Pumpkin Room Escape Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Pumpkin Room Escape

Pumpkin Room Escape

1. click on the left side of brown drawer to get the backside view. 
   notice the clue to solve puzzle. 
2. go right. get first pumpkin on bed. click under bed to get blue key. 
   get stick from the plant on the right side of bed. 
3. go right. use blue key to open drawer. get a screwdriver. 
4. click on the left side of blue drawer. get second pumpkin. 
5. click under blue drawer. notice there’s a yellow ball, but you can’t 
   take it yet. go back 
6. click on wooden table. solve the puzzle, based on the clue “escape”. 
   get yellow key. 
7. click under wooden table. get red key. 
8. go right. get third pumpkin on wooden table. 
9. use yellow key, and get fourth pumpkin and first yellow ball. go back 
10.use red key. get scissors and fifth pumpkin. go back. on the left side of the brown cupboard to get the backside view. 
   notice there’s a yellow ball. use stick to get blue ball. but wait, it 
   rolls out the wrong way. go back. now you get the second yellow ball 
   between cupboard and wooden table. 
12.go left again. click under blue drawer again. use scissors to cut the 
   string on yellow ball. get third yellow ball. 
13.go left/right twice. use screwdriver to unscrew the light panel.
   turn the light off. 
14.notice there’s illuminating sort of dice. turn the rooms once, to notice 
   there’s 1, 2, 3, 4 sequence. notice the position of the dots too. back 
   to door view again. turn on the light. panel on door. key in 1234 code. click the yellow button. get fourth
   yellow ball automatically on you inventory. go back.
16.go left/right twice. click on top of blue drawer. put one ball first 
   according to dots position. notice the number that comes out. use 2, 3,
   and 4 balls to get a sequence of code. 
17.the code is 3586 
18.go face the door again. click the panel and input the code, and click 
   the brown button now. out with perfect ending.

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