Ravenloft 2 - Stone Prophet FAQ Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Ravenloft 2 - Stone Prophet FAQ

Ravenloft 2 - Stone Prophet FAQ

                              RAVENLOFT 2
                              STONE PROPHET

       _____       __      ________ _   _ _      ____  ______ _______
      |  __ \     /\ \    / /  ____| \ | | |    / __ \|  ____|__   __|
      | |__) |   /  \ \  / /| |__  |  \| | |   | |  | | |__     | |
      |  _  /   / /\ \ \/ / |  __| | . ` | |   | |  | |  __|    | |
      | | \ \  / ____ \  /  | |____| |\  | |___| |__| | |       | |
      |_|  \_\/_/    \_\/   |______|_| \_|______\____/|_|       |_|

                  _______ __
                 |     __|  |_.-----.-----.-----.
                 |__     |   _|  _  |     |  -__|

                  ______                    __           __
                 |   __ \.----.-----.-----.|  |--.-----.|  |_
                 |    __/|   _|  _  |  _  ||     |  -__||   _|
                 |___|   |__| |_____|   __||__|__|_____||____|

                           Walkthrough and FAQ

                           by Nicolas L. Clement
                       | released June 23th 2008 |
                               FINAL 1.0


Alright this is my Ravenloft 2 - Stone Prophet FAQ and Walkthrough since I
noticed there were none on and since I am having fun these
days playing old games. I thought it would be a fine idea to release this.

As always, try not to rip-off this document by changing it unless you feel it
will help other gamers. Unlike many other FAQ authors, I am not too keen on
the whole copyright issue of documents so go ahead and edit this if you want
to. As long as it serve the general purpose of helping others.

Regardless, this is copyrighted as of 2008 by Nicolas L. clement and will be
released on If this document is found somewhere else (in an
edited or original format) then it means somebody else have put it there :).

* 1. PREFACE *

Ravenloft 2 - Stone Prophet is the second chapter of the Ravenloft serie (they
made two) for the PC computers. It was made by SSI and is considered in my
opinion superior to the first one. The game engine is essentially the same,
but I personally liked the "mood" of this game better and the NPC were by
FAR more interesting as well.

It is not a hard game, and may require you about 60 hours of your life to
complete. Even though it appears not at first glance, it is a  rather linear
game as it is to be expected from 1995, but in my opinion remains something
worth playing.

As an aside, in 2008 it is very difficult to play this game under Windows XP
or Windows Vista. I would thus recommend the latest version of DOSBox to
emulate it. This is how I did it, and it worked perfectly for the completion
of this game.


When you first create a game you will be given the choice to either import
characters from the previous Ravenloft game or start new ones. If you managed
to get far in Ravenloft 1, this is the option that should be used as you will
also transfer your cool magical items and spells you collected.

If you want to create a new party though, remember that you will only be
allowed to make two characters. These will be of about level 5 and will start
with some decent equipment. If you choose to do this, know that this step is
CRUCIAL as you will soon realize that the NPC you will gain are not that
great. Also remember that you will begin your quest with only these two, so
make them count.

Furthermore you should boost them artificially. (Meaning you should not only
reroll stats, but boost them to 18 or the maximum possible; especially for
STR, DEX, CON and their necessary stats; such as INT for mages and WIS for

My personal choice for this is to multiclass them so that you can fulfill all
roles with only 2 characters. Thus the logical choice would be a "Mage-Thief"
and a "Fighter Cleric". Personally I went for a female elf Mage-Thief and a
male dwarf Fighter-Cleric.

Now I know that this choice might be questioned but here's my logic:

Elf Mage-Thief

You could alternatively use a Fighter-Mage instead, but since you cannot cast
spells with an armor on, I didn't felt it was too much logical to use the
"fighter" concept to multiclass her. Also, as a thief, it is cool to use two
daggers to fight especially that the first item you find in Ravenloft 1 and
Ravenloft 2 were daggers and about the most powerful weapons in the game.

On the other hand, there is virtually NO OCCASION in the entire game to use
your "thief skills" (other than maybe unlocking a door or two).

All in all, it's maybe not the best concept. But the thief part will give your
mage a few more hitpoints without preventing you from casting your spells. In
retrospect after having finished the game I might as well went for a fighter-
mage to get more strength (18/00) when attacking. The choice is yours.

As an elf you have a bonus to dexterity.

Dwarf Fighter-cleric

There is very little difference between a fighter and a cleric in D&D. Both
use the heaviest armors, both can use shields and both can use pretty powerful
weapons. The only advantage of the fighter is that you can boost your strength
to 18/00 and you have a bit more hitpoints.

The big disadvantage of the cleric is that you cannot use swords or any other
edged weapons. But you do have spells that are necessary to survive in the

The hybrid of the two means that you can have big armor and fight with
powerful maces, hammers and flails. You'll have the 18/00 strength to help in
fights and you will have cleric spells.

As a dwarf, you have a bonus to constitution. This will be your Tank.


1. Perhaps the MOST ANNOYING concept in this game is that of
   "inventory management". Clearly you have very little space in your
   inventory to carry everything you want (and NEED) around. So try
   to avoid carrying anything you dont need and also try DESPERATELY
   to find "scroll cases", "bags" and other containers that liberate
   some space in your inventory.

   Note that this is true mostly for the beginning of the game, as
   soon as you start exploring the Obelisk, you will find a good
   number of "chests" that will help you tremendously manage your

2. An interesting concept (since you are in a desert) is that you will
   need to drink water to avoid being dehydrated. This is represented
   by a blue line next to your HP that will slowly degrade over time.

   You have two options to prevent dying from thurst. Either using a
   water flask (which take a LOT of inventory for nothing) or use the
   cleric "Create Water" spell. This later will fix everyone in your
   party with full water supply.

   Personally I advice you never carry water flasks as they take way
   too much space in your inventory. Use the cleric spell instead or
   backtrack a bit to get some water flasks that you left on the

3. Magic users will not be able to cast spells if they wear armor. So
   there are some powerful cloaks of protection and elven chain mail to
   be found.

4. When you get more than two characters, the "formation" is that
   your two center characters are in front, while the two on both
   edges are in the back. What this means is that the two in front will
   suffer the maximum damage from melee enemies AND the ones at the
   back cannot use "short weapons" such as swords, daggers and the like.

   Thus you should always put your tanks in front (the ones with the
   best armor and most HP) so that your survival chances are better.
   And then alternate with the other less armoured character afterward
   when your tanks get too beaten up.

   Also what is very important to remember is that since the heroes on
   the "sides" cannot attack with short weapons. You should equip them
   with two handed weapons (staff, two handed swords, spears, etc) or
   ranged weapons (daggers, throwing axes, bow, etc).

5. Bear in mind that ranged weapons require arrows or stones to be
   able to be used and in this game there are NOT MANY of those. So, if
   you wanted to be an archer, dream on.

6. There are two ways to attack enemies. Either click on them and that
   will make everyone in your party attack in turn OR you can click on
   the weapon of your character (If they are not charged items).

