Platform Racing 2 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Platform Racing 2

Platform Racing 2


Newbieland 2 (Rank 0):
Spend 46 on Jumping to just have enough jump to make it up the jump
at the end. Set Acceleration around 25 to give you as much Speed as
possible. If you miss the item, donít stop for it. It takes too long
to slow down. When you do the super jump, donít wait until you turn 
yellow and flash. As soon as you see the white glow, you have enough
jump to make it over. Run over the forwards arrows, and jump at the
last minute before running over the backwards ones. You should land
once in the middle of them and jump immediately so you donít slow 
down too much. As you approach the up arrow wall, jump at the last
moment before you hit the wall to start you with some vertical 

There are two horizontal bars made out of up arrows. Keep pushing 
right arrow until you hit your head on one. Then push left arrow to
start moving around the bar. Just before you fall upwards off the 
bar, stop pushing left arrow. You have a tiny bit of momentum to 
push you off the bar. When you start to fall upwards above the bar,
quickly push right arrow to get on it. Do this for both bars. As 
you move right on the top bar, you will be bounced in the air by 
the arrows. Do not jump. You want to clear the tower and land as 
early as possible.

You will land on a long string of right arrows. Land as early as 
possible so that you can have more time to pick up speed on the 
arrows. The end of the strip are bars which will stop your momentum.
Ideally, your will time your jump to soar over all of them. Until 
you get used to the timing, though, let yourself slam into the bar.
Jump up and immediately start pushing right to get as much distance
as you can. Hop on one of the bars and jump again to bring yourself
into the corridor.

Remember that letting go of the right arrow key will kill your momentum
completely. Itís not immediate, but itís quick. Release the right arrow
key when youíre under the breakable bricks. Let yourself stop then jump
to break a brick. Jump again to head up. Use the same technique to stop
under the goal and hit it.

Mario Bros remix (Rank 1):
The first and second parts of this map are all about learning the map 
and timing the jumps. It also depends a lot on the other players. For 
the third part of the map, though, you should take the shortcut. As 
soon as the ceiling changes from white to red and the blocks are 
breakable, stop on the question blocks and do a superjump. Break a 
hole in the ceiling and jump up there. Then, youíll have a clear run
to the end. As soon as the ceiling ends, jump as far as you can. You
will land on a platform near the end. Jump immediately onto the roof
again. Follow that to the pit and down to the end.

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