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 Phantasia VS Destiny

Phantasia VS Destiny

Developed Group: Outback

2.Author’s Notes
3.Legal Stuff
4.Characters and Move List
5.Special Thanks


- Version 2.10 - April. 28, 2002 - All characters have been finished.  Ready for
final check.
- Version 2.00 - April. 17, 2002 - Moves done or mostly done: Stahn, Woodrow,
Lilith, Philia, Cless, Chester, Arche, Suzu, and Dhaos.  Moves started or
half-done: Rutee and Miktran.  Moves that needs to be started: Leon and Klarth.
- Version 1.20 - April. 8, 2002 - Added stuff for Dhaos as well as Cless. 
Finished Chester and Suzu’s moves.  Arche’s moves half done.
- Version 1.10 - April. 1, 2002- Dhaos’ moves finished as well as some
corrections and add-ons to Stahn and Cless.
- Version 1.00 - March. 5, 2002 - Guide started.  Author’s Note, Legal Stuff,
and Stahn as well as Cless’ moves finished.

1.Author’s Notes

Dear reader, my name is TechMaster, or TMaster.  I found this game through
GameFAQs and found that there is no translation of a move list for gamers.  I
found a move list from a Chinese board so I am helping other gamers out by
translating the whole list into English.

My Email:
My Site:

Other Authors:
- ClesStahnRiDio

- Pomi

3.Legal Stuff

This move list is for GameFAQs only, for now.  If anyone wishes to use it on his
or her own site, please inform me to get my or my co-writer’s permission. (With
the exception of Tangowr)  Just send me an email to the above address with your
site address and ask for my permission.  I will give an answer in a few days. 
Remember that this list may be kept on ones computer for personal use.  However,
it must keep my name in it as author.  Do not copy my work either.  I don’t want
to see ten different copies of the same guide floating around on net with
different author names.  Also, my work cannot be sold in print books without my

4.Characters and Move List

This contains most of the moves of each character.  This game uses directional
pads as well as six attacking buttons.  Player one’s default button is up = T,
right = H, down = B, left = F, A = S, B = S, C = D, D = Q, E = W, and F = E. 
Player two’s default button is up = 8, right = 6, down = 2, left = 4, A = J, B =
K, C = L, D = I, E = O, and F = P.  These can be changed using the option menu
in the game.  I will refer in the move list as up, forward, down, backward, A,
B, C, D, E, and F.

^Moves that changes when HP goes below 1/3.

*Moves usable only when HP goes below 1/3.

Name: Stahn Aileron
Gender: Male
Weapn: Swordian Dimlos
From: Tales of Destiny
Background: Stahn is a country boy from the village of "Lienea" in "Fitzgald".
He wanted to go to Seingald to become rich and famous, so he got on an airship
called the "Draconis". He was found out, and accused of attmpting to steal a
sword in their cargo room. The ship gets attacked while Stahn is on it, but he
finds the sword, and uses it to defend himself from the monsters. He finds out
that the sword is actually a "Swordian", and can talk. It is Fire elemental, and
its name is "Dymlos" / "Dimlos". Stahn is mild-mannered, sharp, but not an
intellectual exactly, and not exactly what you'd call a "Morning Person"...
Moves: Translated Name / Description / Execute move
- Slash / Simple sword slash / A
- Stab / Simple sword stab. / B
- Kick / Normal kick. / C
- Flame Flash / Stahn swing his sword and form a lava pool on the ground. / D
- Upper Slash / Stronger slash upward. / E
- Fireball / Regular fireball hit enemy. / down + forward + A
- Dual Kick / Kick with feet and finishes with a sword slash. /  back + down +
forward + B
- Tiger Teeth / Slash sword upwards and slashes down in mid-air. / down + down +
- Dragon Teeth / Four continuous slashes / down + forward + down + forward + B,
or forward + F
- Fury Slash / Spins towards the enemy / down + back + A
- Split Blade / Jumps up and stabs upward with sword / down + up + B, or up + F
- Lionheart / Controls force and unleashes forward a powerful force blow /
forward + backward + forward + B, or backward + F
- Skylasher / Close range attack.  Once hit the enemy, unleashes several stab
attacks and send the enemy to air. / down + back + forward + A
- Skysplitter / Lands down with a powerful blow. / [in air] + down B or C
- High Jump (forward) / Jumps and spins far away. / down + back + B
- High Jump (backward) / Jumps and spins far away. / down + back + C
- Phoenix / Transforms into a small phoenix and crashes towards enemies. / [High
Jump] + down + B
- ^Flame Arrow / Slashes flame arrow from sky towards enemy. / {High Jump} +
down + C
- Firebrand / Jumps and throws a huge fireball down toward the enemy. / down +
down + B
- Demon Flame Hit / Spins sword and unleashes a slash warped in flame. / down +
forward + C
- Dragon Kick / Jumps and spins with body warped in flames. / down + down + E
- Heat Tornado / Jumps up like split blade but more powerful and higher. / down
+ up + C
- ^Lion Blow / Unleashes Lion Heart and then Flame Flash. / forward + back +
forward + C
- ^Assassin / Killer ougi of Stan.  Quick slash with sword and then unleashes a
Demon Flame Hit. / down + back + forward + E, or down + forward + backward + E
before turning hyper
- *??? / Stahn does a Demon Flame Hit and engulfs his enemy in flames like a
flame thrower. / down + forward + down + forward + C
- *Dragon Roar Flame Explosion Hit / Stahn does several super fast moves where
his sword is engulfed in flame and ends up with him jumping up causing supreme
flame explosions upon his foe. / down + forward + backward + E (close range
- *Emperor Sky Rising Wing / Huge explosions occur and if enemy is close and did
not block the enemy will be hit by a huge phoenix transformed by Stahn and is
carried right out of the screen. / down + down + down + C
 -Advantages: Stahn is the basic fighter in the whole game.  His moves are
strong and easy to use.  It is fairly easy to link his moves together to do a
lot of damage to his opponent.  He also has some anti-air attacks that certain
characters such as Cless don’t have.  His strongest point is basically close
- Disadvantages: The basic weakness about Stahn is that his moves sometimes
leave a chunk of time where he just stays there and does not attack.  Enemies
sometimes can use this time to counterattack Stahn.  These spaces can be very
deadly if Stahn is fighting against Cless or Leon.
- Tactics: To beat Stahn, play very defensively.  Attack those spaces between
his attacks with as many moves as you can have.  Don’t get too aggressive though
unless you can do cheap attacks or else he can fight back with powerful moves.
(Leon or Lilith would both work very well)  It is possible to beat Stahn as a
CPU if you fight head-on.  However, if you’re fighting an experienced Stahn
user, beware.  You can get killed by the linked combos very easily.

