Red Alert 2 - Multiplayer Allied Tactics Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Red Alert 2 - Multiplayer Allied Tactics

Red Alert 2 - Multiplayer Allied Tactics

 Author: Dan Riley (aka: Delkin525)
 Version 1.5

 I started this guide many years ago, to be precise, October
 18th, 2001. Wow, such a long time ago, I was just a kid in my
 early teens when I wrote this guide. I had such an addiction to
 RA2 back then if I wasn't playing it, I was writing about it.
 However, I must admit with a fair degree of certainty that it's
 a crime for me not to have ever attempted submitting this guide
 until now, atleast 7 years after the game came out. I've taken 
 some time in maturing this guide from my younger form of writing
 however, re-writing the entire guide is too much work for a game
 that is so long in the past. Please excuse any grammatical
 errors, though as I've stated, I took time in editing them. 
 This guide focuses on all things Allied. You'll find info
 covering rushing, economy, base strategies, and a whole
 plethera of hints, tips, and other such useful information.

 I hope that this guide proves beneficial, as it has been
 something that I've worked on off and on for atleast four years.

 This guide is divided into 10 sections, most of which breaking
 down into deeper sub-sections. Here is a brief description of 
 If you wish to skip to a section, press ctrl+F (the find
 command) and copy and paste the code provided into the space,
 then click search.

-Section 1) Generalized Tactics                      (Code: [A1])
 A vast array of general tactics, applicable to nearly every map.

-Section 2) Base Tactics                             (Code: [A2])

 In detail explains how to manage economy, deffend the base, and
 structure the base, in the most effective way.

-Section 3) Rushing                                  (Code: [A3])

 This section deals with the many forms of rushing, from both
 land rushes to sea rushes, and the many variations there of.

-Section 4) Special Tactics                          (Code: [A4])

 This section explains the most infamous tactics executed during
 in online gameplay. 

-Section 5) Black Eagle Reporting                    (Code: [A5])

 This section tells how many Black Eagles are needed in killing
 every unit in the game.

-Section 6) Power Usage Guide                        (Code: [A6])

 This section tells how much power every structure either adds
 or detracts from your overall power meter. 

-Section 7) Hints and Tricks                         (Code: [A7])

 This section includes a slew of useful hints and tips.

-Section 8) Hotkeys                                  (Code: [A8])

 This section is a list of all of RA2's in-game hotkeys, which
 is essential in knowing especially when dealing with the online

-Section 9) Questions and Answers                    (Code: [A9])

 This section illustrates some questions in which I respond, 
 you'll learn a fair deal from this section.

-Section 10) Copyright/Info/closing comments        (Code: [A10])


-Section 1) Generalized Tactics                              [A1]

                The Tanya

 - Ingredients: Tanya, IFV and cronosphere.

1. Build a cronosphere.
2. Build a Tanya and an IFV and place Tanya in the IFV.
3. Use the cronosphere to drop the IFV in your enemies base.
4. Deploy her by double-clicking and use her to demolish as many
   structures as possible.


                The Flipper

 - Ingredients: 3 Dolphins, Aircraft Carrier and Aegis

1. Build the required units.
2. Move them offshore near your enemy.
3. Use the Aircraft Carrier to attack land targets with the
   Dolphins and Aegis protecting it.


                Prism Siege

 - Ingredients: Prism Tank and IFVs.

1. Build a large battalion of Prism Tanks.
2. Build a large battalion of IFVs.
3. Use the Prism Tanks to siege an enemy's base and the IFV for
   ground-to-air support.


                Engineer Infiltration

 - Ingredients: Equal number of Engineers and IFVs.

1. Build a group of Engineers and place each it's own IFV.
2. Charge your enemy's base and deploy Engineers to take over
   their structures.
3. Use IFVs with Engineers still intact to repair others that may
   be taking damage.

   Note: I recommend building between one and two IFV/Engineer
   combos early game, and immedietly rush the enemy in attempt of
   stealing their construction yard. If this fails, take their 


                Economic Bust

 - Ingredients: Chrono Leginnaires.

1. Build several Chrono Legionnaires.
2. Move the Legionnaires to enemy Ore Fields.
3. Use the Legionnaires to attack enemy Ore Miners and dismantle
   their economy.


                Secret Agent Man

 - Ingredients: Spy and invasion force.

