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 Riddle of the Sphinx Guide

Riddle of the Sphinx Guide

The VIVA Adventure Anthology

- PC version,  sidelinealec  Dec 08


Notes: in this version, if items aren't placed into the backpack, it will
be dropped and return to its starting location as soon as you try to 
pick another object up. 
There is a deadly curse on somethings that will prematurely end the game. 
Save Game before choosing between things. Touching the wrong tablet stones or
wrong final star cluster choice past the Atlantian door into the Sphinx will
kill you. 

Base Camp

The game begins on the Helo pad at the base camp next to the Sphinx.
Exiting the helo, head to the main tent. Entering the tent you will see
starting from your left, a desk, a boxes of supplies, a work table, a chest,
a cot and a night stand next to the cot.

Starting at the desk, of the things on the desk to look at, a tape is found
with a message from your friend Gil Blythe Goeffrey. First turning the volume
up, the tape can be picked up and played in the cassette player. The taped 
message will be from Gil filling in some background story, including an 
important discovery he believes you can find, but because of mistrust of the 
others working on the site he has had to hide clues around so one of them 
couldn't steal it.

Looking over the desk, pulling out the upper left leaf reveals a paper with 
directions for using 3 tapes. At this point the other drawers are locked and
you will need to find a key. Start by looking in the boxes to the right marked
supplies. In the box you will find an empty package for a combination lock.
Turning the package over you will find the instructions for opening the 
combination lock.

Moving on to the workbench, you will see a portable stove with a pot with
something in it. You can turn on the gas to the burner but you will need 
something to light it.

Moving over to the cot, check out the content of the box. Be aware that 
touching the pillow will cause you to take a nap and time will switch 
day/ night. If you do take a nap and night falls, the candle can be lit and the
scrap of paper under the pillow can be read by the candlelight.

Look through the card wallet pulling out the cards. Behind one is a scrap of
paper that is part of the clue for figuring out the combination. Also for later
use, note the no. off of his CAMPUS IDENTIFICATION card.

Turning to the nightstand, a candle with a book of matches will be found.
Since it wont let you take the matchbook with you, you will need to be ready
to return to the stove quickly. Pickup up the matchbook, open it and take one
match out. Light the match by holding the left button and dragging the head
across the strip. Once the match is lit, move quickly to the stove.

At the Stove, with a lit match, turn on the gas and light the burner with the
match. The pot will start to heat up and the mass inside will melt to reveal
a key. Pick up the key and return to the desk.

Back at the desk, use the key to unlock all of the drawers. In the main drawer
is a site map and two star maps. (You cant take the maps with you but if you
want to save a game here, they can then be looked at later.) In the side
drawers the 3 tapes can be found. Using the directions taped on the leaf, 
insert the matching tape into the player, make sure it is rewound, then reset
the counter. Then each tape can be fast forwarded to the counter number listed
on the paper. Playing the tapes from these points Gil has recorded a clue for
one. All 3 can be found in Numbers and using the clues from the scrap of paper
in his wallet gives which chapter and verse that the answer can be found in.

Turning back to the nightstand, on the lower section are several books
including a bible. Using the clues from the tapes and paper scrap the bible
can be opened up and turned to the corresponding chapter and verse of the book
of NUMBERS. Now you should have the 3 numbers for the combination lock.

Move to the chest.The combination will not work until you have played all 3
tapes and have looked up the verses given. Using the instructions off the 
lock package the combo R 12, L 5, R 20 can be used to open the lock. It may 
take trying a couple of times to do it correctly. When it is done correctly
the lock will open. Once the lock is open, the 2 latches can then be opened.
Inside you will find a scroll and a scroll translation tape.

Returning to the desk the tape can be played while you look at the scroll.
From the tape note about the door under the sphinx that looks atlantian and
on the right side the 6 tableture that should be looked for and an emphasese on
Horus guarding. At this point you
can exit the tent and go check out the door under the sphinx.

