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 Personal Nightmare Information

Personal Nightmare Information

                   P E R S O N A L   N I G H T M A R E 

                           INFORMATION/HINT FILE

The  theme of the adventure is to expose the bad people by getting evidence
against  them  and having them arrested; to dispose of a Vampire, Witch and
Hell Hound; and to defeat the Devil.

Tony Donaldson is arrested by showing his diary to the Policeman telling of
how he burned his parents.

Susan   Blandford  is  arrested  by  showing  the  Policeman  the  marriage
certificate,  the  crumpled note and the developed photographs, proving her
relationship with Peter Mason and the planning of her husband's murder.

Peter  Mason,  although  he  is  killed  in  the car crash, would have been
arrested  by showing the Policeman the broken numberplate and the bill from
his garage, which proved he ran down Susan's husband, Jimmy Blandford.

Michael Williams is the Vampire.

Alice Greenwood is the Witch.

All these people must be got rid of, plus the Hell-Hound, before attempting
to finish the adventure.


     ITEM                LOCATION                USE

   ANGEL (Statue)   Near altar in Church    To get the Holy Water.
                                            'CLEAN BOTTLE' then
                                            having read the prayer
                                            book, 'PRAY' and the
                                            Angel will cry. 'FILL
                                            BOTTLE WITH TEARS' then
                                            'CORK BOTTLE'.

   AXE              Mausoleum, West from    Used to kill Father.
                    front door of Manor     (See 'ENDGAME')
                    (See MAUSOLEUM)         To sharpen, see

   BILL             On the desk in the      Show to Policeman as
                    Garage office           evidence of Peter
                                            Mason's hit & run on
                                            Jimmy Blandford

   BOTTLE           Manor bedroom in        Use to hold Holy water.
                    jacket of dead tramp    (See ANGEL)

   BUGLE            Pub - over bar          Use against soldiers
                                            during second night's
                                            See 'SOLDIERS (DREAM)'

   CORK (POP GUN)   Outside your rented     Use to cork bottle after
                    room at pub. (After     getting Holy Water to
                    your second sleep).     avoid evaporation.
                    See 'POP GUN'.          See 'ANGEL'.

   CRUCIFIX         Found on walled-up      Wear this for
                    woman in entrance       protection against
                    hall of Vicarage.       ghosts in the Cemetery
                    See 'VICARAGE'.         at night.

   DOG              The dog appears on      To get past the dog,
                    your first visit to     see 'MANOR'.
                    the Manor.

   DIARY            In Tony Donaldson's     Use as evidence against
                    room at pub, under      Tony. Show Policeman
                    a pillow.               after finding key.
                                            See 'KEY (TINY)'.

   FILM (ROLL OF)   Found at scene of       Post this off to get
                    Jimmy Blandford's       more evidence against
                    accident outside        Susan and Peter Mason.
                    side door of pub.       See 'POST OFFICE'.

   GARLIC           At the foot of large    Carry this to protect
                    cross among the weeds   against vampire attacks.
                    at the S/W corner of    (This doesn't work in
                    the Cemetery.           the Crypt).

   GHOSTS           The ghosts appear in    To protect yourself from
                    the cemetery at and     the ghosts, wear the
                    after midnight.         crucifix.

   GLOVES           In front garden of      Wear these when cutting
                    Honeysuckle Cottage.    hook from hoist in
                                            garage. (See 'GARAGE').

   GOGGLES          On bench in garage.     Wear these when cutting
                                            hook from hoist in
                                            garage. (See 'GARAGE').

   HANDLE (For AXE) See 'MAUL'.

   HOLY WATER       This is obtained        Use this to throw at
                    from the angel in       the Devil.(See 'ENDGAME')
                    the Church.
                    (See 'ANGEL').

   HOOK             In garage.              Use in conjunction
                    (See 'GARAGE).          with rope.(See 'MANOR').

   KEY (LARGE)      You start off with      To let yourself into
                    this key.               the pub after 11:30pm.

   KEY (TINY)       Inside trousers in      To unlock diary.
                    washing machine at
                    pub kitchen.
                    (This will appear
                     on the first
                     morning after your

   KEY (SHINY)      Found at scene of       To get into Ivy Cottage.
                    Jimmy Blandford's
                    accident outside
                    side door of pub.

