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- the Bag Menu or what the player can carry. 
- the Item Menu or the elements the player is aware of. 

These elements will be used as keywords to generate dialogues or actions. 
- the People Menu or the people the player meets or knows of. 

This is the memory of the player. 

The combination of these three menus offers unique possibilities for
different dialogues. In this way, the player controls the content of his
own dialogue, which enhances the investigative power and autonomy of the


The player will have access to three important accessories to hail his
investigation : 

- the encyclopedia . 
- the conversation directory (speech), with all conversation carried out. 
- the note-book, where the player will be able to take notes, copy
  encyclopedia paragraphs or previous dialogues. 


This menu contains the usual functions such as SAVE, LOAD, PREFERENCES ... 


1208 AD. An age full of heresy, crusades, and knight-errant. Marc, a
renegade Templar, has brought back from the crusade an old Coptic
manuscript which is supposed to be the lost evangile of Saint John. 

In the troubled Languedoc region, Marc falls into an ambush. He just had
the time to give the manuscript to Adalard de Lancrois, the leader of a
secret Order called « the Tradition ?. 

Shortly after, Adalard falls ill and asks, on his death bed, his younger
son, Simon, to carry the manuscript to his friend Petrus who lives in

Meanwhile, the Pope Innocent III sends the inquisitor Diego d'Osma, on the
track of the precious document in order to remove it from heretic hands. 



Simon is in the library. He knows that somewhere is the entrance of the
secret room. His father just had the time to tell him that the frisure of
the library somehow gives the key. He cannot leave the library until he
finds the letter and the manuscript. 

Open the cask, take the « notebook. ? 

Note that if you click the hints button section at this stage, you will be
given a hint about how to solve the first enigma of the game. Those hints
(40 in total) shall help the player throughout the game. 

Go to the library. In the scroll compartment, take the first scroll from
the left on the middle row. Its title is " Salomi ". Insert it in the
square hole in the inferior compartment on the right. 

Note that you can directly access the encyclopedia through the keyword
Salomé appearing on the Keyword field. Those keywords (30 in total) shall
help the player access knowledge from the encyclopedia in a very fast and
handy way. 

Once in the passage, go straight forward then click on the candle. 

Read the letter and take the manuscript. 


Simon is on his way to Toulouse when he discovers, in front of the bridge
he has to cross, the strangest mess. 

Go and see Potronus. Click three times on him. 

Click on the machine then click the machine on him. 

Go and see the merchant on the bridge, click three times on him. Then,
click Potronus, Pablo or Isabeau on him. 

Look in his wagon, take the bucket. 

Get down the bridge and turn to the left. Advance once then turn to the
Click the bucket on the brighter rock. 

Go back to the merchant's wagon and click « bucket and stone ? on the rope
tied to the board. 

Go to the oxen, click « yoke ? on the black ox. 

If you still don't have the object « wheels ? in the item menu, go to the
other side of the caravan and click on wheels. Click then « wheels ? on the

Click « cask ? on Potronus. 

Go down, on the left of the bridge towards the hermit. Click on the boat.
Once the boat into the Item menu, click it on the hermit then click « cask
? on the hermit. Click on the mouse if you still haven't done it. 

Come back to Potronus, click the mouse on him. Click the machine on him.
Then, click on the silk purse which is on top of the machine. Click this
purse on Potronus. 

Get down again to the hermit, click « purse on the mouse ? on him. 

Return to the machine and click purse and mouse on the machine.
Without loosing time, go and click on Pablo. 

After that, go down and put the cask on the ground, facing the boat. 

Come back, click once on Potronus then, go into the caravan and take the
weights and the paint. 

Go back to the boat, put the weights on the right of the cask. Take the
cask and click it on the boat. 

Click the paint on the boat. 

Take back the cask and put it down again on the ground. Take then the
weights and click them on the boat where the cask was. 

Go back and click on Potronus. 