Name: Rutee Cartret
Gender: Female
Weapon: Swordian Atwight
From: Tales of Destiny
Background: Rutee is a "Lens Hunter", she travels along with her partner "Mary
Argent" and collects little objects called "Lens". She has the Swordian
"Atwight" which is Water Elemental. She also has healing powers with this
swordian. She has a HUGE crush on Stan Aileron, but never says it. She has a
short temper, but if you get on her good side, it's cool. She lives in "Cresta"
in the "Seingald" Continent, and takes care of Children at the Orphanage. That's
why she's a "Lens Hunter", to collect it, and sell it, and donate money to the
Moves: Translated Name / Description / Execute move
- Stab / Rutee does a single stab with one of her hand. / A
- Hard Stab / Rutee uses both of her hand. / B
- Rush Kick / Rutee does a dashing kick. / C
- Barrier / Rutee moves away from the enemy while raising her guard.  / D
- Slash / Rutee does a slash with her swordian. / E
- Slide Kick/ Rutee slides toward her opponent, and kicks
them. / down and forward together + B
- Ice Needle/ Three small icicles come out of
Rutee's sword, and stab the opponent. / down + forward + A
- Blizzard Slash / Rutee creates a small blizzard around her, and slashes the
enemy with her sword 6 times. / down + backward + A
- Snipe Air/ Rutee slashes down and forward with a small water cloud around her
sword / down + down + A, or down + F, while in air, press down A to dive (the
dive can be also used in a normal jump)
- Snipe Roar / Rutee rushes and hits forward, then backward and up. / Forward +
backward + forward + B, or Forward + F
- Mirage - Image / Rutee brings out a cloud of smoke, and makes a clone of
herself that stays for a few seconds. / down + up + A
- Mirage - Dodge / Rutee creates a cloud of smoke, and teleports either forward
or backward half a screen worth, depending on where you are standing. / down +
up + B
- Mirage - Real / Rutee creates a cloud of smoke and disappears, then appears
above the opponent and thrusts them. / down + up + C
- Dispel / One huge icicle juts out of the end of her sword. / down + forward +
- Icicle/ down + forward + B
- Ice Throw / Rutee waves her sword, and a three-spiked ice slab flies down and
forward. / air + down + B
- Ice Water / Rutee rushes and does a round slash to the enemy.  If Ice Water is
fully activated, Rutee will also freeze her foe in a huge ice. / down + backward
+ B, another down + backward + B to do more damage.
- Ice Tornado / Jumps in air with ice swirling around her, hits enemy, brings
them into the air. / down + down + B, or up + F
- ^Acid Rain / Restricts enemy movement.  Pushes enemy toward the other side of
the screen. /  down + backward + forward + A, or backward + F (in hyper turns
into Snow Storm)
- Heal / Rutee heals herself from wounds. / down + down + E, press down + down +
E again to stop.  This move has a bug because it heals over the max hp possible.
- Bloody Throw / Rutee grabs the enemy, jumps high in the air, then lands,
slamming the enemy down, and blood flying out of them. / down + backward + C
- Bloody Rose (ground/close) / Rutee points her sword upward, stabbing the enemy
in air, do a few slashes, pin her enemy downward, then do several quick stabs.
Rutee finishes with a slam with the sword, with the form of a red rose. / down +
backward + forward + B, or down + down + down + C as well as down + up + E
before turning hyper.
- Bloody Rose (rush) / Rutee rushes and do several stabs, some big slashes and
then stabs her enemy into air while slamming down with a big thrust in a form of
a rose. / down + backward + forward + C, or forward + backward + forward + E
before turning hyper.
- *Tsunami / Rutee creates a great tide and rides on it while carrying her foe
to the air. / down + down + down + C
- *Unknown Kick / Rutee kicks forward while clearing her guard. / forward +
backward + forward + E
- *Twister / Rutee summons a giant tornado and blows the enemy off the ground. /
down + up + E
- Advantages: The best way to use Rutee I've found is, jump around a lot. And
when you see an opening, pull off her combos. If you're low on HP, use "Heal",
cure it right up. Actually, she's kinda cheap though, because you can cure HP,
and even go beyond her max HP, so, if you don't mind cheating a tad, do that
^_^. Make SURE that you're FAAAR away from the opponent when you use Heal
though, because you wouldn't wanna get hit while doing it. "Snipe Air", "Bloody
Rose", and "Icicle" are her best three moves, in MY opinion. If you're in the
air, boom! Snipe Air, quick as heck. If your opponent is going through a second
of lag time because they missed an attack or something, boom! Bloody Rose. Want
a quick hit that does good damage, and easy to pull off? Icicle, POW! Also, her
throwing move is very good to use occasionally, too.
- Disadvantages: Rutee is a quick character, but to use her well requires a
decent player to show all her potentials.  Her moves are generally not as
powerful as Cless, Stahn, Leon, or Dhaos.  Basically, her number one
disadvantage is that she is definitely not for beginners.
- Tactics: The best way to assault Rutee is to use fast characters to make her
unable to use her heal spell.  Once she use that, if you’re close use the
strongest close range attack to counter whatever wound was healed.  If you’re
far away, try either to use far attacks or use moves that can get close to her
as quick as possible.  If she is not healing but attacking, defend then
counter-attack.  For air characters, beware of her Twister for it is a good
anti-air move.  Only thing to be aware of is that Twister is a final ougi so
that she cannot perform it unless she is in hyper mode.  For ground characters,
beware of her combos too.  Good players can link her combo and kill you before
you know it.

Name: Leon Magnus
Gender: Male
Weapon: Swordian Chaltier
From: Tales of Destiny
Background: Background: Leon is a very young swordsman who, despite his age,
became one of the elite fighters of the country Seinegald. He joined Stahn
Aileron’s group to rescue the Eye of Antamoni. He is Rutee’s younger brother and
has only two real friends: his Swordian Chaltier and a girl named Marian whom he
Moves: Translated Name / Description / Execute move
- Slash / Leon slashes with his Swordian. / A
- Thrust / Leon thrusts with his Swordian. / B
- Shoulder Charge / Leon pushes the enemy with his shoulder. / C
- Upwards Slash / Leon does a uppercut with his Swordian. / E
- Missile Sword / Leon fires an energy missile from his Swordian. / down,
forward + A
- Kick Attack / Leon kicks the enemy twice and then stabs them with his
Swordian. / backward, down, forward + B.
- Double Missile Sword / Leon performs his missile sword technique twice in a
row. / down, forward + C
- Spike(Grave) / Leon makes a small row of rock spikes appear from the ground. /
down, backward + A
- Stone Press / Leon makes a large boulder fall on the battlefield. / down,
backward + B
- Rock Rush / Leon rushes forward leaving a trail of rocks behind him and then
jumps backwards. The rocks keep advancing even after Leon has left the ground. /
down, backward + C
- Stone Wall / Leon trespasses the opponent and commands several rocks to
converge where the opponent is, encasing him/her and hitting him/her afterwards.
/ down + B during Rock Rush.
- Demon’s Lance / Leon charges forward, hits the enemy high into the air with an
uppercut and commands a demon from another dimension to impale him/her with his
lance on the way down. / down, backward + E
- Tiger Blade / Leon does two powerful slashes with his Swordian. / down, down +
- Pikko Hammer / Leon throws a small hammer at the enemy. / D
- Super Pikko Hammer / Leon takes out a very huge hammer and smashes the enemy
on the head with it. / before hyper press down, down, down + C. During hyper
press down, up + D
- ^Dragon Blade / Leon rushes forward, and if the enemy is near he attacks
him/her with a series of slashes. The number of hits is increased when Leon? HP
goes below 1/3. / down, forward, down, forward + B
- Great Dragon Blade / Leon rushes forward and hits the enemy with several sword
attacks in the same fashion as Dragon Blade. This time though, the powerful
slices cause several shockwaves to crash against the opponent. / down, forward,
down, forward + C
- Snipe Rear / Leon rushes forward, and if the opponent is at an appropriate
distance, he appears behind and slashes him/her. / forward, backward, forward +
- Snipe Roar / Leon charges forward at incredible speed while thrusting. Then he
quickly jumps back to his original position, hitting the opponent on the way
back also. / forward, backward, forward + B or + C before going hyper.
- Dark Thrust / Leon turns his back on the opponent while imbuing his Swordian
with dark energy. Suddenly, he turns around and does a powerful thrust that
extends throughout the battlefield. / down, forward, backward + C
- Mechablade / Leon combines his Tiger Blade and Missile sword techniques to
perform a powerful combo. / down, backward, forward + B
- Advancing Dark Thrust / Leon quickly charges forward surrounded by dark
energy, hitting the enemy several times. / down, backward, forward + C
- ^Rock Tearing / Leon rushes towards the opponent and hits him/her several
times. After some hits, rocks start appearing and attacking the opponent
simultaneously with Leon. / down, backward, forward + E. More hits are added
once Leon enters hyper mode.
- *Leon’s Grief (True Demon’s Lance) / Leon, yet again, charges forward and hits
the enemy several times. Afterwards he stops, says his beloved Marian? name out
loud, and Dark Thrusts his opponent. / forward, backward, forward + C
- *Earth’s Rage / Leon concentrates and makes several rocks appear around him.
He then commands the rocks to charge forward. If the enemy is hit by the rocks,
an enormous stone pillar begins to form around him/her, hitting several times. /
down, down, down + C
- Advantages: Leon is a surprisingly quick character. None of his attacks comes
out too slow, and some of his attacks can be devastating if they get to connect.
Demon’s Lance works incredibly well as a surprise attack or counter attack.
Also, Leon’s Grief has a very good priority against other attacks.
- Disadvantages: Be careful when using Earth’s Rage, the fact that Leon is
surrounded by rocks during the beginning part of the move doesn’t mean he is
invulnerable during that period of time. Also, Stone Press is very easy to
dodge, so be careful when using that also. Some of Leon’s attacks make him jump,
like Rock Rush or Snipe Roar, which means that if they miss you are probably
going to get your butt kicked on the way down so, if you are going to pull them
off, try to make sure they are going to hit.
- Tactics: Move, move, move! If you try to play defensively against him he is
probably just going to trap you in a corner and keep attacking you until your
defense bar is full and you can’t possibly block the next attack. Your best shot
is to try the other quick characters like Stahn, Chester, Garr etc. against him,
or the flying ones. He doesn’t have many attacks that can reach a character that
is very high in the air, except maybe stone press, but that’s very easy to dodge
(still, that would be kind of cheap).

