Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4

           RRRR   EEEEE   SSS   IIIII  DDD    EEEEE  N   N  TTTTT
           R   R  E      S   S    I    D  D   E      NN  N    T
           R   R  E      S        I    D   D  E      NN  N    T
           RRRR   EEE     SSS     I    D   D  EEE    N N N    T
           R R    E          S    I    D   D  E      N  NN    T
           R  R   E      S   S    I    D  D   E      N  NN    T
           R   R  EEEEE   SSS   IIIII  DDD    EEEEE  N   N    T

                      EEEEE  V   V  IIIII  L           4    
                      E      V   V    I    L           44
                      E      V   V    I    L          4 4
                      EEE    V   V    I    L         4  4
                      E      V   V    I    L        444444 
                      E       V V     I    L        4  44 4
                      EEEEE    V    IIIII  LLLLL       44 4 

                            Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough and FAQ
For PS2, Gamecube, Wii, PC
Version 3.6
Written by Brad Russell "TheGum"
Twitter: TheGum25

Version 1.0 - finished main game 
Version 1.1 - included A. Ada and Separate Ways guides 
Version 1.2 - some huge boss tips and others added 
Version 1.3 - added two new sections: 5 and 6 
Version 1.4 - Mercenaries added at long last 
Version 1.5 - added to 'Basic Info' 
Version 1.6 - found Beerstein in SW and small adds 
Version 2.0 - first revision and not that big
Version 3.0 - long time coming, second revisioning, no 'official' Wii stuff yet
Version 3.5 - got the Wii Edition, and I have added all that I could see
Version 3.55 - updated the contact info
Version 3.6 - updated author info and acknowledged existence of iOS version;
resisted urge to fix the guide again, lol

Table of Contents

Use Ctrl + F and type in (1001***) to quick find

1. A Brief Foreword 
2. Basic Info     		1001bio
3. Weapons        		1001wea
4. Enemies       		1001ene
5. Treasures     		1001tre
6. Merchant Guide 		1001mer
7. Walkthrough    		1001wth

     1.1 The Woods         	 1001woo
     1.1 The Village       	 1001vil
     1.1 The Farm          	 1001far	<<<  !!GLITCH!!
     1.1 The Hillside      	 1001hil
     1.2 The Valley        	 1002val
     1.2 The Barricade     	 1002bar
     1.2 The Chief's House 	 1002tch
     1.3 The Village Pt 2  	 1003vp2
     1.3 The Tunnel        	 1003ttl
     1.3 The Church        	 1003chu
     1.3 The Quarry        	 1003qua
     1.3 The Dock          	 1003doc
     1.3 The Swamp         	 1003swa
     1.3 The Lake          	 1003lak
     2.1 The Lake Pt 2           2001lp2
     2.1 The Cave                2001cav
     2.1 The Waterfall           2001twf
     2.1 The Dock Pt 2           2001td2
     2.1 The Quarry Pt 2         2001tq2
     2.1 The Church Pt 2         2001cp2
     2.2 The Ashley              2002ash
     2.2 The Church Pt 3         2002cp3
     2.2 The Tunnel Pt 2         2002tp2
     2.2 The Village Pt 3        2002vp3
     2.2 The Farm Pt 2 	 	 2002fp2	<<<  !!GLITCH!!
     2.2 Assault of Los Ganados  2002atg
     2.3 Round 2 With EL Gigante 2003r2g
     2.3 Last Defense            2003ldf
     2.3 Battle With the Chief   2003bwc
     2.3 The Castle              2003cas
     3.1 Castle Entrance              3001cet
     3.1 A Castle Under Siege         3001cus
     3.1 Castle Quarters Combat       3001cqc
     3.1 Castle Guard                 3001cgd
     3.1 Prisoner of the Castle       3001poc
     3.1 Assault of the Cultists      3001atc
     3.1 Moment of Silence            3001mos
     3.2 Dungeon of Doom              3002dod
     3.2 Leon's Ambush!               3002leo
     3.2 The Big Block                3002tbb
     3.2 Another Calm                 3002anc
     3.2 A Maze Apart                 3002ama
     3.3 Break Fast!                  3003brf
     3.3 Fight for the Rocket         3003ffr
     3.4 Guardian Angel               3004gua
     3.4 Ashley's Adventure           3004asa
     3.4 Armored Puzzles              3004puz
     4.1 Reunited                          4001reu
     4.1 Dragons of Fire                   4001dof
     4.1 Brief Pit Stop                    4001bps
     4.1 Close Calls                       4001ccs
     4.1 Armored Entanglement              4001ent
     4.1 Insects Worth a Fortune           4001iwf
     4.1 Siege of the Clock Tower          4001sct
     4.1 Storming the Tower                4001stt
     4.1 Nasty Encounter                   4001nec
     4.1 Something's Watching Me           4001swm
     4.1 Battle With the Right Hand        4001brh
     4.2 Time to Recover                   4002ttr
     4.2 Mines of Madness                  4002mom
     4.2 The Two Giants                    4002ttg
     4.2 Light at the End                  4002lae 
     4.3 Fresh Air                         4003fre
     4.3 More Underground Fun              4003muf
     4.3 Los Ganados Ride                  4003lgr
     4.4 Art Gone Mad                      4004agm
     4.4 Last Defense of the Cultists      4004ldc
     4.4 Showdown With the Castellan       4004stc
     4.4 Off to a Better Place             4004obp
     5.1 First Line of Defense                  5001fld
     5.1 Leon's Breach                          5001leb
     5.1 Kitchen From Hell                      5001kfh
     5.1 Glimpse of the Target                  5001got
     5.1 Tactical Advantage                     5001tad
     5.1 Where Monsters Dwell                   5001wmd
     5.1 Cold Encounter                         5001cec
     5.1 Dirty Job/Locked Up                    5001dir
     5.1 The Miracle of Science                 5001mir
     5.1 Something Subliminal                   5001sub
     5.2 Double Your Pain                       5002dyp
     5.2 Construction Zone                      5002con
     5.2 Of Death and Doors                     5002odd
     5.2 Bull Ride on a Cattle Drive            5002bul
     5.3 Not Again!                             5003not
     5.3 An Old Friend                          5003aof
     5.3 Lasers For Losers                      5003lfl
     5.3 Last Minute Merchant                   5003lmm
     5.3 Caged In With "It"                     5003cag
     5.3 Out of the Darkness                    5003ood
     5.3 Clash With a Soldier                   5003cws
     5.4 Chopper Assault                        5004ntb
     5.4 Alone Again                            5004alo
     5.4 Last Defense of the Commandos          5004ldc
     5.4 Free From the Plague                   5004ffp
     5.5 The Final Battle                       5005bat
     5.5 Jet-Ski Fun                            5005jsf

8. Bosses 					6006bos

     EL Lago                        		6006lag
     EL Gigante                     		6006gig
     EL Gigante Round 2             		6006eg2
     Village Chief (Bitores Mendez) 		6006vic
     The Right Hand (Verdugo)       		6006trh
     Los Dos Gigantes               		6006ldg
     Salazar                        		6006sal
     "IT" (U3)                      		6006itu
     Krauser                        		6006kra
     Saddler                        		6006sad

9. Assignment Ada               		assiada
10. Separate Ways                		sepways
11. The Mercenaries		    		mercena
12. PRO                              		9999pro
13. Hardware Warz
14. Wii!
15. Award Ceremony
16. Unlockables/Author Info/Copyright/Misc.

*1. A Brief Foreword                                                          *

Resident Evil 4 is STILL by far my favorite game of all time, and it's been 
ages and a new generation since I first played it. I lost count of how many 
times I've already played it (has to be close to around 50) and I imagine I'll
add a few more with the latest version. 

Just FYI, this game led to my first guide and after about eight more guides, a
spot in a magazine, and a friendship with a forthcoming video game site. It's 
all come full circle; and it's only fitting. This game has seriously changed
my life (and if you laugh then you're a COMMUNIST!!)

There's nothing more to be said. Greatest game of all time and you got the guy
who knows this game by memory. Terrible story though, but that's okay.

Happy Blasting!

PS - I redid the whole main guide, but the mini games are the same as before.
	For anyone keeping track, I've also kicked all the junk I had from
	before. Hmm, maybe I should redo my Dead Rising guide too...

*2. Basic Info (1001bio)                                                      *

Just nuggets of info that someone will find useful.


*The mark of a good player is simple: you have trouble managing the space in
	your attache case. Remember, if you must make room for more items then
	try to sell your crap to a nearby merchant (use this guide to know 
	where the shops are). 

*Combine herbs, toss excess ammo, put excess ammo in guns, move items around,
	and then start using excess grenades when you must conserve space.

*Here is the hierarchy of items to toss from the case from least needed to 
	most needed: incendiaries, handgun ammo, eggs/fish, flash, TMP ammo,
	rifle rounds, shotgun shells, green herbs, and hand grenades.

*Combing yellow herbs with green herbs only is a wise choice to maximize all
	the herbs you're given. This means you can quickly heal those small
	wounds with Y+G, and then save up your R+G for when you are about to
	die. The problem, you will use up much more space in managing this 
	practice. Do this if your case is not always full.

*When tossing ammo, always look on the smallest amounts first. Compare three
	shotgun shells to 20 handgun bullets. It takes about two shells to
	kill an enemy, but it can also take about 10 bullets to kill one. This
	is a dead draw, either way is fine. But never replace full boxes with
	incomplete boxes. What I'm really trying to say, consider all factors
	before you toss something.

*NEVER buy the stocks for the weapons. None of them are worth the space.


*Menacing music means danger. When it stops, the coast is clear.

*Use whatever handgun you have by default. It's better to run out of handgun 
	bullets, than to run out of shotgun shells.

*My favorite attack for almost any enemy: shoot the legs so that they fall to
	the ground, run up to them, aim down, and then watch brain fly.

*The laser sight (PS2 and Cube) can be abused. It will glow a brighter red and
	you can see the dot when it's on a target, and you can't see the dot 

*Depending on your system, you must know how to execute the 180 degree turn.
	If you don't know how to do this then you will spend much time on the
	'You Are Dead' screen.

*Aim for the knees. Will stagger enemies for a kick attack, or you can shoot 
	them again to knock them to the ground if they try to get up.

*When you see an enemy stagger backward or forward, you should run up to them
	and press the button prompt to perform a free physical attack.

*Kill Las Plagas with a rifle round, it saves loads of ammo.


*Kick doors open to move through them faster; just double-tap the button. You
	can also damage enemies this way.

*Use the knife to open crates and barrels. The knife is your last resort when
	you run out of ammo, but you can use it on downed opponents to save 
	ammo (and for one boss fight).

*Don't forget to run, not walk. 

*Reload every time there is a break in the action.

*Use your G+R+Y vials when you're almost dead, and all health in general unless
	you know you need it.

*The game does use a slight bit of rubberband AI, which means it will adjust
	the game a bit to fit your level of play. If you suck you will be 
	handed lots of free goodies and a few less enemies in places. If you 
	rock then expect only the bare minimum in items and the maximum amount
	of enemies.

Go to the PRO section for more nuggets.

Go to the Wii section for that system's unique qualities.

*3. Weapons (1001wea)                                                         *

This is merely a list of the weapons with a rating (my rating) and some info.

1.) Handgun: 4/5 
    Only good if you stick with it to the end. FREE!

2.) Punisher: 4/5
    It is free, and shoots through two enemies. Free

3.) Red9: 3/5
    I heard it has its uses, and Luis uses one; I never liked it

4.) Blacktail: 5/5*
    Good aiming, fast, and powerful upgrades; must have for every zombie-hunter

5.) Shotgun: 4/5
    Good if you stick with it. FREE!

6.) Riot Gun: 4/5
    Better for crowd control, on par with an upgraded Shotgun from the start

7.) Striker: 5/5*
    Best for crowd control, good handling too; weak at long range

8.) Rifle: 4/5
    Can be better than the SAR, if you take it to the end; bolt-action though

9.) Semi-Auto Rifle: 5/5*
    Awesome when upgraded

10.) TMP: 5/5*
    I like it a lot, but it can waste lots of ammo fast, though, not essential
	for a PRO runthrough

11.) Broken Butterfly: 3/5
    Long reload time, and not all that powerful. Low ammo. Free

12.) Killer7: 5/5*
    Can take out Los Gigantes in a few shots. Low ammo

13.) Mine-Thrower: 4/5
    Stupid delay in the boom; if you buy exclude the scope. Good with skill

14.) Rocket Launcher: 5/5
    Kills many BOSSES in one shot, good since it has only one shot. 
    One is free at least

*Starred guns means you should get them in a basic runthrough.

Ammo Types:

A.) Handgun ammo is red, used in: Handgun, Punisher, Red9, and Blacktail.
B.) Shotgun shells are green, used in: Shotgun, Riot Gun, and Striker.
C.) Magnum ammo is black, used in Broken Butterfly and Killer7. 
    *Hard to come by.
D.) TMP ammo is blue, used in TMP, what else?


A.) Hand Grenades are green and have a wide blast radius, good in close combat.
    *Most close blasts do not hurt Leon if he is facing it, for some reason.
B.) Incendiary Grenades are red and have a small blast radius, but leave fire.
C.) Flash Grenades are blue and cause enemies to stagger in blindness.
    *The flash kills Las Plagas instantly, except in boss fights.

*4. Enemies (1001ene)                                                         *

Just a run-down of enemy types and their weaknesses.

1.) Los Ganados 

In the Village be sure to aim for the head;  in fact, do it all the time no
matter what. Later enemies will yield Plagas, but just use a sniper round and 
be done with it. And when you face a single enemy, stagger them to the ground,
run up, and knife them.

Bodyshots seem to do little damage, but limbshots can knock weapons out of 
their hands.

Ganados come in three flavors: villager, cult, and commando. And many have
implements of doom, few armed with crossbows, and some rare ones use a gatling

2.) Las Plagas

These parasites control the various enemies throughout. They emerge from 
enemies after it turns dark. Some are unavoidable, but headshots increase the

The hardest thing about the razor types is how they stagger forward when shot.
Razor Plagas will be fought throughout the game, but are the only type found
in the village.

The second type are the worm Plagas. They only have one attack, an instant 
death move. If left alone long enough, and with even a decent range away, they
are able to extend towards you and take off your head in one bite. Not too bad,
just handle them from a distance.

The last type are the mature Plagas. They can spit acid when close enough, and
they too have an instant kill attack. These ones can also break away from the 
host and scurry toward you. Kill these with a handgun round (two on PRO).

All types can be shot to death, killed by flash grenades, or sniped with one
rifle round. Only the mature forms will survive while in the host.

3.) Special Ganados

The chainsaw villagers are the toughest in the game, I believe. And you can run
into two in the second area! Tough but not the best. They are pretty easy if 
you knock them down and keep them down with a shotgun. If you cannot take them
out, then at least you get a cool death scene. They yeild great rewards when

There are even stronger, blue maniacs found in just two places. One is tough
and is found in the mine. The other is on the mine cart ride, but can be 

JJ's carry a huge machine gun. They must be staggered with strong weapons to
bring down. Headshots help.

The last type are found only on the island. They aren't too different from
normal Ganados, but they are a bit tougher and wear armor. Headshots are a must
for these, but legshots will also work. May sprout Plagas.

4.) Colmillos

You seldom encounter these puppies, and they are pretty weak. They will either
jump on you or slash you with whips. Just shotgun them with two shots.

5.) Garradors

Blind, at least for a length. They rely on hearing mostly. I consider them mini
boss fights and will tell you how to handle them when we get there.

Only one will wear armor.

6.) Novistadors

The first you encounter are invisible, but the flying ones are not. A couple of
shotgun shells do it for these things. Especially when they are in the air, one
shotgun blast kills them. 

They can slice your head off, and more so in PRO. And they easily jump onto you
and spew acid, so shake them off ASAP or you're dead.

7.) Armaduras

Armored enemies with weapons. Shoot the helmets off to reveal the plagas, then
shoot the plagas. 

8.) Regenerators

They regenerate! On my first run-through, I had no knowledge of how to properly
kill them; I would just shoot till they blew up. This works because they have 
a set number of hit points. You will have to do this for the first few 
encounters until you find the thermal scope. A Killer7 helps (good game too).

Don't shoot the legs! It only leads to more problems if you are close.

9.) Iron Maidens

A step above Regenerators. Keep your distance, unless you enjoy impalement. 
Just use the infared scope and after that start shooting.


*5. Treasures (1001tre)                                                       *

This new addition was put here for the benefit of those who don't know where or
what to do with treasures.

For the uninitiated, treasures are little trinkets found in hidden locations 
throughout the game. Most are easy to spot and run across, but some are hidden
pretty good or require extra effort to obtain. The ultimate purpose of finding
these is to sell them to the various merchants for a nice profit. The money 
earned will usually only pay for an upgrade or two, but it does add up in the
long run (as do most things in life).

There are three types of treasures: small, regular, and combo. Small treasures
include the spinels, velvet blues, emeralds, jewels, and the jewel-less big
treasures. Regulars are simply the ones that can be sold as is. Combo treasures
will require at least two jewels added on in order to reach maximum value. The
combo jewels and treasures will usually be kept for long periods of time 
while you collect all the components.

If you missed treasure, or failed a combo treasure, don't sweat it. The
effect of missing a few are small, but miss more and you will be crying later
when you need that little extra change for a purchase.

And no, key items cannot be sold. Even in Separate Ways, where some treasures
have been turned into keys for Ada. 

Location: (by my titles)
Value: (both initial and final)
Jewels Needed: (number and names)

Some treasures are found in more areas, so I will name it but that is all.

**********************************VILLAGE Section******************************

Small: Spinels, worth 2000; found everywhere!

Name: Ruby
Location: Dropped by Chainsaw Maniacs, only two I think
Value: 10,000
Comment: Can be pulled from the dead bodies of the first maniacs in the game

Name: Beerstein
Location: The Farm, over the side of the ledge
Value: 3000 without; 10,000 with one; 15,000 with two; 20,000 with all three
Jewels Needed: Green Catseye, Red Catseye, and Yellow Catseye
Comment: First Combo in the game, hold onto it until you reach the chairlift
area, where it can be completed. 

Name: Red Catseye
Location: The Hillside, in a nest in a tree by the house
Value: 3000
Comment: combine with the Beerstein and the other catseyes

Name: Green Catseye
Location: The Church, via the twin puzzle
Value: 3000
Comment: combine with the Beerstein and the other catseyes

Name: Yellow Catseye
Location: Last Defense, in the cave area after you exit the chairlift
Value: 3000
Comment: combine with the Beerstein and the other catseyes

Name: Pearl Pendant (Dirty)
Location: The Farm, above the well; Dirty if dropped into well
Value: 10,000; 1000 if dirty
Comment: Shoot the stick holding up the well, shoot the pendant, and then grab
it; if you lift the lid, you're out of luck

Name: Elegant Mask
Location: The Barricade
Value: 3000
Jewels Needed: Green Gem, Purple Gem, and Red Gem
Comment: Following my guide, you will not complete the first mask; sell at the
chairlift area

Name: Green Gem
Location: The Cave, around the merchant's store
Value: 3000 
Comment: combine with the Elegant Mask and the purple gem

Name: Purple Gem
Location: Round 2 with EL Gigante, in the hanging bucket
Value: 3000 
Comment: combine with the Elegant Mask and green gem

Name: Red Gem
Location: The Other Passage, somewhere (not in guide, you're on your own here)
Value: 3000
Comment: combine with the Elegant Mask and other gems

Name: Brass Pocket Watch (Dirty)
Location: The Chief's House, another well
Value: 10,000; 1000 if dirty
Comment: repeat well procedure

Name: Elegant Headdress
Location: The Tunnel, on the ceiling
Value: 10,000
Comment: shoot the lantern and shoot the ceiling

Name: Antique Pipe
Location: The Swamp, in a nest
Value: 10,000
Comment: shoot the nest and go collect in the mud

Name: Gold Bangle with Pearls
Location: The Lake, in another nest
Value: 10,000 
Comment: before the first boss

Name: Amber Ring
Location: The Waterfall, in a wooden beam
Value: 10,000 
Comment: shoot the wooden beam over the fall's entrance at the bottom

****************************CASTLE Section*************************************

Small: Velvet Blues, Spinels

Name: Gold Bangle
Location: A Castle Under Siege, Assault of the Cultists, Armored Puzzles, 
          Reunited, and Nasty Encounter
Value: 8500
Comment: found in the castle area only, in many places

Name: Elegant Mask
Location: Leon's Ambush, in a chest

Name: Green Gem
Location: Prisoner of the Castle

Name: Red Gem
Location: A Maze Apart
(you can complete the first mask now! kidding)

Name: Purple Gem
Location: Brief Pit Stop

Name: Butterfly Lamp
Location: Dungeons of Doom, and Insects Worth a Fortune
Value: 4500; 32,000 with all jewels
Jewels: Blue Eye, Red Eye, and Green Eye (from dead Novistadors)
Comment: Completing these depends all upon how lucky you are; shooting the big
hive will yield at least one eye set; three big Novistador fights in all; after
you emerge from underground bedroom, sell what you got whether complete or not.

Name: Red, Blue, and Green Eyes
Comment: found from dead Novistadors, depends on their eye color when they were
killed (random); three big fights in all, but one small encounter on the Cube
(during the Reunited area)

Name: Mirror with Pearls and Rubies
Location: A Maze Apart
Value: 12,000
Comment: by the merchant in a drawer

Name: Illuminados Pendant
Location: Leon's Ambush and Dragons of Fire
Value: 12,000
Comment: triggered by killing a special cult member

Name: Hourglass with Gold Decor
Location: Break Fast!
Value: 12,000
Comment: will have to fight for this one; can be picked up during Reunited too

Name: Elegant Perfume Bottle
Location: Reunited, in the target area
Value: 10,000
Comment: in a chest near the Broken Butterfly

Name: Elegant Chessboard
Location: Close Calls
Value: 13,000
Comment: in the drawer

Name: Crown (Salazar Family Crown)
Location: Something's Watching Me
Value: 9000; 48,000 with both jewels 
Jewels: Crown Jewel and Royal Insignia
Comment: pick it up from dead cultist; completed when you are above ground

Name: Crown Jewel
Location: The Right Hand (Verdugo), must kill him for it
Value: 11,000
Comment: freeze him and rocket trick!

Name: Royal Insignia
Location: Light at the End, at the end, duh
Value: 13,000
Comment: can't be missed; combine with Crown Jewel and Crown 

Name: Staff of Royalty
Location: More Underground Fun, in the tomb
Value: 20,000
Comment: a single Ganados guards this, watch for traps

********************************ISLAND Section*********************************

Small: Emerald and all types I believe

Name: Golden Lynx
Location: Leon's Breach, blow up the barrel
Value: 15,000; 35,000 when finished
Jewels: Green Stone of Judgment, Red Stone of Faith, and Blue Stone of Treason
Comment: Completed after "IT" fight

Name: Red Stone of Faith
Location: Glimpse of the Target, in a case
Value: 3500
Comment: Combine

Name: Green Stone of Judgment
Location: Not Again!
Value: 3500
Comment: combine

Name: Blue Stone of Treason
Location: Out of the Darkness
Value: 3500
Comment: finishes the cat

Name: Brass Pocket Watch
Location: Where Monsters Dwell

Name: Elegant Headdress
Location: Lasers for Losers
Comment: above throne entrance

Name: Pearl Pendant
Location: Alone Again
Comment: last treasure in the game, behind ladder

As you can see, the least are on the Island.


*6. Merchant Guide (1001mer)                                                  *

Here are the locations of every Merchant in the game: (I hope this is all)

1)	The Valley*
2)	The Tunnel
3)	The Dock
4)	The Cave*
5)	The Tunnel Pt 2
6)	Assault of Los Ganados
7)	Last Defense (two at both ends)
8)	Castle Entrance*
9)	A Castle Under Siege
10)	Moment of Silence/Leon's Ambush*
11)	A Maze Apart
12)	Fight for the Rocket
13)	Reunited
14)	Brief Pit Stop
15)	Siege of the Clock Tower
16)	Something's Watching Me
17)	Time to Recover
18)	Fresh Air*
19)	Last Defense of the Cultists
20)	Off to a Better Place*
21)	Leon's Breach*
22)	Tactical Advantage
23)	Something Subliminal
24)	Of Death and Doors
25)	Not Again!
26)	Last Minute Merchant
27)	Out of the Darkness
28)	Free From the Plague
29)	The Final Battle
*stars equal importance

Here is a list of the various upgrades that the merchant sells. Purely for 
those who want to see what weapons are better and how much upgrades cost, also
when they are available. 

I will list the big weapons only. Mainly the ones I recommend. No Round 2 guns,
magnums, or the mine thrower. You can figure them out on your own. 

You can tell where the gun is first available by where the first upgrade can
be bought.

The pattern of where upgrades are found are as follows: the first is the same
for every quality, the 4th in fire and capacity are the same as the 3rd in 
the speeds, and the six levels are the same in fire and capacity. But I will
tell you where each is.

Some numbers may be off for the different versions of the game, but this is 
a great way to plan ahead. How you get them and when is up to you.

