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<=>                       PHANTASIE SOLVE                   <=>
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<=>                         Written by:                     <=>
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<=>               THE PSYCHOTIC AND SIRE MERLYN             <=>
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     Phantasie is a fantasy game from SSI which combines the elements
of Ultima and Wizardry. The object of the game is to defeat the Black
Lord and end the reign of terror of the Black Knights on Gelnor. In
order to destroy, the black Knight, you must obtain 9 rings and 4
runes from the dungeons and towns of Gelnor.

THE TOWNS:              OBJECTS

Town 01: Pelnor
Town 02: Pineville
Town 03: Greenville
Town 04: Hobbiton
Town 05: Appleton
Town 06: Splitwater
Town 07: Trollport
Town 08: Phantasia      Location of ring IX- must teleport here
Town 09: Dragonor
Town 10: Northford
Town 11: Starville
Town 99: Olympia

DUNGEONS                            LOCATIONS

Dungeon 01: Door in Hillside        Near Pelnor
Dungeon 02: Cathedral               Near Pineville
Dungeon 03: Cave                    Near Greenville
Dungeon 04: Woodville               South of Greenville
Dungeon 05: Lord Wood's castle      Near Hobbiton
Dungeon 06: J.R. Trolkin's castle   West of Dragonor
Dungeon 07: Donesbian temple        West of Northford
Dungeon 08: Island Dungeon          North of Northford
Dungeon 09: Mt. Olympus             East of Olympia
Dungeon 10: Gateway into mountain   West of Starville

NOTE: Complete these dungeons in the order that they are listed.

Magic Pools are pools that enable you to eventually get the Water
Rune from dungeon 05. They are located in different places of Gelnor,
and you must immerse all of your characters in each one.

01             Near Pineville
02             Near Trollport
03             Near Phantasia. This is the trickiest pool to find.
               It is in the water and you must look for a discrepancy
               in the waves to find it. It is on the same screen, but
               is NW in the lake surrounding Phantasia.

Scrolls: are items you will find in some dungeons which will be very
helpful in the game. They give hints, and general history of the
object. You read the scrolls by U)sing them at a town. There are a
few scrolls which you don't find in the dungeons. They are: Scroll 8
(buy at Pelnor in the beginning of the game), and Scroll 18 (which is
the scroll given to you by Filmon the Sage at the end).

The Runes: are items you need to complete the game.  You need all 4
runes (Air, Earth, Fire, Water) to pass the tests of the gods at
Mt. Olympus and obtain the God Rune which will enable you to enter
Dungeon 10.

The Rings are also items that you need to complete the game. You need
all 9 rings to pass the test of rings at Mt. Olympus to obtain the
God Rune.


01        Air Rune, scrolls 1-3, 9
02        Earth Rune, scrolls 10, 11, 20
03        Fire Rune, scroll 5
04        scrolls 4-5, 12, 14, 19
05        Water Rune, scrolls 6, 7, 13, 15
06        Rings I-III, scroll 17
07        Rings VII-VIII, scroll 16
08        Scroll 1, rings IV-VI
09        God Rune
10        Wand of Nikademus, Black Lord, Dragon Kings, Divine spell

     There is a library in the South-East in which Scrolls 1,2, and 3
can be found. To the South West lies Kilmor's room, in which Scroll
#9 and a cache of weapons lie. Etched on the wall of this room are
the words 'NIFLE SCRO'... They will be needed later. The most
important item to be found in this dungeon is the Air rune. To get
this, you must do two things. The first is to press a button in
mid-west portion of the screen...(Note: there are 2 buttons, one of
which sets off an alarm). This button opens the gate to the Air rune.
Then, travel down to the Southernmost part of the screen and follow a
corridor along the bottom and up the west side... At the end of the
corridor you will find a lever... Pull it to open the way to the
exit... Then, in the North-west part of the screen, you will find an
old man... Talk to him, and he will give you the Air rune. 

     You find the Earth rune in this dungeon and quite a few scrolls.
When you encounter the old man, ignore him and he will reveal a
secret passage to the south. Buy the secret from the orcs for it
enables you to get a scroll from the trolkins.  None of the coffins
along the walls are important. When you encounter the dwarf, say
"NIFLE SCRO". The key at the bottom of the dungeon enables you to
open the door that has the lock that no one can pick. In the room with
the impassable monks, there is a secret door on the east wall leading
to the high priest which you must talk to and obtain scrolls from.

     This is one of the hardest dungeons to map because of the many
twists and turns in it. A little bit South and East of the entrance
lies the Fire Rune. After slaying 2 Fire Elementals, it is yours. It
will now allow you to travel to Dungeon 2 and burn the box to get the
Earth rune. In the North East portion of the maze can be found a
warrior. You have to go through a secret door and a small portion of
water to reach him. He carries some good weapons and Scroll #20. In
the South west portion, there is another warrior, and he carries
Scroll #5. At the Southern part of the maze, you will find two people
who need to be rescued. Rescue the man, not the woman. He is the
uncle of Lord Wood and he gives you the phrase 'Straticon Uble and
48'. This will be used later. When mapping this dungeon, it is
important to remember that whenever it seems as if you are trapped
without an exit (such as in the Arena) you should search for secret
doors to make your egress...

