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The Optimized Straightforward Walkthru for Planetfall


This FAQ is copyright 2009 by Stanley E. Dunigan (

This FAQ may be posted and used anywhere by anyone as long as it's unaltered,
but always check one of the official websites listed below for the latest

GameFAQs (
SuperCheats (
Neoseeker (


Like all of my optimized straightforward walkthrus, this FAQ is a complete
walkthru for the game that has been optimized and organized to make it as fast
and easy as possible to complete the game. I don't give any reference-style
information, like a list of all items, or encourage you to do unnecessary
things. In true walkthru fashion, I just tell you the answers without explaining
or rationalizing them. If you want non-spoiler-ish hints, see the Planetfall
hint file on the Universal Hint System (UHS) website at:


This is the original release of this FAQ, so I have no special notes or credits
to report yet.


NOTE: This FAQ was written while playing the Planetfall version that came with
the Lost Treasures of Infocom package that was released in 1991 by Activision.
As far as I know, everything will be the same for other game versions.

*** STEP 1: Fall down to a planet. ***

Use the WAIT command, then the G command over and over until a massive explosion
rocks the ship. Go west to enter the escape pod, then get into its protective
safety webbing (ENTER WEBBING). After that, do the WAIT-and-G routine again
until the pod lands.

Get out of the safety webbing (EXIT WEBBING), then get the survival kit. Open
the pod's bulkhead door (OPEN DOOR), then exit the pod and go up. You'll now be
in the Crag area on the planet Resida.

*** STEP 2: Get four access cards. ***

Go up three times to a courtyard, then go north, northeast, and east three times
to reach the corridor junction. Drop the survival kit, then go south and east.
Get the good ninety-ohm bedistor, then go west, south twice, and southwest to
find the tool room. Drop the brush you started the game with (and the brochure
if the ambassador on the ship gave you one), and take the laser, flask, pliers,
and metal bar.

Get and drop the old battery that's in the laser, then return to the corridor
junction by going northeast and north three times. Go north once more, then get
the key out of the jagged crevice in the floor by using the magnetic metal bar
from the tool room (HOLD BAR OVER CREVICE).

Go south to the corridor junction, then drop everything you're carrying except
the key (DROP ALL BUT KEY). Go west twice, then use the key to unlock the
padlock that's on the north door (UNLOCK PADLOCK). Get the padlock, then drop it
and the key. Open the door and go north, then take the extendable ladder.

Go south, east twice, and north twice to reach an area with a large rift to the
north. Drop the ladder, extend it (EXTEND LADDER), and then bridge the rift with
it (PUT LADDER OVER RIFT). You can now go north over the rift. After you do, go
west and open the small desk to find two access cards. Get them both by using
the GET ALL FROM DESK command.

Go west and open the wooden desk, then take the shuttle access card. Go east
twice, south six times, and southeast to reach the robot room. Search the one
intact robot there to find the lower elevator access card (SEARCH ROBOT), then
turn it on (ACTIVATE ROBOT). Nothing will happen right away, but it'll "come to
life" a bit later on.

*** STEP 3: Repair the comm room's "Send Staashun." ***

Go northwest and north three times to get back to the corridor junction, then
take the survival kit and open it. Eat the red goo to stave off starvation, then
drop the kit. Get the flask, then go east to the elevator lobby. Press the blue
button to summon the upper elevator, then wait until it arrives.

Enter the upper elevator by going north, then use your upper elevator card in
the slot to gain access to the control panel (SLIDE UPPER ELEVATOR CARD THROUGH
SLOT). Press the button to go up (PRESS UP BUTTON), then wait until the elevator
doors open again. Go south and northeast to enter the comm room.

Notice what color of light is flashing on the enunciator panel, then go
southwest and north to return to the upper elevator. Press the elevator's down
button, then wait until it returns to the elevator lobby. Go south, west, and
south four more times to reach the machine shop.

Put your flask directly underneath the dispensing machine's spout (PUT FLASK
UNDER SPOUT), then press the button that's the same color as the enunciator
panel's flashing light in the comm room. For instance, if the light was red,
you'd use the PRESS RED BUTTON command to fill the flask with red fluid.

Get the flask and return to the upper elevator (north four times, east, north).
Slide the upper elevator card through the slot again, and press the up button.
Wait for the elevator doors to open, then go south and northeast to return to
the comm room. Pour the liquid from your flask into the funnel-shaped hole next
to the enunciator panel (EMPTY FLASK INTO FUNNEL).

The number of times you have to do that chemical-fetching process is random.
You'll know you're done when the lights on the enunciator panel go dark, and a
message starts being transmitted. Until that happens, use the previous three
paragraphs to repeat the process.

If you have to do it a third time, it'll be just the same as the first two times
except that you'll need to do the extra things in the following paragraph after
descending in the elevator and going to the corridor junction. (If you don't
need to do it a third time, skip the following paragraph.)

Get the survival kit, go west and north, then get some sleep (LIE DOWN. WAIT).
Get up, use the GET ALL command to pick up all your dropped items, then eat the
green goo from the survival kit. Go south and east to return to the corridor
junction, then drop the survival kit and resume your trip to the machine shop.

Once you're finally done with this lengthy and tedious task, you can read the
message that's being sent with the READ MESSAGE command if you want to, but
yooll haff tu deel with dumlee-speld wurdz, so I advise you not to bother.

*** STEP 4: Shuttle over to the Lawanda "Kompleks." ***

Go southwest and north to the upper elevator, then slide your upper elevator
card through the slot again if necessary. Press the down button, then drop the
upper elevator access card and flask. Wait for the doors to open, then go south
to the elevator lobby.

NOTE: If you got lucky and only had to pour two colored chemicals into the comm
room's funnel, you'll need to go west to the corridor junction and do the things
mentioned in step 3's next-to-last paragraph. After dropping the survival kit,
go back east to the elevator lobby.