Name: Philia Philis
Gender: Female
Weapon: Swordian Clemente
From: Tales of Destiny
Background: Philia is a priestess from Straylize Temple. As innocent and naive
as she is, she was deceived by her tutor and turned into stone. Later on Stahn
and his group saved her. She offered to join the party so she could settle
things with her tutor. While they were on a boat, she heard someone’s voice
calling for her, and after searching the ruins from which the voice came she met
Clemente, the lightning Swordian, who offered to join her on her quest.
Moves: Translated Name / Description / Execute move
- Thrust- Philia thrusts with her Swordian. / A
- Slash / Philia slashes with her Swordian. / B
- Push / Philia charges forward a small distance. / C
- Tractor Beam / Philia makes a magical symbol appear beneath the enemy, hitting
and sending him/her high into the air. / D
- Upward Slash/ Philia does a swing with her swordian. / E
- Philia bomb / Philia takes a bomb of her own creation and throws it at the
enemy / down + forward + A
- Twin bomb / Philia throws two consecutive bombs. It can be done while jumping.
/ down + forward + B, or forward + F, or (in air) down + B
- Lightning sword / Philia jumps with her Swordian in front of her, slashes the
enemy on the way down and drops lightning on them when the Swordian hits the
ground. / down + down + A
- Bomb Rain / Philia throws several bombs directly above her. The bombs spread
and explode when they hit the ground. / down + down + B, or down + F
- Lightning / Philia raises her Swordian and creates a small lightning bolt that
falls directly upon the enemy. / down + backward + A
- Thunder Blade / Philia kicks the enemy, slashes him/her with her Swordian
charged with electricity, and stabs them. Afterwards she lifts the enemy up in
the air and lets all the electricity in her sword flow through the enemy. / down
+ backward + B, or backward + F
- Force Field / Philia creates a barrier of light in front of her which prevents
the enemy from approaching. / down + up + A
- ^Ray / Philia raises her Swordian and light pillars start falling on the
ground. The number of pillars increases when Philia’s HP is below 1/3. / down +
up + B, or up + F
- Berserk bomber / Philia charges forward and attacks with a series of bombs,
ending with a very huge one. / down + backward + forward + B, or down + backward
+ forward + E before turning hyper.
- Holy Wrath(Indignation) / Philia charges a ball of electricity around her
Swordian and throws it at the enemy. If hit, several lightning bolts start
hitting the enemy, ending in a big explosion. / down + backward + forward + C
- ^Meteor Swarm / Philia raises her Swordian and commands two meteors to crash
on the battlefield. When Philia’s HP drops below 1/3 the number of meteors
increases to three. / down + down + down + C
- *Statis / Philia performs a mysterious dance which paralyzes the opponent.
After the dance is over, a very small portion of the enemy’s HP is taken away. /
down + backward + forward + E
- *Clemente’s punishment / At close range, Philia prays with her Swordian down,
she then points it towards the sky and a barrage of blue fireballs fill the
battle field, lifting the opponent and hitting him/her while in the air. / down,
+ forward + backward + E (immediately after the spell starts, press and hold
forward, when the animation changes from blue fire to what seems to be small
lightning,  press and hold up, and when the animation changes yet again to a
cyclone, press and hold down, or just press forward, up, and down at the same
time after executing the move.)
- Advantages: Statis!! Once this move connects there is NO WAY the opponent can
get it off, and you can combo it! Fortunately for Philia, this technique can be
canceled into either of Philia’s two most powerful moves(either Clemente’s
Punishment or Holy Wrath), making it a sure hit for whatever you choose to use.
Even if you are on both extremes of the battlefield, Clemente’s Punishment will
still connect. Lightning sword and thunder blade are great for counter attack,
as well as berserk bomber. Ray is a great anti air move if you know how to time
it right (it doesn’t come out as fast as Dhaos’s), Force Field is great to keep
your opponent away, and Lightning and Tractor Beam sure come in handy as a
surprise attack when the enemy is running towards you because they can’t see
them coming.
- Disadvantages: Well, Philia is um? Kind of weak. Most of her quick moves do
very little damage or almost no damage at all. This last thing is specially true
for berserk bomber, which takes away a very small fraction of your opponents HP
even though it hits 24 times. Two of her most damaging moves (Meteor Swarm and
Holy Wrath) come out too slow to be able to combo them. Clemente’s Punishment is
the most powerful but also the slowest move Philia has, and it also has to be
done at close range. Even if you can cancel Statis into either Holy Wrath of
Clemente’s Punishment, it is already difficult enough to connect Statis itself.
- Tactics: Philia is a tricky fighter, especially because some of her moves
can’t be seen coming toward you. Watch out for Statis because it has several
effects. It will increase the range of Clemente’s Punishment even if the
opponent wasn’t paralyzed, so if you weren’t hit by Statis but you see her
charging Clemente’s Punishment, run toward her like you’re never run before and
let her have it, because otherwise Clemente’s Punishment will hit you. Another
effect if will have is that Philia will become invulnerable for a few moments,
and if you let her finish her dance, she will somehow hit you immediately after
her glasses shine. Also, beware of Lightning and Tractor Beam. They can catch
you off guard while running towards her.