Name of Weapon: Cost
Level: Value 		Pesetas		Chapter

EXCLUSIVE: obtained after you buy all other upgrades for the gun

Firepower value = power, duh
Speed values = frames (30 frames = 1 second)
Capacity value = number of bullets held, important for how much free ammo you
get and when you have to reload


Lv1 	1.0             0              
Lv2 	1.2		 7,000		1.2 (valley)
Lv3 	1.4 		10,000		2.1 (cave)
Lv4 	1.6 		15,000		3.1 (gates)
Lv5 	1.8 		18,000		3.1 (hall)
Lv6 	2.0 		20,000		4.1 (clock)
Firing Speed                             
Lv1 	14 		0	
Lv2 	12 		 5,000		1.2 (valley)
Lv3 	10 		12000		3.1 (gates)
Reload Speed
Lv1 	52		0	
Lv2 	44		 4,000		1.2 (valley)
Lv3 	26		10,000		3.1 (gates)
Lv1 	10		0	
Lv2 	13		 4,000		1.2 (valley)
Lv3 	16		 6,000		2.1 (cave)
Lv4 	19		 8,000		3.1 (gates)
Lv5 	22		10,000		3.1 (hall)
Lv6 	25		12,000		4.1 (clock)

EXCLUSIVE: Critical Headshot x5; 57,000


PUNISHER: Free; 20,000 after (medallions)
Lv1 	0.9             0               
Lv2 	1.1		10,000		1.3 (dock)
Lv3 	1.3 		15,000		2.2 (tunnel pt2)
Lv4 	1.5 		20,000		3.1 (gates)
Lv5 	1.7 		25,000		4.1 (clock)
Lv6 	1.9		35,000		4.3 (fresh air)
Firing Speed                             
Lv1 	14 		0	
Lv2 	12 		10,000		1.3 (dock)
Lv3 	10 		20,000		3.1 (gates)
Reload Speed
Lv1 	51		0	
Lv2 	44		 8,000		1.3 (dock)
Lv3 	25		18,000		3.1 (gates)
Lv1 	10		0	
Lv2 	13		 8,000		1.3 (dock)
Lv3 	16		10,000		2.2 (tunnel pt2)
Lv4 	20		15,000		3.1 (gates)
Lv5 	24		18,000		4.1 (clock)
Lv6 	28		24,000		4.3 (fresh air)

EXCLUSIVE: Shoot through 5 enemies; 40,000


BLACKTAIL: 24,000 
Lv1 	1.6             0               
Lv2 	1.8		15,000		3.1 (gates)
Lv3 	2.0 		18,000		3.3 (maze)
Lv4 	2.3 		24,000		4.1 (clock)
Lv5 	2.7 		30,000		4.3 (fresh air)
Lv6 	3.0		40,000		4.4 (castle dock)
Firing Speed                             
Lv1 	14 		0	
Lv2 	12 		10,000		3.1 (gates)
Lv3 	8 		20,000		4.1 (clock)
Reload Speed
Lv1 	51		0	
Lv2 	44		 8,000		3.1 (gates)
Lv3 	25		15,000		4.1 (clock)
Lv1 	15		0	
Lv2 	18		 8,000		3.1 (gates)
Lv3 	21		10,000		3.3 (maze)
Lv4 	25		15,000		4.1 (clock)
Lv5 	30		20,000		4.3 (fresh air)
Lv6 	35		25,000		4.4 (castle dock)

EXCLUSIVE: Firepower = 3.4; 80,000


Shotguns' firing speeds are set in stone

SHOTGUN: Free; 20,000 (in village)
Lv1 	4.0             0               
Lv2 	4.5		15,000		1.2 (valley)
Lv3 	5.0 		18,000		2.1 (cave)
Lv4 	6.0 		24,000		3.1 (gates)
Lv5 	7.0 		30,000		4.1 (clock)
Lv6 	8.0		40,000		4.3 (fresh air)
Firing Speed                             
Lv1 	 		0	
Lv2 	 		0		
Lv3 	 		0		
Reload Speed
Lv1 	91		0	
Lv2 	73		 7,000		1.2 (valley)
Lv3 	45		15,000		3.1 (gates)
Lv1 	6		0	
Lv2 	8		 8,000		1.2 (valley)
Lv3 	10		10,000		2.1 (cave)
Lv4 	12		12,000		3.1 (gates)
Lv5 	15		15,000		4.1 (clock)
Lv6 	18		20,000		4.3 (fresh air) 

EXCLUSIVE: Firepower = 6.0 at long range; 40,000


Riot gun has a goofy order that is unique

RIOT GUN: 32,000
Lv1 	5.0             0               
Lv2 	5.5		15,000		3.1 (gates)
Lv3 	6.0 		18,000		3.1 (hall)
Lv4 	6.5 		24,000		3.3 (maze)
Lv5 	7.0 		30,000		4.1 (clock)
Lv6 	8.0		40,000		4.4 (castle dock)
Firing Speed                             
Lv1 	 		0	
Lv2 	 		0		
Lv3 	 		0		
Reload Speed
Lv1 	91		0	
Lv2 	73		 7,000		3.1 (gates)
Lv3 	45		20,000		4.4 (castle dock)
Lv1 	7		0	
Lv2 	9		10,000		3.1 (gates)
Lv3 	11		12,000		3.3 (maze)
Lv4 	13		15,000		4.1 (clock)
Lv5 	15		20,000		4.2 (time to recover)
Lv6 	17		25,000		4.4 (castle dock)

EXCLUSIVE: Firepower = 10.0 and 8.0 at long range; 120,000


STRIKER: 43,000
Lv1 	6.0             0               
Lv2 	7.0		25,000		4.1 (pit)
Lv3 	8.0 		28,000		4.3 (fresh air)
Lv4 	9.0 		32,000		4.4 (castle dock)
Lv5 	10.0 		40,000		5.1 (breach)
Lv6 	12.0		60,000		5.1 (tactical)
Firing Speed                             
Lv1 	 		0	
Lv2 	 		0		
Lv3 	 		0		
Reload Speed
Lv1 	90		0	
Lv2 	72		 8,000		4.1 (pit)
Lv3 	45		15,000		4.4 (castle dock)
Lv1 	12		0	
Lv2 	14		10,000		4.1 (pit)
Lv3 	16		12,000		4.3 (fresh air)
Lv4 	20		16,000		4.4 (castle dock)
Lv5 	24		18,000		5.1 (breach)
Lv6 	28		25,000		5.1 (tactical)

EXCLUSIVE: Capacity = 100; 60,000


RIFLE: 12,000
Lv1 	4.0             0               
Lv2 	5.0		10,000		1.2 (valley)
Lv3 	6.0 		12,000		2.1 (cave)
Lv4 	8.0 		20,000		3.1 (gates)
Lv5 	10.0 		25,000		3.1 (hall)
Lv6 	12.0		35,000		4.3 (fresh air)
Firing Speed                             
Lv1 	 		0	
Lv2 	 		0		
Lv3 	 		0		
Reload Speed
Lv1 	71		0	
Lv2 	58		 8,000		1.2 (valley)
Lv3 	35		18,000		3.1 (gates)
Lv1 	12		0	
Lv2 	14		 6,000		1.2 (valley)
Lv3 	16		 8,000		2.1 (cave)
Lv4 	20		12,000		3.1 (gates)
Lv5 	24		18,000		3.1 (hall)
Lv6 	28		25,000		4.3 (fresh air)

EXCLUSIVE: Firepower = 30.0; 80,000


Lv1 	7.0             0               
Lv2 	8.0		15,000		3.1 (gates)
Lv3 	9.0 		18,000		3.1 (hall)
Lv4 	11.0 		24,000		4.1 (clock)
Lv5 	13.0 		30,000		4.3 (fresh air)
Lv6 	15.0		40,000		5.1 (breach)
Firing Speed                             
Lv1 	 		0	
Lv2 	 		0		
Lv3 	 		0		
Reload Speed
Lv1 	70		0	
Lv2 	57		 9,000		3.1 (gates)
Lv3 	34		18,000		4.1 (clock)
Lv1 	10		0	
Lv2 	12		10,000		3.1 (gates)
Lv3 	14		12,000		3.1 (hall)
Lv4 	17		15,000		4.1 (clock)
Lv5 	20		20,000		4.3 (fresh air)
Lv6 	24		25,000		5.1 (breach)

EXCLUSIVE: Firing Speed = 12 Frames; 80,000


TMP: 15,000
Lv1 	0.4             0               
Lv2 	0.5		 7,000		1.3 (tunnel)
Lv3 	0.6 		14,000		2.2 (tunnel pt2)
Lv4 	0.8 		18,000		3.1 (gates)
Lv5 	1.0 		24,000		3.1 (hall)
Lv6 	1.2		35,000		4.1 (clock)
Firing Speed                             
Lv1 	 		0	
Lv2 	 		0		
Lv3 	 		0		
Reload Speed
Lv1 	70		0	
Lv2 	57		 9,000		1.3 (tunnel)
Lv3 	34		18,000		3.1 (gates)
Lv1 	10		0	
Lv2 	12		10,000		1.3 (tunnel)
Lv3 	14		12,000		2.2 (tunnel pt2)
Lv4 	17		15,000		4.1 (clock)
Lv5 	20		20,000		4.3 (fresh air)
Lv6 	24		25,000		4.4 (castle dock)

EXCLUSIVE: Firepower = 1.8; 100,000



Upgrade these yourself, because I wouldn't waste the money:

Red9 can be found at the Tunnel Pt 2.
Mine Thrower is bought at the castle gates.
Broken Butterfly is free at Reunited, but is also at the gates.
Killer7 is at Leon's Breach.
Replay (bonus weapons) guns are for your pleasure only.

Attache Case Upgrades:
	Medium is at the Valley.
	Large is at the gates.
	XX is at Fight for the Rocket.

Of course every gun with a stock has it available when the gun is. I would 
recommend you skip all.

Sprays are 10,000 on the Gamecube, but only 5,000 on the PS2; which makes way
more sense. But you should never need to buy any if you are good.

All ammo is worth something, but magnum ammo is worth 500 a bullet, so if you
don't buy a magnum and sell all the ammo you find it can be profitable.

Grenades are worth:
	Frag = 2,000 
	Incendiary = 1,000 
	Flash = 500 

You should never need to buy treasure maps with all this info. And if you do...
then curse you for not trusting all my hard work!!!

*7. Walkthrough (1001wth)                                                     *

(++) These plus signs mean items of interest.

This big line is for anyone trying to plan ahead and see where the next greedy
merchant resides. Hope I got them all.

Make sure you read ahead of where you are in the game.

Exploring an area is crucial for getting through this game, so don't miss out 
on the items. I will tell you what items to look for, but you should be able 
to see what resides in an area. Sorry, I hope you know, or learn, how to 
explore areas. And most crates have random stuff, so most are empty. Look in 
cabinets and drawers for items.

You will not need a treasure map for any section with this guide.

*stars*     (something of interest) 

**I erased the items section in each area. Just too unreliable and possibly the
wrong way to hunt down items. I have instead focused more on telling you where
to find items.**

**Also, I have added little notes called 'PRO TIPS' into the guide. They are 
intended to give you the heads up on advanced play in the game. If you follow
them, many benefits you make.*

1.1 The Woods (1001woo)
+Save any and all blue grenades for a boss fight.+

*Last chance to look at the PRO section of this guide for advanced tips.*

*NOTE: For all players, but especially you Wiiers, check the controls and test
them out behind the car. You need to know how to knife, how to run, how to 
turn, how to reload, and how to shoot. And know that you will need to master 
these skills for the heat of the battle, which will be soon.*

As you can see, you only have a handgun, so take time to get familiar with the
controls. Walk up a ways and shoot the three crows in front of you for some 
rewarding target practice. Just don't scare them away.

*Try to cross the bridge and speak with the policia for extra scenes.*

To the left of the house is a crate that might be empty. Enter the house and 
you'll get a scene. You'll find that you won't be able to put the controller 
down for any cutscene in this game. Shoot the guy in the legs and then run up
and knife him on the ground. Another scene. Grab anything he may have left and
then run up the stairs, but only for the ammo on a table. Come back down and 
jump out the window to exit the house turn around and dispatch the trio of 
goons with legshots followed by headshots and knife slashes. 

*You could have jumped out of the window from the second level, but then you 
would have been in the open.*

*You can return to the car area for a little scene if you like.*

Continue up the path, enter the little shack, collect the items, and then save.
Shoot two more crows for free items and then free poor Fido (why not?). Look in
the grass to the right of the path, in a partially fenced off area, for a red

*I hope everyone knows to knife boxes at this point, I'm not saying it again.*

Watch where you walk. Down the path are more traps and also some bombs. Be 
careful and slip past the traps by hugging the left side of the area 
(you're trying to avoid everything here). Up the path is another enemy.

*To set off a trap, get the knife out and swing at the trap; saves ammo. But
do shoot at bomb wires (though, not this time).*

In the little shack, get all the stuff and exit. Then be quick to drop the two
enemies nearby, around the corner. Cross the bridge (ignore the guys on the 
cliff above), but stop before you enter the last shack. Get to where you can 
peek through the window from a distance, and then take a shot at the waiting
villager. Let him exit and then take him out, and you just avoided a cheap 
scare! Collect the goods and enter the gates.

*On normal you should have over 100 rounds of ammo. On PRO, much less.*

1.1 The Village (1001vil)
+Winner! of 'Best Part of the Game' Award, Congrats!+
+Treasure in chainsaw guys+
+Last time I say it, save any and all blue grenades for a boss fight.+
+In fact, save as many Hand Grenades as you can.+

*You need to kill around 14 to move on.*

*Wii Tip: Yes, as you can imagine, this part is especially difficult for you.*

Goodness, your gaming skills will be put to the test early, I still find 
trouble playing this area. Go forward and spy on the peasants if you like. 
Then just go for it! Run into the town center and start shooting legs, yes, 
aim for as many legs as possible. Avoid the left side of the town, and
make a path to the nearby house on the right of the policia (not the two-story

*You're in the right house if you don't get a cutscene.*

In here you are only going to make a temporary stand. Quickly push the nearby
drawer in front of the door to buy time. Slash the crates, and then enter the
other room to get a few other items (you are mainly here to get those extra 
shotgun shells). Return to the main room and hopefully the furniture is still
holding up, it should be. Get in position behind the door, and then shoot at
head-level on the door. This will open up a hole and let you kill a bunch of 
enemies with headshots, so just do it already!

*If you got the grenade from the crow earilier, you may want to use it when
they bust open the door. In which case you don't need to shoot a hole in the 

There should have been a whole bunch, and enough killed to trigger a scene of
more villagers rushing in the village. Hopefully the dead dropped some much 
needed ammo. When the coast seems clear enough, push the drawer out of the way
and exit, picking up what you can, and head into the two-story house. Watch
the scene.

*And at all times, please ignore the throwers up above.*

The trap is sprung! After the scene run to the bookcase by the window and push 
it in front of the window, then collect the ammo in the back and go ahead and 
break the crates. Run upstairs to grab the shotgun, grenade, and ammo. Now 
run to the broken window and knock down the ladder, do an about face (180), and
shoot the people coming inside if any. 

You got options now, you can stay here and mind the mobs, or you can move to
a new location. It is entirely possible to remain by this bed and fend off the
horde. However, things will get hairy when you have enemies climbing a ladder
behind you, crawling from the bottom level, and entering through the window.
It can be done, but I don't advise this.

*Wii Tip: On the Wii, and only on the Wii, I noticed that there were a couple 
of bad guys covering the top floor window from the outside. Not a big deal if
you ignore the fact that this will slow you down enough to let everyone 
converge upon you. By the time I was finished with the two on the window the 
ENTIRE village had poured into the house and the chainsaw guy was then outside
the window! So, if you get caught in this as well be sure to toss a Hand 
Grenade to clear the place. Then hop out and you're free; and now the battle is
much shorter, so it's sort of okay.*

Instead, quickly clear a path and jump out of the window near the stair case
so that you are on a walkway on the outside of two homes. There is a box of 
ammo on the chimney and a ladder you might want to knock down. Follow the 
walkway around the two-story house and you'll find a spinel. Grab it and stand
where you took it; turn around. This is where you will mind the mob. Now you 
have only one direction to think about. Of course, this means you will have 
more work to do, but at least it's all concentrated to one side. Cap knees, 
blow up skulls, and kill enemies, but whatever you do, stay on the roofing. The
chainsaw maniac will eventually show up. This is the cue for you to use that 
shotgun. Pull it out and use it to blast back the maniac, and use a bullet or 
two to shred the villagers (don't shoot from too far away or you'll be wasting
ammo, yes, that means run up a bit if you must).

*If all else fails, just start wildly shooting at heads because you only need
to kill so many before the fight will stop. May save you, or not.*

After about 15 or so kills, the battle ends and you are free to pick up what 
your enemies dropped and all other items.

*If you get low on health, wait to recover with a G+R+Y herb after the battle.
But of course, use what you must while still fighting.*

Collect the few rewards lying around and then explore the whole area, make sure
you grab the two green herbs, and each of the other colored herbs. Mix all 
three together if you need to recover health. There are items in almost every
inch of this area, so explore in detail. And check each little log storage on
the sides of walls to find a few hidden items (about 4, I believe). Collect 
the shells in the tower too. Just too much to list off. Need sharp eyes to spot
most items.

Head behind the tower, check the shack on the right for a document and ammo. 
Exit through the gates. 

*If you wish to do your own fight with the villagers, feel free; there are way
too many ways to fight this fight (watch out for the extra maniac too)*

**Save any and all Flash Grenades for a later boss. Also, don't forget that you
can adjust the brightness from the pause menu if things are too dark.**

1.1 The Farm (1001far)
+Glitch items+

you may as well save as many Hand grenades as possible.*

*The enemies are now tougher than the ones from the first area, FYI.*

Move in front of the tiny shack with the typewriter and shoot at the guy 
minding his own business inside the barn. Kill him and another farmer in the 
same area. Now turn to the right and shoot at another Ganados from afar, but
let him get up close, and you can use the fence to your advantage. Hop over,
grab the blue paper, but go toward the barn. Look past the house and you should
see another enemy lurking about, so draw him out and kill him. This leaves only
one more farmer on the second level of the house, so climb up and kill him, or
shoot him from the ground. 

*Yes, the cows hit hard. And there are multiple chickens in this area that 
usually lay eggs.*

Go to the tree near the front and pick up the blue paper. Use your map and 
shoot the seven medallions in the area; they are all hanging above the ground.
Check the boxes, barrels, and blue cabinets inside the home. There is a barrel
inside the barn and another behind the tiny shack with all the dead bodies
nearby. Now go back to the front of the area where you'll find a well (not 
flowing with water). Shoot the piece of wood holding the lid up, shoot the 
pendant, and then pick it up; you'll get a worthless pendant if you shoot it 
while the lid is up, and don't open the lid once you close it or you're out of
luck. Save inside the shack and return up the ladder in the house. Cross the 
bridge and check the shack on the other side for some stuff. After you make 
sure you shot all the medallions, cross back over the bridge and jump off the 
side that's in front of the window. You'll land in a secret little area that 
holds the Beerstein. Push your way out and exit through the gates. 

*FYI, you can find the medallions by using the map in game.*

!!GLITCH ALERT!! Thanks YouTube! And remember kids, save before you commit this
glitch just in case your game is screwed for it. And I've only tried this on 
the Cube, so it probably won't work on the other versions.

*Nope, not on the Wii.*

Follow the fenceline from the cow barn to the north end. You may have to try a 
few times, but it can be done. Stand on the east side of the fence and try to
hop over onto the area of dirt on the other side. If done correctly you will 
officially be in glitch land where there are no rules. I found success doing 
this by looking north and then pressing the jump button on the last stretch of

You can walk forever! You can walk all around the real gamespace and see what
it takes to design a level. Not too much interesting though.

What you want is to walk around near the well area. Walk directly behind it 
until you slide down and back to ground level, but still in glitch land. Now 
run back a bit and look under the surface to find two objects floating in the
white space nearby. There is an item pile full of a bunch of items, however, 
you must take each one at a time. The homing darts are useless, and you can 
toss the real dart too. The other items might be useful, so hold onto them. 
There is also a dirty pendant nearby. 

After you've had your fun, simply walk back to the real game area and you 
should revert back to ground level. Good times.

And remember, save in a different slot, or just load your clean game back up 
if you want to play it safe.


1.1 The Hillside (1001hil)

Go forward, and read the red warning sign; get ready to button mash! Go down 
the hill to trigger the boulder scene. You should be really fast! And be fast 
about hitting the two buttons at the end. It may take some trial and error, but
you will need to get used to it, these sort of cool action scenes happen quite 
a bit. 

*I always put the controller on my knee and use my index finger to get past 
these sequences; you'll use the wrist muscles, but pushing the combo at the
end is a bit tricky. Up to you*

*Wii Tip: Make fast slashes back and forth.*

*You can go back up the hill and shoot the guys on a bridge, but don't bother.*

Go through the tunnel and look up for two spinels along the way. Be warned 
there are beartraps, trip wires, and dynamite happy villagers to greet you at 
the end of the tunnel. Go for the first bomber in front of you, then move 
to the right side of the house and try to take out the ones in the house 
through the door, but watch out for the beartraps(3). You may want to just toss
in a grenade. Collect the stuff in the house then exit. Usually, the last 
villager kills himself, but you may need to take him out. 

*If you run out of the tunnel to the house, maybe the villagers will kill 
themselves; remember to shoot live dynamite!*

*Wii Tip: Now you get it extremely easy! Everyone can aim at the dynamite while
in the villager's hand, and everyone can blow it up. But thanks to the better 
aiming system on the Wii, you can really breeze past this part. Aim for the 
bomb in the first guy's hand, aim for the stick barely visible through the 
window of the house, and then go to the left and blow up the second guy's bomb.
Then all you have to do is watch out for traps and finish off the survivors in
the house.*

Watch for the traps as you enter the shack to grab the items. Shoot the nest in
the tree near the house to get the first gem that fits into your Beerstein. Hit
the box on the corner of the house and then enter. Ammo, cabinet, and a save.
Don't run into the hallway. Stand by the wall and then shoot both bomb wires
to clear the path. There's money on the table, herb in the cabinet, push over
the bookcase, and then a Luis in the closet (zing!). 

*Wii Tip: You can quick knife boxes, traps, and spiders too!*

*Do the button push when the guy is about to swing. Does he look familiar?*

*Wii Note: My accuracy was 96%!!! That means this aiming system is too broken.*

1.2 The Valley (1002val)


*After the interactive cutscene.*

*For all those who thought that stoopid jacket made Leon look all the more like
a metrosexual, REJOICE! I wonder what ever happened to that stoopid jacket?
See Separate Ways for more on this developing story.*

Grab the two ammo and save. Go to the merchant, sell your treasures but not the
beerstein, not yet anyway. I recommend buying the rifle and the attache
upgrade. Then grab the 2-3 items in the area before you start your snipe. 

*You do not need the scope if you are a good shot, just a waste of money.*

*NOTE: You do not need any upgrades, seriously. If you want to save your money
and give yourself a slight challenge, then don't get any. All weapons you have
right now will be sold, so if you can hold out you will net huge gains.*

*PRO TIP: don't buy any upgrades.*

Take a spot in the little break in the wall to the right of the gate, and aim 
for the heads of the visible villagers. I believe there are seven in all, but
one or two sometimes won't pop up (watch out for the one on top of the nearby
building, get him before you snipe if you can see him). 

*Don't mind it if they drop stuff.*

Once you pop out of the gate, one villager will be waiting and more will come.
I elected to stay near the gate and handle the mob. Many dynamite throwers will
come from up top, so aim for their live explosives if they get too close. 
Somehow, the bombers ended up taking care of their buddies without me doing 
much (so let them come without shooting them from afar). Use the shotgun if 
you must. There will be two waves and then the coast is clear.

After the huge wave you have many options. The two high points you sniped a 
few guys off of are great places to take out enemies from. You need the two 
key items from two nearby chests. One is near a high point to the right on the 
cliff; this is where I went first. Grabbing the half will spawn more Ganados, 
3 waves. Wait for the first guy to get near the red barrel and shoot his legs
so that he's on the ground; shoot the barrel when the rest catch up. And then
you just handle the next wave of bad guys that come up the slope. Then stand
on the perch up here and snipe any Ganados you may have missed in your first

Drop from the cliff, and then to the ground. If the music is still on, but you
see no enemies, this means that someone is inside the shack to the south. It's
hard to tell you exactly what to do because most enemies require you to do 
something before they will charge out. All I can say is that you can relax once
the music stops. Be sure to grab the other half of the hexagon on top of the
building near the entrance.

Collect the items in and around the shacks; use a R+G+Y herb if you are low on 
health. Combine the hexagon pieces and leave.

*Lockers have items too!*

1.2 The Barricade (1002bar)
+Free Fish!+

*Try to reframe from using health items, as there is free health at the end*

Collect the items around the entrance then go in and break the crate in here.
Open the door and take the villager out, three more come at you, but try to
take them out with only your Handgun. Now go around the corner and get ready.
Jump through the window and quickly aim to the left and shoot one of the two
dynamites as they fly in the air (it's not that hard). 

After this friendly fire, knife all the traps in your way. A few more enemies
will be on to you, so keep an eye on the door. Break the crates, open the 
ovens, and then exit. In the water room (waterless on the PS2) break the wooden
window to grab the tucked away mask, and then grab the other items before you
enter the hallway (there is a guy in this hallway on the PS2). Move toward the
ladder and finish off the final bad guy and end the music. Any wounds you may
have suffered, heal them with the fish in the water below. Jump down and knife
as many fish as you can carry (it's not that hard, but don't make space for
any fish, it's not worth it). Climb up and out of here when ready.

*Take as many as you can carry, but toss them first if your case gets stuffed.*

*Wii Tip: It's Wii Fish! There is one less, but on the Wii it is easy to just
get near a fish and then shake the Wiimote to hit it. Also, for some reason,
I found that I had more space and you should too, so pack 'em up.*

1.2 The Chief's House (1002tch)
+Must grab Key+

*Remember, if you have to make room, toss the fish first.*

Immediately, get back and don't spook the crows; shoot the closest one and then
aim for the wire to kill two birds with one stone (zing!). Watch out for the 
traps (3); use your knife. Go to the well, remember shoot support, shoot watch,
and collect. Get stuff in shack and proceed to your first puzzle. Simply move
it UP and then LEFT. Go inside and collect the four things in the room. Then 
exit for a scene (make sure you have the key).

*Return to the fancy room for a secret scene.*

Collect the herb behind you and go downstairs. Collect the three items in the
rooms, but there is a villager in the bathroom by the stairs (don't bother).

When exiting the house, barely step out of the doorway. Take out your rifle 
and aim for the chainsaw man up the path who stares at you. Depending on where
you hit him, one or two more villagers will come (sometimes you can hit one 
right behind him). Take out the approaching maniac by shooting him when he 
stands up, and sometimes you can stop him from starting up his chainsaw. Keep
some distance between you two. Collect the ruby he drops and continue until 
another villager approaches; take him out. 

*You may consider retreating back into the house for help taking out the 
maniac, probably use the stairs to funnel him into sight*

Look up in the trees before the shack and shoot the nest. Near the shack 
another enemy will come out. Get the herb and continue until you see some 
more villagers. I would just snipe them all for easy kills. A TMP ammo 
resides in a nest; may as well grab it and go.

*Throw away fish first if you really need to.*

1.3 The Village Pt 2 (1003vp2)
Same as before on items, nothing new.

Just run to the metal door in front of the town square. As you would expect, 
many villagers are in the way. I recommend not fighting at all, seeing as there
are a good number in the village and you will spend needed ammo if you fight. 

I would just run around the locked barn, run right when you spot a woman, 
squeeze between two buildings, run through the empty town center, and then exit
through the steel door with the insignia.

*If you must fight go into one of the houses and funnel the enemies*

1.3 The Tunnel (1003ttl)

Use a fish or something to recover life lost in the last area. Grab the stuff
and save. In the next room shoot the lantern, but stand back and then grab the 
spinel. Open the door and drop into the tunnel.

Proceed until you reach the water, no zombies down here. Shoot the lantern to
reveal three treasures in the ceiling, then shoot the treasures (a random crate
is in a small hole in the wall). Then proceed to the merchant.

You should sell every treasure except the cup and the mask, and sell the big
fish if you still have it. Sell some stuff if your case is full. Don't really
need many upgrades. Up to you.

