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 The Rocky Interactive Horror Show

The Rocky Interactive Horror Show

Walkthru by TR Wolf

"It's just a simple everyday rock and roll story of boy meets girl meets 
alien transvestite from another world... and now its a fully interactive 

This is a great game without a doubt, lots of fun, however I think its 
neccessary to have a walkthru for it as some of the puzzles in the game can 
be VERY tricky!

I recommend only using this guide to look up problems if you're REALLY 
stuck, dont just use it all the way through or it'll spoil it.

And remember more than anything to EXPLORE, thats the most fun part of the 
game! :)

So with that in mind my unconventional conventialists... read on!

At the front door, walk to the left along the driveway and past the windows 
until you come to the fence at the garden, you should see something yellow 
on the ground, pick it up. Now wait for a second before clicking again as 
you'll get a little video clip explaining that its a Wedding Invitation (you 
get a fair few of these explination videos, but you'll get used to them).

With the invitation in your inventory, go back to the front doors and up to 
the letterbox with the eyes peering through, cycle through your inventory 
and select the invite, and post it through the letterbox, Riff Raff will 
then open the door for you.

In the little lobby area look in the basket by the door and pick up the 
Speeding Ticket, and then go over to the Wellington Boots and collect the 
key from inside.

Walk through to the next room, dont get too near Riff Raff or he'll shoot 
you with his laser beam, and you'll end up in the infirmary in another part 
of the building you dont want to be in yet! Walk over to the suit of armour, 
and you'll find a small twisty key (part of a can opener), pick this up, 
you'll need it later.

**Also note that in this room there is a bug, if you squish bugs it 
increases your time a little, this is the same if you come across pairs of 
bouncing lips around the house, although collecting the lips gives you a bit 
of an orgasmic video clip (even moreso if you dont have clothes when you 
collect the lips!). Your time limit is essential, so dont waste those time 
increasers. As well as your clock counting down you'll be able to tell time 
limits by the decoration around the game screen, it goes from being outside 
to being inside, then a lab, then a more advanced lab, then a spaceship, 
then a more advanced spaceship (etc)**

Walk through to the hallway which has a stained glass window in it, the 
phone will ring so pick it up for a little video clip. Now remember this 
part, the candles on the wall are quite important and you'll find yourself 
referring to this again later so Im singling it out:


The RIGHT CANDLE controls the Elevator.
The LEFT CANDLE controls the Doors.

Turning the RIGHT CANDLE to the LEFT sends the elevator up to the first 
floor, turning it RIGHT brings it down to the ground hallway.

Turning the LEFT CANDLE to the RIGHT will open the first floor doors, 
turning it to the LEFT will open the ground hallway doors.


Now push the stained glass window and walk through to the Dining Room, walk 
around to the front of the table and pick up the glass, then continue to the 
left and walk through to the next room (with the bear) You may have Columbia 
or Magenta walking around here, beware getting to close to any characters as 
they will steal your clothes, which will drastically slow your walking speed 
down until you go get the clothes again (it shows a quick clip of where 
they've been placed). Walk over to the Tiger Head on the wall and take the 
key from its mouth, then go to the Crockery Cupboard and collect the 

Now go downstairs to the Kitchen. Collect the Cleaver from above the oven, 
then open the fridge and turn the control in there to "Freezer" and it will 
open the Cola Freezer in another part of the house. Now on the bottom right 
of the screen you'll find a salt pot, if you open it you'll find a key for 
the Wine Cellar.

Now go through to the Butler's Room. You'll find Riff Raff wandering about 
here so be careful not to get laser blasted or lose your clothes! Get the 
knife from the chopping board, and collect the needle and thread from the 
shelf on the right hand wall.

