Poptropica - How to beat Counterfeit Island Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Poptropica - How to beat Counterfeit Island

Poptropica - How to beat Counterfeit Island

Walkthrough - How to beat Counterfeit Island

 Take a ride in the Poptropica blimp and arrive at Counterfeit Island. Head over to the Web
Browser Cafe and you should see a big book on a table inside the cafe. Click on the book
and you should get a loose page from it with some French vocabulary listed. You will also
see a couple of computers that you can play a game on, if you want.

Now go back outside and next to the cafe you will find the Moldy Baguette Inn, which is
the multiplayer room for this island. Next, get onto the roof and on one of the
windowsills there should be a piece of paper. Pick this up and then hop back down to the
ground. You will also see a man with a beard and paintbrush.

If you click on Create your own masterpiece, it takes you to a big drawing pad. This
doesnt affect the game at all, though. Walk the other way over to the museum. Go up to the
very top of the roof where you should find and collect another piece of paper.

Move all the way to the right, where you will see a few mimes and a clown shop. The mimes
arent really important at this time. If you go up to the roof of the clown shop you will
see a clown, who will tell you he is up there because mimes give him the creeps. Inside
the clown shop, you will see a girl to your right, who seems to work there.

 Also, you can take one balloon from the clown store (tip - get the green one!). Keep
going to the right, where you will pass by a dumpster and a tour of the underground
tunnel. Youll then come across some trashcans. Click on the second one and you will get a
view of what it contains. Just drag all the trash out of the way until you find some

Farther down to the right, past the Jazz Cafe and police station, you will see a young boy
crying and his sister holding a red balloon. Talk to to the boys sister, who will say Mon
fils veut un ballon vert! Check your French vocabulary sheet, which explains that veut
means want and vert means green, so you can conclude that she is trying to inform you that
her brother wants a green balloon.

If you dont have a green balloon already, then go back to the clown shop and get one. Give
your green balloon to the boy and he will float away, while his sister runs off. Head all
the way left again until youre back at the Web Browser Cafe. Enter the cafe. On the TV,
there will be a new report about Balloon Boy.

Talk to the tourist on the laptop. After speaking to him, go to your inventory and click
on the Use option on the tickets item card you have. He will then give you one of the
tickets. Exit the cafe, and walk to your right until you reach the underground tours.
Click on the Use option on your ticket and to be allowed into the underground tour.

Click on the tour guide and she will provide you with some information about the tour.
Just follow the tunnel untill you get to an area with some skulls. Jump onto the light
that is hanging down and climb all the way up. Next, jump over and grab the piece of
paper. Once you reach the end of the tunnel you should go out the exit and up right by the

A shady man in a brown suit with a scar will be standing next to you. Talk to him and he
will tell you that you must get a job at the museum and meet him back there when night
falls. Climb up onto the docks and go right until you arrive at the museum. Enter and talk
to the security guard by the door. Choose the third chat option and he tells you to go
speak with the assistant curator. Head up the stairs and speak to the man wearing a
tan-colored suit. He tells you that the job is yours if you can help him fix the
paintings. Go to the bottom right wing of the building and click the third painting.

You should now be carrying the painting. Go to the bottom left wing and click the middle
painting. Now go up to the upper left wing and click the middle one. Next go to the upper
right wing and click the third one. Finally go back to the bottom right wing and click
where the third painting should be. Go back up and talk to the assistant currator, who
will hire you for the job. Enter the forgery detection lab, and talk to the assistan
currator again. He will tell you to choose a station. (Tip   The second station is usually
easier, but you have to do both anyway.)

At the first station, scan each copy of the painting until you find the one with a drawing
on it. Next you have to detect the fake painting - simply examine the corner for the
artists signatures. The middle one is different, so it is the counterfeit copy (fake). For
the next one, just go up to the moon and click on it.

Time to move on to the chemicals station. For each paint sample, when the red meter gets
to a box, the box turns a certain color. All you have to do is click the color above that
it turns into. You must stay alert and react fast enough, or you will have to restart.
Once that is done, you will be given a key to the supply room. Leave the forgery detection
lab and go to the area with two signs. You should now be in a statue room.