1. Build a spy and a mix of offensive units.
2. Set up invasion force near your enemy's base.
3. Send your Spy into a power plant, temporarily knocking out
4. Immediately send the invasion force in while all defensive
   structures needing power are rendered useless.


                Chrono Engineers

 - Ingredients: a Chronosphere, IFVs and equal number of

1. Build an equal amount of Engineers and IFVs then build a
2. Send the engineers into the IFVs 
3. Once the Chronosphere is ready use it to send the Engineer
   filled IFVs to an enemy's base and send the IFVs near
   buildings of important.
4. Then quickly deploy the IFVs, and use your Engineers to take
   over as many enemy structures as possible.


                Invincible Buildings

 - Ingredients: Chrono Leginnaire and any structure.

1. Build a few Chrono Leginnaires and send them near your most
   important structures.
2. Whenever a large number of enemy Black Eagles or Harriers
   heads towards your base select a Chrono Leginnaire and keep an
   eye on what there target might be.
3. Your enemy will usually head for your Construction Yard, so as
   soon as the enemy's Aircraft launch their missiles towards
   your Construction yard use your Chrono Leginnaire to freeze
   the Construction Yard, once the Construction Yard is frozen
   the missiles still hit the structure but no damage is done.
4. Caution, do not allow your structure to be frozen for long
   otherwise it will vanish by the Chrono Leginnaire.
5. So as soon as the enemy Aircraft attack and leave unfreeze the
6. This process can be done with any structure.


                Chrono Killers

 - Ingredients: Chrono Leginnaires and IFVs.

1. Build an equal amount of Chrono Leginnaires and IFVs. 
2. One of the most deadly units against your Chrono Leginnaire is
   a pack of enemy dogs.
3. To prevent your enemy's dogs from killing your Chrono
   Leginnaires send your Chrono Leginnaires into an equal amount
   of IFVs.
4. Dogs are harmless against tanks so they are useless against
   Chrono Leginnaires in IFVs.
5. Now do as much damage to your enemy that you can with your


                Rocketeer Rush

 - Ingredients: Rocketeers and multiple amounts of Barracksís.

1. Build at least 6 Barracksís
2. Now that you have 6 Barracksís you can build infantry more
   than double the usual building speed.
3. Build tons of Rocketeers, which will rapidly come out of you
   primary Barracks. In about 2 to 3 minutes you can have a large
   fleet of about 40 to 50 Rocketeers.
4. Now that you have a massive fleet of Rocketeers attack the
   enemy's base, they won't be able to stop your entire Rocketeer
5. This process should only take 3 to 5mins(Depends on your
   computerís speed) minutes so as soon as you have about 30
   Rocketeers attack your enemy. This is to early in the game for
   your enemy to have enough air defenses to stop your fleet.
6. Don't give your enemy time to build air defense, you should
   first destroy the enemy Construction yard so they can't build
   air defense. If they already have a good amount of air defense
   destroy their power plants to render there defenses useless.
7. If you build multiple War Factories you can also build tanks
   much faster.


                Chrono Bombs

 - Ingredients: Chrono Ivans

1. Build a bunch of Chrono Ivans. 
2. Then have them plant bombs on each other.
3. Once they each have bombs on them teleport them close to enemy
   tanks, defenses and structures.
4. If they do not blow up right away the enemy's units and or
   defenses will kill them causing the explosion.

   Note: Plant bombs on two to three Chrono Ivans at a time
   otherwise they might explode before you have a chance to
   teleport them.

   Note: This tactic can be done with any Chrono unit as long as
   you use a Crazy Ivan or Chrono Ivan to put a bomb on them.


                Hiding Mirage Tanks

 - Ingredients: Mirage Tanks

1. Build Mirage Tanks
2. When Hiding Mirage Tanks always hide them on grass or where
   other trees are.
3. Never hide a mirage tank in the middle of a street, because
   it's way to obvious!

   Note: When playing as the Allies, especially when your figting
   against a Soviet player, it's best to play smart, in every way

               Sneaky Spies

 - Ingredients: GI's or other infantry and Spies

1. Build a bunch of Gi's 
2. Build a couple Spies
3. Send the Spies into your group of GI's and disguise them as
   your Gi's
4. Then attack the enemy and try to sneak the Spies into enemy
5. If your enemy has a lot of infantry attacking your Gi's try to
   sneak the Spies away from the group and disguise them as enemy
6. In the commotion of the small battle, your enemy most likely
   hasn't noticed your Spies disguise themselves as there units.
   This gives you the perfect opportunity to send the Spies into
   enemy structures.

