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 The Sims 3

The Sims 3

ORIGINAL FAQ DATE: June 17th, 2009

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               | |  | |__   ___  | (___  _ _ __ ___  ___    __) |  
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                          [ Strategy Guide/FAQ ]

Author        : JPaterson
Platform      : Windows PC
Last Updated  : Friday, June 19th, 2009
Version       : 0.1
E-Mail        : == See "[A] Contact Information" ==
GameFAQs CRP  :
Website       :



Jun. 19th, 2009 (v0.2)
  Huge update; tons of career info, moodlets, wishes, opportunities, tons of
  everything.  Ran spellcheck.  Guide will be updated on a tri-weekly basis

Jun. 17th, 2009 (v0.1)
  First edition of this guide submitted.  Fair bit done, lots to go.  Always
  open to player submitted ideas and info.  If you have a website showcasing
  your stuff, or want a link posted to your items on the official Sims 3
  Community site, shoot me an e-mail and I'll add it.  More to come!

Table of Contents

[1] Introduction
[2] Create-A-Sim
    [2.1] The Basics of Your Sim
    [2.2] Appearance: Hair
    [2.3] Appearance: Looks
    [2.4] Appearance: Clothing
    [2.5] Personality: Traits
    [2.6] Personality: Lifetime Wish
    [2.7] Personality: Favorites
    [2.8] Personality: Voices
    [2.9] Relationship Tree
[3] The Modes
    [3.1] Live Mode
    [3.2] Buy Mode
    [3.3] Build Mode
[4] Your Sim: The Ins and the Outs
    [4.1] Mood
    [4.2] Moodlets
    [4.3] Needs
    [4.4] Wishes
    [4.5] Lifetime Happiness
    [4.6] Live Mode Ta
[5] Controlling Your Sim
    [5.1] Actions & Tasks
[6] Lifetime Happiness Bonuses
[7] Facts of Life
    [7.1] Newspaper
    [7.2] Mailbox
[8] Careers
    [8.1] Criminal
    [8.2] Music
    [8.3] Medical
    [8.4] Business
[9] Skills & Challenges
    [9.1] Cooking
          [9.1.1] Cooking Challenges
          [9.1.2] Cooking Recipes
    [9.2] Athletic
          [9.2.1] Athletic Challenges
    [9.3] Logic
          [9.3.1] Logic Challenges
    [9.4] Guitar
          [9.4.1] Guitar Challenges
    [9.5] Handiness
          [9.5.1] Handiness Challenges
[10] Opportunities
     [10.1] Criminal
[11] Inventory
[10] School
[11] Relationships
[12] NPCs
     [12.1] Maid
     [12.2] Gardener
     [12.3] Repairman
     [12.4] Pizza Delivery Dude
     [12.5] Postman
     [12.6] Social Service Worker
     [12.7] Babysitter
     [12.8] Newspaper Delivery Dude
[13] Player Content
[14] Item listing
[15] The Sims 3 Store
[16] Questions & Answers
[#] Patches
[#] Questions & Answers
[#] Cheat Codes
[#] Bugs

[A] Contact Information
[B] Webmaster Information
[C] Where This FAQ May be Found
[D] Other FAQs Written
[E] The Sims 3 Copyright Information


| [1] Introduction                                                            |

The Sims 3, by Electronic Arts, is the third game in the venerable series
created by Will Wright, who has now gone on to form his own development studio,
Stupid Fun Club.

Released in June of 2009, The Sims 3 follows the tradition of the other games.
It is the most open-ended of them all, allowing you to control your Sim and
move him from house to house, or go to work, or visit a community lot, and for
the first time, visit other Sim houses and knock on their doors.  And it does
all this with only the initial loading screen; everything else is performed

This guide will aim to be a complete strategy guide and FAQ for the game,
covering everything from creating your Sim to how to guide their life, to a
listing of objects, and to categorize everything in the game.

The only thing this guide will NOT cover is custom content, whether it be by
players or official content.  The exception to this rule are the inevitable
future expansion packs, as well as any patches.

Any and all feedback is welcome on this guide, be it comments, corrections,
whatever.  I'll respond to anything if it's productive or constructive.
Please see [A] Contact Information if you wish to get in touch with me.


| [2] Create-A-Sim                                                            |

This is where it all begins.  Unless you choose a pre-existing household or
family, and most people don't, this is the first screen you will see after
loading your chosen town.  Create-A-Sim is where you do just that; create your
virtual self.  As in previous games, you can create up to eight Sims total;
this is a combination of all ages and sexes.  So for example, you can create
three adult males, two adult females, one toddler and two teenagers, and there
is your eight-Sim maximum.

Sadly, the original release of the game does not allow the creation of any kind
of pet, but that will certainly change in an upcoming expansion pack.

| [2.1] The Basics of Your Sim                                                |

The basics are just that, and will probably be the quickest section to get

Choose your Sim's name, simple.  Make a virtual you, create an annoying
neighbor and kill him (repeatedly), name them whatever you like.

Determines whether your Sim will be male or female.  This is the first of two
basic options that has an effect on gameplay.  Males can propose to females and
vice versa, but you can only propose to members of the opposite sex.  While
you can make your Sim fall in love with, kiss, move in, and do anything else
with members of the same sex, only opposite sexes can actually propose

How old will your Sim be?  Toddlers grow into children, who grow into
teenagers, who grow into adults, who grow to seniors, who grow...well, into
the ground and die.  This is the second of two basic options that affect
game play.  Adults can get jobs and have five traits, while teenagers go to
school and have fewer traits.  The younger you get, the less you have.  All
Sims will eventually grow up anyway, either naturally or by purchasing a
birthday cake.

Determine the skin color of your Sim, from white to black and any color
in between.  Clicking the arrow will allow you to choose green, blue, brown,
pink and the standard color schemes.

Fat?  Muscular?  You pick!  Create a skinny nerd with muscles as big as your
head if you like.

| [2.2] Appearance: Hair                                                      |

This is where Create-A-Sim shines, as you can change every aspect of your
Sims appearance, and tweak it to levels unimaginable!  The CAS feature has
really evolved from the first game oh so many years ago.  There are sliders
for just about everything.

Choose the hairstyle and color of what will be on your Sim's head.  You can
also choose various accessories; cowboy hats, bandanas, whatever you like.
At any point, you can click on the pallet icon to fine tune the color of
any portion of your Sim, to make them truly unique.  By clicking on the
paintbrush at the bottom, you can fine tune individual strands of hair; you
can choose different colors for the roots, base, highlights and tips of your

Eyebrows and Eyelashes
Choose the color, style, and thickness of your eyebrows and lashes.  Clicking
the box named "Match Root Hair Color" will make them the same color as what
you've chosen your hair.

Facial Hair
Goatee, clean shaven, rough look...choose the facial hair and color for your

| [2.3] Appearance: Looks                                                     |

Head and Ears
You can choose from a preset list of faces, or you can go advanced (by
clicking on the magnifying glass) and you will get sliders that'll let you
change everything.  You can alter chin, jaw, cheek and ear settings
individually, or use the Global option to configure all at once.

