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 Rock Manager

Rock Manager

Submitted by: arun prakash
                  Quick Walkthrough for Rock Manager
          -= For PC Windows				      -=
          -= Version : 1				      -=
          -= By : agentgig (Maurizio "Max" Caschera)	      -=
          -= Created : May 19, 2002			      -=
          -= Finished : May 31, 2002			      -=
          -= My E-Mail :		      -=
          -= MSN Messenger :	      -=
	  -= America On-Line: themafiosomaxc	  	      -=
          -= My Home Page : -=
          -= My nickname on the GameFAQS Board : agentgig     -=
                                Legal Mumbo Jumbo

This Walkthrough is created for personal use only. It is prohibited to use
this Walkthrough on your commercial web page, magazine or game guides without
advising me. You are also not allowed to rip off any segment of my FAQ without
advising me by e-mail. I worked hard for this and I don't want to see someone
say that he has done the whole Walkthrough. But, you can put this Walkthrough
on your home page, the only condition for this is to e-mail me and TELL me that
you are putting this Walkthrough on your home page and you need to GIVE me the URL.
Understood? Good. Any screwing about will be met by extreme force by my in-house
legion of killer mutant Squirrels/legal experts that shoot lasers out of their eyes!
Thank you for you cooperation.



Hello everyone! This is my first ever attempt at a Walkthrough and I'll do
my best to make this guide as useful as it should be. Basically, this is just
a quick walkthrough for the missions that i have cleared so far and hopefully
this will be most helpful to many of you! I have worked really hard to make this
as accurate as possible and since no one is perfect, there is bound to be some
mistakes in this walkthrough so with that in mind, please do not email me with such
things as "Your walkthrough is rubbish, you get the names wrong" or something like
that. Ofcourse, if i have left something out, please dont hesitate to inform me.
Now read on!

****************************SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS*****************************

- Windows(R) 95/98/2000/ME/XP

- Pentium 233MHz MMX
- 32MB System RAM
- 2x CDRom Drive
- 16 Bit Graphic Card
- DirectX(R) compatible 16-Bit Soundcard
- 100 MB Free Hard Disk Space (150 MB Recommended)

Thank You's:
- Mindscape and Pan Interactive, for making a great, original and damn well
  addictive game.
- GameFAQs, for hosting my Walkthrough.
- My parents for not disturbing me while i lay on my bed for 5 hours every night
  while i played the game.

Screw You's:
- The evil Insomnia demon that wont let me sleep!
- Cable TV! Another reason as to why i cant get any sleep!


-=  1. Walkthrough  -=

With this walkthrough, i will assume that you are all aware of the controls and
where is what. Besides, if you dont then just read the manual and some of the
places are named on the screen so its not too hard to see which is which!

Mission 1: First Steps
"Form a band, Release a record and get on the Top 10"

* Put a band together
* Get a Song License
* Record a Demo
* Sign a Record Contract
* Make the Top 10

A very simple and Straight forward mission! This mission just introduces you to the
basics of the game. You will be told where to go and what to do next so its pretty
easy. For this mission you should just hire some "Pop" artists and choose a good
song. Follow the popup hints and you should have this mission sorted in no time at

Mission 2: A Family Affair
"An offer from Global Records might spell success"

* Record Supermarket Love
* GetLabel Approval
* Release Album
* Make Cash
* Keep Band from Breaking up

No doubt about it, these are Oasis!! Nelly and Lol Golander! They are always at each
others throat! Basically, train these guys up in Media Training first and while they
are away training, you can hire the rest of the band. Dont waste all your cash on a
full band. All you need is a drummer and Bass player. Remember to pick the artists
that have the same genre(Pop, Rock, Metal, Etc) as the Gallagher, i mean Golander,
brothers. Arrange a gig for when the brothers return so you get some much needed cash.
After the gig, give the band some beer which is under the gift option. If you get a
popup saying that the brothers are fighting, send Nelly on a country retreat to calm
him down and give Lol some shades. Now, record your song with the band. You should
already have a song at the start of the game so there is no need to buy one. Depending
on which studio you choose, you can change some of the sounds while recording. Give
Nelly, who is on Vocals, a sort of echo effect with the song and select whatever else
you like for the other band members. Now go to Global Records with your record and let
them hear it. They should accept and give you a contract. Now arrange somemore gigs and
make a sleeve for the record. Word of advice, you should try to release the record about
2 or 3 weeks from the current date in the game. This gives you time to advertise the record
and get more reviews from newspapers and Radio. Speaking of which, once that is done, go to
Radio FM, Zer0 Magazine and City News and give them all a copy of the record. While doing
this, give them a gift too. Give Radio FM some flowers and then a meal, then give Zer0
Magazine some liquors and Hockey Tickets. DO NOT give anything to the guy at City News as he
will consider it blackmail and give you a bad review!(You will find me repeating this over and
over again so that you dont forget) Head over to the Record Store use the option to give a
discount to the shop and have it start on the day of the release of your record. Do the same
for the Listening Post and the Window Display. Once all that is done, head over to Sergey and
arrange some Fake Fans to cheer up the band, arrange a street promotion and then fix the sales
chart. Now as soon as you have just over 100,000 arrange a gig at the football Stadium. Once
that gig is over, the mission will be completed.

