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 Star Trek - A Final Unity

Star Trek - A Final Unity

Submitted by: Dj Simo
Part 1: The station

First when you start off on a patrol and the admiral will tell you to
go the the space station.  after you beam down look at the transporter
and the other panels then go out the down untill you find the injured
woman. Fire the phaser at the conduit and go back to the transporter at
the beamdown site and beam the conduit off of her.
Then go back to her and use the medkit on her. Talk to her to find out
all she knows.
then go the turbolift on the right. go first to administration, look at
all the panels. have geordi look at the holotable and go the life
support panel on the wall and start up emergency life support power.
then go to enginering with the turbolift.
look at alien device (always including the tricorder). look at power
conduits. talk, talk, talk then go to the right to the other room.
get all the junk off the table and then look at the panel in the back
on the left to shut down the power on the panel to conduit 3. when you
go back the alien will be gone.  go back to administration and fix the
holotable with the tools found on the table. look at the hole in
conduit, hole in station etc... then go the left and have geordi talk
to Dr. griems (not the same person as the woman).  don't jettison the
power core, you get a low score for that. instead use geordi to talk
him into telling you how to fix the core. have geordi use the inverter
coupling and then the wave converter on the hole in the conduit and the
core will be fixed.  then everything will be automatic after that.

Part 2: The preserve

first talk to the constable. then go to the laboratory (to the left)
and take all the carcasses and scan them with the following (tricorder,
sonic microscope and scan table), then use the tricorder on the
computor panel (by the pipes) and talk to the tracker.   then drop the
carcasses. get the robots and get the bioprobe (rather inconspicously
sitting on the scan table). the bioprobe is used on the robots after
they return from scouting the countryside to retrieve a sample of the
dna of the animals in the preserve.  go to the dock and get the
microgenerator. then go to each biome and use the appropriate robot for
each one (robot a is for desert, robot b is for swamp and robot c is
for ocean) use the bioprobe and get the samples from the robots use the
robots several times on each part of each biome.
rack up a dozen samples and take them back to the lab and put them in
the sonic microscope.
after that talk, talk, talk, and use the tricorder on the computor and
talk to the next person (the rude one whose name i cant recall) and the
healer. then go to the quarantine area and talk to the zookeepers then,
you should have enough info to accuse the rude guy of smuggling,  go to
the constible and tell her everything then she will set the scientist
free.  after that don't leave yet...
go to the dock area and the shuttle will now take you to the power
area. use the panel and fix the juice then return to the quarantine
area and operate the controls on panels 1,2,3 to cage the beast then
your work will be done in the preserve. then hunt down the ferengi in
space and force him to give you the smugglar, as well as the info on
where he got the animals from and his transit records then release him.

Part 3: Frigia

you should get the info from the ferengi to go to frigia. talk to the
chancelor and beam down. talk to the chancelor again about everything,
then go thru the pyramids
a. the choirboys - want the golden ring back (see below). get the
musical pods. look at organ
b. the seekers - have all the good junk tucked away in a safe talk,
talk talk. then go to the gatekeeper (make sure you save your game
before you see this guy) answer his questions then pass.  you will see
someone frozen in time and the writting is indeciferable. so go back to
the chancelor and he will upgrade the tricorder then go back and read
the writting.  use the control to free the bozo who got stuck in time.
then he will allow you to take 3 items from the safe.
the items are 1. the golden ring  2. the light staff 3. the sonic
device ignore the rest of the stuff.
c. the wench - talk, talk, talk then give her the light staff and she
will eventually release the force field. the go back to the choirboys
and give them the golden ring and use the sonic device on the organ and
get all the musical pods he gives you. then go back to the wench's
place and use the pod to activate the transporter (musical

the next room you travel too is a puzzle that you have to solve. fairly
easy and straighforward, you use musical pods to activate the floors.
The musical pods must be played in a specific order notice the floor
has only a few overlaping tiles.
Also notice there are tiles that are beside each other but there is a space
in between how do you cross, well play the pods in correct order timing is
very critical here you must play the pod before you get to end of tile.
Walk over to the tile here is the REAL order:
four nodes
three nodes
four nodes
one node in cone dome
two nodes in dome
one node in cup
im not going to tell you where to walk you can see for your self.
Use the blue gem on the door niche ONLY if you put the yellow one in
you'll destroy the 5th scroll.
then get the 5th scroll and beam out.
eventually you will have to get from the chancelor two important items
The data rod and the programmer for computer ports.