Name: Woodrow (Garr) Kelvin
Gender: Male
Weapon: Swordian Igtenos
From: Tales of Destiny
Background: Woodrow is the prince of Phandaria. He left his country to live in
the woods with Master Alva and learn his archery skills. He knows both archery
and sword techniques and joined Stahn Aileron’s party for good after they helped
him regain his throne. He is a very educated person and a great diplomat.
Moves: Translated Name / Description / Execute move
- Slice / Woodrow slices the opponent. / A
- Thrust / Woodrow thrusts with his Swordian. / B
- Punch / Woodrow punches forward. / C
- Arrow Shot / Woodrow shoots an arrow with his bow. / D
- Rising Slash / Woodrow slices down to up. / E
- Wind Blade / Woodrow throws high-pressure air forward. / down + forward + A
- Wind Blade . Speedy Wind / Woodrow Slices the opponent several times. / down +
forward + B, or backward + F (in hyper, press down + C to activate special move)
- Wind Blade . Grand Violence / Woodrow waves his sword and creates a strong air
current in front of him. / down + forward + C, or forward + F
- Power / Woodrow shoots a powerful and quick arrow forward. / down + forward +
- Arrow Stream / Woodrow thrusts several times, creating what seems to be a
stream of wind arrows. / down + backward + A
- Wind thrust / Woodrow quickly charges forward with his Swordian in front of
him, creating a small wind current. / down + backward + B
- Circling Slash / Woodrow makes a somersault jump with his Swordian in front of
him. Can also be done in the air. / down + backward + C, or (in air) down + C
- Speed / Woodrow skillfully shoots three arrows at once. / down + backward + D
- ^Air Slash / Woodrow slices the opponent with a sharp wind razor. More hits
are added when Woodrow’s HP is below 1/3. / down + backward + E 
- ^Rising Wind Stream/ Woodrow thrusts upwards, piercing the opponent with a
powerful wind. When Woodrow’s HP drops below 1/3 this attack turns into
whirlwind? adding two more hits. / down + down + A, or down + F
- Mirage / Used as a counter-attack. Woodrow blocks an attack with his Swordian
and retaliates by appearing above them, thrusting on the way down. / down + down
+ B
- Mirage 2 / Used as a counter-attack. Woodrow blocks an attack with his
Swordian and retaliates by appearing behind them, attacking, and returning to
his original position. / down + down + C
- Arrow Storm / Woodrow aims for the sky and shoots and arrow. Afterwards a
series of powerful wind arrows fall from the sky. / down + down + D, or down +
forward + backward + D before going hyper.
- Vortex / Woodrow spins forming a wind torrent, then rises a little bit into
the air. / down + up + A, or up + F
- Great Vortex / Woodrow spins forming a powerful wind torrent , then rises high
into the sky and thrusts on the way down, leaving a void behind him which hits
the opponent. / down + up + C
- Void Sword / Woodrow charges forward with his Swordian in front of him. If the
Swordian hits the opponent then Woodrow continues by making a series of slashes
an thrusts which disperse the wind around the opponent. This creates a void that
hits a total of 35 times. / down + backward + forward + C
- *Divine Wind(God Breath) / Woodrow charges forward at incredible speed,
trespasses the opponent and appears above him. Then, a pillar of wind forms
around the opponent and disperses while Woodrow thrusts him/her on the way down.
/ forward + backward + forward + C.
- *Super Power Arrow / Woodrow charges the tip of his arrow with tons of energy
and releases it straight across the battlefield. / down + forward + backward + D
- Advantages: Woodrow is a very quick character. Most of his moves can be used
as counter-attacks while blocking (specially  Mirages 1 and 2, and Void Sword).
He has good anti-air moves like Rising Wind Stream(or Whirlwind for that matter)
and Circling Slash, and is able to surprise the opponent with ease with his
Divine Wind attack which makes him disappear for an instant.
- Disadvantages: Like most of the other characters, Woodrow has a tendency to
take breaks after some of his moves (mainly his arrow ones and a few sword
techniques like Divine Wind), leaving him wide open to attacks it they didn’t
- Tactics: Woodrow is kind of a difficult opponent because you never know what
he is going to do. Unlike the other characters, his ougies don’t blacken the
screen before happening, which means that if you are not paying attention to
what he is doing, he may catch you off guard. Also, he has a thousand different
ways to counter-attack your moves, so missing may not look as such a pleasant
idea. Try to stay away if you can, and if your character won’t allow long range
fighting (like Lilith and Rutee) just try not to attack too much because he may
retaliate with something very painful.

Name: Lilith Aileron
Gender: Female
Weapon: Ladle
From: Tales of Destiny (also appears in Tales of Phantasia as the guardian of
the SD sword in the coliseum.)
Background: Lilith is Stahn's little sister who lives in Seingald. She uses
Rods, and a Frypan and a Ladle for a weapon. She keeps houses very clean, and is
a great cook! Especially fish! She's always harping on Stahn to "Wake up!" or
"Clean your room!". She has no Swordian, but is still a GREAT fighter.
Moves: Translated Name / Description / Execute move
- Hook Punch / Lilith does a hook punch to her opponent. / A
- Straight Punch / Lilith does a forward straight punch at her enemy. / B
- Quick Punch / Lilith does a quick upward punch and send her opponent flat on
the ground. / C
- Dodge / Lilith dodges blows of her foe. / D
- Spin / Lilith spins to avoid direct contact with her opponent. / forward + D
- Uppercut / Lilith does a uppercut, sending her opponent flying. / E
- Thunder Punch / Lilith does two punches, where in contact the enemy is shocked
by the force of thunder from her punches. / down + down + A, or down + F, or up
+ F
- Trio Kick / Lilith does three kicks in a row on the ground. / down + backward
+ A
- Lilith ??? (Punch) / Lilith does two punches and does a flying kick. / down +
backward + B
- Lilith ??? (Weapon) / Lilith does two swings with her ladle and does a big
swing upward and comes down with another slash with her ladle.
- Dual Kick / Lilith does two kicks while going up in air and comes down with a
flying kick. / down + down + B
- Shadow Kick / Lilith comes down from air and does several kicks while holding
herself in air before coming down. / Air + down + A
- Splash Assault Kick / Lilith comes down from air with a strong kick and does
several punches and kicks when landed. / Air + down + B
- Lionheart / Lilith does a strong punch and a force with the shape of a lion
comes out of her punch. / forward + backward + forward + B
- ^Thunder God Deca Assault / Lilith does ten punches, each with the power of
thunder.  In Hyper mode, she ends with a  Lionheart. / down + forward + backward
+ B
- ^Exploding Thunder / Lilith punches the ground and thunder comes out.  More
thunder will come out when Lilith is in hyper mode. / down + down + C
- Thunder God Rising Dragon Kick / Lilith kicks upward while jumping up.  If
contact, thunder will come out from the hits and damage the enemy. / down + down
+ E
- Lion Expoding Thunder / Lilith rushes with a Lionheart and then finishes off
with a Exploding Thunder. / forward + backward + forward + C
- Thunder Flash / Lilith focus her power and let go a force of thunder from her
- *Lion Crush / Lilith performs several Lionhearts in one move. / Lionheart
(when she hits her enemytwice) + forward + back + forward + B, or before hyper,
you can press forward + backward (stop for a split second) + forward + B (really
hard to do…..this is one of the toughest move ever in P vs. D)
- ^*Thunder Teeth / Lilith jumps up with a uppercut.  In contact, she releases
the power of thunder.  Changes to four punches each with super strong thunder
combined with it. / down + forward + backward + E (before hyper only), or down +
down + down + D, or forward + backward + down + D (before hyper only)
- Trip / Lilith trips her opponent with a low kick. / forward + D
- *Rising Dragon Dance / Lilith punches her opponent with one hand first for
four times, then punches with the other hand again four times.  She then rises
while turning punching her foe straight up to the sky while finishing off with a
Thunder Flash. / down + forward + backward + E
- *Sudden Hell Kill / Lilith rushes for a short distance forward.  If the enemy
is hit, a sudden flash occurs and both characters goes out of sight while huge
thunder explosions cover the background.  The move ends with Lilith standing as
if just finished a dance and the enemy on the ground. / forward + backward +
down + D
- Advantages: Lilith is a fairly quick character with lots of attack power.  She
seems weak to the eye but in reality really strong.  She has both close combat
moves as well as some possible anti-air moves.  She has three final ougies,
which are all fairly strong.  Though her moves may not be supremely powerful as
compared to some other characters such as Cless, Leon, or Dhaos, her destructive
power can not be ignored.  Her easiest executed move as well as her most
annoying move, Trip, can kill just about any ground character without them
turning hyper. (Hit to their deaths, basically)  These things made her a good
choice for beginners to use.  One more thing, she seems to be designed after Ryu
or Ken in “Street Fighter”.
- Disadvantages: Truly, Lilith is a hard character to crack.  The only possible
way to kill her is to not let her get so close to you that she can use Trip. 
Keep her far far away, unless you can play defensive.  Her disadvantage would
probably be that many of her strong moves need to be in close range in order for
her to executed the move properly.
- Tactics: The way to defeat Lilith, it is suggested to defend first and after
the blocking hit her hard while she’s on a very short break.  Since she’s so
good at close combat, it is also best to keep away from her and keep her away as
well.  Keep hitting her with far attacks and fend her off when she gets close. 
This should be enough to take care of her.