If you don't yet have « bridge ? in the item menu, go and click on it. 

Click « bridge ? on Potronus. 

If you don't have the « poles ? in the item menu, go and click on it (on
the side of the caravan). 

Click « poles ? on Potronus. 

Click oxen on Potronus. 

Go and take the rope in the caravan, click the rope on Potronus. 

Click Isabeau on Potronus. 

Go to Isabeau. Click « bridge ? on her. 

Click « rope ? on her. 

If you don't have the tree in the item menu. Go to the bridge and click on
the tree directly in front of the bridge, on the other side of the river. 

Go to isabeau, click tree on her 


Simon arrives at the Bazacles door where he wants to enter Toulouse. The
guard will not let him in because he doesn't have enough money to pay the

Go and click on the guard. 

Go then to the smith shop. 

At the end of the discussion, go see the perfumer client. Click on her. 

Click « guard ? on her. 

Click the « silk purse ? on her. 

Click the « guard ? again on her. 

Take the sword of the guard. 

Give the sword to the Spanish knight. 

Give the copper to the guard. 


After the entrance of Toulouse, Simon finds himself on the plaza. If he
tries from door to door, he will hear sounds of denial. It is early in the
morning, most people are not yet awake. The two roads of access to other
parts of town are blocked by guards who expect the arrival of very
important people. Simon is left with very little choice and must go inside
the hall. 

Get inside the merchant hall. 

Click twice on the caterer. 

Click on the silkworker once. 

Click on the shoemaker once. 

Click the silkworker on the shoemaker. 

Click once on the tailor. 

Click Bernard on the tailor. 

Click once on the changer. 

Click the gold coin on the changer. 

Click on three bags (any). 

Click on the right scale, then on three other bags (any). 

Click on the lever which holds the right arm of the scale. 

If the result is unbalanced, take only the three bags which come from the
lighter scale. Among those three bags, click on one then, click on the
right scale, then click on a second one. Click on the lever. According to
the result, you can guess which is the lightest bag of the three. Click on

If the result of the first weighing is even, take the two remaining bags
and place them on the scales. 

In any case, when you have found the right bag, he gives it to you. Click
it back on him. 

Click once on the instrument maker. 

Click on the instrument which is on the left. 

Click on the small painting on his right. 

Go and see the silkworker, click « daughter ? on him. 

Come back to the instrument maker, click « daughter ? on him. 

Click the silkworker on him. 

Click the law on him. 

Click the shoemaker on him. 

Go back to the silkworker and click the instrument maker on him. 

Click the shoemaker on the silkworker. 

Go and see the shoemaker and click the ribbon on him. 

Go to the tailor, click the garment on his right. 

Click the money on him. 

Go and see the caterer and click the garment on him. 

Leave the hall and go to the house of red bricks with a lantern. 

Click on the door. 

Click Paul on the maid. 

Click on Paul. 

Click Aymard on Paul. 

Click Petrus on Paul. 

Click on Paul. 

Click instrument maker on Paul. 

Go back to the market hall and click the letter of credit on the instrument

Turn and click the « money ? on the cutler. 

Click Paul on the cutler. 

Come back to Paul's house and click on the door. 

Read the letter then go to the guard on the left. 

Click the furcoat on the guard. 

Click the remaining coin on the guard. 


Simon is received inside the abbey and asked by the Abbot not to move until
he comes back. There he discovers a letter of the highest importance. 

Click on the door. 

Click the furcoat on the monk. 

Go straight till the end of the corridor. 

Turn left and enter the room. 

Face the Abbot and click the furcoat on him. 

Read the letter. 

Click Petrus on the Abbot. 


Simon falls into a trap that throws him in a cell already inhabited by
another prisoner. How will he escape ? 

Click three times on the prisoner. 

Click Petrus on the prisonner. 

Turn back and take the three cubes. 

Put them in the following order from the bottom : Hades, Bethel, Yahve. 

