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 Pandora Directive

Pandora Directive

A Walkthrough by RJ Roman


This walkthrough will cover both the Entertainment and Game Players mode 
of play.  These modes will be referred to as ENT and GP in the remainder 
of this walkthrough.  I used Microsoft Word 7.0 for Windows 95 to write 
this walkthrough.  It can be view in this program or Wordpad.  Also, I've 
created a version of this walkthrough that can be viewed using the MS-DOS 
text editor.

A couple of notes before we get started.  Follow the natural progression 
of the game.  There are three narrative paths and your decisions 
determines which type of character Text turns out to be.  This walkthrough 
follows the Lombard Street path.  If you want to go down Mission Street or 
The Boulevard of Broken Dreams read your users guide (page 20) to 
determine what type of character Tex needs to be to venture down these 
paths.  Look at things before you pick them up and examine everything you 
pick up.  Often you will receive a point or two for doing this.  In the GP 
mode you will have either a time limit to solve puzzles or a limited 
number of moves you can make to solve a puzzle.  Always work within these 
limits to obtain the maximum point value.  So, if you are playing the GP 
mode and you want the Max points given for the puzzle you are solving, 
always save your game before you begin to solve the puzzle.  That way you 
can restore your game if didn't quite get it right the first time out.  
And, if you wondering if all the puzzles can be solved within the given 
time limits, the answer is YES.  There are many ways to approach the game, 
so I'm writing from my own experience.

After the cinematic introduction you end up in Tex Murphy's bedroom.  You 
have been hired by Gordon Fitzpatrick to do a job. You need to find Thomas 
Malloy.  You already know a couple of things.  You know that Thomas Malloy 
was staying at the Ritz where you live.  So, that's where you need to 
begin your search.  Exit Tex's bedroom through the door near the pony.  
This leads to Tex's office.  Go into your inventory and look at the 
business card Gordon Fitzpatrick gave you.  Now you know how to contact 
him if you have additional questions.  By now you have figured out that 
Tex owes everyone and since Fitzpatrick just gave you $4000 dollars it is 
probably a good idea to pay off your debts.  Go to the desk and open the 
top left drawer.  Get the bill from the electronics shop for $1230.  
Examine it.  Pick up the jack-knife on the table behind the Tex's desk.  
Now head for the door to fire escape.

Talk to Chelsea.  You must get her to agree to go out on a date with you.  
Now, head over to the Ritz and talk to Nilo.  Pay Nilo the $2100 for your 
back rent and then question him about Thomas Malloy.  Nilo will ask you 
for an additional $100 dollars for the information so pay him.  Nilo will 
tell you the room Malloy stayed in and that Malloy used a different name 
while a resident.  Now, go to Malloy's room and check it out.  When you 
get there you will find out that Nilos' put a keyless entry lock on the 
door and omitted to give you the entry code.  Get your money's worth or 
pay Nilo an additional $500 for the code if you are working on the Mission 
Street path or you can threaten him for the code if you are working on the 
Boulevard of Broken Dreams path. It's up to you.  Now, head back up to 
Malloy's room.  As soon as you enter the room you get knocked out.  This 
takes you to day two.


When you wake up search the room.  Open the drafting table drawers and get 
and examine the Acme Warehouse business card, the air mail envelope and 
the photograph.  Move the cushion of the chair and get the picture of 
Malloy and the llama.  Open the box shipped from Mexico (the only one you 
can open) and get the book entitled "Airport of the Gods."  Get the scarf 
from the bed.  Get the letter off the nightstand from David Wright and 
open the drawer and get the pawn shop receipt. (Remember:  Always look 
first, open, move or get next and examine.)  Now you have a few new clues 
concerning the whereabouts of Malloy.  So, follow your leads.  Leave the 

When you get into the hallway Tex makes a comment about the time and 
missing Chelsea's' date.  You might want to drop in on Chelsea and try to 
make up.  However, when you arrive you'll find that Chelsea is not home. 
So, get back on the case.

You know that Malloy pawned an item at Rooks' Pawn Shop.  Go there and pay 
Rook the $300 you owe him.  Ask Rook about the photo of Malloy.  Don't 
offer him the pawn receipt.  At this point money has to be a real concern 
so don't redeem the ticket yet.  You won't need the pawned item until late 
in the game anyway and you do have other debts to pay.  Exit the Pawn Shop 
to the street.

Head over to the Acme Warehouse.  On the way look at the old movie 
theater.  Its been renovated.  Look at the marquee.  Also, on the way 
you'll see an envelope on the ground in front of the mailbox.  It's 
addressed to an orphanage and it has money in it.  Mail it or keep the 
money.  It's up to you and what path you want Tex to take.  When you get 
to the warehouse you'll find it closed.  So, go David Wright's cabin.
When you get to the cabin you'll immediately know that something terrible 
happened here.  Open the draw behind the couch and get the CD.  Next, get 
the wad of paper on the floor by the tree.  It gives you instructions on 
how to break the code on the CD to open a keyless entry door upstairs.  Go 
upstairs and move the picture to reveal the keypad.  Now, head back to 
Tex's office.

While you're there look at the can of dog food on the back desk.  Its' not 
important but it will give you a few points.  Now, head for the computer 
room and solve the first puzzle.  While you're in the computer room, pick 
up the paper with the picture of your old buddy Mac Mulden on it.  You'll 
get a few points.  There are a number of ways to solve this puzzle but in 
case you can't seem to figure it out, here is one example:
Starting with the top left to right (like reading):


Now, read the rest of the information on the CD and head back to the 
cabin.  Open the door using the code.  Move the floorboards and find David 
Wright's body, dead as you expected.  Replace the floorboards and open the 
bookcase doors and get the film.  Load the film into the projector and 
watch the movie.  After the movie, leave the cabin.

It's time to find out who the scarf belongs to and explore its' connection 
to your case.  Begin by giving Louie a visit.  On the way you'll find 
Nilo's wallet with money in it.  You should have $1500 remaining, so, pay 
Louie the $200 you owe him then ask him about the scarf.  He'll tell you 
about Emily.  Then, let him take a look at the picture of Malloy.  Next, 
let him look at the untranslated letter you got from Malloys' room.  He 
won't be able to translate it for you but he'll send you to Clint who he 
thinks can translate the letter.  Also, ask him about Luci Luv (the name 
you read on the marquee of the old theater).  Leave the Brew n Stew and 
head for Coit Tower to talk to Clint.  Yes, he's moved up in the world.  
On the way you can decide whether or not to return the money to Nilo.  If 
you do, while you're in the lobby, check out the vending machine and get 
Nilo's note off the end table.  You'll pick up a few points.

