Prohibition of Smoking VS A Smoke Monster Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Prohibition of Smoking VS A Smoke Monster

Prohibition of Smoking VS A Smoke Monster

-take the pipe under the green pillow.
-take the green ashtray.
-take the lighter from the overcoat's pocket.
-take the blue key on the table.
-take the scissors from the houseplant's pot.
-take the black key under the couch.
-open the top drawer with blue key.
-get the gas.
-open the middle drawer with the black key.
-take the pink ashtray.
-cut the vantilation fan wire with the scissors.
-take the red key.
-open the bottom drawer with the red key.
-take the cigarette case.
-get the screwdriver from the fish poster. 
 (there is a red point on the screen)
-open the switch closet with the screwdriver.
-turn it on to fill fresh air in the room.
-you will see numbers 8-3-6 on the dart.
-get the cigarettes.
-enter "863" to the code panel on the trash can.
-put all the items in the trash can and go out.

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