*PRO TIP: don't buy any upgrades.*

*NOTE: Capacity upgrades are good to use when you have little to no ammo for 
a gun; you can try to plan the upgrades to get maximum ammo, but that is more
work than necessary. Also, I like putting items in my case in certain areas for
easy access, like guns toward the top. If you don't know, you can turn items 
around to make them better fit into place.*

*NOTE: The TMP is good for beginners to buy here, since you may run out of ammo
for other weapons. If you want to buy it for safety, don't use it unless as a 
last resort and save ammo for a boss fight. If you are confident you can do 
without and want the open space, wait to buy it.*

+I know you're saving those blue grenades and TMP ammo for a boss fight...+

1.3 The Church (1003chu)

Two nest in the trees, grab the grenade and keep it for later. Hear the birds?
At the end of the path, shoot the three crows on the graves. Two villagers will
come, but those items won't be there forever. Now grab the stuff in the shack,
but wait, there are three medallions in the graveyard area. I would shoot them,
hopefully putting the count to ten, and go back to the last area to pick up the
Punisher for free! 

*You can sell the Punisher back if you wish*

*ALTERNATE: Sell the handgun! Keep the Punisher. My reasoning, both were free
yet the Punisher has a cool ability. One upgrade of its power will put it at 
1.1, which makes it just as strong as the Handgun. Try it if you want. Or save
up for a new handgun not too far away.*

*Or just wait to get the Punisher if you're case is full of stuff.*

Back in the graveyard, go to the church. Three villagers await, good time to 
put that new gun to use (aim for the live dynamite). Shoot the nest and go 
around the side behind the church for two more Ganados. Go ahead and fix the 
puzzle: turn it by 3 increments until all symbols are on, then turn it by 4
increments five times, and then a 3 space turn for the Green Catseye. Stick it
in the Beerstein and go to the church for a scene.

*If you continue down the path before going to the church, you can have a 
somewhat hidden conversation.*

Take the scenic route on the cliff. Four villagers await, so don't 
disappoint. In the shack grab the paper, knife the crate on the table 
and knife the snake inside (first snake). Proceed to one last enemy before the

1.3 The Quarry (1003qua)

*Get out a hand grenade and quietly take out the murder of crows in one shot.*

*If you are trying to save grenades, just shoot the crows with your gun. After
you exit the dock, kill whatever ones you missed.*

Collect the items, including two spinels (if you need to sell items for space 
go to the dock first and get the stuff when you come out). Hear the roaring?
Save all flash grenades from this point on, try to at least. Turn right at the
door to enter the dock. The other spinel is in a wagon full of rocks.

*You'll be back later, don't worry. I know you're still holding onto those 
blue grenades and blue ammo... I bring it up for no reason of course.*

1.3 The Dock (1003doc)

Some stuff in here, but you can't take the fish. Now you may sell the Punisher,
I did for the space. Or you can sell the handgun, or keep both. Save.

*NOTE: The TMP is kept for most of the game, so upgrading it early is not a bad
idea. However, the Handgun, Shotgun, and Rifle are phased out in later chapters
so don't upgrade them beyond a few capacity and power upgrades; your call.*

*For beginners, you may want to consider getting the power upgrades.*

Exit past the Quarry to the Swamp.

1.3 The Swamp (1003swa)

Grab the shack and proceed to another boulder sequence; be quick for the last
two buttons. Turn around for a spinel under the cliff.

You only need your handgun for the three enemies near the wire bombs. The one
at 12:00 is easy to blow up, as is the one in the water to the left. There is
another to the right, one in the tiny shack, and another in the water ahead. 
Just handle them as you wish. 

The music should start up, turn off after they are dead, and then come back on
when no one is around. That means there is a wave of five approaching from 
behind. The rifle can take out two or more at a time, so it shouldn't do too
badly. After they are gone, another wave will come forth again, so do what you
just did. Don't miss the grenade by the water nearby.

After the two waves, proceed through the shack for the items (snake on the 
shelf). Two more guys are in the water, and another nearby on the platform.
Shoot one in the water so he runs into the wire, and then take out the other 
two from a distance. Run up to the platform, shoot the nest in the tree, grab
the red grenade, pick up the pipe by going into the water, and then go back
to the platform. 

Shoot the enemy in the distance with your pistol so he blindly runs into the 
wire. There is one last enemy in the shack (snake on a table), and then you
are free to leave. And if you're really crafty, you can get both to run into 
the wire with only a few handgun bullets used.

*May be snakes all over the place, free eggs!*

1.3 The Lake (1003lak)
+Nominee for 'Best Part of the Game' Award+

*If you have any empty guns keep them that way, trust me*

Go up the path taking a left at the fork, and get a scene (yes, you will be 
crossing this lake). Collect a herb in the grass and go back the other path.
A treasure is in a nest, then get the stuff in the shack. Continue to the next
shack, collect items, save. 

*Before getting in the boat, you can shoot the water while standing on the 
dock; at least you saved!*

Get in the boat and get ready for your first boss battle, with El Lago. Drive
forward to trigger the fight. 

*Aiming the harpoon is the same as a gun*

EL Lago is the first boss battle of the game and is fairly easy; at least you
need not worry about weapons and ammo. The top priority is to avoid any logs in
the water as you are being dragged around. If you do fall off the boat, then be
quick to get back on the boat before Lago reaches you. I advise you to use the
harpoon only when you are clear of any logs.

EL Lago will constantly dive underwater. When he does this toward a side of 
the lake move way out to the right to avoid his attack. Then try to harpoon him
but only when clear of trees. Try to get in two hits before he gets to the 
other side of the lake. 

Sometimes he will disappear and you will automatically be aiming. Look around
and hope he pops up in your view. If he doesn't use the red arrows to locate 
him and fire the harpoon high when he is far away; put the sight right on his
mouth as he is closer and fire. If you hit him, he will not ram you into the
water. Rinse and repeat until he leaves/dies (I don't know which). You're not
done, cut the rope by pressing the button rapidly to finish the fight.

*Takes about 12 harpoons to finish; also if you fall into the water late in the
fight, you are less likely to make it back to the boat*

*Wii Tip: Harder to throw (delay), easier to aim, and harder to steer. Expect
to get thrown off if you played this before.*

2.1 The Lake Pt 2 (2001lp2)

*It's not worth it to go back across the lake and into the swamp. It's just 
more enemies and little ammo for it.*

*Use a R+Y+G herb to recover health. Also, you can hop in the boat and go
harpooning for fish (it will take forever, and not worth it).*

Grab stuff if you have room for it, and grab the paper then save. Outside you
can continue or you can get in the boat and go to a hidden merchant across the
lake (the big blue fires). Grab some big fish to sell if you have room - I

When you return just continue, you should save again.

2.1 The Cave (2001cav)

Various stuff is around the shack, one spinel in a lantern to the right, and 
more items on the roof to the left. You can drop down behind the counter from
the roof to grab a rifle ammo and talk there.

*The Green Gem goes into the mask*

Get any capacity upgrades for empty, or close to empty, weapons. Then feel free
to grab whatever else. Use this time to sell items for some space. Leave.

2.1 The Waterfall (2001twf)
+Grab the Key+

Proceed a bit for your first encounter with a Las Plagas. Use the rifle on it
to make it drop Gold Bars. Kill the other guy, Las Plagas or not. Proceed to 
the falls, jump over from platform to platform and go to the edge of the cliff
for a grenade. Take out your rifle and snipe the lone villager on the left side
in a structure, aim for the torso. Jump over the falls and drop down to the
bottom with the rope.

*Since it is now dark for the rest of the game, headshots up the odds of having
to fight a Las Plagas.*

Turn around and shoot the spinel from the cliff, then collect some stuff on the
platform your victim was on. Go to the falls and aim right for the crate hooked
to a chain, shoot the box for your platform to cross. You can see a shinny 
blink in the wood in front of the falls, shoot it for an Amber Ring. Go up the
ladder for a herb, then shoot the two crates for more platforms. Cross them 
(random behind the ladder) then go up the ladder for a lever, pull it for 
access to the cave behind the falls. 

Go down and when you get over to the middle, villagers will emerge. Try to use
only a few handgun rounds and a single grenade (red is your first choice). Or,
if you think you can't handle the heat, perhaps you should jump back over the 
rushing water and pick them off one by one. It's really up to you. Go through 
the path to the door, grab the key, and proceed.

2.1 The Dock Pt 2 (2001td2)

+No new items+

A spinel is in the lantern and there are some items (ignore the bats), then get
in the boat. Back to familiar territory.

Upgrade the TMP, it is my weapon of choice for the upcoming fight. Do what you
need to, a boss fight awaits. Save then exit.

*I hope you have three flash grenades and some TMP ammo!*

*PRO TIP: Only if you don't have the TMP.

Free up 16 boxes in the case, or whatever it takes to get a rocket to fit. A 
rocket equals instant kill on the boss. The problem is space may be really 
tight this early in the game. The TMP and four Flash Grenades equals the same
space and does the same to kill Gigante. A rocket is just faster.

Also, if you haven't been buying upgrades, didn't buy the TMP, and you have 
some TMP ammo and a few Flash grenades to sell, then the purchase will be

2.1 The Quarry Pt 2 (2001tq2)
+Nominee for 'Best Part of the Game' Award+
+BOSS: EL Gigante+

Grab the Herb and equip a flash grenade.

*NOTE: CUT fast to kill him quicker.*

As soon as the battle starts throw a flash grenade, as it flies in the air get
out your TMP or something. Start shooting as he staggers and don't let up; I 
was unable to make the Plagas appear with one TMP clip so quickly reload and
keep firing even if he approaches you. He SHOULD not hit you and instead reveal
the Plagas in his back for you to cut. Run up and cut (be warned, you may be
tricked into pressing the wrong button, as this fight introduces the second 
button to press), press the correct button and be fast about it too. 

*Avoid the shacks! Stay away and try to prevent him from crushing them!*

After this is done, repeat. Get out the flash and shoot fast; the dog you freed
way back in the beginning should appear to save you this time. While El Gigante
is trying to crush the dog, shoot him. Cut, flash, shoot, and the battle should
be over in three cuts. Collect the gold and other items lying about, and in 
the shacks if they still remain. Exit.

**PRO TIP: Or just use one rocket to end the fight quicker. And you better not 
freaking miss, or I will disown you!**

*Notice that his body does not fade away, interesting. Continue to save all
flash grenades... for no reason of course.*

*NOTE: This is a really easy battle for me; if you need more help or something
goes wrong, refer to the boss section for more help. You can always RETRY the 

*NOTE: Other weapons work too! but most are slow. If you do something different
you will probably just need to heal yourself at some point and take his hits.*

*Wii Tip: Took two flash grenades, about 175 TMP rounds, a hit, and two rounds
of furiously cutting the Plagas, and that was it. So yes, this boss has been
dumbed down a bit.*

2.1 The Church Pt 2 (2001cp2)

Proceed across the cliff, grab the stuff in the shack along the way. At the end
pull out your rifle and aim for a Colmillos in the distance (scary!). Then get 
out your shotgun and blast him and the other two away. Go inside the church.

*You can also collect the items in the nests and shacks right now from the
places you found before, or you can wait, it doesn't matter.*

2.2 The Ashley (2002ash)

Go forward for some pesetas, then to the right for a flash. Go up the ladder 
and then cross over with the chandelier, then grab the item on the side. Now is
time for another puzzle: turn red twice, green thrice, and blue once; COMBINE
and enter the opened room.

The game now becomes an escort mission, yipeep! It won't be too bad though. Get
the items in the room and exit, then down the ladder for a scene.

*Oh, I see you being naughty! Shame Shame. 'Dude, you're like 34!'*

Outside, get these items and exit.

+I'll say it here for no reason. If you beat the game on PRO on the versions 
other than the Gamecube, you can equip the 2nd set of costumes and Ashley will
be bullet and damage proof. She will also cause a funny scene everytime you 
CATCH her.*

2.2 The Church Pt 3 (2002cp3)

Shoot the wagon, then handle the two remaining villagers. That's all; collect
the stuff in the shack and in the nest in the trees as you return to the 
tunnel if you hold out.

2.2 The Tunnel Pt 2 (2002tp2)


Merchant time! The Red9 becomes available, but I passed on buying it. Tune up
the TMP if you wish. 

*PRO TIP: Da Red9 SUCKS!!! (haha, I just ticked off about one person!)*

*You should still have the Beerstein (2 catseyes) and a Mask (1 gem)*

Continue for a crate; no lantern treasures this time, and proceed. In the room
get back against the wall and shoot this lantern for a spinel. Grab the stuff
in the next room and save, then exit.

2.2 The Village Pt 3 (2002vp3)
+New items in a few of the same places+

There are way fewer enemies here than ever before. I usually camp out around
the door and kill Ganados one at a time as they find you. It's a worthwhile 
strategy to leave Ashley somewhere and then kill the villagers as they pick
her up; not worth it when there is a big mob. 

After you feel all is safe, keep an eye open as you scan the old area for a 
few new items. Watch out for beartraps down and around the tower path to the
Farm. Take this path for a few more enemies as well as more traps.

*Sorry for the brevity, but you have been here before.*

2.2 The Farm Pt 2 (2002fp2)
+New items in a few of the same places+

*The rifle can take out Plagas in one shot; remember that.*

Get out your rifle and take out the guy in the barn. Then hide Ashley in the 
trash can; save if you must. Move over toward the well and snipe the two 
Ganados on the bridge; more may come so snipe them too. Two more remain around
the house area so handle them when you get close. Take care of the beartraps 
inside and explore for items. Then go up and take care of the villager in the 
fenced off area. Take care of the beartraps; then call for Ashley. Look in the 
little shack while she makes her way to you. CATCH when she is there then 
PIGGYBACK to enter a new area.

*If you have been using the Shotgun in spite of my advice, leave it at empty
when you exit this place so you can get some free ammo. And if you haven't
been using the shotgun, pat yourself on the head - you've earned it!*

**NOTE: if you want to do this again, feel free. Just make sure you make 
another save slot. That should equal three, with only your first one being the
truly 'clean' version. And you get the same items.**

!!GLITCH ALERT!! Thanks YouTube! And remember kids, save before you commit this
glitch just in case your game is screwed for it. And I've only tried this on 
the Cube, so it probably won't work on the other versions.

*Nope, not on the Wii.*

Follow the fenceline from the cow barn to the north end. You may have to try a 
few times, but it can be done. Stand on the east side of the fence and try to
hop over onto the area of dirt on the other side. If done correctly you will 
officially be in glitch land where there are no rules. I found success doing 
this by looking north and then pressing the jump button on the last stretch of

You can walk forever! You can walk all around the real gamespace and see what
it takes to design a level. Not too much interesting though.

What you want is to walk around near the well area. Walk directly behind it 
until you slide down and back to ground level, but still in glitch land. Now 
run back a bit and look under the surface to find two objects floating in the
white space nearby. There is an item pile full of a bunch of items, however, 
you must take each one at a time. The homing darts are useless, and you can 
toss the real dart too. The other items might be useful, so hold onto them. 
There is also a dirty pendant nearby. 

After you've had your fun, simply walk back to the real game area and you 
should revert back to ground level. Good times.

And remember, save in a different slot, or just load your clean game back up 
if you want to play it safe.


2.2 Assault of Los Ganados (2002atg)


*PRO TIP: This is where all your saving up on shotgun shells and hand grenades 
will pay off.*

*NOTE: if you've followed the PRO TIPS, your case if full of hand grenades and
shotgun shells, and you did the glitch twice, then you're more than ready.*

All I advise buying is one capacity upgrade for your shotgun; not only for 
free bullets, just do it anyway. And maybe a power upgrade, but that is your
choice. Now return to the farm, and then come back and cross the bridge (this 
is so the game will autosave your buying in case you die and you won't have to
do it again). Maybe get the firepower of the shotgun up to 5, just in case.

*Just know that you need to kill a whole bunch of enemies (40).*

As soon as the battle starts block all windows on the bottom level and grab
the various items. Wait until they break in and unload; stay near Luis for both
items he may give and to help each other. Try to keep villagers from entering
the cabin; watch out for Plagas, they are what make this a tough area as Luis
will usually aim for the head. He provides a good way to earn kills so keep him
close. Stay near the stairs, but don't whimp out of getting good dropped items.
Use healing items when needed and be a surgeon with the shotgun.

*If you got the goods, don't be shy on blasting shells wildly.*

*Note: going upstairs to funnel the bottom enemies in the first level usually 
never worked for me, so just fight it out on the first level.*

*In both rooms, seriously, one hand grenade to the center and the whole place
will clear without either of you taking damage. Only do it when you are mobbed
by enemies.*

When Luis says, "Upstairs Leon!" go, because enemies will enter from the top
level. Quickly grab any items and drop the ladders as they come. This is where
it gets really tricky, as enemies now come from all sides! I let Luis do a lot
of the work as I would knock down ladders and shoot enemies. Use grenades if
needed, but save your flashes. Stay near a ladder and knock it down periodi-
cally while you shoot Ganados (just hope Luis covers you). Anyway, the battle
ends at some point and you are free to collect the items around the area.

*This battle will end, don't worry about that; and if you run out of shells,
consider going into the fetal position where Ashley is hiding (kidding).*

*Avoid shooting Luis too much, as he will kill you*

Several ammo boxes are near the house outside, as is a merchant, a paper, and 
a save point. Save and grab whatever stuff seems good in preparation for 
another fight with EL Gigante. Choose the right-hand path and proceed.

*Make sure your TMP is fully upgraded and you have two flash grenades*

*PRO TIP: Get another rocket, especially if you lack either the TMP 
or flash grenades. If you need space, and you plan to trade in the Shotgun,
go ahead and sell it now. You don't need it anymore.*

*Note: Yes, you may go through the left path, but I don't like it that much. It
seems to take a lot more effort while you get less in return. Also, you have
already fought one Gigante before, so it should be easier. All that is worth 
noting on the left side is a gem for the mask, big woop. And I know you're not
reading this and are a whimp! Shame shame.*

2.3 Round 2 With EL Gigante (2003r2g)
+BOSS: EL Gigante, again+
+All items are in your path, including the key+

This time, it should be a cakewalk for you. I know there are many things in 
this area to help you, but with a 100 clip of TMP bullets it is easier just
to fight him in the first area.

Equip your flash grenades and run forward. Let Ashley run back to you then 
throw a flash; as before, get out your TMP and unload until he reveals the 
parasite. Tell Ashley to wait then run up and cut it.

Easy as that; do it again and make sure you press the correct buttons to dodge 
his collapse. Unless you do something horribly wrong, that should be it; that 
was all I had to do. Maybe I cut the parasite faster this time; so cut it fast 
as well!

*PRO TIP: Stand back and fire a rocket over Ashley's big head. Yeah!*

*Did you notice that this time he faded away?*

*Note: This fight is optional. You can knock boulders onto him, shoot up the 
doors, and grab the key to exit, but that's crazy! Be a good gamer and fight!
Only run if you have absolutely nothing to fight him with; and in which case I
would tell YOU to restart the game.*

After the battle, kick the door open and collect the plethora of items that you
would'a missed if you chickened out. Then break a crate on the side and get an
ammo on a the wall as well. Shoot the gem from a bucket up high. Grab the key
and make your way to the exit. 

*Note: If you wish, turn around and go back to the lever to take the left path.
All I will say is HIDE Ashley.*

2.3 Last Defense (2003ldf)


*May be some ammo on a trash can.*

Go to the shack to grab the items and the last paper for the area, and save.

You can talk to the merchant, but no need. Just proceed past the big gate to
the chairlift thingy, and then snipe the two waiting Ganados on the left side.
And then get on (just get on at anytime). Try to snipe oncoming enemies in 
groups of two or more, and no, you do not need headshots, just hit them. Be on
the lookout as enemies will just magically end up on lifts at the end.

*NOTE: if you really rock, you will only need six bullets. That means there are
six cars of enemies.*

*Don't reload the rifle unless you are completely out; it's not a big deal.*

Collect the items in the lockers in the control station and go down the stairs.
Leave Ashley and go to the pathway into the cliff; get your handgun ready. As 
soon as you round the corner, shoot the bomb in the villager's hand. Proceed up
the ladder and take out the last Ganados in the area, then collect your final
catseye for the Beerstein.

*Place all three catseyes into the cup, and put both gems into the mask. You
will now be empty of treasures.*

Go back, scoop up Ashley, and go down to the merchant (two in one area?). Grab
any ammo, sell the Beerstein, sell the mask, and save; onto the last boss fight
of the section. The TMP should be upgraded as much as possible if you have it.
Other than that, you don't need to buy anything. 

*Alternate Choice: you will only need four incendiaries, but almost anything
will work; even four extra hand grenades. *

*PRO TIP: DON'T buy a rocket. We will use other tricks to get past this boss.*

2.3 Battle With the Chief (2003bwc)
+BOSS: Village Chief Mendez+
+You will get the eye needed to exit the Village+

*FYI, the shotgun is the weapon of choice, but if you don't have that then you
better have the TMP and alot of bullets.*

Before you get near the shed make sure you have full health, full clips of 
ammo for all guns except the rifle, and at least one grenade in hand. When you
enter the shed be ready for a quick button press after you've been slammed to
the ground. 

You need to choose one of these two methods to destroy the first form of this
boss. Both work really well, so it depends on which one you qualify for.

This fight has been made easier thanks to Sgt Zeke. He has pointed out a very
useful trick that hopefully works on the Cube and PS2, at least.

*On the Cube, all that is different is that there is more junk in the way of 
your view.*

You can run around and try to fight him like a man, but if you would rather not
waste a lot of health and ammo for this first section of the fight then listen
to me. From the start point, turn around and go up the ladder. Run to the left
and then south, but stop when you get behind a 'pillar' structure. You should
be near the other ladder and you should be able to see the ground through the
pillar. When he makes his way to your side, hug the wall and he should walk in

*You must be directly behind the structure and next to the wall, or else he
may swipe at you.*

*Also, you may need to use his targeting to wrestle him into place, it is a 
little hard to explain. Just think of you two as connected by a line that will
not bend, it is straight.*

Mendez might take a swing at you, but he should not reach. He will try to get
a better position to attack you from the ground. You will see him start to walk
your way, and he will get to the direct opposite side of the pillar. If you did
this correctly, he will walk in place and never be able to reach you. He should
just walk in one spot, but he may also do a little back-and-forth thing in a 
small area. He may also break free and go to a side; all you have to do is get
him back into the spot by going in the opposite direction. 

Now that he is stuck in place, whip out your handgun and shoot him through the
structure until he separates. This is highly recommended for PRO. Only takes
about 50 bullets to sever his torso.

*On the Gamecube, I believe it was much easier to outmanuveur him on the ground
so this may be unneeded, but it works just as well*

*Alternate Choice: This is a cool trick that works really well. Really, you
could use eight Incendiary Grenades and be done. 

You have to toss, let him stagger and regain himself, and then toss again. You
may be able to just keep chucking away, but then your timing will be off. And
regular grenades will work too.

For the second form, you could even do the same.

Thanks to Dustin Orner for giving me this tip!*

Okay, thanks guys. Now I will combine both tips into one solid tip. 

Toss the incendiary/frag grenade as soon as the battle starts. Now turn and 
climb up the ladder. Go to the left and around the corner and stop behind the 
pillar. Now shoot him through the pillar and the job is cut. Simple.

The best plan for the swinging torso is to run up the ladder behind you. Turn
to the right and stand right next to where you picked up the yellow herb. Wait
for him to swing near you, but let him settle into his spot before you go and 
shoot. What I mean is don't shoot him as he is in his swinging animation or 
the blast won't count. It's hard to do, and possibly has no effect either way. 
And from the yellow herb position he can reach you, but hopefully you would 
have shot him down before he could; and if you shoot him down to the walkway
that you're standing on, switch sides because he will pop up right in front of

The shotgun is the weapon of choice, but a fully upgraded TMP should do fine 

*You could stay on the ground for the torso battle too, and continue tossing 
grenades under him, but staying on the ground is the wrong way to go.*

*Wii Tip: I found this on the Wii, so I would think it works on the others 
as well. What I did was, for the torso battle, was climb up the ladder, went
to the LEFT as far as I could, he followed, and he ended up on the farthest 
side that he could get to; basically, when you blast him from this position, 
he will fall to the upper level walkway, not the ground. And he should now stay
up here with you. Next I scooted over a couple of steps so that the vertical,
wooden beam was about on the right of me (I know this is hard to follow). From
here, and with him stuck on the farthest side, he will now try to take swipes 
at you, but if you are just out of his range he will miss. But he will keep
trying, and he will keep missing. And you can keep blasting your way to victory
at last! Probably works on the other side too.*

*Wii NOTE: It seems that he won't as easily be knocked to the ground. That is
what allowed the last tip to happen.*

After he is dead, pick up everything. Shoot the red barrel for a spinel. Ten 
items in all, not including the jewel, bars, and eye. Jump out and exit.


*Don't reload any weapon! All you need is ONE bullet in the rifle*
(unless you plan to keep your weapons)

Go back up, save if needed, but you don't need to stop by the merchants. Go up 
the chairlift (no enemies), go to the Retinal Scan and use the eye to exit.

*This ends the VILLAGE section of the game, first third of RE4*

2.3 The Castle (2003cas)

Get out your rifle, but do not fire! Go up the path until the car comes down 
the trail and fire at the driver; quickly turn around and go toward the back
to avoid being run over. Quickly run up the hill and when you pass the truck 
a whole mess of villagers will come. Run to the left side and smash the barrels
in the open spot for some stuff, since you have time. Then run until you see
the final scene of the village Ganados. 

*Don't cry, you will meet them again*

Welcome to the CASTLE!

3.1 Castle Entrance (3001cet)


Smash all crates in the area, may have a snake in one, and grab the gold bars 
in the chest. Go into the shack, snag the herb, and meet this most crucial of
merchants in the game.

Sell your handgun, Shotgun, and Rifle; buy the Blacktail, Riot Gun, and Semi-
Auto Rifle. These shinny new weapons are about at the level of their former
selves with only a small margin of lessness (they have smaller capacity than
their predecessors). And of course buy the attache case Large upgrade for the
much needed room. Then you may get any number of upgrades available; I got the
Riot gun's power, Blacktail's all available, but you don't need anything for 
the rifle just yet. Get the scope for this rifle too. Also, if you bought the 
TMP, go ahead and upgrade it too.

*NOTE: It you held off on the TMP because of space for those rockets, then now
is the time to buy it if you wish. There are no bosses for a long time. Or,
you could continue selling the TMP ammo you find and skip the gun altogether.
It's not required for the game. That said, I still say get it, but skip the 
stock for it. Try to save the ammo for it too and only use as a last resort.*

*NOTE: If you kept the Punisher, then you don't have to buy the Blacktail.
Just know that the Punisher will be about half as powerful as the Blacktail
when both are fully upgraded, but all else is about even.*

*NOTE: Buy the Mine thrower, but not the scope. Will be like more grenades. 
But only buy if you have lots of space.*

*NOTE: Yes, you may keep every weapon and buy whatever, but you will get plenty
of money to buy anything in this runthrough. However, if you want to challenge
yourself a bit you can keep these weapons and never change; this means less
effort to obtain the new weapons in a Round 2. The old weapons will prove to
be archaic as they only upgrade to a point, which the newer weapons can easily
pass. All depends on your skill level.*

*NOTE: Yes, there are two other new guns: the Broken Butterfly and the Mine 
Thrower. The BB will be free later so don't buy it, ever. The MT is great if
you're into that sort of thing*

*NOTE: The Riot Gun is a small improvement on the upgraded shotgun, but does
have improved handling. However, you won't have the Riot Gun for long either. 
It will be sold by the last third of the game. Give it a few upgrades here 
and there if you do buy it.*

Get the new Rifle out and proceed to the first Castle fight, and it's a big 
one (not really).

