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 Private Nurse US

Private Nurse US 

FAQ/Walkthrough, by jesdynf (of EFnet).


Private Nurse is the best bishoujo game I've seen translated into English. You
take the role of a sickly little git; the choices you make determine how you


The controls are irritating; right-click to bring up the options menu. You can
increase the scroll speed of the text with the "Preferences" command; you can
also set the dialogue fast-forwarder to skip dialogue to skip dialogue you
-haven't- seen before -- generally useless, but needful in one or two spots,
notably the After Diaries, where it doesn't properly realize you've -seen- this
darn scene before.


I found four endings, with 97% scene completion.

You're asked no more than twenty questions or so through the

Completing an ending with Ayano or Maria unlocks their respective "After
Diary", which contain a variety of short stories not included in the main story
arc. These contain details that better explain what happened in the main story,
pictures of people having sex, or both.

Note that each of those two have -many- different possible sex scenes, and that
in the After Diaries, the selection of which to use is often random. If you're
going through these vignettes, expect to fast-forward a lot.

I expect the scenes I missed -- nine in total -- are from small variations in
the sex acts I simply never rolled up. I have no interest in trying to get them

When you complete the fourth ending, Maria's face appears on the title screen.


Oh. I have -no idea- what the role of the RPS duels are to the endings, but
I'll tell you that winning every one of them doesn't hurt things any. Save
whenever you're confronted with an RPS duel; reload if you lose.


Questions are listed in the exact order they're presented; my notes don't
include the day they're asked on. Use a bookmark.


For Ayano's ending, you minimize the perceived contributions that Maria makes
to Hiroki's condition. Mio is not a factor.

"Say thank you" -- said it
"Feel sick" -- yes
"go to nurse's office" -- no
"dinner or sunset" -- dinner
"sick or not" -- not sick
RPS -- won
"should she take me home" -- asked her to take me
"how do you feel" -- good
RPS -- won
"tell her about sickness" -- picked tell all
"go out or go home" -- went home
RPS -- lost
"shops/park" -- picked shops
"stay home/return CD" -- return CD
"go to school or not" -- picked not
"stop being sick" -- agreed

(Yes, thank you. I know that some of these options contradict my statements
above. They're what I used to beat the game the first time, and I got Ayano
then, so you'll get Ayano now.)


For Maria's ending, you minimize Ayano's presence in your life. Mio is not a

"say thank you" -- said it
"don't feel good" -- feel okay
"nurse's office" -- won't go
"dinner/sunset" -- sunset
"sick or not" -- not
RPS -- won
"take me home" -- go home by self
"how do I feel" -- great
RPS -- won
"tell her about sickness" -- honestly tell her
"go out or go home" -- go home
"shops/park" -- park
"stay home/return CD" -- return CD
"stay home/go to school" -- stay home
"stop being sick" -- no reply
"tell truth or not" -- tell truth
"go find her/she'll be ok" -- go find her

I'm almost positive the following questions don't matter.

Day ???: "can I sleep w/ you" -- every night
Day ???: "will it stay like this" -- I hope so
Day ???: "memories?" -- here today thanks to yesterday
Day ???: after sex -- hands to hips


For Mio, you deny Maria's assistance AND exclude Ayano. You've also got to be
as strong as possible otherwise, and give Mio every chance to aid you.

"thank you" -- no
"don't feel good" -- feel sick
"nurse's office" -- went
"dinner/sunset" -- dinner
"sick or not" -- sick
RPS -- won
"take me home" -- go home by self
"how do I feel" -- poor
RPS -- won
"tell her about sickness" -- honestly tell her
"go out or go home" -- go out
RPS -- won
"shops/park" -- shops
"stay home/return CD" -- return CD
"stay home/go to school" -- go to school
"stop being sick" -- alright
"tell her truth" -- tell truth


And there's a fourth, bad ending. It's what I got handed when I tried to get
Maria the first time; being weak, spineless, and clingy isn't very effective.
Included for completeness.

"say thank you" -- said it
"don't feel good" -- didn't feel good
"nurse's office" -- went
"dinner or sunset" -- sunset
"sick or not" -- sick
RPS -- lost
"take me home" -- go home by self
"how do I feel" -- bad
RPS -- won
"tell her about sickness" -- brief answer
"go out or go home" -- went home
RPS -- won
"shops/park" -- park
"stay home/return CD" -- stay home


That's it. Explanation of the game plot and the contents of the After Diaries
are well beyond the scope of this document -- just pay attention and plod
through them, you'll do fine. Maria's ADs are far more revealing than Ayano's,

I thank the GameFAQs message boards for their general aid in finding the right
paths on the decision tree.

And I thank me -- 'cause deciding to keep a log when I started the game was a
Real Good Idea, one I'll definitely repeat, and one I advise you undertake next
time you play one of these.


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