   I found that my mage-thief with the two magical daggers did the most
   damage and was very fast, so I often kept clicking on the two
   daggers instead of letting everyone attack. When I got the Troll, I
   sometimes used him for attack instead of the mage unless I needed to
   kill something that needed magical weapons to kill.

7. If you are poisoned or diseased, use the Keoghtams Ointment to heal
   you. They are the little round green containers with a yellow salve.
   Keep those very preciously (especially against those annoying

8. Use the "Improved Detection spell" to identify the purpose of magic
   items. To do it, you need to wear or hold the items in your hands.
   (which means that there are some armors you cannot identify since
    you cannot wear them while casting spell.. yeah I know it's lame).

9. Some enemies are very strong and magic should be highly adviced to
   take them from a distance. For instence Manscorpions are VERY
   powerful and poisonously deadly. So I would advice you use the
   cleric spell "Summon Insects" to dispatch those. Just be careful
   not to get hit by your own insects afterward lol.

   Furthermore, some enemies (like trolls) cannot die conventionally,
   so you NEED to give the final hit with flame, acid or ice. I found
   that the cleric spell "Flame Blade" does wonders for that respect.
   Or alternatively "Ice Knife", "Fireball" or any other magic spell
   of that nature.

10. Use the teleport tiles to travel quickly from place to place. They
    may take a lot of inventory space... but they can be nice. On the
    other hand, the map is really not that big and the monsters don't
    respawn.. so dont worry about walking a bit. ;)

11. To free up more inventory space,combine the pieces of the Seals in
    your inventory by clicking one piece on another. You need four
    pieces to complete each seal.

12. If a character dies, you CAN raise him from the dead if you have
    a cleric that use a "Raise Dead" spell, but by doing so it will
    permanently lower by 1 the Constitution of the raised character so
    I would instead recommend you to reload your game...

13. There are a LOT of healing potions in this game (probably they
    thought about the foolish people who would make a team without a
    cleric). So Instead of being a pack-rat like I am. Do yourself a
    favour and drink up when you need to. At one point I was stuck
    with about 30 extra-healing potions......

14. If you get too encumbered, it will make your armor class suffer.
    So avoid at all cost to fall in the "Heavy" or "Encumbered"

15. Keys are dongeon-specific which means that when you exit a dongeon
    you can get rid of the keys associated with it as they will serve
    no purpose later (this will free some equipment).

16. Try to update to v1.1 if its not done already BEFORE starting a
    new game!!! It will fix many bugs (one being that the jackalwere NPC
    will finally appear now).

17. Save often!

* 4. NPCs *

There are several NPCs (non-player characters) in Ravenloft that can join you.
You start with two free spots, so one of your very first objective should be
to find two NPCs as soon as possible. Not only will it improve your survival
chances but it will also gives you a lot more of inventory space!!! (yes I
know I keep mentioning that) ;p

If you allready have 4 characters and try to add a 5th one, you will need to
drop one. That person will go back to the place where you met him the last

Also note that besides these NPCs there are also times where you need to escort
a "level 0" character. They are typically very weak and should be escorted and
ridden off the quickest possible.

Piotra (Human Thief)

Found: Town of Muhar South-East

STR  15
DEX  17
CON  15
INT  12
WIS  10
CHA  14
A.C. 7 (natural) + Light ARMOR

Piotra is a gypsie male thief that will join you if you carry the
dagger you found at the very beginning of the game. Typically he is
the first NPC you will get and he's not very good (he's a thief and
thieves are worth nothing in this game especially if you made the
decision to make a mage-thief yourself).

But he can equip many items since he's human, he will carry more
inventory for you. So you should get him when you get the chance and
drop him afterward when you find someone better.

Trajan Khet (Half-Elf Ranger/Cleric)

Found: East of Neferti Well in the desert

STR  15
DEX  16
CON  17
INT  16
WIS  14
CHA  14
A.C. 8 (natural) + ANY ARMOR

This one is my favourite character. He is typically the second NPC
you will recruit and he's pretty good. Along with your own cleric it
is nice to have another who gives you more spells (I often made him
cast more offensive spells, while my own cleric was more of a healer).
He also makes a decent fighter who can equip all armors, fight with
bludgening weapons and can carry a fair amount of equipment. With
some sort of staff such as the one found in the Temple of Harvest,
he can be nice if you place him at the back.

He also have the unlimited abilities to speak with animals, turn
undead and find secret doors.

You should keep him always.

Hrak tur (Wemic Fighter)

Found: North-East of Obelisk in the desert

STR  17
DEX  16
CON  17
INT  14
WIS  13
CHA  15
A.C. 3 (natural) + *Unique* ARMOR

Wemics are similar to centaurs but instead of having the body of a
horse, they have the body of lions. This one is typically the 3rd
NPC you'll find and when you get him, you should consider dropping
Piotra for this proud warrior. The only main problem with him is
that he can only equip weapons and rings.

Later on as the game develops, you will find his own armor that
only he can wear and then he becomes a fantastic warrior. Give him
two swords (or a shield) and the armor and watch those heads roll.

As a special ability he can "Jump" as much as he likes. Which can
be used to jump across pits or more importantly jump in the eyes
of the Burial Catacombs (see walkthrough).

Between him and the troll, it is debatable who is best. At first I
would use the Wemic, but when your done with the Burial Catacombs, I
would go with the Troll.

Anhg Krag (Troll Fighter)

Found: NORTH-NORTH-EAST of Desert

STR  18/00
DEX  10
CON  17
INT  05
WIS  10
CHA  06
A.C. 4 (natural) + *Unique* ARMOR

THE reason why I installed this game lol. I just thought the idea of
having a TROLL as a teamate was incredibly original. Unfortunately
he has many downfalls. Pretty much because he cannot equip ANY form
of equipment or weapons (other than his unique armor) and because
since he's so big, they took off 4 inventory space off him! Further,
he seems incapable of gaining levels... So he starts as a Level 7 and
that's the best you'll get out of him.

So basically he's a big strong melee character that attack with his
claws, can't equip any items yet even though he has not much inventory
slots he can carry close to 1000 pounds of stuff so he is really
designated to carry the heaviest equipments, chests and so on that the
other characters cannot carry.

He does begin wounded (so you have to heal him with the clerical
spell "Heal", I hope you found one of these scrolls or that your
cleric is powerful enough for that spell). But once you heal him
*COMPLETELY* from his original wounds, he gain the great power of
regeneration. He will regain about 1HP per 30 seconds or so, thus you
need to be patient for him to heal. What is sucky though is that as
soon as he gets 1 point of damage by fire (which happens constantly),
he looses his regeneration power unless you use a "Heal" spell AGAIN on
him. In other words, he will never regenerate...

He also does not need to drink water.

Perhaps one of the greatest thing about him though is that his arms
are so long that he is able to stay at the back and attack TWICE and
fast with his claws! In other words.. If you keep him at the back
with his cool armor, the only thing you will have to worry is when he
gets hit by area of effect magic (such as those fireball traps).

