosen (i have not tried
the English version). Unfortunately the sound requires too many resources
and sometimes it will simply disappear. You can associate it to a bug but
it becomes annoying when you can't heard anything in a video...

The controls are not optimized. Playing with a keyboard is not a problem.
The problem is when you pick items while a monster is running after you
during a fight can prove disasterous. Even after getting used to this,
the controls are awkward.

Overall, this game is good. Experiencing a survival horror with a
friend is a real plus that make the game feel different. The overall
humour and also the story help the player to investigate more in this
college to learn the truth. Unfortunately some bugs and awkward controls
will disappoint many. This game won't be seen as a revolution too. Despite
the fact that Seven Mansions is older, it stays more original. The
Background Music is good but in fact Illbleed still has a better one.
As i said before the game is good but you will find many drawbacks or
comparison to other games. However on PC where the market for this sort of
game is limited, you will really appreciate it because you can upgrade the
resolution and the animation with a powerful PC. I still prefer Alone In
The Dark 4, Seven Mansions or Illbleed, just to mention them.

GRAPHICS : 17/20
SOUND : 17/20
CONTROLS : 14/20
INTEREST : 16/20

Obscure ADK.

2 The About Section :

This section will be in each guide i will produce from now.

I know it's awful, but it's the best I can do. The best thing you
can do is to correct me, if you wish. I am kind enough to warn you
so don't expect me to answer to hate mails or to
a question like : "Is this your first language ?".

Please write to me only for true questions. Read the FAQ.  I'm not
repeating that sort of thing.  I can tell these questions as soon as
I receive them. Sorry to be so blunt, but I'm tired of these emails..

This faq is intended for MY site and for GameFAQs. If you wish to
download it and use it in your own site, ask for the permission.  Also,
realize that as I update or correct this FAQ, it will be on GameFAQS,
but not on your own server.

I receive questions about things that are in an update and some
people continue to ask me when i will complete the faq of Skies Of
Conclusion : if you download my faqs, be sure to download the
updates as you do for an emulator. It will work better for everyone.

3 Characters

Josh : Josh is reporter. Always ready to write an article he is very
curious and sometimes annoying. His special skill allows him to find
any secret in the room. Josh is my favourite character.

Stan : Look like Eminem huh ? Stan is a bad boy but he is very strong.
His special skill allows him to unlock a door without using a pick lock.

Kenny : Kenny loves basket ball. He is the stronger of all the characters.
His special skill allows him to run faster.

Shanon : The best student of Leafmore High is also Kenny's twin sister.
Her special skill allows her to say what to do in any situation.

Ashley : She is Kenny's girlfriend and also a strong fighter. She runs
very slowly but fight very well using her special skill.

Walden : One of the teachers in Leafmore High. He may have been too
curious and he will pay for this. He helps the students before he
betrays them.

Miss Vickson : The nurse. She is Friedman's wife and knows a part of
the secret.

Friedman : He knows everything but he is not that bad.

4 Weapons :

Short range :

Metal Pipe
Aluminium Bat

Long range :


5 Items :

Energy drink : Heal the player

Medikit : Completely heal the player

Flashlight (3 different kinds, each with increasing levels of power
used in boost mode): Weakens creatures

Sticky Tape : To combine items

Wire : To pick locks.

6 Monsters and Bosses :

Monsters :

Small creatures



Super Zombies

Bosses :


Leonard Friedman

7 Walkthrough (level normal) :

Buidling H :

Right after the cutscenes you control Kenny. Go to the locker room
and use the cellular phone. You must now chase the guy who stole
your bag. Exit the gym and use the door to your right. You’re in
the garden, follow the guy to the cave. Enter the cave and take the
flashlight, the gun and the sticky tape. The tutorial
teaches how to combine items. Now use the ladder to enter the cave.

Inside follow the corridor. Here is the first trap, use the boost
mode of your flashlight to dissipate the dark light. Enter the next
room. You can only exit of here by using a door on the left of the
room. Then you can only enter in a jail where a student, Dan, joins
you. He then exits with you and takes a gun. Exit and you will be
ambushed by a super zombie and some small creatures. Run to the exit
as you cannot defeat the super zombie and push the box to free the
door. Dan won’t follow you anymore. Run to the exit and you will see
the guy closing the exit.

