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Version 1.4 11/8/08
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The Pagemaster Walkthrough
by Michael Gray AKA The Lost Gamer
Videogame humor:
Copyright 2008

Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Guide
003.  Walkthrough
  003a. Adventure
  003b. Horror
  003c. Fantasy
004.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the PC game called the 
Pagemaster, based off the movie of the same name. This 
guide won't work with the SNES Pagemaster game.

If you want to contact me, e-mail, but make the subject blank 
if you do, so I know it's not spam mail.

If you'd like to put this guide on your website, you 
should ask permission first.

002-Video Guide

Hey! Want to see how to beat the game instead of reading 
about it? Then check out the video guide I made for this 
game, available at...


The game starts with Fantasy, Horror and Adventure 
showing up at Richard's house. You can pick which one of 
them wakes Richard up, and then you get the choice to go 
to the library or not. Naturally, you should choose to 

At the library, you can either talk to Adventure or pick 
up a book. Either way, Dr. Jekyll shows up. Oh, cool! Dr. 
Jekyll! Nothing bad ever happens when he's around, right?

Dr. Jekyll takes the Pagemaster's book and some potion. 
Then he turns into...MR. HYDE!!! Oh crap, we're in 
trouble now! Mr. Hyde is going to take over the imaginary 
world of books and destroy it! Or something like that! We 
gotta stop him!

Pick up the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde book if you haven't 
already. Richard puts it in his Books & Stuff screen 
(which you can access at any time by clicking the purple 
button). Collecting books gets you points, but that's all 
they're good for.

Then you can choose to go to land of adventure, horror, 
or fantasy.


Start off by going to Adventure Land. Yar, yar, yar, 
adventure land be full of pirates.

There's a copy of Moby Dick on the floor. Pick it up. You 
get points for that!

Move forward. Use the fishing pole to catch a talking 
fish. Weird. Once that happens, you end up in front of 
the talking Jamaican Skull of DOOM!!!

The SKULL tells you that you can't pass. If you click on 
it and try to go get turned into a chicken. 
And lose points. Ouch.

There's a piece of paper on the floor. You'll see a lot 
of those in the game. Every time you see a piece of 
paper, pick it up to read it. You'll hear someone recite 
something from a book, and you'll get points. Sometimes, 
the papers give you a clue about what to do. Other than 
that...they're useless.

The paper here talks about a gold doubloon. That means 
you have to find a gold doubloon in order to get past the 
talking Jamaican skull. See? That's how the papers give 
you hints about what to do.

Go left from here, which is the path of least resistance. 
You end up in the maze. Here's my kinda lame map of the 
maze. The os are crossroads.

        |     |
     Village  |
        |     |
        o---- o---Skull

So from the skull, you go left twice and up once to reach 
the village. From the village, you go up twice to meet 
the sailor. From the village, you go up and left to reach 
the ship. If you ever go off the map (by, say, going 
three times right of the ship), pirates kidnap Richard 
and throw him in the water so you have to start from the 
beginning of the maze.

At the village, you can look at a book page. You can also 
look at the books 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Captain 
Courageous, and Kidnapped. Don't look at Mermaids, 
though, because that gets you thrown off the pier for 
some reason.

At the ship, you want to climb onboard. Mr. Hyde is to 
the left of the ship, and if you meet him, you have to 
restart the level. So, um, yeah, don't move left of the 

On the ship, look up the rigging to the crow's nest. 
There's a monster head there! Pick it up. It comes in 
handy in Horror Land.

Also on the ship, you can move left to see ghosts, move 
right to find a Treasure Island book, and read some book 
pages. Wowie zowie, what fun!

Leave the ship (the exit is on the rightmost part of the 
ship) and head to the sailor. Pick up his banana, read 
the book page, and talk to the sailor. His parrot spouts 
something about finding the treasure. Treasure? I like 
treasure! Answer YES both times.

Once you do, the parrot somehow sends you to Egypt. You 
can read a book page here. Go forward, where there's 
another book page you can read. Hey, are those pyramids? 
Go up to the pyramids!

Richard meets a mummy. She tells you to go west and north 
to the oasis. Read her book page if you really want to, 
then (this is kind of odd), go down to get away from the 
pyramids. Then go up to the desert. THEN you go west and 
north. You think the game could have been a bit more 
specific about the directions.

In any case, you make it to the oasis. Read the book page 
if you want, then pull the rope. This makes a monkey 
appear. Give the monkey a banana (which you found near 
the sailor--if you didn't, go back to the sailor and get 
the banana).

The monkey gives you a lamp. The genie from the lamp 
sends you to a rowboat.  Odd.

Here, you can read a book page, then go out on the boat. 
Richard sails out to sea...where there's another book 
page. Read it. Then sail right and read another book 
page. Then sail right again.

Oh good, finally something interesting happens. Captain 
Ahab shows up and demands that you help him kill the 
demonic Moby Dick!