Name: Miktran
Gender: Male
Weapon: Swordian Belserius
From: Tales of Destiny
Background: He's a baddie in Tales of Destiny who wants to create a new world
above the earth. Good, huh? Only problem is, he wants to destroy the Earth, and
all the people in it first! He also was the King of the Ertherians in the
"Ae'ther Wars". He carries the Darkness Swordian, "Berselius". (Well, it's
called "Berseslius" in America, but in Japan, it's "Belserius".) He has a
variety of attacks, and is a powerful character once you know how to use him.
Moves: Translated Name / Description / Execute move
- Slash/ Miktran Slashes with his sword. / A
- Thrust/ Miktran Stabs with his sword. / B
- Quick Slash/ Miktran does a fast slash up with his sword. / C
- Teleport/ Miktran teleports to the corresponding directional button you hit. /
directional button + D
- Upper Slash or Hard Slash / On the ground, Miktran does a slash upwards while
in the air he does a strong slash forward. / E
- Red Zap/ Miktran generates electricity through his sword, and knocks the enemy
up in the air, hitting them numerous times. / down + backward + A, or backward +
- Circular Blade / Wiktran shoots a blue circular blade with his sword and it
homes a bit. / down + forward + A, or forward + F
- Voltage Crush/ Miktran makes three blue circular objects appear around him to
form around him, which have electricity flowing through them. / down + down + B,
or down + F, or up + F
- Gray Slash/ Miktran slashes his sword down, and a big gray wave flies out and
hits opponent. / down + down + E
- Explode/ Miktran makes a big explosion hitting the opponent from air. / down +
up + C, or down + backward + forward + C
- Lghtning Crash / Miktran Slashes, Thrusts, then calls red bolts of lightning
to hit the opponent. / down + forward + backward + C
- Plasma Storm / Miktran makes a red whirlpool of heat go around him that
stretches from the ground to the air, and rocks fly up throught it to hit the
opponent. / down + up + E
- Dark Phoenix / Miktran summons a huge black bird to fly at the opponent. /
down + backward + forward + B
- Star Blast / Miktran summons small explosions, and piercing red lights to hurt
the opponent. / down + down + down + C
- *Dark Spear / Miktran fires out a nuch of lights, and explosions to deal
damage. If you do the "Hold the buttons backwards", he shoots two hug red lasers
out. / down + backward + forward + C, press up to make spear go upward, press
down to make spear shoot downward, press back to hold spear to form into two
huge beams
- *Black Sphere / Miktran makes a huge black filed around him, and keeps wailing
on the opponent with it. / down + up + down + up + E
- *Divine Power / Miktran does a few HUGE spells to deal big damage.  First hit
you with flare, then blizzard, then whirlwind, and finally a great rock crashes
down onto the opponent. / down + forward + backward + E and then press down, up,
and forward together to see the whole move.
- Advantages: With Miktran, Teleport OFTEN. It's so easy to dodge attacks with
it. His moves are long, and easy to pull off, so I guess the best strategy would
be to play half-distance. And if you see an opening, rush toward them and use
"Voltage Crush", or his "Red Lightning". Of course, don't remember his ultimate
attacks when his Health is 1/3 left. One word: "Divine Power". Okay, that's two
words, but don't get technical on me ^_^. If you're fighting someone who never
stops moving, (like Suzu) get up in a corner in the air, and use his
Blue-Circular move.
- Disadvantages: The main problem with Miktran is that he fears anti-air moves,
especially ones that can hit directly above the user to prevent Miktran from
assaulting them from above.  His close combat combos are usually a bit slow to
activate with some exceptions.  However, two of his three final ougies requires
charging or slow activation in order to perform at max power.  Thus, the enemy
can easily counter attack Miktran.
- Tactics: To defeat Miktran, either use lots of anti-air moves to prevent
Miktran from attacking from the air, or if the player is using a ground based
character try to prevent Miktran from flying as well as going straight above the
player’s head to do serious damage with his attacks.  If you can concentrate
your attack on him as much as possible, he won’t be able to perform fatal
damage.  However, against another player (not CPU), it is suggested to use
Klarth or other characters that have good anti-air moves.