   KEY (BRASS)      In Honeysuckle          To unlock chains holding
                    Cottage bedroom,        girl (Judy) in loft of
                    around Alice            Honeysuckle Cottage.
                    Greenwood's neck.       (See 'HONEYSUCKLE

   KEY (YALE)       In Mr.Roberts' coat     To get into Registry
                    hanging on peg in       Office.
                    bar of pub.
                    (Look in coat when
                     he checks to see if
                     his taxi has come).

   KEY (VICARAGE)   Inside desk in          To get into Vicarage.
                    Vestry. (Open desk
                    with screwdriver).

   KEYS (SET OF)    In wrecked car (after   To get into garage
                    you caused it to        and Rose Cottage.
                    crash into the tree).
                    (See 'CAR').

   KNIFE            In knife holder in      Use either this or
                    kitchen of pub.         secateurs to cut
                    (This can only be       bell rope.
                     obtained between
                     3:00pm and 4:30pm
                     when no-one is in
                     the kitchen).

   MARRIAGE         In the safe at the      Show to the Policeman
   CERTIFICATE      Registry Office.        as proof of Susan
                                            Blandford's maiden

   MATCHES          On the shelf in the     Used to light the
                    kitchen of the pub.     Oxy-acetylene torch
                    (This can only be       (See 'GARAGE')
                     obtained in the
                     same way as the

   MAUL             In the shed at the      Remove handle from
                    rear of Ivy Cottage.    the maul and put it
                                            in the axe.

   MIRROR           On the chest of         Use this to kill the
                    drawers in Jones'       (See 'CRYPT').
                    bedroom at pub.

   NOTE (CRUMPLED)  Found in the small      Show to the Policeman
                    bowl in the lounge      as evidence of Peter
                    at Rose Cottage.        Mason's and Susan
                                            Blandford's relationship.

   NUMBERPLATE      One half is found at    Show Policeman as
   (BROKEN)         the scene of Jimmy's    evidence of Peter Mason's
                    accident. (Get early!)  hit & run on Jimmy
                    The other half is in    Blandford.
                    the bin outside the
                    garage. (After 9:00am
                    when the garage opens).

   OIL              Obtained from under     To put on oil stone so
                    car in garage.          you can sharpen the axe.
                    (See 'GARAGE').

   OIL STONE        Behind the paint pots   Use to sharpen axe.
                    in the shed at the      (See 'GARAGE').
                    rear of Ivy Cottage.

   POP-GUN          Outside your room at    To get cork for bottle.
                    pub after 2nd sleep.    (Look, and you can see
                                             a cat and a gun. Drop
                                             wool, get gun, fire gun,
                                             get cork).

   PRAYER BOOK      Found on walled-up      Read this to remind you
                    woman in entrance hall  of the Lord's Prayer.
                    of vicarage.            (See 'ANGEL').
                    (See 'VICARAGE').

   RECEIPT          In chest of drawers     This gives a clue as to
                    in Jones' bedroom in    the relationship
                    pub.                    between Susan Blandford
                                            and Peter Mason.

   ROBE             In bedroom wardrobe     This must be worn before
                    at Rose Cottage.        entering chamber.
                                            (See 'ENDGAME').

   ROPE (BELL)      Hanging from bell       Used in conjunction
                    tower in church.        with hook. (See 'MANOR').
                                            (Cut with either the
                                             secateurs or the knife
                                             from bell tower).

   SECATEURS        In the shed at the      Use to cut the fingers off
                    rear of Ivy Cottage.    the walled-up woman to get
                                            the prayer book.
                                            (See 'VICARAGE').

   SOLDIERS (DREAM) This occurs during      Get the bugle before you
                    second night's          sleep and when the
                    sleep.                  soldiers appear, Blow

   SAFE             In Registry Office.     Open this to get the
                                            marriage certificate of
                                            Susan and Jimmy to show
                                            Policeman Susan's maiden
                                            (See 'REGISTRY OFFICE').