Moving out of the tent, turn and follow the scaffolding to the base of the
sphinx. At its base turn left and preceed around to the right side of the 
sphinx. As you pass through the scaffolding, note the construction date on it
for later use. Further down the right side a hole will be located. Entering 
here and following the tunnel will bring you to the 'Atlantian' door. Note that 
6 special keys will be needed to unlock it. Exit and return to the base camp.
You have what you need for now and can now take the helo over to the pyramid

Pyramid Site

Once Landed by the pyramid you can exit the helo. Move off the platform and over
to the small shade tent. A can of gasoline can be picked up here. Turn around
then move to and follow the fenced path up to the entrance.

It is dark inside and currently there is no power for the lights. Move over to
the generator. Use the gasoline can to fill up the generators tank. Once the
tank is full the start button can be pressed and the generator will turn on
feeding power into the pyramid. Follow the tunnel until a split is reached. 
Follow the upper tunnel until another more developed split is reached. On the
right side a grate is located. Opening it up you will find a darkened hole and
a note from Gil taped to the side. It gives the code to Gatenbrinks "door" is 
the last four digits of his campus ID# plus the date the scaffold was
constructed. From here the lower tunnel can be followed. This will lead into 
the Queens Chamber thats being used as the staging area for the video robot.

Queens Chamber
Entering the Queens Chamber you will see the stepped niche, two shaft holes,
the video robot (dupped the Cheoptronic) and a table with the equipment for the
robot control. On the table is a notebook from a co-worker. Things of note
from this 'journel' is Gil was seen at the grate at the tunnel transition if 
you didn't find his note taped there yet. Another is the 'Gatenbrinks door'
is in the north shaft which the table is set up next to.

The video robot can be picked up and placed into the north shaft. Once the
robot is in the shaft, the equipment needs to be turned on. Starting with 
the main power switch on top, press the 3 power buttons. To see the video 
feed from the robot, library 1 needs to be selected. Once the robot is ready
the robot can be controled by the holding the switches. Moving it Forward for
a short distance, a blockage will be encountered. The AUX switch can be used
to work past the blockage. Once past the blockage keep moving forward a much
longer until the block 'door' is reached. Upon reaching the 'door' the 
equipment will prompt you for the code to engage the robot. From Gils note
the code is the last four digits of his ID# plus the date the scaffold was
constructed which gives 1334 + 217 = 1551 is the code. Entering 1551 on the
keypad, the robot will engage its pusher arm and push the block. With the 
block moved, it will cut to a scene of the stones in the stepped niche sliding
back to reveal a tunnel. Other items need to be found first so this new tunnel
will be used later.

Take the entrance tunnel back to the transition where the rails are installed.
Following the installed steps to the top and passage will lead you to a room 
with an empty crypt in it. Looking more closely a loose block behind the crypt 
is found. (This one is locked until the one in the Queens Chamber is opened).
Pushing the bl0ock back will reveal another tunnel. Following this tunnel will
bring you to the Kings Tomb chamber. There is nothing of use in here but 
another tunnel directly under the end of the Kings funeral alter. Following
this tunnel will bring you out into a square passage with a Cobra sistern 

Around this square passage are 6 doorways and a closed door covered in stars 
and opposite the closed door is another short tunnel into a room with a ship
model (yacht) and 6 crocodile headed statues. In this room the item to note is
what the eye colors will flash when you touch the head of each statue. Note the
eye colors and their relative positions around the boat.

Back in the passage there are symbols over each doorway.  


     throne =                  = vase  

     dagger =                  = boat

    trumpet =                  = arrow

                      D = stars

Starting with the doorway with the throne symbol enter into the room. To the 
left will be another doorway to the throne room. In this room in the right hand
corner is a round basket. Moving the lid will reveal the 'Heraldic' key inside.
Pick it up and put it in your backpack. Another thing to note in this room is 
the golden disk on the table in the left corner. It is a representation of a  
circle maze you will run into later. 

Moving through the next doorway will bring you to a room with a figure on a 
large stone in the corner and a throne on a platform. Sitting on the throne
will cause it to move and make the large stone move to reveal another doorway.
Moving through this doorway you will find a 'Royal Scope'. Also note on the 
wall is painted the symbol, a rectangle with 6 columns out the top, that you 
will need to look for on things. Make your way back to the main passage again.

