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 Risen - Titan Armor Quest

Risen - Titan Armor Quest

Walkthrough done by Phalzyr 

-=Titan Armor - Breastplate=-
1. Go to The path that leads to monastery past the farm Severin is at and up to
the ridge just North of the farm.
2. West passage way past crusher then on right is a blue barrier of this temple
destroy it and enter. 
3. Walk up to the alter and turn around toward door you came in. Above it is
the bust.
4. Use telekinesis to get bust, put it on alter and go through door.
5. Open Sarcophagi at end of hallway to get Titan Breastplate and Titan Staff
70 Damage.
6. Leave the way you came in.

-=Titan Armor - Hammer=-
1. Teleport to the Bandit Camp and head into temple. North of Don along West
wall and destroy blue barrier.
2. You will come to "Room 4A" that has two pedestals on the North wall, and to
both the East and West are half walls.
3. Let's go West first, so using climbing get up to the wall.
4. Two breakable doors here, one with a button behind it. Press it and go
through new doorway.
5. Make your way across the spike trap maze. Key is to step onto trap after it
goes down get to edge and wait for next to go down.
6. Open sarcophagi and kill/loot skeleton to get lizard mage bust. Go ahead and
pull lever to stop spike trap.
7. Go back to "Room 4A", climb up on rock near East wall and use levitate to
get across to it.
8. Two breakable doors here, one with a button behind it. Press it and go
through new doorway.
9. This room has five sarcophagi open them all loot all. 2nd on right has bust.
Center has Titan Axe 120 Damage.
10. Go back to "Room 4A" and place the bust on the pedestals and enter room.
11. Trick the undead beasts out of room and kill them before facing the Shadow
12. You can not hurt the Shadow Lord, but you can use fire trap in center to
kill him. Use any button on wall when he is near trap.
13. Take the Hammer from his corpse and leave this place.

-=Titan Armor - Shield=-
1. Teleport to "East Coast" or walk to "Jasmine Hut"
2. Take road to north and every right branch at crossroads (TA1001.jpg)
3. After you pass the Ash Beast and several Ogres You'll come to a large open
cave with a lot of creatures
4. You'll fins a curvy raised path that leads up to a chest near a column
5. Take the path towards the Ash Beast and destroy the blue magic barrier
6. Follow corridor to the North until you enter a large open room "Room 1A".
You'll Notice ledge to north, pedestals to open a door to west, a room above
where you entered, and a door on east side. Also not a map column in center of
room that'll give you the region map.
7. Go through do on the east side and you'll come to split with a closed gate
to the east with lever next to it, and a path to south with spike trap.
8. Flip Lever and go through door make sure to jump falling floor tile and get
the bust.
9. Go back and jump spikes, ring on left after spikes will also disable them
10. NW will be a ruble pile, and SE another corridor. Go NW over "Ruble Pile".
11. If you go straight you'll be in the room above where you entered "Room 1A"
but a fire pit blocks you way so don't go there yet.
12. Instead notice the two sarcophagi. One has a nautilus scroll in it the
other has a path behind it to use the scroll on.
13. You'll now be on the "northern ledge" of "Room 1A" (TA1003.jpg) Going "Up"
you can skip steps 14-17
14. Go Down and you'll see some obsidian a breakable wall and a swampy cave
entrance. (TA1004.jpg)
15. Go through cave entrance (TA1005.jpg) and in front of you on left will be a
dig spot with "Titanwing" a 2H sword that does 100 Damage
16. The other path leads back to the "rubble pile" area.
17. Go through breakable wall, towards lava, use telekinesis to pull lever and
disable crusher and go to edge overlooking lava.
18. Teleport across lava to where the ash beast is. To South is lever leading
opening door to "Room 1A".
19. To the north is the path that leads to the room we want to get into but the
gate is down.
20. Look for nautilus hole behind urns on west wall and go through it.
21. Inside this room is the second bust we need so get it and go back to "Room 1A".
22. Put the two busts on the pedestals and go through the newly opened doorway.
23. Kill the lizard men and take the Titan Shield that is on a bench at end of
24. The door has closed trapping you in with another lizard priest in an anti
chamber that just opened.
25. Kill him, flip the switch in the anti chamber and leave this place you are
done. S out of "Room 1A" ;)

-=Titan Armor - Western Cave From Eastern=-
1. Go back to the crossroads that lead to this temple (TA1002.jpg) and take the
other path.
2. You go down a spiral rock stairway, and at base catch your barrings. To the
South is a campfire and scorpions. To the West is two passages. One goes under
the arch and one towards an ash beast with a lava drop off and drawbridge that
is up.

-=Titan Armor - Western Cave From Swamp=-
1. Take the passage N of Rhobart's shack, enter cave, and jump or levitate
across the crack when you come to it.
2. Continue North and go down a spiral rock stairway, to base. To the South is
a campfire and scorpions. To North is a path towards an ash beast and lava
cliff with drawbridge up. To east is path to the eastern cave system.