On your way to Coit Towers read the flyers on both fences.  One tells you 
about Clint and the other tells you about a new character on Chandler Ave.  
Go talk to Clint.  Ask or show him the scarf and he'll tell you about 
Emily and where she works (at the Flamingo).  Ask him about Luci Luv and 
he'll tell you that's Emily's stage name.  He'll also tell you about Gus 
Leach and give you a key to the Flamingo Club.  Now, ask him about the 
untranslated letter.  He won't be able to decipher it for you but it at 
least makes an attempt.  He gave you a key so go follow up the lead.  Go 
to the Flamingo.

Open the door with the key Clint gave you.  You don't learn much from the 
visit but at least you find out the Emily does live there.  You'll just 
have to find another way into the club.  Hey, maybe Chelsea is home now.  
Go check on her.  You missed the date but try to make up with her even if 
you have to show her the physical evidence of the bump on your head.  Ask 
her out for a drink to the Flamingo and she'll tell you about her new 
membership to that club.  This takes you to day three.


After the cinematic scene at the Flamingo go back to your office and 
examine Emily's note.  This is the second puzzle.  A jigsaw puzzle.  If 
you are playing in the ENT mode you have all the time in the world.  
However, if you are playing in the GP mode you have a time limit to solve 
the puzzle.  So, save the game before you examine the puzzle.  By the way 
the puzzle reads:

I'm watching you.
I take pictures.
Be afraid.  On the bottom of the note is an arrow.

After you decipher Emily's note, go talk to your buddy Mac Mulden.  He'll 
give you some information on the Black Arrow Killer.  Go to the Brew n 
Stew and ask Louie about the stalkers, the Black Arrow Killer and the Bay 
City Mirror.  He direct you to Rook's trash can.

Go to the alley behind Rook's Pawnshop.  Get the newspaper article about 
the Black Arrow Killer and learn about the author of the article, Lucia 
Pernell.  While you're back there you should notice the manhole cover in 
the corner by the basketball goal.  Remover the cover and enter the sewer.  
Move one of the boxes and find some money.  Also travel further into the 
sewer and find the only box you can open and get the chisel.
When you exit the sewer, go into Rooks Pawnshop.  Ask Rook about 
strangers, Emily's note, the Black Arrow Killer and Lucia Pernell and 
he'll be good enough to give you a card with her phone number on it. 
Finally, ask Rook about the Yucatan language and he'll sell you a book for 
$30 that will help you decipher the untranslated letter you got from the 
cabin.  Leave the pawnshop and head over to the Electronic's Shop.
It's time to settle that bill.  Pay Zack the 1230 you owe and look around 
the shop thoroughly.  There are some items you will need there later.  
Keep the items you see in mind.  Now, go see Rev. Gary.

When you get to the back of the Golden Gate Hotel Rev. Gary will be in the 
middle of a sermon.  After he pauses, ask him some questions.  He won't 
help you until you find him a bottle of scotch.  Leave the good Rev.  When 
you leave Tex makes comments about where he thinks he can find some 
scotch.  Go to the Slice of Heaven pizza parlor.

Open the side door of the Slice of Heaven and go up the stairs.  Go to the 
back and open the only box that can be opened.  Get the scotch.  On the 
way out look at the panel behind the trash can.  Remove the panel and go 
out the door.  It leads to the alley behind Rook's Pawnshop.  It's not 
really important but you do get a couple of points out of it.  Now, go 
back to Gary and give him the bottle of scotch.  Ask him about Malloy and 
he'll give you Malloy's key to the warehouse.  Now, head for the 

Once inside the warehouse, open the chest directly in front of you on the 
far back wall.  Get the peg leg.  Next, look at the crate by the front 
door.  It has Malloy's name on it but you can't open it until you move it 
out of its' current location.  Now, go to the back of the warehouse and 
open up the control box.  Turn on the crane, then, lower the crane.  Go 
back to Malloy's crate and put the peg leg through the hole to secure the 
crate.  Now, go back to the control and raise the crate.  Go back to the 
crate and open it.  Get the tapestry and the photo of the Plains of Nazca.  
Also, you'll notice something fell out of the crate below.  Get the map of 
Asia that fell below the raised crate.  Leave the warehouse and head for 
your office.

Contact Lucia Pernell at the Bay City Mirror.  Don't joke around with her, 
be straight-forward and get to the point.  Set up a meeting with her and 
watch the cinematic scene.  Lucia gives you some vital information.  After 
the cinematic scene you'll be taken back to your office.  During the scene 
you saw someone on the roof of Rusty's Funhouse.  Go check it out.  When 
you get to the funhouse you'll find that the police have placed a cop lock 
on the funhouse door.  Go see Mac Mulden.  He'll give you the key but not 
the combination.  This is the next puzzle.  If you're playing in the ENT 
mode you have no time limit.  However, if you're playing in the GP mode 
you have a time limit.  At any rate, here's the solution:
Starting from the top left

1 --> 1
2 --> 4
3 --> 2
4 --> 3

Remember Mac Mulden told you about a trap door to the roof of the 
funhouse.  Locate the trap door opening mechanism behind bleacher on the 
floor just below the masks.  Move it and enter the concealed area.  Move 
the newspaper on the floor and pick up the doggie-do.  Its' not important 
but you do get a few points out of it.  Now, go to the roof.  Get the 
jacket from the cooling unit and examine it.  You'll find a torn photo and 
a cufflink with the initials DH.  You'll find out what the initials stand 
for later.  At any rate, go to you office and examine the cufflink first 
then the photo.  The photo is the next jigsaw puzzle.  As usual, you'll 
have a time limit in the GP mode but none in the ENT mode.  Assemble the 
photo and Tex will comment about needing to analyze the photo more 
thoroughly.  Go to the Electronic Shop and buy the Photo Analyzer.