Take the prisoner's bowl. 

Open the door and go to the next room. 

Face the sculpture and click the bowl on the water. 

Go down to the platform. 

Take three of the bullets at the left of the chair and put them in the
Sit in the chair and click on the lever. 

Once in the circular room, you will have to reconstitute two series of ten
paintings by selecting the images in the right order. 

The first platform controls the « ten plagues of Egypt ? , the second
controls the « ten commandments ?. You will find in the encyclopedia, under
« religion / christian cult ?, the two necessary documents where the right
order is given to you. 

Once on the last platform, click three times on the lever. 


When Simon arrives at the court, the preparations for the feast have
already begun. He meets there Pablo and Isabeau who are preparing their

Click twice on Isabeau. 

Go to the curtain on the right and click on it. 

Assemble the machine: 

First, the three parts of the cylinder
Then, the drawer in its hole
The bellows on the left down
The funnel on the left of the drawer
The trunk up and left 

Then, open the cask on the ground at the left of the curtain 

Take the four elements inside. 

Take the water flask in front of the left guard. 

Take the burning ashes in the brasero with the help of the rag. 

Come back to the machine. Click the burning ashes down the machine, pour
the water in the funnel, and click click the minerals on the drawer. 

- Click the dragon costume on the machine 

Click on the bellows. 

Come back to Isabeau, give her the heart, then the rope. 

Click on Pablo. 

Click poem « far-away love ? on the counsellor. (try the other ones, but
save before) 

Click Petrus on the counsellor. 

Click Diego on Petrus. 

Click Marc on Petrus. 


First stop in his journey through the Pyreneans, Simon and Petrus stop on a
cliff near the Ipaneta cross. 

Recreate the picture by positionning the characters on the screen. 

Click on Simon's arm. 

Click « grow ? on Simon. 

Click « strong ? on Simon. 

Click « dream ? on Simon. 


Petrus and Simon finaly arrive at Roncevaux. Most of the buildings are
under construction. There stands the abbey where they go directly. 

Click on the abbey's door. 

Click four times on Diego. 

Click Petrus on Diego. 

Click Yes on Diego. 

Click No on Diego. 

Click No on Diego. 

Click No on Diego. 

After you finished discussing, head towards the church under construction
(the second) and click « messenger ? on the altar. 

Click « Durandal ? on the messenger. 

Facing the two-headed machine, activate the wheels in order to have the
cross on the left and the horn on the right. 

Take the torch on the right wall (when facing the platform). 

Put the torch under the lever in the hole. 

Take the wax block and click it on the wooden block. 

Once down, click forward. 

Take the sword and climb up the stairs. 

Leave the tomb room and take the other entrance in the chapel. 

Place the sword in Saint James hand. 

Take the sword back and the staff. 

Get back in the tomb room, insert the sword in the central slot. 

Go in front of the door, turn right, step forward once. Turn left, look
down, click the staff in the left hole. 

Once you retrieved the shell, go back to the abbey. At the entrance of
Roncevaux, on the cross, is a print corresponding to the shell shape. Click
the shell on it. 


Petrus, William and Simon arrive at the bridge of Pampluna. Simon
recognizes immediatly his dream. Hades stands on the bridge. There is a war
tent on the other side surrounded with helmets of fallen knights. 

Click twice on Petrus. 

Click on the stone behind Petrus. 

Click on the water. 

Facing Hades, turn right and advance towards the edge. Click the sword on
the water. 

Advance then to the tent and enter it. 

Click on Isabeau. 

Click four times on the man in blue. 

Enter the house. 

Go behind the table. Click on it. 

Click on the flask. Click the flask on the figurine in fire. 

Take the melted wax on the left. Click it outside the circle, on the right,
above the line. 

Click spirit on Petrus. 


Simon arrives in what looks like a rampaged church. Inside there is only
the church itself and the little room of the priest. 