When you originally reach him, I would *for the moment* not use him.
Keep the Wemic as you will need his "Jump" ability very soon. When
you are done with the Burial Catacombs's eyes though, I would consider
trading the Wemic for the Troll. Especially that at that moment you
will have found the special Troll armor which makes him virtually

Thus at that moment, keep him forever :p

Gloriantha (Undead Paladin)

Found: Burial Catacombs (Ground Floor behind invisible wall)

STR  16
DEX  14
CON  15
INT  15
WIS  17
CHA  16
A.C  13 (natural) + ANY ARMOR

An another pretty cool NPC, a female undead paladin! Many people
seem to like her, personally I don't. One of the main reason is her
ASTONISHINGLY BAD armor class. Normal humans (with normal DEX) start
typically at 10 and she starts at 13! So you NEED to replace her
starting platemail (AC 6) with something magical, give her a magical
helmet, rings of protections and even that is not enough to be in my
opinion *acceptable* for a character (my mage at the time had an
armor of -6 with pajama robes while this stupid paladin in full armor
got 6??!).

On the good side of things though, she does have some sweet innate
powers such as (Cure Disease x2, Lay Hands x1, Detect Evil 60' and
turn undead). But seriously these are not that great.

In short, you *could* keep her in the back with her +2 Two-Handed
Sword and keep her out of damage's way but with her lack of spells
and poor A.C I would recommend you keep the cleric/ranger and the
Wemic or Troll. As an aside, she doesn't require water either, but at
this point in the game, who cares?

NB: This is the only NPC that will leave when you complete her quest.
    So if you want to keep her for a long while, finish her battle
    with Setmet (Temple of Set - Dongeon of the Serpent) at the very
    possible last time. Otherwise she will disappear and never be able
    to be found again.

Sethir Rha (Jackalwere Cleric)

Found: Sphinx (North-Center in Hall of Insight)

STR  15
DEX  17
CON  15
INT  17
WIS  16
CHA  13
A.C  1 (natural) + ANY ARMOR

He is only available in V1.1 of Ravenloft, which means you need to
patch your game to that. Otherwise he will not appear.

Unfortunately I cannot give you much information about him since when
I played I started with v1.0 and later on even if I tried to patch my
game to v1.1 (before entering the sphinx) he would either simply not

Thus my only course of action to discover who he was had been to use
an HEX Editor (hacking tool) to artificially make him appear in my
team... ;)

And let me tell you, he ROCKS. By starting with a natural armor class
of 1, with a full set of magic armor, shield and so on I managed to
make him up to A.C -12 (which means in other words that practically
nobody can wound him other than by magic!)

As a full pledged cleric, he also have access to many spells but bear
in mind that since you get him so late in the game, he will mostly be
a lot weaker (Level 7) than the rest of your characters. If I can
compare, Trajan Khet (the ranger/cleric) I kept since the beginning of
the game was now L9 Ranger / L10 Cleric so even multiclassed, he had
more spells than Sethir Rha... :(

Despites that, Sethir Rha does not need to drink water which is always

One disapointing thing though, I was expecting a cool-looking jackal
headed werewolf type, instead he looks like a lame arab merchant with
a mustache... lol

So bottomline, since I hacked him into my party I could not use him
completely (I didn't had access to his cleric spells or special
abilities), so I am not sure if he can change into a were-jackal or
do anything great like that. Which is unfortunately since he looked
like a very promising and powerful character.



Even though the game seem to give you a lot of freedom to explore the desert
and go in the different dongeons. You will note that some monsters are very
difficult to beat if you explore too much. Thus you should follow these
general guidelines:


When you start, you are in the desert next to some gypsi clothes and a Vistani
dagger. Equip the dagger for your mage as it is rather powerful. And enter the

The old mute woman (Min Deir) there tells you to go east to reach a well. This
is your next destination, so head on east.

You will fight through some zombies and vultures in this desert. They are
pretty easy and melee combat will be enough for them. If you have the
displeasure to meet dust devils though I would advice you take them off a
distance with magic as if they hit you they can temporarily blind you and kill
you rather quickly.


Enter the well and near the entrance you will meet an injured woman (Sennef)
who ask you to take her to the village of Muhar. Accept and she will join the
party. Exit the well and head north to reach the village of Muhar. Or use the
teleport stone to go there directly.


In the village you will find virtually everyone hostile toward you:

-Talk to the friendly kid who will give you a map of the area.

-Then meet with the hostile leader.

-Talk to the The old beggar.

-Talk to the hostile family which wife is dying, the little girl will run away
 to the desert as a result.

-Talk to the woman whose husband has left her and taken all their supplies.

The other tents offer equipment and clues.

NPC: There you wil also find Piotra in the S-E tent. Show him the Vistani
     dagger and he will join you.


Before you go back to the Well of Neferti, I would highly advice you go get
your 2nd NPC who is just nearby anyway. He is found a bit South-East of the
village of Muhar in the desert next to a little construct.

NPC: Trajan Khet the ranger-cleric will be there. Add him to your party. He
     will proove quite useful.

You can also explore the desert a bit if you do not go too far from the
village, you can find some decent equipment scattered among the remains of
skeletons. One of interest is the dying man that begs you to bring the sack of
supply back to his wife. Now at first that's what I did like a good samaritan
but I realize that this gives you absolutely NOTHING. So I would instead tell
you to be selfish. You can thus get a "ring of Fire Resistance", a Dagger +1
and some water flasks. In clear, the ring is great but what is more
important?? (You guessed right, the "Sack" in itself so you can carry more
inventory haha).

When your ready, go back to the well.


Enter the well and start exploring this dongeon. In here the only enemies you
will face are Fire Frog (they spit fireballs so be careful) and Snakes (who
can poison you, again be careful).

After you open the first door, on the right there is a "Bag". I am noting this
as important as it will HIGHLY help you organize your inventory (especially
at the beginning of the game!).

Pick up the key in the N-E area along with the keyring. From now on always put
the keys you got on this ring, it will again help you organize your equipment.
Now before unlocking the door at the south you need to go get the first "Eye
of Neferti" which is located a bit south-east. You may need to click a button
to close the pit so you can reach the first eye. (You can fall in that pit if
you dare, there's a bit of equipment down there).

Then as you venture, get another key in the S-W area and collect the important
"Seal Piece" in the S-W corner. There will be a lot of equipment scattered on
this floor, so have fun, explore and kill anything in your way. When your
about done, go to the west where there's a door that makes the loop northward.
You will find the Second "Eye of Neferti" in that area.

Further north, you will fall in a pit (its a trap) and in the pit there are
quite a lot of snakes to fight. Be ready for that. There you will find some
good equipment, the most important being the "Helm of Telepathy".

Return up the stairs to the north and push the button to close the pit. On the
floor there is some nice equipment along with the "Helm of Brilliance" which
gives a "Light" spell permanently when worn.. very cool.

Exit the Well your done.


Go back west to your starting point to meet the old woman Min Deir.

To communicate with her, wear the Helm of Telepathy and make sure that the 2
eyes of neferti are in your inventory slots (not inside a container). Then
talk to her, she will join your party so drop Piotra for good and head N-E
past the village to reach the Obelisk in the desert. When you enter it, she
will leave with the eyes and the helm (worthless) and you will talk with the
Stone Prophet.

Before exploring this dongeon I would first advice you go get the Wemic
Fighter since you now have a free space for a NPC.