Combine the Photo Analyzer and the photo to get the address of AUTOTEC.  
You'll find it in the second square from the bottom right side just about 
the car bumper.  Before you go to AUTOTEC contact Lucia Pernell again and 
ask her about Sandra Collins.  She'll give you Sandra's address.  Go to 
Sandra's home and get her resume from the draw by the walk-in closet and 
the AUTOTEC ID badge.  It's kind of hard to find.  It's on the floor on 
the back left side of the sewing desk.  Now, head to AUTOTEC.
You arrive in the Lobby of Autotec.  Go around to the side and try out the 
doors.  You'll notice another keypad.  Go back around to the window and 
move the sliding glass back.  Look at the clipboard.  It's just out of 
your reach.  You'll need to find a way to get it so you can get the 
security code to open the door.  Look on the table and get the brush.  
Look at the back door and get the cord from the blinds.  Also, look on the 
floor between the seats by the window and get the Visitor's Pass.  Combine 
the brush and the cord to form a makeshift grapple hook.  Use it to get 
the clipboard.  Read the clipboard and get the badge number for ID #14.  
The number is 8338.  Use the badge on the keypad and open the door.  If 
you are playing in the ENT mode you simply look for Dag Horton's office 
door and enter.  (Remember the cufflink with the initial DH)  However, if 
you are playing in the GP mode when you enter the hallway turn left and 
rush into the storage room. While in the room get the box of soap from the 
shelf and the mop.

Timing is of the essence here, so, this might be a good place to save your 
game.  You have a security guard to contend with in this area in the GP 
mode.  Wait until the security guard passes and you hear the door shut.  
Rush straight down the hall to where you see the bucket and mop the floor.  
There will be a cinematic scene of Tex mopping the floor.  When it's over, 
open the door beside the bucket to trigger the alarm, then rush back into 
the storage room and close the door behind you.  When the guard makes his 
rounds again he'll slip, fall and be knocked out unconscious.  In the next 
cinematic scene Tex will drag his body in the closet and lock him in with 
the mop handle.  Now, you can enter Dag Horton's office.

Once inside Dag Horton's office look at the photograph on the wall.  It is 
a picture of Dag Horton.  Now you know what he looks like.  Open the CD 
player and get the file cabinet key.  Move the book on the desk and get 
the post-it not with Rev. Gary name on it.  (Umm..How does Crazy Gary fit 
into all of this?)  Next, open the bottom drawer and get necklace that 
belongs to Sandra Collins.  Looks like we've found our Black Arrow Killer.  
Now, open the file cabinet on the right side and get the photos.  Before 
you leave the room, look on the bookcase and get the Meister lock key.  It 
opens the lock to the water tower on the roof of Rusty's Funhouse.  Leave 

Go back to the office and examine the things you got from Autotec.  Go 
back to the alley behind the Golden Gate Hotel and talk to Gary Lee.  Ask 
him about Dag Horton and the roof of Rusty's funhouse.  He'll tell you he 
just saw someone go up there only moments ago.  Return to the roof of 
Rusty's Funhouse and use the Meister lock key to open the lock on the 
water tower.

Look through the binoculars on your left hand side and a cinematic scene 
begins where the Black Arrow Killer is making an attempt on Emily's life.  
Depending on how you've played the game so far, you'll save Emily or 
she'll be killed by the Black Arrow Killer.  Let's hope you get there in 
time to save her.  After the cinematic scene you'll be back on Chandler 

You must locate the Black Arrow Killer before he leaves the neighborhood.  
Rush over to Rook's Pawnshop and ask him if he's seen the killer.  He'll 
tell you he did and that he heard someone on the roof.  Return to the roof 
of Rusty's Funhouse follow these instructions.  The timing here and 
sequence of events are critical or else Murphy's toast.

Watch Dag Horton.  When he turns away from you rush over to the stairs and 
onto the next rooftop and immediately duck down and hide behind the air 
conditioning unit.  Now, inch up until you can see Dag Horton.  When he 
turns and holds his arm up to look at his watch run over to the next roof.  
If you are successful, a cinematic fight scene will begin between Tex and 
Dag Horton Pay attention to the fight scene.  You'll notice that Dag drops 
something.  If you are unsuccessful, Murphy gets killed.  Let's hope 
you're successful.  By the way if you make it successfully to the air 
conditioning unit you can save the game there and wait for the right time 
to rush up on Dag Horton.


After the cinematic scene is over return to the roof and retrieve the item 
Dag Horton dropped.  It's a tracking device.  Examine the tracking device.  
Leave the roof and go down to Chandler Ave.  Examine the tracking device 
again to locate the object it's tracking.  Walk through the gate beside 
Rook's Pawnshop and go through the gate.  Walk to the manhole cover and 
enter the sewer.  Follow the sewer line around into the next section.  In 
the second section of this area there is a lose block.  Use the chisel to 
open the block.  You'll find Emily's Puzzle box hidden behind the block.  
Look at the box first and you'll find out that Dag attached an explosive 
device to the box.  You have to deactivate the device before you can take 
the box.

This is the next puzzle and here is the solution:
Once again, if you're playing in the ENT mode you have no restrictions but 
if you're playing in the GP mode you have to achieve deactivation in the 
fewest amount of moves.  If you're playing in the GP mode this represents 
the fewest amount of moves.
Load 2 Red Photons + 1 Light Red (Powercell) into the shuttle and send.
Load 2 Green Photons + 1 Light Green (Powercell) into the shuttle and 
Load 1 Red Photon + 1 Green (Powercell) into the shuttle and send.
Load 1 Green Photon + 1 Red (Powercell) into the shuttle and send.
Load 2 Green Photons + 1 Red (Powercell) into the shuttle and send.
Load 2 Red Photons + 1 Green (Powercell) into the shuttle and send.

After you deactivate the mine retrieve Emily's Puzzle box and examine it.  
You'll notice that it has holes on the top.  Remember this.  Now, go to 
the Flamingo and visit Emily.

Ask Emily about Malloy, the puzzle box and the NSA.  Then, question Gus.  
He'll tell you where to find the wrapper Malloy used to send the box.  Go 
into the alley behind Flamingo and look up on the light pole.  You'll see 
the wrapper.  Look in the trash can beside the door and get the antenna.  
Examine the antenna and use it to get the wrapper.  Examine the postage 
wrapper.  Tex makes a comment about examining the wrapper closer.  Combine 
the wrapper and the photo analyzer.  Search the lower left quadrant and 
find the postage meter stamp.  Go back to Tex's office.  You'll be 
arrested by the NSA.