Choose the style of your eyes and the color.  By clicking on the magnifying
glass, you can individually alter eyelid, eye shape and brow looks, or use the
Global option to alter all.

You can choose a preset style for your nose, or use the advanced settings to
alter the bridge, tip and nostril individually.

You can choose a preset lip style, or enter advanced mode to alter the upper
and lower lip individually.

Topical Details
Here you can choose the miscellaneous features that'll appear on your face.
You can choose to give your Sims freckles or beauty marks.  The "Age Detail"
option gives your Sim lines and wrinkles, which will change with each age

You can set your Sims makeup through here.  You can change eyeshadow, eye
liner, blush, lipstick, or choose costume makeup.  You can make your Sim have
clown pain, lion paint, stars, and a couple other choices.

| [2.4] Appearance: Clothing                                                  |

Here you can determine what your Sim will wear throughout different areas of
their life.

For everyday wear, you can select their shirt and pants, or use the middle
option for a preset outfit, as well as shoes and accessories, such as rings,
glasses, watches, earrings and socks.

For formal wear, you can select their shirt and pants, or use the middle option
for a preset outfit, as well as shoes and accessories, such as rings, glasses,
watches, earrings and socks.

For sleepwear, you can select their shirts and pants, or use the middle option
for a preset outfit, as well as shoes and accessories, such as rings, glasses,
watches, earrings and socks.

For athletic, you can select their shirts and socks, as well as their shoes and

For swimwear, you can select their shirts and socks, as well as their shoes and

| [2.5] Personality: Traits                                                   |

Traits have a major impact on how your Sim will live their life, how they will
interact with others, how they will respond to interactions, and it will also
govern which lifetime wishes are available to you.  Traits come in four


An adult Sim can select a maximum of five traits.

Some traits will conflict with others, which will prohibit you from selecting
both of those traits.  For example, a Sim cannot have both the Flirty and
Unflirty traits; these will be in conflict.  You can't be flirtatious if you
cannot stand flirting.

| [2.5.1] Mental Traits                                                       |

Absent-Minded Sims get lost in their thoughts and occasionally forget what they
are doing or where they are going.

Artistic Sims are naturally gifted artists with a paint brush.  They also make
pretty good writers and musicians!
(This trait conflicts with Can't Stand Art)

Bookworms have a passion for reading that surpasses their other desires.  They
also tend to become good writers.

Can't Stand Art
Sims that Can't Stand Art will never appreciate the latest masterpiece or
expensive home decor.  They are the anti-connoisseur.
(This trait conflicts with Artistic)

Computer Whiz
Computer Whizzes love spending time on the computer.  Thy are great at
tinkering with computers, and can even make money as hackers if they choose.
(This trait conflicts with Technophobe)

Excitable Sims get excited about...pretty much anything.  They enjoy an extra
dose of self-satisfaction when good things happen for them in life.
   - Your Sim will cheer for and be excited about doing the basic things in
   life.  Yay!  Wooo!

Geniuses are brilliant logical thinkers, masters of choose, and excellent
hackers.  They savor pursuits of the mind.

Green Thumb
Green Thumbs are the best gardeners.  They find solace and comfort amongst 
their gardens and can revive plants in the worst of conditions.

Handy Sims are the best tinkerers.  They will never fail when repairing or
upgrading a household item, which makes electrical objects far less dangerous!

Insane Sims respond to events in life unpredictably.  They say what they want,
do what they want, and even wear what they want, even if it doesn't make sense
to anyone else.
   - When choosing clothes, your Sim picks what feels right, and not
     necessarily what *is* right.
   - Your Sim makes decision on a whim!
   - Your Sim's wishes may not always make sense.

Natural Cook
Natural Cooks are able to kick any dish up a notch, making their food the most
delicious to eat.  They learn to cook more quickly than others, and never burn
the kitchen down in the process!

Neurotic Sims will freak out at the most minor of provocations.  They become
stressed easily and can be difficult to mellow.  Luckily they take solace in
sharing their worries with others.
   - Your Sim often can't quite get a grip on life...
   - You can click on your Sim to get a "Freak Out" interaction.  Other Sims
     will be disturbed, but your Sim will become tranquil.
   - It takes a while for your Sim to de-stress, but your Sim can "Share
     Worries" with others to help relax.
   - Your Sim won't get sad or angry, just stressed out!

Virtuosos have a natural gift with musical instruments and are often considered
the best musicians.  As such, hey earn more as musicians when playing for tips
and learn more quickly.
   - Your Sim can learn the Guitar skill at a faster pace than most Sims!
   - Your Sim gets more tips and cash from playing at venues because others
     love your Sim's music!

| [2.5.2] Physical Traits                                                     |

Athletic Sims are the best athletes in town. They can push themselves harder 
and longer than others, and will do so to feel the burn.

Brave Sims are fearless individuals that will fight fires, wrangle burglars,
and work to protect those around them.

Clumsy Sims muck up both precious and every day moments in life with shoddy
footwork and poor planning.

Couch Potato
Couch Potatoes are perfectly happy sitting on the couch to watch TV and eat
junk food.  They'll need additional prodding to lead active lives.
(This trait conflicts with Technophobe)

Cowards are terrified of everything that can and will go bump in the night.
They are scared of the dark and will frequently faint in "dire" situations.
(This trait conflicts with Daredevil)

Heavy Sleeper
Heavy Sleepers will sleep through any situation, no matter how loud or
alarming.  They also tend to snore.

Hydrophobic Sims are terrified of swimming.  They loathe every second they
have to spend in the pool.

Light Sleeper
Light Sleepers toss and turn throughout the night and are woken up by the
slightest bump in the night.

Lucky Sims are closely followed through life with a comforting sense of luck.
They win often and they win big.
(This trait conflicts with Unlucky)
   - Your Sim is more likely to get good results from career events.
   - Your Sim is less likely to burn food.
   - Your Sim is more likely to get raises at work.
   - Your Sim is less likely to get robbed.

Neat Sims always find time to clean, regardless of their mood.  They are easily
devastated by filthy surroundings, but will never leave a mess behind.
(This trait conflicts with Slob)

Never Nude
Never Nudes despise nudity and will never, ever, completely remove all of their

Slobs constantly leave messes in their wake.  To make matters worse, they
won't offer to pick up or clean!  Luckily, common filth won't offend them
(This trait conflicts with Neat)

Things rarely go right for Unlucky Sims.  They often lose at everything they
touch, though some do take pity on their misfortune...
(This trait conflicts with Lucky)

| [2.5.3] Social Traits                                                       |

Charismatic Sims are skilled socializers, and also love to throw parties!

Commitment Issues
Sims will commitment issues don't really want to settle down into a long-term
relationship or lifelong career.  Marriage is out of the question!

Dislikes Children
Sims that Dislike Children do not want to have anything to do with children.
No talking, no playing, and certainly no reproduction.
(This trait conflicts with Family Oriented)

Easily Impressed
Easily Impressed Sims are easily astounded by everyday stories and are always
pleased with the smallest of accomplishments.

