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 Prank TV

Prank TV

*                                     *
*             by Mikaivo              *
*                                     *

     Table of Contents

- About Prank TV


- Gymnasium
- Casino
- Plumber's Apartment
- Rock Band Rehearsal Hall
- Sports Bar
- Construction Site
- Military School
- The House of Spiritual Enlightenment
- Beauty Salon
- The Clinic
- The Post Office


- Gymnasium
- Casino
- Plumber's Apartment
- Rock Band Rehearsal Hall
- Sports Bar
- Construction Site
- Military School
- The House of Spiritual Enlightenment
- Beauty Salon
- The Clinic
- The Post Office


About Prank TV:

   Prank TV is a humorous point-and-click adventure game developed by JAM- and published by Wild Hare Entertainment.  With that being said, I now
present to you...


PRANK TV HINT GUIDE -----------  by Mikaivo

This hint guide is intended to prod you in the right direction while attempting
to avoid giving out straight answers.  The total ruination walkthrough can be 
found after the hint guide if you don't mind spoiling the game.


Iíve always wondered what would happen if you mixed weight-loss pills and 
weight-gain pills together.

It looks like a couple small heavy objects would fit in that punching bag quite 

This reminds me of a time when I jumped off one trampoline onto another 
trampoline by accident.  Much pain was had.

The butterfly press and treadmill would be quite dangerous if a few screws 
accidentally came loose.

Itís a good thing that the weights on that press bar are balanced.  Itíd be 
quite dangerous if one side were heavier than the other.

The water for the shower can be turned off by using a wrench on the valve.  The 
guy will have to cross the room to turn it back on.  Now if only the floor were 
treacherously slickÖ


Fork + Machinery = FUN!

If only I had something to jam into that spinning prize wheel.

Iíll bet that peacock would eat a poker chip if I nonchalantly put it down near 

Letís replace the striker surface on the mallet game with something bouncy.

Itís just not a party until someone spikes the juice!

Plumberís Apartment:

That hamster looks dangerous.  Better not touch it bare-handed.

Have you ever tried putting yeast down the drain and plugging it up?  Itís 

Nuts and bolts are like metal candy, donícha think?

Liquid nails looks really cool going down a drain.

My mother told me that itís not safe to keep a hot iron up in a high place.

I once did something really funny by jamming a stereo systemís controls with a 
hairpin and some chewing gum.

Rock Band Rehearsal Hall:

Have you ever tried drinking soap?  Not tasty.

Something funny will happen it you switch speaker wiring around, donít touch it 
with your hands, though.

I hear that the guitars that are broken by musicians on stage are usually fake. 
I bet itíd be much cooler if they broke REAL guitars.

No one can resist messing with a mysterious remote control just sitting out on 
the floor.

With the right tool, you can jam the volume control for a turntable into the 
maximum position.

So he wants that guitar picture tattooed onto him.  Wouldnít it be funny if some
OTHER picture was covering that one up?

Sports Bar:

Please refrain from putting metal in the microwave oven.

Forks + Machinery = FUN!

Some prying utensil could be used to pull that moose head loose.

You shouldnít drink straight from a soda dispenserÖ

A lot of pepper in food can make someone sneeze- and a well-placed ice bucket 
should be nearby for a person to smack his head on when he sneezes.

Construction Site:

Cement mixers are carefully balanced to rotate properly.  A few good hits can 
throw one out of whack.

There are two controllers for the crane, but the release buttons are in opposite
places between them.

That tar might come in handy, we just need something to carry it in.

Heís cutting awfully close, standing on top of that ladder with the wrecking 
ball swinging back and forth.  Letís hope he doesnít get stuck up thereÖ

Spray cans can explode if they get too hot.  Keep them out of hot cars and away 
from welding torches.

He shouldnít be tossing his cigarettes on the ground with so many flammable 
things around.

If someone got their hands stuck to a concrete bag, theyíd have to carry it 

Military School:

Dummy grenades are just toys.  This demonstration would be more fun with a live 

You shouldnít jam things into the barrel of a gun.

Itíd be funny if you could get the vice to fight back.

That gas mask looks good on you.  We should make that permanent.

Ö a bucket above the door to blind him; a rake-shovel hybrid to smack him.

The House of Spiritual Enlightenment:

Mouse + Toad = mutant mousetoad?  HmmÖ probably goes well in soup.

The feather makes the chicken susceptible to damage from the voodoo doll.  I 
wonder what would happen if you stuck that feather in someone elseÖ

Iíve heard that these crazy mystics smoke all sorts of weird powders.

I wonder what kind of spirits the Black Magic book would summon.

Better not open the window.  A good breeze could blow her outside.

Beauty Salon:

Nail file + electronic controls = FUN!

Beating oneís skin with a certain kind of tree branch is a known beauty tip.  
Just make sure there isnít any poison ivy or nettles in that branch.

Draining the pool could hurt people that donít pay attention to their 

Hot coffee should NOT be used in place of massage cream!

Make sure to clear all objects from the tanning bed lights before using.  
Obstructions can result in an uneven tan.

Waxing strips look very painful.  Itís almost like theyíre covered in glue.