   SAVINGS BOOK     In box room at the      To get money for a stamp
                    Vicarage inside copy    to post off film.
                    of Treasure Island.     (See 'POST OFFICE').

   SOLDIERS         In Tony Donaldson's     Red Herring.
   (GLASS CASE)     room at pub.

   SCREWDRIVER      In kitchen cupboard     Used to open desk in
                    at Ivy Cottage.         vestry at church.

   SLEDGEHAMMER     In shed at rear of      Used to hit wall in
                    Ivy Cottage.            entrance hall of vicarage
                                            to expose walled-up
                                            woman. (See 'VICARAGE').
                                            And also to gain entry to
                                            the mausoleum.
                                            (See 'MAUSOLEUM').

   SPANNER          On work bench in        Used to undo sump nut of
                    the garage.             large car to get oil.
                                            (See 'GARAGE').

   STAKE            Part of the fence in    Used to kill the dog.
                    the driveway of the     (See 'MANOR').

   STEP LADDER      Under the bed of        Use to get in the loft.
                    Alice Greenwood in      (See 'HONEYSUCKLE
                    Honeysuckle Cottage.     COTTAGE').

   VOUCHER          In magazine under       Use this in conjunction
   (FREE FILM)      table of darkroom       with posting off the film.
                    at Ivy Cottage.         (See 'POST OFFICE').

   WOOL             Down the side of the    Use this to distract the
                    small chair in the      cat when getting the cork.
                    living room at the      (See 'POP-GUN').


                           LOCATIONS & ROUTINES

      LOCATION                    ROUTINES

      CAR               (1)You must be outside the main door of the
                           Pub at or after MIDNIGHT on the SECOND
                           night after your arrival.
                        (2)The car will appear as two small headlights
                           which will start to come at you and try and
                           knock you down. Go EAST then NORTH and the
                           car will just miss you. WAIT until the car
                           comes at you again, then repeat EAST and
                           NORTH. This is done FIVE TIMES in all
                           causing the car to crash into a tree. Enter
                           the car, look in the glove box and get the
                           keys to the Garage and Rose Cottage.

      CRYPT             (1)The Crypt is DOWN from the SOUTHWEST corner
                           of the Cemetery. Go to the Crypt during
                        (2)Armed with the MIRROR, from Jones'
                           bedroom at the Pub, enter the Crypt and
                           move EAST FOUR TIMES to the coffin.
                           WAIT, and when you see the coffin
                           start to open, move back WEST FOUR TIMES
                           and stop at the open door. The Vampire
                           will follow you but will stop at the door
                           to shield from the light. 'SHINE LIGHT AT
                           VAMPIRE' and it will die.

      GARAGE            (1)To get into the Garage, you must avoid
                           being run down by the car and cause it to
                           crash. (See 'CAR').
                        (2)You will need GLOVES, AXE, OIL STONE
                           and MATCHES.
                        (3)Unlock garage door with keys found in
                           wrecked car and enter.
                        (4)Go WEST to the rear of the large car
                           in the garage and press the RED
                           button to raise the lift.
                        (5)Go back EAST, get the SPANNER from the
                           work bench and go down into the pit under
                           the car.
                        (6)'WIPE SUMP NUT' then 'UNDO NUT' causing oil
                           to pour out onto the floor.
                        (7)'DIP OIL STONE' into oil and sharpen the
                        (8)Come out from under the car and drop the
                        (9)Get the GOGGLES from the work bench and
                           WEAR them and the GLOVES.
                       (10)Go back to the rear of the car and having
                           the box of MATCHES in your inventory,
                           'LIGHT OXYACETYLENE TORCH' and then 'CUT
                       (11)'EXTINGUISH TORCH', 'DROP GOGGLES', 'DROP
                           GLOVES' and then 'GET HOOK'.
                       (12)Enter the office, 'EXAMINE PAPERS' on the
                           desk and 'GET BILL' for the replacement

