Orchestrated Death Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Orchestrated Death

Orchestrated Death


Chapter 1:
Click on the gun, then click the gun again. It will shoot a hole in
the ceiling causing water to leak down the wall.Razor is now available,
click the lamp and then quickly click the razor before he turns the 
light back on. The razor falls on the floor.Click the razor on the 
floor and it will cut the cord, exposing opened wiring to the puddle
of water. The victim will get up to plug the cord back in, he will 
get zapped to all hell, lol, then click the gun at his feet.

Chapter 2:
Click on the refrigerator, while the chef is walking towards the frige
to close it, click the fruit basket to move it to the counter (gotta be
fast!).Click the fruit basket and an orange will fly into the blender, 
the chef will go to grab it out, just as you see the chef grab the orange,
click the blender.The chef will be in shock with his mangled hand, click 
the pans, the will float over next to the chef, click the pans again and 
he will get beat down with them.Click the chef on the ground to drag him 
aside, click the knife in the knife rack, then click the chef again to 
lift him in the air, then click the stove to open it. Click the knife.

Chapter 3:
Click on the lure, then quickly click on the keys (on the blonde guy’s 
belt) while he is occupied. Keys will float in the air, click on the 
toolbox.Click on the chest again to pull a pocket knife out of the 
toolbox, then click the pocket knife. The blonde guy will get stabbed 
and get extremely pissed off.After watching them punch each other over
and over again, click on the anchor (where the fishing guy was sitting)
to steady the boat.Click on the bald guys face immediately after he 
punches the guy with the hat (this must be timed right).The blonde guy
will catch the bald guy with a right jab followed by a big left hook, 
sending the bald guy off the boat.Click the engine to put the bald guy
(who is now sleeping again, lol) out of his misery.The blonde guy will
rush to check if the bald guy is still alive, click the snake on the 
grass hill, it will swim to the corpse. 
Click the bald guy's face, and you’ve completed the game.

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