Flirty Sims are constantly looking for romance and are most often quite
successful in this endeavor.
(This trait conflicts with Unflirty)

Friendly Sims love being around friends, and are great at making and keeping
(This trait conflicts with Mean Spirited)
   - Your Sim's friendly social interactions are accepted more often.
   - Your Sim is a good listener, even when others repeat themselves.

Good Sense of Humor
Sims with a Good Sense of Humor tell the best jokes that never fall flat or
fail to entertain.
(This trait conflicts with No Sense of Humor)

Great Kisser
Great Kissers kiss better than any other Sim.  They give kisses that are not
easily forgotten.
   - Your Sim is amazing at kissing!  Smooch away!

Grumpy Sims are rarely in a good mood.  It's quite difficult to make them
happy, because they simply don't want to be happy.

Hopeless Romantic
Hopeless Romantics passionately seek their soul mate.  They want romance, true
love, and surround themselves with cheesy romantic television and novels.

Inappropriate Sims talk about the wrong thing at the wrong time, never think to
dress properly, and never think to apologize when they've wronged someone.
They enjoy mocking others with harsh words.

Loners enjoy time spent alone more than time spent with others.  Quite shy,
they will never approach anyone that isn't a close friend.  They prize their
solitude and get nervous around large groups.
(This trait conflicts with Party Animal)

Losers encounter woe and misfortune throughout their lives, beginning with
school and continuing into their career.  They will fail, and fail often.  They
won't get mad even when life falls apart.  They'll just cry.

Mean Spirited
Mean Sims love to fight, mostly because they never lose in a brawl.  They take
satisfaction with every new Enemy made and dream of new ways to be nasty to
(This trait conflicts with Friendly)

Mooches can mooch food and money from their neighbors, who for the most part
just go along with it.

No Sense of Humor
Sims with No Sense of Humor tell terrible jokes, so they tend to not tell them.
They also don't enjoy the jokes of others.  Humor is simply wasted on them.
(This trait conflicts with Good Sense of Humor)

Party Animal
Party Animals love to party, and others love to party with them.  When a Party
Animal hosts a party, everyone comes and has a great time.  Woo!

Schmoozers are really good at befriending neighbors, co-workers, and sucking up
to their bosses.  They love to flatter and are very good at it.

Snobs are very hard to impress, though they love hearing about themselves and
will never turn down a compliment.  They dream of owning only the finest things
and being associated with the highest echelon of neighborhood Sims.

Unflirty Sims do not appreciate the romantic advances of others and will be
difficult to woo.  It's not that they don't want to love, just that it's
difficult for them.
(This trait conflicts with Flirty)

| [2.5.4] Lifestyle Traits                                                    |

Ambitious Sims dream big and are more rewarded when their wishes are satisfied
in life.  They are driven to move up the corporate ladder more quickly, but
fall prey to low mood if they don't quickly receive the promotion they desire.

Anglers catch fish better than any other Sims.  They also enjoy fishing more
than anyone else.

Childish Sims find it difficult to "act their age."  They love playing with
children's toys, see things through the eyes of a child, and and need to be
constantly entertained.

Daredevils seek the extreme side of life, even if it means making an everyday
choice extreme.  They also love fire.
(This trait conflicts with Coward)
   - Your Sim performs extreme versions of normal activities!
   - Daredevils love a good adrenaline rush!
   - Your Sim loves fire, but can extinguish it quickly in emergencies.

Evil Sims love the dark, take great delight in the misfortune of others, and
prefer to lead a life as far away from goodness as possible.
(This trait conflicts with Good)
   - Your Sim will get a Fiendishly Delighted moodlet when misfortune strikes
     nearby Sims!
   - Your Sim doesn't mind a lack of light.  A dark lair is welcome!
   - Your Sim will excel in the Criminal career track.
   - Your Sim will fare well in most fights.

Family-Oriented Sims make great parents.  They love big families and being
surrounded by their children.
(This trait conflicts with Dislikes Children)
   - Your Sim's interactions with family members will have better results!
   - Your Sim is better at teaching toddlers life basics, like how to walk.
   - Expect your Sim to want to have kids and grandkids!

Frugal Sims love to clip coupons to save money, relish a good deal, and hate
being wasteful.

Good Sims go out of their way to help friends and family in need, are
charitable with their money, and frequently comfort those around them.

Hates the Outdoors
Sims that Hate the Outdoors despise being outside and will always remain
indoors whenever possible.
(This trait conflicts with Loves the Outdoors)

Hot-Headed Sims are quick to anger.  Broken household items, conversations gone
awry, or even the slightest negative Moodlet will all send them into a boiling

Kleptomaniacs "accidentally" end up with things owned by others.  They often
"permanently borrow" items from work, school, or even their neighbors' homes!

Loves the Outdoors
These Sims love spending time outdoors and find a special joy amidst nature
that others do not.
(This trait conflicts with Hates the Outdoors)

Over-Emotional Sims experience greater mood swings than other Sims when both
good and bad things happen to them.  They re constantly shedding tears of joy,
whether it's at a wedding or just on their couch watching romantic television.

Perfectionists spend more time cooking, writing, or even painting, but what
they eventually finish is noticeably better than something created by other
Sims.  Perfectionists accept nothing shy of perfection.

Technophobe Sims hate all things technological.  They will never watch 
television or use the computer except in dire circumstances and will always
look for an alternative source of entertainment.
(This trait conflicts with Computer Whiz)
(This trait conflicts with Couch Potato)

Vegetarian Sims never choose to eat meat, and doing so causes them to quickly
become ill.

Workaholics love to work and rarely become stressed from working.  Their mood
suffers when they miss work, but they are able to make it up by working from
home.  Workaholics make the best employees!

| [2.6] Personality: Lifetime Wish                                            |

You will have a random five lifetime wishes generated after you have selected
your traits.  The lifetime wishes available to you are based on what you've
selected, and will correspond to some of those traits.

Some lifetime wishes are:

The Emperor of Evil
- Reach level 10 of the Criminal career track (Evil Branch)
Your Sim can one day become the leader of the most diabolical organization in
the world.  Strong evil office relationships are a must, as is possessing
enough athletic ability to stop the interferences of nosy government spies.
Evil vigilance is a must!
Lifetime Happiness: +32,500

Become a Master Thief
- Reach level 10 in the Thief branch of the Criminal career
Lightning quick reflexes (honed at the gym of course) and impeccable teamwork
will take your Sim far, but only the most cat-like thieves will reach the rank
of Master Thief.  The path of thievery begins with the local crime organization
and leads to the pilfering of the world's jewels!

Star News Anchor
- Reach level 10 in the Journalism career track
Late breaking news will frequently fall from the skies and be prime for the
plucking by journalists worthy of reporting the greatest stories of the decade.
Great charisma and an epic level of literary eloquence are required to
succeed in the fast-paced field of journalism.

World Renowned Surgeon
- Reach level 10 in the Medical career track
Your Sim must be able to make logically brilliant, split-second decisions at
the operating table with only a heartbeat to spare.  Only the greatest surgeons
defeat disease, and in doing so cause the viruses to truly know fear.  The
medical profession is only for incredibly dedicated Sims who are mentally
above the rest.

