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      T H E       R E U N I O N       H I N T S       F I L E
                           version  1.01    
                           Orin Thomas
Reunion, in my mind, is a cross between Starcon2 and Dune II.
(although not nearly as playable)
It is all about a lost earth colony that has to build up its
space forces, beat up the bad guys and reunite itself with earth.
This is a file of hints, not a step by step guide as to how to play
Reunion. It would probably be of help if you are stuck at a particular
stage and need a few pointers as to how to progress.
Part Zero   : Setup Problems
Part One    : Beating the Morgals.
     One A) : How to Attack.
Part Two    : Defeating the League.
Part Three  : Reunion with Earth

Some people have experienced reunion crashing when they have lots of
ram and some decent hard drive space. emm386 must be on (four meg or
so). Base memory must be maximised. It is better to take off things
like smartdrive.

Try to hire the middle people as advisors. The cheaper ones are basically
useless. When you have the money, upgrade the scientist and the fighter. 
It is generally cheaper to upgrade the scientist than to retrain him 4 
To contact the Jenossians, as soon as the planet Jade becomes visible   
to your astronomers send a TRADE group there. (not a satellite carrier).
The Jennosians will make contact with you and offer you an improved trade 
ship. Later they will offer you an artifact for a price. Take it. It 
turns out to be a hyperdrive unit. When they contact you about helping them 
fight the morgals agree to help. There is not much that you can do, but they 
then give you the plans to the Hunter and the Laser Cannon.
Start building as many Hunters as you can.
If you have about 10 Hunters and the middle "fighter" advisor, you should 
overcome the first morgal attack.
When the Morgals kill off the Jennosians send a trade group to Jade and 
land on the planet. This enables you to find a radio transmitter that is 
helpful later on.
To defend your planet, put all of the fighters in the New Earth
Defence Force group. This means that they will defend your planet
When you can, build a galleon and send it to the Pheonix System, planet
three. You will meet with the Kalls and some sort of alliance is formed.
When Pheonix Five becomes visible do the same thing. This time you will
meet the Phelonians.
Try to set up a base on Pheonix Two. You will lose it due to radiation 
sickness but this allows you to develop the radiation shield. Set up 
another colony on Pheonix two, this time with the R-shield. Set up an 
observatory and you will find the planet pheonix-one. Send a trade ship 
there and you will capture a Morgal ship in distress. Tell them that the 
Kalls are fighting them and then let them go. 

Doing this forces the Kalls to begin fighting the Morgals. Otherwise
the ally themselves and you are attacked by both. (they also kill the  
phelonians).  This must be done before Nov 2928
You can survive past this date but from here on in the Morgal attack
forces seem to grow faster than you can produce defence forces. Also,
their military advisor becomes more competent, making it harder for you
to win.

When you get the opportunity send a satellite carrier over to planet 2, 
moon 2 of the Mirach system and scan the surface. This gives you more 
You have to keep building military hardware to survive. 
The Morgals attack your home planet with regularity. The only way I have
found to overcome them is to invade their home planet (Mirach 3). When
you destroy their home planet, all the colonies go as well! You will need
several units (1 unit = thirty tanks/troopers) to take Mirach 3. When you
launch your ground assault the Kalls also join in to help.


I have received a surprising amount of mail asking how to attack. Here
is an example of what you do to attack.

Okay, you need to create an army group. Select new group and then click
with the mouse until it says army. Name it whatever you want (mine was
always STARFLEET). Now shift all your military assets into this group.

The first screen will hold Hunters, Fighters, Destroyers and Eventually
carriers. On the Far right is a red arrow pointing down. Click on this
and you will come up with a similar screen. But here you can put Troopers,
Battletanks, (eventually) Aircraft and Missile Launchers.

Once you have put together the equipped group take off. Wander over to a
morgal planet. (lets say jade for this example.) Don't land!
Okay, you arrive. Click on the "planets" icon. You should see a
representation of the Jade system. Over in the right you should see
a picture of a planet with a RED arrow around it. (your fleet). Click
on your fleet and then the attack icon should appear.

You will not need as many starfighters/hunters/destroyers as you might
think. All you have to do is take out the space forces on Mirach 3. The
hardest part of taking any planet is the ground battle. When doing this

I have had a report that you find the aircraft here. You may have to
wait until the morgals develop this technology. I haven't got the
aircraft yet. I haven't had time to replay the game!

When you defeat the Morgals you find the co-ordinates of three more systems.
Two of these systems contain an alien alliance called "the League". As soon
as you turn up in a trade group to a League planet the whole League decide
decide to attack you.
After having the same problem with the League that I had with the Morgals
I loaded a game where I had just defeated the Morgals but hadn't explored
the three new systems. I then made up an army of about 450 tanks, 50 
troopers, 20 Destroyers, 200 Starfighters and 100 Hunters. (this took a 
while). I then, using my satellite carriers, located the "League" worlds,
and, using the spy in "local", worked out each race's main planet. I then
took my army group in and destroyed the league. 
The Morgal that appears in the bar is useful for finding minerals and other
When you destroy the League you will find the new Rigel System.

When you explore the Rigel System you find some interesting stuff on
the first planet. This enables you to develop some new technology that
finds a new race. One that is finally nice to you.

They give you the co-ordinates to the sol system. Again I decided to
build up a force (this time with the newly invented missile launcher).
Also it is an idea to arm your destroyers with the plasma cannons. 

I then, after I had built up my force, sent in my spy-satellite group
and scanned planet earth. As soon as I had detected an alien presence
there, I sent in my army group. The earthlings declared war (what else?).

I took about 400 missile launchers into the last battle, only to realise
that I could only field about 80. :-) It didn't matter, I kicked their


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