Now re-trace your steps all the way back so you arrive at the hallway with 
the phone and stained glass window, now walk to the right past the stairway 
with the shark, and into the next room. This is the room with the cola 
machine which is now an open door to the deep freezer, walk through it. Now 
you're in the freezer area so the floor is very slippy so you're going to 
slip now and then so just walk at a steady speed and it shouldnt be too 
hard. Now make sure your inventory has the Speeding Ticket selected as you 
need to do this part quickly... walk into the room where Eddie is on his 
motorbike, and quickly walk up to him and use the ticket on him, for some 
reason this stops him for a few seconds, then quickly walk over to the 
switch on the back wall and pull it, it'll freeze Eddie. (Note: if you dont 
do any of this quick enough, Eddie will mow you down with his bike and 
you'll end up in the Infirmary again)

Now heading back through the freezer, there's a load of junk at the bottom 
of a disposal chute, have a look in the First Aid Box and collect the Pink 
Gloves, then examine the broken TV and you should find a part of the 
De-Medusa machine.

Now go back out of the deep freeze and to the left, then up those stairs. On 
the first floor go up the other stairs, these will take you to a small space 
with two doors (and another time-bug, Yay!), enter the right hand door and 
you'll be in the attic. Ignore the Mona Lisa, its weird but doesnt do 
anything. Collect the crow bar from beneath the painting, open the large box 
in the middle of the room and collect the Leather Panties, and then collect 
the Paper Pattern from the Dummy/Mannequin to the right hand side.

Go back through the door, down the stairs, and to the right so you enter a 
room with a Juke Box (have a look at the juke box, its a lot of fun!), enter 
the room on the back wall and you will arrive in the guest room (this room 
always gave me the creeps for some reason!), open the drawer on the dressing 
table to the left and take the cartridge inside, then go into the door on 
the other side of the room, this is the bathroom, and as you can see... 
something not too nice seems to have happened in here. If you look at the 
edge of the tub, you can see a shadow of a hand behind the curtain, move the 
curtain and (after a screeeeam!) you'll see a decomposed hand clutching a 
plug, take the plug and head back out to the hallway.

Walk left along the hallway so that you're back at the stairs, walk left 
again so you're passing the paintings of Magenta, Frank, and Riff Raff, now 
although they each do silly things, go back to the Frank painting. Those 
lips on the bottom if you select them actually give you a tube of KY Jelly 
for some reason, emergency storage I guess...

Now in this room, use the Descaler (Cleaver) with the fish to get a key from 
inside it, then go through the foor beneath the fish into the bathroom. Walk 
over the money on the floor to collect it. Now use the plug on Robbie the 
Robot, and when he moves you can insert money into the Condom Machine behind 
him. Collect the condom and head back out the door, along the gallery, down 
the stairs, and back into the room with the freezer, only this time keep 
walking to the right, and go up onto the stage. On the left of the stage 
should be a rope, and if you pull it, it will unveil a little room to the 
right of the stage, so walk past the frozen version of your loved one, and 
enter this little room, collect the money from in here, and head back out 
again and along the stage to the right, and down the steps.

You will now be at Riff Raff's Disco! (Strange, I know), and just to note 
that the door with the Security Camera above it actually doesnt lead 
anywhere, you cant enter it.  Enter the disco and go behind the bar, use the 
glass you picked up on one of the bottles and you'll reveal another key!

Now go to the dancefloor...and do the Time Warp!! (The Criminologist gives 
you a reminder of how it goes)

You do this by using the Enter key (to do a jump to the left) and then the 
Arrow Keys, each key performs a little section of the dance, and you might 
have to do it a few times (walk off the dance floor if you want to start 
over) but when you do it correctly up to the point of "really drives you 
insane", the dance will complete itself, and the floor lights will turn off, 
and a panel will open revealing Rocky's Brain! (Another strange storage 

Now go out of the disco and walk to the left all the way back to the 
stairway room, go up the stairs, and up the 2nd stairs and this time go into 
the left hand door (you'll need to use one of the keys on it), this is 
Magenta's Room, go over to her bed and collect the key from her pillow. Go 
over to the wardrobe and collect the Leather Vest, and then look in the BACK 
of the wardrobe at 3 shoes, remember the order the numbers are in! Note them 

Now go back down the stairs and to the right into the jukebox room and to 
the Guest Room again (the black and white room), now go over to the left of 
the bed and look at the ugly painting, use the knife on it, and then go to 
the right of the bed and use the knife again and it will reveal a safe 
behind the painting! Now the combination is the order of the numbers you 
found on Magenta's Shoes. So if the shoes read 1-2-3 you'd do 1 then 2 then 
3, now actually imputting this combination is a little tricky on the safe, 
and it might take a few attempts. Put in the code, press down, and the safe 
will open revealing a De-Medusa piece.