Hit Movie Composer
- Reach level 10 in the Music career track (Symphonic branch)
The role of the composer is at times simple as a dainty decrescendo and others
as complex as the most bombastic finale.  The composer must be well-liked by
the musicians of the symphony, a master of music, and one who truly understands
logic to grasp the science of sound.

Surrounded by Family
- Raise 5 Children from Babies to Teenagers
For family focused Sims, the joys that pitter and patter about on two legs make
all the struggle and hardship of parenthood worthwhile.  A house full of
children can mean a tight budget, little personal time, and few luxuries, but
there's always somebody to play with or something new to teach.
Lifetime Happiness: +35,000

Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers
- Master the Charisma Skill
- Master the Guitar Skill
Kindly spoken words and softly strummed strings are the fastest way to a Sims
heart and an excellent way to make friends.  Charisma is a highly social
endeavor, whereas guitar is for those who love learning and performing music.
A Master of both is an irresistible charmer without peer in the social world.

Master of the Arts
- Master the Painting Skill
- Master the Guitar Skill
The carefully clasped brush of the artisan can paint images that incite the
humorless to laugh and the inarticulate to eloquence.  The addition of skills
with the stringed guitar can make your Sim the envy of the community.  Success
isn't a given, but is a reward that results from ingenuity and a touch of luck.

Super Popular
- Be Friends with 20 Sims
Popularity isn't just a grade school desire, but a sign that the community
enjoys the friendship of your Sim.  Unselfish socialization is quite the
worthwhile pursuit.  Know that the social landscape is also dotted with the
boring and the rude, a hodge-podge of society's best and worst individuals.

| [2.7] Personality: Favorites                                                |

Here you can choose three favorites for your Sim:

- Food
- Music
- Color

What you choose will affect your Sims in their life.  If you listen to their
favorite music while eating their favorite food in a dining room of their
favorite color, your mood will gain quicker and decrease slower than normal.

French Toast
Fruit Parfait
Autumn Salad
Cheese Steak
Dim Sum
Fish and Chips
Grilled Cheese
Grilled Salmon
Hot Dogs
Lobster Thermidor
Mac and Cheese
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Goopy Carbonara
Tri-Tip Steak
Stu Surprise
Key Lime Pie

Custom Music

Spice Brown
Irish Green
Hot Pink
Sea Foam

| [2.8] Personality: Voices                                                   |

For the first time in The Sims history, you can choose the voice you want your
Sim to take on.  You can choose one of three voices, then use the slider to 
adjust the pitch.  Want to make your skinny Sim sound like Rick Roll?  More
power to you, just please don't ever submit them to the Sims 3 Community.

| [2.9] Relationship Tree                                                     |

This option is only available if you're creating more than one Sim for the
same household.  You can click and drag to create relationships.  Dragging a
child Sim to an adult Sim will make the child the son or daughter of that adult
Sim.  Dragging two adult sims will make those Sims married (or joined), and
dragging two child sims will make those children siblings.


| [3] The Modes                                                               |

Like the previous games, The Sims 3 has three modes.

| [3.1] Live Mode                                                             |

This is where you control and dictate your Sims lives.  Tell them to eat,
use the bathroom, paint a portrait, get into a fight, do anything.  Live mode
is also used to send your Sim to town, to buy groceries, apply for a job, buy
books, shop for clothes, see movies and events, go to parks and otherwise
socialize.  Basically, if you're not building your house or buying items for
it, you'll be in Live mode.

| [3.2] Buy Mode                                                              |

Buy mode is where you purchase items for your Sim or your house.

From the bottom left, the hand icon lets you pick up and move items.  The paint
pallet lets you recolor items to any color you like.  The eyedropper lets you
duplicate any item easily by clicking on it, and the sledgehammer lets you
destroy items.

The ying/yang symbol lets you swap between day/night to see how your rooms
appear at different points.  The square grid turns on/off the grid pattern
inside the house (not outside).

To the right of these options are the categories.  By default, the game chooses
to list objects by room.  Clicking the "Sort by Room" option brings up
a box to the right with various options.  The default room is kitchen, but with
the tabs at the top you can choose which room type.  From left to right, they

Living Room
Dining Room
Kids' Room

Clicking the "Sort by Function" option brings up a box to the right that lets
you choose one of eleven items.  From left to right, top to bottom, these are:


The third option, "Family Inventory", is what any member of your household has
in their inventory.  If you've just created a family and moved into a lot, you
will NOT have anything in this box.

| [3.3] Build Mode                                                            |

Build mode is where you construct the house of your dreams, or torture chamber,
or brothel, or whatever you like.

The left pane has the same options as buy mode; the hand, paint pallet,
eyedropper, sledgehammer, day/night and grid.

The pane that extends to the right gives you the options you need for
constructing your house.  You have (from left to right):

Terrain Paints
Terrain Tools


| [4] Your Sims: The Ins and Outs                                             |

This will arguably be the biggest section of the guide, where everything will
happen and take place.

Feel free to send in tips, ideas, strategies, thoughts, whatever!

| [4.1] Mood                                                                  |

Your Sims mood is represented by a green bar between the lifetime wish panel
and the moodlets window.  The higher the green bar, the better the mood.
Also, the higher you build your mood, the quicker your Sim will build skills,
and the more points will be poured into the Lifetime Happiness pool.

| [4.2] Moodlets                                                              |

Moodlets are little mood modifier thingies, that will either have a positive
or negative effect on your Sims mood.  Layout is:

(Where from, if applicable)
Mood gain

This section will, over time, have a complete listing of all moodlets.

Bad Night's Sleep
Sleeping on a cheap bed would make any Sim grumpy.
(From Cheap Bed)
-15 Mood
6 Hours

Beautiful Vista
This... house... is... incredible!  Somebody really knows how to live!
(From Beautiful Lot)
+20 Mood

It turns out it was just anxiety getting the best of your Sim.  The object
wasn't left turned on and impending disaster wasn't looming.  But double
checking helps to calm the anxiety.
(From Checking Sink)
+15 Mood
3 Hours

Nothing beats a good seat for comfort except perhaps a better seat.
(From Comfortable Object)
+25 Mood

Sims enjoy well furnished homes.  By the looks of things, this place isn't so
+10 Mood

Dirty Surroundings
Garbage, filth, and grime do not improve one's surroundings.
-15 Mood

Revolting sights and smells will have this effect on Sims, so it's best to
move them away.
(From Disgusting Food)
-5 Mood
10 Minutes

______ is having quite a good time and is keeping stress down.
+25 Mood
6 Hours

Excitable Sims tend to get, well, excited.
(From Socialization)
+15 Mood
2 Hours

Activity of the athletic variety naturally leads to a little muscle fatigue.
No Mood Effect
8 Hours

Feeling Anxious About Faucet
If someone left the sink on, the house could flood any minute!  Neurotic sims
like to double check things...just to be sure.
(From Using Sink)
-15 Mood
3 Hours