Turning right, move to the next doorway with the dagger symbol. Following this
one in will bring you into a room where stairs lead up to a platform with a 
chest. To the left of the stairs can be found a starmap vase but turning it over
it has a different symbol. To the right of the stairs is a box and a vase full 
of arrows. Take at least several arrows from the vase for spare shots if you 
miss later. In the Box will be the Yacht scroll. At the top of the stairs in 
the chest, a gold dagger will be found. Make your way back to the main passage

Turning right and move to the next door with the trumpet symbol. Following this
one in will bring you to a room with a statue of a flute player and a stand
in front of it. Just inside the doorway to your right will be found the 
'Royal trumpet' and beside it in the vase is the flautist scroll. To the left
of the doorway is another starmap vase but of a different symbol and a game
board. Opening the drawer on the game board will reveal the 'Flax Wick' key.

Moving closer to the statue, to its left is another vase and behind it the 
'Throne' scroll. Moving behind the statue you will see a plug hanging out of
its pipe. Place the plug back in. Move to the stand in front of the statue.
Place the royal trumpet on the stand and play it (click on it). A panel in the
wall before it will shatter. Move to the opposite side of the stand and 
replace the trumpet facing the other wall. Playing it again will cause a panel 
to shatter on this wall.

Through one side is seen a path guarded by several cobras and the other will
be a bellows bag. Checking the Flautist scroll, it shows using the bellow bag
8 times to charm the snakes. Go to the bellow bag and squeeze (click) them 
8 times. If the plug is in the flautist will play and the cobras will settle
back down in the other room. Moving through the room where the cobras were will
bring you to Hathor's Tablet sitting on a ledge. After you have picked up the
tablet you can make your way back to the main square passage.

Continue around the passage to the doorway with the arrow symbol. Following 
this in leads to a room with several alcoves and 6 pillars with doors. In the
alcove to the left from where you entered is a half round box. Opening this 
will reveal the 'Reed Leaf' key inside. In the other 2 alcoves are other
starmap vases. Next the dagger can be used to cut the ropes on the pillar doors.
Going to the center pillar of the right side from the entrance, cutting the 
rope tie will allow the door to be opened (click on it). If you have the right
one the door will open revealing a climbing rope. Climb all the way to the top
and follow the path to a platform with a mounted crossbow and a burning fire
beside it. There are only 2 arrows here so aim very carefully if you didn't
pick up any spares. The target is to burn through the ropes the statues 
across from the mounted crossbow are holding. Picking up an arrow and passing
the tip over the fire will light it. Once lit the arrow can be loaded into the
crossbow. The Statues can be hit by aiming 2 clicks left/right of the crossbows
center position. Once the ropes are burned through, a narrow platform will roll
out that can be used to cross overthe chasm. Climbing up the ladder of bones 
brings you to a small alcove with 2 'Anubis' Tablets. Pick up only the one with
the added scarabs (left). *!* Touching the other tablet will kill you. *!* 
Climbing back down and returning across the chasm, a niche is seen in the back 
of the mounted crossbow stand. The 'Archway' scroll will be found here. Once 
the correct tablet and scroll are picked this room can be exited. Climb back 
down the rope in the pillar to the room. From this room you can exit back into
the main square passage.

Turning right again move to the doorway with the boat on it. Following this one
in you will see a model of the boat room in the center of this room. This model 
shows the boat is rigged up to be moved forward and back. Back in the corner to
the right of the entrance is a small cabinet. Opening the door will reveal
the 'Pillar' key. On the left side is a reddish brown box. Inside will be a
'Sacred Amultet' and the 'Charmers' scroll depicting the amulet being used to
ward off a large cobra. Return to the main square passage.

Once again turn right and move to the doorway with the vase on it. This will 
lead you into a room filled with many vases and a small table against the 
opposite wall. On this table is a vase with a yellow lid. Moving the lid off
you will find the 'Ahnk' Key. To the left and right are several more starmap
vases but the one you need to look at is the one with the rectangle and 6 
columns. Note the stars positions on this grid. With the key and correct
starmap exit the room back to the main square passage.