Now go out of the room, along the hall, down the stairs, down the hall with 
the phone, through the stained glass windows, and make your way down to the 
kitchen, and then into the Wine Cellar. Go through to the Dungeon and then 
to the cell on the far left of the dungeon, use one of the keys to enter and 
when inside collect the Candy Cane Rock from the floor, the coins, and the 
Toilet Flush Chain. Now use the crowbar from the attic on one of the 
flagstones, (I think its the middle of the room to the left hand side 
slightly, but you'll need to explore a bit!), beneath the flagstone is 
another key, collect that and head back upstairs so you're in the hall with 
the phone again.

Go to the left and back out the front doors, along the driveway to the left 
until you come to the gate to the garden (where you found the Wedding Invite 
waaaaaay back at the start of the game. Enter the garden gate and push open 
the stained glass window to the left, you'll find yourself in the Library.

Walk towards the door on the back wall and grab the book from the taunting 
Gargoyle, inside you will find some Seeds. Also collect the Freezer Book 
from the shelves on the left hand side. The door on the left hand side leads 
to The Zen Room, and you can lose a lot of time here, AND those bouncing 
YinYang symbols damage you, so be careful!

Go back out into the garden and to the right. You'll see a rather nasty 
looking Triffid blocking the way, so quickly go to the pot at the bottom of 
the screen and throw the seeds in, this will...*ahem*...distract the 
Triffid, allowing you to continue into the Maze!

On the water fountain find the hole on the front and put the wheel/valve 
into it and turn it. Continue through the archway further into the maze, 
(Richard O Brien should give some tips on where to go around here) when you 
find the skeletons sat on the bench, use the KY Jelly on their hands and 
take the key. Continue through the maze until you come to two large male 
statues, collect the key from the genital piercing on the right hand statue, 
and continue through until you come to the Graveyard (woooo!!)

Move to the right and move down so that you're facing the pot on the grave, 
get the flowers and make sure your inventory has now selected the Candy Cane 
Rock, and then collect the Control and put the pot back (if you dont put the 
Candy Cane Rock in, a hand will grab you and you'll be back in the 

Now use the key from the skeletons to enter the Tomb at the rear of the 
Graveyard. You'll enter a room with 3 coffins in it. Open the middle one, 
and after a "reaction" (you'll see), use the Rubber Gloves to get the key 
from the crotch of the skeleton.

Now make your way back into the graveyard and all the way back through the 
maze again until you come to the stained glass windows. Now go over to the 
little fountain and collect the soap from inside it.

Now go back through the gates and along the drive and into the doors and 
back along the corridors blah blah blah blah and go upstairs and to the 
right into the jukebox room. Use the key in the door with the sunshine 
stained glass window above it, this is Frank's Bedroom!

Go over to Frank's bed and look at the magazines under the bed, they'll give 
you a clue as to what you're to do next...

Go through the door surrounded by the cherrubs, collect the Vim Toilet 
Cleaner from next to the toilet, look at the Crocodile on the wall and cut 
the skin off using the knife. Then use the Paper Pattern on the Crocodile 
Skin and use the Needle and Thread also and you'll have created a FABulous 
Crocodile Skin Bag.

Go back into the bedroom and give Frank the bag, he'll give the Zen Room key 
in return. Walk further right into Frank's bedroom and use a key to open the 
balcony doors, and IGNORE Richard O Brien, walk along the balcony and you'll 
find a piece of the De-Medusa machine.