Meet psycho Jackson Cross.  You must be pretty straightforward with Cross 
or he'll be more than happy to blow Murphy's head off.  If you live past 
the third or fourth response you're on the right track.  However, I got 
killed a few times before I caught on as to how to respond to Cross.  
Anyway, these are the responses that kept me alive:  B B C C A C A.  The 
most important thing to remember at this juncture is only tell Cross part 
of the story, then, pretend you've come clean and finally, DO, I repeat 
DO, let Cross in on the box.  Then, give him the box.  You'll retrieve it 

After the NSA agent literally drops you off at you office, meet Reagan 
Madsen up close and personal in the next cinematic scene.  After your 
brief introduction, examine the note she gives you to obtain her phone 

Go back to your buddy Mac Mulden's office and ask him about the postage 
meter stamp.  He'll send you to the post office where a bum will direct 
you to the Garden House where Malloy is residing.  Talk to the elderly 
lady and tell her a little white lie, then be patient and agreeable with 
her and she'll let you into Malloy's room.  Once inside, get the book of 
Bay City News Anagrams off the nightstand.  Open the desk and get the 
Cosmic Connection magazine, the Everlok Safe business card and the envelop 
containing the CD.  Examine these items.  Check out the closet door.  You 
cannot open it right now, you'll have to find the key or get it from 
Malloy (if you can find him).  Leave the Garden House and return to the 
office.  Go to the computer room and access the CD you found at the Garden 
House.  It needs a code.  You don't have it yet so, go back to the Garden 
House for any new developments.

When you arrive back at the Garden House look at the chair.  You'll find 
that Malloy has been in and that means he is alive.  Get the jeans from 
the chair and examine them.  They will lead you to the Waterfront 
Warehouse.  Go to the warehouse and meet Dr. Thomas Malloy.  When you 
arrive sit back and watch the cinematic scene.  You finally have something 
to report to your employer.


After the cinematic scene, retrieve the fax from Lucia Pernell and view 
the message from Chelsea on your vidphone.  Then, return to the warehouse 
and check out the aftermath.  Move the box directly in front of you and 
get the post office receipt.  Get scrap of yellow paper off the table and 
the flight schedule from under the table.  Examine these items.  Each of 
them are very vital to your task at hand.  Now, go to the corner and move 
the pallets.  A safe.  Those NSA boys didn't find everything did they.
Now, in the ENT mode there is an item at the Electronic's Shop that can 
assist you in cracking the safe.  So, if you playing in this mode, leave 
the warehouse and go to the Electronic's Shop and buy the Robco 
Safebuster.  It will reveal the combination but not in the correct order.  
If you're playing in the GP mode you have no such luxury.  However, if you 
look at the Everlok Safe business card, you'll not only figure out the 
combination, you'll also have the correct order.  (No, it's not a phone 
number)  Have you figured it out yet?  All of the numbers are squared.  If 
you figure out the square roots, you'll have the combination.  The 
combination and correct order is for both modes of play 22 31 15 7.  Open 
the safe and get the scratch paper and the key.  Examine these items.  The 
scratch paper describes a containment unit and the key opens the closet 
back at the Garden House.  Now, go back to the Garden House.  Get the 
briefcase from the top shelf and examine it.  Inside get the Gate of the 
Sun photograph and Malloy's notebook.  Look on the floor of the closet and 
get the book entitled, "Messages From Outer Space."  Now, head for the 

When you get to the office call Reagan Madsen and set up a meeting.  Go to 
the Imperial Lounge and break the bad news to Reagan about her father.  
Watch the cinematic scene and after it's over, return to your office.  
Receive the message from Lucia Pernell.  Return her call.  She has a 
little favor to ask of you.  Ask her about anagrams, JI Thelwitt and the 
Cosmic Connection, then end the conversation.  After you hang up Reagan 
will call and give you some vital information.  Examine Reagan's Puzzle 
Box then, combine it with Malloy's Tapestry.  This is the next puzzle.  
Position the tiles on the puzzle to match the tapestry.  GP mode players, 
you don't have much time to achieve this so get moving fast.  I moved more 
than one piece at a time and that's how I beat the time limit and obtained 
the maximum amount of points.

Now, go to Mac Mulden's office.  Ask him about the Dag Horton/Autotec 
connection.  He'll send you to the morgue where Dag Horton's body is on 
ice.  Get the scalpel off the medical gurney.  Go to the drawer marked G - 
H and open it.  It's locked, so, pick it with the scalpel.  Go into 
movement mode and press the shift key to raise Tex above the drawer.  
Press the D key to give Tex a downward aim.  Now, look in the drawer and 
get Dag Horton's wallet and file cabinet key.  Examine the wallet and find 
his security system card.  Now, go to Autotec.

This time the building is empty.  GP mode players you don't have to worry 
about security this time.  Go into Dag Horton's office.  Use the file 
cabinet key to unlock the file cabinet and get the documents in the 
vanilla envelope and the NSA Key.  Examine the documents.  Remember the 
access number 1091.  You'll need it in the Evidence Room.  Now, go to the 
Evidence Room.  Use Horton's security system card and enter the access 
number listed on the card.  The number is 773348.

Go to locker B15 and open it.  If you need some cash, get it.  Now, go to 
locker B17 and unlock it with Horton's NSA Key.  Retrieve Emily's Puzzle 
Box.  Next, go to locker E36 and get Pernell's Euphoria Disk.  Finally, go 
to locker E13 and get the NSA ID badge.  Now, go over to the degaussing 
machine.  Put the puzzle box, disk and money if you got it in the machine 
one at a time.  Enter Horton's code 1091 after each item, then open the 
cover to retrieve the item. It would be a good idea to lower Tex down so 
you can enter the number and see the keys clearly.  To lower Tex, in the 
movement mode press the CNTL key.  Once you have all the appropriate items 
degaussed you can leave out of the Evidence Room door without setting off 
an alarm.  Now, head back to Tex's office.