Press the red button to summon the lower elevator. Wait until it arrives, then
go south to enter it. Use its access card to activate its control panel (SLIDE
LOWER ELEVATOR CARD THROUGH SLOT), then press the down button. Drop the lower
elevator card, then wait until the elevator doors open.

Go north, east, south, and east to get to Shuttle Car Alfie's eastern control
room. Activate the shuttle controls (SLIDE SHUTTLE CARD THROUGH SLOT), then push
the shuttle car's control lever forward (PUSH LEVER). Drop the shuttle card, and
wait until the speed display reads 60.

When it does, pull the lever down to its lowest position (PULL LEVER. G), then
wait for the shuttle car to glide into the Lawanda Complex's station. After it
does, go west and north to reach the Lawanda Platform area.

*** STEP 5: Gain teleportation access and kitchen privileges. ***

Go east twice to the fork, then go southeast, east three times, and south. Open
the blue lab uniform's pocket (OPEN LAB POCKET), then take the teleportation
access card that's in it. Get the fresh laser battery that's also lying around,
then go north, west, north, and east to enter teleportation booth 3.

Activate the booth using your new access card (SLIDE TELEPORT CARD THROUGH
SLOT), then teleport yourself to booth 2 (PRESS 2). Go west twice to get to the
corridor junction, then pick up the survival kit and eat the brown goo. Drop the
survival kit, then go west twice and south to enter the mess hall.

Get the canteen, then open up the kitchen (SLIDE KITCHEN CARD THROUGH SLOT) and
go south to enter it. Examine the machine to see that it has a spout and button.
Open the canteen, then put it under the spout (PUT CANTEEN UNDER SPOUT) and
press the button to fill it with brown liquid. Get the canteen and close it.

*** STEP 6: Repair the Planetary Defense and Course Control systems. ***

Go north and drop the kitchen card, then go north again and east twice. Get the
laser, then install the fresh battery (PUT BATTERY IN LASER). Drop the canteen,
then get the pliers and bedistor. Go east twice to return to teleportation booth
2, then activate it with your teleportation card like before, and press the 3
button to return to the Lawanda Complex.

Go west and north twice to find the Course Control area. Open the large metal
cube's lid (OPEN LID), then remove the fused ninety-ohm bedistor with your
pliers (REMOVE FUSED BEDISTOR WITH PLIERS). Install the good ninety-ohm bedistor
(PUT GOOD BEDISTOR IN CUBE), then drop the pliers and fused bedistor.

Go south, west twice, and north to find the repair room. Wait for Floyd to enter
the room if he's not already there, then get him to go through the very small
doorway in the north wall (FLOYD, N). He'll come back and tell you about a shiny
fromitz board in the room beyond, so have him get it for you (FLOYD, GET BOARD).

Go south, east, and north to find the Planetary Defense room. Open the small
access panel (OPEN PANEL), then remove the second of the four seventeen-
centimeter fromitz boards (GET SECOND BOARD). Install the shiny fromitz board
that Floyd got you (PUT SHINY BOARD IN PANEL), then drop the fried board.

*** STEP 7: Get the miniaturization access card. ***

Go south, west, and northwest to get to the infirmary, then take the medicine
bottle. Open it and drink its contents (DRINK FROM BOTTLE) to keep the plague at
bay for awhile, then drop the empty bottle. Go southeast, east twice, south, and
east to return to teleportation booth 3.

Slide your teleporation card, then press the 2 button. Go west twice and get the
canteen, then go east twice and repeat the card-sliding and button-pressing
process (pressing button 3 this time). Drop the teleportation card, then go west
and south twice to the computer room.

Wait until Floyd shows up if he isn't already there. When he arrives, he should
immediately notice that the computer is broken. If not, wait until he does, then
go northeast and open the bio-lock door. Go southeast and east to the Bio Lock
East area.

Look through the eastern door's window (LOOK THROUGH WINDOW), then wait if
necessary for Floyd to volunteer to go into the mutant-filled lab and get the
access card that's in there. Open the door, then close it again right away. Wait
until you hear three fast knocks, then open the door and close it again. After
Floyd "dies," get the access card he dropped nearby.

*** STEP 8: Repair the computer. ***

Go west and open the bio-lock door again, then go west twice and south twice to
find the miniaturization booth. Activate the booth with your new access card
(SLIDE MINI CARD THROUGH SLOT), then tell the computer that you need to visit
station 384 (TYPE 384).

Go east and north twice, then look into the micro-relay (LOOK INTO RELAY) to see
a speck. Examine your laser to see that it's currently on setting 5. Change it
to setting 1 (SET DIAL TO 1), then try to blast the speck with the laser (SHOOT
SPECK WITH LASER). Use the G command to keep firing the laser until the speck is

Move the laser's dial to setting 6, then go south. Shoot the microbe that
appears (SHOOT MICROBE WITH LASER), and keep using the G command until the game
says the laser feels quite hot. Throw the laser at the microbe (THROW LASER AT
MICROBE) to get rid of it, then go south and west to leave station 384.

*** STEP 9: Go to the Cryo-Anteroom area. ***

You'll be hungry again by now, so open the canteen and drink the brown liquid
you got from the kitchen's machine (DRINK FROM CANTEEN). Go north to the lab
office, then open the desk and get the gas mask. Put it on (WEAR GAS MASK), then
press the red button. Open the door and go west to enter the Bio Lab.

Open the lab door, then go west twice. Open the bio-lock door, then go west
three times and south twice. You'll end up in an elevator, so press its button
to get it going and escape the mutants. Wait until the elevator doors open, then
go north to the Cryo-Anteroom area, where the game will end successfully.

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