Now it is time to move to the closed Stars door. Entering here and following
this will take you on a long winding stairway up to the top of this structure.
Half way up you will pass a a handle with a star symbol on it and a hole for
something star shaped below it. The star shape will need to be found before 
this lever will work. 

Continue up the stairway into a room with 2 statues flanking a star map grid.
To the right is a vase full of star pieces. Picking up a star piece out of the 
vase, each will have  different symbols on them. Click on the pile to select
different ones until you find ones with the correct starmap symbol, the 
rectangle with 6 columns. Once you have ones with a correct symbol they can be
grapped and taken over and placed in the starmap grid in the pattern that was 
found on the correct starmap vase. 

 .  X  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
 .  .  .  .  .  .  X  .  .
 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
 .  .  .  X  .  .  .  X  .
 .  .  .  .  .  X  .  .  .
 .  .  .  .  X  .  .  .  .
 .  X  .  .  .  .  .  .  X
 .  .  .  .  .  .  X  .  .

As soon as the star pieces are placed in the correct places the scene will
move back, a 'Star Scepter' will emerge from a hole in the wall and land in the 
arms of statue and the sections that the starmap grid was on will slide back
revealing another stairway up. For the moment it wont let you enter the 
darkened room above. Pick up the star scepter and go back to where the lever 
was. Insert the star scepter in the hole and now the lever can be moved. The
star will open up into a sun. Now you can return up to the room behind the 
starmap grid.

Entering the upper pryamid chamber, 4 windows around the room have opened up 
and letting light in. At the top of the steps is another lever. Moving this 
lever will cause the stairway blocks to move back, revealing other steps and a
'Astro' scroll at its base showing the 'Royal Scope' being used in the brackets 
seen under each of the windows. Looking around the room 2 tablets are seen. 
With the usual warning of the deadly 'cursed' tablets, do not touch the one 
with the dead skeleton holding it and pick up the other one.

Since it is still light out you will not be able to see anything with the 
royal star scope yet. To shift day/night forward go to the bed and touch it to 
take a nap. upon waking up night will have fallen. To use the royal scope move 
around to the stand below one of the windows. Placing the scope on the stand, 
you can then look in the eye piece to view different star constellations.
Moving around the room there are different heads above each window. Looking
out the window with the rams head you will see the constellation Gemini. 
Looking out the window with hippo head you will see Lepus. At the one with
the giraffe head you will see Tuarus. At the one with the Bird head (Horus)
that was seen on the Astro scroll you will see the constellation crater. Once 
the constellations are noted the lever by the stairwell can be used to reopen 
the stairs back out. At this point it is time to travel all the way back to the 
Queens chamber where the robot staging area is.

All the way back down the stair way, back through the star door, around to the 
tunnel by the Cobra sistern, out of the tunnel below the Kings tomb, past the
empty crpyt down the sloped passage to the split, then back to the Queens

It is time to move down the stepped niche passage. a tunnel entrance will be 
on the right. Down this one, there is another branch to the right. This will
bring you out in a room with a fire basin stone in the center. To the left 
there is a door with chains with the maze symbol over it. Inside is a statue
holding the lever handle. Taking the lever handle you can turn around. Inside
the doorway on the right is a control that the lever handle can be put in. 
Moving the lever will cause the door to start to close. Move back out to the 
room before it closes. 

          .  .
          .  .
          .  .
      t=S .  .
          .  .
          .  .
          .  .
        S .  = passage 
        S .  .
          .  .
          .  .
         .   .  
      . .   .
maze =     d 
      . . . 

Out of this room a ramp will lead down a hallway past 1 sitting statue then 
a pair of sitting statues with a passage opposite them. Further down the 
hallway as it starts to curve is the other doorway with the maze symbol and 
around the curve is the entrance to the small rotating maze. Other items will
still needed to be collected before continuing past the rotating maze. For now
take the passage opposite of the 2 sitting statues.