Now exit Frank's room and walk left along the hallways and past the gallery 
and use a key on the door on the left wall, this is Columbia's ROom, and on 
the floor by the door (out of vision due to furniture) collect the note from 
the floor. Then leave her room and go into the bathroom beneath the fish, 
walk over to the toilet and when the monster's hand appears, use the Vim 
Toilet Cleaner and it will politely hand over a key :)

Now exit the bathroom and go along the hall and downstairs and to the right, 
past the stage, and into Riff Raff's Disco, use a key on the door behind the 
bar, enter the room and collect the Leather Mask from one of the wooden 

Now exit the Disco, back along to the left and through the stained glass 
windows of the hallway with the phone and walk along here, go downstairs to 
the Butler's room, and (avoiding Riff Raff) walk to the door on the right 
hand side and use one of the keys on it, then use the Toilet Flush Chain on 
the WC Cistern, and another key and collect the De-Medusa piece. Also 
collect the other half of the Can Opener from the shelf.

Now head out and upstairs, and back along the corridor and up the stairs and 
into the jukebox room. Use the completed Can Opener on the Knight to collect 
another De-Medusa piece.

Now go back to the kitchen (you must know how to get there by now!) and into 
the Wine Cellar and through to the Dungeon. Dress up the skeleton with the 
Mask, Vest, and Panties, and it'll pull back on its chains unveiling an Egg 
in the Control Room.

Now go back upstairs and up the stairs to the first floor, then up the 
stairs to the 2-door room and go through the right hand door into the attic. 
Crawl through the air duct in the wall into the Control Room. Go over to the 
blue console and insert the Cartridge, the egg will swing around forming a 
chair, upon which is a De-Medusa piece.

Now go back through the air duct and downstairs, along the hall with the 
paintings and into the bathroom. Activate Robbie using Control, press R to 
sweitch between normal character control and Robbie control. Take Robbie out 
of the bathroom to the elevator (behind the Elvis Poster), swap back to your 
character again using R and go downstairs to the elevator and using the 
instructions from earlier on, open the lift upstairs, then swap back to 
Robbie and walk him into the elevtor, then swap back and go back downstairs 
and move the elevator down and open the doors, then swap back to Robbie and 
walk him through the house to the front doors, take him outside and walk him 
along the driveway to the garden, walk through the maze (again) and take him 
into the Tomb in the Graveyard.

Walk him through the dungeon to the Engine Room, walk over to the Control 
Panel and activate it, then walk onto the De-Medusa piece that appears and 
pick it up. Swap back and walk upstairs to the attic, go through the air 
duct and walk along into the Scrub Room (the room with the elevator and the 
basins), walk over to a basin and use the soap on it to wash your hands. 
Then go through the door to the left into the Creation Room. Ignore the 
controls for now and simply walk over to Rocky, and insert his Brain. Then 
walk over to the Control Panel and activate Rocky, who will then go to the 
Transit Room and smash one of the glass mushroom things.

Now go through to the Transit Room and collect the De-Medusa piece from 
inside it. Swap back to Robbie and walk him out of the Engine Room, through 
the Dungeon, Tomb and back through the Maze, along the drive, through the 
front doors and back to the elevator. Swap back to your character and go 
through the Scrub Room and the double doors to the Control Room, crawl 
through the duct to the Attic and downstairs to the Phone hallway, and bring 
Robbie up in the elevator (switching back and forth, you know this by now), 
and take Robbie through to the Juke Box room, now use the Juke Box and 
select the first track and Robbie will do a little dance and pretty much 
break down. Now switch back to your character and go to the Juke Box room, 
and examine Robbie, you should find the Final De-Medusa Piece!

Now you have all the pieces! (Ooh! Isnt this exciting!) go back to that 
little room behind the stage on the ground floor and use all of the pieces 
on the workbench. Then you can play the De-Medusa Sub Game. Basically the 
order the objects flash in, use the crane arm to copy the order (requires 
some tricky moving about and getting used to the controls, I cant really 
help you there.

Once you've cracked the De-Medusa Sub Game, you can rescue your partner! :) 

I hope this was of some help! If you have any questions, comments etc, 
please feel free to E-Mail me at preferably with the 
subject line "Rocky Horror Game" :)

Hope to hear from you soon :)


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