      HONEYSUCKLE       (1)You can only enter Honeysuckle Cottage
      COTTAGE              AFTER having killed the Vampire.
                           (See 'CRYPT').
                        (2)The entrance is through the stone door
                           behind the coffin in the Crypt.
                        (3)From the Hallway go UP to the Landing
                           and 'REMOVE SHOES'. (If you don't remove
                           your shoes, you will wake Alice and she
                           will singe your whiskers).
                        (4)'EXAMINE ALICE', 'TAKE KEY' (from
                           around her neck) then 'LOOK UNDER BED'
                           where you will find the step ladder.
                        (5)Return to the Landing, 'DROP LADDER',
                           'CLIMB LADDER' and enter the Loft. (Alice
                           will appear below).
                        (6)'GET JUG', 'FILL JUG' (from the cold water
                           tank) then 'POUR WATER ON ALICE'. (Alice
                           will die).
                        (7)'UNLOCK CHAIN FROM GIRL' (Judy), then come
                           down and leave the cottage through the
                           front door.

      IVY COTTAGE       (1)Ivy Cottage can only be got into when
                           Susan Blandford has gone off with Jimmy
                           Blandford in the ambulance, after he has
                           been knocked down, and after midnight on
                           any day.
                        (2)Don't spend too much time in Ivy Cottage
                           because if Susan Blandford returns while
                           you are still there, she will have you
                           arrested and locked up.
                        (3)You will need the key to Ivy Cottage.
                           (See 'KEY (SHINY)').

                        THE KITCHEN
                        (4)Open and look in the cupboard and take
                           the screwdriver.

                        THE DARKROOM
                        (5)Look under the table where you find a
                           magazine. Examine the magazine and take
                           the free film voucher. Drop the
                           magazine, as this has no further use.

                        SHED (AT REAR OR IVY COTTAGE OUTSIDE)
                        (6)Take the sledgehammer, secateurs and,
                           from the large box, the maul. 'MOVE
                           PAINTPOTS' and 'TAKE OIL STONE'.

      MANOR             (1)You can only enter the Manor after
                           11:00pm when the Gardener leaves.

                        (2)You will need the ROPE and the HOOK.

                        (3)When you try to gain entry to the Manor
                           for the first time, you will be attacked
                           by a dog.

                        (4)On entering the Manor driveway, you will
                           see a fence to your right. Once the
                           Gardener has gone, examine the fence and
                           get the stake. Move North ONCE, then
                           type: 'KILL DOG WITH STAKE'. As the dog
                           is "almost upon you", hit [RETURN].

                        (5)Enter the Manor and 'TIE ROPE TO HOOK',
                           then 'THROW ROPE AT BANISTER'. 'CLIMB
                           ROPE' and enter the bedroom where you
                           find a dead tramp. Examine the tramp's
                           jacket and take the meths bottle.
                           Climb back down the rope and out of the

      MAUSOLEUM         (1)You can only get to the Mausoleum after
                           11:00pm when the Gardener leaves.

                        (2)You will need the SLEDGEHAMMER.

                        (3)Go to the Mausoleum (West from the
                           front door of the Manor). 'HIT
                           MAUSOLEUM WITH SLEDGEHAMMER' and

                        (4)'TAKE AXE' from the body in the coffin.
                           (The axe handle will crumble but can be
                            replaced with the maul handle).

      POST OFFICE       (1)To post off the film you need the roll of
                           film, the savings book and the free film

                        (2)'GIVE SAVINGS BOOK TO POSTMISTRESS'.

                        (3)'BUY STAMP WITH 20P'.

                        (4)'GET ENVELOPE' from display stand.

                        (5)'ADDRESS ENVELOPE'.

                        (6)'STICK STAMP ON ENVELOPE'.

                        (7)'PUT ROLL OF FILM AND VOUCHER IN

                        (8)'SEAL ENVELOPE'.

                        (9)Leave the Post Office and 'POST
                           ENVELOPE' outside.
                           (This has to be done on the next day
                            of your arrival to ensure that the
                            developed films arrive and are given
                            to you by Mr.Jones on the THIRD

      REGISTRY OFFICE   (1)You must get into the Registry Office
                           any time after 5:00pm when Mr.Roberts
                           locks up and leaves.

                        (2)You will need the YALE KEY (from
                           Mr.Roberts' coat).

                        (3)Examine the picture on the wall. This
                           shows a painting of the Battle of
                           Waterloo in the year 1815.