The passage will lead to a stairway with a bird head playing a harp over the 
entry. Following this passage will lead out into a chamber with a large column
with a cobra wrapped around it. Moving up to the base of the column by the 
cobras tail, move right (CCW) around the its base to the opposite side bringing
you to a walkway leading to a doorway in a pryamid shape. Entering this doorway
you will find a pedestal with a gold harp key. Turn the harp once. Now go
back around to the front and climb the cobra tail up to the top. You will come
out in a chamber that is ringed by 6 harpist statues. Examining each one you
will see on the harps base there is a key missing. Replace each of the keys 
matching the symbols and the keys. Return to the base and to where the gold 
harp key is. With the proper keys replaced on the statues, after turning the 
harp key once, it will be ejected from its holder and you can pick it up. 
Return to the hallway with the sitting statues.

Turn right and go to the single sitting statue. Move it to reveal another 
tunnel entrance. Follow this will lead to a shaft. Climbing down will bring
you to a staircase over looking the 'Yacht' room.

Yacht room
Moving along the stairs, at the first landing in the large vase the 
'Stair rod' will be found.

  w =c	       		  c= r
  g =c                    c= b

  w =c	     r Yacht      c= -
  - =c                    c= g

    ! !

At the bottom of the stairs working around the room to the right (ccw),
between the last two columns is found a basket holding the 'Pryamid bolt'.
In the alcove in front of the ship is a carving of the archway. Note which 
ones are shown depressed. In front of this carving is a vase. Touching it 
will cause it to fall over and break revealing the 'Vase bolt'. Continue
around to the left side of the boat. Take th ramp on to the boats deck. 
Once on deck, opening the door you will see a storage area with a wooden
box. Opening the box will reveal the 'Sun bolt'. Back on the floor in the
corner before approaching the archway is a vase with the 'Cross bolt'.

Approach the archway with the crocodile headed statue. Using the carving
for which stones need to be pressed and the 'archway' scroll for the number
sequence, Starting counting from the bottom left stone, press the 
12th, 18th, 20th, 9th, 3rd, 7th stone. As soon as you press the last one 
the statue will start to rotate. Quickly step on the platform as it is 
going around. The revolving platform will open out into a cave. Following 
this path will bring you to a chamber filled with water and a number of 
crocodiles. Approaching the 1st croc on the path will move out of the way and
back into the water. The path will take you to the edge of a pool with several
crocs in it. To cross approach the water, the crocs will start swimming, as 
soon as they line up in the center they can be quickly used as stepping stones
to get accross.Step on their backs then immediately step over to the shore. On
the other side on top of the mound is two 'Sobeks' tablets. The one on the 
right is the real one and touching the one on the left will kill you. Pick up 
only the correct tablet. The crocs can then be used to cross back again. 

Returning to the 'yacht' room, it is time to move to set the columns. From the
yacht scroll 6 of the 8 columns will need to be set with 2 blanks that don't. 
From matching the eye colors/ relative positions found in the yacht model room,
Each column can be climbed and the head sections can be turned until the eye
colors match. 

clockwise starting from the left by the archway, 

Once the columns are set it is time to go up the steps to the pulley wheel 
mechanism. Trying the wheel, the wheel will turn freely. Examining closer you 
will see it is missing a vase shaped pin. Place the vase bolt in the hole. Now
the wheel can be turned and move the pulleys. The pulleys will pull the boat 
forward. Moving back down to the floor, it will be found that the moving of the
boat has revealed another tunnel in the floor.

Following this tunnel will lead to a cavern with a pool ringed with stones.
Diving into the pool, follow this water filled tunnel until you come out and 
surface in a water filled cave with a reddish-brown column to the right. At 
this point the watery cavern will travel left and right. 