Take the door on the left wall after the pillar. 

Take the painting. 

Read the letter on the pupitre. 

Get out and put the map behind the altar. 

The map is divided into four parts. Two letters appear : H, T. 

Open the closet, on the left of the entrance door. Take the hammer, the
nails and the string. 

Go to the first floor. 

Put the staff in the larger hole of the rosace. Turn the wheel until the
staff indicates the H. 

Go back to the map and put a nail at the lighted point. 

Repeat the same operation for the letter T. 

Now that the two nails are at the right place, click the string on them. It
crosses a point called Agape. 

Go again on the first floor and click in the right order the five letters
of this word on the rosace. 

Get down and go to the bell rope. Once the rope is in the item menu, click
it on the trap. 

Click on the rope. 

As soon as you are down, take the amulet, read its inscription then climb


When Simon arrives at the fortress, it is completely empty, ravaged by fire
and the plague. 

Enter the castle, turn right and pick up the bright iron stick. 

Face the mechanism of the lever bridge, activate it. 

Block the chain by clicking the iron stick on the rolling mechanism. 

Click on the chain. 

Go in front of the wooden board. 

Click the chain on the wooden board. 

Return to face the mechanism and click on the iron stick. 

Enter the room. Take the crossbow and the axe in the closet. 

Get out and go in front of the hung man. 

Click the ax on the board. Click three times the crossbow on the rope of
the hung man. 

Advance, click the staff on the key. 

Turn back and go to the left end of the castle where you will see burning
ashes. Click on the ashes. Click the key on it. 

Return inside, click the key on the key lock. 


Bélibaste's house is on the cliff. It is a very strange looking place that
breathes of magic and danger. 

Enter the house. 

Click on the green pot. 

In the labyrinth, turn left, go straight till the end without stepping into
the blue. 

Turn right, step forward and take the third passage on the right. Go until
the end, turn then straight until the end. 

When you arrive at the table, read the inscription and then click on the

Turn, face the door, look at your reflection in the water then click above
After the discussion with Belibaste, turn and open the door. 

Go straight into the tunnel. 

Once on the island, go behind the white statue. Click on the inferior part
of the column. Get in and climb up. Click on the eyes. 

Using the side arrows, choose one of the ghosts. Click on him. Get in the

Example: you killed the one on the left. 

Head towards the door which is not guarded anymore. 

Once the king gave you his sword, get out and go to the ghost in the

Click twice on him. 

Once in the chamber, click on the king, and he will give you his staff. 

With the sword, break the cages and take the two objects. 

Get out and go to the first chamber. With the staff, break the cages and
take the two objects. 

Go and see the third ghost. Click twice on him. 

Enter the room, talk to the king and he will give you his ax. 

With the sword or the staff, break the cages and take the objects. 

Get out and go in front of the ghost in the center. Give him « glory ? and
when he gets down, hit him with the sword. 

Go in front of the ghost on the right, give him « salvation ? and hit him
with the staff when he gets down. 

Then, leave. 

Go in front of the machine of the red knight. 

Place on the third pipe, the « peace ? you just brought back. 

Leave the first cylinder up by two degrees, place the second up and raise
the third one by one degree. 

Click on the pedal. 

In the broken monster's body, take the little jar. 

Go under the black knight, click on his head to make the light ray appear. 

Click the prism on the head to make the ray change position. 

Click the jar on the black heart. 

Go to the tomb under the green knight, click on it. 

In the cathedral, click on Hades until he offers you to play chess. 

Click twice on the book. 

When the new pieces appear, click on the rook (Saint James) 

Click then on it again and click on the last square on the left on the same

Go to the statue of Saint james, click on it. 

Click the shadow on it, then click again. 

In front of the three judges, you'll have to give them the following
answers : 

Innocent III
King Philippe
Pierre de Castelnau
Diego d'Osma
Innocent III
Abbot Arnault
YES or NO 

... The end ...

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