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 Crystal Skull

Crystal Skull

Walkthrough by  Crash

This is one amusing adventure game. It has a lot of jokes that can make you laugh
a lot. The story about a young primitive indian, Quetzel, who works as a birdkeeper.
He's in search of the famous Crystall Skull to save the tribe. He doesn't realize
the important until he meet the lovely princess, Xochi, who help him at the temple.
And he must defeat the evil plan of Snakeskirt, the commander. So here is the
hints ( although you can just turn on the hints but I'll help you anyway ) :

Get the flower from outside the hut. Then walk out until you meet the Shaman.
Walk around again until you see another Indian. Talk to him. He suggest you to
talk to one of the creeps at the far end. Go there. Give the flower to the "used
to be" lovely girl. She'll tell you a secret. Memorize it. Then talk to the 3
headed fat man ( The middle one is telling the truth ). Go to the back door. Look
in the pot and get the fresco ( DON'T walk to the left or you'll die !!! ). Go
back and find the wolf den. Go out through the hole. Yup, fresh air !!

Go inside the ruined temple. Talk to the chief. Meet his Xochi, her lovely daughter.
Hey .. back to your job OK, don't stare too much !!! Ask the chief about everything.

Walk around the city and notice that you can't go anywhere except going inside
the temple.

Then go to the temple. Go inside until you see a guard. Look at the mural on the
wall. Use the fresco there. Memorize the sequence. Be socialized to the guard
and you'll get caught ( that's the point ). Talk to other prisoner and wait until
the Shaman shows up. He'll give you the magic map. Then repeat again this act
until you'll get caught for the second time. This time he'll give magic skill
to shapeshifter. After you get those magical ability, try the shapeshifter to
go out from the jail.

Back to the temple again. This time go to the upper door ( don't go to the guard ).
Open the cabinet. Collect these stuff : stick, obsidian, earplug, pot, mantle,
2 magic powder, reed, and cup. Then climb until the top shelves. Move around,
wait until the guard open the cabinet and.... revenge time. Kick his butt !!!
Got it. Get his bird costume. Then you can go back to his post inside the temple.
This time the medicine man shows up. Use the red powder to blind him. Then talk
to Xochi. She'll suggest you to meet the emperor in his castle.

Now the market can be entered freely. Go there and prepare for some trading. First
of all, try your luck on the "guess the place" game. Win approximately 20 beans
( get it by 7 right guess ). Then go inside the market to the right. First, talk
to the man on the top. Trade his knife with 8 beans, his rope with pot and mantle,
and his feather and flagon with the medallion from the bird costume. Next, talk
to the girl on the right. Trade flagon and feather for 5 beans. Then talk to
the fruit seller. Trade 2 beans with fruit and maze, then 3 beans with the ointment.
After that go out to the top left. And amazingly there's a boatman here. Where
does he come from ??? Talk to him. He'll take you with a boattrip if you give
him the bird costume with the medallion. SHIT, you just sold it !!!

Back to the market. Talk to the man again. He'll trade the medallion if you give
him his feather, the flagon plus 3 beans. What a rip off !!! Talk to the girl
on the right. And another badluck, she just sold the feather to the featherwork
lady near the zoo. OK, just pay her 5 beans for the flagon. Go to the featherwork.
Click on the feathercraft on the wall. Trade it with earplug, obsidian, and the
cup. Now back to the merchant in the market. Try to give him the feathercraft.
He won't accept it that way. OK, OK try to open it !! Doesn't work !!! Back to
the featherwork. Try to open it in front of the lady. Then ask her to open it
for you. Back again to the merchant in the market. Trade the feather, flagon,
plus 3 beans with the medallion.

Give the bird costume to the boatman. Near the castle, jump to the beam on the
top. Push the stone to the river. While the guard look in the river, go pass him
to the door. Go up ( NOT to the left !! ). Go right. Take the knife on the table.
Push the shield two 360 degree to the right and one more to the left. IT should
open the secret compartment. Look at the picture.

Now go back to the guard. Tell him the password ( the creature : 3rd choice ).
Talk to the emperor with the attitude ( follow the instruction ).

Go to Calmecac ( Now now the monk has gone away ). Enter Calmecac. Go to the right.
Look at the white cloth on the wall. Go back. Use the stick with the burner to
lit it. Burn the white cloth. Then go back and take the black robe. Wear it and
go out. Talk to the other monks. Choose middle answer and followed by the right
answer. Outside Calmecac, wash your face with the water from the pond. Watch the
scene that shows the capture of the princess.