                                             .           t
                                painted      .           s
                                 wall  . . . . . . . slope  
                                c            .
	dead end . . .     pool    . . . . s


From this entry pool, take the right channel. This channel will take you past a
reddish stone and turn. Following this one further it will come to a 
fork branching into 3 streams. Take the right branch. After winding 
around a little this stream will lead to a slope that you can get out of the
water. Once out of the water moving to the left a reddish boulder is seen.
Moving this boulder will reveal another tunnel. Following down this tunnel 
will lead through a water filled section to a ladder out of the water and 
into a small space. Turning around there is a low ledge. On this ledge pick
up the pick axe and check the notes in the satchel. The Notes will give you
clues about using the pick axe to get through the painted wall and using the
Sacred Amulet to ward off the giant cobra that is guarding it. It also gives
a sutle warning about the tablet next to the crates. 
Also on this ledge is a skeleton clutching another tablet laying next to some
crates. The dead guy should be enough warning to you to not touch this one, the
safe correct tablet should be nearby. Over by the ladder out of the water is a
section with a number of small holes. Using these holes you can climb up to a 
small ledge where the real 'Horus Tablet' is at that you can pick up. 

Once you have the correct tablet it is time to climb back down the ladder to 
the water and make you way back out the tunnel entrance with the boulder. Then
back into the water and make your way back to the 3 way fork. Take the branch 
on the opposite side. This stream will take you to a chamber with a cobra 
shaped column and the painted wall. 

Moving up to the wall, use the pick axe on the wall twice to break it open. The
giant guard cobra will immediately pop up before you. Use the Sacred Amulet to 
send off the cobra. Move up to the colorful cobra statue before you. Turn 
around. On left side of the walkway are two more tablets. Move close and pick
up the 'Tauert's Tablet' on the left and avoiding the deadly one on the right.

You now have the six tablets. Leave the cobra room and follow the channel back
to the fork. Take the center fork (currently to the left). This channel will
lead out into a pool structure. 

                    SSSS  ......... w   
                    w                  .
                                 arch = .
 golden                water           .
 pryamid arch= ........................
      w                  .
                        ! !


		     s	     d
			! !

Move forward, turn left and exit the pool. Turn left and move back to the 
corner left of the water channel opening. There is a sitting statue here.
Note the colors/shapes pattern on its midsection and the 3 circles on its leg
with one position filled in. Move around the pool until you can exit out the
main archway. 

Exiting the pool structure you will see 4 seated statues across the water. Move 
up to the waters edge then take the right hand path. As you make your way
around some ruins will be in the water on the left. At a palm tree you can turn
left and wade over to the ruins arch. Approaching and climbing up the arch you
will find 3 round devices on top. Touching each one, note the colors. Climb 
back down and return to the shore. Turn left and continue around the water.

Continuing around, just as you enter the shadow of a rock outcropping, on the 
right will be a Scarab weight ball stuck in the sand. Continue forward to the 4
statues. keeping to the waters edge move past the front and the fallen head of 
one of the statues. Turning around you can approach the head and you will find
another Scarab weight ball stuck in its ear. Move back around the head to the
ramp up to the structure. Continuing forward brings you to a sand filled alcove
with 'Ra's Scroll' stuck in the sand. Turn around and move back to the front at
the top of the ramp. Turning left at the base of the statues there will be 
stairs between 2 statues. Take the stairs and climb to the top of the statues 
where a small viewing balcony is cut in the back of one of the statues head. 
Move onto the viewing area and look down. Note the 3 symbols carved on the top
of the head. Climb back down off the statue and move back around to in front of 
the pool structure.   

Continue past the pool structure following the left path which will lead to
an archway that will then lead to a golden pryamid. Approach the ramp in
front of the prymid then turn around. At the base of a palm tree on the left
side will be another Scarab weight ball stuck in the sand (light will be
shining off it). Checking the bordered area on the door of the pryamid it
can be noted 4 symbols will be needed. Return to the pool structure.

Reentering the pool structure, move to the doorway to the right of the entry
channel (along left side of pool from the archway). Follow this and stairs
up to the walkway around the top of the walls. Continue across to the section 
at the front of the building. Enter and take the stairs up to the upper
structure. At the top of the stairs turn around and note the color/shape 
pattern and circle position on the statue. Turn back around and continue to 
the other tower. Just before taking this last set of steps down note the 
color/shape/position on the statue overlooking the steps.

