Odyssey - The Search for Ulysses Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Odyssey - The Search for Ulysses

Odyssey - The Search for Ulysses

You begin your journey in Troy.
Your main bussines here is to find Nathos, and get information about Ulysses.
- There are 3 small pebbles on your left side. U can pick them if u want.
As i mention the path above, here it is :
  Light Path
  - Talk to everyone there and tell the truth. Don't lie
  - Notice that there is a man which carying carpet in to the camp. 
    Now pick up a carpet in front of the camp gate. Follow the man in to the camp 
    without being noticed by the guard. (Walk behind him) Dark Path
  - Talk to everyone, and u can lie here.
  - Steal the merchants wallet from the back.
  - Wait the man in the back of carpet pyles. And kill him with your sword  
    (Don't kill him with being notice by the guard, u could get killed)
  - Pick up the carpet and walk in to the camp.

Now u r inside the camp.
- In your left is a house. U can talk to someone inside if u want.
- There's a house in front of u, open the door and walk inside the house.
- In the house talk to Nathos, talk to him again, and talk to Merops.
- Get out from the house.
- From Nathos' house walk straight - then right - then take the first left.
  There u'll meet a guard which not allow u to enter without a pass.
- Go back to Nathos' house.
  Talk to Nathos. Ask everything. Ask about a pass.
- Go back to the guard. Give him the pass.
  U can ask the guard about everything or just ignore him.
- Enter the Gate.
- From there go north - then right - then go straight until you meet Plaseter the 
  Talk to him, ask about everything.
- Talk to Mikis, ask about everything.
- After Mikis leaves follow the Mikis' path.
  Someone will hit u from the back.
- After u awake examine Mikis' body.
- U can ask information about the Trident with Plaseter the blacksmith.
- Go back to Nathos house. Talk to Nathos. (Pick your answer, to tell the truth 
or lie)

In Jail.
- Talk to the prisoner there.
- Talk again to Koppeas until Herisius mention to find a way out.
- Pick up the basket (Towards the basket). 
  Use the hook.
- Examine the wall on the left of the door.

Jail's Roof.
- Pick up the stone on the roof.
- Use the stone with the guard.

- Go back to Nathos' house. Pick up the guard's equipment.
- Go to the gate. (With the guard that ask about pass)
- Talk to him. (Choose your answer)

Outside the camp.
- After the chit chat with Koppeas, he leaves.
- Go to the house with the red wall. Open the door and enter the house.
- Talk to Hakeus. Take the drink.
  After the flashback take the Aoelus' Diamond.
- Get out from the Hakeus' house.
- Follow the path up until u found some pink leaves fall from the air.
- Pick up the flowerpetal on the ground. Go enter the castle.

Castle of the Wind.
- Go to 2nd room. Pick up every tiles on the right and left wall of the room. 
(Which represent a   name of the wind)
- Use your flowerpetal on the flower in the center of the room.
- Go to 1st room. Notice that there is a thing which hanging by some balloons.
  Take all the statue from it.
- Go to 2nd room again and follow your way on the small stairs.
  There is a door with something like gas come out on it.
- Use the tiles on the door. (You must try each tile to have the six matching 
combination and the   blue light will appear if u put a tile on the right place).
  However this is the combination :
                 North Wind
      Warm Wind              Damp Wind
    West Wind    South Wind     East Wind
- Now use the Aeolus' diamond on the door. The gas will stop.
  Enter the door.
- Follow the path that lead u to another door.
- Put the statue honoring the North Wind on the pot right in front of the door. 
The door will      open.
  Take the statue.
  Now put the statue honoring the rising wind.
- Walk outside before the door closed.
  Once outside Heriseus will flying in to the air, end up in the Aoelian Vessel 
(flying ship).   And landing on another island.

Before continue your Odyssey, here are some things that doesn't really have to do 
in this chapter in order to finish the game. But might influence Heriseus' 
- From Nathos house. Go back - turn left.
  There u'll find a bottle of wine.
- From Nathos house. Go straight - turn right - straight again until meet 2 
  One of them is Aenops. Talk to him if u want to play a gambling game.
  If u accept to play. It's add to your sin, but u get more gemstone.
- After u entered the 2nd gate.
  On your left is a prostitute.
  U can having some fun with her or just ignore her. However these are answeres 
that u can pick :
    Accept           =  Playing with her. Lost all your gemstone.
    Refuse, but ...  =  Not play. But give 1 gemstone. (This is the light path)
    Refuse           =  Not play. Not lose any of your gemstone. (Dark Path)
    U can threat her with your sword, and she'll run disappear in to the alley. 
(Dark Path)