NPC: Head N-E of the Obelisk and get the Wemic Fighter in your team. If you
     can, equip him with two swords.


Now is time to explore that obelisk so head to it and descend. You have the
option to go right or left (and another door you cannot open for now), I
advice you start with right.

The enemies you will fight on this floor are Manscorpions which are among the
most annoying enemies of the game. Not only are they powerful when they hit,
but they also nearly always poison you as well. So keep your anti-poison
spells and potions ready and the best way to take them out will be with the
cleric spell "Insect swarm".

On the next room is a secret door near the entrance (invisible wall) which
some loot. Also in the Obelisk, there are some red teleport gates that will
transport you from one place to another. So use those in your exploration.
Now, I will not cover the entire floor as it is pretty easy to find your way,
but the idea of this dongeon is to find the numerous (8) pieces of the map.
There are 3 levels to the dongeon with pieces scattered all over, just be
thorough in your search and you will be fine. Be aware that you must also
find a "Seal piece" on level 3.

After your done exploring Level 1, descent to level 2. Which is essentially
only a staircase. Down again to level 3. This time around you will fight
Minotaurs (which are a LOT easier than those damm poisonous ManScorpions!).
Just be careful as they hit pretty hard.

Something you will have noticed by now is that your inventory problem is
getting resolved with all those "Chests" that you keep finding. This is very

On level 3, you need to find more pieces of the parchment and the "seal
piece". Now this level is a bit more tricky as there are a bunch of invisible
walls that your characters might not pick right away. As a good tip, when you
watch your map and see that an area seem "not explorer" probably means you
can find either an invisible wall nearby that area or you need a red
teleporter to reach it.

- Part 2 -

Now if your like me, you'll have explored all 3 levels, and only have found 5
pieces of the map and then I was totally confused as to where to go next.
Remember that door at the very beginning of the first level we could not
open? Well go back there...

On the right wall next to the door there is a symbol shaped like a small axe.
Now call me stupid, but it took me AGES to realize that this was actually a
keyhole!!! So grab your keyring and unlock it or alternatively, have your
thief pick the lock. Now a whole new part of the obelisk will be open to you!

The remaining of level 1 (new part) is very simple as it in fact really is
only the edges of the level that makes a loop. There are a few Manscorpions
here so kill them with magic and when you reach the opposite side you have a
red portal (useless) and a staircase with a pit. I would advice you step back
a bit in the corridor where the urns are located to find a button, this will
make the pit disappear. Go down the stairs.

You are now in Level 2 and there's a lot to do here. First off you will meet
another annoying enemy: the "Death Faces". They look like pharaoh's head that
shoot lightning. The annoying part is that when they die, they explode in a
lightning bolt which is really hard to avoid. As you explore more you will
also find some Manscorpions as well which makes this level REALLY challenging

Your first task is to find the star key that will open the 3 doors in front of
you, so for now go on the opposite side, open the door and venture a bit.
There are a few secret invisible doors here with among other goodies one of
the best item in the game for the mages: the "Bracers of Defense". Personally
that lowered my armor class from -1 to -6 which is.. really good for a mage.

When you found the key, go back to the 3 doors and open them. Be ready for
TONS of enemies and a lot of lightning traps. This area is very dangerous so
step carefully.

There are a few pits here, if you fall in them you will land in the remaining
parts of level 3. There is not really anything of value in these pits (only
angry minotaurs) so go there only if you want some experience.

I would suggest you clear every enemies there and afterward explore a bit.
The idea here is to press button combinations throughout the "danger zone" to
open every doors. It's very confusing and seriously I did not find any pattern
to open these doors logically. I just got by random and looked at my map
continuously to see if a door had opened or not. Anyway, when your done with
checking every door you should FINALLY have the 8 parts of the parchment (4
red and 4 blue) and thus are ready to go back to the entrance where you met
the Stone Prophet.

These parchment fragments are the key to decipher the hieroglyphs and
seriously I'm really not sure WHY we did this entire dongeon just for a DAMM
CLUE but.. at least you got some experience and a few magic items... Anyway,
here's what the wall says:

"Hot gales the sands arise. Flesh corrupts and falls away. These are the signs
of their coming. The wrath of Ankhepot burns the land. Who hopes to rule must
lure the evil to him. In the Ancient Burial Hall the Guardian of the Gate of
the Dead awaits. She shall judge them by deeds both good and bad. Her son the
sweet lute did play. This gentle music the ghost awaits. To the priest, the
mystic urn is given. The Temple of Harvest shall be restored. Beyond the Gate
of the Dead, he awaits. The soul of the stranger knows the way. Master of the
Winged Wind. Three signals the whistle sounds, summoning forth the falcon.
The eight tears shall fall. Ra weeps and the stone shatters, a fragment of the
seal revealed. They capture the sun and in a coffer hold the might of Ra. By
its light, the soul and the seal are freed. Two seals, each in four pieces
lie. Piece to piece, the seals rejoined two gates are opened. Into conflict,
the foes are led: Ankhepot and the other. When falls the wall of Ra, two gates
be opened. The way home."

BRILLIANT! pff.. ok now that you know this. We can continue our adventure in
the Temple of Seth in the S-E of the desert.


When you arrive there, a priestess of Seth (Isu) is there, you can have a chat
with her. She will tell you about her mummy creation called Setmet.

As of note, in the middle of this big level (and throughout the entire Temple
of Set) are some blue mouths on the walls. At first I thought they were mere
decoration but in fact they are Magic Mouths who can give you hints by talking
to you. The ones on the ground floor actually riddle you that the helm of true
seeing can be found which will let you find iron serpent statuettes.

The remaining of this level is filled up with snakes so be careful not to get
poisoned. At this time though you should be high enough in level to consider
these as mere formalities. There are a LOT of formalities though...

In the middle of the main area are the remains of past adventurers with some
loot and a key. Grab the key on the pedestal that will open the south-western
door. You will battle a Dark Naga there that shoots lightning bolts. Stairs..
so climb them :)

On Upper Level 1 you have two options, turn left first. You'll meet a Magic
Mouth in those corridors with whom you can talk to for a clue. This area has
a good bunch of Dark Nagas and will always push you in one direction so not
many choices but to go with the flow. In this area are a LOT of invisible
walls which sometimes house little serpent statuettes. You will need all (6)
of them but for now your top priority is to get on Upper Level 2, so continue
going with the flow until you find stairs that go up. Do yourself a favour and
go there right now, we'll get ourselves a nice Helm of True Seeing that will
make all our secrets appear easily!

On Upper Level 2, you will also face some new enemies called the serpents of
set (they are flying serpents that have a lot of HP and are poisonous). And
as you wander left.. you will reach the most fabulous HELM OF TRUE SEEING!!!
This is perhaps the most important item in the entire game (thought the Helm
of Brilliance is a good runner-up). So put that on one of your character and
FINALLY all of these damnable secrets doors will appear just like if they
were normal corridors.. This will simplify your life TREMENDOUSLY!