*FINAL NOTE: You are out of the Village, so you no longer need to save your 
grenades and shotgun shells. In fact, you will use them quite a bit in the 
Castle. I will let you know when to hold onto stuff though.*

3.1 A Castle Under Siege (3001cus)


*Do not leave Ashley by the door, or anywhere, she will be carried away*

When you turn the corner, you will see two monk Ganados on the upper ledge. 
Shoot the one farther left then the other before he takes off. Grab the ammo
on the crate and go up the stairs to begin the barrage. 

When the rocks land run quickly to the area where the monks patrolled. Go over
to the cannon and grab any items. Now come back to the stairs and run forward
just a bit so that you're under an archway. Look up and snipe the lead cultist
in red. Now run up the stairs, but pause on like the third to last step. Look
to the right with your rifle and snipe the catapult driver in the distance, and
snipe the cultist inside the little shack (don't shoot the helmet and he needs
two bullets). Now quickly run forward so that you can look to the area below 
(you're looking down to where the barrage started firing at you). If you were
quick enough you should see two monks down below; and if you don't then that 
means they are coming up the steps. 

*Wii Tip: Actually, everyone can do this, but it's easiest on the Wii where the
rifle's little red arrows on the corners let you know when you got a target in
your sights. From the cannon doorway on the bottom, look up through the open
area and see the catapult, but you can't see the driver. Well, you can. A full
sliver of his head is visible, and it will bob in and out of sight as he sways.
So just barely hit this sliver and you will make the job a bit easier; might
need to reposition yourself a bit.*

Now run across the bridge and behind the shack so that you find the chest. 
Leave Ashley here. Get the three items in the shack and stay in. Now you should
be able to snipe the engine driver on the left, and then run across the bridge
and into the smaller shack to snipe the last one. Turn the crank and then fire.

Go toward the exit door and slash the torch to get a free gem. Now talk to guy.
He offers you an upgrade for the Riot Gun, so take it. That should be all. Now
exit through the door.

3.1 Castle Quarters Combat (3001cqc)

*Here will be your first run-in with the instant-kill Las Plagas*

Grab the stuff in here including the sword on the wall. If you wish to play it
safe, then go to the bottom of the stairs and tell Ashley to wait. This should
trigger the cultists to approach and allow you to pick them off as they come
down. When you run upstairs another group will enter from below. You want to
toss incendiaries as they come up and finish them off with the handgun or
whatever. Then snipe the red guy and his Plagas.

*NOTE: If they don't bite on you calling to Ashley, then just poke your head
up the steps and go back down.*

Replace the swords and put them in their matching place to exit, but don't 
forget the items littering the room (cabinets).

3.1 Castle Guard (3001cgd)

Go forward for a run-in with Luis, afterward leave Ashley there and go through
the small door. Kill cultists as they come out. When they stop go around the 
building where the red barrel is and shoot the guy if he is in the doorway 
(when he comes to you, shoot the red barrel if he gets near it). Kill any
remaing Ganados then collect the items inside. Go to the window near the door 
and snipe a guy up high. Go out through the door and when you round the
corner of the building snipe the waiting cultist at the end of the path; 
another will come, just snipe him through his shield and proceed. 

*Wii Note: Don't worry about the first group of bad guys, they will all come
at you at one time.*

In the small room gather the items (see the red barrel? I had success using it
on the Gamecube every time). When you nab the key to the castle, some guys will
pour in to get you (I would always shoot the barrel and that would be it). Aim
for the barrel and take out whoever remains (on the PS2, they would pour in by
little waves and I could not get them in one shot).

*Wii Note: It's the same as the Gamecube, in that all of the enemies that rush
in will do it as one; not in two groups as the PS2.*

Back to the gate, grab Ashley and enter the Castle.

3.1 Prisoner of the Castle (3001poc)

Go up and see the new enemy of the castle section. Collect the items in jars
and look up over the archway for a gem; save. 

*Yes, you are taking a big detour in order to advance*

In the next room, two barrels, a jar, gold behind a portrait, ammo on a chair,
yellow herb, a paper, and the key to the prison. Also, before you enter the
prison look through the window where you smashed the jar and shoot the ammo 
from the wooden beam.

This prison holds a new enemy type, the Garrador. I consider them a mini boss
and will tell you how to beat them now. Grab the herb and ready yourself.

Walking into the cell activates him, so quickly back out. Notice the two 
curiously placed bells in the prison? They are your friend in this spot, so 
break out the Blacktail and shoot a bell. The blind Garrador will get his 
claw stuck in the wall where the bell was; now whip out your trusty rifle and 
fire at his Plaga. IF you are lucky he will stagger into a position allowing
yet another shot at the Plaga; only shoot it from the side or back. When he 
is on his feet, he may charge the spot you last shot from so back away. 

*The mines work good to stagger him for a sniper bullet*


Shoot the other bell and snipe him again. Now the waiting game begins; he will
walk around the center pillar waiting for you; you should do the same waiting
for the perfect shot. Use hand grenades by throwing them behind him. Four 
rifle shots and he is finished. Collect the prize and pull the lever in the 

*PRO TIP: Shoot at him while standing by a wall and then move to the side to
let him get stuck in the wall.*

*Wii Note: He seemed dumber than usual.*

Go back for Ashley and some cult dudes will approach, shoot the lantern to burn
a few alive. Handle the rest and round the corner, if you are fast enough, you
can shoot the dynamite in the bomber's hand to take the group out. Otherwise, 
avoid being blown up and kill the archers. If the bomber fled he will be by
another cult follower to the left in the next room. Grab the ammo and get a 
hand grenade (along with your wits) ready for the next battle.

3.1 Assault of the Cultists (3001atc)

*Whatever you do in this area, try to save as many rounds of rifle ammo as you
can for the last part.*

*PRO TIP: This area is most difficult on PRO, and it will be just as hard if 
you have done well on NORMAL.*

Run forward and chuck your grenade up the middle. Whip out the old Riot gun and
blast away. The cultists will try to swarm you so don't allow it. Keep Ashley 
safe since it is particularly easy for them to carry her away. Try to back up
to a corner. Remember, shields are unaffected by handguns. More will pour in 
from the sides as you waste the originals. Sitting in a corner seems the best

*PRO TIP: If you rock or are playing PRO you should expect two archers. They 
make the strategy of running around and blasting a bad idea. So instead (and 
even without the archers you may want to consider this) run forward after you 
toss the grenade and enter the room with the pressure pads. Don't step on them
just yet. It will be a long waiting game of letting the bad guys come into the 
room and your picking them off; watch the hole in the ceiling too. When there
is a long period of silence, come outside, make sure the ground enemies are 
dead, and then play peek-a-boo with the archers (use the rifle or mine darts).*

*WUSS TIP: (Ha, new idea) you could die two times and the game will figure that
you really suck and it will take out the two archers. This makes the first set
of bad guys much easier as you can just camp in a corner by the water pools and
pick off enemies. But this also makes you a wuss! (obviously I'VE never done 

*PRO TIP: The alternative is to chuck a grenade and then immediately whip out
the rifle and snipe the two archers. This will more than likely cause you to
take a hit, but if you don't mind then do this instead of all the other stuff.*

When all is clear collect the items around the water area, then go down the 
stairs and take out some cult people. Smash the jars, enter the room, collect
the items, leave Ashley on one pad, and you stand on the other. Don't rush
outside just yet. Instead call Ashley to your side and wait. Cultists will 
come in through the doorway two at a time, and two will drop from the hole in 
the ceiling. When the coast seems clear, exit and deal with the rift-raft that
remains. Leave Ashley in a spot, then snipe the archers on the ledges one at a
time by going to the opposite side and popping out while they reload. Do it two
times and then go to the raised crank; either put Ashley on it or do it 
yourself if the coast is clear.

*PRO TIP: Doing well will make five enemies rush down the new steps when you
drop it. Either toss a grenade or blast away.*

Collect the items on either side up here then proceed; Ashley will let you in
on what to do next. Grab the ammo in the jars then PIGGYBACK Ashley to the 
right side (just a preference). Get out your rifle and snipe the cultists on
her side first, then shoot any approaching you, and then any on the opposite
ledge. After that, shoot any more coming after her. Only two waves should 
bother you. She will bring the first platform up and then switch sides. Kill 
the guys on the side she is approaching. Rinse and repeat. Once the last 
platform is up, go to the CATCH point and catch; cross the water to kiss this
place goodbye. 

*Wii Note: Well, if you're low on sniper ammo, yeah, your handgun is just as 
well; you just won't get the red target, but you will hit.*

*Don't reload any empty weapons if you want to get free ammo.*

3.1 Moment of Silence (3001mos)


Items all around, there is also a spinel in the eye of a hanging statue.

This merchant allows some nice upgrading. So do so as you wish. Once you 
are done, go inside the blue door. At least grab and read the paper for the 
shooting range. I recommend not wasting time here. If you must, do a few rounds
and collect the first row of bottle caps for a cash reward.

Back in the room, save. Go up the hall for a scene. This is nice, now you are
free to think about yourself only. When the scene is over enter the door on 
the wall.

*PRO TIP: Save the Hand Grenade from this room; just have one by dinner time.*

3.2 Dungeon of Doom (3002fdod)

*Any rifle bullet to the eye for these guys means death. So if you trust your
skills, you can try for the one shot kills*

*Wii Note: And of course, it's easier on the Wii.*

Grab the stuff and enter the sewers. Walk forward and notice the sound in the 
hole on the left wall? Turn the corner and go into the tunnel with the crate at
the end, then come back and pull out your rifle. Aim toward the end of the hall
and do you see it? Shoot where the breath is eminating from. Proceed and 
collect the colored eye he dropped (you just killed a Novistador). Proceed with
caution by hugging the wall opposite the railing; when you reach the corner aim
into the pit and shoot the waiting Novistadors in the water. Jump down and grab
the various items in the water, don't miss the pipe, and climb up.

*The eye color depends on what color its eyes were when it died; in order of 
value and rarity: blue, red, and green*

Open the door and pull out your shotgun for the prison part. You may as well 
walk up and fight the enemy in the hole in the ceiling, though it is possible 
to snipe him I never pulled it off. Aim for the head of course, but be warned
that when they are knocked down they usually fling themselves to the ceiling
and come after you. Be a surgeon with the your Riot Gun. Another is in a cell
so get him to come out; the music still plays. Go up the hallway and hug the
left wall, as soon as you can look around the corner pull out your Rifle and
take out the last Novistador. Go back to the first part and collect the various
items in the cells, as well as a very informative paper on parasites.

*Wii Tip: Ha! I knew it would. Don't run into the prison area with guns 
blazin'. Take out your rifle and look to the drool coming from the hole in the
ceiling. Yes, the red corners will light up and you can kill this guy before 
he sees you. The rest are the same.*

Go back up the hallway, through the cells, and into the pump room. Grab the 
things in here including a cool Butterfly Lamp that takes the three colors of 
eyes. Turn the valve and whip out your Rifle, again. Open the door and barely
tiptoe out just so you can see the two insects clinged to the ceiling-hole. 
Shoot them one at a time and collect their items, then run back to the first
hallway but bring your riot gun with you as an enemy will burst out of the last
closed cell. There may be another to drop from the hole in the ceiling; depends
on your progress. Drop down into the water pit and RUN through the door. Stop
when you just pass the door and turn around. Blast him and stay behind the 
doorway. The bug can only get you by crawling along the ground, so just keep 
your sight in the doorway and he can't get through. There is a velvet blue in
the corner of the water.

*PRO TIP: And if you are good, the bug will be in the ceiling hole after the 
last one from the cell.*

*Remember the sound in the very first sewer? You can go all the way back for 
another Novistador eye (not worth it).*

Go up the steps collecting the items then go to the final part of this area.
Pendulums! You need only a small background in platform gaming to pass these
blades. Get right in front of them, when they pass by you immediately run
forward, and repeat with jumping where appropriate. Grab the treasure on the 
floor, climb up, and grab the last items. Get out a grenade and exit.

*With any luck you may or may not have a completed Lamp, don't worry if not*

3.2 Leon's Ambush! (3002leo)


*Use any kind of grenade. Flash means you have to kill all the guys; Flame 
means you will have to kill survivors; and Frag means you will clear the mob.*

Yes, time to plan your own trap. There are many ways to proceed: you could just
scare them off and not worry, take out a few, or you could get the whole gang.
I recommend going to the edge on the left, by the ladder. Take out your frag 
and toss it through the opening. Then hop down from the ladder and run to the
typewriter to close off the area. Now the trap is complete and all you have to
do is finish off the leader and a minion or two.

Go back up to the ledge with the ladder in the back, and cross to the other 
side with the chandelier. Grab the items and cross to the other side with the
other chandelier; snag the mask and pull the lever. Meet with the merchant and
upgrade as you see fit, but don't sell all your eyes, you need them for the
lamp. Save, and then exit through the top door.

*Here is the deal with the lamp and the eyes. If you got a B+R+G eye set, then
put each into the lamp and sell it. If you cannot complete the lamp, then 
save the eyes and lamp for later. Otherwise, just sell all of it.*

*You may be tempted to max out the Riot Gun, but it is going to be phased out 
in a little while, so keep that in mind. Maybe just stop upgrading past this
point. The capacities are okay though.*

3.2 The Big Block (3002tbb)

*PRO TIP: Make sure to save at least one Frag for a later area.*

Nab the herb and go into the next room. Get the ammo and paper on the table, go
out the door with rifle in hand. Don't move and quickly snipe the two archers,
snipe the two masked dudes, and then off the cultist below. One more is on the
other side of the center column, don't let him scare you; smash all the pots 
and then enter the door. Smash the barrels and kill the enemy at the top of the
stairs. Go to the balcony, grab the ammo on the table, and get the rifle out; 
go to the locked door then jump down.

*A red barrel is by the archers as well.*

If you do the following correctly, I believe you can snipe the red cultist on
the balcony before having to chase the gatling gun. Turn around and snipe him
quickly, it will take quite a few shots; good job if you kill him! If not, then
he will go through the door. Grab the shotgun shells and pesetas then follow 
his lead; get out the shotgun. As soon as you open the door, blast him before 
he runs, or run around the shieldist to chase him down; good job if you take
him out now! If not, handle the dude and prepare to dodge a barrage of bullets
(I believe your first run-in with modern weaponry). Run out the door in between
the bullets and avoid being hit by running around the base of the gun. Shotgun 
his back as he reloads, and then grab the key once he falls. The more damage 
you do before he rides the gun, the shorter the fight.

*Okay, duh. Can't believe no one told me, or that I didn't find this during my
10 billion other playthroughs. The trick to killing the red cultist is to 
flush him into the room on the top level. After you get the cash and shells
from his old hiding place, come down the walkway and hop off from a small 
opening in the railing. Now go through the door on the bottom that leads to
the stairs and shoot him in the legs. Now he is yours to toy with and all that
is left is that little punk upstairs. Easy.*

After you get the key, go up and through the gallery door. Shoot the deer and 
grab any items. This puzzle has several solutions, but: push 1, push 3, push 2,
push 4, and then OK. Go to the next area for a scene.

Quickly run into the door to the right after the scene ends. Turn around and 
equip any Incendiaries, throw them at the bottom of the stairs when the Ganados
enter (about 4 guys). Then archers will appear on the top level, some guys will
come through the top door so take them out. Grab the yellow herb and run out 
to chase down the archers (use the lanterns to burn a few). More will come out
of the revolving doors; also there will be two rocket toting cultists that will
pop out from behind a picture on the north wall, only if you go that way. Once
all are dealt with collect the odd items lying on both levels. Push the red
button near the picture and run to the west side before you are blown away (you
can shoot the dudes, but just run). Go in the door, break the jar, and push 
that button. Run to the door, don't open it! and run back so the rocket guys
waste their shot; go out and kill them at last. Nab the goat ornament and exit.

*PRO TIP: There will be guys with Scythes for you, but don't let them come in.
Just make the rocket guys waste their shots, and then handle the guys with an
incendiary, or extra grenade.*

3.2 Another Calm (3002anc)

Save. Grab the ammo up the hall and go through the unlocked door. Shoot the 
spinel and continue to the fountain; snipe the crows with a handgun and collect
the items all around the fountain. Smash the crates and leave.

*You will be back.*

3.2 A Maze Apart (3002ama)
+Nominee for 'Best Part of the Game' Award+


*PRO TIP: Make sure to save at least one Frag for a later area.*

Go right until a conversation, yes you must tread through this maze. Go down 
the steps and ready your Riot gun. Smash the barrels and when you go to pick
up the items a Colmillos will attack! Fire two shells and that should be it.
Go around the center structure and grab a herb, then come back and take the 
path to the left (south). You should be by a gate with three dogs in the nearby
cage, running in place. Whip out your rifle and snipe one through the open 
space where the hedge is not touching the gate (should be obvious); the other
will burst out and chase you, so kill him when he breaks down the gate (there
will be time).

Head east, past the stairs and have your riot gun in hand. Turn north by the 
wall and follow the path to a chest with ammo; as soon as you pick the ammo up,
two pups will rush you (one through the path, the other will jump through the 
hedge). Do a 180 to face them.

Go back to the stairs and cross them to the other side, and pick up the item
in the chest to the left. Go to the fountain and pick up the first piece of the
moonstone; equip an Incendiary. When you approach the steps three more dogs 
will rush you. I advise tossing the grenade in front of the steps, hopefully 
taking out all three (shotgun any survivors). Return to the cage.

*NOTE: This one time, for the upcoming encounter, two dogs ganged up on me 
after I snagged the yellow herb.*

*Wii Tip: There will be two dogs from the front after you grab the yellow 
herb. Or, looking at that last note, perhaps it's a bit random everytime?*

From here head west all the way to the wall and snag the herb. Come back a bit
and go north, but as soon as you begin taking the path a Colmillos will charge
you from behind (turn around when you hear the beast!). Go up and turn into the
short path for a red gem. Now, you can go right for the last moonstone and make
a beeline for the exit, but there are more things to get! Take the path under
the bridge and turn around in anticipation of a beast. Continue and don't 
worry about the sound of the dog. Go to the little path and grab the first aid
spray, then whip out something powerful (rifle). Kill the slightly stronger 
than usual Colmillos in the last pen (he may or may not burst out).

*Don't reload your shotgun if you want an upgrade soon.*

Go east from here, and try to sneak up on the last dog in the area. Grab the 
spinel in the ground and head back to the stairs you didn't take. Go up and 
nab the other half of the moonstone. Hop down and head for the locked door to
use the complete moonstone on the door. Enter for the cool scene.

After the scene, snatch two treasures, the paper, and the other items in the 
rooms. Merchant time! Various upgrades, but don't go crazy. Save and exit.

*PRO TIP: If you don't have a Frag on you, then now is the best time to buy the
Mine gun, sans the stock. Not as good, but it will take place of a frag.*

3.3 Break Fast! (3003brf)

*PRO TIP: Make sure you have saved a Frag for THIS area, or the Mine gun.*

A quiet spot, for now. Grab the odd items on the tables and head through the 
southern exit.

An old place, but now you are in a new room. Take the numerous items around 
here and kick the lock (snake in one!). Then back to the dinner hall.

When you return go to the strange bell counter, and duh, ring the bell. The 
picture may seem odd, but just shoot the wine glass with a steady held pistol,
or waste a rifle round if you can't hit.

*Wii Tip: Duh, the handgun will snipe the wine much easier.*

Now, several things may happen here: a Garrador may fight you, nothing but
cultists will fight you, or you have a grenade (you better have one if you've 
been paying attention). Depends on your luck! Go into the unbarred room and 
toward the center for a trap. A blind maniac may fall in the cage (usually 
for me) and more enemies will surround the area. You can be smart and fight the
whole bunch (not!) or just go in with a grenade in hand and blast the lock off 
a door, then run out of the whole room through the door.

*NOTE: If you press pause as soon as the scene for the trap starts you will get
some extra time.*

If you do not have a hand grenade, poor you. You will have to deal with the 
Garrador somehow; if no Garrador, then blast away! I would recommend tossing
an Incendiary at the Garrador then quickly blast away a lock with the riot
gun; hightail it out of there once again. If you fight, good luck; you will
probably take many hits by fighting both the cultists and the maniac at the
same time. Three items are in this part, if you survive.

*If you do want to fight the Garrador, the best thing is to return to the table
area and fight him there.*

*PRO TIP: You will be back, so you can pick up the items then.*

*WUSS TIP: Yet again, if you keep dying here, the game will only send down a 
cultist - you wuss!*

3.3 Fight for the Rocket (3003ffr)


*Don't even try going back to last room if you fled, trust me*

Get out your rifle, or whatever, and go to town on the band of Ganados in this
area. One will reveal the last Plaga type, the one that detaches and spits
acid; one shot does it for them. Kill the visible ones and then hop down, first
collect any items then flip the switch. Go back up and get out a pistol; once
you start to cross the bridge more enemies will surround you. Shoot the lantern
when the forward enemies burst from the door, then turn and kill the others 
from the other door. 

Get out your rifle and head to the area behind the wall, take out the bowman in
the far window. Snatch the pesetas on the table then drop down, and go up the 
stairs to face any enemies behind the locked door. Yes, there is a shinny new
rocket launcher in the glass on the floor; first grab all the items around it
(aim the gun at the desired item if you have trouble). Pick up the velvet blue
in the drawer, kick open the locked door, and cross the bridge. Take the few 
items in the hall, and then meet this important merchant; buy the XL upgrade at
least. You should have more than enough space for the rocket now. Go back, pick
it up, and come back to save. Then exit.

*You could always sell the rocket, but no point in it; just keep it*

*Wii Note: I remember from all my travels on the Cube and PS2, there was 
always the first mature Las Plagas in this area. Regardless of whether this 
means it's random, it is certainly not a given on the Wii. But that's a good

3.4 Guardian Angel (3004gua)

*Wii Tip: The handgun, yet again, can replace the rifle in this sequence.*

Watch the scene, goodbye friend! Run around smashing jars and topple the 
picture for some gold bars. Then pull out your rifle and get into position; 
shoot the three restraints holding Ashley captive. 

Once the enemies start flowing, your best course of action would be to keep 
your aim on Ashley and shoot the heads of anyone who gets close. At some point
some archers will rush in and start shooting you; take them out first and keep
an eye on the girl. Kill the red cultist and continue to snipe Ganados.

After all is clear, Ashley will pick up the key and begin her quest.

*The handgun is your default weapon if you are out of rifle rounds.*

*PRO TIP: you will face an extra wave of enemies.*

3.4 Ashley's Adventure (3004asa)

*Do not heal Ashley if you can help it.*

*NOTE: Ashley controls just the same as Leon, only without weapons.*

Grab the spinel and herb in the room, then save if you like. See the enemy up
ahead, what will you do? Run behind him and grab the herb on the table, and
then quickly run to the right, and under a table on the right, near the wall.
You should now be in a place where this enemy cannot get to. Crawl through the
hole in the wall and you'll be in the second area.

*You could also push the crank to the gate, get through, and then trap the
first dude in the first area. And you could even use the lanterns to burn him,
but it's hard all too hard.*

*NOTE: the number of lanterns to kill him depends on your skill. It takes two
if you are an average player, while PROs will need to use all three.

Go to the lantern on the table in front of you. Throw it when you know that the
enemy is either standing close to you, or if he's walking. Now, while he's 
down, turn to the left and go grab that lantern, wait for him to almost stand
up, and then toss it. Now run to the right side of the table separating you 
from the final lantern, crawl under, wait for him to get close, and then chuck
this one too (and you only need this one if you've been doing very good on this
game). Now grab two items from a drawer and a cabinet. Turn both cranks and 
you're free.

*NOTE: Another entry in the Why-Didn't-I-Try-This-Sooner file. Instead of going
for the first lantern you see when facing the second guy, slink around the 
corner and go pick up the one by the gate. He will not see you and then you can
get the one you first saw, and then the one that's closed off.*

In the small room before you enter the next area you will find a spinel, velvet
blue, box of ammo, a note, and a red herb on your way to the next area.

3.4 Armored Puzzles (3004puz)

*PRO TIP: Remember, hold out on health, this area is almost over.*

In this area you have a flashlight, because it is dark. Turn left and crawl 
under the table to push the first button; go through the opened gate to push
the next button. Collect the tablet and go through the next opened gate, and
don't miss the herb. Push back the shelf and push the button. There are two 
items to grab near the door. Go through and pick up a treasure in the hallway
on some chairs (though, there is none on the PS2). Watch out for the spooky
ghosts and make your way to a puzzle (I was kidding about that ghost comment).

Yes, another puzzle, worst of all it's a jigsaw puzzle! Here is the solution:
	This is the key:
			1 2 3
			4 5 6
			7 8 9

	This is the answer:

6, 3, 2, 5, 4, 7, 8, 9, 6, 5, 2, 1, 4, 7, 8, 5, 6, 9, then insert the tablet.

*You will move the piece on the 6 slot first and then the next and so on.*

Hope I helped. Go into the room, grab the three items. The ornament slot will 
be replaced with the key to get out of here; once you grab it prepare to dodge
some big axes. The room will open and let the four living Armaduras in to get 
you. No use trying to fight, just run! Use the table to out manuever them; when
they get close to the south side of the room, run up the side of the table and
out the door (stay still and wait for all of them to get real close). 

Run back from whence you came, but watch out for the two statues in the hall; 
press the correct button combos, or you will lose lots of life. When you are
back to the gate room, push the first button you see; now the Armaduras are 
stuck behind the gate. Or you could just run out the door, but be ready for the
final statue near the exit.

*If you are hurt, no need healing once you are out of here.*

Go to the fancy room in front of you, insert the insignia in the dial, and then
turn it to be free at last. Climb up, grab the pesetas at the top, and exit.

4.1 Reunited (4001reu)
+You're both healed up now+
+Backtracking, no new items in old places+
+It is crucial that you save at least three rifle rounds for the next area+

Alright, back together at last. Now you can obtain the last free weapon in the
game, but it was way back there. Go back to the dinner hall. 

*NOTE: Make sure you free up at least eight blocks of space in the case by 
selling junk to the merchant.*

In the dinner hall, scythe enemies will be waiting, four in the cage room, two
by the dinner tables, and one by the exit (if you didn't get the items in the
cage area the first time, get the three now). Exit via the southern exit.

*Remember, you don't HAVE to kill every enemy in a room.*

*NOTE: As soon as you enter the storage room, stop! You're fine to move on if
you are not playing the Gamecube. You Cube owners must pull out your rifle,
look up, and snipe this Novistador. Walk where he fell, look across the room, 
and shoot the other one. Again, only on the Gamecube.*

Get through the room and go to the fountain area. Go up to the door, and do the
PIGGYBACK thing by the window; go inside and collect some big rewards for your
efforts (Broken Butterfly, Perfume, herb, and gold). Now make your way back to
the spot where you reunited with Ashley (no need to save at any point).

