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 Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon

Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon

\ Version 1.4 11/30/04 /
 \                    /

       /  \
      /    \
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    /        \

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Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon Walkthrough
by The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2004

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Characters
003.  Walkthrough 
004.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the Windows game called Putt-Putt
Goes to the Moon.  This is one of the earliest Putt-Putt
games, as evidenced by the bad graphics and whatnot.  I
would recommend playing a later Putt-Putt game, because
having played those first, I had trouble adjusting to this
game because Putt-Putt looked so different.  To contact me,
e-mail, but make the subject
blank if you do. 


Putt-Putt: Even though he looks a little different, he's
still the same annoying purple car he always was!  He likes
helping other people and saying lame catch-phrases ("I like
doing good deeds!")

Pep: Putt-Putt's best friend, Pep is a dog that rides
around in Putt-Putt.  Pep looks a LOT different, but still
sounds the same.

Mr. Firebird: He works at the local fireworks factory.
He's a genius inventor, and Putt-Putt likes to hang out
with him.  Unlike Putt-Putt and Pep, he doesn't look too

Mice: They're from Kansas, and they're on the moon, taking
a vacation.

Rover: This guy has some cool moves, spinning around and
whatnot.  He's a moon rover that was left on the moon by

Two-headed Alien: He/She (one head is male, one female)
sells you a rocket...provided you get all the parts and the
moon crystals, that is.  Currently, it is using the rocket
as an ice cream shop.

Robbie Radar: He gives you rocket fuel for free, but you
have to find him in the Moon Bubble Apartment Complex,
which isn't easy because he moves around a lot.

Governor Moonbeam: If you do a good deed, he lets you have
a key.

Crater Creatures: If you play alien tag with them, they
will give you some moon crystals.

Man in the Moon: He's been waiting for a picture of himself
for ten thousand years.


Mr. Firebird invited Putt-Putt and Pep to the Fireworks
Factory.  Cool!  Now we can make some great web pages!
Just joking.  Go right to move down the road, and move down
the road into the fireworks factory.

Mr. Firebird lets you play around with his machine for a
while, which is nice of him.  Choose the things you want in
the rocket, then press test to fire it.  What you choose is
what will be seen in the sky when the firework goes off.

When you're dong playing around with the machine, go right.
Click on the butterfly, who's outside the window.  The
butterfly flies in and lands on the DO NOT TOUCH lever.  On
no!  You're not supposed to touch that!  Pep jumps after
him, accidentally pulling the lever.  Double No!

Everything goes crazy, the fireworks and rockets fire off
madly,  and Putt-Putt and Pep wind up in outer space!
Luckily Pep has a space-helmet.  I wonder where he got it.

You float along in space until you click right, and then
you land on the moon!

Go right to meet some mice.  They don't know how to get
back to Earth; they just got here.  Maybe Putt-Putt should
try launching himself off a rock.  Putt-Putt tries, but it
doesn't work.

Go right again.  Hey, did something peep out at you?
That's weird.  Go into the cave for a weird mini-game in
which you drive around in the dark, looking for Pep.  When
your mini-game desires are fulfilled, go down the road.

There's a caution sign by the bridge, but let's ignore it.
Go across the bridge.  Hey, it breaks!  Oh no!  You should
have paid attention to the caution sign instead of ignoring

Click on your horn.  You get rescued by a mysterious car
thing.  It turns out he's Rover, a moon rover brought to
the moon by astronauts, and then left there.  Ah, so sad.

Rover gives you a picture of the moon.  Putt-Putt wishes he
could help Rover. just might be able to!  Rover
takes you to a space rocket.  It's for sale!  It costs ten
glowing moon crystals, but the rocket is missing a few

The blue flag, which Putt-Putt takes, shows what is needed.
You need a nose cone, rocket fuel, a steering wheel, the
key and the ten glowing moon crystals to buy the rocket.

First off, let's get the rocket fuel.  Go left to leave the
alien's place and go to the Moon City Gas Station.  Click
on the fuel machine to get...a note, saying where you can
find Robbie Radar, who's in charge of fuel.

Go right, and then down the road to the bottom/left.  Then
go up/right to reach Moon Bubble Apartments.  Click on the
room the note says Robbie is in.

Uh oh, he's not there!  You get some new directions for the
apartment he's in now.  Follow them for another set of new
directions.  Then go there to meet Robbie Radar.

Robbie says he'll give you some rocket fuel.  Putt-Putt
goes back to the gas station and Robbie gives it to him
there.  One thing down.

Leave the fuel station.  Go up the hill.  Click on the keys
under the glass on the right.  Governor Moonbeam comes out
to tell you that the keys are for good deed doers.
Putt-Putt likes doing good deeds!

Leave Moon City Hall and go down the road (in the direction
of the top of the screen) to reach the area with the
bridge.  Go left across the bridge.  Hey, someone's stuck
in the moon goo!

Go down to help the alien.  Hey, that's a good deed!  Go
back to Moon City Hall, and Governor Moonbeam gives you
access to the keys.  Choose the key that looks most like
the key on the blueprints.

You've got the key and the fuel, that's two down.  Leave
Moon City Hall and go down the road to the lower/left.  Go
down the road to the lower/left again.

Say, the mice are back!  Go left down the road to meet
Rover, who's found the steering wheel, but can't reach it.
He picks Putt-Putt up, but you can't reach it.  Use Pep to
reach the wheel.

You've got the wheel, which is three down.  Rover goes off
to pack his things.  Yeah, DON'T help!  Jerk.  Go right
down the road, then go right again.

Click on a crater and a crater creature pops up and invites
you to a game of alien tag.  Say yes to play.  The object
of the game is to click on the aliens when they leave their
craters.  For every third alien you hit, you get a glowing
moon crystal.

Eventually, the game ends and the crater creature gives you
your moon crystals.  Keep playing until you get ten or more
moon crystals (Putt-Putt tells you when you have enough
moon crystals to buy the spaceship).  That's four things

Go right down the road to reach a mansion.  The gates are
locked.  Click on the gate, and one of the five diamonds
glows.  Click on it.

A sequence of two diamonds glowing occurs.  Repeat it.  I'm
not sure I explained that well.  If the green diamond
glows, then the blue one, click on the green diamond, then
the blue one.

Then you must do the same thing, with three and then four
crystals to open the gate.  Putt-Putt goes inside and meets
the man in the moon.  

Click on the rocket nose cone to the right of the man in
the moon.  He says he might trade it to you for something.
Give him the picture of the moon, and he says he'll give
you the nose cone.  Click it to get it.  That's five down.

Wait a minute...five down!  That's all!  Go back to the
aliens who are selling the rocket.  Give them the moon
crystals to buy the rocket, then put the nose cone on the
rocket.  The alien leaves, saying that it's been real (not
kidding this time).

Click on the rocket to go inside.  Once inside, put the
steering wheel on the little hole, and use the rocket fuel
on thing labeled fuel.  Use the key in the keyhole to start
the rocket!  Off Putt-Putt, Rover and Pep go!

That's the end of the game!  Yay!  Putt-Putt lands back
home in Cartown.  He had quite a day, and the best part is
he brought home a new friend.  Aw, how nice.  Everyone goes
off, and the moon rises.  Then the moon winks at you.  The
end.  Click on the rockets to make them explode or whatnot
while the credits roll.

...Say, doesn't Rover make a better dog name than Pep?
Just a thought...


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2004.  This game
is copyright of Humongous Entertainment, 1994.  If you want
to use any part of this FAQ for any reason, ask me first
(instructions under general information)

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