Rupert's Adventures - Escape Green Room Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Rupert's Adventures - Escape Green Room

Rupert's Adventures - Escape Green Room

1. Take the letter from the window. Read it, then put it back. Click 
the right hand sofa cushion, take the scissors from underneath it 
before it falls down. Take the green tea box from the table. Maximize 
it, then take the scissors, keeping the scissors minimized. Cut the 
wrapper from around the box. Put the scissors in your inventory. Then 
click the top of the tea box flaps to open it. Take the block that is 
inside. Replace the tea box back on the table. Click under the glass 
table toward the left hand side of the sofa to get the beside the sofa 
view. Take the block there. Go down. Click on each of the potted plants
in the window repeatedly until they fall to the carpet and break. 
Take the block from one of them. Go right. 

2. Lift the wider potted plant until you can click a corner of the block
behind it. Take the block. Click the gramophone speaker, making it turn 
left and right. Continue until it disconnects and moves into your 
inventory. Maximize the speaker, click it to turn it upside down, then 
take the block that falls out. Replace the speaker on the gramophone. 
Take the scissors from your inventory and while keeping them mimimized, 
cut the cord holding up the picture on the wall. Put the scissors back 
in your inventory. Click on the handle of the safe until it opens. Place 
each of the five blocks you've obtained in the safe. Each will have a 
letter facing out. Go down. Click on the bottom right file cabinet 
drawer. Take the hammer, screwdriver and crowbar. Go down. Go right. 

3. On the second shelf from the top the bookcase, click on the far left. 
Take the crystal ball. Maximize it, then use the hammer, minimized, to 
smash it. Take the block, then minimize the window and replace the crystal 
ball on its stand. Go down. Click on the fourth shelf, on the far left, 
to zoom in. Take the glue. Click on the blue hat. Then click 4 more 
times to shake a block loose. Take the block. Go down. Click the upper 
left corner of the rug in front of the door. Take a blue key from 
underneath it. Go left. 

4. Directly above the nail above the safe, up on the ceiling, is a small 
grey area. Click it to zoom in. Use the blue key to open the trap door. 
Two blocks fall out. Go down. Click on the left side of the file cabinet.
Retieve a fallen block. If you take the money from there, put it back 
behind the cabinet. Go left. Take the fallen block from behind the wine 
bottle. Take the scissors, keeping them minimized. Lift the righthand 
sofa cushion and replace the scissors. Go right. 

5. Open the safe and place the four blocks you have in it. Go down. Take 
the gramophone speaker again, then the gramophone itself. Maximize the 
gramophone and use the screwdriver on the righthand screw holding the 
gold plate on the front. Use your blue key on the keyhole. A door on 
the left side will unlatch. Take the two blocks and the silver key from 
inside. Place the two blocks onto the rods inside the wall safe. Go 
down. Put the gramophone back on the small table, but keep the 
gramophone speaker in your inventory. Open the lower right hand file 
cabinet drawer. Click the inside of the drawer. In the maximized view,
replace the hammer and the screwdriver. Go down. Go right. Replace the
blue key underneath the top lefthand corner of the rug in front of the 
door. Go right again. 

6. Take the block from behind the left leg of the desk. Open the third 
small desk drawer and take the lighter. Click the drawer handle to shut 
the drawer. Open the large door on the right of the desk. Take the fax 
paper rolls, the camera and the block from inside. Maximize the fax paper 
rolls, then click on the middle vertical one until it falls over. Retrieve
the block that was behind it. Open the desk door, put the fax paper back 
and close the desk door. Click to spin the desk chair around repeatedly 
until you can click and take the block resting on it. Click on the 
lefthand stool to move it as far left as it will go.Click the crowbar, 
keeping it minimized, and use it on the vent way up on the wall. When 
the cover opens, put the crowbar back in your inventory and click the 
opened vent. Take the two blocks that are.inside. Go down. Go left 

7. Open the wall safe and place your five blocks on the metal rods. Go 
down. Open the lower righthand file cabinet drawer and replace the 
crowbar. Go down. Go right. 

8. Click on the keyhole twice. Pick up the gramophone speaker, minimized. 
When the lady fully appears, click on her with the speaker. She will be 
startled and drop her purse. Quickly replace the speaker, grab the camera
and click it to make it flash. Swiftly replace the camera and pick up the
light brown papers at her feet. Go down twice. Maximize the papers. Select
the glue, minimized, and apply it to the papers. You'll have the last 
block labeled with letters. Replace the glue on the fourth shelf on the 
lefthand side. Pick up the grey and red book on the second shelf from 
the bottom. Click on the painting by the door. Take the sword from the 
caveman. Go down. Take the green book that is to the righthand side of 
the fourth shelf. Maximize it, then use the minimized sword to match 
the sword on the front of the book. The book will open; take the 
dynamite. Replace the book on the fourth shelf and the sword into 
the caveman's hand in the painting. Go down.Go left. 

9. Open the wall safe and place the last two blocks. Maximize the grey and 
red Esperanto book and read it. You will use the numbers pages. Click on 
the right side of the first block. Spin the block until you have a letter 
that begins an Esperanto number name. Fill in the following letters. When 
that number name is spelled, choose the letter of the next block, by 
clicking to spin it, that begins the next Esparanto number name. Each 
number name will be 2, 3 or 4 letters long. Continue left to right until 
all blocks spell out number names The names will sometimes spill over to 
the next horizontal line. These letters/numbers change with each game 
attempt. If done correctly, the lightbulb on the upper left side will 
glow red. Write down the six numbers that the Esperanto names give you, 
in order from left to right, top to bottom. Go down. Go right. 

10. Click on the lefthand side of the third shelf from the top to find 
a puzzle with lights. Copy the 4x4 grid onto paper, placing an X on unlit
spots and an O on lit spots. Go through the entire grid from left to right,
top to bottom, clicking on every spot where you wrote an X. After finishing
the grid, copy down the 4x4 grid again and go through it, clicking at each 
spot where you graphed an X. If done correctly, every spot will be lit. Go 
down. Look at the upper right corner of the bookshelf; click the red lever 
to pull it down. The bookshelf will slide aside, revealing a hidden door 
that has a red lightning bolt on it: the electrical room. Use the silver
key to enter. 

11. Click on the tumblers on the front of the floor safe to zoom in. Input
the numbers you translated from Esperanto. The safe door will swing open. 
Take the hydraulic jack. Go down.Take the jack, minimized, from your 
inventory and place it in front of the beer cans on the bottom shelf. 
Click it repeatedly to lift the bookshelf, then click the ladder to put 
it into your inventory. Use the silver key to go back into the electrical
room. Look up by the lamp over the safe and find the hatch in the ceiling 
to the left of the lamp. Place the ladder from the hatch to the floor. 
Place the dynamite up on the closed hatch. Use the lighter, minimized; 
click it on the fuse to light the fuse. Scramble back down the ladder 
and await the boom. Go up the ladder again, click on the open hatch 
space, and YOU'RE OUT!

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