Down the steps will be a mechanism on the wall. Use the 3 scarab weights to
balance the 3 positions. Using the color/shape/positions found on the statues
turn each ball to match.

top    	= red circle, green rectangle, blue circle
middle	= red rectangle, green circle, blue circle
bottom	= green rectangle, blue circle, red rectangle

As soon as the 3 are in the right positions the mechanism will activate. Turn 
around and go back to the walkway between the 2 towers where a golden disk
is hanging. Opposite of the disk is a viewing balcony overlooking the pool.
Move up on it and look down. Note the 4 symbols that can now be seen in the 
pool. Return to the ground level and return to the golden pryamid.

Golden Pryamid
At the golden pryamid the matching symbols on the door can be selected by 
passing your hand over the position until the right symbol appears then 
selecting it by clicking on it. The 4 symbols from top to bottom are


When the correct 4 are selected the door will open. Inside the tablet holders
arent ready yet. Outside the pryamid move around its base until you reach a set
of climbing slots leading up to a golden wheel simular to the small ones found
on the arch at the ruins. Move to the top where you can turn the wheels. Using
Ra's Scroll match the symbols found on the statues head with the figures on the
mirrored side of the scroll. Matching the order of the symbols and colors with
the colors behind each of the cobra figures, turn the golden wheels to the 
matching symbols. Continuing around the base the 3 sets of wheels will be

blue 	= fish
yellow	= turtle
red	= stork

As soon as the 3rd wheel is correctly positioned you will hear some mechanism 
moving. It is time to enter the pyramid. Around the chamber is spaces for the 
6 tablets to be placed. Match the correct tablet with the heads on the wall
above each niche. When a correct tablet is placed a scroll will emerge from 
the round openings above them. You will get the following scrolls, Bermuda,
Stonehenge, Atlantian, Easter Island, Mayan Pryamid, and Giza Complex. Once
you have all 6 scrolls it is time to return all the way back to the hall with
the sitting statues and the entry to the maze. 

Back to the pool, the underground channel to the underwater tunnel leading back
to the Yacht room, up the stairs and shaft leading back out from behind the 
single sitting statue. 

If you have already operated the lever in the small room at the other end of 
the hallway, the second door with the maze symbol will now be open. Entering 
this room the 'Cobra Wheel will be found. Turning around, note the drawing of
the small rotating maze just to one side of the doorway. Back in the hallway
just outside the maze entry is a reddish stone the Cobra wheel can be placed
in. Operate the wheel 3 times to align to the first passage opening you need.

Enter the revolving maze and follow it to a tunnel that leads to a small 
chamber with the 'Sacred Cull' sitting on a stone and a skeleton clutching the
'Flume Scroll'. Pick up these 2 items then return to the cobra wheel operating
mechanism. Turn the wheel once then reenter the maze following it out. You will
come out in a chamber with stairs leading down into a pit area. On the right
side of the steps is a place for the Gold Harp key to be inserted. The Harp key
will activate a mechanism that looks like 2 figures carrying a sedan chair
rising out of the pit. In front of the seat is a basin. Back on the main level,
on the left of the steps is a chest with a model, on the right side of the pit
is a sand dispenser. Place the Sacred cull in the holder, then operate the 
lever to dispense the sand. Take the full cull and dump it in the basin in 
front of the seat. it will take 6 trips to fill the basin. Once the basin is 
filled it will activate and lower to steps leading up to the entrance of the 

As a reference point, just inside will be a Cobra statue with the grate
blocking the shaft from below. The maze symbol that has been seen elsewhere
will give the relative positions of the openings but doesn't show any of the
blocking walls. With the clunky movement it is hard to orient, but Annubis
heads are your guide. 
I suggest saving a game while at the Cobra statue so if
you get off track and get lost you have a place to start over again.

