PGA Tour Golf 486 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 PGA Tour Golf 486

PGA Tour Golf 486

Playing Guide By Martin Keen

This classic game can be quite a challenge, so if you´re sick of
Tom Kite beating you at the 18th AGAIN then you´ll need these tips:

General Tips
Firstly, unless you are feeling particually brave it is best to play
as an ameteur. The lack of distance you can get from drives is more
than compenstated by the accuracy you can obtain.

When it comes to swinging the club, ignore what the manual tells you.
On the downswing don´t try and stop it on the grey area, but instead
on the line which seperates the grey from the orange.

For drives don´t bother stopping the backswing, just let it go right
the way to the top if you want a good few extra yards. Although this
will cause the swing arch to move a little faster, accuracy is not
quite as vital. Unless you really mess up the downswing it is very
likely you will end up on the fairway.

Where possible it is best to put a little backspin on all shots to
the green so as to stop the ball rolling off into the rough. Accuracy
is vital if you want to leave yourself with a decent putt.

For shots with a SW or LW it is best to put full backspin on the shot.
Power and accuracy and both of equal importance here, but with a bit
of practice it should be fairly easy to regually get the ball close
to the hole.

Make sure you turn the grid on, and always listen to the commentator
when he offers advice about the break of a putt. If he says "this putt
should be PRETTY straight in" then make sure you check on the grid
which way the putt will break, then aim to the appropriate corner of
the hole. Putts that are pretty straight in are rarely completely
straight in. Unfortuantely the commentator has quite a sense of humour
and occasionally likes to lie about the break of a putt - particually
on vital shots. When this costly joke happens you have full permission
to turn to your mate (should you be playing 2-player) and whinge "but
he said it would be straight in. Bloody American commentator!".

Hole-By-Hole Tips
These tips apply to the TPC River Highlands course only:

HOLE 1 - Par 4 : Pin 433 yards
The drive is downhill so aim slightly right for best view of green.
The second shot will probably need slighly extra power than is shown.

HOLE 2 - Par 4 : Pin 297 yards
A good birdie opportunity. Try to keep the ball in the middle of the
fairway. Going too far left will leave a difficult second over the
trees. Give the second shot 1/2 backspin to keep it on the green.

HOLE 3 - Par 4 : Pin 403 yards
A long but straight hole. No need for ultra-fine accuracy so
concentrate on powering it to the green in two.

HOLE 4 - Par 4 : Pin 406 yards
Aim slightly right on the drive to avoid the bunker and the little
hill that lies beside it. Be accurate with long second.

HOLE 5 - Par 3 : Pin 201 yards
To keep the long drive on the green give it less power than the grey
area indicates. The green slopes away so keeping it on there is the
hardest aspect of this hole. Club down if necessary.

HOLE 6 - Par 5 : Pin 510 yards
A fight to avoid the bunkers. Hit the drive as far as possible
anywhere on the fairway. The second shot must be long enough to carry
the bunkers so give it full power.

HOLE 7 - Par 4 : Pin 404 yards
Powerful drive required. Make sure to add backspin to the shot to the
green if you want it to hold as the green slopes away.

HOLE 8 - Par 3 : Pin 208 yards
Be careful not to overhit this. Aim for the lowest part of the top grey
band. Put full backspin on the shot, and hope it stops in time.

HOLE 9 - Par 4 : Pin 376 yards
The most worrying area on this hole is the bunker to the right. Aim well
left on the drive to avoid it.

HOLE 10 - Par 4 : Pin 460 yards
An extremely long hole so give the drive everything your little
on-screen sprite can muster. Fortunately the green slopes downhill so
a wood to the green could leave the ball surprisingly close to the

HOLE 11 - Par 3 : Pin 132 yards
Give the backspin the full power of the grey band. Be sure to add full
backspin to the shot as well.

HOLE 12 - Par 4 : Pin 369 yards
Give the drive plenty of power, and expect good yardage as the initial
part of this hole slopes downhill.

HOLE 13 - Par 5 : Pin 504 yards
Unless you are very confident in your ability to hit a drive straight,
then don´t go for the distance advantage of keeping your shot to the
right. The water here seems to have the annoying urge of trying to
gain as many golf balls as possible. The second wood shot also needs
to be accurate because too far to the left lie bunkers and too far to
the right is the water. Good birdie chance if you´re accurate twice.

HOLE 14 - Par 4 : Pin 356 yards
Aim to the right on the drive if you want a view of the green for your
second. But watch out, the green slopes away.

HOLE 15 - Par 4 : Pin 208 yards
Use full power on the drive as accuracy is not too important. This
should just leave a shot chip for the second, which does need to be
accurate. Be disappointed with anything other than birdie (unless you
fluke an eagle of course!).

HOLE 16 - Par 3 : Pin 138 yards
The drive to the green MUST be fairly straight. Once on it, the green
is completely flat so there is a good chance of sinking the putt no
matter how far away from the hole you are.

HOLE 17 - Par 4 : Pin 392 yards
The last chance of a double bogey or worse. Again only drive right if
you dare. Accuracy is extremely important. The second is also over
water so hit the ball staright. Put a little backspin on your approach
to the green.

HOLE 18 - Par 4 : Pin 407 yards
Not too many hazards here so put the emphasis on power. The green
slightly slopes away for the second shot. If an entire tournament
boils down to this hole then a birdie is a fair possibility - but only
if you´ve got the nerve!

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