Part 4: The archealogical dig on Horst 3

make sure you have the data rod and programmer (see above).
beam down, use the phaser on the rocks to open passage.
(use a high setting).
look at the panel, use the rod and programmer to activate it.
then tricorder the data that comes up.
then look at the generator (does nothing that i know of).
and go the left. look and scan at the instument, instument mouting, pit
You'll go back to the ship and you will find where the device is pointing
to you'll have to sit there till data figures it out.

Part 5: Alanor

beam down and look and scan everything.
(the schedule, the doors, the ventilation shaft, grating on shaft,
alloy seals on grating etc...)   do not immediately remove the logic
inhibitor from the robot.   it will attack you if you do remove it.
the romulons put it there.  use the phaser on 8 or above on the
alloy seals one at a time (ventilation shaft of course is your
only way out).  there are more than one seal.
then place someone near the shaft and the robot then remove
the logic inhibator and run like hell... (use one person to grab it,
and another to run).
in the next room there is a panel, use the rod again on it a talk,
talk, talk, then activate everything (did'nt hurt when I played it)
then go right again scan the robots. data comes up with a plan.
and modifies the tricoder to emit IF pulses to deactivate robots.
then get the metal and paperclip on the deck and go past the robots
to the door.
scan the door with the tricorder then use the logic inhibitor on the
electronics of the door mechanism. the door will lock shut then
scan the robot when it's motionless deactivate robot.
then you can remove the logic inhibitor to open the door.
then go left thru the door.  find yet another panel. use the rod
again and turn power and station on.  look at the capacitor and the
metal plate, go back to the panel turn off the power only.
don't walk to device or you will be electrocuted by the metal plate.
when the robot comes it will drain the juice out of the plate wait
till there is one unit left and then go back to panel and shut off station.
when there is only one light left on the capacitor. use the
phaser on the capacitor before the robot comes back or
it will block you path.          then you can pass.
the aliens will come and get you. don't fight them and
definately don't tell them about the rod. tell them you are on an
archologial survey be diplomatic and tell them your archeologisists.
when they tell you that they will help you to the master computer say
don't go to all the trouble, and we can take care of ourselves this is
VERY important to find the unity device go to the transporter then through
the arch.
The security system is active here becarfull not to move scan the sensors
then retune your phasers and shoot all of them then as fast as you can!.
Move a person to middle of room and repeat.
Use the isoliner rod and programmer here on the master computer
and scan the first selection you'll get the location to the unity device
easy no.
then they leave and you can get all rest of the info.
scan the data with the tricorder.
Then go to panel use the paper clip found previously near the two robots
(the ones that were repairing each
other). to free the rod and use the rod to deactivate all the security
systems. get the rod back when your finished just in case...
then go up the stairs, down the hall to the alien transporter.
look at the panel.  as I recall press the green buttons in the
following pattern. the top right button on the top row and the middle
button on the side row (is the correct combination).
At the transporter there is a timer, set it, and run like hell
or you will be left behind.
get the logic inhibator from the door and put it back in the robot
quickly. remember to scan the schedule before you leave.
then beam up.

Part 6: The search for the unity device

wait around in orbit for awhile and the crew will start talking about
compiling the info into locating the unity device.
then data will compute time parameters and give you the exact location
(sector 3-1-3,  planetary offset number 9-14-16).
or go to frigis again and data will simply find it for himself.

Part 7: The unity device

the unity device has an automatic attack function for any hostile
activity (which is what happend to the romulans), so don't be tricked
into firing. after that everything is pretty automatic until you get to
the testing (for who will control the machine).  make sure to ally
yourself to capt. pentara and gang up on the chodak.  the goal is to
throw the game (or test) so that no one can win.  then use the pieces
in the game on the air gap on the force field generator (putting the
pieces together first) to shut it down.
after that there are only 2 problems left in the game so I don't want
to spoil it for you.

The End.


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