Walk right past this section and go into the next room. Pass by the security office for
now. When you get to the door of the supply closet, go to your inventory and click on the
Use option on your new key. Now go in and take a new piece of paper. Exit the museum, and
move left until you get to the dock and go all the way over to the ship. Up where the sail
should be is another piece of paper you should take.

Now get back down to the tunnel exit from earlier. Go past the man up at the hill to
receive the final piece of paper. Speak to the man with a scar and go into the tunnel.
Follow the tunnel back up until you see a ladder. Climb the ladder and click on the object
blocking the exit at the top. Make the center look like the drawing you have, and press
the button at the top. It will now open up to the supply closet, inside the museum.

Use the key to leave the supply closet, then carefully get past the security office and
out the door. Be warned; there are lasers all around you. Hide behind plants or statues to
avoid the lasers until you finally exit safely. Walk over to where a painting titled The
Scream is hanging. Click on the painting and you will jump up above it. An alarm siren
will go off and policemen will rush in to arrest you.

The next morning, you will find yourself at the police station, where you will be asked to
take a lie detector test. Talk to the girl nearby, who will instruct you to go to the
security office at the museum. Once at the museum, head over to the security office -
notice that the security guard is missing. Head over to the right to what looks like a
computer. Click on it and a video should start playing.

After about 10 seconds, the video pauses. Exit the museum and visit the clown shop, where
you will find the security guard from the museum. After talking to him, he will give you
his time card. Make your way back to the security office at the museum.

View the video again, but this time you will watch it from when the security guard left.
You will be told to take a screen print - to do this, press the print screen button. Show
the video to the investigator.

Next, show the screen print to one of the mimes. The mime will signal to you, instructing
you to enter the Jazz Cafe. Once inside the cafe you will see the man with a scar. Try to
talk to him, and he will escape out the door. Follow him out to begin the thrilling
scooter chase.

During the chase, dodge everything except the ramps. Going on a ramp can get you farther,
and faster. After a while, it will cut to a scene where you see the man with a scar
driving off the dock into a motor boat and speeding away.

You will then dash over and grab the key card which he dropped on his way there. Make your
way back to the museum where the assistant curator will hand you a package. Use the X-ray
scan to read the message   which tells you to visit the art museum on Early Poptropica
Island. Ride the blimp on Main Street to Early Poptropica, and arrive at the museum, where
you will meet the curator.

She will hint that someone you trust is watching you very closely. The curator will also
give you a key. Take the blimp back to Counterfeit Island and go all the way to the right
until you get to a cottage house. Walk up to the cottage door and use your key. Get up to
the second floor, where the painting is.

You should see a corner of the painting peeling off, so click on that. The painting titled
The Scream will be revealed, and the lights will go out. Someone will tie you to a chair
in an underground room. Then the Black Widow will talk to you for a minute.

Tied up near you in another chair is the man with a scar. He advises you to try and scoot
over to him so he can untie you. To do this, move forward and backward, but be careful. If
you fall over, you must restart. After he helps untie you, go to the right side where you
should find the exit.

(Tip  Stay alert at all times; the next part is tough!) Go all the way to the left and
jump up onto the boxes. Carefully jump up onto the ledge and onto the boxes without being
seen. This may take a few tries. Hop up to the right when the guard turns around; follow
him and then jump onto the couch and up to the left ledge. Use your key card to open the

Now walk to the left where you will find the Black Widow. In this next tricky part, your
task is to help the man with a scar be raised and lifted up high, yet save as much art as
possible. If you let the Black Widow destroy more than 1 million dollars worth of art, you
must start over. (Tip  Save the art, and then when she gets mad go and get him up as high
as you can. Avoid the bombs she throws, which will prevent you from doing anything.)

Eventually you will get him all the way up, and the man will knock the Black Widow out.
You will then be in the Web Browser Cafe with the curator. She will tell you to meet her
at the museum. Head over to the museum now and the curator will be waiting for you at the
bottom right wing of the museum.

Talk to her and she will tell you that this museum really is the top secret storage place
for the worlds greatest art. As she presses a nearby button, the walls will go down to
reveal new paintings.

Congratulations, you have completed Counterfeit Island!
You will be awarded with the Counterfeit Island Medallion and 100 credits to spend at the
Poptropica Store.

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