Note : I don’t know what happens if Kenny dies here. Maybe you
cannot control him anymore, maybe not.

Building A :

You control Josh now. Take the bat and the CD. Break the vending machine
and take the energy drink. Break the window and open the door. You
obtain a lockpick. With it open the door of this room to exit to the
corridor. Go to the hall and take the map of the building.

Continue straight to reach the men's room. You find an energy drink.
Visit the room on the opposite of the women's room to find a sticky
tape. Visit the women's room. If a partner is with you help him to
reach the air shaft. (if not, go get one). You arrive in the staff room.
Here, you'll find an old key, an energy drink and some articles.

Go upstairs.

In this room you find a CD and the staff room key. With it you can
unlock a door to 1F and the 2 doors downstairs to the hall. You can
exit to the exam library and notice that you will need a crank (later
of course). Exit to the first floor.

Break a window and push a cupboard to find a screwdriver on the
ground. Now exit and go to 2F. Use the old key to enter here. Once
inside, go upstairs and fight the small creatures or save your ammo
and run for the windows. Walden will come and help you by breaking
the windows. The light kills the monster.

Walden suggests going to building B where Friedman is. Go to
the hall and exit to the courtyard. After the cutscene take the CD
and go upstairs to the balcony to find another one. Then go to
Building B.

Building B :

Take the map near the entrance. Enter the first door you see.
Inside You find Stan. Control him to unlock the cupboard and
then take three cups on the board. Exit. In the next room you
find a flashlight and a gun. Combine them and exit.
Break the vending machine to obtain some energy drink. The next
rooms are the toilets where you find a medikit. Don’t go to 2F
now and advance.

You are attacked by a super zombie, use the light to dissipate the
dark light and then shoot him and the small creatures. You can
enter the room by using the whole on the wall. Take the items here.
Exit. In the last room you find monsters, a CD, a letter and an
acid tank.

Go to 2F and you see that the door is locked. Go to the acid tank
room and use the drink to transport the acid to the locked door.
You have 30 seconds to do it. Enter the second floor and go right
to unlock a door to the balcony. Kill the zombie in this corridor
and then go back to the door to the balcony. You can unlock a locker
in this corridor.

From this location, you have some rooms on your left to visit.

Room 1 : You find Walden’s bag with a compass. Kill/avoid the zombies.

Room 2 : Unlock the door (use Stan to go faster). You find ammos
and an energy drink.

Room 3 : locked.

Room 5 : Enter and read some coordinates on a map on the
ground. 330° and 20°.

Room 4 : Friedman’s office. Take the CD and listen to the message.
In the next part of this office, take the second compass and look
at the photo. Now approach of the painting and input on it both compass.
The left compass must point to 330° while the right one points to 20°.
If done correctly, the painting opens. You find a tape, a key to the
library and other stuff.

You can now exit to the courtyard and the next goal is to go
to building C (the library).

Building C :

Inside the building you'll watch a scene with a zombie. Don’t
go to him. Take the map near the entrance. Advance and then 2
zombies will attack you.

First room on the left (from the entrance) : a CD.

Second room on the left : you find a projector and some items here.

Break the window and enter the next room. You find a paper. Put
the paper on the projector and you will get a code : 2432 (you
can also use this paper on a bright window). Input this code on
the safe here and you obtain a new key and a letter.

There is another door to unlock (with Stan if possible) and inside
there is a lot of dark aura. To dissipate it, you must break the
window, else if you don’t wish to, come back in this room after the
night falls. You must open a cupboard to find a level 2 flashlight.

Go to the library and opens it with your new key. Take the items
here and talk to Friedman. He wants you to go to the Janitor and ask
him to open the exit door for you. The night falls.


Enter and take the items here. In the next part of the room you
find a video recorder and another tape. You also find the key to
building D.

Building D :

Enter this huge room and advance while you kill some spiders.
You find a CD, a map near a door and ammos. You can enter a door
to the kitchen where you will get a gun and an energy drink. Exit
the kitchen and use the stairs.

Here you will have to play with the electric wire, but first you
need to find 2 fuses.Kill the monsters and exit to the next room.
You’ll have to kill 2 super zombies and then unlock a cupboard on
the ground to find the fuses. Come back to the previous room and
put them in the fusebox. Play with the wire in order to switch on
the 3 lights. Then the light will illuminate the building.