*ALTERNATE: Buy the Mine Thrower to make life easier in the next area; you do
not need the scope. Unless you have a few sniper bullets. But, I still think
you should grab it anyway.*

Go through the door, grab a few items, and then save your game. One more 
ornament to go. Get on the molten transport to enter the Dragon Room, alone.

4.1 Dragons of Fire (4001dof)

*Wii Tip: I should just say 'Wii Snipe' and you'll know that it means to use 
the handgun instead of the rifle. That is of course unless you have terrible
control of your arm.*

Try to snipe both dragon operators quickly! Move toward the stairs and snipe
the one on the right side of the room. Now quickly run back to the railing in
front of the door and snipe the other operator on the left side, in front of
you. Or shoot mines to the area above them if you are out of bullets or you 
can't see them. The rewards are in chests along your path. If you can't do this
for whatever reason, then you will have to dodge extra fire.

*You can always use the RETRY option in the pause menu if you fail and want to
take another crack at it. Because you want those rewards.*

*You can also shoot the chains holding the dragons up, but you have to use
a TMP, handgun, or anything but the rifle, for some reason it don't work.*

Continue, jump the gaps, and quickly now, shoot the two cultists down to the 
ground. Hurry forward and when the cutscene begins with the dragon coming down,
quickly press START and skip the scene. Then run to either corner and quickly 
snipe the last operator; or shoot a mine. If you for some reason fail to do 
this in time, then the best thing to do is shoot a mine onto the structure that
housed the operator (it's white and circular). And if all else fails, you will
have to dodge the pouring cultist from behind, stand on one side, run to the 
other between the blasts of fire, and then shoot the operator. But the first 
choice is the best.

*Wii Note: For the last driver of the dragons you will have to do a bit more.
He will descend into position in whatever direction you are facing. So if you
run to the right side, you will need to run to the left and then shoot him.
It's basically the same as the normal strategy to kill him, I guess.*

*The quicker you kill the last operator, the quicker the stream of badies will
stop. The mine thrower does wonders for this.*

Grab the last ornament, kill any survivors, pick up the item from the chest if
it's there, and then exit to the previous area.


No need to save. Take the train to get to where you need to be; get any items 
then return to the first room of the castle.


Place the three ornaments into the big door, go up the stairs, smash the jar,
topple the painting for gold, and continue onward.


Hop the railings on both sides for items and then take a little trip. At the 
end, smash any jars, then topple the painting for more gold, and exit. 

4.1 Brief Pit Stop (4001bps)
+Save as many Flash Grenades as you can manage, but it's not crucial+


*You will now complete your Mask. Keep holding onto your incomplete Lamp too.*

There are many things in this room. Grab the grenade ahead of you, then go to
the area with open windows, and shoot down all four treasures in the statues. 
Go back and into the room with a big table, pick up the three things, and read
the paper. Go into the smaller room, pick up several items, and talk with the
merchant. Some good TMP and rifle upgrades so grab them; sell your completed
mask and all other treasures (not imcomplete lamp).

*I would advise holding onto the revolver and the Striker is not far away.*

You may collect more bottle caps if you wish at the range (remember, you will
only be paid if you get all six). Then you may exit to either the left or right
room; you will go into both either way.

4.1 Close Calls (4001ccs)

If you take the left door first, you will be greeted by a puzzle. Just push
the two statues onto pressure pads, leave Ashley on one, and you step on the
other. Go through the open door, watch the scene.

Whip out your Blacktail and quickly shoot the four blinking lights on the 
falling ceiling, you should have plenty of time. Grab the ammo in the corner of
the room and proceed down the hall.

*Wii Snipe*

Ashley will be locked behind a door with a drill machine coming her way. Pull
out your rifle and snipe them both, and if you're out of ammo you will have to
snipe with a handgun. Grab the numerous items in the room (7-8), kick the 
door open, and exit. 

Go to the door on the right end, the other door, whatever.

4.1 Armored Entanglement (4001ent)
+Here is where any saved Flash Grenades will pay off+

Leave Ashley near the door and proceed. Grab the ammo, see all the knights?
Only two will suprise you (one on each side), so be ready. Go into the room at
the end and search it for two items, then touch the sacred Grail.

Three Armaduras will spring out. Now, you can waste your rocket here, but only
if you have to. Shoot the knights to make them kneel, run past them, dodge the
blows, and whatever else to avoid being sliced up. A few shotgun blasts should
make the Plagas inside emerge; try to make all three Plagas reveal themselves
so you can toss a flash grenade to kill them all. If no such luck, handle the
Plagas like any other Ganados. Collect any items they drop.

*A magnum weapon brings them down very quickly, sometimes hits two with one 
bullet. Also, use the mines, but put them on the ground so you don't kill 

*PRO TIP: Use the TMP until it is almost empty and then don't reload it. This
way you can go buy one of the capacity upgrades for it and not waste a bullet.
Of course, this only applies if you haven't been using the TMP; thus you are 
a PRO and that is why you might find this tip useful.*

Three more will enter, they are slightly stronger, but it's essentially more 
of the same. The only real difference is the Plagas. Instead of the cutting 
type you get the head swallowing type. However, there is a trick. If one does
get too close for comfort (a Plagas), then run right up to the knight's armor;
it saved me one time because the Plagas will extend over you (only use this as
a last resort). Collect all the treasures and exit.

*The last three are easy if you got the mine gun; there is a big delay between
the first group and the second. Just whip out the gun fire it as the door spins
open to reveal the knights. Try to stick two, but don't let them get close.*

4.1 Insects Worth a Fortune (4001iwf)

Go to the merchant if needed. The next fight is easy with either a mine or
the rifle, your call. Leave Ashley by the merchant room door and go to the 
window hallway; kill the seven or so cultists in any manner. Call her back, and
go up to the pink and blue statues; yes, place in the correct grail into the 
corresponding hands. Go through.

*NOTE: I say sell an empty Broken Butterfly right now. It has almost no more
use after you expend the bullets. And you might need that space, or money. And
if you didn't use the bullets on the knights, then maybe you still need to
think about selling it.*


Collect the items in the jars, the cabinets, and jump out the window (a snake 
in a jar). Grab the herb on the balcony and go up the ladder; another Butterfly
Lamp by the window. Jump down and catch her, then go to the center for a mixed
blessing in the form of the cutscene (I don't know, seems like a good thing).

*Shoot the hive to crash it for a full set of eyes for the new lamp.*

Kill all Novistadors while they are airborne. Try to shoot them onto solid
ground for their eyes. Shake'em off if they get you; the Riot gun is the 
weapon of choice for the short fight. Collect all treasures and go to the 
lever. After you pull it, shoot the two chains, and exit.

*Don't let them touch the ground or they are hell to kill.*

4.1 Siege of the Clock Tower (4001sct)


*Save your Butterfly Lamp if still incomplete.*

Grab the ammo, talk to the merchant, and save; riot gun is almost gone. Proceed
and smash the barrels; knife the torch for a spinel. Go up for a quick scene,
and then don't cross the bridge. Pull out the rifle and snipe the guy up above.
And then wait for another guy to patrol, but he will take forever. If you 
manage to kill both lookouts, then you will skip the whole catapult aspect to
this section. Run up the stairs, kill two last cultists, break two barrels, and
then enter the tower. 

*If you somehow can't avoid being spotted, then you will have to dodge the 
barrage again. However, you don't have to kill the operators, but it would make
things easier.*

4.1 Storming the Tower (4001stt)

Move forward, see the piece of wood in the gears? Shoot it and the one above 
you a bit upward (go up to shoot if you can't see it). Go up to the next level
collect the stuff, and go up one more. Go to the table for a herb and a paper.
Turn to the lever, but shoot the last block next to it first; now pull the 

The bridge is ready to go, but Ganados swarm the tower. Go down and one cross-
bowman should be firing at you; go down again for two more. When you drop to 
the bottom level, you will be trapped, sort of. Go back up the ladder, kill 
the cultist approaching you, but not the dynamite thrower; stay near the 
ladder, and keep him in view so he will toss bombs onto his approaching pals
below (see, I know them tricks!). Then kill him, mop up survivors, there should
be one crossbowman around the corner, collect the items, and then exit.

4.1 Nasty Encounter (4001nec)
+A save point will be here on the PS2 & Wii, not needed though+
+MINI BOSS: Garrador #2 & #3+

Outside, three shieldists will approach so take them out with a grenade. Run
forward to activate a trap; you will once again be surrounded from both sides
of the bridge. Throw a grenade at the front enemies, then run back to the doors
and kill the two cultists waiting. Pull out your best weapon  and start to
blast away the pouring enemies from across the bridge. Many crawling Plagas
should appear from their hosts' heads. Wait for all to die, and kill the leader
for his bangle then enter the next area. Also, watch out for his rocket; when
you hear the sound, run to another location.

*Wii Note: Yet again, no mature Plagas, but I did see one on a run where I
died, so they can appear, but not often.*

The next area has two Garradors and many cultists! The Garradors are difficult
to fight, but it is possible. I recommend now as the time to use your free
rocket launcher. Aim down the room to the doors in between both Garradors and
fire; do so immediately once you enter. They should fall and leave only the
cultists to battle you. Kill them all, including a wave from behind once you
advance through the room. Be quick to grab the Garradors' treasure or it will
disappear fast, and pick up all items in the corners. Go through the door and
pick up the two spinels before proceeding. Watch the scene, but be quick to
the correct button press while you fall.  

*If you must fight both Garradors then you will have to dodge them and the 
cultists. The best thing is to let big guys get stuck in walls and then use the
bells to finish them off.*

*PRO TIP: You get a Garrador in armor. All this means is that he will survive
the blast. He will immediately charge your position by the door. Let him run,
and you step out of the way to avoid the blow. Now he is stuck and you can 
finish him off with a magnum round or whatever. Let him stick into a wall 
again, or just use a bell. But be sure to get the other dead Garrador's loot 
before it vanishes.*

*You can always RETRY this section if you fail miserably.*

*NOTE: If you are horribly low on funds, meaning you lack 30,000, then you 
may need to consider holding onto that rocket. If you're close to that number
and you have a few spare items and some treasures (count all the stuff you will
earn after you would kill the Garradors), then you will most likely have the 
funds for the second rocket in the next area.*

4.1 Something's Watching Me (4001swm)


Collect the spinel, crown, ammo, and herb in the gruesome pit.  BUY THE 
FREAKING ROCKET LAUNCHER! Save and go up the ladder. Proceed, checking the 
pipes in the walls for three items in the sewer, then exit.

*Get the new Striker if you can, and you should have money after you sell 
either the Riot Gun or Shotgun. But put the rocket first.*

*Also, remember that you want to max out the capacity of each gun when it's

*Yes, the rocket is for the thing following you! And don't sell the crown.*

4.1 Battle With the Right Hand (4001brh)

Run into the room to the right (yes, it's here!). Pick up the items on the
table and check the elevator. Pull out your newest weapon and run out the door.
You will be jabbed at from the ceiling and floor, so do the correct presses 
(will happen about 5-8 times). Run to the end of the hallway and into the room,
ignore the items and just run to the back corner of the room. Pull the lever,
you should be jabbed at, and then run to the locked door, press the button.

*FYI, if you did not visit the elevator first and headed for the power room
right away, it evens out to about the same number of button presses.*

Now, the fight is on. You can do any of the following: battle him, battle him
and wait to exit the room and to get on the elevator, or fight one of the
easiest boss fight in the game. Do the last one for kicks. As soon as you press
the button turn around and run past him; he should roar and not take a swipe at
you. Run to the nitrogen tank on the right and knock it over. Now whip out the
old rocket launcher, aim, fire. That's all there is to it, but you better not
miss, and if you do, RETRY.

*Treasure fits into crown, one more to go.*

Pick up all the items in this room, another room, and then take the elevator.

*NOTE: This is an optional boss. I avoided him on my first game, but it took a
lot of time. Fighting him the old fashion way takes just as much time. Refer
to boss section if you did not bring a rocket, but you should'a, it was the
only weapon you really needed.*

4.2 Time to Recover (4002ttr)


Grab all items in here, including the last paper for the section. Then talk to
the merchant, but he has nothing of interest. Save.

*More bottle caps, but skip if you've been skipping so far.*

*Save all flash grenades, you know what this means.....*

*PRO TIP: If you are dry on Flash Grenades, or you don't have a TMP, might I
suggest buying yet another rocket launcher? The boss is one room away, and you
could even come back and get it if you must. Up to you.*

4.2 Mines of Madness (4002mom)

Return of the villagers! Go forward and kill the two villagers in your path.
Collect the items and the velvet blue in a cart. Read the caution sign and
proceed until you meet the main group of workers. Don't let guys throw sharp
objects at you and remain on the high ground. Shoot any enemies trying to
climb the ladder. Hop down and take out the rest, then nab the items (two
will drop from the ledge above so beware). Don't mind the guys behind the big
rock, unless you want to. Then go to the lever and pull it. Great, now go to 
the circuit breaker up top and throw it. When you go back down the ramp, more
Ganados will pour in and a chainsaw maniac will join the fray. Kill them all;
the Striker will make short work of the maniac and the rest. Pull the lever 
again and grab the payload. Plant it on the big rock and stand back, kill the
two dudes if they survive. Grab the items and exit.

*Gold behind the breaker.*

4.2 The Two Giants (4002ttg)
+BOSS: Los Dos Gigantes (that means TWO)+

From one boss fight to another. Slowly collect the three items on the walls 
near you. Get a flash grenade ready, and go toward the big door. Yes, two for
the price of one, and both are very strong. 

Run up the ladder behind you, and fast! Without a moment to spare, slide down
the line to the lever, and hold onto the lever. When one giant is on the center
of the floor, throw your flash grenade, and then pull the lever.

*The lever can't be used again, and you can't get both, and don't go near the
lava pit while it's open.*

One left. You must fight the next one the old fashioned way. You should know
how to do this, but these Gigantes are stronger so it will take a bit more 
effort. Flash grenades prove valuable here, as will the TMP. But it takes
three cuts to take him down, and he must be shot more. Use the zip line to
out manuever him, but be careful to avoid his charge attack. After three cuts,
prepare to dodge his fall, and collect the reward. Grab items near the exit.

*In the PS2 version, you cannot come back to this room and expect to find 
the melted Gigantes treasure. On the GC just come back and it will be in the
center of the room.*

*NOTE: You can fight both at once, but it proves vastly more complex. Refer to
the boss section for more info.*

*NOTE: if you do fight both, only do so if you have a lot of flash 
grenades and TMP ammo, and you should. Seven flashies will do.*

*PRO TIP: Even for a PRO, two Rocket Launchers is crazy talk. Just drop the 
one giant and then blast the other.*

4.2 Light at the End (4002lae)
+Last chance to grab those eyes+

Take out your Striker for this area. You may think that the Novistadors are
endless, but there are only so many. Run up to the statue and turn to the 
bottomless space, shoot down the insects in the air; if you need eyes really
bad to finish off your lamp, then perhaps wait til they fly over ground. Stay
around this statue, stand by the wall, and look up and around for all the 
bugs in the area. When you think it's clear, run up the ramp and all the way 
into the rock wall. Look up and around for incoming hostiles. Grab the ammo and
then run along the walkway up here, avoiding entering the small rooms. Run all
the around from either side and enter the room on the opposite side of the 
cavern; keep a sharp eye out for bugs and items.

*The difficulty lessens on the PS2 version either way.*

Inside, press the button, grab the herb, and come out; either the bugs were 
inside the cave before you went in, or they will swarm the exit once you press
the button (I've seen both). Now walk the other way around to the other room.
Grab the herb, press the button, and turn around for a guaranteed fight. This 
fight is nasty no matter what. The bugs tend to land outside and then rush 
inside while more swarm in from the sky. The ground ones are top priority, but
try to hit both at the same time; a grenade might help here. Anyway, now that 
the path is open, run to the door and go through. The bugs will not enter the
tunnel, and you can use this to your advantage if you need more eyes.

Simple piston running here, so be fast about it. When you reach the
slope, throw the lever on the wall, go to the safe spot you just created, and 
then pass the last pistons. Go to the bed for the last crown piece, and exit.

4.3 Fresh Air (4003fre)


Grab the items, the paper, and meet the merchant. Sell the B. Lamp if complete
or not; sell the crown if complete or not. Lots of new upgrades, so do what 
you gotta do. Save and ready your rifle. 

Go to the old tree stand and snipe the two villagers near you, not in the
distance, and killing one will alert the other. Then target the Ganados in 
the distance, all should run your way (wait for two to be in the sight and 
then fire if you can). Kill them and any stragglers, but be quick for any
dropped items. Three items wait in the first ruined structure, three in the
second (check the well), and two around the last. Go into the last one from
the back, do the crank, and hop down.

*It's entirely possible that you don't have the TMP, maybe. But if don't have 
that or any shotgun shells, then now you should finally cough up the dough and
space and buy it. Otherwise, you're a bad dude.*

4.3 More Underground Fun (4003muf)
+Have and save one flash bang for this room, which won't be hard to do+

Go forward, and get any items in the crates. About five guys wait for you in
this area. You want to try and snipe them, but making them come to you works.
See the big blue maniac? I'm sure you do, but he cannot come down to you. Watch
for any beartraps hiding in the dirt, knife'em. Kill any remaining villagers
and scour the area for two velvets, a herb, and a rod in the tomb. The big
chainsaw villager is slightly tougher than others. Post up near the locked door
and start sniping away at big blue. When he goes silent, climb the ladder, grab
the herb, and grab the key; don't go downstairs!

Three villagers will appear outside as soon as you are up, so grab the maniac's
treasure and jump back out to handle them. Make a path and run back to the 
entrance area where you sniped everyone the last time - you're essentially 
doing it again. This time there will be a huge mob to fight you for both 
getting to the top level and taking the key. Stand by the steps on the right
side and just blast away with your Striker.

You are free to use the key and leave if you are running low on stuff. But if
you want some plunder, go to the door around the side of the 'house' and just
open it so you can look in. Yes, another maniac! If you have like ten or more
sniper bullets, then use them on him; otherwise, just run in with the Striker
and pound on him unmercifully. Grab his loot, the few treasures in here, and
now take the door.

Grab the items and get a flash bang ready as you enter the next little room. 
Toss it as soon as the scene is over, and that is so you kill the little ones.
Now shoot the panels on the ceiling as before, check the coffin for loot, 
grab the ammo in the corner, go down the stairs, more loot, and exit.

4.3 Los Ganados Ride (4003lgr)
+Nominee for 'Best Part of the Game' Award+

*Wii Snipe: In a sorta different way. This sequence becomes a old arcade rail
gun shooter. A fully upgraded Blacktail kills.*

Grab the stuff and get in. If you have the ammo for it, snipe the villagers
in the distance. Either way, shoot the left lever to get this train moving.
Get out either the TMP or the Striker for the road. All villagers will take
only a shot to kill, if and only if they are shot while not in the carts. The
Striker has a spread shot, but could miss; while the TMP will waste a lot of 
ammo in the process (if you're a bad shot). Either is fine.

Try to kill anyone before they jump in with you (you'll be rewarded). After a 
time, boards will be in your path and threaten your health; either shoot them
with one shot or do the correct button press (enemies will die if they are
hit by one). Two maniacs will attempt to get in along the path. Just kill
anyone who gets in with you the good old way.

*At ambush points don't worry about the ammo on the other ends of the train,
just get what is close to you.*

At a point, you will be stopped at an ambush station. Villagers will jump in
from both sides, including a sack-face. Two boxes of ammo are on either end to
take from inside the carts. Just hit the lever at the end to keep moving, and
kill all who made it in. Dodge the plank, collect any treasures, and have fun.
After the long downward spiral, you will need to be quick to press the button
combo to jump out of the doomed train; then rapidly tap the button to get up.
Go forward and in the room, turn to the left and search the bones for hidden 
treasures (equal to how many villagers were killed with one bullet). Grab the 
key and go back up.

*Sorry if I was not detailed enough, but this is a fun part.*

Use the key on the door and use the elevtor.

*NOTE: You can return to the merchant and max out your capacity upgrades. Also,
this is the last merchant for a while.*

4.4 Art Gone Mad (4004agm)

Proceed to the ammo and the typewriter. Go forward, collect the stuff to the 
right first. Then move forward as if the pathway will kindly stay open for 
you - it won't. Run forward to the edge of the water, turn around, and look up
to snipe two bad guys on the middle platform. Look to the sides and try to take
out the other two on each side, but watch yourself as one enemy will come for 
you after a while. Now take the ladder on the right and kill anyone up here.
Go to the edge, but don't hop over onto the hand. Instead, look up and over,
and all around to pick off enemies with your handgun; they should fall off the
edges. Now jump to the hand, turn around, and anticipate an archer on the top
level. Kill him after a series of up and downs, and try to kill the other guy
in the back; if you don't kill him and you jump over, he will slash at you.
When it's safe, jump over, collect some items, and then throw the lever.

*Wii Tip: The enemy I've talked about will in fact move on the Wii, just 
thought I'd let you know.*

More cultists will spawn in the lower levels. Snipe/take out, any visible ones 
from up top, and then go to the middle platform. Throw this switch to get the
right hand going. Go up and get any items, but that's pretty much it. Get back
on the hand and get off on the floor below. The red cultist will be around, so
take him out from above, collect some items, and then hop down to collect more.
When you're ready, and when you're sure no more enemies are afoot, throw the 
final lever and then run out the gate; you could stay and fight, but there's
not much point.

Head for the exit to begin the race. Rapidly tap the button to run from the big
Salazar. Press the correct shoulder button when the corresponding pillar falls
toward you; do this three times with one as a combo of both. 

*Wii Tip: It's much easier to run up to the door, swing the Wiimote, and then
kick open the door.*

When you get full control back, quickly shoot the lock and kick the door open
to do more running. Repeat with only a single combo press to jump to safety;
press more to get up. Now that that is over, one more gaunlet to go. Enter.

4.4 Last Defense of the Cultists (4004ldc)


Watch the scene (after the funny part, be ready for a quick button press). Go
to the side and get the two items around the boxes. Go up the ramp, avoid the
barrels just like Mario, and get to the scaffolding in the center. Take out
any approaching cultists, and may be a few atop the ladder. When you get to
the "Donkey Kong Mechanism," more cultists will spawn below you and a guy will
be hurling dynamite above (it can't reach you so don't worry about it now).

Issue forth barrels to eliminate any ascending enemies. Stay up here a while
and keep sending them. Watch for any that might sneak by your traps. When no
more appear to be coming, hop down and head below. The leader won't move, so
you can get close to him and eliminate however you like; knifing saves ammo.
Now go back up, kill the bomber, and then go up the stairs to a dead end where
you'll find a herb. Return to the elevator and collect the three items. Push
the boxes off the lift and press the button. Get out the Striker and quickly
position yourself on the side of the lift, not the corner. This is so you can
blast enemies straight off the side.

*Wii Note: The cult leader on the ground floor will move, FYI.*

Part of the PRO thing may be increased archers, but either way you need to hit
any archers as the ride starts; there will be two at the most. Now you can 
focus on the red cultists which are already on board. Just keep the Striker
blasting, hit enemies as soon as they fall, and kill Plagas. The madness will
be short and it will end, so hang in there.

Go along the tower sides, collecting any items you come across. Before you hop
in the elevator, jump over the tiny ledge and grab a bangle from a box. Now
jump on the elevator (you're done with the cultists!).

Grab the items near the merchant. Do whatever you must, but I am requiring you
to buy a ROCKET LAUNCHER. Don't sell your guns, but make room for another big
monster in your case. Don't reload an empty Broken Butterfly, just sell the 
thing. Here are your priorities: you only need ten rifle rounds, combine all
your green herbs and sell the x3 ones, only need 50 handgun bullets, don't need
any flash bangs unless you can't afford a rocket, and keep as much health as 
you can. Do whatchu gotta do, just make it fit. Don't need any upgrades if you
have a rocket. And you keep as much magnum ammo as you can, but that can go
to if if must; you kinda need it though.

*Also, free up two blocks in the case if you are completely full.*

Save, get the TMP or Striker ready, and enter.

*PRO TIP: Get the TMP maxed out, you should have the money.*

4.4 Showdown With the Castellan (4004stc)
+Items all over the place!+

Now you are seeing the Left Hand as the monster and Salazar is inside; so 
really you are fighting the Left Hand (lots of 'hands' with Salazar).

Anyway, after the scene, pull out your TMP, shoot the big eye. When the
little guy reveals himself, take out your launcher, aim, and that is it! You
gain a profit and all the items you did not waste in battle. Grab the items
lying on each side, on the floor, and the reward. You may leave now.

*Sometimes it will require an extra few shots to kill him if you don't get a 
direct bullseye.*

*Take a hit or whatever if you fail the first time, or RETRY and get it right*

*NOTE: Yes, there is a way to battle the boss, and it takes lots of time and 
effort. This way is the best way to go about this fight. Refer to boss guide
for more info.*

4.4 Off to a Better Place (4004obp)


Get the stuff out here, and rappel down. Smash the crates, but watch the snake
inside one; take the elevator. Go to the merchant zone, get all the items, and
speak with this crucial merchant. You may now max out the TMP and the Blacktail
as well as getting others very close to max. Get out and Save. The next section
is the ISLAND.

*NOTE: It might sound tempting to get the exclusives at this moment, but you
had better hold off.*

+Switch discs on the Cube+

*NOTE: Chapter 5 is shorter than any other section, so my description of each
area may be short and brief, but will help you in new situations. The challenge
arises mainly from the boss confrontations, where you will fumble a bit.*

5.1 First Line of Defense (5001fld)
+I'll say it one time, save as much TMP ammo as possible+

Go forward until the fork and continue forward for some crates on the cliff. Go
back to the fork and go left. Jump the gap to alert the new type of Ganados to
come forth. Jump back across the gap and shoot them when they get right to the
edge so they will fall directly into the water. 

*For this next part, consider running to the steps leading to the locked door
and blasting the enemies from there. An archer will show up from the the two-
story building, so you need to quickly snipe him.*

When the coast is clear run into the center area with some sort of grenade in
hand. When the gatling gunner jumps down, lob the explosive at his feet, and
then run up and start shooting him with the Striker. More commados will come
from above, from other buildings, and from the bunkers near the stairs; just 
don't let them surround you. Once the coast is again clear, loot the place and
then run up the steps. Push the left button, point the mirror to the other one,
and point that one to the right lens by the door. Go in.

Grab the ammo and proceed to the bridge, be quick to dodge the boulder. Proceed
until you meet the last two enemies. Grab the stuff in the small cave and exit.

*You get shotgun shells in the cave on the Gamecube, and nothing on the PS2.*

5.1 Leon's Breach (5001leb)


Turn around and grab the emerald then go forward to kill the enemy. Cross the
gap and go into the window to attract the attention of the shock-stick Ganados,
and let them funnel to you (use the window). Go through the catacombs for a 
herb and to shoot a barrel; go inside the room for the new incomplete treasure
and then come back.