Fiendishly Delighted
Sims of the Evil persuasion take pleasure in the misfortune of others.
(From Donating to Undermine Charity)
+10 Mood
6 Hours

First Kiss
A Sim's first kiss can leave them glowing for a long time.
(From Socialization)
+40 Mood
24 Hours

First Romance
Love has bloomed for the first time.  Could this be the real thing?
(From Socialization)
+40 Mood
2 Days

Compliments are quite flattering!
(From Socialization)
+10 Mood
3 Hours

The satisfaction of having a wish come to fruition feels great!
(From Completing a Promised Wish)
+15 Mood
6 Hours

Good Meal
Yummy!  ______ enjoyed that meal more than the standard fare.
(From Eating Yummy Food)
+10 Mood
8 Hours

Great Kiss
Great kissers give amazing smooches.
(From Socialization)
+15 Mood
3 Hours

Yuck!  That layer of grime growing might mean it's time for a bath or shower.
-5 Mood
4 Hours

Has to Pee
Your Sim needs to go.  Like, "go."
No Mood Effect
2 Hours

Having a Blast
______ is having so much fun it's almost criminal.
+40 Mood
8 Hours

Your Sim's a wee bit peckish.  The stomach growling isn't far behind.
No Mood Effect
3 Hours

Juicy gossip satisfies eager ears!
(From Socialization)
+10 Mood
3 Hours

It's Dark
A little light would certainly improve things.  Perhaps some windows to let
natural light in, as well?
(From Darkness)
-10 Mood

New Car Smell
Ah, that new car smell is so factory fresh!
(From Riding in New Car)
+10 Mood
2 Hours

New Friend
Meeting someone new and hitting it off well enough to call them a friend is
(From Socialization)
+20 Mood
8 Hours

New Stuff
Sims love getting new things for their homes!
(From New Objects)
+20 Mood
2 Hours

Newly Engaged
With a ring on the finger, vows and true love forever aren't far behind.
(From Socialization)
+50 Mood
24 Hours

If Sims work out long enough, they get pumped.  Workouts are even more
effective while Sims are pumped.
(From Exercise)
+15 Mood
4 Hours

Rejected First Kiss
It's sad when a Sim gets rejected for a first kiss.  Very sad.  A rejected sim
needs time to cool off before their social skills will be back on track.
(From Socialization)
-10 Mood
6 Hours

Sims may occasionally feel a little pain, but the results are usually worth it.
Sometimes a massage can help...
(From Exercise)
-10 Mood
6 Hours

Squeaky Clean
Experience the clean sensation of practicing personal hygiene!
+40 Mood
7 Hours

______ could stand a few hours of fun to iron out the stress.
-15 Mood
15 Minutes

Nothing can stress or anger Sims who have reached their happy place.
(From Freaking Out)
+10 Mood
8 Hours

Unfinished Room
This room needs proper flooring and wall covering of some sort to be considered
(From Uncovered Walls Or Floors)
-10 Mood

Wasted Food
Don't throw away good food!  There are starving children in Strangetown!
(From Throwing Away Perfectly Good Food)
-5 Mood
60 Minutes

Well Rested
It's easy to wake up on the right side of the bed when you get plenty of time
in the bed.
+10 Mood
10 Hours

| [4.3] Needs                                                                 |

Your Sim has six needs:

   Cook something, order, go out, or have someone make something.
   Use the toilet.
   Sleep or drink coffee.
   Talk to people.
   Take a bath or shower.
   Watch TV, play chess, etc.
(Comfort and Environment from the previous two games has been removed)

| [4.4] Wishes                                                                |

Wishes are the little icons that pop up in the first pane, immediately to the
right of the mode selection box.  You can left-click a mood to promise it,
or right-click a mood to dismiss it.  Adult Sims start off by being able to
have up to four wishes active at a time.  When wishes have multiple lifetime
points, it means that wish has multiple values which award higher amounts of

This section will, over time, have a complete listing of all wishes.

Become Good Friends with ______
Good Friends happily reside a little above regular Friends, but a bit below
Best Friends.  Your Sim hopes to soon call a friend a Good Friend.
Lifetime Happiness: +500

Befriend All Co-workers
Your Sim hopes to improve the workday grind by befriending all co-workers.
It's a good way to network, improve sanity, and find friends for after-work
Lifetime Happiness: +1,500

Brush Teeth 3 Times
Minty fresh breath is a blessing for those around your Sim.  Your Sim wants to
brush the chompers at the sink.
Lifetime Happiness: +250

Buy a ______
Your Sim thinks it's time to spice up the house just a touch with something
Lifetime Happiness: +400

Buy a ______
If you don't have something, that's why you need it!  Your Sim wants to own
something new.
Lifetime Happiness: +300

Buy Something Worth At Least $100
The home always looks best with nice things.  Your Sim specifically wants to
improve the house with something expensive.  Start shopping!
Lifetime Happiness: +350

Clean Something
It's satisfying to scrub something...anything to clean up the house a little
bit!  Your Sim wants to clean up.
Lifetime Happiness: +250

Donate $100 to Undermine Charity
Nothing is as wickedly satisfying as confounding do-gooders.  Your Sim wants
to mail a check to help undermine a charity.
Lifetime Happiness: +350

Donate Money to Undermine Charity
Nothing is as wickedly satisfying as confounding do-gooders.  Your Sim wants
to donate money to undermine a charity.
Lifetime Happiness: +300

Go Jogging
Your Sim seeks the solace and pace of a neighborhood jog.  Pick the route and
strap on some sneakers.
Lifetime Happiness: +225

Go to the Bookstore
The bookstore is a great place to visit in town.  Your Sim wants to visit the
bookstore, perhaps to sign up for a class or purchase some new reading
Lifetime Happiness: +250

Improve ______ Skill
Learning is an exciting pursuit many sims enjoy.  Your Sim wants to improve a
skill so they can do more things with the knowledge!  Practice the skill until
your Sim gains a level.
Lifetime Happiness: +500/+750/+1,000

Join ______ Career
Your Sim envisions a bright future with one of the fine employers throughout
the town.  Check the newspaper or computer for open positions.  You can also go
to Map View and filter by Jobs to find opportunities by location.
Lifetime Happiness: +600

Learn 2 More of ______'s Traits
Meets and greets often reveal interesting tidbits about other Sims.  Your Sim
desires to learn more of someone's traits to better know them.
Lifetime Happiness: +400

Learn a New Recipe
The pursuit of knowledge often leads to a satisfied stomach when you're a cook.
Your Sim wants to learn a new recipe to expand their menu.
Lifetime Happiness: +350

Learn ______ Skill
Your Sim seeks to learn something new to enrich and enlighten!  Have your Sim
take an interesting class in town to perhaps pick up a new skill!
Lifetime Happiness: +500

Make Out With ______
Sometimes, it's just time to make your move.  Your Sim thinks now is that time.
Lifetime Happiness: 300