Ghost Town
- Take the stairs to the entrance.
- Go to the ruin on the front right from the entrance.
- Go to the 2nd floor of the ruin. If there's a person there, talk to him - He 
will show u the     wall with some paintings carved on it.
  U can get some clues by examine the right and left side of the wall or just 
look at the         painting on the wall.
- Here are things to make the drug and where u can found it.
  1. Bowl
     U can find the bowls in :
       - The left of the entrance, in front of the abandoned house.
       - 2nd floor of the ruin. On the floor in front of the wall with paintings.
       - In front of the ruin, near the another abandoned house with 2 columns on 
it. (1 on the           ground)
       - The last bowl u can take by follow the way from the entrance until the 
2nd path like             small bridge on the left side. The 2nd bridge will lead 
u to a gate which u can't open           it.
         Now position Heriseus to stand face to face with u. Look at the bowl 
carefully - look at          the texture on it. It's the right Visionary Chalice 
that the clue mentioned before.
         There are 2 bowls like this on the city.
  2. The purifying fabric.
     There are 4 fabrics u can found, but u just need 1 to make the potion.
       - The 1st fabric is near the first bowl. (Brown purifying fabric)
       - Near the ruin, in front of the house with some blue colour on it. (Brown)
       - From there follow the way along the house with blue ornamen that will 
lead to u to               another purifying fabric. (Blue purifying fabric)
       - Follow the way again. And there is the 3th brown purifying fabric. (Just 
bellow the blue          stairs that leads to a door)
  3. Lotus Seeds.
     U can get the lotus seeds on the pond in the center of the open space from 
the entrance.
     Pick up the lotus seeds but don't eat it.
- Now ready to make the drug.
  - Pick up the brown purifying fabric. (U just need 1)
  - Pick up 1 of the right bowl.
  - Go to the beach.
    Pour the bowl with the sea water just near the flying ship.
  - Go back to the town.
  - Take the 1st bridge on the left. Follow the way there until u found fire.
  - Put the bowl on the top of fire.
  - Activate the mechanism by pushing the lever on the left. (Make your way left)
    So the fire will heat the water.
  - Put the brown purifying fabric on the large dish right to the pot.
  - Put down the lotus seeds on the purifying fabric.
  - Pull the lever to deactivate the mechanism.
  - Pick up the bowl.
  - Use the bowl with potion on the large dish.
  - Drink the potion. 
  (Continue to the City of Lotus Eaters chapter)
There are some person that u can talk with in here.
  - The 1st is sitting on the stairs near the entrance.
  - On the pond. (He just sing, sing, and sing)
  - Near the ruin.
  U can kill everyone in here. But it's added to your sin.

Welcome to the city of no name. City of Lotus Eaters.
- U can talk to everyone here if u want.
  But your main problem is to catch Krisis.
- Go to the house with some blue color on it. (Where u get the 2nd fabric)
- Follow the path there. Until u found that someone were there, he walks and 
- Follow him quickly.
  I found that many players have the difficulty to find Krisis. Here is some 
hints :
  - After he's disappear. Follow him.
  - From the blue stair. Take the path in front of it. And turn right.
  - Turn right again.
  - And take the 1st left. U'll see a man standing, he is Krisis.
  note : If u failed to chase him about 3 times, the city will turn in to the 
Ghost Town again.           And if this happen, go make the drug again and drink 
- Chase him.
- Talk to Krisis.

Forest of Oblivion.
- Just take your direction anywhere until u meet an owl.
- Follow the owl.
  You will meet a flying goddess who give u a green shield.
- Take anywhere until meet the owl again.
- Follow the owl - follow him again.
- From the badland take the north path.
(In some part of the forest Heriseus will get some hologram flashback of him, 
about what he did before)

Gorgon's Place.
- Go up.
Before enter the door save your game. In case u get killed by her.
- Enter the place.
What u must to do here is to kill Gorgon. (Like Medussa i think. So becareful, 
try not to face her, she can turns Heriseus into a statue when she stares at him)
- Put the shield behind the column. (Marks with shadow)
  U can use the shield for defending yourself when she attack u with her bow.
  But u can't use it for defense if she look at u, and turns u into a rock.
- You can attract her attention by throwing the small pebble to somewhere.
  U can get the small pebble in :
  - On the ground near where Heriseus come from the forest.
  - In front of the entrance near the rock statue. (Outside - on the ground)
  - And some of them is inside the place.
- Kill the Gorgon with your sword.
  Once she's dead pick up her head.
- Go upstair.
- Put the Gorgon's head in the right hole of the green table.
- Walk to the drained well.