But since Richard is such a nice guy, he decides to 
defend Moby Dick, because Ahab is a murderous psychopath, 
and Moby Dick is a helpless animal. You should refuse to 
help Ahab, but either way, Moby Dick kills Ahab (some 
helpless animal!).

Moby takes Richard to shore AND gives him the doubloon. 
Awesome! Show the doubloon to the talking Jamaican skull, 
and it lets you pass through him to the cafe.

All the customers are fish, because the sign on the door 
says "we serve fish". Ugh. Bad puns.

Adventure is here, and feeling a little sick because of 
Mr. Hyde.

Look at the map on the wall. Pick YES to take the last 
map. I find it a little odd that a restaurant would give 
out treasure maps for free, but no matter. As soon as you 
take the map, Richard gets shanghaied by Long John 
Silver. Pick YES to give Long John Silver the map.

The pirates sail to Treasure Island and dig up the 
treasure. Look at the treasure chest, and pick the golden 
shears to beat Adventure Land.


In Horror Land, start by reading the book page. Then go 
forward and read another book page. Then head left to see 
a scary graveyard gate. Move left past it.

You end up in the Horror Land maze. Examine the bookshelf 
to your right. You get points by clicking on The Lurking 
Fear, and for taking the Frankenstein book. The Black Cat 
book causes you to lose points.

There are a few ways to get through the maze. The easiest 
way is to go forward and right twice (ignoring the Hound 
of the Baskervilles book). You can also go forward twice 
and right twice (read the Moor sign before trying to 
cross the quicksand). You can also go forward four times 
(at the field of screams, choose yes to cross), right 
once, down once, and right once.

Either way, you end up at your destination. Go north from 
it to reach the Readwood Forest...I mean, the DEADwood 
Forest. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I love that scare!

Go north to the cave. You have a two-headed vulture here. 
Woah!! They talk like horror movie stars!! Talk to them, 
but whatever you do, deny their request to save the 
Pagemaster for you. Because if you ask them to do that, 
you get killed and have to restart the level.

The vulture shows you to Dr. Jekyll's mansion. Then we 
see that one of the vulture heads is Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde 
is pissed off that Richard knows how to get the Dr. 
Jekyll's mansion. Gee, Hyde, YOU'RE the one who told 
Richard how to get there! Why are you blaming Peter Lorre 
Vulture? You jerk.

At the mansion, you see Horror. He's kind of sick because 
of Mr. Hyde. Head left to the mansion and pull on the 
doorbell of random sound effects to enter.

Inside, you can look at the couch to find...Horror. You 
can look at the raven to get bonus points. Go right a few 
times to see a dresser with seven drawers. Those of you 
who have read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde will recognize this 
as the drawer where Jekyll kept his potion in. Look at 
all the drawers to find book pages, the Pagemaster, 
Horror, and empty drawers.

Right of the fireplace are stairs. Go up them to the 
Hallway of Paintings. If you examine the paintings, 
you'll see Mr. Hyde say semi-threatening things. You can 
also take the diving helmet for some points.

Move forward from here. Upstairs leads to trouble, so go 
downstairs. You end up in Richard's room, where Horror is 
sick. Pick up the lifesaver, then go up the stairs.

There's a big plant at the top of the stairs. Throw the 
lifesaver at it. This gives you access to the lab, where 
Frankenstein is.

Zoom in on the desk and read the book page. Pick up the 
potion in the middle (ie. in the triangle flask). Try to 
pick up on the one on the right to drop it.

Frankenstein wakes up. Say YES, you have a good reason 
for waking him up. Frankenstein gets kind of emo here, 
sad that he doesn't have any friends, especially not a 
girlfriend. Richard tells Frankenstein that you don't 
need to be handsome to get people to like you. Just be 

Answer NO (don't drink the potion), NO (don't drink the 
potion), and YES (I'll stop you). Stop Frankenstein by 
throwing the potion at him.

Frankenstein will ask you to make him a girlfriend. 
Choose YES and then read the book page to learn that you 
have to go to the graveyard. Frankie gives you the key, 
then takes a shower.

You can leave by clicking on Horror, then clicking YES. 
Then go back to Horror Land and go forward twice. Use the 
key on the creepy gate to enter the graveyard.

Horror pops up and says he'll help you dig up a bunch of 
dead bodies. this really appropriate for a 
children's game? In any case, read all the graves, except 
Susan Lowder's. Move right, and read all the graves 
except the snowboarding grave. Move right once more and 
read all the graves.

Now that you've dug up enough body parts, go all the way 
back to Frankenstein. Quite a trek, believe me. 
Frankenstein is happy that you've found him a babe, and 
they put the girl together.

Huh. You're missing a head. Put the monster head on--
that's the monster head you found on the ship in 
Adventure Land. Alternately, you can use the fox head you 
find in Fantasy Land.

No matter which head, you're stuck with the problem of 
how to bring the girl to life. Read the book page to 
learn that you need electricity. So flip the switch and 
girl comes alive!