                        (4)1815 is the combination of the safe, so
                           'DIAL 1815' and you open the safe.

                        (5)Inside the safe is the marriage
                           certificate of Miss Susan Polly Perkins
                           to Mr.James T. Blandford.

                        (6)Show this to the Policeman as proof of
                           Susan Blandford's maiden name.

                        (7)The other papers in the safe tell you that
                           Susan Polly Perkins was the only one born
                           in July.
                           (There appears to be no use for this other

      ROSE COTTAGE      (1)To get into Rose Cottage, you must first
                           have avoided the car, caused it to crash
                           and obtained the keys from the wreck.
                           (See 'CAR').

                        Open and look in the wardrobe and take the
                        ceremonial robe.
                        (Put the robe in your briefcase as it MUST
                        NOT be worn before the 'ENDGAME').

                        Examine the small bowl on the table and take
                        the crumpled note from Susan Blandford to
                        Peter Mason.
                        (See 'NOTE (CRUMPLED)').

                        Hanging on the wall is an electric clock.
                        (You can take this to keep an eye on the time
                         during the ENDGAME, but this is optional).

      VICARAGE          (1)You will need the SLEDGEHAMMER, SECATEURS
                           and KEY from the desk in the Vestry.

                        ENTRANCE HALL
                        (1)Upon entering the Vicarage, examine the
                           wall in the entrance hall and it describes
                           it as being recently plastered.

                        (2)'HIT WALL WITH SLEDGEHAMMER' THREE TIMES
                           and this exposes a walled-up woman wearing
                           a crucifix and holding a prayer book.

                        (3)'GET CRUCIFIX' and 'WEAR' it.

                        (4)To get the prayer book, 'CUT FINGERS WITH
                           (For the squeamish, turn down the volume
                            and close your eyes before entering this

                        LIVING ROOM
                        (1)Examine the bookcase and 'READ BOOK'.

                        (2)This gives you a clue as to what you need
                           to defeat the Evil One, namely an AXE and
                           HOLY WATER.

                        (3)Examine the small chair and find a ball
                           of wool.

                        BOX ROOM (UPSTAIRS)
                        (1)'LOOK' at the room then examine the books.

                        (2)Take the Treasure Island book and
                           examine it. (Savings Book falls out).

                        (3)Get the Savings Book showing a 20P

                        PARENTS ROOM (UPSTAIRS)
                        (1)Examine the painting on the wall which
                           shows a Witch Hunter. (Another clue).

                        (At the first opportunity, tell the
                         Policeman of the walled-up woman, but make
                         sure that you have done all you need to do
                         as the Vicarage is then guarded by the Police
                         who stop further entry to the Vicarage).

                                THE ENDGAME

                     THE HOLY WATER IN A CORKED BOTTLE
                            THE CEREMONIAL ROBE

Go to the Manor driveway and wait for the Gardener to leave at 11:00pm

There are TWO ways that you can proceed from here, one is the correct way,
and the other is the wrong way.

THE WRONG WAY................
                               Enter the Manor, swing across the gap using
the rope or climb it and go down the stairs. Enter the burnt-out library,
move the leaves and find a trapdoor, open the trapdoor and go down, find
yourself in a vaulted corridor..........This way is a RED HERRING!!!!

THE CORRECT WAY..............
               (This will open up a passageway leading down)

                  'WEAR THE CEREMONIAL ROBE' and go DOWN.

                         MOVE EAST ONCE THEN STOP.

       (You now have to wait until 12:18pm when two Acolytes appear)

                     'REMOVE THE CORK FROM THE BOTTLE'
   (When the two Acolytes enter the Chamber at 12:24pm, you follow them)

                              IN THE CHAMBER

(A group of Acolytes appear and stand around a pyre upon which a young girl
is about to be sacrificed)

While this is going on, type: 'KILL FATHER WITH AXE'......But DON'T hit

When told that you recognise the Main Acolyte as your Father, THEN hit

Upon killing your Father, the Devil stands in his place.

                          'THROW WATER AT DEVIL'

.................The end of your Personal Nightmare, or is it?!!!

   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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