         !  !__
        _!   _F!
   Pool _   !
         !  !
         !  !
         !  !__
         !    b!
         !  !__!
         !  !
         !  !__
         !__   !
            !  !  !
          __!   _h!__
         !a  __!     !
         !*   a!  !  !
            !  !  !  !
            !  !  !  !
            !  !  !  !
          __!  !  !  !
         !b_ __ __!  !
                  !  !
                  !  !
                  !  !
                  !a    !
                     !  !
                     !  !
                     !  !
                     !  !
                     !  !
                     !  !
                     !  !
                     !  !
                     !  !  
                  !g_   !
                     !  !
                     !  ! 
                     !a    !
                        !  !
                        !  !
                        !  !
                        !  !
                        !  ! 
                        !  !  
                        !  !
                        !  !
                        !  !_ 
                        !gC _ elevator chair
                        !  !

Move up to the cobra
face right
forward 10 steps
face left
forward 1 step
face right
forward 13 steps
face left
forward 1 step
face right
forward 9 steps
the 10th step will auto turn left
forward 1 will auto turn left again
forward 6 steps
face right
forward 1 step (Scene will angle toward the right) 
forward down the section on right 4 steps
5th step will auto turn left and move forward
face right
* at this point the movement is erractic as it zig zags around the curves but
Forward 19 steps will bring you to the entrance to the pool room.

Enter the pool room.
Around the pool are 6 Annubis statues. You will need to move around the pool 
and activate mechanisms under each statue. Move up to the pool then move up 
to the first statue around the circle. Pushing the statue it will slide back
into its alcove exposing a wheel and a painted 5 ball float diagram. Note the 
symbol on the valve and the corresponding number of balls above the red 
section. Turn the wheel to open it. Back away then move on to the next statue.
Repeat this until all 6 wheels have been open. As soon as all 6 are open the 
pool will immediately drain. At the bottom of the pool are 6 archways with
corresponding wheels and symbols on them but must be activated first. 

Exit the pool room and move into the alcove with the Flume float controls just 
opposite of the pool entrance. On closer examination each of the 6 controls
has a corresponding symbol. Using the lever on top of each tube fills the 
tube with water while the lever on the bottom will drain out the water. 
Matching the symbols found on the wheels in the pool room adjust the floats
until the matching number of balls are above the red section for each of the 

v shape		= 4 balls
offering (s)	= 3 balls
water vase	= 2 balls
alter		= 0 balls
urn		= 5 balls
3 ball		= 1 ball

With the 6 floats correctly positioned, return to the pool room. Move around to
the rungs and climb down into the empty pool. On the 6 doorways are another 
wheel that can be turned to open the blocking bars. Inside each one will lead
to a space with a burial ark. Inside each one are the Easter Island, Bermuda 
Triangle, Miyan Pryamid, Atlantian, Stonehenge and Giza complex keys. Once all
6 are retrieved return to the pool bottom. For a short cut out, climb up to the
pipe thats just about head level. Following this pipe it will lead to the grate
that is in the cobra statues tail. Open the grate and climb out. You have the 
needed key now it is time to get back to the door in the side of the sphinx. 

From the cobra Statue return to the elevator chair. Click on the basin and it 
will dump the sand weight out then the elevator chair will return to the upper 
floor. From here its back through the revolving maze section, back up the 
hallway with the sitting statues to the tunnel out of the chamber back to the
Queens Chamber back out of the pryamid and to the helicopter. Take the 
helicoper back to the Sphinx. 

Move to the Atlantian door in the right side of the Sphinx. Place the 6 keys
in the the key holes around the door. 

From upper right continuing clockwise,
Bermuda Triangle
Easter Island
Mayan Pryamid
Giza Complex

The door will open. Move forward once and a star viewer will drop down. 

*WARNING selecting the wrong constellation will kill you.*

You can view the six constellations by moving the cursor across each of the 
blue domes. The correct one to select is the upper left one with the 
constellation crater/Orion. The viewer will move out of the way and you will
see the 'Ark of the Covenant' ahead. Upon touching the ark a video of the
professor will play. After the professor explains some things, he will 
talk about following him to the next sequel 'The Omega Stone'.

You can now open the ark for the scroll and you have completed the game.

Now on to search for the 2nd scroll in THE OEMGA STONE...

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