Poptropica - Wimpy Boardwalk Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Poptropica - Wimpy Boardwalk

Poptropica - Wimpy Boardwalk

Walkthrough - Wimpy Boardwalk walkthrough
The Areas
There are six areas on the Wimpy Boardwalk map.  Five are accessible during the game.  The
sixth area, Under Boardwalk, isnt reached until the final part of the game.  The areas
from left to right on the map are:
Fun House
Boardwalk Rides
Boardwalk Games (Blimp)
Boardwalk Arcade
The Beach
Under Boardwalk
The Set-up
Coming out of your Blimp, you land in an area of Wimpy Boardwalk Island called Boardwalk
Games.  First, talk to Greg, the very skinny kid on your right.  Wind will blow his $20
bill out of his hands after you talk to him and into the hands of a mean Big Kid.  The Big
Kids will run and Greg will take off after them.  Rowley, the kid on your left with a
t-shirt that reads I Survived the Cranium Shaker, will ask you if you can help.  Of course
you will.  The quest has begun!
Head right to the Boardwalk Arcade area and keep going until you see Greg.  Talk to Greg,
then head right again to an area called The Beach.  You just have to enter the Beach area.
Then turn around and head back left to the Boardwalk Arcade to find out what happened to
the Big Kids and what theyre doing with Gregs 20 bucks!
In order to get Gregs 20 bucks back to him, youll need to outwit the Big Kids.  Theyve
taken the $20 bill and are hanging out underneath the Boardwalk Arcade.  Theyre slipping
the bill up between the boards and are pulling it away just as anyone tries to grab it.
Jerks!  Youll need to get a crab to hold onto the bill to stop them from pulling it away.
To get the crab youre going to need a REMOTE CONTROLLED HELICOPTER.  But the kid with the
helicopter wont let you have it until you can give him a JUMBO PRIZE by beating all five
of the Boardwalk Games.  And to do thatyoure going to need a LUCKY RABBITS FOOT.
Part One: Getting the Lucky Rabbits Foot
Part Two: Winning the Jumbo Prize
Part Three: Airlifting the Crab
GAME TOKENS - As you walk around the Wimpy Boardwalk, youll see Game Tokens lying on the
ground.  Grab em!  Youll need them later to play the 5 Boardwalk Games.  (Youll be able to
collect even more tokens, when you can play the METAL DETECTOR game later.)  For now,
though, dont worry about how many you have, just grab them as you see them.
Part One: Getting the Lucky Rabbits Foot
Head left to the area called Boardwalk Rides.  Youll need to jump over a trash can buzzing
with flies.  (The entrance to the Fun House is here.  You can go in to see that Rowley is
in the ball pool and his mother is there looking for him.  But theres nothing to do here
now, so head back out to Boardwalk Rides.)  Keep going left until you reach a parking lot.
There is a woman with a red purse who is looking for her CAR KEYS.  Its up to you to find
those keys!
Go back to the right of Boardwalk Rides and click on the cotton candy cart.  The clue is
that cotton candy is sweeter than honey.  Now jump onto the Cranium Shaker ride to the
left of the cotton candy cart.  On one of the cages at the upper right is the TRASH CAN
LID (youll end up holding it, it wont go into your backpack).  Holding the TRASH CAN LID
go to the trash can.  Youll automatically put the LID on it.  Next, push the trash can to
the cotton candy cart.  Click on the LID, then click again on the can.
Move the Trash - Using your mouse, simply click and drag the objects in the trash can out
of the way until you uncover an empty BAG OF POPCORN.
Head left towards popcorn cart.  Click on the cart (not the vendor) to fill your BAG OF
Now head right, past the Boardwalk Games and Boardwalk Arcade areas, until you reach an
area called The Beach.  Just past the Souvenir Keychain Picture vendor is a trash can.
Climb up on the trash can.  When the seagull flies by, jump up to get the KEYCHAIN
PICTURE.  See whos in the picture? Its the guy with the metal detector on the beach right
next to you!  Hell trade the KEYCHAIN PICTURE for his METAL DETECTOR.  Head right until
youre standing next to the blonde woman sunbathing on the striped towel.  Dump the BAG OF
POPCORN near her.  Seagulls will come down to eat the popcorn and chase her away.  If you
dont chase her away, you cant get the CAR KEYS in the next part.  Now use the METAL
DETECTOR to start a game.
Metal Detector Game - You can use the METAL DETECTOR game to get coins that you can later
use to play the Boardwalk Games.  But the important item here are the CAR KEYS.  To get
coins: start at the upper left and slowly sweep the detector back and forthlike the game
of Hot and Cold, the light will beep faster when youre getting hot (closer) and slower
when youre getting colder.  When the light turns green, click on it.  To get the CAR KEYS:
put the METAL DETECTOR on the striped towel towards the middle and click when the detector
light turns green
Now that youve got the CAR KEYS, head back left to the Boardwalk Rides area.  Give the CAR
KEYS to the woman in parking lot and shell give you her FLIP FLOPS.