- After talk with Koppeas. Go along the way until u find a big crossbow.
- Pick up the rope near the crossbow.
- Put the rope on the crossbow.
- Walk to the north west path of the crossbow.
- From there make your way right.
- Go on until u come into a beach with a hut on it.
- Enter the hut.

Koppeas' Hut
- Talk to Koppeas.
  Here it's the possibilities of the answer :
  Heriseus  =  Heriseus dead.
  Koppeas   =  He'll be honest.
  Ask about Koppeas. He will tell u the truth. (Traitor !)
- Now u decide about how Koppeas death :
    - U can kill him with your sword.
    - Turns him into a rock with Gorgon's Head.
    - Or just let him die eaten by the 2nd Cyclops. (If u choose this, don't do 
anything to him        just ignore him)
- After that u must kill the 1st Cyclops that waiting for u outside the hut.
  There are 2 ways to kill the 1st Cyclops. (Pick one)
  1. Light Path.
     - Go outside the hut.
     - Walk up to the hill located behind the hut without being noticed by 
     - Use the Gorgon's head on the Cyclops when he started to look at u.
  2. Dark Path
     - Pick up the bag in the corner room of the hut.
     - Put the bag in the statue.
     - Put down the Lotus seeds on it.
     - Take the statue out from the hut.

After Koppeas death you must kill the 2nd Cyclops.
- Pick up the post near the hut. (Which is stuck on the large skull)
- Carry the post to the woods.
- Go to the path which leads u to the big crossbow.
  Don't take the other paths, it leads u directly to the Cyclops, n guess what ?  
u become his   lunch.
- Put the post on the crossbow.
- Pull the rope.
- Kill the Cyclops.
  Wait for him until he show up, and release the rope.
  note : If u fail to kill the 2nd one. There's another posts located just behind 
the hut.
         And carry it to the crossbow again. 
         ~ This can be done if u choose not to kill Koppeas by yourself.
           If u choose to kill Koppeas by yourself (With sword or Gorgon's head), 
u could kill              the 2nd Cyclops once (only once), no more chances. U 
can't take the posts behind the             hut.
- Go back to your ship.

You will have conversation with him who addresing father of the Cyclops. And he 
will give some tests.
1st challenges.
- Examine the rithym of the large forks before u go further.
  Hints : Look at the 4 holes in the wall. In order to easy your move.
          Get used to the rithym of the forks.
          Start moving when the 1st hole not being hitted by the fork.
          Your moves shall be like this :
                         Hole 1 - Hole 3 - Hole 2 - Hole 4
- Open the door and enter it.

2nd challenges.
In this room u must examine or talk with the statues over there and choose the 
right answer in the circles that marks by symbol on the floor.
Each of the statue will give u hints about the answer. Here is statues and the 
            Statue                 Answer
         1st _ Minotaur            Theseus
         2nd _ Hercules            Hera
         3rd _ Prometheus          Man
- After u answer all the questions, follow the stairs up.
- Enter the room.

Ulysses' Room.
He's not Ulysses, but Merops who become Ulysses.
- Talk to him.
- Ask question to him.
  here are the question and the possibilites of it :
  Ulysses   :  U will end fight with him.
  Heriseus  :  Same above.
  Poseidon  :  Direct u to another answers.
               Mistrusting  :  Fight with Moreps.
               Confident    :  At the end of dialog, Heriseus will drink a wine 
and die.
  Pick the question or answer that end up in fighting with him.
- When He changes his appareance to Heriseus. Use the Gorgon's head on him.

There are 4 merchants on this island. U can speak to everyone if u wish, include 
the guard on the tower.
- The one u must speak to is Boros which can be found in the camp, in front of 
another ship        anchored there. (Examine the tent)
- Talk to Boros. Ask about everything.
- Accept the deal.
note  :  - U can ask about everything with the merchants there. But don't accept 
the deal to go             to the laestrygonians' camp, they just lied to u. 
(Game Over)
         - This is important !
           Do not talk about Ulysses with the 3rd Merchants from the right.

Laestrygonians' Camp
Your main bussines here is to get inside in to the Laestrygonian's place without 
being noticed by the Laestrygonians.
The Laestrygonians' position outside the camp :
    1 on the tower near where u hide once u get in the camp.
    2 in front of the door.
    1 standing on the door.
    1 on the top of the Laestrygonians' place.
Hints : - Go straight along the cliff.
        - Stop when u can see a building with some guards on it. (That's the 
Laestrygonians'           place)
        - Notice that 2 guards were walking around near the place.
          Start moving when the guards walk the way down. (They have the same 
algorithm that               continues all the time)
        - Keep moving until u see 2 laestrygonians below u.
        - Turn right to the bridge.
        - Enter the door after the laestrygonians that guards the door leave.