      It is in the form of a town. In the North west, you can find a
Scroll shop... When asked if you want to buy 3 scrolls, say yes (they
are only scrolls 1,2,3, but if you don't buy them, the man won't let
you into his shop)... There is a secret storage room that lies
through a secret door. In it is a chest holding Scrolls 4,5, and 14.
In the South west portion of Woodville lies an inn. In Room 1, Kilmor
can be found. Tell him 'Niscottan says hello', and he will give you
the Sacred number 79. Another Sacred number,45, can be found in the
hall of records in the middle of Woodville. Now we go to the temple
in thE mid-West portion of the town. Go west until asked to press a
button. Press 7, and then go west again. Press 9 to finish entering
the number 79... Do this again for the number 45, and also for the
number 48 that Lord Wood's uncle gave us in the phrase 'Straticon
Uble and 48'. Then go to the priest to the west and say 'Straticon
Uble'. He will give you Scroll 12. The two other Sacred numbers
opened up a normal door in the top of the fountain by the entrance,
and a secret door in the bottom of the fountain... The top door leads
to a few tough battles and a God Knife, while the bottom door leads
to Scroll 19.

     In the dark closet, there is a secret door in the NW corner.
To pass the tiles, go the directions given to you in the closet:
SWWSSESSWWWSSEEEEENEEE. To enter the room of the Pools, you must have
entered all three pools. Within this room, is the water rune.
Search for the secret door on the west of the great hall leading to
the key that opens the jail cell in the bottom of the dungeon.

     Almost as soon as you enter, you will be teleported to a jail
cell... There is a secret door in the south wall of the cell, and a
few steps south of that, there is another secret door in the west
wall. Follow this corridor to the west until it comes to the Secret
Control room to the South. You will find 3 levers to pull. Lever 1
opens your Jail cell. Lever 2 opens a door out of the arena. Lever 3
opens the magic door in J.R. Trolkin's room that guards Rings 1,2,
and 3. (J.R. Trolkin's room is to the east of the Control Room)...
Return to your Jail cell and go through the newly opened door. You
will find a guard room. A corridor to the North will lead to a room
with a key that will let you out of the castle. There is a library
with battle maps to the South East of the Entrance, and it holds
Scroll 17. The door blocking the exit can be opened by the
aforementioned key.

     To enter this town, you must have a Minotaur character in your
party. This can be obtained by generating Random Characters until
a Minotaur comes up. Then, just replace your weakest character with
the Minotaur. (Note: The Minotaur does NOT have to be alive, so don't
worry if he dies, because he certainly will...). You will come to a
priest who will ask you what the password is. You merely reply 'REVEN
TONEM' (which was obtained from Scroll 19) and enter. If you don't
want to talk to him, there is a secret door on the East wall just
before you come to him. You will be in the main temple. Take the 3rd
corridor on the East wall of the temple. Deface the statue you find
in there. Then go South into the Hall of Caskets. Open the 3rd door
on the West wall, and get the key. Go to the South West corner of the
main temple then and go South through the secret door (which was
opened by defacing the statue). You will find a library with Scroll
16. Then go back to the 2nd corridor on the East wall of the Main
Temple. Open the door with your key. From here, you can go to the
jail cell at the bottom of the screen. You can get a key from Kilmor,
who is in the second cell. Go back near where you opened the door
with the key, and you will find another door. Open this door with
Kilmor's key, and enter the room. Get Rings 7 and 8, and go North
through a secret passage to exit, or else battle your way through
many monsters if you'd rather.

     This dungeon contains multi-colored bleebs which give
you information to eventually find the rings. The blue bleebs
always tell the truth, the red bleebs always lie, and the green
bleebs sometimes lie and sometimes tell the truth. The blue pools
do damage, the green pools teleport, and the red pools enable you
to access the lower part of the dungeon. You must enter all 3 of the
red pools, however. After entering all of them, you enter the green
pool in the center of the screen (a little to the left), and it will
teleport you to the bottom of the dungeon where there are many doors.
Don't enter the green door because it's a dead end. The blue door is
an exit, and the red door leads to the rings and the king bleeb. When
you get to the unidentified bleebs talking, push the green button.
The answers to the 3 questions to get the rings are: green, red or
green, red.

     Mt. Olympus is a fairly simple dungeon. All you need to do, is
enter all of the rooms carrying all 9 rings and all 4 runes, and
pass the tests of combat, rings, and runes (air, earth, fire water).
After passing all the tests, go to the south passageway and
get the God rune from Zeus by kneeling before him.

     You need the God Rune obtained in Mt. Olympus to enter here.
In this dungeon, you must go the lower left to find a teleporter
that will teleport you near the black lord. You must destroy the gems
in the throne room, and not sit in the throne. There is a secret door
behind the throne. Attack the black lord and get his wand. Wave it,
and talk to Filmon the sage. Kill the black lord and gain the divine
spell. HINT: Use a confusion spell so he can't cast spells!

This is the end of the game! The divine spell is a mass resurrection
spell. You use the wand, the rings, and the divine spell in:
Phantasie // (according to a person at SSI).

This solve written by:

           THE PSYCHOTIC                 SIRE MERLYN

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