-Section 2) Base Tactics                                     [A2]

 This section focuses on factors that as you may have guessed,
 deal with "base tactics," and underlying base strategy. Below
 are a series of sub-sections such as, defense, units, economy,
 and base design, all of which are crucial to building a strong
 base, fully capable of supporting itself both economically, and
 Don't always rely on defense to protect your base. For example
 prism towers, pillboxes, and grand cannons. If your enemy finds
 an undefended area in your base, or any area where there is a
 lul in your defensive line, they will absolutely breach that
 portion of the base and try to destroy your power plants. As
 soon as you run out of power your defenses are useless. And the
 enemy can now destroy the rest of your base. 


 You should always have units in your base. Instead of building
 defense build tanks and infantry. You just waste money with
 defense, valuable money that can be used for tanks and infantry.
 Build prism tanks and send them to the outskirts of your base
 for long-range fire on enemy units. You should always Make GIs
 and send them all around your base in large groups, incase enemy
 tanks get by your prism tanks, the GIs can easily finish off
 enemy intruders. Also build IFVs to take out Aircraft. GI's
 aren't always necessary it just depends on how good you are.
 Note: This can go both ways however, if you are experienced and
 know how to use GIís successfully why not. GIís if used
 correctly can mean life or death.


 During the game the best way to keep cash flow going is to
 build multiple miners. Early game it is not necessary to build
 more than 1 Refinery; however once you have a bunch of Miners
 you should build a second or third Refinery so more miners can
 return money at once. Whenever there are Oil Derricks available
 in a map try to take them over right away, then protect them.
 Oil Derricks are very useful during games once you take them
 over each Derrick will give you an instant 1,000 dollars and
 will continue to make money for you. If an Oil Derrick already
 belongs to an enemy and you take it over you will not get the
 extra 1,000 dollars because they already received the extra
 1,000 dollars. You should also use Spies to steal cash from your
 enemies Refinery.

 Note: This fact does not apply to Rushing so if you follow this
 fact you won't be able to rush.

 Note: Report to the Rushing section of this guide for more
 details for building lucrative economy.


 Building walls around important structures is great for keeping
 enemy Spies from stealing your tech, as well as keeping
 engineers from stealing your structures. The best way to make it
 difficult for your enemy to rush is to, build a wall around your
 Construction Yard. They will usually try to take over your
 Construction Yard as fast as possible, but when there is a wall
 around it they will have a small problem stealing it. Walls are
 also great for stopping Chrono Commandos and Tanya from
 devastating your base.  							

 Quick Money (applicable if you have a soviet conyard)

 If you have an Allied and Soviet Conyard build a Cloning Vatte
 then build five or more Tanyas. Once the Tanyas are done send
 them into the Cloning Vatte to sell them. Each Tanya is worth
 $1200 but when you sell them you get double that amount for each
 Tanya so you earn $2400 for every Tanya that you sell. 

-Section 3) Rushing                                          [A3]

 In the world of Real-Time-Strategy, rushing refers to attacking
 the enemy as early as you can, and in the most effective way
 possible. As such, there are multiple forms of rushing. each one
 useful when applied to the appropriate scenario.
 Let's face it, in a one verse one match the game's outcome will
 usually be directly related to the success or failure of your
 own rush. In other words, you must learn to love the art of
 rushing. No more of that "15min no rush" stuff, that's for

 The following includes a list of different forms of rushes, and
 how to go about performing them. In addition, I also mention
 how to counter an enemy's rush. 

 Tank Rushing

 If you want to eliminate your enemy quickly, at the beginning
 of a game don't waste any time in building. First deploy your
 Construction Yard then build a Power Plant, next build a
 Barracks, then an Ore Refinery. Don't build any infantry save
 our money. Finally build a War Factory and build as many
 Grizzly Tanks as you need to crush your enemy. I recommend
 building 15 Grizzly tanks and once those are done build at
 least 5 more. Then once you started building the Grizzly Tanks
 build about two to three more refineries, and sell them so you
 still only have one Refinery (NOTE-the point of this is that
 you are getting Miners while your Tanks are building, and
 getting some money back for selling the Refinery). Your enemy
 however has most likely wasted a lot of money on extra
 buildings, infantry, and other structures so they probably
 won't have much of a force. Your force should easily be able
 to crush your enemy. It should only take you about 4 to 6
 minutes to build the structures and the tanks required,
 therefore giving your enemy little time to prepare defense
 against your attack force.

