Poptropica Great Pumpkin Island Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Poptropica Great Pumpkin Island

Poptropica Great Pumpkin Island

Get on the blimp and ride to GREAT PUMPKIN ISLAND go to the right and talk to charlie
brown he will tell you to go to the pumpkin patch to the right keep going to the right
until you see yourself in a pumpkin patch talk to THE boy and say sure when he asks you to
take the pumpkin to his house be careful so it wont brake i know you can do it. when youre
done you will be in his house talk to him and she will cut the pumpkin. then moments later
go outside and give your bag to the dirty boy by the mailbox and he will give you a sucker
go in the blue house and give the boy the sucker and you will get invited to the party and
get the pen on the desk then go left until you see charlie brown and his dog, snoopy talk
to charlie and help get the leaves in the leave pile. keep clicking  until you get the
leaves in the pile.when youre done the boy will jump in the pile and go right until you
see the boy talk to him and he will say"where did i put my blanket go back left to the
pile of leaves and click the pile twirl your computer mouse and when you see a blue
blanket click it then go left to the boy again and give him his blanket then go back to
the leave pile and talk to charlie brown. when charlie kicks the football he will leave
than get the football and use it out of your backpack then the hat will fall on the dog
and you will be in war try not to die in less than 60 seconds when your done you will be
in the enemy taratory you have to hide when your done get the mask on the scare crow and
go right and click the door try to win all the games and when you do its trick or treating
time when you get candy go to the right until you see the boy and get your candy out of
your backpack and give it to the girl then her candy will get robbed and she will leave
talk to the boy and wait with him until his sister comes when she comes you will get your
medal!!! oh and the boy's name is Linus. so please like my writing it took me an hour to
write all of this. you should write about an island you know how to do. 


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