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 Putt-Putt Joins the Parade

Putt-Putt Joins the Parade

        Version 1.3    _____
  __       4/2/05     /  \  \
  \ \                |  O | O|
___\_\_______________|    |  | 
\      _      |   _   \__/__/ 
 \    / \     |  / \        \
  \  |   |    | |   |  \__/ |
   \_|   |____|_|   |_______/
      \_/        \_/

Putt-Putt Joins the Parade Walkthrough
by The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2005

For the latest version of this guide, check

Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Characters
003.  Walkthrough 
004.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the Windows game called Putt-Putt
Joins the Parade, which is one of the various Putt-Putt
games that exist.  Putt-Putt is a friendly car who has big
adventures, like going to the moon or traveling through
time.  This game contains the more domesticated adventure
of joining the parade, but I'll bet that Putt-Putt will
have a great time anyway!

To contact me, e-mail, but
make the subject blank if you do. 


Putt-Putt: Our hero, a purple car who probably gets beaten
unmercifully by the bullies at his school.  He makes
friends with everyone, is always ready to help out someone
with a problem, and says catchphrases such as "Hot

Smokey the Fire Engine: Smokey is the fire chief, who wants
everyone to know that only YOU can prevent forest fires.
No, wait, that's a different Smokey.  The Smokey in this
game is in charge of the parade, and you need to fulfill
his requirements to be in the parade.

Mr. Baldini: The Italian grocery store owner.  Putt-Putt
can deliver groceries for him.

Toy Store Owner: An Irish woman owns the toy store, and she
tells you that Mrs. Airbag has all the balloons, which is
exactly one balloon, if you bother to count them all.

Mrs. Airbag: She has all the balloons.  She's seeing a
movie (a drive-in movie, of course) with her son, Baby

Baby Beep: Mrs. Airbag's son, he is little and lost at the
movies.  Putt-Putt's gotta save him!

Pep: Putt-Putt finds a puppy and names it Pep.  That's good
for him, because Putt-Putt needs a pet to be in the pet

Ms. Rearview Mirror: She lives at #1 Red Street.

Mr. Fenderbender: He lives at #2 Red Street, and sounds
suspiciously like Don Knotts.

Jacques: A French car that lives at #3 Red Street.

Mr. Parts and Service: He lives at #4 Red Street.

Buster E. Buggy: An old car (Olds-mobile?) who lives at #1
Green Street.

Clarence: A rather boring car who lives at #2 Green Street.

Tami Torpedo: A flashy car that lives at #3 Green Street.

Mr. Fender: The car that lives at #4 Green Street.

Trixie: The car that lives at #1 Blue Street.

Bronco: The raging buck of a car that lives at #2 Blue

Mrs. Bumper: The car who lives at #3 Blue Street.

Gert: The car who lives at #4 Blue Steet.


The game starts with sunrise and a bird flying to
Putt-Putt's garage.  Putt-Putt wakes up and decides to turn
on his radio to see what's happening in town today.

Hey, there's a parade!  The Cartown Pet Parade to be exact.
Putt-Putt doesn't have a pet...

Say, let's go downtown and talk to Smokey the Fire Engine,
who's running the parade.  Maybe he can let Putt-Putt in
the parade anyway!  Pick up the coin (which is below the
oil can) and leave the garage.

Travel down the roads here, and eventually, you run into a
cow, which blocks the road.  That's not nice of the cow!
Honk Putt-Putt's horn to get the cow out of the way, and
Putt-Putt drives into town.

Smokey is glad to see Putt-Putt is ready to sign up for
the parade, but there's a few things he needs to do first.
First of all, he needs a carwash, which means Putt-Putt has
to earn money (2 coins) in order to pay for it.

Putt-Putt can get money by delivering groceries for Mr.
Baldini, or by mowing lawns (Smokey loans Putt-Putt a lawn
mower).  Smokey, at the end of this cutscene, tells Putt-
Putt where to mow lawns (either red street, green street or
blue street).

Putt-Putt also needs a balloon and a pet to be in the pet
parade.  Sounds like work, but Putt-Putt's up to the job.

Putt-Putt goes back to the main square.  Go to the toy
store in the lower/left part of this area.  Maybe the toy
store has balloons.  Go in, and the Irish car there lets
you know that Mrs. Airbag has the balloons, and she took
them and her son, Baby Beep, to the movies.

"Thank you!" says Putt-Putt, who is strangely enthusiastic
about that.  Click the magnet in the store, and Putt-Putt
takes it, saying that it's his.

Go back to the main square.  The building on the right is a
gas station; if Putt-Putt's gas gauge (left of the steering
wheel) is running low, come here to fill it up for free.
You can finish the game without ever needing to do this,
but you might have to, depending on how much driving you
do.  This is just FYI information.