She immediately falls in love with Frankenstein. As a 
reward, Frank gives you the letter E. Hey, what is this, 
Sesame Street? In any case, Horror Land is finished!


Look inside the vase (or amphora, to use a fancier term) 
to get a copy of Jason and the Argonauts.

Move right to reach the pyramid. Go up the stairs to meet 
Celine the Sphinx. She has a riddle, naturally. What is 
the beginning of eternity, the end of time, and the start 
of every ending?

The letter E, obviously. Give it to her and she goes 
away. You can then go north to meet a dragon. The dragon 
is upset that Jason stole the Golden Fleece. He makes a 
deal with Richard. If Richard gives him the fleece, he'll 
give Richard the famed sword Excalibur.

Sounds like a deal to me. Leave the pyramid and you make 
it to the Fantasy Maze. The northern path has nothing of 
interest, except for a minor cutscene.  To see it, go 
north then left.  Talk to the frog, who turns into 
Richard.  Weird cutscene.

You can steal the fox's head here, and use it on the 
monster Frankenstein made.  But since you already made 
Frankenstein a bride, there's not much point. So go 
right, then back to the crossroads left of the pyramid.

Go left to the area with Sleeping Beauty Apples.  You can 
take one, as well as a copy of Jack and the Beanstalk.  
You can read a book page, the sign, and Cinderella (which 
giggles).  You automatically get moved forward after you 
get an apple. 

Move forward from here to see a satyr.  Uh oh!  Satyrs!  
Evil creatures that lure you to sleep with their music 
and then do nasty stuff like rape and rob you!  Answer NO 
to both questions to get the heck out of there.

From this point, there are two ways to move ahead.  The 
first is by moving left, then north to meet the Monty 
Python Troll.  He asks you a series of questions.  He 
disagrees with all of your answers.  Then he asks you the 
same questions AGAIN.  Give the same answers that you 
gave the first time to pass.

The other way to move ahead is to go forward. Here you 
can listen to the flowers sing and take a cookie from the 
gingerbread man (you can use this cookie on the troll to 
avoid his series of questions if you wish).  Then move 
forward to see the little old lady who lived in a shoe.  
Move left, then solve the Three Little Pigs puzzle by 
clicking on the straw house, then the stick house, then 
the brick house.  Then move left twice.

Following either of the last two paragraphs take you to 
the same place.  Go forward from here to see Little Bo 
Peep.  Agree to help her, and tell her not to ask someone 
else.  Then move forward again, and examine the bottom of 
the Buddha statue.

Buddha comes to life (I think) and tells riddles.  Grab 
the bean on his forehead and he disappears.  Weird chap, 
that Buddha. In any case, the beanstalk grows and reaches 
Mount Olympus.

At the top, Richard meets Fantasy, who is sick because of 
Mr. Hyde.

Go inside the tower. You meet some Greek gods! Well, one 
Greek god: Pan. The other characters are a centaur, and a 
hippocampus (one of the sea horses that pulls Poseidon's 
magic chariot).

Talk to the characters and they give you a test. If you 
answer five questions right, you win. If you miss three, 
you lose. The way the game works is that you pick a 
character. He says something. The other two characters 
put in their two cents. Click on the one who's correct.

The things they argue about are picked randomly. Some of 
them are mythological statements, like Ares is the god of 
war, Dionysus and Bacchus are the same god, Hercules is 
the son of Zeus, the Argo has fifty oarsmen and the 
Trojans were defeated due to a giant wooden horse. Others 
are statements about the game, which you can answer if 
you've been paying attention while playing the game so 

Once you answer the questions, you can go into each of 
the rooms and rob the gods. You have to get Neptune's 
trident from his room, and the golden fleece from the 
Mars room, though.

Once you've robbed the minor deities, it's time to rob 
the head deity: Zeus. Enter lightning bolt storage and 
use the trident on the trident hole. Then grab a 
lightning bolt.

Use the golden fleece to fly back to the pyramid. 
Um...I'm not sure how that works, but it does. Fantasy 
shows up. She's totally trashed now. You have to save the 
world soon!

Head to the dragon. He claims you cheated him because 
that's not the golden fleece. Sheesh, what a jerk. Use 
the golden shears you got on Treasure Island on the sheep 
to get the fleece off.

The dragon refuses to fulfill his end of the bargain. Use 
the lightning bolt on him to kill him. Then pick up 

Richard gets transported to Olympus, where Mr. Hyde has 
become Zeus. He says threatening things, but Excalibur 
saves Richard from Hyde's lightning attack.

Hyde then threatens to destroy everything by ruining the 
Pagemaster's book with a potion. Click on the book. This 
makes Richard throw a humongous hissy fit. Somehow, this 
destroys Mr. Hyde and saves the Pagemaster. The end! 


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2008.  If you 
want to put this FAQ on your website, please ask me first 
(instructions under general information).

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