On the way back, stop by the pawnshop and redeem Malloy's  pawn receipt 
and get the Black Dagger.  Once you get back to the office examine Emily's 
puzzle box.  I wouldn't wish this puzzle on anyone.  It almost made me 
quit the game.  It is particularly difficult because the box does not line 
up with the map.  At any rate, the first thing you need to do is combine 
the flight schedule with the map of Asia.  Then, combine them with the 
box.  Now, combine the pegs from Regan's box with Emily's box.  ENT mode 
players be happy you are not playing in the GP mode on this puzzle.  GP 
mode players you have an exact amount of balls to work with.  If you get 
them correct the first time in the minimum number of moves you get the 
full value of the puzzle.  Therefore, after you've merged all the items 
and before you examine the box, save your game.  My guide is correct.  
However, you can mess up and place the wrong ball first.  Look on the map 
and find out where the first point is located.  The key to this puzzle is 
that all the points must intersect to form a final destination in the 
center of the map on the box.  Here's a diagram I created.  Follow it and 
you should have no problem with this puzzle.  I know, you can thank me 
		     4X			5O
		      6X			 7X
		   8O				   9X
                 10O			    11X
                  12 O	               13X
1- Beijing					9- Bangkok
2-  Urumqi					10-Bombay
3- Hanoi					11-Tokyo
4- Kathmantu					12-Guangzhou
5- Shanghai					13-Rangoon
6- Pyong					14-Bandar
7- Dhaka					15-Calcutta
8- Madras					16-Phnon

Examine the unlocked puzzle box.  Now, call Fitzpatrick on the vidphone.  
Ask him about AE, OE, EW.  He'll tell you about Archie Ellis.  Also, ask 
him about JI Thelwitt, Cosmic Connection, and Elijah Witt then end 
conversation.  When you hang up you'll realize that you didn't get the 
phone number from Fitzpatrick.  Don't sweat it, it's in the yellow pages.  
Before you contact Archie Ellis, go into your inventory and refresh you 
memory.  Examine the photo of the Gate of the Sun and the photo of the 
Plain of Nazca.  Also, don't forget the name Elijah Witt.  Now, contact 
Archie Ellis.  You must answer his three questions correctly before he 
will agree to meet with you.  Get ready to go to Roswell.


In route to Roswell, Tex voices some concerns to himself about the safety 
of Archie Ellis.  He is correct.  If he does not go back and warn Ellis, 
psycho Jackson Cross is going to have him for lunch.  So, as soon as you 
get to the Roswell facility, turn around and go back to Cosmic Connection 
and warn Archie Ellis.  Once you've warned Ellis, proceed
to Roswell.

You will begin in the Guard Hall.  Get the paper punches from the trash 
can if you are
playing in GP mode.  Don't worry about it if you are playing in ENT mode 
because they are not there.  This is another jigsaw like puzzle.  GP mode 
players you have 30 seconds to assemble the paper to form the number 

Now, open the desk drawer and get the walkie-talkie.  Examine the walkie-
talkie and get the batteries.  Go to the chair by the door and get the 
Emergency Procedures handbook, the matchbox from the night stand, the 
Roswell Security Card from the night stand drawer, the laser field diagram 
from under the mattress and the Roswell padlock key from the locker on the 
right.  Also, try to open the door to the left of the lockers.

Exit the Guard Hall through the door by the chair where you got the 
Emergency Procedures handbook.  Get the shovel by the locked shed.  Next 
look at the boxes by the lock shed and get the fuse.  Move the boxes by 
the Guard Hall and look at the broken cable.  Use the Roswell padlock key 
to open the shed in front of you.  Get the flashlight and the toolbox.  
Examine the flashlight and combine the batteries with the flashlight.  
Examine the toolbox and get the wire strippers.  Now, head for the Laser 
Field Room door.  ENT mode players, use the Roswell Security Card on the 
door.  GP mode players, use the Roswell Security Card, then punch in the 
security code you got from the paper punches (5142931).  

Check out the laser field.  Go to the panel on the far wall and look at 
the laser field security keypad.  If you have to, reread the laser field 
diagram paper you got in the Guard Hall.  You have to connect the nine 
boxes in only four moves.  Never fear, it can be done.  Activate the 
keypad per the instructions.  Enter ALPHA.  However, if you can't figure 
it out, here's the solution:  11, 1, 4, 13, 5.  This disables a portions 
of the laser field so that you can proceed to the other side.  You will 
notice that portions of the laser fields are now blue.  That's the portion 
you can safely pass through.  Proceed through the field and get the cable.  
Also, try to open the Main Complex door ahead.  You can't right.  You'll 
need to do something else to get that baby opened.

Return to the broken cable in the yard outside of the Guard Hall.  Strip 
the cable and use the stripped wire to repair the broken cable.  Now, go 
to the door and look at the large ON OFF switch.  Turn the switch on and 
go back into the Guard Hall.  Go back to the door you could not open and 
open it.  Open the trap door on the floor and get the box of dynamite.  
Examine the box of dynamite.  Combine the dynamite and the fuse.  Leave 
the Guard Hall.

Reenter the Laser Field Room and go back through the laser field.  Combine 
the matches and the dynamite and use it on the door.  Do not mess around.  
You must get out before the dynamite blows almost all the way to the Guard 
House to survive the explosion.  You'll know if you succeed.  It might be 
advisable to save your game before you light use the dynamite on the door.  
I tried to get as close as I could to the laser field before using the 
dynamite on the door.  That allowed me enough time to clear the building 
and get to the Guard Hall before the explosion.  After the explosion, 
return to the Main Complex door and enter.  When you enter the Main 
Complex the game takes you through the next cinematic scene.  Tex passes 
out as he passes through a gas pocket.  Now, if you saved Archie Ellis, 
you simply start another day.  However, if you failed to save Archie, you 
watch as psycho Jackson Cross blows his brains out.


Tex wakes up in the hallway of the Main Complex.  Now, IT IS CRITICAL that 
you follow these instructions to the letter.  Don't screw around in this 
area at first.  There is something in here (an alien entity) that has 
completely slaughtered every living, breathing thing.  And IT'S COMING 
AFTER YOU!  You must contain it before you can leisurely walk around.  

As soon as you enter, turn left and run (press R in the movement mode) 
around the corner and down the passage to the Mess Hall on your left.  Go 
to the kitchen area.  Open the freezer of the first refrigerator and get 
the ice pick.  Next, open the second cabinet from the right and get the 
pot.  Now, rush to the door and exit the Mess Hall.

After you get back in the hallway outside the Mess Hall, turn right and go 
back around the corner to the first opening.  Open Storage door #104.  Use 
the pick on the half full fuel drum and the pot to scoop of the fuel.  
Exit the Storage area.