Inside Place.
- Follow the way until u find Sleeping Laestrygonians.
The goal here is to release the prisoners and escape. 
There are 2 possibilities ways to access the prisoners' area :
  1. The first is from the sleeping Leastrygonians, turn right in to small 
     - Follow the coridor. Walk slowly. (There's a trap there)
       Try to move closed to the wall - in order not to hit the trap. If u hit it 
the               Laestrygonians there will wake up n kill u.
     - Take the board there. 
     - Go back.
       There's a way up before the small coridor.
     - Go up. Follow the way until u found water that drop from the top.
       Hide there.
       Wait until the Laestrygonians show up and and sleep again.
     - Go right. There's a hole there.
     - Use the board on the hole.
     - Walk accros the bridge.
     - Turn left until u meet the 1st sleeping Laestrygonians.
     - Turn right in to the prisoners area.
  2. The second is simple and easy.
     - Walk slowy over the 1st sleeping Laestrygonians to the prisoners area.
       Try not to wake him.
- There are 2 prisoners there (Fat and thin). Talk to them.
- Choose one to release.

Way to escape.
- Talk to Hippomyon. Ask about everything.
U have 3 days to survive here. It's take 1 day if u rest.
There are 2 ways to escape (u can choose one)  :
  1. Light path.
     - Ask rest with Hippomyon. Accept.
     - Explore the area. There are 3 skulls there.
     - Pick up the Ram's skull.
     - Use the Ram's skull on the rope.
     - Pick up the hook.
     - Go to the balcony.
     - Use the hook on the right side of the balcony.
  2. Dark path.
     - Go to the kitchen.
     - Pick up the wood in front of the stove.
     - Pick up the ladle near the stove.
     - Push the bag hanging there.
     - Go back to Hippomyon.
       Put the wood and the ladle on the door.
       Push the ladle. (This is for release Hippomyon)
     - Now go to the room next to the kitchen.
     - Attract the Laestrygonians there. Go back to the kitchen.
       The Laestrygonians will follow u and hitted by the bag.
     - Take the basket with some woods on it.
     - Go back to the next room again.
     - Go to the hole. Use the basket there.

- Talk to Boros.
- Pick up your stuff.
  (If u talk to Boros again u can show your mercy by let him alive or kill him)
- Go to the tower. Talk to the guard.
- Break the horn.
- Go back to your ship.

- Enter the house.
- Go upstairs until u meet a tall woman.
- Talk to Circee. Ask about Heriseus' wife.

Cute little piggy with tattoe. :-)
- Leave the house.
- Go to the top of the house located on the right side.
- Enter the way there.
- Go up by using the stair.
- Go north.
- Go inside the ventilation.
  You now in the Circee's laboratory.
- There are 4 ropes there. Bite the 1st rope from the right.
- Take the green pillow.
- Go down with the stairs.
- Notice that there's a vial hanging with the Apollo symbol on it.
  Now put the pillow right below the vial.
- Go down again until Merops show up.
- Leave the house after Merops struck Circee.
- Go to the laboratory again via the ventilation.
- Once in Laboratory bite the rope that hanging the Vial. (2nd from right)
- Go talk to Circee.
- Pick up the vial and give it to Circee.
- Go back to the flying ship.

note : - U can kill all the pigs here with your sword.
       - Once u become a pig u can not walk backwards.
         Careful not to be seen by Merops or he will kill u.

After the cinematic u'll land on the shore.
- Enter the cave there.
- Talk to the Deceased Souls there.
- Walk down. U will meet Koppeas again.
- Talk to Koppeas. Ask about everything.
- Give the gemstone to Koppeas.
- Go down again.
- Go to Charon. (A person on the boat)
- Give the sword to Charon. Take the flute.
  U will cross the river to otherside.
- In the otherside there is a three headed dog.
  (Save your game now, in case u failed to go to the Hades Home)
  Run to the Hades Home. Don't make any contact with the dog.