 Note: You should always build dogs to scout the map, that we
 you can better anticipate the enemy. 

 Note: You should also try to engineer rush your enemy and steal
 their Construction Yard, then either sell it or drive it away.

 Note:You should always be building more Grizzlies.

 Note: If needed build at least 1 to 2 more War Factories to
 increase the rate that you are building the Grizzlies.

 Defending Against Early-Game Rushes

 The best way to overcome a rush is to prepare to rush yourself.
 Then also build a wall around your Construction Yard and other
 important buildings. If you have revealed the enemy's base and
 you notice they are going to infantry rush you, build about 5
 Dogs and a few Pill Boxes. GI's can also help out when defending
 your base from rushes, however don't spend to much money on GI's
 because Tanks are more important. 

 Typically, an infatry rush will the be least of your worries, as
 a few dogs can usually wreak-havoc on them. Instead, you should 
 be more concerned with the possible tank and engineer rushes.
 With that said, the best way to deal with any rush, is as I've
 stated; to prepare to rush yourself. 

 Engineer Rushing

 When you are preparing to rush your enemy you should build an
 IFV and an Engineer, then put the Engineer into the IFV. Quickly
 rush your IFVS and your tanks (If you started of with any) to
 your enemies base put the Repair IFVS near your enemies
 Construction Yard, then deploy the IFVS and immediately send the
 Engineer into the Construction Yard. However engineer rushing
 only works about 50% of the time, so if you plan on rushing
 you'd better do it fast.

 Naval Wars  

 Naval wars can go on for a long time depending on your enemy.
 Instead of building a naval fleet use the Spy Glitch and steal
 tech from your Battle Lab. You will now have the option to train
 Chrono Commandos. You should have built a Spy Satellite as soon
 as you had the option two. Build at least two Chrono Commandos,
 once the first one is done send him somewhere near your enemies
 base either on the same island another island nearby, behind a
 tree or behind one of their buildings. The Chrono Commando
 should have a fairly easy time getting around your enemies base
 destroying each building because, your enemy most likely hasn't
 prepared for ground assault they will probably be to busy
 building their naval fleet. Therefore they won't have much
 ground defense giving your Chrono Commando a chance to wipe out
 their base giving you an easy victory.

 Note: you should have built at least four more Miners once you
 had a war factory in order to gain lots of money.

 Naval Rushes

 When you are playing a Naval War first Deploy your Construction
 Yard then build a Power Plant and a Barracks, now build six
 Engineers. While the Engineers start building build a Naval
 Shipyard and a Naval Transport. Once the Engineers are done
 build six Dogs. Then send the engineers into the Transport first
 then the Dogs second. Then send the transport across the water
 till you find your enemies island once you find it, drive the
 Transport along their base till you reach their Construction
 Yard or Barracks. Then deploy the Transport the Dogs will come
 out first and kill all the infantry and other Dogs and then the
 Engineers will come out, send the engineers into the enemy
 Barracks Construction Yard and anything else you can take over.
 Then once you take over you can sell it. or Build Pill Boxes
 there, but be careful they might try to reclaim their lost
 structures with their own Engineers.

 Note: The first unit that goes into a Naval Transport comes out
 last, and the Last unit to go into the Transport comes out


 Hidden Naval Surprise

 If you know your enemy has an underwater naval unit like
 Dolphins, Submarines and Squids there is only one way to detect
 them. First of all build a Naval Shipyard somewhere close to
 your island or base. Then just begin building a Naval Fleet. If
 your enemy attacks you with a massive force of Dolphins and
 wipe out your Naval shipyard, they will probably leave the
 Dolphins near your base or island. Now build another Naval Ship
 Yard once it is ready to be placed move it around, as you know
 when it is all green that means that you can build there and if
 it's red you can't build there. Now keep moving the unplaced
 Naval Ship Yard around the water near your island or base, you
 might come across red squares here and there, or big clumps of
 red shapes. This represents underwater units. Right click your
 mouse to make the unbuilt Naval Ship Yard go away, and just
 click on the ready picture when you want it again. Now it is
 best to be Korea for this trick. Start placing beacons on the
 red area, so you will know where to strike. It will take
 between 1 and 2 Black Eagle Jets per red square, make them
 force fire the water where the beacon is and if you hit the
 target you should have killed what ever it was. If you hit the
 hidden unit it will be visible above the water for a few
 seconds. You should try to take out as many underwater units
 with one quick organized attack as you can, because your enemy
 might move the underwater units. 