Now, go to the Dormitory down the hall from Storage #104.  Use the shovel 
on the door.  Open the door and go through the open doors on the right 
side.  Open the last large cabinet door on the right side near the next 
open door and get the  containment unit.  Combine the containment scrap of 
paper with the containment unit.  Leave the Dormitory.

Go back to the Mess Hall (right turn at the end of the corridor).  Go back 
into the kitchen and turn on the closest front burner near the cabinet 
where you got the pot.  Put the pot on the burner and heat the fuel.  
Leave the Mess Hall and go left to the Storage Room #102 on the left side 
of the corridor.  Get the box on the shelf on the and examine it.  Get the 
spark plug.  Leave Storage Room #102.  Go left down the hall and go into 
the Generator Room.  

Open the both access panels and put the replace the missing spark plug.  
Next, open the fuel cap and add the pot of fuel.  Go to the right side of 
the generator and pump or pull the handle three times and turn on the 
generator.  Wait until the sound of the generator diminishes (in fact Tex 
makes a comment about not hearing the generator anymore) and use the 
containment unit on the alien entity.  Now, you can relax.  You can also 
use your the travel feature now.

Begin by going to the back of the Generator Room and retrieving the wire 
cutters from the top of the box.  Also, get the oxygen tank.  Travel back 
to Storage Room #102 and get the plastic contain on the box directly in 
front of the door.  Examine it and get the acetylene torch tip.  Now, 
travel back to Storage Room #104 for the acetylene torch handle.  Next, 
travel back to the dorm and get the CD off the floor.  Then go to the back 
into the area where you got the containment unit and get the CD Player and 
duct tape from the cabinet drawers.  Combine the CD and the CD Player.  
Now, go through the far back doors to the jammed but partly opened door.  
Look on the floor for another Roswell Level 2 Security Badge.  It is just 
out of your reach.  You are going to have to get something else to 
retrieve it.  Finally, travel back to the Mail Hallway.  Open the Rec Room 
door.  Get the Alien Abductor from the table to the left.  Go to the free 
weight area and get the weight bar.  Next, go to the pool tables on the 
right and get the pool cue.  Finally, get the dart off the dart board. 
Combine the dart and the pool cue.  Combine the dart, pool cue and duct 
tape.  Now you have a makeshift spear.  Travel back to the dorm and get 
the Roswell Level 2 Security Card.

Let's leave the first floor.  Take the elevator to the second floor.  Use 
the Roswell Level 2 Security Card to enter the War Room.  Get the alien 
photographs off the table on your right.  Play the projector.  Look on the 
floor by the projector in front of the screen and get the remote control 
unit for the alien abductor.  Now, go to the table by the podium and get 
the Eyes Only Military documents.  Travel back to the Main Hallway of the 
first floor by the door you entered initially.
Go into the unmarked room at the end of the hallway.  You are going to use 
the Alien Abductor to enter the rooms on level 2 that you could not enter 
due to toxic levels of whatever.  But, your abductor does not have 
batteries.  You couldn't have known.  Exit back to the laser field area.  
NO, you don't have to reenter the laser field.  You can travel from here 
now that you've destroyed the alien entity.  Travel to the Electronics' 
Shop and purchase the Robco battery pack.  Go back to Roswell and combine 
the batteries with the abductor and with the remote control unit.  

Go back to the fan room and use the weight bar on the fan.  Use the 
abductor on the opening in the fan.  Once in the air duct, locate J1-5.  
Turn right and take the arrow to the second floor.  If you are unsure 
about the operation of the abductor press F1 for details. On J2, locate 
the following rooms:

J2 - 12  Computer Lab:  Go left around the chair and pick up the 
screwdriver on the floor.  Now, leave the lab.

J2 -  8   Metallurgy Lab:  Turn right and get the hose from the wall.  
Leave the Lab.

J2 -  3   Linguistics Lab:  Raise the abductor above the height of the 
table.  Go right and locate the Roswell Security Badge on the table.  
Leave the lab.

If you are an ENT mode player you can press home now and leave the air 
duct.  However, if you are a GP mode player you must continue to the Bio 

J2 -  6   Bio Lab:   Raise the abductor above the height of the table.  Go 
to the table to right and get the vial of acid.  Now, you can send the 
abductor home.

Go back to Level 2.  Check out the Toxic Waste Disposal left of the 
elevator.  Now, go around the hall to the elevator for the 3d floor.  Use 
the Roswell Security ID on the keypad.  Enter the elevator.  Look at the 
access panel.  See the wires hanging out.  That means BOMB!  Use the 
screwdriver to open the panel.  Save your game.  Use the wire cutters to 
cut the wire and quickly snatch the bomb out of the panel.  Run to the 
Toxic Waste Disposal, open it, and drop it in.  Then get as far away from 
it as you can.  Now that you've disposed of the C4 explosive, go check out 
Level Three.

This is the stuff Science Fiction is made of.  Check out the alien vessel.  
Stripped but a vessel no less.  Go left and open the Miscellaneous Storage 
door.  Get the striker hanging down to your right and go behind the shelf 
and get the acetylene tank.  Now, go to the door labeled 100 - 200.  Tex 
let's you know that this is probably where Item #186 is being stored.

Combine the acetylene tip and handle.  Now, combine the hose with the 
oxygen tank.  Now, combine with the hose and oxygen tank with the 
acetylene tank and finally with the tip and handle.  Now, combine the 
striker with the Acetylene Kit.  Use the Acetylene Kit on the door.  Go 
inside the room.

Look at the computer.  Review the #186 scrap paper.  Enter the 186 and 7AC 
for the access code.  This is the next puzzle.  You have to create a path 
for 186 by moving around the pieces.  Here is the solution:

122 106 168 149 150 148 177 176

178 180 188 189 198 160 166 195

192 182 188 189 178 180 186 198(all the way right)

196 197 178 180 188 199 175 174

186 176 177 150 148 168 149 122 


Now, in the ENT mode open the door and get Fuel Cell #186.  GP mode 
players, use the acid on the door lock to open, then get Fuel Cell #186.  
Travel back to Level 1 Main Hallway.  Exit Roswell and travel back to 
Murphy's office.