When you're in the main square and go to Mr. Baldini's
grocery store, which is in the upper/right of the screen.
Click on sliding doors to talk to Mr. Baldini.  He offers
to give you groceries to deliver.

Choose yes (the nodding face) to accept the groceries, and
Mr. Baldini gives you the address to deliver them to.  The
address is number one, two, three or four of red, green or
blue street.  There are, in all, twelve places where the
groceries can go.  If you forget where they go, click on
the groceries and Putt-Putt tells you.

Before going back to the main square, pick up a sack of the
free birdseed here.

Back in the main square, leave by going through the road
that leads up (between Smokey's and Mr. Baldini's).  This
road leads to a busy intersection where cars are.  Click on
the traffic light to turn it green, which clears the road
for Putt-Putt to go.

Of the six roads going into this intersection, the three of
them at the top of the screen are colored red, blue and
green.  Why, these must be the red, blue and green streets!
Which street do you have to go down to deliver the
groceries?  Figure it out, then go down that street!

Unfortunately, the road is blocked!  If you're going down
Red Street, there are nails all over the road!  Use your
magnet on the nails and continue going down the road.  If
you're going down Blue Street, a marching band is in the
way.  Play Putt-Putt's radio to make the band march away
and continue going down the road.  If you're going down
Green Street, there are birds in the way.  Use the birdseed
on the birds, and continue down the road.

Past the obstacles are the streets themselves.  Each street
has four numbered houses.  Drive to the house you're
delivering groceries to, then click on the garage door.
When the occupant of the house comes out, click on the
grocery bag to deliver the groceries.

You get a coin for delivering groceries, which makes two
coins.  You'll need to earn another coin for mowing lawns.
Go to the street that Smokey said needed mowing, and talk
to the people there.  Click on the lawn mower to get them
to agree to let you mow their lawns.

While mowing the lawn (click around the move Putt-Putt),
he finds a bone, which could come in handy, so he keeps it.
Mow the lawn for a while (you don't have to mow all of it)
and leave through the exit at the bottom of the screen.

You can mow the lawns of everyone else in the street, but
by now you have three coins, which is all you need.

Go back to the big intersection.  Click on the traffic
light to make it green, then go down the road leading to
the right.

Go all the way down this road to reach a mysterious cave.
Go inside the cave.  It's kind of creepy place with bats
and whatnot.  However, there's a puppy inside!  Yay, he can
be Putt-Putt's pet!  Knick knack paddywhack (ie. give the
dog a bone) and Putt-Putt calls the dog "Pep".

Go back to the intersection and this time take the left
path.  You're at the movies.  Mrs. Airbag is outside.

Hey, Mrs. Airbag!  She's the lady who bought the balloons
from the toy store.  Talk to her to learn her son is lost
in the movie theater.  Oh no!  She gives you a picture of
Baby Beep so you can find him.

Go in the movie theater, where there are a lot of cars.
Click on the one that is Baby Beep (that is the car that
looks just like the picture).  You might have to move right
to see more rows of cars in order to find him.

When you find Baby Beep, Putt-Putt says, "Baby Beep, I
found you," you know, like we DON'T already know that.
Baby Beep says, "Thanks Putt-Putt.  I miss my mama." Aw...

Mrs. Airbag gives Putt-Putt a balloon for rescuing Baby
Beep.  Go back to the main square of the town.

When you're in the main square, you have two options.
Putt-Putt needs to get clean.  You can do this by going to
the car wash or by getting a paint job.

To get a carwash, go to the car wash in the lower/right
part of the main square.  It costs two coins to get into
the car wash.  Inside the car wash, you need to use all
four machines (two nozzles on either side of an empty jar,
a red brush and a vacuum on the far right).

To get a paint job, go to the paint job place, which is at
the left part of the main square.  It costs three cents to
get in.  Once you do, choose a color and Putt-Putt gets

Once Putt-Putt is painted or washed, he is now ready for
the parade, seeing as he has a balloon and Pep.  Head to
Smokey's, and he lets you be in the parade.

We then get to see the parade.  Move right along the cars
and at the end you see Putt-Putt, leading the parade.  The
sun goes down and then the credits roll.  Pop the balloons
that show up during the credits if you want to.

Wasn't that a fun adventure, kids?  No?  Well, that's
probably because this is one of the really early Putt-Putt
games.  Perhaps you should try a more recent one, like
Putt-Putt Travels Through Time.  If you do, I recommend
using my guide for that game to help you get through,
because it is several times harder than this game is.


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2005.  This game
is copyright of Humongous Entertainment, 1992.  If you want
to use any part of this FAQ for any reason, ask me first
(instructions under general information)

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