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 Return of the Phantom

Return of the Phantom

Submitted by: Dj Simo

Part One -- 1993

1.  Talk to Monsieur Brie.  Complete entire conversation.

2.  In Trap Room, climb the prompter's stand and GO through prompter's box.
Raoul will sit in chair and look through prompter's box.  He will watch
the Phantom walk across the stage.

3.  Open the trap door by pushing the button on the wall.

4.  Push the prompter's stand to the position beneath the trap door.  GO
through the trap door.

5.  Talk to the Stage Manager, Charles, who is at the Stage Left Wing.
Complete entire conversation.

6.  You may pick up Yellow Color Frame in the Stage Right Wing (not
necessary to win the game at this point).

7.  Go Backstage.  Attempt to go down circular staircase.  You'll barely
escape being hit by a falling sandbag.  You may pick up sandbag (though
this is not necessary to win game at this point)

8.  Go down staircase to the Stairwell.  Pick up Red Color Frame (not
necessary to win game). Push the thunder machine for fun.

9.  Go up staircase to Backstage.  Go through far door to the Stage Right
Staircase.  Go up one level to the first Dressing Room Corridor.

10. Enter Julie Giry's dressing room.  Talk to Julie Giry.  Complete entire

11. Go back to Stage Right Staircase, go up another level to the second
Dressing Room Corridor.

12. Enter Christine Florent's dressing room.  Talk to Christine Florent.
Complete entire conversation.  Read the note you get from her dressing

13. Go back to Backstage area.  Go up staircase to Fly Loft.  Traverse
catwalk to the Alcove Above Chandelier.  Find Large Note, take it, and
read it.

14. Pick up Blue Color Frame on Catwalk A (not necessary to win game at this
point).  Pick up Green Color Frame (in EASY MODE) on Catwalk B (not
necessary to win game at this point).

15. Go to the Library.  Find Book written by Madame Giry.  Take it and read
it. Note that the glass case is broken and items are missing.

16. Go to the Manager's Office.  Talk to Monsieur Brie.  Complete entire
conversation.  Take Parchment from Brie and read it.

17. Go to Christine Florent's dressing room when Julie Giry screams.  Find
Christine Florent dead.

18. Go to the Fly Loft in pursuit of killer.  Be pushed from the Fly Loft!...

Part Two -- 1881

19. Wake up on stage.  Talk to Christine Daa* and Monsieur Richard.
Complete entire conversation.

20. Pick up Yellow Color Frame from Stage Right Wing.

21. Backstage, pick up Cable Hook.

22. Go down the circular staircase to the Stairwell.  Pick up the Red Color
Frame and the Lantern.

23. Go down the circular staircase to the Cellar.  Pick up the Rope.

24. Go up to the Trap Room.  Talk to Jacques.  Complete entire conversation.
Note which Bach Fugue Jacques claims to hear through the walls.

25. In the Grand Foyer, talk to Edgar Degas.  Complete entire conversation.

26. Go to Manager's Office.  Talk to Monsieur Richard.  Complete entire
conversation.  Take the Letter and Notice and read them.

27. Go to Loge Corridor.  Talk to Madame Giry.  Complete entire conversation.

28. Go to Fly Loft.  Pick up Blue Color Frame from Catwalk A.  Pick up Green
Color Frame from Catwalk B (in EASY mode).

29. Go back to Loge Corridor with all three (or four) Color Frames.  She
will unlock Box Five. Enter Box Five.  Look at the column.  Discover
that it is hollow.

30. Find the Crumpled Note in Box Five.  Take it and read it.

31. Go to the dressing room that was Christine Florent's in Part One.
Christine Daa* will be there now.  Talk to her.  Complete entire
conversation.  Leave the room when she asks you to.

32. Overhear Phantom talking to her.  Take Fire Axe.  Walker will chop door
down.  Enter the dressing room.  Christine is gone!...

Part Three -- "Later, That Evening"

33. Talk to Monsieur Richard.  Complete entire conversation.  Christine
appears and then leaves.

34. Go to Box Office.  Talk to Ticket Seller.  Get Envelope.

35. Open Envelope.  Read Piece of Paper.

36. Go to Loge Corridor.  Give Ticket to Madame Giry.  She will unlock Box

37. Enter Box Nine.  Watch opera.  Christine is kidnapped while on stage!

Part Four -- Search and Destroy

38. Talk to Monsieur Richard.  Complete entire conversation.

39. Go to Trap Room.  Find dead Jacques.  Find and take Skeleton Key.

40. Go to Box Five.  Unlock hollow column with Skeleton Key.

41. Enter Hollow Column Passage and go down to the Junction.

42. Turn on Lantern, and enter the Maze.

43. Map the maze as you go. Drop Color Frames in rooms to mark them so you
can tell if you've come back to the same room. In true adventure
fashion, the maze contains lots of similar rooms with many turnarounds.

