Onamis 01 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Onamis 01

Onamis 01

Oone thing to remember is that you need to click on very specific places
to access them. while this game isn't a pixel-hunt, the areas to click 
are a bit smaller than what you'd expect. it'll help to mouse over areas
to see where you can click to do things. let's start working from left 
to right, okay? click on the barred window on the left-hand wall.
click on the torn sheet of paper. what exactly could this be? for now, 
just copy these numbers in this same order down on a piece of paper.

-next, let's check the heating vent.
-pretty simple here... just jot down the letter on the paper. 
-can you tell you'll be collecting letters for something?
-next up, moving from left to right, are those papers on the ground.
-one of them is blank. essentially, it's a red herring.
-the other has some dashes on it, and some are red... 
-we'll come back to this later.
-next on the ground is a box with a colorful locking device. 
-we'll come back to this later too.
-working your way up the right-hand wall, there are too cabinet doors. 
-the bottom one is locked, so we'l come back to that one later.
-the top one can be opened to reveal another letter! jot this down.
-also, there's a little ball sitting on one of the books. 
-click on it to zoom in on it. 
-when you click on the ball repeatedly, it cycles through a series of colors. 
-jot down the pattern.
-now go back to the box on the ground with the colorful lock.
-use the color combo you just found to open the lock. 
-press the buttons in order to open the latch.
-once inside the box, click on the other half of the torn paper. 
-jot this down next to the first numbers you found. 
you should have four full rows of thirteen numbers.
-also inside the box, click the folded piece of paper to find another letter. 
-jot this one down too! you're almost there!
-now you'll want to return to those papers on the ground.
-examining the series of dashes, you'll see it's another four rows of thirteen! 
-use the red dashes in each row to identify one number from each row to make a code.
-we can go back to the lower cabinet on the wall now.
-input the numbers you found from the torn-paper puzzle. 
-click the red button to submit the code, and the gray oval button to open 
 the lock (if you're right).
-only one thing you can do here.
-click on that paper to find the last letter! woo-hoo!
-ready for the final puzzle?
-you now should have five letters.
-try unscrambling the letters to make a word.
-actually, it's the name of a location.
-and remember...
-click on the box to the right of the door on the wall facing straight ahead of you. 
-Enter in your code and if it's right, the door will open, and you've got yourself 
 a win!

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