Ruins of Pantheon Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Ruins of Pantheon

Ruins of Pantheon

1. Twice up - enter the temple - click the rock, then go down the ladder, 
click all things on the right, find rope. click all things on left, find 
brush, go left

2. click the tombstone and use brush on it - click small black hole in the 
middle of the screen, take a small stone, go right and up and back - in front
of the temple

3. click the roof, throw small stone on the spot in the middle and the lever 
falls down - back down the ladder and go right

4. on the left side up; in the pitcher find ancient key, click all stones, 
enter the cave

5. click right - middle - left lever, find part of pipeline; 
back to the ledder and go down

6. use ancient key to open both right and left door, go left

7. click the bog rock, throw the small stone on the spot and a big head appears,
notice the flash of light, take the spade

8. go twice right, take candle, notice the puzzle on the big rock on the right 
side, open the front door with the ancient key, now you can go back to the pitcher
room - dont go there now

9.go right to lava room, put the candle in lava to make fire, now go back to 
pitcher room, use the candle on the small painting on wall - exactly on the 
fire, now you have a clue for the three ring puzzle

10. set the rings so you have ring, under it laid letter E, under it roof - 
voilá :-) notice the sculpture

11. go twice right to rocks and some grass, use spade on grass, get a carrot - 
click the right rock, get a crowbar, click the front rock, use brush on it, 
notice a sign of three small circles, go to the tombstone room

12. use crowbar on the right side box, get red ball (carnelian), go to the 
room under ladder

13. use the carnelian in the empty place on the right side of door, a laser 
shows you a new hole

14. back to the temple, use crowbar on wooden boards and find another puzzle 
and a part to the hole in under ladder room, solve puzzle, clue is the picture 
in temple and the water starts to flow down the bowl in the lava room, now go 
out to the first scene with cat

15. go right, give the carrot to the rabbit and put the rope on the tree, now you 
can climb down to the grass room, goto the under ladder room, you can see a rabbit 

16. click the rabbit until it runs away, then use spade to the hole, see put, use 
a crowbar on it. put a piece from temple puzzle to the laser hole, appears a new 
hole with a treasure chest, throw twice a small stone on it and it falls down to 
the left “volcano”, then you can take it. use candle on the right “volcano”, find 
bronze key, use it on chest, find a “card”; go down

17. take a gear wheel, go ahead, repair the pipe on the left side, in the left side 
tub take a mirror, right side a stone bowl, notice six levers, clue is tombstone, 
enter the cabin and insert a “card” into a “comp”, now back to lava room

18. click twice right spot near the bowl, insert a gear wheel, click twice a left 
spot near the bowl, insert a lever, pull down the lever, go right and take the 

19. go twice up to the water room, use stone bowl for water, back to sculpture, 
give it the full bowl, watch what happens, then go to big head

20. put mirror into flesh of light and watch what happens, go to the “comp”, put 
the “part” in it, click the circle upon the “comp”

21. now you fight - click the small circle, you attack - then yoy are hit by the 
other ship, have problems with electricity

22. now you have to use the cat, click some times on cat and the damaged wires, 
now you can attack again, watch and wait!!!! after credits disappear
wait until there it is quiet, then take the cat body and go out, enter the small door
put the cat on the table on right side with the wire and wait.

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