The remaining of Upper Level 2 is that you need to get in the center and
access the teleporter which will teleport you to a few more rooms where you
can get more serpent statuettes (you need 3) and some nice scrolls for the
mage. Now be careful as this area is FILLED with serpents of set, and if one
was no problem, they gang-up on you from all directions here, making your
life a nightmare. When you explored everything, go back down to Upper Level 1.

Now this area finally is now pretty easy to explore due to our new helm so
have fun, kill everything, and what matters is to get the  (6) "Iron Set
Idols" (there are 6 on level 1, three on level 2 for a total of 9 statues).
If you have trouble finding all 6, there is a secret button near the center
of Level 1 that unlocks a secret door for one statue. There are 2 other
secret buttons on that same area on the west and east edges of the map.
When you got'em all, go back to the ground level.

These statues will open up the locked doors, so the idea is to give one to
the little gold serpent next to the door and he will open them up. Now not
all of the doors are really worth much. Some are crucial to the completion
of the game while others house nothing of value. What you should definitely
not forget to get though is the "Seal Piece" and the "Magical Watering Urn".
(Which means that you don't HAVE to get all (9) of the serpent statues if you
really cant find them all. Just save/load your game and open the doors you
feel you need to.

Finally you could call it a day for the Set Temple, but if you want a preview
of what's to come.. you can fall down the pits or use the stairs down (I will
describe down the way if you fall down the pit, the stairs are the reverse

-optional for now-

Down in the Dongeon of the Serpent, you will face Setmet himself (a mummy of
considerable might) that I found really not that hard to defeat. Yet he is
impossible to kill as of now so either try to defeat him or run away the only
way you can. You will follow some corridors and eventually find yourself at a
dead-end. Obviously an invisible wall so continue and yet another dead-end...
This time it is a small rock that can be pushed in a wall to open a secret
door (watch carefully). For the third time a dead-end, this time the secret
button is in one of the fresque on the walls (look VERY carefully). Finally
you'll reach another room that looks like a prison filled with snakes. These
snakes seems a LOT harder than the typical ones.. you can kill them for extra

Anyway you can leave now as the mummy Setmet will be killable eventually but
not for now. For that you will need the 5th NPC and the "Special Scroll of

Since you don't have any of that now... off you go finally from that damm


This place will look like baby cakes for you now that your really powerful.
There are a few birdmen there that are so easy to kill that it is nearly
pleasant :D. First go to the right and locate a poisonous area where houses
the "Mask of Hathor". It is not a particularly powerful helm, but it permits
you to speak to animals so you need it for now.

The go to the left side of the entrance and explore a bit again until you
locate a locked door with a crack next to it. Now I missed him at first but
near that crack there is a CAT! So while wearing your new helm, talk to the
cat for a funny dialogue. Get the key upon his heroic return and open the
locked door. Fight the shadow and get the "Feline Figurine".

Now time to open those doors that go to the middle area where a dry garden is
located. You might miss him at first but in this room stands an old man and
the little girl that escaped from the village (remember way back when?).

He will ask you to bring the child back to the village. Without many other
choices.. you have to temporarily drop one of your NPCs and escort the stupid
child back to her dying mother to the village of Muhar. When that errand is
done FOR NOTHING, go pick your NPC again and return to the Temple of Harvest.

There give the "Magical Watering Urn" to the old man and look at that garden

When he's done, he'll give you a key. In his garden start by getting all (10)
of the "Air Spores" that are on the floor near the plants. You will need them
soon so dont use them too much.

And now you'll probably start BITCHING about why does this game keep being
UNCLEAR!!! Well... The way is with a secret button that will open a secret
door. It is located in the large room before the old man's room on the west
wall (the button looks like a slightly dark colored stone on the wall, and
yes it's really hard to see!). When you click it, a new corridor will open
on the west which leads to a few doors (you need to open with the key) and
finally to a staircase.

- Down the Temple -

Alright, new easy enemies: the Caterwaul (sort of black panther) and the Fire
Beetles (they'll leave plenty of Beetle glands all over the level when you
kill them). When you reach the option to go right or left, go right quickly
to grab the scroll and a scroll case (the 2nd one in the game geeze..).

Then go to the left path from the entrance where the beetles are. You will
realize that at that point there's a "push trap" that can annoy you a bit,
run fast enough and you'll cross to the beetle areas. There are a LOT of them,
so have fun slaying them. Also watch out for the lightning traps here.

In these corridors (on the west side) there is a statue that ask for the
feline figure so give it to her and it will open the door nearby.

This place is very straightforward so simply follow the corridor killing
everything in your way, grab the Lioness Figurine and the "Riddle of the
Sphinx" (IMPORTANT: you only need to read it once as it will tell you the
answer to enter the Sphinx dongeon later on). Then at the end of the corridor
you will see a secret door, continue in the blue portal. Continue killing and
get the Jackal Figurine.

When your done, your back in the lightning trap room. Use the S-E statue this
time with the lioness figurine and go in her door.

There is a little "puzzle", just go through the invisible wall, press the
button and you can go on easily. When your done, kill everything and dont
forget the "Coffer of Ra" and the "Chain".

Back to the lightning trap room and this time go chat with the south statue
that wants the jackal figurine. In this place all you need is the "Falcon
figurine". Grab it and go back to the west statue this time and offer the
falcon figurine.

There's a few invisible walls there, and one point of interest is the "secret
button" in one of the dead-ends. Again these things are hard to find.. but
press it and it will let you continue. Among those corridors you will find
the way to kill the mummy Setmet: the "Special Scroll of Retirement".

Backtrack to the lightning trap room and this time return to the S-W area (the
jackal figurine) and in the are were there are/were a bunch of these panthers
there are two pressure plates so step on them and this will open a small area
to the west. Grab the "Vulture Figurine" and step through the blue portal if
you want. There are a bunch of Shadows there and if you kill them there's a
bit of loot.

Alright, next statue is the one on the north, give it your Vulture Figure and
NOW BEFORE ENTERING THE NEXT ROOM... You will need to use on each characters
an "air spore". This will prevent the polluted air to wound you. Try to do
this area quickly as the magical spores wont last forever.

It is a pretty annoying area since you can barely see a thing. Some shadows
will attack you, now the goal here is to get the "Scorpion Figurine" and more
importantly to meet the guardian. Talk to it and it will tell you about how
he likes the sun so grab the "Chest of Ra" in your hands and use it. This
will give you another piece of "Seal". Exit this area.

Alright last statue, give it the Scorpion Figurine and be ready for more
spores (if you need them). First check the right side of the portal and notice
a button on the wall, this will open a side door with some more shadows and
LOTS of great magical items there so don't miss them!

Afterward, run through the blue portal at the entrance and be ready for a big
battle with lots of shadows. When done grab the staff (this is a powerful
weapon btw for clerics, you should have already collected one already above
in the temple). Go back through the portal.

And we are done :)

Exit the temple and you are now ready to explore some more of the desert. I
would suggest you head for the N-E part of the desert.


At the beginning you should meet with the injured troll.