Outside is a rocket guy, so tread carefully. There are several archers, many
bombers, and a flow of enemies in the next part. Snipe who you can see, and
then run up the left path taking out the three enemies in your way; grab the
two items at the end.

When you come out more enemies will spawn, so jump off the bridge and go behind
the wagon (wait for some enemies to be in the path). Shoot the wagon, and more
enemies will approach, dropping from above and coming from the hole in the 
rock wall. Handle them all, and then proceed cautiously to make sure there are
no more straggling enemies above you.

Go through the door for the first island merchant. Don't sell the cat, but try
to get the Striker way up the scale. Save and whip out your rifle. Snipe the
five or so commados at the end of the path; then enter the building.

*PRO TIP: If you have some magnum shells and you have the cash, go ahead and
buy the new magnum, the Killer7. You will put it to good use in a coming 
encounter (it was a good game too, hey yeah, Killer7 on the Wii, that's a
good idea!).

However, if you don't have the cash and would rather upgrade the Striker's
firepower, then sell all you shells and do as you wish.

Or play it safe and keep 60,000 on you for a coming purchase.*

5.1 Kitchen From Hell (5001kfh)
+Nominee for 'Best Part of the Game' Award+

Grab stuff in the locker, in the dumpster, and make sure you get the jump on
the enemy after passing through the door. Get the items and continue. In the
kitchen is a oven on the wall. All I'll say is 'bring your Striker' and let you
have it at that. Item in the sink, and then exit.

*'It's f***ing BURNT! Piss off!' (get it?)*

5.1 Glimpse of the Target (5001got)

*If you want to maximize the Striker's capacity upgrades, then use it and don't
reload, then buy the next upgrade.*

See the big armored guy? He's not much more than a big Ganados, but he often
runs right up to you with great speed. Snipe him through the bars. Look down 
into the floor below and snipe the other one, and hopefully the archer will 
start to move and you can snipe him too. When you go down there, as soon as 
you step off the stairs, turn around and get ready to blast a couple of enemies
who try to rush you. Now collect the three items down here, come back up, enter
the room, grab the ammo, and move forward for a scene. When it's over, turn 
around and grab some gold in a locker and leave.

*If you didn't realize, the stone fits into the cat.*

5.1 Tactical Advantage (5001tad)


Look in the file cabinet for ammo. This is when you can purchase the Tactical
Vest for 60,000 pesetas. Not a bad idea, but don't break the bank on this if 
you want other upgrades, or if you lack the money. You can always get it later,
or never get it (which is what I advise for better players).

*Striker can now be maxed out, though I doubt you can do so; the EXCLUSIVE 
upgrade for the gun is a cool 100 shells in the clip.*

The next part has a wall with a window, a garage door, and an emerald in a 
file drawer. When you go past the protective wall the door will open and two 
bombers will bomb you. Run back to the wall and just stay behind the window to
remain undamaged. All you need to do is shoot the dynamite as it's in the air,
twice. After the bombers are bombed out, they will be replaced by archers. Hide
behind the tiny little sliver of wall between the window and the open. Barely
peek out just enough so that you laser point hits the center archer and shoot
a mine dart at him. This won't kill them, so now get behind the window, pull
out your rifle, and kill all three as they get up. Now go through and look 
behind the bricks on the right for another bad guy. Grab the herb, some ammo 
in a box on the wall, and leave. 

5.1 Where Monsters Dwell (5001wmd)
+Nominee for 'Best Part of the Game' Award+

*Ready your Killer7 if you got it.*

Go to the left (the door leads to the kitchen) and save. All the hallways have
at least one item so check red boxes and check a shelf. Go into the only room
you can enter (to the south).

*If your full on items, then wait for later. However, if you don't have a red
grenade, be sure to get the one in the red box on the wall.*

Look through the window, then go to the panel. Here is the solution: turn blue
panels once, green twice, and red thrice; go in the room. 

*NOTE: This is one of the spots where the PS2 version's graphics really suck.*

Collect some ammo and read a paper. Then go grab the key. Now turn around, pull
out your strongest weapon (Striker, Rifle, Killer7, grenade) and unload all you
got onto the Regenerator. Here is the best plan: pull out your fairly upgraded
Striker, go stand in front of the door so the it stays closed, aim a bit up,
and then blast away at the monster's torso unmercifully. DO NOT SHOOT ITS LEGS!
If you do you will provided it time to perform an attack. Just blast the head
off, the arms off, and the stomach out and then just keep on blasting at its 
gut until it blows up. My Striker was at 9 firepower and I only had to use 13
bullets, and I did not take one hit; I expect the same from you. DO NOT SHOOT
ITS LEGS!!! Collect your reward, there is a gem in the monster's room, and 
then get out.

*Killer7 just needs a whole clip at default to waste these things.*

Hear the sounds of TERROR!!! The best thing is to have an incendiary in hand,
run down the hall, round the corner (second from the door), and then toss the 
flames at the feet of the monster. Then get real close and blast away as you 
did before. Grab the reward and go through the fence door. You can enter the 
cold door now and save the other Regenerator for later, but if you got the 
shells and another grenade, then read on. From the door, there is a path to
the left and a path to the right (two really). Both paths to the rights lead
to new rooms, but the next monster is in the second path, semi-hidden from 
view. You want to squeeze over to the left path and look at him clearly enough
so that you can toss a grenade at his feet. Then run up and blast him. If you
round the corner and try to blast him head on, expect to get whacked to the 
ground. Now make sure you have the four items in this hallway area and then 
enter the freezer room.

5.1 Cold Encounter (5001cec)

Go to the glass for a herb, get the rifle ammo, and go into the first room.
Use the machine to get the next key card and then deactivate the freezing unit
in the other room. Go and claim the Infared Scope. Once you do a Regenerator 
will appear to let you test your new ability. Equip it and run to the door,
do a 180 and aim at the numerous Plagas on the creature's body (may be on its
back), and it should explode from being unstable. Collect your reward and get
out of here.

*NOTE: It is easier to just run out of the little scope room and just start 
blasting him with the Striker.*

Kill whatever you didn't kill from before in the hall and go through the final

*NOTE: Do not leave without the Scope, or else...*

5.1 Dirty Job/Locked Up (5001dir)

Go into the room and use the controls, get the shadow over the dudes and use
it (try to get the two with one grab). Any survivors will rush the room
after the machine breaks. Go out and down, don't miss any items, and go into 
the room; collect the herb, ammo, and flash, and then exit. 

In the next room is one item in the red box. Around the corner are two 
"gladiator" type enemies. Use the Striker and quickly finish them; exit.

When you open the door at the end you will be in the midst of several Ganados.
I advise opening the door so that they see you and then back up into the 
hallway so that you can funnel them. When the coast is clear, come out and grab
the items on both ends of the stairs; you will come back here later so you can
leave them if you like. Take the door, go into the room at the end, save, and
take the other door on the wall.

*Don't reload an almost-empty shotgun, unless you have to.*

5.1 The Miracle of Science (5001mir)
+KEY and a pseudo-MINI BOSS: Iron Maiden+

This encounter would be considered a mini-boss fight, if you had missed out on
the scope; since you did it will be a breeze. Go through the door and the Iron
Maiden will show herself, itself, whatever. Pull out the sniper rifle with the
thermal scope attached and aim for the red spots on it's body; should be about
five on the front and one on the back. If the thing don't fall and you hit 
all the Plagas, then just keep sniping it until it dies. 

When it is rubbed out, collect the key, and then go smashing all glass covers
in the area in search of items. Then exit through to the next area. 

*If you cannot carry the items then just hold off, sell to the merchant, and 
then grab the items on your way back.*

5.1 Something Subliminal (5001sub)
+Save at least one flash bang from here on out, on top of the TMP ammo, but 
	three flashies would be better+


*I'll be honest, if the Mine Thrower is taking up space and you have plenty of
ammo for all your guns, just sell the thing right now and use the money to 
buy another Striker firepower upgrade, or the vest.*

*Also, the Killer7 has kinda run it's course. Now that you have the thermal
scope you can take the monsters yourself. There is really nothing more you 
need it for, so I say be thankful for its services and get half your money 

Step forward just enough so you can spot the six crows on the red beams above.
Poach them for cash and real rewards, then smash the crates, and take the 
elevator up first, before the merchant. Grab the herb and the shells up here,
and watch the short scene. Go back down and talk to the merchant if desired.
Try to get the Striker boosted up.

*If you don't kill the crows the first time, leave and come back to finish the

When finished go back to the previous room and grab anything you may have 
missed. Be sure to break all the glass, look at the containers on the wall, 
and check everywhere.

Save in the closet and make your way to the area with the stairs. There is an
ambush waiting for you. Use the mine gun if you got it, or just run up with a 
Frag in hand and toss it at the top of the steps, or just run up and start 
blasting away (this one will result in a few arrows though). Grab any items 
that you may have skipped and return to the holding cell. Go free Ashley and
watch the scene.

Afterward, grab the shells, the paper airplane, and leave Ashley here for now.
Go out and get the waiting ambush to funnel into the small hallway, use a hand
grenade if needed. You and your friend should exit to the waste area.

Three dudes are waiting in here as soon as you enter. I avise moving back and 
bit and staying protected from the archer; I mean you're using the door and
the wall as cover. The two other enemies will come to you and then you can 
run out and blast the archer, along with the fourth enemy, between the arrow
fire. Now put Ashley by the chair the corner, to the right of the button on
the console. You look toward Ashley, but make sure you can press the button 
too. When you press the button, press START and skip the scene, then turn 
around, and then blast the trio of bad guys before they can set. Now grab
the girl and jump into the garbage pit.

*NOTE: HOLD THE PRESSES! I found another secret! Before you move any farther
into the garbage room, make sure to check the dumpster on the left for a hidden
emerald. If you go too far into the room, toward the pit, then you won't have
another chance to grab it. Haha! I'm so awesome!*

5.2 Double Your Pain (5002dyp)

Yes, that is another Maiden, but it will only awaken once you open the gate up
the way. Quickly get through and close the gate, locking the old thing on the
other side. Now get to the other gate, turn around, equip the rifle with the 
thermals, and then snipe the Plagas as before. Collect your reward and some 

Go through the next gate and use Ashley's help to push the crate over the side.
Now run forward to the wall of trash, turn left, stop at the red barrel, and
then turn left again to snipe another Maiden. Collect the reward and the two 
items. Push the crate out of the way and exit. 

*FYI, there are dumpsters to hide Ashley, red barrels, and the gates that you
can use to kill these Maidens if you, for some reason, don't have the scope or
rifle ammo. The Striker will work, but the Maidens have a long range to grab

5.2 Construction Zone (5002con)
+This is where saving a few Flash bangs will pay off+

A small herd of enemies greets you, so blast away with the Striker. Collect 
the items run through the gate, and STOP before you hop down into the area with
the lava pit, fire pit, whatever. Get you Striker ready and then get a Frag
grenade in hand, then hop down.

Press start to skip the scene and toss the grenade (or you could toss any type
of explosive), and then run to the small control room in the corner. Quickly
put Ashley on the controls while you toss a Flash through the door she is 
standing next to. Then you turn and guard your door. If an enemy is coming, 
then whip out the Striker and blast away, but if a group of enemies are forming
outside then toss another Frag to clear them out. Make sure no one is coming 
for Ashley, use the Striker up close, a Frag from a distance (not mines), and
just wait for the wall to crumble (if Ashley gets picked up you will have to 
put her back on). And make sure you grab the two items in here too. After the 
wall crumbles, run through Ashley's door. If there are enemies in the way use
your final Flash grenade to cover your escape; if nothing, then you are free 
to leave. Whatever you do, don't dilly dally around here for long.

*So long as you kill the big guy, the rest should be cake. Even if you take a 
lick or two.*

5.2 Of Death and Doors (5002odd)


*Remember, don't reload guns if you want to max out capacity upgrades. Can't
stress this enough. In fact, you should be almost done will all your main 
upgrading. There SHOULD only be a few power upgrades for the Striker and rifle,
and you should not have bought any Exclusives. Also, if you have the cash, be
sure to buy the vest now. Otherwise you won't get much use out of it.*

Get out your rifle with scope attached, go forward a bit, and tell Ashley to
stay. This should trigger the nearby Regenerator to reveal itself, and for
you to snuff it out. Go forward a bit and tell Ashley to return, and now you 
can take out the second Regenerator. Look in both tiny rooms for about three
items, press the button in the second one, and then use Ashley's help to get 
through the door. Grab the herb and then go to the big door. Leave the girl on
one side and you go to the other. The goal is to pull the levers as the big,
red light in the center is lit up. May have to try a few times, but you can
do it.

Now before you move on, turn around and visit the merchant in the broom closet.
An herb in the locker, buy the vest if you can and any other Striker upgrades,
and then save before you move on.

5.2 Bull Ride on a Cattle Drive (5002bul)
+Honorable Mention for 'Best Part of the Game' Award+

Get the stuff for your road ahead. Get on the bulldozer and postion yourself
so that you face the back. Like the last ride you took, just don't let anyone
make it on your transport. If they do, blast them off the back. Items are
good, but do what you need (you can't jump off while moving). And the Striker
is the weapon of choice.

At some point, a truck will try to run you over from the back; just shoot its
front to stop it. Continue the routine until the truck starts back up, and do
the same once again.

The half-way point is when you arrive at an elevator shaft. Jump off and climb
a ladder on the right. Now you have a choice: either run around the top and
kill dudes, while at the same time sniping dudes who approach your woman; or
you can jump right back down, jump back on the dozer, and defend Ashley more
effectively from here. Either way, you must at some point go up, collect the 
items, kill anyone up here, and pull the lever. Get back on and get ready for

I would snipe the two guys up high before they jump in with you (they are seen
after you start moving again). Now the fight heats up a bit, as enemies will 
drop from above, swarm the back, and reveal numerous Plagas. Flash bombs help,
as will any type of explosive. You have to watch for the ones who fall 
directly behind Ashley. Otherwise, just blast the enemies off the back. At 
some point another truck will go kamikazee from the front. Just blast it in 
time and you will live.

5.3 Not Again! (5003not)


*Last time I remind you to max out capacity upgrades by not reloading.*

*Now is a good time to sell all your spare Incendiaries and Flashes. But you
don't have to toss the rest, you will get more.*

Grab all items around here (second cat piece and look in drawers). Another good
merchant, but still nothing new. Save and exit.

Watch the scene. To the left of the steps are some gold bars. Grab the little
note and continue for another scene. Snipe the guys you can see in the room 
with boards on the window. Some may try to rush you, so handle them; also
there is an emerald in the ceiling window. 

In the boiler room, several enemies await. I recommend running under the metal
catwalk on the left side; let them come to you, but watch for the arrows.
One may be in the small closet, which has two items, and more may still be in
that one room, which also has items. After you explore, exit.

5.3 An Old Friend (5003aof)
+Nominee for 'Best Part of the Game' Award+

Go forward for the only item here, and then up the lift. Go forward. Now, this
is not a cutscene; it is an interactive fightscene with a boss character, but
is not a boss fight. There are seven times when you must push two buttons at
once; five where you are, and one plus a button mash on the bottom level. I
do not want to deprive you of the coolness in this encounter; so I will be 
extremely unhelpful and say "Do It Yourself!" (you can see Leon die in many 
cool ways, I sure did). Anyway, when it's over, leave.

*Be sure to pay extra attention during the final button mash.*

*TIP: If the camera is zoomed in, expect a press; if it feels like a press is
coming, it probably is.*

5.3 Lasers For Losers (5003lfl)
+Nominee for 'Best Part of the Game' Award+

The first laser is real easy, just run through. The second calls for you to 
wait for the triangle to appear and the moving laser to be going upward, then
run through. 

Have quick finger muscles for the third approaching set. When a whole bunch
line the walls, run in, press the combo, and be ready to do it again all in 
one motion. 

Once you press the door button, more will pick up speed as they approach from 
behind you. If you are too close to the door, they will kill you in the blink
you an eye. So after they appear, run toward them to get more response time
and do the combo. Then go into the next room, turn around, and look up; shoot 
the treasure down. Go to the throne for an emerald and do the "?" command.
Use the elevator to leave.

5.3 Last Minute Merchant (5003lmm)


Get the stuff under the stairs. Go to the caged area behind the merchant and
get the things. Then pick up the paper, and then talk to your friend. Here you
should upgrade the Striker to max or whatever, also consider doing the same
for the TMP (now is the time to get the bodyarmor, if you haven't already).
Go through the big doors.

*PRO TIP: Get a rocket and free up more spaces so you can gain all the items.*

5.3 Caged In With "It" (5003cag)
+BOSS: U3 aka "IT"+

Part 1

Grab items along the path. Watch the scene of the new boss. This is the first 
half of the battle. When the fight starts, shoot it about four times with the
Striker and he will go away. Go to the back of the cage, whip out your handgun,
and shoot the green light; press the button. On your way back, IT should appear
and try to take you with him; again, four-six shots does it. Pick up any items
in your path (2), and shoot the green light to go for the last button. Then
make a mad dash for the exit.

*As you move around and IT is not present, it will take jabs at you, so dodge.*

In the next cage, pick up the stuff(2) and enter the center area to confront IT
once again. Here is a trick, go to the right where you can see a green glow, 
but can't see the light; if you shoot when the red dot from your gun is 
on the metal beam, you should hit the green light. After your skirmish, go to
the panel in the front area of the cage. Then head toward the back area, shoot
the green light above the door to get to it. Once you push it, run to the door,
and get out. 

*Sorry for using IT and it in the same sentences. 'IT' means the boss.*

After you press the first button, be ready to run into IT's transformation. IT
will grow a big tail; that is the weak spot. This fight may require some licks
on your part, but don't let him get you. Blast the tail and it should go away
in no time. Go through the center aisle, and quickly go to where you can
shoot the green light behind some bars. Go all the way back and follow the path
where the last panel should be; press it and make a dash for the exit (if you
manage to get inside the narrow passage, IT will not be able to attack you). 
Jump over and be done with the first part.

Part 2

*Wii Note: You're given the items before the battle.*

Get either your TMP or the Striker out. When you run up, IT will come back, and
activate the fight (any damage prior will not count). There are three items,
two barrels, and a trap point for him. Depending on how hard you hit the tail,
IT will always be approaching you, so hit IT often. The levers lead to the trap
which is done by leading IT in one end (use the barrel in here), and then 
pulling the lever on the outside to temporarily trap IT inside. This is when I
pulled out the TMP and unloaded all it could take on the tail.

*This did it on the Cube, but on the PS2 it will break from your stream of fire
and go underground.*

When IT is underground, proceed around cautiously; he will take about three-
five jabs at you before surfacing. Try to use a barrel after he surfaces. When
IT reveals IT-self, unload your clips of either TMP or Striker bullets to take
him down. You will need to repeat this process a few times, but be careful of
his lunge attack which can slice you in two. Remember, the tail is the weak
spot, and possibly the only spot. I would advise running to avoid taking too
much damage. Grenades will help.

*PRO TIP: A rocket at the start will end this battle. On PRO it may take a few
extra hits, so just use the TMP if so.*

*Wii Tip: It took a rocket and one TMP bullet. So go figure.*

When over, collect any things lying around and take the door. If you cross back
to the other side, there is a herb for you. Go up the ladder to exit.

5.3 Out of the Darkness (5003ood)


Go up the ladder, get the two possible things, and leave. Go to the edge and 
aim for the red barrels surrounding the campsite; one or two may survive. Grab
any dropped items, search for more items, and then head down. In each little
cave are great treasures; now you can complete the cat. This is the point in
which I got the last upgrade for the Striker, and boy does it pay off in the 
next boss fight. Do what you must, save, and then enter your next boss battle.

*Oh yeah, an emerald in the ceiling of the cave in the front part.*

*If you managed to somehow scrape by without ever buying the TMP, then gosh
darn it, you probably don't need it! But this is a time to consider it yet

*NOTE: Don't worry about the vest if you still haven't got it. It would almost
be worth buying, but an upgraded Striker is probably a better choice.*

*If you got the dough go ahead and buy the final upgrade for the TMP.*

5.3 Clash With a Soldier (5003cws)
+The knife does quite a bit of damage to him for this whole fight+

*NOTE: Either the TMP or Striker are good gun choices.*

Part 1

A herb lies in a little aclove. Jump down for and go forward. Once you get 
control back, run to the building ahead. Go up the ladder and ready your 
Striker for the coming confrontation. When Krauser gets up with you, unload on
clear shots, but he will try to dodge your attack. When he does get right next
to you, just back up, no need to run. He should miss you, and you can get in 
another attack. When he takes enough licks he'll toss a flash and run away.
Snake any items in the shanty.

*When he gets close, you get a small window to knife him before he knifes you.*

*You can also wait in front of the ladder opening and knife him for as long as
you are able.*

When you go out the open door, he will be waiting behind some cover. He will
toss a grenade if given time, and then try to shoot you with his TMP. Just 
blast him so he stops shooting, and eventually goes away. 

Go to the bottom of the steps and snatch the ammo in the window. Get out your
rifle, with the normal scope, and run up to the start of the bridge and aim 
toward the top of the building; shoot him as soon as he is sighted. A few shots
will force him to jump down and charge at you, so stop his advance. 

The building has a few good items in and above it. Proceed down the right path
until you confront him again. Shoot him with your Striker to force him down,
and repeat the same pattern as necessary. He will talk at one point, so just
respond. Don't let him shoot you, and avoid his grenades. When he vanishes once
again, a statue will pop up. Grab any items, and push the statue over, then up,
then in between the opening, and get it on the pad. Pull the lever to go out.

Get some Frag grenades ready. When you round the corner of the building (the
southwest corner), toss your bomb over to where you can see his shadow; if you
do it right, your grenade will blow his up and cause him to leave. If he stays
around, just do more of the same. Pull the lever to drop down. Get the 
Blacktail ready.

Robots, not really enemies though. Shoot the two you can see, and then go to
the path by the destroyed wall. A little bugger will pop up, so pop it first.
Just run up and face the hallway, quickly blow up the dudes in the hall, and 
then run through it. A converstion, after which two droids will pop up and 
chase you, so go back into the hall to handle them safely. Go up the stairs 
with your Striker in hand, and climb the ladder. Remember, you don't have to
kill all the enemies to move on.

Part 2

*IMPORTANT: If you wish to make this one of the easiest boss battles in the 
game, listen to this new info.*

Get the items up here before you grab the second piece. Do the dodge combo. 
Now is the time for my cool (original?) strategy for beating him and not moving
from the start point. After the dynamite scene, whip out the knife, wait for
him to charge right next to you and try to attack, and SLASH HIM! Slash him 
when he staggers, slash him when he attacks again, slash him when he doesn't 
stagger, and slash him at every chance. Its okay if you get hit a few times,
just wait until he gets close. Believe me, if you do it right you never have to
move an inch, but if you want to chase him down and keep slashing, that is 
fine too. It seems that slashing his head will make him kneel down more often.

*Bottom line: the knife is all you need, you may need to move or take some 
damage, but the knife is all you need.*

The knife does massive damage to Krauser and Krauser alone. Every time I fought
him he would charge, but if he doesn't then you should try to see if you can 
get out of the fight without losing much; if you do end up losing a whole lot
after a failed knifing attempt, don't be afraid to RETRY until you get the best
result, or just take what you get. Maybe a little bit of gunplay wouldn't hurt.

*Wii Tip: The knife plan does not fully work on the Wii. Instead, you will need
to mix bullets and blades. Get some distance and use the TMP to nip at his 
legs. When he gets close, back away and hope he does the kick attack or 
anything that will miss. When he misses on a physical attack, that is your 
chance to run up and swing the Wiimote. Granted, you'll take a few hits, but
you should survive with only the bare minimum healing items. It's not that 
hard people.*

When he falls, quickly pick up the last piece and run to the big door. Put in
all the pieces and exit.

5.4 Chopper Assault (5004ntb)

*PRO TIP: Just do the work yourself. Seriously, he won't do much after the 
first turret. He either takes way too long or does nothing. Mines work well 
for this area. He helps only after a long time of being pinned down.*

*NORMAL: You just have to wait for the chopper, you can't control it at all.*

*Wii Note: You get the fastest service in the house! No really, the copter will
move quickly to the major chokepoints and clear them for you. Makes one of the
longer levels about half the usual time, and you only need to do very little.*

*When he says 'Take cover!' he means it.*

Save. Go forward and watch the cool scene. When you get control, go to the
little safe point where some crates are, or in the tent, so long as you
avoid being hit. Try to use the chopper and wait for him to blow up the
gatling gun. Proceed along the upper path, taking shelter behind the blast
shield. Waste anyone who gets too close and wait for the gate to be blown away
(herb up the ladder). 

*PRO TIP: Don't wait for the chopper, just clear out the guys up above and then
climb the ladder. This should cause the chopper to blow away the gate.*

*There is a lower path to take, but it is a bit more complex; you may try it*

When you crosss the bridge you are under more fire, so run back to the shield
and once again wait for supporting fire. Go in, get stuff, then exit through 
the left door. Make a dash to the little shack that will stop the next gatling
gunner's fire. Kill the few dudes who try to take you out. When he stops his
firing, make a dash for the top of the stairs to a spot where he can't hit you.
Take out your rifle and hit his head; take the zip-line to his former spot
and collect the reward, the grenade, jump down, throw the lever, and get down.

*You can also zipline to damage the gunner, but then he is right next to you.*

Lots of goodies behind a small wall and some more down by the tents. When you
enter the next area, you are locked in and you come under heavy fire. Make
a dash for the tunnel to the left, but stop near the entrance and blast enemies
that make it past their buddy's suppressive fire. Wait for a gun to be taken
out and then go up the ladder. Run to the blast sheild, fending off any enemies
that try to attack. When another is taken out, quickly run along the catwalk 
and stop in the area where the the gun can't reach you; more waiting. When the
last gun falls, go up the path, kick down the door, and go press the button.
Collect any odd items and do the same button pressing on the other side. EXIT.

*PRO TIP: No help for you. You will have to snipe, Frag, Mine, or whatever the
operators yourself. You'll find your helping fire come AFTER you neutralize the
guns, so ... yeah. I don't have to tell you what to do, you'll find a way.*

5.4 Alone Again (5004alo)

Go up watch the sad scene, oh well. Turn around and shoot the emerald in the
pillar, and then get any odd items around. Another Emerald is in a piller 
toward the exit. Go to the cliff to see the crash site, then exit.


Go down the ladder, turn around and nab the last treasure in the game. Go into
the next area for a quick scene, then pick up the ammo and exit.


Collect all items around here, and save if needed. Open the dumpster and put
a round in whatever that is; this should cause the last regenerating creature
to appear from a cell. You know how to bring him down; two items in cell areas
and then exit.