The order for the eight switches in the panel is shown below:

	right		right		up
	left		----		right
	left		left		right

Go back to the room where you found the fuses and talk to the nurse.
She will open the door. She is too disturbed to tell you much about
what's going on, but you will find a crank and some goodies here. Go
to the exam library to use the crank (in building A) and you will access
to the last room of this building. You find in it a film, a CD and some
ammo. When you go back to the staff room you meet again Walden and he
gives you the key to building F.

Building F :

1F :

On your way to building F you pass the parking and you can unlock a truck.
Kill the monsters here (or avoid them to conserve ammo) and enter the

Look at the picture and take the sticky tape.

When you enter the auditorium you find a wooden plank on the stage and a
medikit at the top of the middle aisle. You can enter the door on the
right. Read a letter and then go through the next door. Use the lift to
reach the upper floor.


Use the boost mode of the flashlight on the monster. Shoot only
when his head is exposed and he will die.  You can also use the flashlight
to kill the little maggots that the blob will shoot at you, so take your

Lock the lift and go down through the ladder. The elevator shaft
will be open.

Go to the projection room. (Two spiders appear on the ramp to the
projection room).

Go back to the room with the lift call the elevator, brace it with
the plank. Ride it up to the second floor. Lock the elevator
(this might not do any good).

Climb down the ladder and then climb down the elevator shaft.

B1 :

You are blocked here. Take the items and exit. In the next corridor,
kill 2 monsters. Exit.

In this corridor there are 4 doors, 2 on the right and 2 on the left.

Door 1 on the right : locked.
Door 2 on the right : It leads to a corridor with a student and ammo.

Door 1 on the left : It is an operation room. You find a a medikit and a
Door 2 on the left : It leads to a room full of boxes. Push a box to
find a second shotgun. Push another box to open the path to a jail. Save.
Take the lever. A super zombie comes. Run to the door and then kill him.
Take the grenade in his jail and exit. When you exit, you fight 2 super
zombies. Go to the operation room and use the lever to go to the

B2 :

In this corridor, take the ammo and enter the door. After the scenes, you
awake in a jail. You have found Kenny. Take the hook and then change your
character (press F) because with the hook, he (or she) will open the jail.
Take the huge pliers and open the chest with it. You take all weapons and
items you have lost.

Exit and go to the previous corridor. Kill a monster and you can jump
on the box, use the hook to pull down the ladder and exit to the courtyard.
Take the CD, you notice a digicode and building E. Go back to the courtyard.

Go to the nursery and you find that the nurse is dead. You can use the
pliers to go to building G. Use the map to locate it.

Building G :

1F :

When you enter, kill a monster, then take the map.
Door 1 on the right : 1 CD, ammo and a letter.
Door 1 on the left : ammo.

In the corridor unlock a locker, kill a zombie and take the ammo. Use the
stairs and collect a first statue. Stay in the first floor for now and
visit the 2 last rooms.

In the toilets you find a medikit and an energy drink. In the room near
the bed of the zombie you find ammo, a grenade and 2 monsters. Go to the
second floor.

2F :

The first door you see requires Stan’s skill. Then enter and kill the 2
zombies and the 2 small creatures here. You obtain ammo and a medi kit. Exit.
The other doors are locked so advance toward the north corridor. A scene
shows some cracks on the floor. Beware of them because they are random. You
might want to save here before risking it.

Advance carefully to the other side. Now enter. In this room there are 2
contaminated students. Kill/avoid them. Go right first. Unlock a cupboard and
then push another one on a wall. You discover a secret room. Take the letter
and then the chest. Use the other character to go on the other side of the huge
room, pass a door.
You enter a small room. Take the CD and throw the chest in the shaft.

Exit of the room and fight 2 super zombies. Go to the first floor and kill the
zombie here. The chest fell in the first room on the left (from the entrance).
In it you find another Blob. Take the ammo and kill him. Now take the items in
the chest. You obtain a map of the underground, a video, and a key for the small
office in the library.

Building C Part 2 :

The next destination is obviously this office. Open the door to find inside the
office a second statue and a film. Exit of the library and then you meet Walden.
He steels the map of the underground and locked you in the library. The only way
to exit of here is to visit the second floor. It's your lucky day, the door to
the upper floor of the library (where the spiral staircase was destroyed) is
open (magic ?).