NPC: This is your fourth NPC. And as mentioned, even though he
     is *extremely* cool. He should not be used for now.
     He IS extremely powerful though and very fast also so he
     probably is a better fighter than the Wemic even being
     naked as he is. But the real problem with this troll is
     that he cannot heal himself by himself. What I means is
     he cannot use healing potions and the likes. So if you do
     not have a cleric in your team, be ready to see him die
     VERY FAST. He does regenerate though if your cleric is able
     to cast "Heal" on him and then the Troll becomes quite good.
     For now though, you should leave him alone as you need your
     Wemic for a special task very soon.

Ok, this area is filled with Desert Trolls and as you will soon realize, they
cannot be killed!! The only way to kill them permanently is by using fire or
acid. Thus, I hope you either have a powerful mage (Fireball, Burning Hands,
etc), or a powerful cleric (Flameblade, Flamestrike) or some Oils of Fiery
Burning. If you don't, this place is going to be VERY annoying  for you :p.
You can "soften up" the trolls with regular ways, but when you are about to
kill them, use one of the above methods to kill them forever. My personal
choice is to have one of your cleric cast "Flameblade" and attack normally.
As long as your priest hit once with the flameblade (not necessarily the
killing blow) then the troll will not get up.

Continue burning trolls up until you reach a cave with an evil grimace as an
opening. This is the burial catacombs which is again infested with trolls...


As of note, your characters mention that not only the mouth of the cave seems
to be an entrance but the eyes as well. You will need either the Wemic's jump
ability or a "Fly" spell to go there, so I HOPE you kept the Wemic or got
yourself a mage! If you need the "Fly" spell, it in located in the mouth of
the grotto (the normal way in) in the left corridor behind a secret wall.

If you are wise and kept the Wemic though, position yourself accordingly and
use his "Jump" ability to jump into the left eye.

- The Left Eye -

You know by now how to get rid of trolls, so have fun burning'em and explore
this little dongeon. Now the door is going to be locked and if you try to
"foolishly" press the obviously button it will trigger a lightning trap on
you. So instead the "real" button is a secret button located in the wall at
the first east dead-end cavity. This will open the door.

Soon enough you will find a "boss" called Nhaghrak who is a blue troll. He is
a bit stronger than the rest of his breathren but still easily beatable. He
guards the "Gold Circle Key". When you got that, you can exit outside and
jump to the right eye.

- The Right Eye -

Another small dongeon filled with Trolls. To open the door, you will need to
first go to the east path, click on the 2 buttons and also use the invisible
wall to click the secret button at the dead end. Then you can unlock the door.
Be careful there's a lightning trap and lots of trolls there. Make sure you
get from the west room the "Calcite Wishing Cup". When your done, exit and
finally enter the mouth of the cavern by simply walking in.

- The Mouth -

In there are trolls again and you will also face a new enemy: the "Grave
Elemental" which is slow but VERY strong. I personally take them with magic
from a distance.

NB: If you needed the "Fly" spell, it is at the beginning in the left corridor
    behind an invisible wall.

On this floor there is also another NPC to be found, she is located directly
ahead from the starting point by going north and turning left into an
invisible wall. At the end of the twisting corridors you will meet:

NPC: Your fifth NPC is the Undead Paladin which in my opinion is
     worth nothing. If you want to finish her quest and never hear
     from her again, you can do it right now. Take her temporarily
     as a NPC (drop one of your other NPC) and leave this dongeon
     to go back to the Temple of Seth. There you have to go to the
     lower level where Setmet lives (remember the unkillable mummy?)
     so arm yourself for a relatively easy battle and when he's down
     use the "Special Scroll of Retirement". This will destroy him
     permanently and Gloriantha the paladin will be released from her
     curse. Congrats :p So get back another NPC (The Troll would be
     a good choice by now and return to the Burial Catacomb).

Alright finally the dongeon's real exploration begins.

You could start off by going at the north of the dongeon on the opposite of
where you met the paladin, thus the east invisible wall. You will find a
portal that will bring you to a nice cache of loot.

When your done with that, continue exploring the dongeon. It is not a very
difficult place, but bear in mind that there are a LOT of these secret buttons
in the walls so keep an eye for those. Eventually you will find in an eastern
room that opens with the gold circle key, the "Wemic Armor" and the "Troll
Armor" (FINALLY!) on an which makes both of these NPC quite formidable

Also of note is the "Tehken's Lute", the "Silver Circle Key" and the teleport
rune to be found on the first level. When your done with that, you should head
downstair (west of entrance) and follow the paths by activating some secret
buttons, killing some Grave Golems until you reach a silver lock. Use your
silver key for that and enter the area.

There will be a secret button to press right in front of you there and explore
your heart's content by using the teleports. Eventually you will reach two
silver locks, in one of these rooms is the important "Seal Piece". When your
done, exit the catacombs.

Alright now in my opinion, you should now drop the Wemic and get the Troll on
your way back if that's not done already. If you like  the Wemic, no problem
he's also very good. :)


When you approach the Sphinx (N-E of desert) he will ask you a riddle. Make
sure you have read the paper "riddle of the sphinx" you found back in the
Temple of Harvest and he'll let you in.

Inside the new enemies are the Hieracosphix which (if you have the troll as
an NPC) are a complete joke. In fact if you do have the troll you should use
only him from now on as combat, just click on his claws and see how quickly
you pulverize anyone in your path! Man does that troll rocks!

Ok you will go down a few steps until you reach some magic mouths. Throughout
this level they will give you clues and tips on how to proceed, if you go left
now you will reach a staircase going down so don't go there yet, instead
proceed ahead. A Magic mouth warns you of the 3 urns, the one in the middle
has a piece of paper inside while the other two transforms into Mimic
monsters. They are not very hard to beat but they can paralyze you for a few
short seconds. You will meet many of these urns throughout the levels, I
advice you always click on them as some have items in them while others are
mimics that can be easily dispatched.

In your trek you will eventually find poisonous area (green vines). I advice
you always try to take the long road to avoid being poisoned (especially if
you have the troll in your party, he is hard to heal from that sort of things
since he cannot use potions).

In the southern area you will come upon a large room with many urns, in one
of them is the "Thought Bottle" which can be used for a small animation
giving you some more story. To activate it though, you need to know its word
of power which will be given to you by one of the  magic mouths (in the east).

One of your first task will be to go to the N-W of the level to get the "Gold
Key with Red Gem". The quick deadly way is to get straight in the green vines
next to the magic mouth, or to press the two secret buttons that are located
nearby to open a secret passage to the west. When you got the key, you can
open the red locks.

In one of those doors, you'll find the "Gold Key with Blue Gem" which will
open the blue locks. Now if you managed to patch your game to v1.1 there is
someone to find on this level:

NPC: The last NPC of the game can only be found if you have v1.1 of
     Ravenloft 2 installed. If not, you will never find him as it is
     a bug. Go check the NPC section if you want more infos. If you
     do find him, he looks very powerful...

When your done exploring all of this level, you can finally go down the

You will meet upon a laughing statue, in order for it to give you it's magic,
you need to give it the "Calcite Wishing Cup" and you will be given a choice:

1) Never be thirsty again
2) Gain Fire resistance
3) Be invulnerable to poison
4) Help someone somewhere...

Personally I would choose #3 to avoid being poisoned. You could now walk
freely in the green vines or face-off any poisonous enemies without being
annoyed by their poisons.