If you *really* must cheat:

Easy mode: Enter and then go E, N, E, N, E, E, E, N, W, W, N, E, E, E,
E, N into the puzzle room. After the puzzle go N.

Challenging mode. Enter and then go E, N, E, N, N, E, E, E, E, W, W, N,
N, W, N, W, N, E, E, S, E, E, E, E, N into the puzzle room. After the
puzzle, then go N, N, W, W, W, N, E.

44. In Puzzle Room #1, find dead adventurer.  Take sword.

45. Solve the puzzle by imagining an alphabet superimposed over the
switches. Push the switches corresponding to "E," "R," "I," and "K," in
that order.

46. Enter the Phantom's Lair, where you'll be trapped inside Puzzle Room #2.

47. Push the panels on the wall until you make a picture of the Phantom's
mask. Trap door in ceiling will open.

48. Attach the Cable Hook to the Rope.

49. "Grapple" the Rope With Hook.  Climb the Rope up through the trap door.

50. In the Living Room, talk to Christine through the door.  Play the organ.
When asked, play the correct piece that Jacques mentioned earlier.

51. In the Bedroom, unlock the sarcophagus with the Skeleton Key.  Push the
third skull from the left to open the sarcophagus.  Christine will emerge.

52. Talk to Christine.  Complete entire conversation.  She will give you a
Wedding Ring.

53. Back in the Living Room, when Phantom appears, attack him with the
Sword. Fight the Phantom.

54. After Phantom disappears, take the Music Score from the organ.  Exit
with Christine.

55. In the Secret Passage, take the Oar.

56. Get in the gondola.  Christine will follow.  The gondola will traverse
the lake.

57. At the Junction, enter the Column Passage.  Go up to the Box Five level.

58. In Box Five, the Phantom will knock you down and abduct Christine.  Re-
enter the Column Passage and go up to the Catwalk level.

59. Go to the Alcove Above Chandelier and climb down rope onto Chandelier.

60. Attack Phantom with the sword.  Fight the Phantom.

61. When Phantom has you pinned, push the cane.

62. When you have Phantom pinned, take the mask.

63. Chandelier falls....

Epilogue -- 1993

64. Talk to Christine Florent and Monsieur Brie.  Complete entire
conversation. You will read the Book again at the end of this sequence.
Phantom's shadow appears on the wall.


1.  Skeleton Key  -- found in Trap Room after Jacques' death in Part Four.

2.  Lantern -- found in Stairwell in Part Two.

3.  Red Frame -- found in Stairwell in both Parts One and Two.

4.  Sandbag -- found Backstage.  Only red herring in the game--not needed to

5.  Yellow Frame -- found in Stage Right Wing in both Parts One and Two.

6.  Fire Axe -- found in Christine's Dressing Room Corridor.  Can take it in
Part Two after eavesdropping on her and the Phantom.

7.  Small Note -- found in Christine Florent's dressing gown in her Dressing
Room in Part One.

8.  Rope -- found in the Cellar in Part Two.

9.  Sword -- found in Puzzle Room #1 in Part Four.

10. Envelope -- given to the Player by the Ticket Seller in the Box Office
in Part Three.

11. Ticket -- inside the Envelope.

12. Piece of Paper -- inside the Envelope.

13. Parchment -- given to the Player by Monsieur Brie in the Manager's
Office in Part One.

14. Letter -- given to the Player by Monsieur Richard in the Manager's
Office in Part Two.

15. Notice -- given to the Player by Monsieur Richard in the Manager's
Office in Part Two.

16. Book -- found in the Library in Part One.

17. Crumpled Note -- found in Box Five in Part Two.

18. Blue Frame -- found on Catwalk A in both Parts One and Two.

19. Large Note -- found in the Alcove Above Chandelier in Part One.

20. Green Frame -- found on Catwalk B in both Parts One and Two (in Easy
Mode only).

21. Music Score -- found on the organ in Phantom's Living Room in Part Four.

22. Wedding Ring -- given to the Player by Christine Daa* in the Bedroom in
Part Four.

23. Cable Hook -- found Backstage in Part Two.

24. Rope With Hook -- made by the Player by attaching the Cable Hook to the
Rope, in Puzzle Room #2 in Part Four.

25. Oar -- found in the Secret Passage in Part Four.


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