The Clinic:

Please do not attempt to adjust the settings on the Massage-O-Matic chair 
without consulting the manual.  Results could beÖ unpredictable.

That skeleton would look better with something jammed into its mouth.

The dental pumps and vacuums are not toys.

The nurse walks around with syringe trays a lot.  Best keep the floor clean, so 
she doesnít trip.

Mice can be surprisingly aggressive when they wake up.  The trick is catching 
one asleep.

Wouldnít it be funny if a photograph popped out of an x-ray machine?

The Post Office:

Please do not put inappropriate substances in the air conditioner.

Good thing thereís an extra jug of water to put out fires.  Isnít it funny that 
the fuel tank looks almost the same as that water jug?

With the right tool, you can jam a button on a remote control to where itís 
always being pressed down.

I once sat down on a board with nails sticking out.  Not fun.

Pouring a sticky substance into a file cabinet may yield hilarious results.

Hot sauce can add a nice surprise to anything that people have to taste.


Hint guide not enough for you?  Well, without further ado, let us begin the 



Start this level out by picking up the wrench and fat-burner pills to the left. 
Head over to the right side of the locker room and use the fat-burner pills with
the 1000% pure animal protein pills in front of the mirror.  Head through the 
door on the north side to enter the showers, then grab the screwdriver by the 
window within.  Use the wrench on the valve on the right side of the room to 
turn off the water.  This will by you some time while the jock is taking his 
shower, as he will have to blindly walk across the room to turn the water back 

Head back out the door into the locker room, then through the door on the east 
side.  This will take you out into the gym.  The jock is probably still in here,
but if you were quick enough, heís still got a few more workouts before he well 
leave.  Head to the north area and grab the extra jumping board.  Place it on 
the mat on the left side.  From there, grab the oil can thatís sitting next to 
the butterfly press once the jock is done with that machine (the game calls the 
press a ďheavy-weight machineĒ if you examine it).  Use the screwdriver on the 
machine, and then use it again on the treadmill.  Head over to the large weight 
bar on the left side.  Grab one of the large round weights and put it on the 
right side of the bar, then grab the two hand weights on the floor next to it, 
and stuff them inside the punching bag.

The finale for this stage will require you to put oil on the floor in the middle
of the shower room, and then turn off the water with the wrench.  When all these
tasks are complete, hide in the leftmost locker and enjoy the fruits of your 


Head over to the refreshments table and grab the fork, whiskey and gelatin mold.
 Use the whiskey with the pitcher of juice, and then grab a poker chip off the 
roulette table on the left side (itís tiny and can be tough to spot).  Put that 
chip on the floor to the left of the Peacock in the middle of the casino.  Walk 
to the left area, and then go down to the slot machines.  Jam the fork into the 
slot machine on the bottom right of this screen, and then head to the right.  
From there, head to the north past the prize wheel to grab the croupierís stick 
off the table.  Use that stick on the prize wheel, go north again, and then use 
the gelatin mold on the base for the mallet game.  Just stay out of the 
croupierís way for the rest of it, and watch the show!

Plumberís Apartment:

Grab the Liquid nails and the nut on the floor next to the toolbox, and then 
head through the leftmost door into the kitchen.  From there, use the nut on the
candy on the table on the left, grab the yeast brick, and then head through the 
door on the right (the door is hard to click because of its angle, so just move 
the mouse cursor to the right side of the screen, and then click the floor in 
the living room.  The character will automatically open the door and walk 
there).  Grab the used gum on the table and the iron in the back, and head south
to return to the hallway.

Go through the rightmost door to enter the bathroom.  Place the iron above the 
toilet; grab the hairpin and rubber gloves in the back, then put the liquid 
nails down the bathtub drain.  Head back out into the hallway.  Use the rubber 
gloves on the hamster to acquire it.  Put the hamster into the toolbox, and then
enter the kitchen.  Use the yeast brick on the sink drain, and then grab a 
carrot from table to also stuff into the drain.  Go back into the living room 
and use the gum and hairpin on the little CD player on the table.  Enter the 
tall cabinet to hide and watch the fun.

Rock Band Rehearsal Hall:

Grab the soap on the left side of the room, and then pull the screwdriver out of
the wall on the right side by the door.  Go through the door into the southeast 
room.  Pick up the pliers on the floor and use them on the wire running to the 
large speaker on the right side.  Get the guitar thatís hanging on the wall and 
head up the stairs to the stage.  Grab the little yellow remote control on the 
right side and take the clown picture that is hanging by it.  The screwdriver 
must be used on the turntable in the back; the guitar should be placed with the 
other guitars on the left.  Use the yellow remote on the floor to the left of 
the microphone stand.  Head down the stairs into the southwest room and put the 
soap in the beer keg.  Go to the southeast room and hang the clown picture over 
the guitar picture in the back.  Now, just stay out of the way as your pranks 

Sports Bar:

Pick up the fork and pepper shaker from the nearby tables, and then grab the 
shaker from the right end of the bar.  Move down to the bottom of the screen 
quickly, as the bartender will be coming this way soon.  If youíre at the 
bottom, you should be out of his field of view.  As he walks past, get the 
caviar can and ice bucket from near the middle of the bar.  Put the can in the 
microwave, and then click on the red soda machine on the right wall.  Head 
through the northwest door into the storage room and use the shaker on the 
freezer.  The shaker is now frozen, and waiting in your inventory for further 
use.  Use the pepper shaker on the burgers in the middle of the room, and then 
use the ice bucket on the crate by the burgers.