When you get up the next morning you'll have a couple of facts waiting for 
you.  One will be from your buddy Archie Ellis thanking you for saving his 
life.  The other will be from Lucia Pernell.  Return her call and get the 
anagram fax listing.  Go to your office and enter the code MERGE THE FOUR 
CASES TO SEE MAPS.  Read the message to WITT.  Now that you have his phone 
number get on the vidphone and give him a call. 

This guy is really a recluse.  He won't cooperate unless you find right 
line of questioning.  You need his address because you know he has 
something you want.  Go to the Electronics' Shop and look at the Robco 
Call Tracer.   Ask Zack about it and then purchase it.  Now, get back on 
the vidphone and give it another try.  This time follow this line of 
questioning:  B A B C C C C.  Since you've got him to cooperate get him to 
agree to a meeting.  Now, go to Witt's apartment.  

As soon as you enter the alarm goes off.  Your first order of business is 
deactivating this alarm system.  First, locate the mask and move it and 
press the pink switch.  Next, go to the table, move the plant and press 
the green button.  Go to the fireplace and look at the orange switch.  
It's out of your reach so grab the bamboo and take the lifter up to the 
second floor.  Use the bamboo on the orange switch.  Finally, move the 
plant aside of the dresser and push the blue switch.  That should take 
care of the alarm system.

Get the note on the bed.  It gives you instructions to open the box he has 
hidden somewhere in the house.  Open the dresser drawer below the blue 
alarm switch and get the photo album.  Examine it and get the picture.  It 
has some very important numbers on it so write it down.  It helps you to 
solve a puzzle in the house later.  If you are playing in the ENT mode, 
there are four numbers 77 61 44 26.  In the GP mode there are six numbers 
70 12 84 65 39 67.  Use the bamboo to get the plaque over the door and 
examine it.  It gives you the answer to a puzzle later in the game.  Get 
the tweezers from on top of the night stand and go downstairs.

Move the plant near the fireplace to reveal a switch that turns of the 
fire in the fireplace.  Use the tweezers to get the foil pack in the 
fireplace.  Examine it and get the key.  Go by the table and get the book 
on the floor.  Examine it.  Also, pickup the book leaning against the sofa 
and read it.  Now, look at the statue.  Use the key to reveal the next 
puzzle.  ENT mode players have fun.  GP mode players you have a time 
limit.  If you read the book you should be able to decipher the Mayan 
number system.  Use the number from the back of the photography as the 
key.  Move the pieces in the same order as the numbers.  When you have 
solved the puzzle, it activates the bookshelf lock.  Go inside and get the 

Examine the box.  Remember the note you picked up off of Witt's bed and 
the books on the Mayan number system and calendar.  There's your answer.  
This was one of the most difficult puzzles in the game for me because the 
note and the book did not make much sense.  It almost could not make the 
correlation.  I even researched Mayan calendars and it did not quite 
conform to it.  Anyway, after much debate, trial and tribulation, here are 
the solution:  I give these willingly because I don't want anyone to go 
through the trouble I had to go through to obtain a solution to a game 
that's supposed to be entertaining.  Who knows, we may all be over 
analyzing the situation.

SEPT 8	-	 4 AHAU
MAY 20	-	10 CHUEN
JULY 12	-	11 MEN

Leave Witt's apartment and go to the Garden House.  Get the package off 
the bed and examine.  Decipher the letter.  Now, examine the box.  This 
puzzle is easy.  Combine the pieces from Witt's box with the final box.  
Simply arrange the pieces to create a frame around the Mayan symbols.  GP 
mode players you, of course, have a time limit.  The pieces snap into 
place so it shouldn't be that difficult.  Look at the design carefully.  
Notice anything.  There are lighter and darker shades.  Place the lighter 
shades around the upper right portion and the darker pieces around the 
lower left portion of the design.  GP mode players, your time limit is 
very short so I suggest you save the game before attempting to solve this 
puzzle.  Don't waste time trying to place the pieces perfectly.  Just make 
sure it's the right piece and it snaps in that place.  The game is very 
lenient with the placement.   I'll give you the placement of a piece to 
start you off:  the dark brown symbol that's shaped like a C goes into the 
bottom left corner.

After you've completed the frame, examine the box to get the powercell and 
the fourth part of the Pandora Device.  Combine the pieces to complete the 
Pandora Device.  Now, watch the cinematic scene between Tex, Fritz, Reagan 
and Witt.   After which, Reagan attempts to seduce Tex.  It's up to you 
how you want Tex to respond.


After the cinematic scene you arrive in the Snake Chamber.  Look around.  
Pick up 14 jigsaw puzzle pieces.  One that you might have a problem 
finding is on top of the tall monolith you see as you walk into the 
chamber.  Look at the Altar.  Get the papyrus.  Solve the Map Puzzle.  
It's relatively simple.  All you have to do is assemble the jigsaw puzzle.  
It actually forms a map for you to use throughout the labyrinth.  Later 
you'll use the papyrus to create the map.  As usual ENT mode players have 
no time limit and GP mode player have a time limit. 

Exit the Snake Chamber through the door with the star symbol above.  GP 
mode players, pay attention to the dots to the left, right or below the 
symbols on the doors.  It will be important for you to know their position 
in a later puzzle.  Go to the first intersection and get the charcoal 
along the way.  At the intersection, go RIGHT and follow the passage to 
the END.  Go LEFT all the way to the END.  Go LEFT, LEFT again and look at 
the dead man.  It's Edsen.   Poor guy.  Get the Prescription Glasses, the 
lantern, the gun and the handkerchief.  Examine all the items.  Leave 