The other choices are not really worth it as the thirst: there are an insane
number of water flasks and cleric powers to fix that easily. As for fire
resistance there are not enough fire enemies in the game for it to serve any
purpose and as for #4, it may sound heroic and cool but all it seems to do is
help the beggar in the village to have new friends... He doesn't give you any
items, powers or even experience points so... since I'm a greedy bastard, I
went for #3 ;p

When your done go down the stairs...

- The Labyrinth -

It's actually a very straightforward place, at first a statue will ask you for
an offering. You know the drill, go in the nearby doors to find the "Crocodile
Figurine" and then give it to the statue. (Note that the door with the lock
cannot be opened for now).

On the next statue it will be the "Ram Figurine" which can be found in the
teleporters nearby. This area is filled with secret buttons on the walls and
red teleporters, so pay close attention to details and you should be fine.
Please note that in that area you will eventually find the incredibly nice
"Bag of Holding" which will fix your inventory problem in a jiffy. Since it
can hold *anything* and weight nothing, it would be wise to stack all the big
chests in it filled with the most heavy stuff (yes, a container inside a

You will also find the "Frog Figurine" among these teleporters. When you are
done, offer the Ram to the statue, and then on the next one you give it the

The next area is shaped like a cross, so after you cleared off all the
enemies, check the North-Western "square" (check your map) and on one of it's
walls is a secret button. Click it, enter and click the two obvious buttons
on the wall to open the South-Eastern "square".

Inside this, get the "Scarab Figurine" and push the two buttons as it will
open the northern section of the corridor. There are a lot of secret buttons
once more so keep your eyes open and of interest here is the "Elven Chain
Mail" and its helmet which can be used by mages.

When your done exploring bring the scarab figurine to the statue and past the
teleporter get your "Gold Key with Black Gem" which permits you to finally
open the locked door at the beginning of this level.

After pulling down the levers, you will find the "Gold Whistle" and other
goodies. That's it for the Sphynx, so you can get out of there.


To access the next dongeon, you need to go talk to the ghost in the desert
who is located north of the village of Muhir. When in sight, use Telchen's
Lute and then talk to the ghost. You'll be treated to a concert ;)

Following her advices, head east and then a bit north to reach the statue of
a man. Use the heavy chain on him and the statue will start to animate,
opening the next dongeon. Very cool, so head inside.

This dongeon is populated by "Doom Guards" which are very easy to kill but
have the annoying tendency to explode in magic damage when they die. Also
some Shadows and Grave Golems will be found.

There are some magic mouths once more offering advices, so talk to them. Of
of them will tell you that the way of the teleporters is set in the order
"North-South-West-East" so bear that in mind.

- North Teleporter -

This will teleport you in the eastern area of the map. At first go to the west
and press all of the obvious buttons in the walls. This will open up a
corridor, go there and press on all the pressure plates. Those will open up
the 3 closed doors, in one of these cells is the "iron circle key". After you
got that, go up north and open up the burial doors if you want some loot, the
one on the far right has a teleporter that brings you back to the beginning.
This time use the South teleporter.

- South Teleporter -

Of this annoying area, the only important thing is for you to locate the gray
keyhole where you use your iron key in. Inside you will find the very cool
"Ring of Regeneration" and a teleporter. Upon entering the teleporter, don't
forget to grab the green "demon key" and then leave via the next teleporter.

- West Teleporter -

Alright, since we are doing this in order. Hop in the west teleport. Watch out
for those holes as if your not careful, you'll fall in a pit FILLED with
snakes. To avoid this predicament, turn around on the wall and look at those
hidden buttons on the top of the walls. You have to press them all in this
area to remove the pits. When done, go to the next area where you will be
"pushed" so just run fast to the top left where there is another secret wall
button to press. Continue running to avoid this stupid place. You can grab
the "Periapt of Health" and keep it in your inventory, then move on untill
you reach a door that you can open with your demon key. Beyond are a lot of
doom guards so take them out and after you need to press some buttons. The
order is to press the ones (4) that are in inner cavities, and after the ones
at the back wall. This will open four secret doors, one with a helm +2,
the other has the "dragon tooth key", the third a normal shield and the last
the teleporter to exit.

- East Teleporter -

This one is the easiest, so just explore a bit until you locate some invisible
walls. In one of them is the important "Seal Piece" so grab that. Finally, at
the upper left section is a keyhole you can open with the dragon tooth key.
Dont forget to grab the "Thorn Key". When your done enter the teleporter.

Well, only one last thing left here. Unlock the lock in front of you and step
in the teleporter. There on one of the walls you will meet  with a guardian
that will judge upon your Good VS Bad acts throughout the game. I would
presume that if you helped the beggar at the village or brought the little
girl home and so on might help tilt that scale. But if you followed this
walkthrough correctly, you should be on the good side of things and be able
to see the land of the dead animation. When that's done, exit the dongeon,
nothing else to do here.


From where you stand, go south until you reach the pair of hands in the desert.
If you found the map/drawing you will know what to do next but if you didn't:
Go south of the hands to reach the first rock, then east to the second rock,
and then from that rock go south three steps. You should fall down a hole
into the temple of ra.

First step should be to grab the "Teleport Stone" to the Temple of Ra. Watch
out for the doom guards in this temple, but moreso the cursed "Pyre Elemental"
who look like columns of flame. What makes them super deadly is that they
leave trails of fire on the floor, which makes melee combat nearly impossible
(although fire resistance might "help").  Try to kill them at a distance
with magic (and yes obviously forget  about any fire or death spells). This
place is difficult.

One of your goal here is to find Tears of Ra (5 on upper level and 3 at the
lower level for a total of 8). So have fun finding them...

- Upper Level -

We shall start on this level. First head to the west where there are two
closed doors and one opened room. At the end of that room is a pressure plate
that opens a hole right in front of you. Do not worry and just continue, the
hole will close as soon as you step on it. Collect on the table your first
"Tear of Ra". When your done, backtrack but before you get out, look at the
encaving at the left (on your way out) and there are two secret wall buttons.
Push them, and then push the obvious button on the other end. This will open
a wall in which are two buttons that will open the doors you couldn't reach

First step in the door to the right where there are some loot and your 2nd
"Tear of Ra". When you got that, go to the other door and again grab the
loot. When you exit that room you will notice that the wall in front of you
opened so go along that corridor until you reach an opening to the left. If
you go there, you will meet the 8 pictures of the maidens of Ra. Give them
the 8 Tears of Ra when you get them, so dont forget this place.

At the north corridor will be some Pyre Elementals and a corridor with a "flow
trap". Press the second button (not the first) to open a door. Step in it and
press the button on the wall (this open a secret passage in the other room).
Step out, re-press your button and go press the other one to finally reach
the room with the secret passage. Fight off some doom guards and press the 4
buttons. This open the remaining 4 rooms, in one of them is the third "Tear
of Ra".

After your done with this area, go back to the hall and this time go east.
The first thing you should go is go in the north corridor and follow it to
the dead end where there's a button to press. Check on the left wall where
you will see a "secret button" which will open the right wall. Go in and in
the corridor will be another secret button. Press it and find the fourth
"Tear of Ra". Backtrack and go to the south path where there is a teleporter.

