Rebel Assault 2 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Rebel Assault 2

Rebel Assault 2

Submitted by: Dj Simo

There are three bloopers hidden in the game. To view these outtakes, create 
a pilot from the main game menu. Backspace over the default name and enter 
the following names for the different cut-scenes: 

- Gary Martinez - In this scene, the actor Gary Martinez is playing a scene 
opposite Darth Vader. Darth is supposed to cut off Gary's character, Admiral 
Sarn, at mid-sentence. Darth's voice, however, isn't done by the same actor 
who wears the costume, so no one is there to cut Gary off. So at the point 
where Admiral Sarn runs out of dialogue, Gary simply decides to improvise. 

- Jamison Jones/Carl Magruder - In this scene, Jamison Jones (Rookie One) and 
Carl Magruder (Reggs) are supposed to be listening to Admiral Ackbar giving a 
speech. Off screen, the Project Leader Vince Lee is sitting on top of a ladder 
reading Ackbar's lines. This is the third take, and Lee has decided to get a 
bit silly, reading the lines with a really bad Ackbar accent. The actors try 
to keep their composure, but Jones is the first to crack up, with Magruder 
quick to follow. 

- Julie Eccles - In this scene, Julie Eccles (Ru Murleen) and Jamison Jones 
(Rookie One) are playing Rebels disguised as Imperial Stormtroopers. 
The original Stormtrooper costumes, however, are cumbersome and clumsy and 
the actors can't see through the notorious Coke-bottle-bottom lens pieces. 
Eccles has more problems, as the helmet keeps slipping down around her demure 

Alternate Opening #1: 
In the main game menu, hold down the keys B, O, and T simultaneously while 
selecting "Continue Intro". An alternate video sequence will play. 

Alternate Opening #2: 
In the main game menu, hold down the keys F, O, and X simultaneously while 
selecting "Continue Intro". The intro video will play, but with a short and 
silly starting sequence. 

Wile E. Stormtrooper: 
Play to the third encounter of Chapter 11, The Star Destroyer (or jump there 
using Yoda Power Mode). While there are still stormtroopers left, shoot out 
the three support pylons on the bridge above. The video sequence will play 
showing one trooper getting crushed by the falling bridge and another jumping 
off the ledge. Press and hold down the keys W and B before the video sequence 
ends. Continue to hold them down until the secret cut-scene begins...

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (Theatre 1138) Mode:
Rebel Assault 2 comes complete will alternate silly dialogue for the entire game. 
To activate Theatre Mode, type ALT-V to activate the secret code screen. 
Type OVRES as the passcode and then press the SPACEBAR to return to the game. 
Three silhouettes will appear at the bottom of the screen. Voices will be shut 
off and subtitles will appear, but now with alternate, silly text. 
This works especially well with Movie Mode.


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