Sam And Max - Moai Better Blues Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Sam And Max - Moai Better Blues

Sam And Max - Moai Better Blues

It's WWRD, here again with another bare-bones, 
straight to the point walkthrough.

Here we go!

001.  Enter Bosco's

002.  "How do we stop the triangle?"

003.  "How do we talk to the triangle?"

004.  "so long."

005.  Leave Bosco's

006.  Enter Stinky's

007.  Get Stop sign (on the back wall, next to 
the palm tree.

008.  Exit Stinky's

009.  Open up your inventory(the box in the lower 
left corner) and select the stop sign.

010.  Use the stop sign on the triangle.

011.  Enjoy the opening.

012.  "What do you want us to do?"

013.  "What's the prophecy?"

014.  "We'll take the case!"

015.  "So long."

016.  Attempt to enter the underground cave.

017.  "So long"

018.  Enter Tiny Tiki's

019.  Get the Tiki glass from the bar.

020.  Get the mallet on the floor, 
next to the coconuts.

021.  Use the Tiki glass on the water dispenser
on the side of the bar.

022.  Use Glass full of water on the tea kettle 
over the fire.

023.  Use the glass on the paci-fire

024.  Use the glass full of paci-fire
on the fire.

025.  Use the glass on any of 
the dispensers.  It doesn't matter which.

026.  Leave Tiny Tiki's

027.  Use glass full of liquid on Baby Hoffa.

028.  Head back to Tiny Tiki's

029.  Use the waitress' tray on the surf board.

030.  Stay on the surf board while dodging 
bottles and keeping the waitress tray on your head.
There's no real trick to this.  You just need to keep
staying upright, and only move when you see a bottle
coming at you.

031.  Leave Tiny Tiki's

032.  Give waitress's tray on Baby Hoffa

033.  Go through the triangle portal.

034.  Head to the garage next to Stinky's, and 
talk to the C.O.P.S.

035.  "Tell us about your new game."

036.  "Can we play your game?"

037.  "Let's do it!"

038.  Self explanatory stuff here.  Should'nt
be to difficult.

039.  Head back through the triangle portal.

040.  Head to Tiny Tiki's

041.  Use the horn on Baby Glenn Miller

042.  Leave Tiny Tiki's

043.  Use the mallet on the blue gong
next to the half sunk Moai head.

044.  Use the mallet on the yellow gong
next to the fountain of youth.

045.  Use the conch on the 
middle moai head

046.  Shoot the sunken moai head while the 
one in the middle is whistling

047.  Use the mallet on the blue gong next
to the middle Moai head

048.  Use the glass on the fountain of youth.

049.  Give the glass to baby Hoffa

050.  Enter the underground cave.

051.  "Enough of these lies."

052.  "Got it."

053.  "So long."

054.  Use mallet on the yellow gong

055.  Get the red oozing snail

056.  Walk to the other end of the screen 
to the airplain wreckage.

057.  Click on the radio.

058.  Click on the frequency switch until you hear 
Bosco say, "I know you're out there."

059.  Click on the speaker

060.  "We are observing your earth."

061.  Click on the power switch

062.  Talk to the ocean chimps

063.  "The feet shall now anoint Max!"

064.  Use the conch on the yellow triangle

065.  Exit the cave

066.  Go through the triangle portal

067.  Enter Bosco's

068.  Get the Banang behind the bomb-be-gone.

069.  Exit Bosco's

070.  Enter Stinky's

071.  Use the snail on the gong above the 
juke box

072.  Shoot the gong

073.  Enter the triangle portal

074.  Use the glass on the fountain

075.  Enter the triangle portal

076.  Use the glass on Max.

077.  Talk to Stinky

078.  "We'd like the special."

079.  Enter the triangle portal

080.  Use the sandwich on the angry
moai head on the right

081.  "Hello."

082.  "So long."

083.  Use the mallet on the gong between 
the now hippified moai head and the triangle

084.  Shoot the yellow gong on the
distant island

085.  Enter the underground cave

086.  Grab the stalactite next to the yellow gong

087.  Use the banang on the ceremonial urn

088.  Use the stalactite on the 
Maxish clam

089.  Push the red button 

090.  Get in the machine pod

091.  Get the medallion near the fish tank

092.  Use the medallion on the red snail trail

093.  Exit the cave

094.  Use the red medallion on the
blue triangle

Enjoy the ending!

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