*Wii Note: The jail is a bit different; more festive or something. But the 
Regenerator will not come out on his own. What you should do is run all the 
way to the end of the hall and climb to the platform where he cannot follow, 
and then just unload on him.*

5.4 Last Defense of the Commandos (5004ldc)

*Use everything that isn't tied down. Only four enemies and a boss after this.
And all you need for the boss is a few shotgun shells, and shells might be all
you need for the enemies too.*

This is the last big enemy encounter. Grab the few items in the start and then
go forward. There are many commandos in this area; more than I can count. Two
are in the front, so take them out. More should close in, so use the red 
barrels where applicable. If needed, run to the start area and let them funnel.
But you might as well just run around blasting dudes. 

*Try to use as many barrels as possible*

When so many are killed, a gatling gunner will appear so handle him. Wait until
the coast is clear and then collect all the items in the area (check lockers).
When you are ready, push one of the green buttons. This will spawn a whole
battalion to show up and rush from about every direction. I suggest going to 
the area below the building to reduce the swarm factor (or the start area).
Anyway, this is your chance to go Rambo on them, so I'll let you have at it.

Once the coast is clear, and you have the card. Go to the top and put it back
into the card slot, then go push both green buttons. In the next part are two 
shieldists. Blast them away, nab the ammo, and split.

5.4 Free From the Plague (5004ffp)


Go in for a scene. Go out for two gold bars, ammo, and a paper. Talk with the
old merchant, get your guns up there, but you only need the Striker and some
ammo in the big clip. Proceed.

*Wii Note: Just for the record, by this merchant I was about 13,000 short of
getting the last upgrade for the Blacktail, a gun that I didn't need anymore.
I had the Striker, SA Rifle, and TMP all on max. If anything, please get that
final Striker upgrade because all you need are some shells to get through the
rest of the game.*


There are two big guys here and some others. Handle them as needed (no more 
enemies in the game!). Go down the path that takes you back to the last room,
and go up the catwalk for a few items. When you get back, proceed onward.

*Wii Note: Only one other guy with the two big ones.*


After the scene, go up for some stuff and the last paper; exit.


Here you are the last merchant in the game. Some items are around, but don't
go down the steps until ready. Get last minute upgrades, but you only need the
Striker for the final battle.

*Sell any extra R+Y+G herbs, you should be at max and they are worth a lot.*

Save and go down the steps.

5.5 The Final Battle (5005bat)

The final battle at long last. Target the eyes on the legs. Use the red barrels
and use the cranes when he gets close to the control box. Watch out for the 
few beams standing up that Saddler will toss at you. If you are on a different
strip of platform than him, he will hurl more beams at you; for both types just
use the dodge buttons. Crossing the falling bridge is simple, just do the 
button press to make it and tap rapidly to get up. Items on both sides of the
platforms if you need them.

Shoot the eyes when they open with your shotgun. Then climb. Something that 
might come in handy are a few explosive grenades, but they are not needed. 
After you have climbed and cut his eye, try to run to the back of him and 
quickly target one of the back eyes. If you fail and he turns around, start 
backing away or resort to some explosive.

*Wii Note: Perhaps one of the easier bosses. Just get the front eyes twice, a
back eye, two explosive cuts, and then one crane, or any combination and Ada
will save the day.*

*Grenades, mines, and any explosives will stagger him and allow you to knife 
him. Though, I think the eyes are more important.*

Regardless of how you get him damaged, at some point Ada will toss a special 
rocket launcher onto one side of the platform. It is special because all you
have to do is aim at him and shoot to end the battle. Just make your way to the
rocket, free up room for it, and then fire.

*You are done fighting, and you really don't need anything.*

Afterward, grab the pesetas and run back, collect any easy items (for that 
round 2 you want to play).

5.5 Jet-Ski Fun (5005jsf)
+Don't leave Ashley behind!+

Just run until you reach the vehicle. Press the analog stick forward to go a 
little faster. You will always stay on track, but you are controlling where you
are on the track. So you can only move left or right. When you reach the 
various obstacles in the way, just dodge and know that the next will be on the
other side.

After the speed picks up, make sure you are at max speed. It is not that hard 
so enjoy this last little ride. Watch the end scene and congrats, you just beat
one of the best games ever! (would you like some more cheese with that ending?)

*Now make sure you save so you can load that file and start a round 2; and I 
expect you to do so. 'DJ, rewind the tape!'*


*8. Bosses (1001bos)                                                          *

The references obviously mean the info is above; I did not want to waste
any space with the old COPY and PASTE, so get up out my FACE!!!

The info here is if you do not do what I tell you. Only a few bosses have added
information here.     

*NOTE: All bosses have different attacks. Some hurt you, some grab you, and 
some will kill you in one shot. Some are unavoidable, but most will give you
the DODGE press; if you are grabbed usually turn the stick rapidly. And always
keep your distance.*

*Also, a rocket seems to work on just about every boss.*

*Wii Note: Yes, you get slightly weaker versions. As in they do a little less
damage and they have less health.*

     EL Lago (6006lag)

Refer to The Lake.
Code: (1003lak)

Only one way to fight this boss. Throw a freaking harpoon!

     EL Gigante (6006gig)

Refer to The Quarry Pt 2.
Code: (2001tq2)

It takes preparation to fight him properly. After you've made the decision that
you don't want to wait around for a rocket, then you must start saving all your
flash grenades and TMP ammo. You must also start maxing out the TMP as far as
you can.

After the battle starts toss a flash bang. While he is stunned pull out the 
TMP and blast away. Stop when he kneels and stop for nothing else because he
should fall. Now run up and make sure you press the right button. If done 
quickly enough he should fall after three rounds. When you get off him just 
toss another grenade and repeat.

When the dog appears, use that time to get him down. But the dog will not have
his attention the whole time. Your attack pattern may need to include running
around and trying to avoid his blows, but this will become tedious. Use bombs,
the shotgun, rifle, whatever you think will damage him the most.

     EL Gigante Round 2 (6006eg2)

Refer to Round 2 With EL Gigante.
Code: (2003r2g) 

This time he is optional. You may run for the exit, but you will miss many good
items. Use the boulders on the cliffs when he is under them, and you will have
a little more time. Blast the chains on the doors to proceed. You will need the
key in a shack to exit. Flash grenades will help you flee.

Again, if you bring flash/TMP, then you're good to fight him the old fashion

     Village Chief (Bitores Mendez) (6006vic)

Refer to Battle With the Chief.
Code: (2003bwc)

Make sure you use the cheap tricks I discussed earlier. Nothing to add here.

     The Right Hand (Verdugo) (6006trh)

Refer to Battle With the Right Hand    
Code: (4001brh)

You must utilize all four nitrogen tanks in the area. One in the power room,
one in the tunnel, one in a side room, and the last one in the elevator room.
Going in and out of doors is tough, and all about luck. When he is frozen, 
whip out the TMP and start shooting his head. Do this four times and he should
die. If not, then keep the TMP and keep shooting his head until he spews blood
and dies.

The hardest part is running around during the first part of the fight when you
are trapped with him. Just turn tail and run around like crazy and hope you 
two don't cross paths.

You can always run in circles and wait for the elevator to show up. It is up
to you if you fight him. But if you do just wait him out, then perhaps 
finishing him off is not a stretch.

     Los Dos Gigantes (6006ldg)

Refer to The Two Giants.    
Code: (4002ttg)

This will be difficult to fight both at once (only way to get both rewards on
the PS2). I would recommend bringing a ton of flash grenades, and while one is
blinded shoot the other; throw another when both recover. They will cover 
each other when you climb on one, so good luck. A magnum helps, but missing a
shot is easy. Could try to ground both at once with mines and hand grenades.

I recommend just swallowing your pride and melting one in the center. Then you
only have one to deal with and you can repeat the flash/TMP combo to finish it
off with ease.

     Salazar (6006sal)

Refer to Showdown With the Castellan.     
Code: (4004stc)

You have to irritate the eye in order for Salazar to show himself, he is the
actual weak spot of the monster. I would recommend going to the right side of
the ledge (so the eye is visible), and shooting the tentacle on the side so it
will not bother you. The head's big crushing attack should miss you and so
should most other attacks.

I would use either the TMP, or the Striker. Just keep shooting the eye until
the little guy shows himself, and shoot him with a strong gun (could use the
Broken Butterfly). Just continue doing this until he falls. 

There are numerous items everywhere, and little Plagas will always be on the 
ground. Save up Flash bangs for them if you come into this battle with little
ammo, and use them down there to grab some.

     "IT" (U3) (6006itu)

Refer to Caged In With "IT".
Code: (5003cag)

When the battle starts, run to the caged area to the side. Enter and follow it
to the otherside, and then turn around and shoot the red barrel as IT gets near
it. Now open the gate and run through, then close it before he can get through.
Now unload everything you have on his face. The TMP is the weapon of choice. 

If you can't kill him before he goes underground, then all you have to do is 
press the button combo a few times before he pops up. There is one more barrel
by the rock and that should be enough for you to finish him off. 

If you are playing PRO, then it usually takes a rocket at the start and then 
just a few extra TMP rounds.

     Krauser (6006kra)

Refer to Clash With a Soldier.   
Code: (5003cws)
Go see what the knife strategy is in the guide. I may have been the first to
find it, I do not know and will not say so.

*NOTE: My original strat for Krauser*

Here is the big fight. First grab the items on the end, and then pick up the 
piece behind the ladder entrance. Do the button combo to avoid death. With
this battle, all you really need to do is be able to hit his legs. Not his
shield, as some shots won't count for being on the shield-arm and will not get
the spread damage either. He will perform many attacks that give you the button
press to dodge, except for his kicks. So aim for the legs, and shoot the head
when exposed; shoot his head anytime it is exposed, even after attacks. Just
relocating when he does an attack will usually mean he misses; depends on the
attack motion. Also, stay away from the edges, or you will be forced to tap
rapidly to get back on. Keep in mind the time limit, and just be aggressive.

*NOTE: All Krausers in Ada's games are basically the same as this one. So use
the knife tactic when you have one.*

     Saddler (6006sad)

Refer to The Final Battle.
Code: (5005bat)

Use the sniper rifle from afar, grenades can randomly hit eyes, and you don't
have to CUT, you can attempt to position behind him for a back shot, but don't
count on it.

Hand Grenades, Mine Darts, and even a rocket will all help in this fight. 
Especially after the front eyes are blown away. Getting the back ones are the
crucial element of this battle and the hardest thing to do.

If the big eye is ever visible, shoot it!


*9. Assignment Ada (assiada)                                                  *

This is for the people unsure of what to do for this brief minigame.


*No knife
*No Merchants
*No money or treasures
*Kill Plagas with the rifle
*Only difficulty is in managing your small case
*Has to be completed in one runthrough, no saving
*Just a single boss

From the start, go forward until you can see two enemies and shoot at one, this
causes both to run toward you. Stay on the first side of the gap and shoot them
as the approach to drop them into the water. Go forward and you may do the same
tactic for these four guys if you wish. Up the cliff to the north are two items
that must be shot at. 

Come back and cross the gap to enter the base area. Three commandoes wait in 
the open area behind the broken wall, I tossed a grenade to take them out. When
you go forward a ways this will trigger the onslaught of a mob of soldiers and
a gatling gunner. I ran back across the gap and sniped the archers, then I made
sure when I shot at the rushing enemies it would hit two (just make sure they 
line up). When the big guy appeared I sniped him too, takes five shots. Either
way, when all is done mop up the survivors and grab all remaining items.

Go up the steps and proceed to take out the three guys in your way; I believe
the two barrels in the nook to the right are empty, but you can try. Grab the
herb and then exit.

Go forward and the nearby Ganados should come forth of their own will; kill 
them with the gap, not gat. Snipe the guys along the path while standing from
the edge of the building. Go inside and stand by the green glowing area, or
whatever, as long as you take out the guys inside the catacombs. Find the few 
items and come back out.

A dynamite thrower will appear on the ledge above, so take him out. Take the 
small path to the left and follow it all the way to a red herb. When you come
back you will run into a number of enemies, use grenades for the larger group.
After them, take out the archer, but when you go to where the archer stands a
group of soldiers will come out of the door (I think it was just one). Anyway,
go to where the merchant once did business, and this will trigger a group of
enemies to rush you from the door behind you. Kill them and then snipe the guys
at the end of the path. Climb the ladder and INFILTRATE.

Below your position is a lone commando and in the small room are a few items.
Get the items scattered around the upper area; check red boxes, on shelves, and
watch out for two-three enemies around. I guess go to the surgery room first,
though the freezer room may be better, oh well.

In here, two enemies wait in the little room; just draw them out and have at it
with them. When you enter the dark room four more enemies will pour in from the
entrance, as well as the one guy in the room already. Toss a grenade at the 
small mob and handle the dude. When they are finished, grab the sample and head
back to the corridor area.

Hit up the freezer room, no enemies but plenty of items, including the sample. 
When you come back out, you will run into a small ambush that includes some
armored dude, so the rifle is the weapon of choice. Or just run for the exit.

You can't use the crane, but take out the two guys up here. As for the enemies
on the bottom, snipe them through the broken windows; worry about the gatling
gunner first and then the archers. One enemy may come up. When you get down to
the waste area some bombers will run in, but hopefully they will commit suicide
in stupidity. In the control area, kill the one guy and go in to trigger a lock
of the door. Kill him and unlock the door; do a 180 and mow down all the enemy
soldiers with the TMP. Collect any items and exit.

Grab the two items and then snipe all the enemies in the closed room through 
the opening in the door. When it is clear snatch the third sample and exit.

*If you are low on space and you should be, toss the scope, trust me on this*

In the big room kill anything that moves; two enemies are on both sides of the 
stairs. After you get the free things go to the door at the bottom, this will
trigger a small trap. Use the TMP, but draw out the shieldists and stay on
the small nook by the door, or you can try to run for the area below the steps.
Kill the grunts and toss grenades once the gunner gets close to the grunts.
When you try to exit more enemies will approach from the door, about four or so
will come forth. When you get to the end of the hallway two bombers will appear
and try to smoke you, but use their bombs against them. Grab the things in the
closet and exit.

No Iron Maiden, but a couple of enemies are in here. Take out the few enemies 
and get whatever items you can carry, there is quite a bit. When you are ready
go ahead and snake the forth sample in the tube. Once you do, enemies will pour
in, so I advise running to the area by the console (near the explosive tank 
and computers). Blow up the tank when it looks good and then whip out the rifle
to take out the metal guy and the remaining commandoes. More should be waiting
behind the door after you use the console. Get any last minutes items and exit.

Proceeding forward will trigger the boss fight with Krauser. Turn and aim your
TMP at his legs, keep a steady stream on him. Take some hits if you want to get
in damage, so long as you have the healing to back it up and you should. One 
good tactic is to let him get real close and shoot while he is attacking, just 
hope he is stopped. After you get him stunned and make him reel back in pain
about two times, it is up to you but you can exit to the last area. This will
save the progress you have made, in case he instant kills you, and you have a 
little bit of time to reload and heal. Also, when you come back he will be way
back and you get a clear shot. Up to you, but this is the only boss fight where
such a tactic can be used. Whether you fight fair or not, grab the last sample
when Krauser flees and use the lift, then the controls to finish the minigame.

*You realize any items after the fight are useless*

*10. Separate Ways (sepways)                                                  *

Yes, at the request of some I have added this little guide to Ada's minigame.


*No weapons upgrades, but you do get some cool new toys along the way.
*Only five short chapters, with just three bosses (one is shorta-new).
*You get a knife!
*Ada is slightly faster than Leon, so take note.
*This is for the most part a retread of Leon's quest in different order. 
*Every area is different, even areas that were safe will be choke points.
*I will assume you know the basics in this guide.
*Also, items are in new spots; like laying on ledges off the paths.
*No "Item Guide", I will tell you what to do as far as items.
*Merchants are in new locations too.
*I love the scenes with Leon fighting in the background and the new scenes, 
reasons enough to play this minigame.

Chapter 1 
-Ring the Church Bell-

As soon as you start, begin shooting the five or so villagers nearby (aim for 
the heads, in case you forgot it is daytime). Avoid entering any houses as they
will trigger an infinite stream of Spaniards. Just run around the houses and 
grab all the free goodies. Also free things at the exits, so don't miss out.

*One or two guys may linger in the area, if you go to the first south gate four
dudes will run into the center area*

Go inside one of the two houses Leon didn't go in to trigger the familiar 
scene. Now a none-stop horde of villagers will pour into the area, but I think 
only a few will ever be present (don't quote me, but I don't think you will run
into a maniac). Anyway, after a spell a chicken will leave a key on the roof of
that two-room house. Go get the key with the Grapple Gun option, and then jump
down. Now you can go into the houses and collect the last few items, and don't
miss the Elegant Mask in the two-room house on the bed. When you are good and
ready leave through the door. Shouldn't be too hard.

A merchant is waiting here, just buy the TMP and the case upgrade if money 
allows. Proceed as you did before, but when you get in the tunnel and go down
a ways, two villagers will drop down from where you did so turn around and 
handle them. Proceed while collecting all the items in the nooks and crannies,
just don't miss the gem. When you get to the old merchant spot an ambush is 
sprung, two from behind and two from the door; either run back if you are 
afraid or just fight'em. After that exit.

As soon as you get control shoot the lone enemy in front of you. Don't forget 
the nests in the trees and the crows on the graves, but when you enter the yard
about five villagers will approach you, so just fall back and let them funnel 
toward you. Shoot the crows, grab the items, snake the red gem, and proceed. 
Two or three enemies will be in your way as you pass the church. Go along
the cliffs killing this and grabbing that on the way to the Quarry gates. At 
the end is a chainsaw lady and two cohorts; just shotgun them and use hand 

Snatch the catseye and return to the area behind the church. If you forgot how
to solve this puzzle: turn 3 until all are lit up, then 4 until only two are 
lit, and then 3 for the last symbol. Grab the key, and oh no! two villagers.
When done with them, place the catseye into the slot to open the gate. On your
way out about six-eight enemies will try to rush you, but you have a narrow 
passageway that is great for funneling, just watch out for all the projectiles
(use the TMP). Shoot the nest in the nearby tree and enter the church.

When you enter I advise you to go right and let the villagers funnel to you in
the narrow spot, there are only four (or you can fight if you wish). Grab the 
few items laying around and then go up, about three dudes are up here so take
them on one at a time. A new puzzle, only because it is flipped upside down.
Here is a solution, do you see the little symbols on the edges of the circles?
For the red one have it pointing west, have the green one pointing east, and 
the blue one pointing south. That should do it, but if for some reason it 
doesn't, just use your best guesses to have each color land on the central 
symbol; in otherwords red, green, and blue must hit a part of the symbol. That
is it.

Chapter 2
-Rescue Luis-

Go back to the area were you first came as Leon, by the well. There are three 
crows, a pendant, and a few items. When you come back to the bedroom get any
items here and talk to the merchant. Really you can get what you want, but you
won't need the map and the rifle takes too much room. Downstairs, one guy is
in the small room at the back. When you exit you will see a chainsaw man in
front of you; handle him as you wish and his buddies. Ammo is on a log nearby.
The rest is the same as before: kill the villagers, shoot the nests, kill more,
and then exit.

Back in the village are just a few bad guys. Take them out as you wish, but now
new items are all over the place. After being here a minimum of four times, you
should know where to look. Two villagers will be in your path to the exit, one
waits in the shack behind the big house. Exit to the farm when ready.

Go forward and shoot at the guy minding his own business in the barn, this, 
besides being mean, will cause all the villagers to rush toward you. Just back
up and kill them as a group, use the shotgun or whatever. The only new item 
location is on the top of the barn; get to a side on the front of the barn and
use the grapple gun to get there. Same item placement, by the well, over the
side of the catwalk, etc. Just watch out for the numerous beartraps on the out-
going path. And don't forget the items that are in the fenced-off area. Save if
you really want to, and exit out the north gate.

No boulder sequence here. Just go to the end of the tunnel and kill the bomber
in front of you, another the the left, one behind the broken door, and another
waiting inside the little house. There are a whole lot of dudes in here so try
to blow them all up somehow. Go to the broken door from inside for the next 
scene. Great more backtracking.

Explore the area for the usual items. In the big house is a guy when you barge
in, and another in the back room. Collect all items and run back through the
tunnel. Here two guys will be waiting, try to use the bombs against them. When
you go forward some more about six villagers will charge you, so employ your
usually mob tactics. On top of the hill are two enemies between you and the 

*NOTE: Big find! Go to the area near where the villagers jump down from a 
bridge, no big deal right? you can't get up there. BUT WAIT, ADA CAN! There is 
a little indent in the ground by some trees, a little raised area where the 
ground pops up. Stand there and use the Grapplegun to get the darn 
Beerstein.* (thanks to my friend cockateal for this)

At the farm there are only a few new items. One along the path, one on the edge
of the path near the exit (can't miss it), and ammo by the save shack. EXIT.

You have two options here, after you kill the two villagers in front of you and
go forward for the funny scene, you can run past everyone and exit or you can 
fight it out. I recommend going Rambo-style and mowing down all opposition 
(afterall, this game is for the zombies). Anyway, you now know where Leon's 
stupid jacket went. No new items so exit.

Just run forward, watching scenes as you go.

Prepare for the DODGE prompt while the villager with the axe prays. Now it is 
nighttime and your worst fears are realized, Las Plagas! Kill the immediate 
threats and then grab the catseye in the chest. When you jump down try to kill
the villagers using their own bombs. Go out, kill, and go up the stairs to 
enter the control room. Check the lockers and you really don't need to talk 
with the merchant if all he has is the rifle and scope. Grab the key and head
back down the stairs to the exit.

Go to the right side of the shed for some goodies, and then enter for a maniac
and company. Just bust out the TMP and kill anything that moves. When your 
insanity is finished, go around collecting what needs to be collected. On your
way to the exit two guys will want you to kill them before you leave.

Yet again, TWO more villagers will be in your way, one has an explosive. As you
traverse the stairs you will run into three enemies. Ignore the merchant and
just turn on the lift, jump out the window and take a ride. As you proceed, 
don't miss the spinel on the ground. Ammo behind the building and items in the
building; save if you need to. You can also ignore this merchant, but grab the
little item before you grapple gun your way over the gate.

Two grapple gun points are in the second section, the first on the right and 
the other on the left, just don't miss the catseye. Items all over, you have 
eyes, they are in open sight. When ready go into the last section for your 
first boss fight. Suprise! its EL Gigante, again. I counted it and it takes 
just 22 TMP bullets to stun him. I will hunt you down and give you a good 
scolding if you don't know how to finish off one of these puppies by now.

*This fight may be optional, but just fight*

Just exit and walk forward to finish the village part.

*NOTE: If anyone knows where the beerstein is please let me know. And if you
bought a treasure map to find out, you will notice that there is one last 
treasure in the cabin area, but you cannot move past the door exit. Must have
been a mess up, oh well. Not like you need a lot of money.*

Chapter 3
-Retrieve the Sample-

*Save any grenades you come across, especially hand grenades*

The merchant right in front of you (so much for modesty) has quite a bit of new
things for your money. Get the attache upgrade first, then the rifle, and then
the bowgun if applicable; sell anything not glued to the floor. I hope you can
see the bolts right behind this guy. When you try to go up the bridge you will
be rushed by some cultists, watch out for the flying scythe. After them, get 
out your rifle and snipe the archer on the stairway, then kill the red cult
leader behind you to the side of the chest. There is another cultist you can 
see in the maze nearby. Collect any items around the bridge area and just wait
for a group to run in and open the gate; kill, kill, kill. 

Now you have the choice, either run around the maze collecting small items and
killing annoying cultists with Plagas, or just run up the stairs (at least grab
the few items around the center fountain). If you wander the maze, there are 
only four more cultists and about five more items; usually an enemy to each 
item. When you leave the maze be sure to grab what is in the room, but exit
through the door on the outside.

*Space should be tight after the bowgun*

A shieldist and an archer are there to greet you. When you turn the corner you
will be fired upon by two archers; try to quickly snipe the open one and then
the one by the door. Another is at the far end of the path, so snipe him too,
but with his Plagas showing he will charge in your direction very quickly.
Grapple over the opening to land in the area that once held the magnum, but be
quick to snuff out the cultist in here. Grab the items and go back over. When
you get to the door you should here a chanting, just open the door and kill the
fool on the other side. In the storage room, grab all items and talk with the
merchant for the bowgun if you didn't get it before. EXIT.

Smash the jars here, since he won't attack you. Then get out your rifle and 
step out into the open when the archer is not firing at you, where you are 
behind the red cultist. Shoot him, because he is stupid, and then handle the 
archer. Another enemy will approach you, and there is one last archer at the 
very end of the room. Grab the items, ready a grenade, and enter the trap.

Toss your grenade at the door, where it will damage the Garrador and blow off
the lock. Toss as many grenades as you have and then exit the cage. Just run
back to the dinner area and take out cultists as they approach. The bowgun will
help finish off the Garrador, as will any of the old tactics. Kill whoever 
survives the blasts and then place the hourglass in the chest; exit.

Run forward. Don't worry about Leon, worry about the bad guys ambushing you!
About four will come from the front and two from behind; use the lantern and 
whatever else to get free. Go through the door, and in the next part are the
two last cultists you fight. Don't miss the item on the ceiling, and exit.

Just run forward, no items; that is it for the Castle.

Chapter 4
-Stop Leon's Assassination-

Now is your chance to get the bowgun, but if space is tight don't worry about
it for now. Go forward for some commandoes to rush you, possibly an armored guy
will join in. Go to the small room for some supplies and then proceed. Shoot 
the red barrel to blast the enemies and then wipe up whatever lives. Keep an
eye out for any items that blend into the background. In the next room are 
just a few Ganados, but when you go forward more will rush in. Get the items 
before leaving to fight more enemies. If you back into the room you will have
some sort of protection. After them, snipe the archer and then go back to where
the truck is buring (don't miss the velvet blue) and grapple up. Get out the
shotgun and jump into the vent, try to take out the gladiator dude before he
attacks. Jump down, kill, grab item, go out, grab lynx, climb up rubble, grab
item, climb more rubble, jump down, grapple up to catwalk, and exit.

This cool new level is a little bit hard and annoying. Go forward for some free
stuff just laying around. Go past the gun and before you reach the bottom of 
the stairs pull out the shotgun. Once you are down, the guns on the ship will
commence firing upon you and a mob will swarm you, fun. Blast the nearby dudes,
but don't move until the guns stop firing, then get to some cover. Make sure 
everyone is dead before trying to get the items and the key; dash for them when
the guns stop.

*Just wait to get any of the items*

Once you have the key go back up the stairs between the fire and activate the
gun. I'm not entirely sure if the gun protects you, but try to kill some of 
the soldiers while you have it before you destroy all the turrets. When all is
burning, go back to the key area and get any stray items (look everywhere). Go
up the ladder and get any items up here; go ahead and grapple up to get these
few items, then drop back down. Cross the gap with the lifts, just press X at 
any time. On the otherside, three-four enemies will drop down to you and there
is an archer in the distance. Grab items and climb the ladder, up here do more
of the same (items are on top of things too). Climb the ladder, kill, grab 
stuff, and walk toward the door to trigger six turrets; one is in your face!