 Note: Grand Cannons prove useful for killing more than one
 underwater naval unit at once, and at quite a range.

-Section 4) Special Tactics                                  [A4]
    Spy Glitch

  - Ingredients: 3 Spies, 3 engineers and a GI

 1. Build 3 Spies, 3 engineers and a GI
 2. Make the GI attack your own Barracks, War Factory, and
    Battle Lab just a little.
 3. Activate Way-Point-Mode select an engineer and click on
    either the Barracks, War Factory, or Battle Lab, then while
    Way-Point-Mode is still on select a Spy and click on the
    little Way-Point-Box on the structure that you have clicked
    on with the Engineer.
 4. Now let the units follow their Waypoint path as the Engineer
    heads into the building to repair it, the Spy should follow
    the Engineer into your structure stealing your own
 5. Now use this process on your other 2 structures.
 6. At the end of this process you should have obtained the
    option of building Chrono commandoes and promotions for your
 7. Note once you let your Spy and your Engineer follow their way
    point path you can stop the Engineer and the Spy will still
    go into the building and steal the tech. Then repair the
    building but not with the Engineer, this will save you money
    because you won't have to build another Engineer when you do
    the trick again.

    Note: You can use this glitch on your own power plants
          etc.. although itís not to your advantage.

   Note: Stealing tech from your battle lab results in the
          ability to train Chrono Commandos. 

    Killing Chrono Commandos

 If your enemy knows the Spy Glitch they can easily kill your
 base with a Chrono Commando. The best ways to prevent a Chrono
 Commando from destroying your base are found in the following

 1. You should build Pill Boxes close together all around your
 2. If you want to be sneaky build Pill Boxes behind buildings
    that block the view of the Pill Box
 3. Build Snipers 
 4. Build Prism Tanks and send them in groups (of about two or
    three) around your base, taking out any Chrono Commandos from
    long range
 5. Put infantry like Tanya, GI's, and any other infantry into
    IFVs so they will be protected from the Chrono Commando and
    be able to kill him quickly.
 6. Don't bother with Dogs they arenít at all affective against
    Chrono Commandos (unless the enemy teleports the Commando
    from a great distance, in which case he'll take a while to
    phase in)
 7. Wall your important structures. If the structure is walled,
    there is nothing an enemy Commando can do. Unless, the enemy
    is so desperate that they use airial attacks to take out one
    piece of the wall, just large enough an area for the
    commando to execute his dirty work. Though, who would do
    that? Grins...

    Cronosphere Glitch

  - Ingredients: Chrono Legionnaire and Chronosphere

 1. Build a Chrono Legionnaire and a Chronosphere.
 2. Once the Chronosphere is ready activate Way-Point-Mode now
    command the Chrono Legionnaire to freeze your Chronosphere
    but don't start the Waypoint process yet. 
 3. Now select a group of tanks with the Chronosphere but don't
    send them anywhere yet.
 4. Once you have selected a group of tanks allow the Chrono
    Legionnaire to start the Waypoint path your Chronosphere will
    now be frozen.
 5. Immediately after you freeze your Chronosphere click where
    you want to send your tanks. Even though the Chronosphere is
    frozen it will still teleport your tanks, once you send your
    tank force move the chrono Legionnaire so your Chronosphere
    will unfreeze.
 6. As soon as your Chronosphere in unfrozen it will say
    "Chronosphere ready" 
 7. The point of this glitch is to save time and annoy your
    enemy. It takes 7 minutes for the Chronosphere to charge but
    by using this glitch you don't have to wait at all, after
    the 1st initial countdown. You may use this glitch as many
    times as you want during the game.  