Name: Cless Alvein
Gender: Male
Weapon: Eternal Sword
From: Tales of Phantasia
Bachground: Cless is from a village called Totus.  He trained there with his
father, Miguel, who was a famous swordsman.  However, the black knights attacked
his village when he was away hunting in the forest with his good friend Chester. 
This began his adventure in Tales of Phantasia.  Cless is a master at swords and
mastered both the Alvein sword techniques as well as the Time techniques given
by the guardians of the ancient as well as Origin, King of the spirits.  He is a
fierce fighter and has the most final techniques. (three)
Moves: Translated Name / Description / Execute move
- Slash / Simple sword slash / A
- Stab / Simple sword stab. / B
- Push / Cless pushes enemy down using one hand. / C
- Dual Slash / Cless jumps up and do a double slash. / D
- Upper Slash / Stronger slash upward. / E
- Trio Slash / Cless swings his sword upward hitting the enemy three times. / B
and E together.
- Psion Bolt / Cless swings his sword upward and releases a force wave. / down +
forward + A
- Blade Storm / Cless pokes forward about 10-15 times damaging the enemy. /
forward + back + forward + A (Press up before the last blow will result in a
swing upward instead of a stab.)
- Tiger Teeth / Cless swings his sword up in the air and comes down doing four
hits. / down + down + A, or down + F
- Magna Rift / Cless opens a hole in the ground and damages enemy with fire
based attacks.  The final stab sends enemy rolling backward. / forward +
backward + forward + C, or back + F
- Phoenix / Cless jumps in air and forms a phoenix slamming down towards enemy.
/ down + back + B
- Lightning Slash / Cless jumps and slam his sword causing a lightning bolt to
smash down. / down + down + B, or up + F
- Lionheart / Cless uses his hand to cause a force that shapes like a lion’s
head. / forward + backward + forward + B, or forward + F
- Firebrand / Cless jumps and throws his sword forming a big fireball flying
down smashing the enemy. / down + down + C
- Mecha Blade / Cless uses a psion bolt and slashes enemy eight times with tiger
teeth. / down + down + D or E
- Lion Storm / Cless uses blade storm hitting 20 times and sends enemy rolling
with lionheart. / forward + backward + forward + D, or forward + back + down + E
- Phoenix Kick / Cless kicks enemy into the air and crashing down in the form of
pheonix. / down + backward + D
- Teleport / Cless jumps up forming a protective air wall that will damage the
enemy and suddenly appears on top of enemy and do four consecutive attacks. /
down + up + E
- Soul Edge / Cless jumps up and forms a big sword with his spirit crashing
down. / down + backward + forward + E
- Soul Wave / Cless charges and spirit wind forms around him that can damage the
enemy.  He then release a wave of force attacking his opponent. / down + forward
+ down + forward + E
- *Eternal Break / It’s a combination of all three time techniques.  First it’s
a blow of soul wave, then it’s an enhanced teleport with greater beams smashing
upward and comes down with a soul edge smashing enemy to peaces. / Press B and E
together at close range.
- *Soukuu Zanshou Ken / Cless slashes two times sideways and jumps high in the
air hitting the enemy 20+ times.  He also yells, "Makeru ... mono kaaaa!!!",
which also means, “I will never lose!!!” / down + down + down + E
- *True Soukuu Zanshou Ken  / Cless needs to charge up his guard first in order
to perform this.  He then charges in front of the enemy and start doing massive
slashing towards the enemy.  A human player may dodge it, but a CPU enemy will
get hit just about 90% of the time by this massive killer move. / forwad +
backward + down + E
- Advantages: Cless is a all around fighter.  Basically, he has no problems with
any ground enemies.  If played defensively, Cless can be one of the strongest
characters.  To master Cless’ moves, however, is another story.
- Disadvantages: The weak point of Cless is that he has a hard time fighting air
enemies.  Most of his moves are either close ranged or only for ground targets,
thus bringing disadvantages against air targets.  Also, to learn all of Cless’
moves is a pain.  However, once you mastered button mashing, you’ll be really
strong against most players.
- Tactics: To defeat Cless, it is suggested to use cheap moves.  Cheap moves are
moves that can hit until death.  It is also good to use far ranged characters
such as Chester or any flying characters.  For far-ranged characters, the
buttons must be mastered or else once there’s a space for Cless to attack, the
result can be disastrous.  Cless can just use teleport and start bashing his
enemies from a far range.  For flying characters, just keep using air-borne
attacks to prevent being hit by Cless.  One other way is to use another decent
fighter such as Stahn and keep using combos to keep Cless busy.  However, these
characters don’t work very well if Cless is playing defensively.

Name: Chester Barklight
Gender: Male
Weapon: Bow
From: Tales of Phantasia
Background: Chester is the childhood friend of Cless.  He is a skilled archer. 
In the beginning of the game, his sister, his only family member, was also
killed in the destruction of Totus.  He caught up with Cless after his grief was
over and went into the investigation with Cless in the underground tomb where
Dhaos was sealed.  During the crisis of Dhaos eliminating the whole party,
Chester took a brave kick and delayed Dhaos for a split second before Cless and
Mint could be transported to the past.  He rejoined Cless and the party when
they return with Klarth and Arche.  He is a solid fighter as well as sniper from
Moves: Translated Name / Description / Execute move
- Punch / Chester does a normal punch at his opponent. / A
- Kick / Chester kicks his opponent. / B
- Push / Chester pushes his opponent with his hand, knocking his opponent down.
/ C
- Arrow / Chester releases a single normal arrow from his bow. / D
- High Kick / Chester does a high kick and knocks his opponent upward. / E
- Dual Kick / Chester jumps and does several kicks at the enemy. / down + down +
A, or down + F
- Lion Heart / Chester focus his spirit and releases his lion like force with
his hand. / forward + backward + forward + B
- Red Lotus / Chester shoots this flaming arrow which dives when come into
contact with the enemy. / down + forward + A, or forward + F
- Frozen Teeth / Chester shoots ice arrows at his enemies freezing them for a
split second. / down + forward + B, or backward + F
- Thunder / Chester shoots this arrow with the power of thunder.  Upon contact,
a thunder bolt will crash on the enemy. / down + back + B
- Rock Crusher / Chester jumps and shoots this arrow that splits even rocks. /
Air + down + B
- Sky Shocker / Chester shoots a bundle of arrows into the sky and they come
down in a sprayed form. / down + down + B, or up + F
- Feather / Chester jumps and shoots several arrows that goes in a curved
direction. / down + down + C
- Feather / Chester shoots one of these curving arrows in midair. / Air + down +
- Wind / Chester shoots several straight arrows at once. / down + backward + C
- Big Teeth / Chester pulls out this giant arrow and shoots it at the enemy. /
down + backward + forward + B or C
- High Dragon / Chester focus this thunder shock from the sky on his bow and
shoots a massive energy arrow at his enemy.  Upon contact, the arrow forms a
shock wave and a dragon shaped force sprouts from the ground. / down + forward +
backward + C
- *Dragon Slayer / Chester charges up his guard and when full releases his most
powerful move.  Besides the main blow, there are several small shots that are
guided (anti-air) / down + backward + forward + C and immediately press
backward, if hold when guard is full the move will execute when the backward
button is released.
- Advantages: Chester is a sniper afar and a fighter in close combat.  Most of
his moves are for far attacks so he can keep the enemy far away from him without
getting hurt.
- Disadvantages: Even though Chester has some fighting skills, he does not stand
a change against Cless, Stahn, Leon, or Woodrow in close combat.  Most of his
moves are too slow for close combat except for certain exceptions.
- Tactics:  To defeat Chester, play close combat on him and make sure that he
does not have any break to perform any of his sniper tricks.  Just beware of
some of his moves and you’ll be fine.  He is not exactly a really strong
character in fighting, but can surely pull some nasty moves.