Make the Bed
An unmade bed is the first step to a messy home.  First it's an unmade med,
then it's a filthy bathroom!  Your Sim wants to make the bed to tidy up.
Lifetime Happiness: +100

Play Guitar in the Park
Everyone loves a performance in the park.  Just put a guitar in your inventory,
find a good spot, and start strumming!
Lifetime Happiness: +300

Play the Guitar
Six strings of acoustic enjoyment are calling to your Sim's talented fingers.
Your Sim wants to play guitar for a bit to relax.
Lifetime Happiness: +150

Prepare a Meal
Your Sim has a hankering to cook something and wants to start preparing it
right away.  Get the right ingredients from the supermarket and start cooking!
Lifetime Happiness: +300

Quit Job
When it's time to move on, it's time to move on.  Your Sim hopes to give
notice and quit the current job.  Simply quit at the work place, or tell the
boss face to face!
Lifetime Happiness: +450

Reach Level 4 of ______ Skill
Learning is an exciting pursuit many Sims enjoy.  Your Sim wants to improve a
skill so they can do more things with the knowledge!  Practice the skill and
complete the opportunities to improve the skill!
Lifetime Happiness: +750

Read a Book About ______
Learning new things opens the doorway for a variety of activities.  Your Sim
dreams of learning more about a skill.  Send your Sim to the bookstore to buy
a book on the topic!
Lifetime Happiness: +500

See a Ghost
The dead still a sense.  Your Sim wants to see a ghost - how daring!
Visit the graveyard at night or hang around the gravestones of deceased family
Lifetime Happiness: +600

Take A Class in the Cooking Skill
Your Sim wants to take a Cooking Skill class to learn the skill.  Visit the
Bistro to enroll in the class.
Lifetime Happiness: +500

Talk About New Job
The contract is glossy and the pay still good: your Sim just wants to talk
about the new job with anyone who will listen.
Lifetime Happiness: +250

Throw A Wedding Party
Your Sim dreams of throwing a wedding party filled with friends, family, music
and food!  Throw a wedding party on the phone.
Lifetime Happiness: +400

Use a Telescope
The night sky is beautiful and mysterious.  Your Sim wants to explore the
logical patterns of the stars.
Lifetime Happiness: +150

Use Charming Introduction
Sims with Charisma skill can do a Charming Introduction to really start a
relationship on the right foot.  Your Sim wants to use a Charming Introduction
on a new acquaintance!
Lifetime Happiness: +300

Work Out Until Fatigued
Your Sim wants to workout until the body can take no more and fatigue sets in.
Purchase some exercise equipment, go for a jog, or workout in front of the TV.
Lifetime Happiness: +450

| [4.5] Lifetime Happiness                                                    |

Sims earn Lifetime Happiness points by maintaining a good mood and fulfilling
wishes.  Once enough points have been accumulated, you can buy upgrades!  The
cheapest reward is 5,000 points, while the most expensive is 75,000.

Fast Metabolism | 5,000
Speedy Cleaner | 5,000
Discount Diner | 5,000
Professional Slacker | 5,000
Observant | 5,000
Office Hero | 5,000
Legendary Host | 5,000
Complimentary entertainment | 5,000
Bookshop Bargainer | 10,000
Fertility Treatment | 10,000
Opportunistic | 10,000
Multi-Tasker | 10,000
Steel Bladder | 10,000
Never Dull | 10,000
Change Lifetime Wish | 10,000
Attractive | 15,000
Vacationer | 15,000
Haggler | 15,000
Fast Leaner | 15,000
Dirt Defiant | 15,000
Long Distance Friend | 20,000
Mid-Life Crisis | 20,000
Super Green Thumb | 20,000
Hardly Hunger | 25,000
Body Sculptor | 30,000
Acclaimed Author | 30,000
Extra Creative | 30,000
Collection Helper | 40,000
Food Replicator | 50,000
Moodlet Manager | 60,000
Teleportation Pad | 75,000


| [5] Controlling Your Sims                                                   |


| [5.1] Actions & Tasks                                                       |



| [6] Lifetime Happiness Bonuses                                              |



| [7] Facts of Life                                                           |

Life is a fun, beautiful and marvelous thing, but also annoying, dangerous and
ugly at times, too.

| [7.1] Newspaper                                                             |

The newspaper comes every day at roughly 9:00am.  With the newspaper, your Sim
can perform the following actions:

Find a Job
Same as using the computer or going to a building in town, you can find a job
for your Sim here.  Different options will appear on different days.

Fun for some Sims, all you'll do is sit down and read the paper.

Don't leave it on the lawn to rot; toss it!

Find Discount Classes
Find which classes in town are offering discounts and take a skill class for
cheaper than usual.

Check Weekly Events
See what's going on around town.  Farmers market?  BBQ championship?  Movies
that are playing?  Sporting events going on?

| [7.2] Mailbox                                                               |

The mailbox is where your bills are delivered (every three days).  It's also
where you can perform some miscellaneous interactions.

For Evil Sims...
If your Sim has the Evil trait, you will have the following interactions:
 Donate to Undermine Protestors Without Cause...
  - Donate $100
  - Donate $250
  - Donate $1,000
 Donate to Undermine Secret Squid Society...
  - Donate $100
  - Donate $250
  - Donate $1,000

There are special interactions available once you've enabled a cheat code.
See the Cheats section for more info.


| [8] Careers                                                                 |

Careers are more fun than they've ever been.  There are so many to choose from,
and each has its individual opportunities, ways of completing, rewards, and
tons more stuff!

Layout is as follows:

Level #: Name of job
Start time/End time
Work days (days in brackets are off days)
Skills needed to move to next level

| [8.1] Criminal Career                                                       |

Criminal career day-to-day options:

Business as Usual
Business as usual means putting in an average amount of effort at work, and
receiving an average amount of recognition for your work.

Work Hard
Working hard gets you better results, just don't get burned out by the
increased stress.

Take It Easy
If job performance isn't a concern, take it easy at work, and enjoy life a
little more.

Meet Accomplices
Sometimes it's best not to know too much about your co-workers, especially in
your line of work.  But you might as well be able to put names to faces.

Conspire with Accomplices
You may not be able to trust them, but that doesn't mean you can't be friends
with your accomplices!

Grovel to Leader
there is no honor among thieves, it's true.  So it's generally a good idea to
be on your boss's good side, if your boss is a thief.

Practice Illicit Activities
The life of a criminal can be physically taxing.  Keep practicing in order to
build up your athletic skill.

Do a Side Job
Even crooks can multitask!  Doing a side job can help you earn a little extra


Level 1: Decoy
10:00am to 4:00pm
M T [W] [T] F S S
The local crime syndicate is looking for Sims to join their nefarious ranks.
Sims who are in good physical condition, will get along with the rest of the
gang, and have no problem doing things that some might label as "criminal",
are encouraged to apply.
Skills needed to move to level 2:
   3 Points in Athletic

Level 2: Cutpurse
10:00am to 4:00pm
M T [W] [T] F S s
The score gets a little bigger for the Cutpurse, but so do the risks.  You'll
need to start working out to improve your chances of getting away if seen at
the scene.  After all, it's never quite as easy as taking candy from a baby.
Skills needed to move to level 3:
   4 Points in Athletic

| [8.2] Music Career                                                          |

Music career day-to-day options:

Business as Usual
Business as usual means putting in an average amount of effort at work, and
receiving an average amount of recognition for your work.