    Note: If you teleport a Chrono Commando or any other Chrono
    unit with a Chronosphere it will instantly be ready to move
    with out phasing in. This is great for using a Chrono Commando
    to kill an enemy base or structure.

    Chronosphere Teasers

 Here is a list of tactics on how to harass your enemy with the
 Chronosphere Glitch to the utmost of harassing. 


 1. Use your Chronosphere to teleport each and every one of your
    enemyís harvesters into the water

 2. Teleport enemy tanks into the water

 3. Teleport enemy Ships onto land

 4. Fill a Night Hawk Transport or a Naval Transport with the
    units of your choice, teleport to the center of your enemy's
    base and devastate

 5. Teleport your enemy's infantry to instantly kill them

 6. On a Free For All game teleport your enemy's tanks into each
    otherís bases causing a war

 7. When enemy tanks build up near your base preparing to attack,
    teleport them into the water or too your other enemy's base

 8. Teleport large groups of Engineer filled IFVs into your
    enemy's base

 9. On a Free For All game teleport an enemy's Demolition Truck
    into your other enemy's base.

10. Teleport your mirage tanks around the map because the tanks
    look like trees when teleported. They donít show up on radar,
    use this to sneak your Mirage Tanks to your enemy's base

11. Clean out your enemy's Tanks with teleportation, then
    teleport your tanks to the undefended base

12. Teleport your Ships to the water near your enemy to

13. This is probably the most cruel act that one can carry out
    with the Chronosphere glitch. Build a few power plants side-
    by-side in a cluster like form. i.e. a large square, or
    rectangle... Then place a wall around them. After placing one 
    layer of a wall around them make another layer, for extra
    security. Then sell the power plants leaving behind a walled
    in secluded area. Now build a ton of prism towers lining the
    outskirts of the wall. Then teleport enemy tanks inside the
    wall, it will be a slaughter fest. Itís actually quite
    hilarious; itís like a torture chamber. 

-Section 5) Black Eagle Reporting                            [A5]

 Back when my life was the entity that is RA2, if I wasn't
 playing with rediculous deffensive intentions as France, i'd be
 playing as the offensive opposite; Korea, and as such would 
 carefully coordinate my Black Eagle jets. 

 Note: I highly recommend you group Eagles according to you
 combat intentions. i.e. if you are just taking out enemy tanks
 group your Eagles in groups of 2, and sick them on the enemy
 forces. If you came accross an Appocolypse, just send 2 groups 
 after it instead of one; compensate.


 The following is a list of how many Black Eagles are needed to
 kill said unit or structure.

  Prism Tank-1
  Grizzly Tank-2
  Terror Drone-1
  Demolition Truck-1
  Flak Track-1
  V3 Rocket-1

  Aegis Cruiser-4
  Aircraft Carreir-4 
  Naval Transport-2
  Flak Ship-4 

  Power Plant-4
  Construction Yard-8
  Battle Lab-4
  Spy Sat-5
  Air Force HQ-4
  Nuke Power Plant-8
  Cloning Vatte-between 4-6
  War Factory- 8
  Naval Shipyard-12 (some missiles miss)

-Section 6) Power Usage Guide                                [A6]

  Allied  - (-) = minus (+) = plus
  Power Plant+200 
  Ore Refinery-50
  War Factory-25 
  Airforce Command-50 
  Service Depot-25
  Battle Lab-100
  Naval Shipyard-25 
  Ore Purifier-200 
  Spy Satellite-100 
  Pill Box 0
  Prism Tower-75 
  Patriot Missile-50 
  Gap Generator??? 
  All Super Weapons-200

  Soviet - (-) = minus (+) = plus 
  Battle Lab-100
  War Factory-25 
  Ore Refinery-50 
  Naval Ship Yard-20 
  Cloning Vats-200 
  Service Depot-25 
  All Super Weapons-200 
  Psychic Sensor-50 
  Tesla Coil-75 
  Nuke Reactor+2,000 
  Flak Cannon-50 
  Sentry Gun 0

-Section 7) Hints and Tricks                                 [A7]
 Engineer Protection

 Engineers are great to have around the base, because they're
 trained to defuse bombs. If a Crazy Ivan puts a bomb on your
 infantry, tanks, or structures have the Engineer defuse the
 bombs accordingly. I also recommend hiding Engineers behind key
 structures, so that if need be you can heal said strucure. 