The bartender should be checking the cash register right about now, and itís 
safe to go back into the main area when heís doing that.  Click on the cash 
registerís plug, and then jam the fork into the register itself.  Finally, grab 
a bottle opener on the table at the east side of the room, and then use it on 
the moose horns above the table.  Head through the northeast door and safely 
watch the brutality.

Construction Site:

Grab the spray can and the bucket, using the latter on the barrel of tar.  Head 
to the right and take the big hammer sitting on the ground and use it on the 
cement mixer.  Go through the doorway just to the north and hide as the 
construction worker walks this way.  Pan the screen to the left and use the 
spray can on the exposed piping.  Do this a bit before the worker gets to the 
cement mixer, as it will take time for you to come out of hiding, and you want 
to be well on your way as the mixer prank initiates.  

Climb the ladder and use the bucket of tar on the 2nd floor ladder, then grab 
the fuel can on the right.  Use the fuel can on the floor in the No Smoking area
on the left side, and then head back to the right side to grab the yellow remote
control and use the bucket of tar on the heavy-looking sacks on the far right 
side.  Go through the opening just to the north to hide, and then use the remote
control on the other remote on the bottom floor.  Again, you want to initiate 
this action a bit before the worker arrives, as it takes time to come out of 
hiding, and youíll be out of control when the prank is going on.  With the 
remotes swapped, go into the lower hiding place and enjoy the show.

Military School:

Pick up the bucket and the rake before going through the open door.  In the next
room, get the spring and super glue from the floor, and then use the spring on 
the vice on the table.  Head back out into the main room and walk to the bottom 
of the screen so the colonel will walk past without spotting you.  Move over to 
the right side, grab the chewing gum, from the teacherís desk, and then use the 
super glue on the gas mask.  Go through the other door and into the firing 
range.  Grab the grenade from the cabinet on the north side, use the chewing gum
on the gun, and then come back out into the main room.  Use the grenade with the
dummy grenades then head to the left side.

For the finale, you must wait until the colonel goes through the open door to 
work on his miniatures.  When heís inside, use the bucket on the door to place 
it up top.  Then use the rake on the shovel head on the floor to create a 
special hybrid device.  Use the new toy on the floor next to the door, and stand

The House of Spiritual Enlightenment:

Grab the book of Black Magic from the table on the raised platform out front, 
using it on the book at the opposite corner of the table.  Head through the 
archway on the right into the voodoo room; grabbing the feather from the manís 
hat.  Go left into the kitchen, pick up the mouse from the center counter, and 
use it on the green toad that was next to it.  Use the feather on the cooked 
chicken; grab the toxic magic power from the counter next to the stove, then 
toss the mouse-toad hybrid creature youíve created into the cook pot.

Head south into the smoking area; and use the toxic magic powder on the hookah. 
Go back to the right, turn on the fan, and then open the window on the far right
side.  Walk back through the right archway again so you wonít be spotted.

Beauty Salon:

Get the stickers from the table on the left, the leather glue from the front 
desk, and the coins and nail file from the purse on the center table (pan camera
to the right to see table).  Use the file on the controls for the hair dryer 
seat.  Go through the door on the far right and use the glue on the waxing 
strips in the room.  Grab the scissors, and go back into the main area.  Use the
scissors on the nettle plant right by the door.  Go through the northeast door 
into the pool area.  Use the nettles on the tree branches, and then pull the 
switch next to them.

Back out in the main area; use the coins with the coffee machine on the far left
to acquire a hot drink.  Go through the northwest door into the tanning room, 
using the stickers on the tanning bed.  Come back to the main area and go 
through the middle door into the massage robot room.  Use the hot coffee on the 
massage cream jar by the robot.  You can now hide behind the front desk and wait
out the victimís suffering.

The Clinic:

Swipe the scissors from the table and go through the door to the left.  In the 
next room, use the scissors on the clown picture to take it.  Click on the 
massage chair to sabotage it, and then head back to the lobby.  From there, go 
through the northwest door to enter the lab.  Pick up the syringe and use it on 
the mouse to take it.  Pick up the clyster, and then use the mouse on the 
counter on the far left side to place it there.  With that done, head through 
the opening on the right side to reach the x-ray room.

Shove the clown picture into the slot on the x-ray machine; then go through the 
south opening.  Use the clyster on the skeleton, then click on the dentistís 
chair controls to sabotage it.  Grab the pills from the cabinet and go back to 
the lab.  Use the pills on the floor near the labís eastern doorway; then go 
hide behind the door in the dental room.

The Post Office:

This is the final level, the ultimate battle of good vs evil.  Youíre on your 
own for this one.  NO WALKTHROUGH FOR YOU!

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