Work Hard
Working hard gets you better results, just don't get burned out by the
increased stress.

Take It Easy
If job performance isn't a concern, take it easy at work, and enjoy life a
little more.

Meet Musicians
It's important to know who your band mates are so you don't get their names
wrong when giving credit for solos.

Chill With Musicians
Your band mats are all cool folk.  Chilling with them and building
relationships isn't such a chore.

Study Music Theory
Studying music theory is a great way to build logic and music skills.  It does
have the side-effect of making it difficult to listen to pop music, however.


Level 1: Fan
3:00pm to 9:00pm
M T [W] T F S [S]
Before you create, you must appreciate.  The difference between devotee and Fan
are miniscule, but it makes all the difference in the world when you're later
asked to join the band on tour.  Work hard and act like you're having a good
time, and you just might get on the tour bus.
Skills needed to move to level 2:
   3 Points in Guitar
Level 2: Roadie
3:00pm to 9:00pm
M T [W] T F S [S]
The band is going to need their sandwiches and soda as soon as possible.  Don't
forget to pick up their laundry, their lucky bandanas, or their significant
others on your way to the show.  The band is relying on you for these very
"important" tasks-it's best not to let them down.
Skills needed to move to level 3
   4 Points in Guitar
| [8.3] Medical Career                                                        |

Level 1: Organ Donor
9:00am to 3:00pm
M T W T F [S] [S]
The Hospital could always use some caring Sims who have a sharp logical mind,
a steady hand, and a willingness to put in long, erratic, and often
inconvenient hours.  Be prepared, because contributing to the wellness of
others starts at the bottom of the bed pan!
Skills needed to move to level 2:

| [8.4] Business Career                                                       |

Level 1: Coffee Courier
8:00am to 2:00pm
M T W T F [S] [S]
The bustling halls of the Business Office need quick thinking Sims to take it
to the next level.  The board room values strong office relationships, the
right attitude, and the ability to hold productive meetings.
Skills needed to move to level 2:


| [9] Skills                                                                  |

There are several different skills your Sim can learn and improve.

Skill Challenges are special challenges that could, theoretically, take a
lifetime to accomplish fully.  Each skill has its own challenges.

| [9.1] Cooking                                                               |

______ is ready to jump into the frying pan of the culinary crafter, the
kitchen specialist, the deliverer of delicacies!  It'll take a lot of time 
behind the stove and in front of a cook book, but ______ will never be without
company when everyone knows he can perfect their favorite foods.

Favorite Meal
Meal Most Prepared
Highest Quality Meal
Recipes Prepared
Recipes Known

| [9.1.1] Cooking Challenges                                                  |

Star Chef
Star Chefs have prepared at least 50 meals, so they clearly know their way
around the kitchen.  The dishes they prepare are more pleasing to those who
eat them.

World-Class Chef
World-Class Chefs have prepared at least 75 dishes and are masters of the
kitchen.  World-Class chefs are known to prepare meals significantly faster.

Menu Maven
Menu Mavens have learned to prepare all recipes.  Recipes are earned by
improving the Cooking skill and can be purchased at the bookstore.  Menu
Mavens prepare higher quality food.

| [9.1.2] Cooking Recipes                                                     |

Level 0 Recipes
Ingredients: Egg

Hot Dogs
Ingredients: Links

Mac and Cheese
Ingredients: Cheese

Autumn Salad
Ingredients: Lettuce

Ingredients: Fruit

Peanut Butter and Jelly
Ingredients: Fruit

Level 1 Recipes
Ingredients: Tomato

Level 2 Recipes
Grilled Cheese
Ingredients: Cheese

Goopy Carbonara
Ingredients: Onion

| [9.2] Athletic                                                              |

Some Sims seek to trim a few carbs so they look good in a bathing suit, whereas
others see health fitness as a 24/7 lifestyle choice.  It's time to invest in
some athletic equipment!  ______ now also has the option to avoid breaking a
sweat when exercising.

Hours of Cardio Workouts
Hours of Strength Workouts
Distance Jogged

Workout Options
Basic Workout
Good Pacing
Don't Break a Sweat

| [9.2.1] Athletic Challenges                                                 |

Body Builder
Body Builders have dedicated at least 60 hours to strength workouts.  This
dedication pays off, because they are never fatigued after strength workouts.

Marathon Runner
Marathon Runners must run at least 500 kilometers before they earn the
title.  However, accomplishing this incredible feat guarantees them a longer,
healthier life.

Fitness Nut
Fitness Nuts have spent 75 hours focusing on cardio workouts.  All that time
experiencing the burn means they are no longer fatigued after cardio workouts.

| [9.3] Logic                                                                 |

Mind over matter, the successful application of logic to solve conundrums, and
the pursuit of science and truth are what should compel ______ in her study of
Logic.  Games of Chess, Stargazing, and books are a good place to start, but
the journey of logic is long, winding, and at times perilous!

Chess Rank
Highest Ranked Opponent Defeated in Chess
Chess Record
Number of Celestial Discoveries
Number of Sims Tutored
Number of Hours Spent Tutoring
Number of Hours Spent Tutoring Sims for Skills

| [9.3.1] Logic Challenges                                                    |

Grand Master
Chess Grand Masters have reached the coveted fifth level of the competitive
chess circuit.  There, they sit upon their throne, gazing downwards upon their
victims.  Those who engage Grand Masters in chess improve their abilities in
logic and chess more quickly.

Celestial Explorer
Celestial Explorers have discovered 20 celestial bodies through their
telescope.  Their extensive knowledge of the heavens allows them to discuss
the stars with their friends and neighbors.

Teacher Extraordinaire
Teacher Extraordinaires have spent at least 20 hours tutoring other Sims. 
Because of this, they are much more effective when tutoring others.

Skill Professor
Skill Professors have spent at least 30 hours tutoring other Sims in skills.
Because of this, they are much more effective when teaching skills to others.

| [9.4] Guitar                                                                |

The rocking lifestyle of the guitar is often heroic.  Gifted musicians can
both move and entertain an audience with a song.  Has ______ found her muse?

Compositions Known
Number of times compositions have been performed
Money earned through playing guitar
Number of times Sims have watched you perform

| [9.4.1] Guitar Challenges                                                   |

Master Guitarist
Master Guitarists learn to play every song awarded to them and available for
purchase at the store.  After learning so many songs, they receive a special
Master Track!

Guitar Star
Guitar Stars must play at 10 Parties and Venues in the town to earn their
title.  Afterwards, they earn larger monetary rewards for tips and

Money Maker
Earn $25,000 playing the guitar to earn a new Master Track to perform.  Money
can be earned through tips or by completing Opportunities!

| [9.5] Handiness                                                             |

Common household objects are built with so many widgets and whats-its these
days that something breaking is inevitable.  With hammer in hand, ______ will
hopefully be able to fix any mechanical or electrical situation gone awry,
and perhaps make some things just a bit better in the process.