2F :

In the stairs, pass a door to find a third statue. Go to the second floor.
There is also a medikit at the top of the stairs, near the door.

The door in front of you is locked.

The door on your right opens on a room with 2 monsters and ammo. Push the
cupboard here and you find an entrance to the locked room. Kill the spiders
here and take a key and some ammo.

The door on your left has the magnum and a monster.

In this corridor you can unlock a locker for a CD.

The last door in this corridor opens on a room full of energy drink.

Last exit of this building by using the key you found earlier. Watch the film
in the projection room in the auditorium. Go there and you discover a code which
is the one to the garden : 0582.


Go to the small hut. After the scene, take the ammo and kill the 3 monsters.
Go to the next screen.

Advance and kill the zombies. Pass the door.

Kill a super zombie and go to the end of the path. Destroy the wall (using a bat
or a shotgun). Advance to a fork. The right path leads to the fourth statue you
need. Then take the left path to reach a known part of the garden. Take the
lever on the ground and enter the cave for the last time.


1) Take the ammo, the CD and use the lever to go down.

2) You find some ammo and monsters. Advance to the exit.

3) You fight 2 super zombies.

4) Enter the door to the jail. This time open the door on the left (on the
right you can find what happened to Dan).

5) You find a CD, a letter and some ammos. This room leads to Room 6 (on the
left of the room) and Room 7 (near the letter).

6) Room 7 : Go in it to find a photograph. Push the cupboard to find the laser.
If you use the ladder you find a shortcut to building F.

7) Room 6 : Kill a monster and take the medikit and the energy drink. This room
leads to Room 8 (the door) and 9 (using the ladder).

8) Room 8 : In this room there are a large iron door and an exit back to where
you've been. It will be necessary to return here to face the last boss.

9) Room 9 : Take the CD and the ammo. Enter the door.

10) In this room, input the four statues. Kill the blob. Exit through another
door in this room.

11) In this corridor you'll have to kill 4 super zombies, try to do it without
using the laser (light grenades do wonders). When they are dead, take the energy
drink and go to the right to pass a door.

12) Take the CD and open the only door that can be opened. You find in it the
lever and a medikit. Input this lever in the room of the statues to activate the
last event.

After the cutscene go to Room 8 and watch another scene. Take the ammo, reload
your weapons and save the game before the final boss. I suggest you go alone as
second character won't help.


Know this first :

When the boss hits the ground with his hand, run to avoid the 3 dark flames,
can kill you instantly. If you are close of him he will try to hit you with one
of his arms.

Advance and use the magnum to shoot the first arm, you need 4 (Ashley) or 5
to shoot it down. When you see a light on the ground stay in it because the
dark blow
will kill you. Use this moment to reload.

Repeat for the second arm on the right. To reach the third, fourth and fifth
arm you
will have to walk in the dark light on the ground and then approach of the
third arm.

Shoot the 3 last arm one after the other to win. Use only the magnum.  Enjoy the

After the cutscene, use the laser to shoot the Leonard's head. Shoot, run,
run until he dies.

You have completed the game in normal and unlock the making of, the hard and
mode and a new costume for each character alive. The game is not over and you
have to finish it in hard mode to see the true end.

From Hans Meier :

"I did but I still get the same ending
that I had on easy mode. there is stan that is beeing
shot by someone and it ends there."

I have not tried the game in hard mode but if this is true, i suppose you must
the game in special mode, or maybe there is no true end ?

8 Secrets

Complete the game in normal to unlock the hard mode, the special mode, the
making of,
the super bat, the lasergun and the new costume.

Complete the game in hard to unlock ?? (will come later).

9 Bugs of the PC version :

The real annoying bug come from the CD protection (Starforce). If you insert
the disk and launch the game, you bypass the protection. AS a result, the game
do an alt + tab every minute. So please when you insert the game, let your
recorder read the disk information and when it will be ready launch the game.
have long waited to play this game so you can wait 5 more seconds no ?

Another bug within the game is that the sound simply disappear during video and
in the game.

10 Credits

Thanks to Microid for this game.
Thanks to Jacob Sander who correct some typos in this walkthrough.
Thanks to Michael Hays who has improved greatly the quality of this faq and for
some useful tips.

This walkthrough is copyrighted 2004. Ask for permission to post it on your


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