Hades Home
 This is where the light and dark path which i mentioned before will effects the 
story and your   journey.
 Heriseus will be judged about how he conducted his life. Based on what action or 
path did u      choose to solve the puzzle before. It will effect the result if 
Heriseus will go to Heaven,      Hell or just to the waiting place.
 Actually it's the same, either u go to Heaven, Hell or else. The game will still 
finished        anyway. But these circumstances add more points to the game.
- Follow the way.
- There are 3 possibilities answeres that u can pick. (Choose one)
  note : After picked the answer u will be directed to another place. Go to each 
chapter to see           the solution below.
         However the places are :
                   Elysian Fields (Heaven)
                   Tartarus (Hell)
                    ~ If u directed to hell. U'll be playing as Mikis in Troy.
                      - First go to the statue behind u, and keep moving until u 
                      - When u on the top again. Push Heriseus.
                        (Continue to the Tartarus Chapter)
                   The fields of Asphodels (Waiting place)
 Your main goal now is to prepared the libation, talk to Terisias and go outside 
the Netherworld.

Elysian Fields.
The place is like a labyrinth here.
- Find the servants there.
  They can be be anywhere in the area, and much of them is in the grapes garden.
  If u meet one of them, they will direct u automatically to your resting area.
- Talk to the servants.
- From your resting area take the left path.
- On the Grapes garden go right.
  Try not to be seen by the servants there. They will direct u again to your 
resting area.
- Take the wineskin. Exit that area.
- Find a kid which is cooking flatbreads.
  She is located near some of Noble Deceased rest under the tree.
- Talk to her. Accept the deal to deliver a bread to the dead souls near the pond.
- Pick up the bread.
- Exit the area.
- From there go straight until u find a rock on the ground.
- Go left and take the furthest path.
- Turn around and follow the path behind u.
- Just go straight until u find 1 way to the right.
  Take the right path.
- Give the bread to the dead souls there.
- Go back to the girl.
- Talk to her.
- Pick up the flour there.
- Now find a river.
- Use the Charon's flute there.
  If u already have all the ingridients go to the Fields of Asphodels.
  If not go to Tartarus.

This is Hell.
- Find tantalus. (He is located under the tree, it's easy to find him)
- Talk to him. Ask about offerings.
  Accept the deal.
- Pick up the jar of honey there.
  Pick up the empty wineskin.
  And take the 2 empty glass too.
- Find Merops. (Near Tantalus, he is standing on a rock in the river of flame)
- Talk to Merops.
- Go follow the way there.
  There's a man pushing a rock. U can talk to him if u want, but refuse the deal.
- Continue the way there.
- Pick up the small pebble on the ground.
- Throw the small pebble on the bird.
- Talk to Prothemeus. Ask about offerings.
- Pick up the blood with the empty wineskin.
- Now go find Danaides.
  They are trying to fill a cask with water.
- Talk to Danaides.
- Pick up the water with the empty glass.
- Go to the river.
- Use the flute.
  If u already have all the ingridients go to the Fields of Asphodels.
  If not go to Elysian Fields.

The Fields of Asphodels.
note : If u missing one of any ingridients for the libation go back to Tartarus.
         - Go to Danaides.
         - Pick up the water again. (With empty glass)
         - Go back to Tantalus.
         - Give him the water and u can ask him about what ingridients that u want.
           U can read the recipe for the libation in your inventory.
- Go to the rock near the river covered with white colour on the top of it.
  There's a rock like table there.
- Put the Honey - Wine - Water on the table.
  Then put the White Flour on the rock.
- After that put the blood.
- Wait for Tiresias until he shows up.
  note : Use the Trident to push the deceased souls back if they try to move to 
  take the goods.
  Don't move until Tiresias shows up.
- After Tiresias show up. Talk to him
  Ask about Ulysses.
  (He will change the goods that u offer to him into 3 crystals)
- Take the crystals.
- There's a huge rock with some holes on it.
  Go to the top of the rock.
  U can acces by the left side of the rock. There's a way up there.
- Notice that there are 3 red paintings on the top of the rock.
  U must put the crystals on the holes right below the paintings.
- Go down again.
- Put the crystals on the hole.
- After the lights appear go to top of the rock.
- Take the crystal on the door.

Save your game.
- Go to a rock pointing to the sea.
U must fight Poseidon to finish the game.
U can choose three between five different weapons in the right order to beat him. 
You only have 3 chances to beat him.
(The right weapons are different between the light and the dark path)
Hints  :  After u choose the weapons.
          - If Poseidon is still standing after u attack him. And start to attack 
            It means that is the wrong weapon.
          - If Poseidon almost fall after your attack. And attack Heriseus.
            Means that the weapon is right but in the wrong order.
          - If Poseidon falls and not attack Heriseus.
            That means the weapons is right and in the right place.

End of the journey. Enjoy the cinematics !

Special note : This walkthrough may not work due to the other version of the game.
               All above is made and written by me Phoubeecya.
               Feel free to distribute this walkthrough but please give credit to me.
Any comments and suggestions email me at  :

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