Go back the way you came ( 2 RIGHTS).  Take the first opening on the RIGHT 
and get the White Dagger.
Go back to the intersection.  Take a RIGHT and follow to the END.  Go 
RIGHT again.  Take the first opening on the RIGHT and follow to the END 
(through 3 RIGHT turns).  Get the Small Ceremonial Stone Bowl.
Go back the way you came (through 3 LEFT's).  At the first intersection go 
RIGHT to the END.  Go RIGHT and follow the passage (through a RIGHT and 
LEFT turn).  Go RIGHT at the first opening.  Follow the passage to the END 
(through 2 LEFT turns).  Climb the stairs and look at the skeleton.   Use 
the broken lens on the Hemp Cord wrapped around the skeleton's hand and 
get the Hemp Cord.  Also, get the Mayan Spear.
Go back the way you came in (through 2 RIGHT's, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT).  Go to 
END and turn LEFT.  Reenter the Snake Chamber.
Exit out of door with sun symbol above.  Follow the passage (through a 
LEFT and RIGHT turn).  At intersection go RIGHT, LEFT and LEFT.  At first 
opening go RIGHT, RIGHT and get the Blunt Hatchet.
Go back the way you came and return to the intersection.  Go RIGHT.  At 
next opening go RIGHT, RIGHT and get the Silver Dagger.
Go back the way you came (through 2 LEFT's).  Go to the END and go RIGHT, 
RIGHT all the way through the long corridor to the END.  Go RIGHT and 
climb the stairs.  Look at the door and ENTER the Bird Chamber.
Look at the wall and the Stone Altar.  This is the next puzzle:  Sound 
Stones Puzzle.  It is relatively simple.  Use the Blunt Hatchet on the 
crystals in pairs to create the same sound.  GP mode players you have to 
complete this puzzle in the fewest number of moves to receive full value.  
Here's the solution:
			   4A	    6B
                  3B     4B     5B
               2A     2B      7     1A
                  3A     6A     5A

Exit the Bird Chamber through the door with the star symbol above.  ENT 
mode players you will exit to the corridor.  GP mode players you will 
enter the Fireball Room.

(GP Mode Players Only)  The Fireball Room is particularly problematic if 
you are not paying attention to what you are doing and if you are not 
moving along as quickly, as well as, safely as you can.  The object is to 
avoid the oncoming fireballs and try all four doors in order to exit the 
chamber.  You will not be able to leave this chamber unless you try all 
the doors.  I'll describe how I beat this chamber.  As soon as you enter 
this chamber get down low to the ground.  Low enough for you to see the 
ground and the oncoming fire ball.  I began by maneuvering from right to 
left.  If you follow this path it is the quickest way to exit the chamber.  
Once you get to the first door on the far right, all you have to do is go 
straight across to the remaining doors.

ENT mode and GP mode players now, follow the passage (through a LEFT and 
RIGHT turn) and go to the END.  Go LEFT to the END.  Go LEFT again, then 
RIGHT, RIGHT and LEFT.  Get the Gold Dagger.

Go back the way you came (RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT and RIGHT).  Take the first 
opening and on the RIGHT.  Follow the passage (through a RIGHT and LEFT 
turn) to the door with the Wasp Symbol.  Before you enter the Wasp 
Chamber, if you haven't already, combine the handkerchief with the oil 
from the lantern.  Then, combine the oily handkerchief with the spear.  
Now, light the spear by combining the matches with the spear and oily 
handkerchief.  Enter the chamber.

After Tex's comments to himself about the wasps, look to your right at the 
wasp head about the door.  Use the spear on the wasp head.  Now, look 
around the chamber.  Pay close attention to the 3 Mayan Kings.  Note their 
headgear, torso and waist down to the shoes.  Look at the Altar.  This is 
the next puzzle.  It's pretty simple.  It is a jigsaw puzzle of the 3 
Mayan Kings.  GP mode players, you have about 30 seconds to complete this 
puzzle to receive the maximum point value.  

Exit the Wasp Chamber through the door with the moon symbol above.  Go to 
the intersection and turn RIGHT, then LEFT, then RIGHT to the END of the 
passage.  Then, go RIGHT again and get the Red Dagger.

Turn around and go LEFT.  At the next opening on the LEFT enter the door 
to the Dagger Chamber.

Look at the Altar and the wall.  It tells you the order of the daggers.  
Now, solve the 5 Dagger Puzzle.  Here's the solution:  Note:  The openings 
are slightly raised, therefore, the Black Sun Dagger would be in the 
highest position.  The White Sun Dagger would be in the next highest 
position and so on.

Exit the Dagger Chamber through the door with the black sun dagger above.
Go to the END and take a RIGHT and a LEFT.  Enter the door with the 
Pentagon symbol.  This is Mayan Ascension Chamber 1. 

ENT mode players immediately fall through the floor.  
GP Mode players you have a puzzle to solve before you descend.the Dot 
Puzzle.  Remember, I told you to pay attention to the position of the dots 
by each symbol.  Well, that's what this puzzle is about.  You must rotate  
the symbols so that the dots appear in the correct position relative to 
the symbols on each of the five doors you have entered thus far.  You must 
move quickly or else the ceiling descends and crushes poor old Tex.  Here 
are the positions and a tip.  When you get to the Bird symbol, you only 
have to click it once.  Hopefully, this saves you some time.
After you've correctly rotated the symbols, the floor gives way.  This is 
Mayan Ascension Chamber 2.  The final chamber.

After the fall, you end up in the chamber with a surprise visitor - Reagan 
Madsen.  Talk to Reagan.  Then, get her backpack in the corner.  Examine 
it and get the rope.  Use the rope on the tall statue in the center of the 
room.  Examine Edsen's gun.  Examine the bullets.  Combine the jackknife 
with the bullets to get the gunpowder.  Combine the gunpowder and the 
stone cup.  Next, combine the hemp cord with the lantern oil.  Combine the 
stone cup filled with gunpowder with the oily hemp cord.  Now you have a 
primitive explosive device.

Use the primitive explosive on the broken statue pieces.  Place two of the 
smaller fragments on two of any of the four platforms.  Now, sit back and 
watch the cinematic scene.  

Now Tex and Reagan is outside the space craft.  Enters Jackson Cross 
followed by another cinematic scene where Fitzpatrick takes you all inside 
the spacecraft.  Are you beginning to wonder about Fitzpatrick's identity 
yet?  What happens now depends on what Tex's character has done through 
the game.  Enjoy the scene.  After the cinematic scene it will be up to 
Tex to get the spaceship off the planet before the auto-destruct sequence 
is complete.  Before Fitzpatrick dies he give you part of the sequence and 
I'll give you the rest.  However, you must complete the sequence before 
the black sun starts spinning very fast or else, you must reenter the 

BLACK SUN symbol at the top of the control panel

Once you successfully completed the sequence, sit back and watch the 
cinematic scene.

DAY 10

Day 10 is the summation of Tex's course through the game.  This is where 
you find out what path Tex has traveled down, that is, Lombard Street, 
Mission Street or the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.  Will Tex find true love 
with Chelsea or is it holo-dating?  Finally, you get your final score.  
And I believe, I believe, that's all folks!  
If you have any questions or you don't have the appropriate editor to view 
this walkthrough, email me at


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