Mission 3: Hey Princess
"Sergey's daughter wants to be a star. Are you the right person for the job?"

* Hire Musicians for Nadia's BAnd
* Get a Song License
* Release Record
* Get 45% Hype
* Get Nadia on TV

Ah yes! The classic Daddy's little girl gets what she wants! This is actually quiet easier than
mission 2 if you know what to do ofcourse! First we need some musicians, so go and hire the best
of the Genre that Nadia has. Now, before you actually record a song we have to give Nadia some
music lessons(Trust me, you dont wanna hear her sing without them!) Give Nadia 3 lessons in music
and 1 in Media training. Once she is back, buy a song and record your album. Now, by this time,
Nadia should be causing trouble with one of the band members because he/she is very happy. If
this happens just click on her picture and give her a gift. Go for the games console. Ok, lets see
now! Band? Check! Song? Check! Ok, we have to try and get a company to buy our record! Always, and
i mean ALWAYS, go for Global Records first as they give more cash! If they dont accept then try Rainbow
Records, North Star Records or Rebel Records in that order. When thats all said and done, make a sleeve
design and set a release date for the Record. As before, you should try to release the record about 2 or
3 weeks from the current date in the game. Once that is done, go to Radio FM, Zer0 Magazine and City News
and give them all a copy of the record. While doing this, give them a gift too. Give Radio FM some flowers
and then a meal, then give Zer0 Magazine some liquors and Hockey Tickets. DO NOT give anything to the guy
at City News as he will consider it blackmail and give you a bad review! Now, arrange 2 gigs and then go
to the Record Store. There you should use the option to give a discount to the shop and have it start on
the day of the release of your record. Now, after your 2 gigs, go to TV24 and give the man there some Hockey
tickets. Head over to Sergey and use his option to influence your sales. Organise a scandal for publicity,
get some fake fans to cheer up the band, arrange a street promotion and then fix the sales chart. If any
problems arise within the band, just give them all beer or some cheap gifts. try to keep a steady flow of
cash by arranging more gigs whenever possible. By this time, you should have the record released. Use some
of your hard earned cash to advertise on Radio FM and Zer0 Magazine. This is going to be very expensive so
what you should do is bring the days down to just 1 or 2 days of advertising, depending on the cash you have.
Earn some more cash and then shoot a video at Herkules Studios. Choose the miniture characters video. Once the
video is done, head over to TV24 and give it to the man there. Now just sit back and relax. Try to arrange as
many gigs as possible but remember to keep everyone happy with some gifts.

Mission 4: Metal to the Masses
"Firewolf are raring for a comeback Tour before retiring to live off of the proceeds"

* Get a Record Deal
* Release an Album
* Sell 25,000 Copies
* Go on a World Tour (Minimum three stops)

One of the hardest missions! The main reason for this is because these guys are all in their 40's and love to
drink beer, but thats the least of the problems. Andy is a drug addict so he is prone to selling the bands
instrument and using the cash to buy drugs. Add to that Sonny's homosexual tendecy causing a scandal within
the second week and his love interest later on in the game. Ok, as before, get a song and make a record. Once
thats done, head over to Rebel Records and get the contract. All the other record labels will not sign you so
dont bother with them! Now, before you finalise the contract, make sure you raise your royalties. That way, you
make more money faster. Make the sleeve and set the release date as per usual! Give the band members some gifts
(They love beer) and give them some media training. You should get a call from Zer0 Magazine for an interview.
Just arrange it for after the Media training. Arrange a gig at the Rock Pit and head over to Sergey to order the
usual(Fake fans, street promotion, Chart fixing and some scandals!) Go to the usual media people and give them all
a copy of the record. While doing this, give them a gift too. Give Radio FM some flowers and then a meal, then give
Zer0 Magazine some liquors and Hockey Tickets. DO NOT give anything to the guy at City News as he will consider it
blackmail and give you a bad review! By know, the band are probably getting restless with Sonny and his Girlfriend.
Sonny will have come to you about some ideas from her. Dont worry though because you are not given an option on what
to do really, the only time you are given some sort of option with the girlfriend part is when the lead singer asks
you if your going to do something about her. Try to calm them all down with some Booze and some gifts. Now, try to
arrange somemore gigs so that you have a hefty amount of cash. You should be able to make alot of cash from having
a gig in the football stadium as long as you advertise it well. Now is the time to arrange your tour. Forget about
all the extra stage stuff for the tour, just keep it simple. Pick the 3 nearest locations so that it wont cost too
much and then book the flights. Once thats done, set your tour date and hey presto, once they are all finished,
so should the mission be finished!