-=Titan Armor - Helmet=-
1. Teleport across or try jumping to the lower level, top is the way back at
once done.
2. Destroy the magic barrier and kill the lizardmen in "Room 2A" be mindful of
the spike trap in center of room. You can use it against the elite warriors.
3. On the North wall is two alters that open a doorway with busts again. On
East are two doorway, one closed and on west is a doorway leading to small room
with a bust and stone tablet in it.
4. Get tablet if you want but the get back out of room and use levitate to get
"Bust of a king" of pedestal without trapping yourself in.
5. Now head through the eastern door that is open and destroy the breakable
wall at end of tunnel and go through the new doorway.
6. To the North is a passageway just before it is a stone table and before that
a nautilus hole. Go through the hole.
7. This is the blocked room, Kill mortars and get the bust on off of him.
8. Now you can either use nautilus to go back the way you came or put the bust
on alter in the room and use the earlier trick to retrieve it.
9. Put the two busts on the alters in "Room 2A" and go through the doorway.
10. The two undead priests in the room are guarding the Titan Helmet. Kill
them. One has the Western Temple Teleport Stone.
11. Take the Titan Helmet and remember that I said you have to leave via top
level well now this room has a magic prevention crystal to complicate things.
12. There are two doors and two paths. The crystal makes it hard to get to the
SW doorway so head up to SE one.
13. Now use levitate to get across to the SW one. Break it down and go in and
flip switch to allow SE one in. (just in case)
14. The chest here has the Titan scepter in it 80 damage. After looting knock
down the wall to south and go through.
15. The next room has a fall trap floor in center so go around it.
16. Go down stairway pull the lever to open door and then wench to lower

-=To the big waterfall with Patty=-
1. Follow the winding path until you get to the bridge then turn East and head
toward water fall.

-=Titan Armor - Brassards and Greaves=-
1. Start at Bandit Camp and head out south, and take the fork saying "West Coast".
2. You might meet Patty her and her join you depending on how you treated her
3. Finish Quest: To big waterfall with Patty (TA3001.jpg)
4. Head East past the ghouls and enter a sting rat dwelling. The North wall of
this alcove can be climbed.
5. Climb it and go East then turn down then turn and go South down a tunnel. 
6. When this tunnel opens up you can keep going and wind up in the Western
Cave. Don't.
7. Instead look up and notice ceiling is missing! (TA3002.jpg) Climb up the
convenient pile of debris to upper level.
8. Turn to North and you'll see a blue barrier, destroy it and head into the
9. You'll want to be careful this temple is full of trap. First notice
downstairs is broken and spike trap just on other side.
10. After jumping spike trap pull ring on wall to disable it South portion of
West wall. If you fall a lever on west wall will lead you back to broken staircase.
11. "Room 3A" has a door with lever on SW wall. E is crushers. N has a grate
and levers.
12. Flip both levers and then peak out North doorway. (TA3003.jpg)
13. It has anti magic crystals here so no cheating, but there is a button
across the way you can shoot so do so.
14. Now fall down the fall trap :D and flip switch on west wall so you can
leave when you want.
15. Go south now instead of to staircase and you'll find yourself in "Room with
5 doors".
16. First click on the map column just east of entry door for region map.
17. Break down the middle door to reveal the "5 door room button". Press it.
18. One of the other 3 doors will open. The one East of the room this time.
Note entry/exit doorway has torches.
19. Go down passage and note the drawbridge is up, so go back and press the
button again.
20. Go through new doorway, and at doorway that heads south do so.
21. Go to southern must area of this room and notice the hole in wall that
overlooks the drawbridge. (TA3004.jpg)
22. Shoot the winch, since you can't use magic.
23. Turn West and you'll see a nautilus hole, go through. Chest has Titan Bow.
24. Go North, dig spot on left, on right use lever to open door back to where
you just came but then head North.
25. Pull lever to open door and go North not down Eastern hallway.
26. You'll find our first gate winch, two more to go, and note they are green
dots on map :D
27. Go back and down the eastern hallway back to "Room with 5 doors" and press
the button.
28. Go through open doorway and use levitate (high) to get over dual spike traps.
29. Flip switch to turn them off, and then use second gate winch.
30. Go back to "Room with 5 doors" and push but once more.
31. Go through the open door and over the now lowered drawbridge and follow the
ledge around.
32. Where the path is broke there is a ring on the wall pull it.
33. Jump the gap and head North up the staircase, and use the third gate winch.
34. go back and turn down the right hallway and pull lever to get back to "Room
with 5 doors"
35. Go through the eastern 3 gate doorway and kill the undead ash beasts.
36. Chest has Titan Armor piece and Titan Crossbow in it so get them.
37. To the North is a breakable wall go through it and then pull the lever at
end of hall.
38. You are now on the other side of crushers seen at "Room 3A".
39. To the North is a staircase leading downward to a chest/dead end, jump over
40. Head toward dual crushers but note the nearest one has a lever to stop it.
Pull it.
41. Go past the other crusher and leave this place West the way you came in.

-=Eldric must reforge the Titan Lord Armor=-
1. Talk to Eldric and follow him to his magical pedestal.

-=Kill End Boss - The Fire Titan=-
1. Go to the "4 Skull Gateway" and talk to Ursegor.
2. Talk to and fight Inquisitor Mendoza and loot his body
3. Put Ursegor's skull on the pedestal.
4. Make sure both Titan shield and Titan Hammer are equipped!!!
5. This battle is extremely annoying, not exactly difficult. Here is the ONLY
way to win.
You must deflect the energy balls back at him via blocking.
When he kneels down in pain hit him once with hammer.
After a few times he will be sucked into floor and put back in prison.
The floor disappears on a sequence, and runes with flash a turn before vanishing.
You can jump over his shockwave if you aren't staring at floor and actually see
it coming.

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