Go to the jail/courthouse. Wear the black robe. Enter the house. Inside, shapeshift
to Mom. Go in. Near the crowd, shapeshift back to the monk and enter the crowd.
Listen to the evil plan of the Snakeskirt. Go back. Shapeshift to mom, then go
right. Shapeshift to bug. Enter the jail. Talk to Xochi. Then choose left answer.
Shapeshift again to monk. Go to the right. Open the robe and go to the castle
via the market. Report this to the emperor. Choose right answer. He'll give you
a pass to go to the checkpoint.

Go there. Shapeshift to Snakeskirt. At the bridge, use the reed with yourself.
Jump to the river. Now you're in the countryside.

Go up at the crosspoint ( to Teotihuacan Temple ). Turn right and climb the stair.
Look at the wall. It's the same arrangement with the mural on the wall in the
city. Push the green button in this order from the left ( 3,6,2,8 ). Note that
the 4th button is light up. Go to the Temple of The Moon ( North of Teotihuacan ).
Enter the 4th door ( it's open now ). Wear the ointment. Then the creature will
send you to Aztha. Talk to your grandpa. Listen to his riddle. Enter the 5th door
from the left.

Climb the stair to the hut. Talk to the 2 headed god. Show him the pass from the
emperor. He'll give you an amulet. Go back to the beach. Go to the sea and kazaam
back to the crosspoint.

Now go down to the road to Tula. At the chasm, use rope on tree then swing to
the other side. Continue your journey until you see a ruin. Talk to the oldman.
Get the serpent tile on the ground near the left column. Go up to the stair. Look
at the left side on the ground. You'll find the jaguar tile. Go to the big altar.
Look at the wheel. It's missing 3 parts. You already have 2 parts. Use them on
the holes. Now you got to find the last tile.

Go to the snow mountain ( to the right of the crosspoint ). Go up to the slope.
Put the fruit and maize as an offering to the Gods on the ground. Now get the
snowball. Use your magic map to reach the market. Go to the snow booth. Get behind
the counter. Your friend will arrive soon. Offer him the snowball and trade it
with the quill. Go to the merchant on the other side of the market. Trade the
quill with the statue.

Go to the House of The Spirit ( the priest temple ). Enter to the left. Meet the
medicine man again. Use the red powder on him. Watch as he sit down, there's a
mural showing on the wall. Use the statue in the hollow. Open sesame, there's
a door on the wall. Enter it. Look at the 2 altar. Get the last tile on the right
altar and reach the crystall skull on the left altar. Oooops, you break the skull.
Now what ???? Go back to Tula, to the Spinning Wheel. Use the last tile on it.
Push any button 10 times to go back 500 years before. Wow, this is a time machine.
Now we must find the skull.

Talk to the old man. Have I met you before ??? Go to the courtyard. Go right to
enter the castle Tula. Talk to the man. Draw his map. From left to right :
  - Beach, Chasm, Tree and the rock, and Desert ( a footsteps will appear )
Then watch the story of the King unfold. The king is disappeared because of you.
Then go to the big river to the right. Help the boatman with his riddle. Remember :
always put jaguar with the fruit together ( that's the key ). First, get the bird,
then the fruit/jaguar, bring back the bird, take the jaguar/fruit, and finally
get the bird.

Go to north path. You'll reach the swamp. Get the mosquitoe here. Continue your
journey to Olmecs. Touch the rock. He'll give you a riddle to enter the Xibalba.
Continue your journey to the right. Use the sword to open the jungle. Then get
some bananas. Continue until you reach a crosspoint. Up, you'll meet grandma who
lost her sons in the ballgame at Chichen Itza Ballcourt. Down path you'll find
the Temple of the Sun and The temple of Inscription. Don't go there yet.

Find your way to Chichen Itza. Enter the temple of the Jaguar, you'll find a scribe
inside. Talk to him. He refused to talk to you. Then climb to the stairs to the
temple of the Ballcourt. Look at the hieroglyhps. Then go to the Ballcourt. Talk
to the player. Next go to El Castillo ( left of Chichen Itza ). Climb the stairs
to the temple. Hey, you'll distract the dance and you'll be send to the jail.
Make that stupid bat to go away. Then look at the lower left for a bug. Get it.
Push the stone on the wall on the lower right. An iguana will show up. Talk to
him. Shapeshift yourself to mosquitoe. Then shapeshift to Iguana. Now you're free
( You can go out with the magic map but later you can't shapeshift to Iguana ).