Name: Arche Klaine
Gender: Female
Weapon: Broom
From: Tales of Phantasia
Background: Arche is a half elf.  Her mother was the inn keeper of the Elf
Village and her father lives below the Valley of the Sylphs in the past world. 
She was first possessed by a friend’s spirit (Lia Scarlet) until the death of
Demitel.  She has some ultra powerful spells that can do serious damage.
Moves: Translated Name / Description / Execute move
- Broom Slap / Arche slaps her enemy by turning her broom from left to right. /
- Broom Slap / Arche slaps her enemy by turning her broom from right to left. /
- Spell Shock / A spell sign appears before Arche and knocks her enemy flying if
on contact. / C
- Spell Cast / Arche turns into spell mode.  Now she can cast really strong
spells by pressing the direction buttons. / D
- Zap / Arche does a small zap with her left hand, causing her enemy to be
knocked upward if on contact. / E
- Spinning Broom / Arche spins her broom vertically. / Air + E
- Force Free Fall / Arche falls straight to the ground without stop. / down +
down + A
- Lift / Arche turns and flies to the sky in a quick manner. / up + up + A
- Fireball / Arche casts one single fireball at her enemy. / down + forward + A,
forward + F
- Ice Needle / Arche casts an ice needle at her enemy. / down + forward + B, or
backward + F
- Lightning / Arche casts a lighting bolt on her enemy.  This move is a cheap
shot. / down + backward + A, or up + F
- Grave / Arche casts a rock needle to appear from the ground. / Ground + down +
backward + B, or Ground + down + F
- Storm / Arche casts wind blade around her./ Air + down + backward + B, or Air
+ down + F
- Fire Needle / Arche turns and rushes towards her enemy with a needle of fire.
/ forward + backward + down + up + E
- Thunder Blade / Arche focuses her magic and creates a thunder red hot blade
that she spins. / down + down + C
- Eruption / Arche casts a spell where lava pours out below her. / D + forward +
backward + down + up
- Cyclone / Arche casts this whirlwind in front of her, lifting her enemy up
while doing some cuts. / D + up + backward + forward + up
- Ray / Arche focuses herself and causes several rays of light to smash into
enemy near or below her. / D + up + forward + backward + down + up
- Tractor Beam / Arche casts this magic sign where it goes towards the enemy and
lifts her enemy up to cause damage. / D + forward + backward + forward +
backward + down
- Maelstrom / Arche creates this red cyclone to zap her enemy. / D + up +
backward + down + forward + backward + forward
- Nesurasa (Ice Spikes, in my opinion) / Arche calls out these ice spikes that
jabs straight forward. / D + backward + up + down + up + forward
- Explode / Arche casts this huge flame from the sky to shock her enemies with
flame.  Looks really like a nuke. / D + forward + down + backward + up +
backward + forward + backward + down
- Indignation / Arche calls upon this great thunder to shock her enemies. / D +
up + forward + down + backward + down + forward + up + down, or D + up +
backward + forward + backward + up + forward + up + down
- Four Elemental Spell / Arche casts Fireball, Ice Needle, Thunder, as well as
Grave at the same time. / D + forward + backward + up + down + forward +
backward + up + down
- Meteor Swarm / Arche calls up two huge meteors to smash into her enemy. / D +
up + backward + forward + backward + up + down + up + down
- *Thunder of the True God / Arche calls upon this spell where a huge thunder
bombs her enemy.  It is the strongest spell of Arche. / forward + backward +
down + up + E + hold up and down together until enemy is hit
- Advantages: Arche is one of the two characters in the game that can fly.  She
has great agility in her movement and can dodge many attacks.  Her final spell
is really strong too, it’s one of the strongest attacks in the game.  Her
Lightning spell is also a cheap move.
- Disadvantages: Arche has a bit of disadvantage in defending.  Her guard raises
when she uses a spell, blocks, or flies upward.  When her guard is full, she
will drop from the sky immediately.  Also, she has little chance of beating
Klarth because of the summon Luna.  She fears many anti-air attacks.  Also, it
takes long time to cast those spells if the combination is not memorized.
- Tactics: The way to beat Arche is to use Klarth and keep using Luna.  Besides
that, anti-air attacks from other characters can also be deadly to Arche.  On
the ground, she’s not much of an attacker.  Arche needs a fair amount of time to
cast a spell because of all the different combinations.  Such spaces can be
deadly for Arche.

Name: Klarth F. Lester
Gender: Male
Weapon: Book
From: Tales of Phantasia
Background: Klarth is a summoner that lived in a small town called Euclid in the
past.  He went with Cless and Mint in order to learn more about spirits and
making contracts with each one he meets.
Moves: Translated Name / Description / Execute move
- Book Slash / Klarth swings his book upward doing a slash. / A
- Book Stab / Klarth push forward with his book ding a stab. / B
- Force / Klarth generates a force that looks like a blade in front of him. / C
- Call Origin / Klarth calls a shadow of Origin to attack his enemy. / D and
then press forward
- Upper Slash / Klarth points at his enemy with his fingers and then slashes
upward with his book. / E
- Guard Generate / Klarth raises his enemy’s guard. / F
- Slide Kick / Klarth slides and does a low kick at his enemy. / down and
forward together + B
- Upper Knee / Klarth does a quick knee upward, kneeing his foe to the air. /
down and forward together + C
- Sylphs - Cyclone / Klarth calls out a small cyclone with the power of Sylphs,
the Spirit of Air./ down + forward + A
- Sylphs - Wind Blade / Klarth calls a wind blade with the power of Sylphs. /
down + forward  +B, or forward + F
- Sylphs - Wind Barrier / Klarth calls several Sylphs to create a wind barrier.
/ down + forward + C
- Undine - Twin Slash / Klarth calls Undine, the Spirit of Water, and does two
slashes with her sword. / down + backward + A
- Undine - Water Shield / Klarth calls Undine and a shield of water that can
damage the enemy forms. / down + backward + B
- Undine - Water Blade / Klarth calls Undine and does a big slash with her
sword. / down + backward + C
- Undine - Heal / Klarth calls undine to heal his wound. / down + backward + E
- Gnome - Low Bomb / Klarth calls Gnome, the Spirit of Earth, and releases a
short range bomb. / forward + backward + A
- Gnome - Twin Bomb / Klarth calls Gnome and releases two bombs going up from
the ground and crashing down from sky. / forward + backward + B, or down + F
- Gnone / Klarth calls Gnome and they appears in front of him punching the foe
upward. / forward + backward + C
- ^Gnome - Bomb Rain / Klarth calls Gnome and several bombs come out straight
towards the enemy. / forward + backward + E
- Efreet - Fiery Slam / Klarth calls Efreet, the Spirit of Fire, and does two
punches and a slam to earth. / down + down + A
- Efreet - Fireball / Klarth calls Efreet and shoots several fireballs at close
range at the enemy. / down + down + B
- Efreet - Flame-Thrower / Klarth calls Efreet and does a big flame thrower at
the foe. / down + down + C
- Efreet - Flame / Klarth calls Efreet and a flame erupts from under him. / down
+ down + E
- Maxwell / Klarth calls Maxwell, the Spirit of Judgement, in a form of a
bouncing circular force. / Air + down + C
- Luna / Klarth calls Luna, the Spirit of the Moon, and creates pillars of light
to smash against foe.  Great anti-air move. / down + up + C, or backward + F
- Volt / Klarth calls Volt, the Spirit of Electricity, to fry enemy around him. 
A close range anti-air move. / down + up + B, or up + F
- Origin - Rush Stab / Klarth calls Origin, the Spirit of Creation, and does
several stabs with his spears. / down + backward + forward + A
- Origin - Lightning / Klarth calls Origin and forces out a small lightning. /
down + backward + forward + B
- ^Origin - Lightning of Creation / Before hyper, Origin will only do some slash
attacks.  But once hyper, Origin will end the move with his Lightning of
Creation. / down + backward + forward + C
- *Origin - Breath of the Spirits / Klarth calls Origin and a huge pillar of
energy comes out form the ground to bash foe. / down + backward + forward + E
- *Maxwell - Tetra Elemental / Klarth calls Maxwell and if hit all four
elemental spirits will erupt and do maximum damage to foe. (four spirits are
Sylph, Undine, Gnome, and Efreet. / down + forward + down + forward + D
- Advantages: The advantages of using Klarth is that he’s such a great anti-air
character and some of his moves, such as the Ifrit - Flame-Thrower, can be used
repeatedly until the enemy is dead.  In general, Klarth is not strong, but he
got some nifty moves that he can attack the enemy before coming too close to
him.  He’s also the only two characters in this game that can heal themsleves.
- Disadvantages: The main disadvantage of Klarth is that his moves tend to be
not that powerful.  It’ll take the player a while to finish the other guy using
- Tactics: The way to defeat Klarth is to attack him quick closely and not let
him get too far nor too relaxed to do summons like Luna that can cover the whole
battlefield.  However, remember to block or else you might get kicked around by
some flame-throwers.