 Killing Terror Drones 

 Terror Drones are very quick and can easily dodge lot's of fire
 power. But once they start tearing apart your tank from the
 inside it's over or is it... If you have a Repair Depot use it
 to repair your tank the second the tank starts to repair the
 Terror Drone Dies. Also Chrono Commando's kill Terror Drones
 very quickly, Along with Pill Boxes and Mirage Tanks.

 Note: Repair IFVs also kill the Terror Drone once it starts 
 repairing the tank.

 Diversion for Tank Wars

 When your enemy comes to attack you with lots of either
 Grizzlyís, Rhino's, IFV's and so on or mixed attacks, build tons
 of dogs. Build between 30 and 40 dogs and send them in front of
 your tanks. When your enemy attacks they will automatically
 attack the dogs first giving you the chance to wipe out their

 Note: This strategy doesnít work if your enemy self-targets your
 tanks 1 by 1.

 Dodging Missiles

 If your enemy is trying to kill any vehicle(s) with either Black
 Eagle Jets of Harriers, it is quite easy to dodge the missiles
 all you have to do is move the vehicle(s) away from the
 missiles. For example if Black Eagles are coming after your
 Grizzly Tank from behind move the tank forward until the
 missiles hit the ground behind you. This sometimes works for
 Infantry as well. However I found that dodging Harrier missiles
 is harder than dodging Black Eagle missiles.

 Turtle Tactics
 If you decide to turtle build Prism Towers all around and within
 your base so they will chain of off each other making them more
 powerful. Build Grand Cannons all around your base as well, that
 is if you have the option to build them. Build Patriot Missiles
 all around your base in groups of 2's or 4's to take out groups
 of Aircraft and or Rocketeers. Build Dogs and have them guard
 your Power Plants and Ore Refineries from spies 

 Note: Build lots of Power Plants within the center of your base
 and it's defenses, and build more Power Plants then you need
 incase some get destroyed.

 Dogs on the Hunt
 At the beginning of each game you should build up at least four
 dogs and explore the map. Once you find your enemies base send
 all of your Dogs their to reveal as much as you can. This is
 very helpful because it gives you a chance to see how your enemy
 will attack you, there for giving you a chance to counter it.
 This also reveals weak or undefended areas in your enemyís base,
 which you could rush with an Engineer in an IFV. 

 Terror Drone Overload

 Terror Drones are very useful units and in large numbers they
 can easily wipe out huge forces of enemy tanks. I found that
 sending Terror Drones into Flak Tracks is very useful. If you
 drive the Flak into the center or at least near a group of enemy
 tanks when the Flak Track dies the Terror Drones are freed and
 can quickly jump into enemy tanks because they are already so
 close to them. But usually thatís not enough, you should also
 have at least thirty or more Terror Drones on foot and then at
 least eight Flak Tracks full considering only two Terror Drones
 can fit into each Flak Track. Then make sure your whole force
 gets to and attacks your enemy's tanks at the same time. This is
 very affective, because even if you didn't bug all of your
 enemy's tanks once the Terror Drone kills the tank it almost
 immediately jumps into another tank with nearly no time for your
 Terror Drone to be shot at.

 Spy Infiltration Info

 The following is a list that explains the benefits of the Spy
 infiltrating each of the following buildings...

 Barracks = promotion for infantry
 War Factory = promotion for tanks
 Allied Battle Lab = Chrono Commando 
 Soviet Battle Lab = Chrono Ivan (in some cases you can also get
 Yuri Prime)
 Power Plant = No power for about 1min
 Refinery = Steals percentage of enemy's cash

-Section 8) Hotkeys                                          [A8]

 Guard Mode:  Hit "G" when unit is selected (unit will guard
 current area) 


 Force Fire: Hit Ctrl on the keyboard and select object to shoot
 at with mouse


 Escort Unit's: Grab units then click Alt + Ctrl then click the
 unit you want them to protect. The units that are escorting will
 move closer to the unit being escorted when ever they get out of
 their firing range.


 Grouping Units: Ctrl + and any number from 0-9, for example
 Ctrl + 1 


 Follow- Click "F" when a unit is selected


 Deleting Groups- Hit Ctrl and the number of a group when no
 units are selected.