Now find your way to Cenotes ( the well ). On the way you can use the banana to
attract the monkey's attention ( listen to the monkey sound and you'll know that
he'll around ). Talk to him. He'll help you how to read the hieroglyphs at the
temple of Jaguar ( choose middle answer when he asks you ).

Go back to Cenotes. Jump to the well. Get the disc on the ground. Enter the cave
under the well. Go right. Talk to the pot twice, They'll give you a snake vision
if you bring them the spine, shark's tooth and the shell from the sea.

Go to Doers ( right of the observatory ). On the way you'll meet a macaw bird.
Touch it to get his feather. Use the knife to cut the bamboo on the ground. Talk
to it. Then use the feather on you and make yourself a weapon. Hit the bird exactly
five times to get his tooth. Go to the Doers to the right. Talk to the oldman.
Ask him about the lights and the "cookies". Using the lights you can see a vision
about Snakeskirt and the tribe's chief ( it's somekind of crystall ball ). Trade
the light with the disc. Then trade the tooth with an oar. Go to Tulam.

Follow the west path and get the stick on the ground. Now follow the north path
to the beach. Look at the boat. Use oar with the boat. Travel to the island. Look
at the sea. Then pick up the coconut from the tree. Go back to Doers. Give the
coconut to quench his thirst and trade it with incense burner ( coal ). Now go
to the Diving God Temple ( east of Tulam ). Put the stick and the coal in the
hole on ground. Use the light to lit it. The Diving God will give you a power
to face the undersea creature.

Now dive to the sea. Go to the cave. Get the shell and the spine from the fish.
Go back to the beach. The shark will shows up and give you his tooth. On the way
back to Cenote, visit the observatory. Climb up and look at the scroll on the
table. Memorize the hieroglyphs.

Go back to Grotto at Cenote. Give the 3 items they want ( spine, shell and tooth ).
Watch the vision. Then go to the Temple of Ballcourt. Arrange the tile according
to the hieroglyphs at the observatory. Then it will open a secret door at El
Castillo. Go there. Enter the door near the stair. Sit on the red jaguar chair.
A vision will appear. He tells you a password to enter the Underworld.

Go to the grandmother house. North of the crosspoint. Talk to her. Then pick up
her jug near the door and ask her for a drink. Release the mosquitoe to distract
her. Enter the house. Look in the mouse hole on the wall. Reach in it to get the
mouse. You must do it twice before you catch the mouse. Use it on the fire to
threaten him. Then he'll help you to get the ballgear on the roof. Get it.

Next go to the Temple of the Sun ( South of crosspoint ). Climb up. Read the
hieroglyphs. Then visit the temple of inscription ( right of temple of the sun ).
Look at the wall. Memorize the arrangement of the hieroglyphs. Go back to the
temple of the Sun. Arrange the hieroglyphs. It'll open a trapdoor in the temple
of Inscription. Go there. Tell the guard the password ( VENUS ). Enter the trapdoor.
On the Pacal's tomb, find the writing : Enter the road. Click on it. It'll bring
you to the underworld.

Talk to the owl. Go south. Get some fireflies in the way.  Go west. You'll see
a blood river. Talk to the owl for clues. Use the bamboo to cross the river. On
the other side, use the mosquitoe to distract the Gods. Talk to them, and choose
the right answer. They'll send you to darkroom. Use the fireflies to replace the
cigar's light. The god will send you to another room. Now run like hell to the
upper level and avoid the blades. Bring your twins too. Next the Gods will send
you to the bat house. Use the bamboo to distract the bat. Unfortunately, your
twins lost his head there.

Then go to the God of the tree. Talk to him. Look at his animals. Choose the correct
food to replace your twins' head ( choose the food of the racoon, the squash ).
Put it on your twins' shoulder. Now go up and play the ballgame. Yes, you win !!!
Now go back to the spinning wheel. Push any button 10 times to go back to the

Go find snakeskirt. Challenge him in the ballgame. Deflect his shoot 15 times
and you'll beat him. Watch the scene. Then put the skull on the altar. Use the
necklace with Xochi's necklace. Watch the ending scene. Kiss her now man !!!!
Copyright @1997 by Crash


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