Objects Repaired
Electrical Objects Repaired
Plumbing Objects Repaired
Objects Upgraded
Unique Upgrades Completed
Perfect of Unique Upgrades Completed
Times Electrocuted

| [9.5.1] Handiness Challenges                                                |

Electricians have repaired at least 10 electrical objects.  The experience
gained means they will never be electrocuted by an electrical object again-what

Plumbers have repaired at least 10 plumbing objects.  They are so good at
repairs that plumbing objects repaired by them never break again.

Tinkerers have finished at least 10 unique upgrades on household items.
Installing the "Unbreakable" upgrade on multiple objects only counts as one
unique upgrade, so it helps to experiment with different upgrade options!
Tinkerers never fail when upgrading objects.

| [9.6] Charisma                                                              |

______ is ready for the lifestyle of fantastic conversation, becoming a
socialite of renown, and always knowing the right thing to say.  To become more
charismatic, ______ will constantly need to get out and socialize with Sims in
the neighborhood!

Additional Relationships Needed for Next Level
Additional Friends Needed for Next Level
Sims Known
Friendships Made
Best Friends Made
Traits Learned
Smooth Recoveries Made
Funny Jokes Told

Level 1 to Level 2 Relationships Needed: None
Level 1 to Level 2 Friendships Needed: None

| [9.6.2] Charisma Challenges                                                 |

Celebrities are acquaintances with at least 25 local Sims.  Celebrities are
able to build relationships more quickly due to a hefty starting relationship

Personable Sims have learned at least 50 Traits of their friends and
neighbors.  They are able to learn traits more quickly when conversing with new

Super Friendly
Super Friendly Sims can honestly say they have at least 20 Friends.  It seems
like an impossibly large number of relationships to juggle, but for Super
Friendly Sims, friendships never decay.

Everybody's Best Friend
To be Everybody's Best Friend, have at least 10 best friends.  Your Friends
skip Good Friend and jump immediately to Best Friends.

Comedians have successfully told 100 jokes, which amount to quite a few laughs.
Jokes told by comedians rarely fall flat.


| [10] Opportunities                                                          |

Opportunities are random events that occur in careers, or part of everyday
life related to skills.

| [10.1] Criminal                                                             |

Welcome to the Family
As the newest member of this criminal organization, you have been tasked with
reading "Dos and Don'ts of the Dons," a helpful guide to keep you from 
offending the wrong man or woman.  By finishing the book, you will personally
guarantee an increase in your job performance and improve your relationship
with the Leader.
Objective: Read the Criminal Book
Success: You've actually learned, which lends authority to the claim that
         you'll be a successful member of this organization.  Very smart!
         Your job performance has already increased, and the Leader
         appreciates your presence just a bit more.


| [16] Questions & Answers                                                    |

Q: I was very pleased to see that my sims that I created would go out and create
friendships without my help. To my surprise, when I went to check on one of my
households that consisted of one male sim, he had a baby daughter! The
friendships with female sim friends hadn't progressed to a romantic status,
and I did not see the "adoption" status any where. My question to you is where
in the world did this little baby come from??

A: My guess is you've encountered some sort of bug, either an actual bug or a
display bug, in which case the daughter actually is adopted, but the game just
isn't showing that status.  I haven't had this happen to me yet, nor have I
heard about it.


| [A] Contact Information                                                     |

Before contacting me, please, make sure you have:

- Gone over the entire document looking for what you needed

Note that I cannot and will not help with any problem related to technical
support.  If you can't get the game to run, or if you have problems, direct any
questions to the developer or publisher.  E-mail one of them yourself directly;
don't expect me to forward your e-mail along or compose an e-mail for you.  Do
not ask for CD keys, or where you can find CD keys, or anything else related to

Last, but not least, ensure whatever question you want to ask is asked in the
e-mail.  Don't give me any nonsense such as "Hey, I've got a question, can you
email me at"  They will be promptly deleted.

Now, if you have a question, comment, correction, addition or suggestion,
please send e-mail to:

                    jpaterson000 [at] gmail [dot] com

All e-mails will be put into a "Guides" folder, so your message will be
guaranteed to have a response, but I can't tell you when.  I do try to check
every few hours, though.


| [B] Webmaster Information                                                   |

Attention webmasters: You are allowed to host this document and display it
without asking for prior permission.  All you have to do is the following:

- Do not charge people to see it or otherwise make a profit from it.
- Do not alter it.
- Give proper credit to the author.
- You may not sell, rent or lease the document.

If you want to use one of my guides _IN_ a guide of yours, like an item guide
of mine in a general guide you're writing, feel free to do so, as long as you
still follow the above.  All I ask in addition to that is that you let me know
when your guide is online so I can check it out.


| [C] Where This FAQ May Be Found                                             |


All other websites have permission to use this document, but they may be out of
date or incorrect versions.  The latest, newest versions can always be found at
the above websites.


| [D] Other FAQs Written                                                      |

This section may not always be up-to-date, as I'm not going to update every
single one of my FAQs after making a new one.

GAME                                          GUIDE TYPE
Clock Tower 3                            ||  File List
Condemned: Criminal Origins              ||  Backstory Guide
Dead Rising                              ||  Strategy Guide/FAQ
Deus Ex: Invisible War                   ||  Walkthrough/FAQ
ESPN NFL 2K5                             ||  Milestones/Crib Unlockables
ESPN NFL 2K5                             ||  Strategy Guide/FAQ
ESPN NHL 2K5                             ||  Challenges & Unlockables
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Madden NFL 2004                          ||  Challenge Checklist
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RoadKill                                 ||  Song Guide
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SimCity 4: Rush Hour                     ||  Object Guide
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow          ||  Demo Walkthrough
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic   ||  Walkthrough/FAQ
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The Movies: Stunts & Effects             ||  Strategy Guide/FAQ
The Sims 3                               ||  Strategy Guide/FAQ
The Sims 2                               ||  Strategy Guide/FAQ
The Sims (PC)                            ||  Item List
The Sims (CONSOLE)                       ||  Item List
The Sims: House Party                    ||  Strategy Guide/FAQ
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2X                ||  Song Guide
Tropico                                  ||  Walkthrough/FAQ
Unreal Tournament                        ||  Walkthrough/FAQ
WWE RAW 2                                ||  Move List/FAQ

Total FAQs: 33


| [E] The Sims 3 Copyright Information                                        |


This document is copyright by US and Canadian copyright laws.  This FAQ is for
personal use only.  This FAQ may not be altered or used for commercial use.
Websites may use this document without permission, but they must give proper
credit to the author and mustn't alter it any way, shape or form.  All
websites, excluding GameFAQs (, are prohibited from renting,
selling or leasing this document, whether it's for personal or commercial gain.


End of The Sims 3 Guide/FAQ.

This document copyright 2009.  All rights reserved.

The author of this FAQ is in no way affiliated with Electronic Arts or any
member of the development team.





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