Name: Suzu Fujibayashi
Gender: Female
Weapon: Dagger
From: Tales of Phantasia
Background: Suzu was born in the secret Ninja Village hidden in the Ymir Forest. 
In Tales of Phantasia SNES version, Suzu was not a playable character.  However,
the PSX remake included her as a secret character.  She has quick but usually
not relatively powerful attacks.
Moves: Translated Name / Description / Execute move
- Slash / Suzu swings her dagger from right to left. / A
- Back Slash / Suzu swings her dagger from left to right. / B
- Double Kick / Suzu quickly does two kicks. / C
- Flying Dagger / Suzu throws her dagger at her enemy. / D
- High Slash / Suzu slashes upward with her dagger.
- Double Jump / air + up
- Unknown Flame / Suzu rushes towards her enemy, knocking her enemy intot he
air. / backward + forward + A, or forward + F
- Spiral Drop / Suzu leaps into the air and spiral cuts her enemy from above. /
down + up + A, or up + F
- Time Rain / Suzu does a kick then a stomp. / down + backward + A
- Windmill / Suzu spins toward her enemy. / down + backward + B
- Thunder Flower [Jump] / Suzu jumps spinning backward. / down + backward + C
- Thunder Flower / Suzu suddenly flies towards her enemy in an angle in the air.
/ Thunder Flower [Jump] + down + C
- Ice Rain / Suzu does a chop in the air. / air + down + C
- Hide / Suzu suddenly hides with a leaves. This move also carries enemy upward.
/ down + down + B (add-on: down + down + B)
- ManZhuShaHua / Suzu releases this fireball towards her enemy. / down + forward
+ B, or backward + F
- ManZhuShaHua / Suzu releases a fireball at a degree angle to the ground into
the air. / down + forward + C
- Raiden (Lightning) / Suzu throws her dagger from the air and causes lightning
to come down. / down + down + A, or down + F
- Weasel Talon / Suzu does several fast stabs against her enemy. / forward +
backward + forward + B
- ^May Rain / Suzu rushes towards her enemy and does several fatal blows as well
as finishing off with several kicks and slashes in the air. / down + backward +
forward + C, before Hyper mode down + down + down + C is also capable of
executing the move.
- Froggy / Suzu summons this giant frog that slams down from midair and blows
breath at her enemy. / down + backward + forward + C
- *Flame Flee / Looks like Hide but now its no longer leaves.  Suzu focuses
herself and releases flames around her like a gust. / down + down + down + C
- *Flare Wheel / Suzu jumps back and comes down rolling as a huge flaming wheel.
/ down + forward + backward + C
Advantages: Suzu has fast moves and thus good against slower enemies.  She is
one of the most flexible ground character in the whole game.
Disadvantages: The disadvantage of Suzu is that most of her skills are weak and
has very little anti-air ougies.  If she ever met Arche or Miktran, she’s dead.
Tactics: The best tactic so far against Suzu is either fly high and don’t get
hit or stay far and keep her at bay.  Also, strong fighters such as Cless,
Stahn, or Leon has a pretty good chance killing her fast in close combat.  One
thing though, watch out for the froggy!

Name: Dhaos
Gender: Male
Weapon: None
From: Tales of Phantasia
Background: Dhaos came from another planet to collect a mana seed for him to
bring back home in order to save his planet.  He is the strongest of his kind
and the final boss of Tales of Phantasia.
Moves: Translated Name / Description / Execute move
- Left Punch / Dhaos punches with his left fist. / A (changes when switch sides)
- Right Punch / Dhaos punches with his right fist. / B (changes when switch
- Hand Slash / Dhaos slashes his opponent with his left hand. / C
- Uppercut / Dhaos punches upward. / E (immediately after the move, if you press
up, Dhaos will jump higher than normal)
- Guard Generate / Dhaos casts a spell that ups his opponent’s guard. / F
- Counter Attack / Dhaos creates a force whirl around him and pushes his
opponent away from him. / down + down + C when enemy is hitting with A or B
- Rush / Dhaos charges forward and smashes his enemy down. / down + backward + A
- Jump Crash / Dhaos jumps and disappears while hitting the enemy.  Smash enemy
down to the ground when landing. / down + down + A, or down + F
- Tetra-Assualt / Dhaos does four consecutive punches. / down + backward + B, or
forward + F
- ^Tetra-Spell / Dhaos summons a fireball, while landing on the enemy frost
driver, lighting bolt, as well as earth spike also attacks the enemy.  When HP
goes below 1/3, more fireballs, frost drivers, lighting bolts, and earth spikes
are summoned. / down + backward + C, or back + F
- Lightning Crash / Dhaos punches upward and summons a stroke of lightning down
in from of him / down + down + B
- Tractor Beam / Dhaos summons this spell and a spell diagram will form on the
ground.  If the spell ground covers the enemy the enemy will be lifted up and
dropped from high above. / down + up + A
- Ray / Dhaos creates light poles that stretch from top of screen to bottom. 
Great anti-air move. / down + up + B, or up + F
- Laser / Dhaos fires small lazer. / down + forward + C
- Dhaos Sun / Dhaos stays in air, forming a red force field while hitting the
ground with crashing flames. / Air + down + B
- Explode / Dhaos releases this star that lands near his opponent and explodes
into a giant explosion. / down + up + C
- Dhaos Corridor / Dhaos punches the ground and cause a force corridor, damaging
the enemy. / down + down + C
- Teleport / Dhaos turns into a star and teleports backward. / backward + D
- Teleport / Dhaos turns into a star and teleports forward. / forward + D
- Dhaos Laser / Dhaos’ famous move.  He charges up and fire this blue laser from
his hand. / down + backward + forward + C
- *Dhaos Laser Ultimate Version / Dhaos charges full energy as he rise from the
ground.  When his guard is all charged up he performs this huge red laser that
covers a lot of ground.  There’s a bug in this move where the defender’s guard
does not go up when being hit. / down + forward + backward + C
- *Ultimate Destruction Spell / In close range, Dhaos performs this spell and
sucks enemy in and crashes giant fireballs upon the spell’s prey.  Then a
blizzard, then a whirlwind, and finally finishes with a huge boulder crashing
down. / down + forward + bakcward + E and then press forward, down, and up until
the end of the move to see it all.
- *Element Destruction / Dhaos holds fire element on his left hand and water/ice
element on his left.  When the guard is fully charged Dhaos releases this big
force that can blow about 45-50% of his opponent’s HP right off. / down +
forward + backward + D (note: cannot be blocked)
- Advantages: Dhaos is both a spell caster as well as fighter.  His spells are a
lot easier to use than Arche and can also do decent damage.  His spell “Light”
is a great anti-air move and most of his other moves are anti-ground.  Most of
his moves are strong so if properly used Dhaos can become a really strong
character to use.
- Disadvantages: Well, Dhaos has short casting breaks, which turns out to be his
weakness.  Some of his moves is best executed when enemy is far or on the
ground.  These breaks can be a problem if the opponent is a fast attacker.
(especially Chester)
- Tactics: Well, the tactic against Dhaos is to hit him hard when he has spell
breaks and defend most of the time.  If against a human player, it is suggested
to use some of the fast characters (Cless, Stahn, Leon, Chester, etc.) which can
penetrate Dhaos’ defense when Dhaos creates brakes.

This would be the final layout.  If more moves are found they will be added as
well as the provider noted.

5.Special Thanks

I really want to thank Tangowr for proofing part of this move list as well as
supplying part of the moves listed.  I also want to thank players from Gamebase
in Taiwan only sharing their findings through Gamebase forum.  I would like to
thank ilbg and caw0 for providing the moves.

Also thanks for:
- Arcayn for providing the third final ougi of Dhaos as well as a correction in
my move list.
-  johnco02 for telling me about Dhaos’ Explode.

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