You will teleport in an area where there are a few corridors (and some of
them cursed Pyre Elementals). In one of those are the amazing "Stone Giant
Gauntlets" that improve your strength to 20!!! So give those to your
weakest character.

To press the buttons (no idea what this does though..) Go to the last
corridor on the left and when the "flow trap" pushes you, try to sidestep
it a bit carefully enough to press the secret button in the wall. You can
then press the button in the adjacent corridor which will make the hole
disappear in the trapped corridor. You can then push the button for.. nothing.
(It must do something like remove a trap somewhere, so do it anyway).

On the second corridor from the right (check your map) there is a secret
invisible wall so go there and after fighting a bunch of enemies, head up
to the north passage and you will eventually find a button on a wall. Press
it and it will open a secret passage closeby where you'll find the fifth
"Tear of Ra".

Exit this area and this time use the south passage if you want to get a
"Ring of Protection +3". Just jump over the pit with the jump potion right

When we are done with the upper level, if all is right you should have (5)
tears so far. Go back to the entrance and to the east where there are two
staircases that go down. Both lead relatively to the same place so pick one.

- Lower Level -

Prepare yourself for those Pyre Elementals. What you should get here is the
"Pharaoh's Rest" Teleport Stone. You will actually NEED this one. Then to open
that door next to where you got that stone, you need to reach a pressure plate
at a dead-end to the east. When it's opened, enter that area with the purple
teleporters. Enter each ones as one of them has the sixth "Tears of Ra".

When you got it, continue to the north corridor. There will be plenty of doom
guards here and a few rooms. One of them is behind an invisible wall which has
a secret button in the wall, click it. Then enter the teleporter near this

You will be near a magic mouth and your trapped. So push the secret button
near you to free yourself. Now I sincerely hope you got some spells ready
because your going to need them against the pyre elementals up north. After
the carnage, open the two doors as one of them has the seventh "Tear of Ra".
The other door has a teleporter that brings you back.

Exit this area and go back near the upward staircases, this time going in the
west corridor. Go all the way through until you find a pressure plate, you
know what to do.. press it! :) Then backtrack a bit in one of the south
passages you will find the somewhat powerful "Sword of Wounding" and a
teleporter. Step inside.

The next area is annoying to say the least. Since it has those ridiculous
"flow traps" (just run against the flow to pass them). In each rooms you can
access is a secret wall button so press all three of them and in the last room
will be the last "Tear of Ra" and a teleporter. Go back upstair and to the
room of the maidens of Ra.

- Maidens of Ra and the Hierophant -

Give one tear to each maiden paintings by using it from your hands and when
the last painting is activated, an animation will play and a door will open.
In it will be the last important "part of the Hierophant Seal". You should now
have a full red seal so go back to the hall and this time go to the north.
After battling a few pyre elementals, you should face a door. To open it you
should press the left lever.

Inside is the Hierophant that has been paralyzed. Place your red seal on the
wall socket and that's all you have to do here for now.


This will be the last dongeon you will face. Inside are the dangerous Stone
Golems which seems very resistant if not immune to magic. You will need to
have a +3 weapon to kill them (which shouldn't be a problem by now). A great
trick against them though is since they are so stupid, use the "dust of
disappearance" to make your party invisible. That way, they wont be able to
fight back ;).

First clear the entire level of enemies and as you did, you probably noticed
a lot of pressure plates. You will need to press them in the correct order
to open the secret door. This is the order:

1) south-west (near the 6 water flasks)
2) west (near the staircase up)
3) north-west
4) north-east
5) north-east-east (near the 2 dust of disappearance)
6) east
7) south-east

When you do it correctly, a secret door will open in the north area. Go there
and battle a few more stone golems. There will be a staircase going down but
before you go there, be SURE to be in full health, to have all the magical
boosts you can put on you and to use some dust of diseappearance on all four
of your characters... because below is a small room where you will be gang
banged by about 8 stone golems!

When they are dead, grab the mallet (no it's not a weapon) and the iron shield
key. You can also have a chat with the priestess if you killed Setmet. Go
back upstair and go to the west to climb some stairs.

- Crypts of the childrens -

Scary title for a level... Ok, Not much to do here. Kill every golems you face
obviously. There are 3 doors that you will be able to open with your new key.
So go on ahead, looting the place (there are some good magic items) until you
reach the painting of a falcon and the "Gold Ankh Key" of which you grab. Now
for the not so obvious part... You need to first wear the "Mask of Hathor"
(or have a speak with animal cast on you) and then blow the gold whistle while
you stand directly in front of the falcon painting. It will come alive and
after some animation, give you the "Hero's Heart". Return downstairs.

- Tomb of Ankhtepot -

You can now open the northern door with the gold ankh key and the last puzzle
of the game will be offered to you. You will have many paths you can use to
cross to the other side (teleporters, flow traps, poison areas, fire areas)
and a few enemies to battle. You will note that there is one corridor that is
composed of locked doors. This is the "safe path" that you will need to open
for the last part. You can open these doors either by pushing the secret wall
buttons among this labyrinth (they are typically located in highly dangerous
areas) or you can use the "Knock" spell to open the doors. Alternatively, if
you cannot manage to open this safe passage, you will be able to use the more
dangerous "fire path" on the east instead of any other path actually...

The idea of this "safe path" is that you will need to lure Ankhtepot, so it
will be wiser to have an easy path rather than one where you are facing
Anktepot AND fireballs and poison all over the damm place. :)

So when you feel ready with your path, go to the northern door and use the
"Hero's Heart" on the door. Finally you will gain the last piece of the seal
and also note that there is a Gong nearby. Don't bang it just yet.

Before, you need to set your trap... hehe.

Go back south of the labyrinth and you will notice now that there is a seal
socket in the wall. Place your seal and this will create a special teleporter
that links this dongeon to the Temple of Ra where the Hierophant awaits...

You see where this is going?

Go back to the Gong and heal yourself, put on some protect spells and all.
Finally use the "Mallet" on the Gong and see Ankhtepot appear from the back
door! He is invulnerable, so dont even try to battle him. Instead you have to
lure him toward the teleporter you created so that he and the Hierophant can
finish their timeless battle once and for all!

What is quite important here is that Ankhtepot MUST be three squares away from
you at the maximum (which means he will breath at your back and attack you all
he wants). Thus the "safe path" is advisable to use as you slowly make it to
the teleport with Ankhtepot in your tail. Be ready to curse at this extremely
anti-climatic sequence as Ankhtepot is VERY SLOW and constantly cast some very
nasty death spells. So have some raise dead spells ready and probably you will
even have to reload your game many times...

After this long sequence and you are ready to enter the teleport, when you are
SURE he is next to you, jump in the teleport. If you did it right, Ankhtepot
and the Hierophant will battle each others.

Time to make a quick escape off this dongeon before everything falls apart.

When your outside, your last step is to go east of where you are into the
"Wall of Ra" that cannot harm you anymore. Directly east off your spot you
will find in the red zone on the floor among a pile of bones the "Scroll of
Return". Use it and enjoy the ending :)


Copyright 2008
-Nicolas L. Clement


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