 Beacon - Click "B"


 Stop- click "S"


 Select all of one type- click "T" once for all of that type of
 unit to be selected on the screen click "T" twice for all of
 that type of unit on radar


 Deploy Unit- click "D" 


 Scatter- "X"


 Ally With Chosen Side- "A"


 Select Team- # 0-9


 Force Move- Hold Alt key, guide cursor over target, left-click
 (forces unit to drive/walkover to an are or to run over a unit.)


 Guard Destination-Ctrl/Alt + click area


 Guard Structure-Ctrl/Alt + click structure


 Structure Tab- Hit "Q" (Hotkey to Structures.)


 Next Unit- Hit "M" Selects next unit in order of creation.


 Previous Unit- Hit "N" Selects the previous unit you selected


 Select All- Hit "P" Selects all units on the battle field.


 Cycle through Elites- Hit "Y" Selects all veteran or all elite


 Cycle through Health- Hit "U" Selects all units with like health


 Modify Selected Units- Hold SHIFT and click on selected unit to
 deselect. Click unselected unit to add to group (removes
 specific unit(s) from groups.)


 Centered Map On Base- Hit "H" Centers your view on your base.
 Normally this is your Construction Yard.


 Repair Mode- Left-Click structures, K Repairs your structures


 Sell Mode- Left-Click structure, L Sell your structures


 Set Way Points- Click on unit, press and hold Z, set down the
 way points, release to initiate movement command


 Place Beacon- Press "B" Points out specific locations enemy
 attack forces what ever you decide, Click on the Beacon and
 click enter to type a message in it that only allies can see


 All Units Cheer- Hit the "C" button


 Go to Event On Radar- Hit Space Bar 

-Section 9) Questions and Answers                            [A9]

 Q: If this is an Allied specific multiplayer guide why do you
    mention Soviet strategies in any way?

 A: The asnwer is simple, the great thing about RA2 is the fact
    that there are multiple ways of accessing the opposing tech
    tree. i.e you can get an enemy consturction yard by stealing
    the enemies, and you can get a MCV from a crate. As soviets,
    you can steal the enemy's MCV with a Yuri, then deploy it.


 Q: What is your favorite team, and why?

 A: I'd have to say Korea, because I love executing Black Eagle
    micro; coordinating massive attacks that level the enemy's 
    base in a single sweep, sometimes two. 


 Q: How did you figure out those glitches?

 A: When I was younger, I had to know the dirty secrets behind
    every game I played. As such, I made it my mission to figure
    out the glitches that people were using.


 Q: What's the difference between the Allies and Soviets?

 A: Well, the obvious approach to this repsonse is the fact that
    the soviets rely on brtue strength, over micro-intensive 
    coordination. Sure both side require a vast amount of micro
    but to many Soviet players spend each game pumping Rhino
    after Rhino, humor me. 


 Q: What's the best way of dealing with the Soviets as Allies?

 A: A good soviet player can prove very difficult, as I've
    mentioned, they love Rhinos (and boy are they a force to be
    reckon with), and will rush immediately. You've just got to
    out micro your opponent. As such, take advatage of advatages
    of the allied forces. For example, Prism tanks are very
    powerful long-ranged units. Chronolegionaires are very
    effective at taking out stray units, and holding off the
    enemy's front line attack, of course with the aid of your
    forces. Also, make sure to build mirage tanks, as they can
    easily destroy tanks and infantry. Don't forget the
    grizzlies, and a slew of rocketeers. Ultimately, my point is
    this. Use air, range, and a tight mix of units to your


 Q: What's ypur favorite unit in the game?

 A: I'd have to say the Chrono Commando, he is so bad-ass! He's 
    essentially a teleporting Tanya, it doesn't get much better
    than that!

-Section 10) Copyright/Info/closing comments                [A10]
 This is a 2007/2008 copyrighted work from Dan Riley. Please
 don't edit my guide, or steal from it my awesome ways. If you'd
 like to post this guide elsewhere, that is absolutely fine by
 me, just be sure to accredit me for having done the work. 

 In closing, I hope this guide has proven beneficial for you Red
 Alert 2 junkies out there, and I'd love to recieve feedback from
 you guys.

 A guide 7 years in the works is finally to be seen be all.

 On that note, feel free to e-mail me with comments, suggestions,
 and praise. 


 Guide Started - 10/18/01

 Last Updated - Sunday, December 16th, 2007

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