Head to the right to the Boardwalk Arcade.  Standing between the Arcade itself and the Tee
Time t-shirt shop is a kid in an orange shirt who is crying and upset.  His frisbee is
stuck on the roof, right above him.  If you try to jump up without anything on your feet,
the scorching hot roof will knock you back.  Its a good thing, then, that you have those
FLIP FLOPS the woman gave you.  Put them on, then jump up on the trash can to the right of
the t-shirt shop, then onto the hot roof until you reach the FLYING DISC.  Give the FLYING
DISC to the upset kid and hell tell you a secret: If you jiggle the handle on the Claw
Game, you can get a free game.
Go left to the Volcano Claw Game thats inside the Arcade (it has an out of order sign on
The Volcano Claw Game - Click on the game, then click on the joystick.  Move it back and
forth (jiggle it) until the Start button glows.  Click the start button, then use the
joystick to maneuver the claw over each of the large items (the blue robot, the football,
and the yellow unicorn), clicking the Drop button to move them out of the way.  Once
theyre out of the way, drop the claw onto the green blob to get the FAKE VOMIT.
Run back to the Boardwalk Rides area until you get to the bumper car ride.  Theres a long
line of people waiting to ride the bumper cars.  Use the FAKE VOMIT to clear out the line
thats been forming, then talk to the bumper car attendant to start the bumper car game.
Bumper Car Game - Keep bumping the red car with Rowley in it to get the LUCKY RABBITS FOOT
before the time runs out.
With your LUCKY RABBITS FOOT, head to the Boardwalk Games area.  Its time to get the JUMBO
Part Two: Winning The Jumbo Prize
There are 5 games you need to play (from left to right on the Boardwalk listed below) to
win the JUMBO PRIZE.  You need one token to play each game.  If you run out of tokens, go
to the Beach and use the METAL DETECTOR to get more.  After you win each game, youll get
the respective prize for that game.
Himalayan Hurl - You just need the LUCKY RABBITS FOOT in your backpack to win this game,
otherwise its not possible to win.  Simply click on the red hole and marvel at how lucky
you are!
Fastball Fury - In this game you throw three baseballs into a catchers mitt by clicking on
the ball.  After the first two balls are thrown, youll be shown their speed.  To win you
need to correctly guess the speed of the third ball.  The trick is to use some object as a
marker and always throw (click) when the power bar is at the same spot relative to the
marker.  I used the wooden shelf, which was roughly 80 mph.
Circus Soaker - To win this game you have to fill the green balloon with water, by
shooting water into the clowns mouth.  The trick is to aim at the small hole in the side
of the open clowns mouth.  While it might seem like youre not getting any water in, the
balloon will fill and eventually burst.
Space Fling - Hold the mouse button down to pick up a ring, then fling the ring at the
bottle by moving the mouse up and releasing the button.  Dont worry, its easier than it
sounds.  You only need to get one ring on a bottle to win.
Pirate Panic - This uses the same mechanic as the Space Fling game.  Just fling the ball
by holding down the mouse button, moving it towards the bottles, then letting go of the
mouse button.  Easy peasy.
If you run out of tokens, remember you can use the METAL DETECTOR on the Beach to find
Once  you beat the 5th Boardwalk Game, youre automatically awarded the JUMBO PRIZE.
Part Three: Airlifting the Crab
From the Boardwalk Games area, head right to the Beach and click on the Souvenir Keychain
Photo guy.  Hell give you the SUNBLOCK.  Head right across the beach until you hit the
water.  The sunburned guy on the beach will trade your SUNBLOCK for OILY SUNTAN LOTION.
Now go left all the way back to the Boardwalk Rides area where the kid with the helicopter
Keep going left and enter the Fun House.  Rowley has gotten himself stuck inside the
slide!  Use the OILY SUNTAN LOTION to grease the slide.  Rowley will fall into the ball
pool and a red-haired kid named Fregley will pop out.  His mother will give you his
left-over FISH STICKS as a reward for finding him.
Use the FISH STICKS, they will get hung on the end of the HELICOPTER.  Go back to the
Beach area once again and use the HELICOPTER with the FISH STICKS bait near the crab at
the waters edge.  The crab will grab on to the helicopter.  Click back on yourself to put
it back in your backpack.
Finally, its time to take care of those mean Big Kids!  Go to the Boardwalk Arcade where
the Big Kids are tricking people with the 20 Bucks.  Use the HELICOPTER with the crab
attached to it to grab the money.  Once the crab has the money in its claw, you can click
on it.  Greg will appear and the two of you will go to the final area: the Under
Boardwalk.  Youll chase the Big Kids away and Greg will finally get his money back back.
Congratulations!  Youve just earned the Wimpy Boardwalk Island Medallion! 

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