Mission 5: Kind of Blue
"Poor Nick Chesterton cant stand the pressure but returns to the frak like a duck to water"

* Hire Musicians for Nicks Band
* Record a Demo
* Release Record
* Sell 30,000 Copies before Nick Quits Pop

Now here is another really easy and simple mission. Basically, just hire a band, get a really good song and release it.
Nick is scared of media attention so dont take up any offers for interviews or its mission over. Just advertise the
record like normal, give the papers and radios their free copy and go to Sergey for the usual fake fans but remember
to keep away from the scandals section. Dont forget to do some gigs and as soon as the record is released and has
sold 30,000, Nick will retire once again and your mission is complete.

Mission 6: The Space Cadets
"Concept band or proper artists - can The Space Cadets make the leap?"

* Buy a Song License
* Record a Demo
* Release an Album
* Sell 100,000 Copies
* Get Good Reviews

Yes, another easy mission. Give the band some music lessons and some media lessons ASAP, buy a song and record it.
Get a record deal and do some gigs. just keep advertising the band but make sure that your cash doesnt fall bello
the $15000 mark or its game over. Dont release the record too soon, instead, set it a month away and set up some
advertising for its release. As soon as other venues allow you to have a gig in their place, arrange one for the
day before the record release. Dont forget to use Sergey for that little extra push and give the media people
their frebbies along with the bribes. As soon as the record is released, do some more gigs, advertise somemore,
especially at the Record Store and the mission should be over pretty soon.

Mission 7: War on Rainbow
"Drive the naieve Music lovers out of business!"

* Put a Crap Band Together
* Record a Demo
* Sign with Rainbow
* Dont Make Them any Money
* Make Rainbow Go Bankrupt

Ok, a very very tricky mission this. You would think that you could just set up a crap band, get accepted and
then spend thier money, but it doesnt work that way. Oh god no. You have to be very carreful with how you spend
your money in this mission. Rainbow Records are very picky when it comes to bands and they will only hire if its
a rock band, so with that in mind, you should hire either John Benny or Roberto Bennelli as your lead singer,
then make up the rest of the band with some rockers. The song you should choose is Fake It and you can find
that at Global Music Publishing. Record the song at Global Records. Once you have the band and made the record,
head over to Rainbow Records and grab a contract. Now, assuming you got the contract, make a sleeve and use all
the expensive options. Set the release date for just 5 days and then do a gig in the Rock Pit and Cafe Lizzete.
DO NOT advertise the record anywhere, remember, you were hired to let the company go bust so when you are approached
by the media for interviews and the sort, refuse them. Try to keep the band happy with some booze. Keep going back
to Cafe Lizzete for some gigs from time to time. Soon you should be approached by the lead singer, he knows what
your plan is and wants a TV worth 5000, give it to him. now as soon as your cash hits below $5000, Rainbow Records
will give you another 40G's, spend that on some gigs. The lead singer should contact you again and this time he
quits the band. Dont worry about it, just replace him with the other guy you didnt choose. Check to make sure you
arent selling too many records, you should have sold about 500 by know. Arrange some gigs in the bigger venues such
as Avenue or Palladium if they accept you, this should take some more cash off you, Rainbow Records should give you
another 40G's and tell you that its the last cash they have. Spend it on 1 days worth of advertising and soon you
should have the mission beaten.

Mission 8: The Perfect Song
"Globals last challenge"

* Record and Promote the Perfect Song

You would think that this would be one tough mission but it isnt. This is such an easy mission, easier than the first.
You already have a band and a song so all you gotta do is record it. Go to Global Records, record the song and head
over to the head honcho to get approval. Now, make a sleeve and release the song whenever you want. Do some gigs and
advertise the release of the Record. As soon as it releases, you should see your cash flow go through the roof. In 2
days you will have about $20000000, you know what that means? It means you can use all the top advertising costs, give
the band some holidays and take the biggest world tour ever! Thats it, all you have to do is keep the band happy through
the whole thing and keep making money through the gigs. Mission Accomplished, game completed!!

Hope you enjoyed this walkthrough and keep enjoying the game!
Max C

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