Move to the right and grapple with haste. Here grab the key and then run to the
little railed box to grapple over. Run to use this cannon; do what you did 
before, but do it faster and keep shooting turrets until you automatically lose
control of the gun. Jump down, cross the gap, and repeat what you did before 
once again, but don't stop to fight anyone but the last enemies by the exit.
As soon as you go through the door the battleship will sink. Grab the ammo and 
bolts here, talk to the merchant if needed, and exit; no need to save.

This place sucks. Go forward, you should find two things of ammo that are hard
to see. Kill, forward, kill, items; this repetition is really getting to me.
When you get to the drop off point, kill more :( . Once they are done with, get
out the rifle and snipe the guys far away. Go and get any items before gunning
your way up to the catwalk. Here, turn and go get the stone up the steps and 
then come back to get the attention of the enemies; shoot one in the leg and 
wait for the whole group to get right next to the barrel, then shoot it. When
you try to walk out the door a guy will rush you. Try to snipe the soldier you
can see from behind the door and then proceed. Cross the bridge and on the 
other side two shieldists will attack. Go where they came from to kill one last
enemy before you return to familiar territory.

Grab the bars on the side of the steps and go back to the crash site. Nothing
here but loads of things, including a stone for the kitty. Come back to the
save point and save if that is your thing. Go out and kill the two guys here
to meet you; shoot the window above for the last stone. You've been here before
so have at it with the killing and the snatching. EXIT.

Grab the lone item and grapple up. For the scene, all you have to do is press 
the combo when Leon is almost killed, hence the mission name. You should know
when to do it.

Chapter 5
-Obtain the Sample-

*Save a good number of bowgun bolts for the end, and buy the bowgun*

Get the last case upgrade, that should be it. Go forward and kill the archer.
When you forward some more, a gatling gunner will drop in; either bust out your
rifle or the bowgun to take him out and the commando. Grapple up the building
for some items and a guy; a blue eye is in the barrel, but at this point money
really means nothing.

Back down, when you move forward some more you will be rushed by more enemies,
just back up and handle them. An archer can be sniped by peeking around the 
corner, then back up to behind the barbed wire and try to snipe the bomber. 
When you get to the gate, even more guys will attack (hopefully the dynamite 
will take care of them. Up the ladder is an enemy and an item. Cross the bridge
to a choke point.

When inside, just blow everyone up with grenades and the shotgun. After you 
have proved yourself the door will open. Blast the barrel for the guys ahead of
you. Then take out the archer. Do the zip line thing, pull the lever, and go 
down for all the items before going into the battlezone (watch for the lone guy
in a tent). 

Nothing but archer in the last part. Shoot the barrel in front of you and then
look for some cover. All you have to do is peek out and snipe one of the four
to five archers one at a time until all is quiet. Careful as you scavenge for
items, when you get to one of the sides up top on the catwalk you will trigger
a gatling gunner to fall next to one of the levers you are close to (one dude 
is waiting in the little nook on the right side). Just use four rifle rounds to
take each one out as you activate the levers. Get all the items and leave.

An archer is at the top, a rocket man is by the chopper crash site, and two 
archers guard the exit. Check the first and second to last pillar for items. 
You should snipe the archers and the rocket guy. If you wish, you can go for 
the yellow herb in the barrel, but when you go down the narrow path four guys 
will drop in behind you. Either way, exit.

In the next area grab the ammo, drop down, grab the bolts, watch scene, jump
through hoop, do a triple 360, land on feet, and exit.

There are only five guys in the area, no monsters (though one is there). Snipe
the archer at the end of the hallway, and four more will rush you from the cell
a Regenerator lays in (no, he won't wake up). After them, scour the area for 
the various goodies. Save and talk to the merchant, though neither will really
help at this point. EXIT.


*Go ahead and attempt to use the knife trick*

Ready the TMP for the next boss fight. Drumroll please........... it's Krauser!
It is no different than Leon's fight, so know how to beat him. Other than that
you will just change location three times with some new items on the last two
platforms. The shotgun works well and so does the TMP, try the shotgun out for
this fight. After three big hits he goes down. Items, merchant, and a save, 
sadly none really matters at this point. Just grapple out of here.

*There is a lamp on the ledge, but you don't need it*

After the scene you will fight a new boss, at least he is different. Regular 
Saddler is fairly easy, if you listen to me. As soon as you get a clear beat on
him, fire your TMP at him. If he tenses up but you don't get a dodge prompt 
just move from where you are standing. Try to unload about 70 bullets onto him
and a scene will play where he turns your bullets against you. Try to run down
the ramp and avoid the spray. The only useful item is the herb near the end of
the ramp, but you won't need it if you have some healing stuff already.

*Ignore the ammo around the area*

After he fires, whip out the bowgun, it is the only weapon you can use with the
desired effect. Aim for his head! One shot does not do much, but if you can get
in a second you should be able to stun him and he will reveal his weak spot: 
aim for the eye! Get in the second shot at all costs! Even if he is charging at
you, shoot that head. If you do this enough, he is toast in no time. If you are
too chicken to take your licks, you will be at this for a while longer. Sit 
back and watch the scenes. 

When you get control, just run! Run past everything and everyone, take your 
licks and use healing items where necessary, but you shouldn't need to. When 
you are grappling no hits will damage you. If you don't see a path in front of
you, turn around. For some reason, the rockets at the end did nothing to me?
At point blank the blast killed the guy who shot the thing. The time should not
be a problem. Just run and toss the rocket to finish the minigame.

*11. The Mercenaries (mercena)                                                *

At long last I have finally worked up the courage to beat this minigame.

This section is by no means a guide, just a reference point.

Your goals in this game will affect how you play. If you want the highest score
possible, then you need to find every time boost and bonus time on the map. But
if all you want is the satisfaction of unlocking Wesker so you can be done with
the thing, then you will need to play strategically. I'll explain.

The high score is as stated above, just find everything possible and integrate
your skills in each round. This will unlock a new character, and will most 
likely lead to the handcannon, but all is put on the line.

If you want Wesker and that's it, then you only need to reach 30,000 and wait 
for the chopper.  Your goal will be to reach the score and then let the time go
by; so don't grab every single bonus in the area, you will only have to stay 
alive for that much longer. You can even stop grabbing time boosts once you get
near 25,000.

*You better be fast
*Knife boxes with Leon and Krauser
*Time equals scores, so do the math
*Rack up combos (consecutive kills)
*Use red barrels whenever possible
*Extra time is different from bonus time
*Bonus time gives a bonus for 30 seconds on all combos
*Do your best to combine bonus time with high combos, duh


LEON (the surgeon) 4/5
Duh, who else would you start with? He has two simple weapons, the handgun and
the riot gun, with the access to hand grenades. He is run and gun. Not Rambo-
style, but close. I would advise focusing use of the shotgun, as a far-away
shot usually blasts off the heads of enemies.

ADA (tactical) 2/5
Of course the second choice. She had a punisher, TMP, and semi-auto rifle, with
access to both incendiaries and flash grenades. She has her uses, but I did not
use her to unlock anything. You can try her out, though I grow tired of her.

KRAUSER (brute force) 5/5
Finally, after all of the fights with this guy, you get to use him. He comes
with only a bowgun (not to be confused with the Separate Ways bowgun); this one
fires simple arrows that are one-hit kills (sorry, two hits on the PS2 I 
think). He is cool because of his special ability, he can perform that thrust 
attack with a transformed arm (the game will inform you how). On the Cube, he 
is my favorite.

HUNK (rapid-fire) 4/5
Apparently a crucial player in RE2. He is pretty cool, as he has a custom-made
TMP and comes with many hand grenades. He does an awesome neck-breaking move
on stunned enemies.

WESKER (powerhouse) 3.5/5
The mastermind behind RE4's story. Packing a silencer, Killer7, and a 24-round
rifle, as well as access to all grenade types. He does a neat little thrust- 
punch on stunned enemies. I don't like him only because I am not a fan of using
any of his guns on this fast paced game; they just take too long.

NOTE: I'm not sure exactly on the grenades everyone uses.

NOTE: ratings are pure opinion.


Village - 4 Star/30,000 unlocks Ada
You should be sick of this place, but there is reason to come back. As with all
stages, this one has a few new changes. The one building that was blocked off
in the main game has been opened; it's got two stories and two bonuses. Window
placement is altered so that there is no place to set up camp. Just use the 
knowledge you have gained from the main game to find out where to find stuff.

You only face villagers here so it should not be too bad. Since there are only
a few bonuses, I advise running around in the early game and collecting them
along with whatever you can find. You need to watch out for the dual chainsaw
ladies that will spawn whenever you reach a certain kill point. They take a 
lot to die and come in two, so do what you do best. 
Your only choice is Leon, but feel free to test out all new characters here 
after you unlock them.

Castle - 4 Star/30,000 unlocks Krauser
This stage is completely new, at least as a whole. You will notice that it has
incorporated sections of the castle into one stage, but every part is different
from what you remember. Just know that there are three levels that are joined 
by a series of close-together stairs. 

You know what the cultists pack: shields, scythes, bows, and Garradors. Going
out into the open will leave you vulnerable to bolt fire, but fighting in any
closed off area gets tough quickly. As in the village, the Garrador will appear
after a period (blast grenades help). Also one on the top level.

I advise Leon, using the shotgun for everything. Run forward and kill the guys
in the immediate vicinity, and the next few groups. After the scythe guys start
to show up, run up the door and fight it out on the second level. After another
spell and you have all the stuff (avoiding arrows), go to the third level. This
is where I made my stand, by the barrels in the open area opposite the door.
All I did was blast enemies and wait for time to expire. I was able to run past
the Garrador on the second level, but your results may vary massively. This 
approach netted me Krauser, but to each his(/her) own.

Commando Base - 4 Star/30,000 unlocks HUNK
One word, Krauser. He rules this stage and all in it. The bow is awesome! The 
level comes with tweaks, but I believe in you. The "JJ's" as they are called
(gatling gunners) drop in much faster than the other big enemies did, but just
know that Krauser's health can handle a few licks. Try to use his special 
whenever possible and when you are surrounded, but don't try too hard. It was
actually pretty easy, as far as getting HUNK goes.

Waterworld - 4 Star/30,000 unlocks Wesker
Completely new, and completely hard. Depending on luck, or possibly character
choice, you will eventually notice that this stage is ruled by a HUGE CHAINSAW
MANIAC! He takes way more to drop, and is unaffected by the red barrels, unless
it is enough to kill him. He stops for nothing, and I don't even know how he 
shows up in high areas, or how he climbs ladders, I'm too busy running as fast
as possible.

HUNK was my tool of choice here. I didn't see the big guy until late in the 
the fight; whereas with Leon, the big guy was there from the start. I remember
a large amount of explosions going one here, with the barrels, grenades, and 
the constant stream of bombers. 

I barely squeaked by with nabbing Wesker, so I'm not about to attempt to tell 
you guys how to go about tackling this stage. 

NOTE: all stages have alterations of their originals.

Again, 60,000 for the Handcannon. Good luck for getting just one 60,000.

*12. PRO (9999pro)                                                            *

First off, PRO is harder! For anyone, you will die at least once, trust me. 
There are just way too many one-hit kills this time around. So here are all 
the big changes from normal to hard:

*Less mercy, you will get less items
*More damage taken
*Enemies take more damage to kill
*Added enemies in some spots
*Enemies tend to dodge bullets more

The way to play is conservation of ammo, money, and health. Which seems like a 
no-brainer, but where you found difficulty on normal, now it should be harder 
with all the new factors. It should be like playing the game the first time, 
you just know what's coming. Expect to take a lot of one-hit kills, even in 
times where you think you are winning, a hit may come from nowhere and end it 

So, how do you play PRO? Basically, two hits and you are dead until way late 
in the game. The game plan is to avoid damage, and more so than in normal. 

This is how I play: use the handgun by default. That's simple. Just aim for the
knees and any enemy will hit the floor, except for monsters. This will get 
you past the village section hopefully ahead of the curve. I used the shotgun 
on the maniacs and during the cabin shootout, a few other places too, and that
was it. Use the handgun for almost any situation. If you want to run out of 
ammo for any gun, it is the handgun.

Save all shotgun shells for fatties and crowds. And when you get the TMP for 
the giant fight, only use it on other giants and Mendez, and a few other spots.
The rifle should equal headshots, and you should be chasing rifle ammo the 
whole game. Use the magnum to your best judgment, or sell it, but just pick 
one or the other soon after you get it. And the Mine Thrower is a good choice, 
but your call. 

Another thing, do you think keeping your basic weapons will save money? It 
may, or it may be money well spent. I mean at the start of the castle, you 
have to decide whether to upgrade, or rough it out, but do it at the start of 
the castle. Don't forget the decision on Punisher vs Handgun. And which 
shotgun you want to finish the game with. You will get a little less money in 
PRO, believe me, so you can't get every shinny new gun, or you could, but with
less upgrades. 

Grenade managment is key too. Use a green one when surrounded, or you see a 
mob incoming. Save all flash grenades until you face the last giants (use some 
on the Armaduras too). Incendiaries are good on Mendez, other than that, I 
guess toss them first.

Health is abundant, but will be eaten up fast once you hit the castle. Usually 
two hits is death, and you will take a hit and still have a lot of health. So 
that will affect the game later on when you are hurting for health.

Those are factors I think about each time I play, seem obvious, but I know 
someone uses the shotgun and grenades like they grow in crates. And saying 
that, the game isn't brutal, it will toss you some ammo and health if you 
need it, but not all the time. 


Here are tips to get through the village section easy:

*Use the shotgun only when needed, save every shell for the cabin fight if able

*Save grenades for Mendez once the sun goes down

*Consider the Rocket Launcher for both El Gigante fights, if you got the space
and don't want to waste money on the TMP for the whole game

*If you do skip the TMP, sell flashies and TMP ammo ASAP

*It is easier on the PS2, both in less enemies in the cabin and you can just 
give Ashley the stupid armor, which kills any challenge (you can lead her to 
any place, leave her, and all the enemies will try to grab her)

*Just play smart. And try to make it through the village with a filled case. 
That should equal success. 


*13. Hardware Warz                                                            *

Okay, three versions and a PC release. What are the differences? Not 
much, really. But if you only have one to buy I will try to help you make that

Gamecube Pro/Con:

	$20 - That helps
	Better graphics than PS2
	I feel the controls are better than PS2
	The button press sequences are smoother
	Sadly, you don't get any of the PS2 exclusives
	*NOTE: the same lag on the PS2 seems to be present when you play this
		disc in a Wii. Unless I'm just mad, but the button presses 
		seemed extremely long.*

PS2 Pro/Con:

	$20 - You could get both!
	More extras than the Cube
	However, the graphics are not as solid
	Because of the graphics lag, scenes like the Krauser knife fight are
		not so smooth

Wii Pro/Con:

	$30 - What else is there to play on the Wii right now?
	All the extras
	Wiimote control scheme, and added touches
	Tweaked up graphics
	Trailer for Umbrella Chronicles

PC Pro/Con:

	Not sure, don't have the game
	I would guess you can now take RE4 wherever you go if you have a laptop
	The only Con is that it might be hard to find???
	Maybe the 'Tank' control scheme is better to play???
	I found that the game does not support mouse functions, but mods will
		fix that (I would only get this one if that was your only

	It may be on the iPad, not sure. All I know is it wasn't completely
	finished last I checked, so I didn't buy it. It's probably decent
	though, but overkill. Buy a Wii and enjoy this game properly.

In short, buy the Wii version!!!

*14. Wii!                                                                     *

This section is purely dedicated to the Wii version of the game. Every single
detail worth mentioning is here.

You can tell I'm just eyeballing everything. If I'm wrong on any count, I'm
sure I'll hear about it and it will get fixed.


Leon's Jacket seems a bit more wavy. Certain other... physics, have been added
as well (or maybe I just didn't notice from before).

Exploding heads seem a little extra juicy.

Items on the ground are shown, instead of just a colored beam of light. I mean
the items from fallen enemies and a few others.

The Novistador hive is bulging as if there are little Novistadors inside.

Las Plagas are slightly better to look at. They seem bigger.

The lighting has been made more noticable, but no sharp shadows.

There are just more of the little touches. Like more goo hanging from Salazar's
dead body. And extra junk in the freezer room. The little things. 


Yes, all the bosses are weaker. Gigante needs only two flash bangs, Krauser 
takes less time to get to his actual fight, and everyone does less damage to

Shaking the Wiimote while not holding the knife will perform the auto-quick 
knife. This lets you strike at a target without having to precisely aim. This
helps a bit, for opening crates, but not in battle (unless you really suck).
Actually, it does help in the early going and against single enemies. All you
have to do is run over their fallen body and then slash back and forth.

Reloading is also a slight chore. You can press DOWN on the D pad, or you can
shake the Wiimote whiling aiming. The shaking one is the way to go for the 
heat of the moment, but you will also move the cursor around with this.

For both of the above points, be sure to do a slashing motion to one side and 
that will be enough.

Someone said that you could not move the camera while aiming, but that person
was wrong. Just move the control stick. 

If you remember the slight difficulty in aiming from the last game due to the 
shaking of Leon's arms; now it all depends on your arms. It really boils down
to how well your brain has control of your arm muscles. If everything is good,
then you will have extremely precise aiming.

The laser point is gone, for better or worse. Frankly, I thought it looked cool
and the new cursor looks dumb. But, the new cursor on the screen gives you the
advantage in shooting. It's green when there is no target, and red when there
is. Now, instead of waiting to see the hard-to-tell-if-it's-there laser point,
you will have a big red target over the Ganados' head. However, you won't get 
the target for far off enemies, but if you know you're shot is clean then you 
can still hit them.

There is much less handgun and shotgun ammo for some reason. I found myself
clinging to whatever 9mm bullets I could find, but since I usually save all 
my shells, the two boxes I maintained the whole game were enough. I think what
it really meant for me was that I didn't have to toss so much ammo, which I 
guess is a good thing. But the developers probably knew that the aiming was 
much easier, so they toned down the ammo count.

Either rifle essentially becomes the instant-kill gun for you. If you don't 
need a one-hit kill, then use a handgun instead, it will be just as accurate.

Darn, I had some profound point to add, but I forgot it. Maybe someone else 


Now to the jist of all of this. Basically, this is the version of the game 
that you want to own. It's the easiest to play, the best looking, and it has
expanded controls. Of course, you probably won't fully appreciate this without
having already played the others. 

To be honest, after having played from a few different positions and on two 
different TVs, I can see how the aiming system could be a problem. When the
TV is up high, things are easy; but on my widescreen HDTV, I slowly saw my 
accuracy decline. 

But, despite this minor gripe, I don't see myself ever playing the old versions
of this game. Plus, the box is just kick arse!

So I called the game store and asked, "Do you have RE4 for the Wii?" and the 
minimum-wage dude says, "Yes, it's a preorder. Did you preorder the game?" And
I say "No." He says, "Well this is for someone else and that is why for the big
titles we always encourage people to preorder." I say "Good day sir," and he 
says "Thank you kindly." (I'm kidding)

And so I go to the store and ask them in person, with a cigar in my mouth and 
a big bump in my shorts; my wallet. I says, "Did RE4 come out on the Wii yet?"
as if I were a fool. He says, "Yes." I ask if they have it. He says "Yes, we 
have one copy left. Would you like it kind sir?" I say "Yes, I had no idea it 
was even out!"

In closing, the people who buy preorders are getting a fast one pulled on them
by the store, not me! They could have said the same thing they said to me on
the phone, but the did not.

And then I preorder the Umbrella Chronicles. Ha, I slay myself!

*15. Award Ceremony                                                           *

Yes, this is the final of my un-coded sections added to the end of my guide.
I thought I needed something to spice up the guide after I axed so much from 
the original version. So here it is the Award Ceremony for Resident Evil 4!

This is a one-award show, everything is at stake, win or go home. This award is
given to the best scene of the game. Not the best CUTSCENE, I mean the most 
memorable moment that you will think about long after you are done playing. 

The scenes should, on their own, paint a complete picture of what this game is
all about. These are the moments you will look forward to when you play again,
and the moments you will talk about to your friends after you're done playing,
or in between playthroughs!

So here are your nominees:

	1.1 The Village 			(1001vil)
	1.3 The Lake 				(1003lak)
	2.1 The Quarry Pt 2 			(2001tq2)
	3.2 A Maze Apart 			(3002ama)
	4.3 Los Ganados Ride 			(4003lgr)
	5.1 Kitchen From Hell 			(5001kfh)
	5.1 Where Monsters Dwell 		(5001wmd)
	5.3 An Old Friend 			(5003aof)
	5.3 Lasers For Losers 			(5003lfl)

Honorable Mention:

	5.2 Bull Ride on a Cattle Drive 	(5002bul)

And now I will list off the qualifications for each in order from least to 

#10. The Bulldozer Ride

This one did not make the cut because I already had a similar riding sequence.
But what really took it out of consideration was the fact that it was both 
slower than the other one, and it was broken up with a regular combat situation
in the middle. 

A good moment, but not one of the greats.

#9. Oven Scare

It was the shortest moment on the list, and that is why it is dead last. This 
one, cheap scare probably added a lot of the scare factore for people playing 
the game the first time. It made them a little bit more cautious as they played
and it was pretty cool.

Though I could not ignore it in my guide, I tried to toss you under the train
if you were reading. But alas, not the best moment.

#8. Laser Jumping

For how much I dislike the movies, this is one of those scenes from both the 
films and the games that I always enjoyed. It adds that other element of 
super-high techery to the game that had otherwise been missing. Whenever I 
think of the Island segment, it's this scene that I remember first.

But, because it came from a bad movie I have to knock it a bit.

#7. The Monsters

Pretty much every encounter with the Regenerators/Iron Maidens on your first
runthrough. If I didn't spoil it for you, then you know you completely FREAKED
OUT when that first one came through the lab door; head twitching around, slow
walking, make that creepy noise. And then you had no idea what to do when all 
of your weapons seemed to nothing. Then you blasted the legs away only to make
yourself even easier to munch on.

Sadly, because these things are ACTUALLY no sweat, they fall down the list.

#6. Wolf Maze

Oh yeah, you didn't want to go inside, but you had to. Colmillos jump from the
hedges in all directions and pounch! 'Nuf said. All you wanted to do was grab
both moonstones and run.

The little bastards are not that tough, so no top five for them.

#5. The Giant

Ah yes, the infamous encounter with El Gigante that probably sparked most of
the curiosity in the title. If fought properly this boss can prove to be one 
to the most adrenaline-inducing in the game.

Unfortunately, he shows up about three more times in the game. Not the same 
one most likely, but all the others should have been more different than the 

#4. The Lake Monster

El Lago is here purely because of the build-up leading up to the fight. You
watch him snack on the policia, you know he's in the lake as you glide over the
water, and then you see that shadow underneath the water before the battle 
starts. Not to mention all the times he throws you off the boat and you have 
to quickly swim back. And you know you love the sound of the harpoon piercing 
into his skin. If that weren't enough, casual gamers who thought the fight was
over with the scene were rudely awakened when they found out that they could 
never rest the controller while they played this game.

My personal preference kept this one out of the top three.

#3. Mine Cart Ride

Yes, perhaps the FUNNEST moment in the game. All you do is stand in the back 
car and shoot at Ganados as you approach. What really sells it is when you 
get stuck at a pit stop and then swarms of enemies flood the train. Even worse
is when they block your view of the lever, and then it becomes a much more 
intense affair.

Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

#2. Knife Fight

Also one of the most talked about moments from the game. The selling point for
the all the button-pressing sequences that are now staples of the gaming world.
You will find contact sensitive scenes in pretty much every game from Kingdom
Hearts to God of War. It doesn't matter what games featured it first, it was 
the infamy of this fight with Krauser that has made button-press scenes a must
in almost all new games.

Not to mention it was cool watching Leon die in so many different ways. Well,
it was.

#1. Trapped in the Village

Was there any doubt? This is the moment that sold Resident Evil 4 to the 
masses. You run into this fight right after you start the game. There is almost
no planning you can do, no grand saving up on ammo, and no way to stack the 
odds in your favor. You have to fight. And you could run around and try to 
defend yourself with the weak handgun, but it should not take long before you
stumble into the trap. You cover the doors, grab what you can, and then you
go upstairs to find the BOOMSTICK. And then it becomes a battle of you versus
the chainsaw maniac outside when he breaks in. Can you survive?

This moment is the absolute number one because it sets this game apart from the
others in the series. All previous titles of Resident Evil were survival horror
where you had to barely get by with limited resources. Maybe once in a while 
there was a big brawl with a horde of zombies, but in this game, fighting 
hordes of Ganados (not zombies) is the norm. 

There are moments of creeps akin to previous RE games, but this moment let you
know right from the beginning that this was going to be the best action game of
all time; if not the best GAME of all time.


Well there you have it. My list of the best of the best in this game. Hope you
had fun. Now I can only hope that I'll be making another list like this after 
Resident Evil 5 is out.


*16. Unlockables/Author Info/Copyright/Misc.                                  *


For beating the Gamecube version you unlock the following:

	Professional Difficulty 
	Mercenaries minigame 
	Assignment Ada minigame 
	Many new weapons for a Round 2
	Cop outfit and Teeney Bopper outfit

PS2 Exclusives added on:

	Beat Pro for the laser gun (it's not as exciting as you think)
	Separate Ways minigame
	Movie Viewer (don't concern yourself with the empty slots)
	Gangsta Outfit and Knight outfit

Wii has everything from both games, as does PC.

You can load your saved data from your first game for a Round 2. This lets
you start with all your weapons and money. You also get to buy a few new 
weapons; cheat guns basically.

Both of Ada's side-games are basically retreads of Leon's quest, but Seperate
Ways has a few little perks added.

Beating these various minigames yield more weapons to play with. The initial
unlockable weapons are somewhat changed up between the versions. Just know that
beating all the games will equal more guns.



Sgt Zeke - for the cool trick
Dustin Orner - for another cool trick



Please contact me if you need any help, if you want to thank me, if you want
to talk, or if you want to ask a question. Efforts to get in a guide need to
be exceptional as I dislike updates unless it's absolutely necessary, and I
don't think I've updated an older guide.

The golden rule: keep it short. If I see a wall of text I'm probably moving 
on. I've gotten real bad with emails lately. And flamers don't even bother, it
won't work.

My email:

Title of your email should be: 		RE4

PS - To GameFAQ's users, if you like the guide, click "recommend" at the top
of the guide, but only if you like it.

PPS - I cannot fix bugs, glitches, or achievements/trophies not hitting. 



I have other guides floating around too. They are:

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I've also been published in GamePro magazine, June 2007. Pretty cool if you ask
me, and all because I write these little guides.

Also, I am in the October issue as well, which should be out at the time of 
this guide's release. At least I ain't a one hit wonder.

In a nice surprise, I didn't even know I was in the March 2008 issue of 
GamePro, but I am.

Look to for a slew of random reviews.



Here is my list of sites:

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some that I just don't keep track of.*

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guide be ad-free and in this text format.



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private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
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of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Copyright 2011 Brad Russell

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